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Breadsall Priory’s Moorlands Course Southwell, Worksop & Horsley Lodge


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100 acres of picturesque parkland providing a variety of breathtaking views over some of the Midlands delightful counties.


Maywood Golf Club,

Rushy Lane, Risley, Derby, DE72 3SW

Tel: 0115 939 2306 or 0115 9490043 (Pro) www.maywoodgolfclub.com

Welcome to County Golfer’s Spring edition. After a winter of interesting weather the courses are now starting to get busier and prettier. Alongside our golfing rounds we see daffodils, gorse and lovely buds on the trees and on occasion, a tree gets blown over (read the Worksop GC report). You see we do look around when we play. We are delighted this month to have Fame Tate join our editorial team. That should sharpen us up as she gives out plenty of advice on how to improve our golf. Not that we need it - we’re the champions of all we survey! Don’t forget to look for the latest golf deals on Roundseeker. It’s free to download. Enjoy your golf this Spring.

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Fame started playing golf at the age of ten when she became a junior member at Chesterfield Golf Club, Walton. She played through all the various stages, from club golf, to playing for the Derbyshire Girls Team, the Derbyshire Ladies Team and then at the age of fourteen was selected to represent England. Fame went on to represent her country for a total of nine years and Great Britain and Ireland for five years and represented Great Britain and Ireland in The Curtis Cup in 2002 and 2004 and in The Vagliano Trophy in 2001 and 2003. The Curtis Cup is the amateur equivalent of The Solheim Cup and Fame was one of only a selection of players to participate two consecutive times in the biennial Curtis Cup. Over the course of her amateur career she won a host of local, national and international amateur events both individually and in teams. After winning both the British Mid Amateur Championship and the professional Roehampton Gold Cup in 2004 Fame decided to turn professional and relinquish her amateur status with a handicap of +4. She felt very privileged and honoured to have represented her country and Great Britain and Ireland for so long, however, Fame wanted to see if she had what it took to become a playing professional. A full card holder on the Ladies European Tour since 2006-2010 A full card holder of The Ladies Asian Tour, 2005-2008. 2nd place in the Shanghai Open 2005 3rd at the Orient Zhuhai China Open in 2006. 10th place at the Deutsche Bank Swiss Open 2006. 10th place in the Beijing Open 2006. 7th in the Macau Open 2007. 5th in the Hong Kong Open 2007. 25th on the Ladies Asian Tour Order of Merit in 2007, after competing in only 3 tournaments.

started last year and since then it has grown from strength to strength, with over 50 ladies joining the Academy. Whilst playing on the tour she was sponsored by Mizuno and was pleased to say that they have maintained that relationship with her and the Academy. A great percentage of the ladies that have joined the Academy, had never even held a golf club before and it has been so incredibly satisfying and rewarding to see not only how their golf has developed, improved and their confidence grown, but also seeing them make friends along the way. Fame is extremely proud of them all and what they have accomplished since they started the Academy, most of them have purchased half and full sets of golf clubs and are now out on the course most weeks, enjoying their golf and the social element that it brings. Golf has been Fame’s life, she has been lucky enough to travel the world and meet many wonderful people along the way, doing a job that started as a hobby and became her career. Fame is now very privileged to be able to give something back to the game. She is passionate about getting more women involved in golf, which was once perceived as a male dominated sport and unaffordable. The ladies group and individual packages that the Academy offers are extremely good value for money and a great way to learn the game. Hopefully, other women can be inspired to go and achieve their dreams and have lots of fun and enjoyment along the way.

Fame sadly had to retire fully as a playing professional from the tour in 2010 due to a right shoulder injury. Since that time she has had over a dozen surgeries and eventually had to have her right shoulder joint replaced twice. She is still a full member of The Ladies European Tour but with “none playing” status. The Fame Golf Academy www.countygolfer.co.uk 7

For the majority of golfers, winter can be a depressing time and the months between November and April can seem particularly bleak. We can all picture the scene‌. cold and wet blustery days, praying for a frosty morning and a glimmer of sunshine. Temporary greens and tees, course closures leading to a loss of play time and more range time. All of these factors mean that we generally spend less time on the golf course, more time at the driving range meaning that our short game takes a back seat and suffers. Statistics show that on average, men putt better than women both on the professional and amateur circuits and interestingly, when putting for birdie, lady golfers do not make as many as their male counterparts. This deficit has been proven to be caused by a number of factors such as lack of practice, limited access to quality coaching and the different competitive profiles of men and women. However, there is no reason at all why lady golfers can not putt as good as the men. One has to think that for amateur golfers these differences in performance come from handicap disparities and are NOT gender related. Now that we are approaching Spring, it is time to start focussing on the short game in order to be ready for the new golfing season. Therefore, in this issue I am giving a few valuable putting tips as over 40% of all shots during a round of golf are taken on the putting surface and consequently improving your putting is the fastest way to better your golf score.


I hope that you find these tips helpful, so go out there with the knowledge and confidence of what you have learnt, have fun, relax and most importantly, enjoy yourself. For more information about The Fame Golf Academy please visit the website at www:famegolfacademy.com or contact me directly at: info@famegolfacademy.com

10 Steps To Putting Perfection 1. It is essential that your eyes are directly over the ball at set up so that you can consistently see the line of the putt and get a true perspective of the putt. 2. Gripping the putter can be done in so many ways but it is important that you hold the putter with a light, tension free grip. We all know how difficult this can be at times when we are feeling anxious on the golf course but a tight, firm grip leads to a loss of feel. 3. In terms of the correct stance, your feet should be comfortably apart and weight distribution should be biased towards your toes. 4. The ball position should be slightly forward of centre. 5. Try and achieve a smooth tempo back and through the stroke, with the shoulders rocking up and down in a pendulum motion. You should never hit at the ball, but stroke through it. 6. The wrists and hands should remain passive. If your wrists bend or hands rotate, the putter face will move out of position and it will be much more difficult to bring the putter face back square to your target or putting line. One degree of putter face variation either opening or closing will miss a 12 ft putt. 7. The lower half of your body should remain still when taking your stroke.

The easiest way to stop this movement on the course is to stand “knock kneed�. On the practice green or at home try putting with a toilet roll between your knees. 8. For short putts, listen to the ball fall into the cup for the confirmation that you have holed the putt. The temptation for most golfers is that once they have hit their putt, they want to immediately see where the ball has gone. 9. With a Sharpie, mark a straight line circumnavigating your golf ball. This makes it easier to aim your putter face squarely along your intended line. Doing this takes away the uncertainty of alignment, gives you a clear focus at address and therefore you should be more confident and committed to making a good stroke that starts the ball on your chosen line. Remember to take care when replacing your ball on the green, ensuring that you have the line aimed correctly. 10. To improve feel and distance control, try putting a few balls to a chosen target whilst looking at it. Meaning that you are not looking at the ball, during your stroke, but at the target. The concept is that instinct takes over, the same way that it does if your were to throw a ball to someone.

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…Breadsall Priory

I set out intrepidly to Breadsall on a very cold (3 degrees) March day, so I had the air conditioning turned down to get myself acclimatized! Although the temperature was up to 8 degrees by 10am, which is quite acceptable for this time of year, I was quite surprised to see people coming off the 9th at 9.20 so I imagine they had the worst of the cold weather. You’ve got to admire their dedication to the game. I like it when folks warm the course up!

My playing partner Gary is back playing golf after a hip operation. I know how to pick my partners. I like playing with folk who make me look good. Saying that he’s a far better player that me so it was just a matter of how long his hip would last? Could I take advantage? I had ordered a buggy for me and wheelchair for him! I will say at the start that he played really well which is annoying considering what he had been through. He did let slip though that he had sneaked in a game wearing shorts! Where? Majorca! Thats cheating in my book. We sat drinking coffee with Steve Turner the Director of Golf at Breadsall. Steve is very much a well known face at Breadsall and has been there for 9 years now. He explained the work that had been carried out over the winter to

make the Priory course better, harder and even more picturesque . They’ve re- sculptured the lake, removing 2,500 tons of silt, bringing into play more of the hole. However on the day, we were playing the everlasting Moorland course. This course seems to stand up to everything you can throw at it, rain, hail, snow and occasionally blazing sunshine. We got all three I think! The moorland course is very open and subject to a spot of inclement weather making it a very hard course to tackle ,but it rewards you with superb views over Derbyshire which compensates somewhat if you’re having a bad round. The golf professional loaned us a new Taylormade Driver with adjustable weights. I will explain that later. The First hole is a pleasant par 3 to loosen you up. But don’t take it for granted as it’s easy to slip away with a 4 if you’re wayward. Gary teed off and, as the ball hit the green I thought “I must get one of those hip operations! They really work.” I was short and came off with a 4. See, I told you. Crossing the road we are now well and truly in the moorland. It’s 8 years since I played here and know that whilst it is open and your ball is mostly in sight it’s easy to lose a shot or two. Today there was quite a gusty biting wind and on a number of occasions both Gary and I noticed the flag bent at 90 degrees, so we played our shots taking the wind into account and our balls flew off in opposite directions as the wind took one and not the other. Even on the par 3 15th dropping the ball onto the green resulted in allowing for the wind , only to find that as the ball dropped towards the green the wind dropped too. What should have been birdie or par ended in 4’s. However onto the second (running parallel to the road) where the chance to give it a go and, once on the green we noticed that they were very quick for the time of year, even though it had been raining earlier The third was a temporary green which I hate but work has to be done on courses and as we all know you can’t do much work on a golf course in the dark unless you are a mole! So, we have to grin and bear it sometimes. (Nearest the pin won that hole). www.countygolfer.co.uk 11

The biting wind ripped through our jackets

Moving quickly onto hole 4 gave us the chance to try out the new Taylormade driver the Breadsall Pro had loaned to us. Costing a cool £325 I would expect the ball to go straight in the hole, but it’s me that usually messes things up, not the club. My drive went left and as I frantically looked for the screwdriver to adjust the club and make the fade-slice, tweek loft adjustments I realized we didn’t have one. Gary on the other hand hit a corker giving him the perfect approach to the green as I chipped my ball out of the trees and dropped a shot. Gary came off with a four because he could get at the green using a seven iron and dropped a great put. I came off with a six. The beauty about the moorland course is that it sits nicely on a plateau making for an easy walk round with no cardiac inducing hills, there are a couple of the holes that you ‘play up” to. We were frozen at this point! The biting wind ripping through our jackets and we kept looking at each other but neither wanting to give in.

We mastered on and at the 6th we lost the tee and then found it tight in the corner. My tee shot bounced off the wall, well I had been watching that guy on youtube who bounced it twice off the rocks and onto the green. A chip and a putt and off I came with a par. I didn’t dare look at Gary’s face. We were now enjoying a bit of shelter from the wind. On the 7th my driver worked and I hit the centre of the fairway, taking out my 7 iron I masterfully put the ball just at the back of the flag and sank a 15 footer for a Birdie. Do you know those moments on a golf course where you think ‘I can live off that hole for a week”, well that was it. Gary however was busily beating me on points anyway so I was happy to sneak this hole away from him. We both played dangerously on holes 8 and 9, Gary taking 8 and me flukily getting a par on 9. I should have been snookered by the bushes just to the front left of the green but I had found that for some reason one of Lefty’s clubs had crept into my bag somehow and I chipped straight on and sank the put – another memorable hole. Everything deserted me on hole 10 and 11 which

I zigzagged and hit the wall and nice pars turned into annoying 5’s. As usual my putting was going well and on one hole I think Gary was so cold that he was transfixed as I putted from off the green and he never moved the flag and the ball hit it and dropped in! On 13 I went horrifically into the trees on the left and it was a hole to give up on. 14 brought me a bogie and Gary a par. He was too far ahead for me to catch him and as hypothermia set in we trudged to the 15th longing for the clubhouse to appear and lo and behold there were queues on the tee for the first time. Why now? Folks were piled up everywhere. Someone decided to do another shot off the tee as their ball went into the field on the left. If it had been a beautiful sunny day it would have been funny but the wind was again hurting. I admit to being quite a ‘let’s get on with it’ golfer who finds concentrating on the last few holes very hard and the queue made it no easier for either of us and so the last two holes ended with us cold and frustrated. However when I lay in the bath at home thawing out I realised I’d had quite a good round and would always go back for another go. I know the holes I need to improve on, and that’s the beauty of golf, we go again to improve ourselves. I will start at the 15th next time though to avoid the queue! The introduction of twilight membership after 3pm on both courses represents great value for money. If you can get out later in the day it’s ideal. The offer is on their website. Thanks Breadsall we had a great day.

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On the 13th I went horrifically into the trees

IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOOSING THE RIGHT CLUB BREADSALL PRIORY, MARRIOTT HOTEL & COUNTRY CLUB Book a membership tour now and receive a FREE round of golf TWILIGHT MEMBERSHIP NOW AVAILABLE – perfect for the golfer with a busy lifestyle Call 01332 836016 for further information

BREADSALL PRIORY HOTEL & COUNTRY CLUB Moor Road, Morley, Derby DE7 6DL www.MarriottBreadsallPriory.co.uk www.MarriottGolf.co.uk visit us on Facebook /BreadsallPriory Terms and Conditions Apply please call for details

On tour with a local pro:

James Whatley James Whatley, writes for County Golfer, informing us about the life of one of Derbyshire’s top Professionals. James is AA PGA Professional, Head Professional of Morley Hayes and Academy Director of East Midlands Golf Academy. He is currently the Derbyshire Open Champion and has represented Great Britain and Ireland in the PGA cup against the USA, played for England in the International Team Championships and played on the European Tour. His reputation as a consistent player and a highly regarded coach is recognised by top class Amateurs and Professionals who regularly seek his advice and knowledge on their own games.

I will start this article by congratulating Kevin Taylor for winning both order of Merits in Derbyshire in 2014. This hasn’t been done since I managed to win the Derbyshire PGA and Derbyshire Alliance Order of Merits in 2009. Well done Kev, all your hard work is paying off. I look forward to seeing you do well in the Midland events this year. My winter has been a busy one, mainly planning for 2015 at Morley Hayes. Golf has been in the public eye for having a declining intake but although I think membership numbers are down I believe participation is up. The driving range at Morley Hayes is always busy and with the introduction of the Academy holes 16 www.countygolfer.co.uk

(15 inch cups, as we say the size of a wizard’s sleeve), golf on the tower course is becoming ever popular. I am very lucky to work at such a great venue which offers a variety of facilities. I believe it’s one of the best in the midlands if not the country. That is a statement I know, but with 27 holes, a large driving range, 3 restaurants and a hotel , it takes a lot to beat it. Along with all this, you can get first class tuition with the East Midlands Golf Academy. Most recently Morley released a privilege card, which will allow you to access many great deal. To register for the FREE card, email Daniel Delaney golf@morleyhayes. com

The extra large holes on the Tower Course are ideal for beginners, juniors or a golfer who wants a quick and fun round. If you know anyone that wants to take the game up whether young or older, male or female, we will have the right coaching programme for them. I made the decision back in November last year I would swap coaches and I returned to see Graham Walker, who is the lead England Coach. I worked with Graham as a junior up until the age of 19. I will need to stay patient this year as I make some important swing changes but I am totally confident I will reap the benefits long term. I really want to push on and be a consistent performer.

My schedule this year will be geared as in previous years to do well in the Midland events. Locally I will play with what fits, but my priority will be to get back in the top 3 in the Midland PGA and more importantly to grow the game of Golf at Morley Hayes. Having won the Derbyshire Open the last two years, 2015 will be the first year I will miss it since turning professional. A family holiday beckons for the Whatley 4, sometimes you can’t play in everything and family priorities come first. The highlight this year for me has to be a trip to Pebble Beach this coming May. I will be going with three clients from the 20th May. This is a lifelong dream to play one of the most scenic and famous golf courses in the world. I look forward to reporting on it for you in the summer. We also play Spanish Bay, Poppy Hills and Spyglass. I remember playing all of these courses on PGA Tour 90 on the Sega Mega Drive! Upcoming coaching opportunities with James Whatley at Morley HayesOver the next few months I will be offering playing lessons with myself on either the Championship Manor Course or the Tower Course at Morley Hayes. Prices will vary depending whether it’s for an individual or a group. I would love the opportunity to offer my experience on how to get the ball around the course in the least number of shots. www.countygolfer.co.uk 17

On tour with a local pro:

James Whatley

The famous 7th hole at Pebble Beach.

Please email me james@emga.co.uk or give me a call on 07841 922 399 Although this article is shorter than others I will leave you with a tip for the start of the season and my predictions for the majors.

Ma jor Predictions The Masters – Rory Mcilroy The US Open- Henrik Stenson The Open- Matt Kuchar The USPGA – Tiger Woods

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Tip for the season Distance control on your putting is vital to avoid those three putts which we all hate. I recommend you take two practice strokes looking at hole before you take the putt. This will help you use the sense of sight to send a message to your brain and help feel the correct length of stroke you require. Do this from short and long range. I hope this helps and let me know of any of your success stories by mailing me at james@emga.co.uk Have a great golfing season Best Regards,


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Transformation of South Chesterfield Golf Club is now complete. Over the last 6 years a great deal of redevelopment and financial investment has taken place on and off the golf course at South Chesterfield Golf Club (formerly Grassmoor Golf Centre). The transformation now boasts a new par 70 golf course with superb greens designed by one of the countries leading golf architects. The new outstanding playing surfaces now compliment the landscape giving it a natural feel. In addition, the new 20 bay floodlit driving range with indoor putting green, enclosed indoor teaching bay, superb targets and quality practice balls and mats is the largest practice facility in Derbyshire. To compliment these golf facilities the new Clubhouse means South Chesterfield Golf Club is one of the best in Derbyshire. The time is right to launch the new facilities with a new name South Chesterfield Golf Club. The club is thriving with new members joining regularly, although, the heart of the club remains the same. Golfers from around the area are sitting up and taking note of what we are doing and clearly want to be a part of this vibrant and progressive club. These are exciting times and we invite you to come and experience all that South Chesterfield Golf Club has to offer. Visit the website at www.southchesterfieldgolf.co.uk or call 01246 856044.

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Lefty at

Horsley Lodge Golf Course

When news comes into the office that Horsley Lodge would like a course report, a fight for the right to play usually unfolds, why? Because it’s a great golfing experience from the club house ( full English Breakfast) to the course. Newby and myself won the fight (the usual putt off in the office) to go down and write the course report, we were met in the club house by Richard Salt, one ½ of the Salt team the other being his brother Malcolm.

Richard took us on a little tour of the hotel to show us the investment that has been made especially on the wedding side of things, which I must say is very impressive. With a large function room with its own bar and an outside atrium, they employed an interior designer so as you can imagine everything looks pleasing to the eye. I must admit I got a bit worried when Richard invited us into the ladies bathroom but this was to show us that no expense has been spared, it was fitted with gilded mirrors and a deep plush tartan carpet . It must have looked a bit strange when 3 blokes walked back out but fortunately for us no one saw us and no one knows!! Horsley Lodge is a club that is constantly developing, the work that has been going on over the winter on the course, come summer, will push it forward again, for example a new pond and ladies tee have been constructed on the 6th which comes into play

(but not according to Newby! More on that later). The soil that was dug out for the pond has been used to build new medal tees on the 2nd making it 25yrds longer. They have reshaped the 2nd green, levelled the 4, 7 and 13 tees, the 3rd green has been reshaped. One of the biggest changes you will see is on the 15th where the water is now diverted around the front of the green creating a island green with the trees at the back of the green being removed. So now we know the changes, let’s get onto the course. The 1st is a par 5 459yrds long, a good drive will give you chance of a birdie if not a solid par, just make sure you aim at the church spire from the tee. My driving has managed to sort its self out over the winter, my slice had gone and I was diving long and straight but it’s amazing what 2 months of not picking up a club can do! This did however cause a bit of an upset as my ball thumped on the fairway

www.countygolfer.co.uk 23

just as one or two seniors had taken their second shot, but it did help move them along. On the second, a par4 308 yards you can see the green in the distance below you again as it’s not the longest par 4, a good drive should get you within a 7 or 8 iron of the green where you can see the work they have put in over the winter with its new shape. Finally the 3rd a par 3 147 uphill shot was the scene of my first par, for me it was a well struck 6 iron, this hole always plays further than you think and both Newby and myself hit the green. I should have birdie the hole but rattled the rim instead. Newby had a more difficult putt as the green is two tiered and he ended up on the top putting down to the hole and unfortunately for him ended up with a 4. As you stand on the 4th you cannot help to be impressed, the hole on the day we played looked enticing as the sun was shining on the green and I was full of confidence as I stepped up to the tee and hit a beauty down the fairway, you know the kind of shot where you can stand and watch it as it sails majestically through the air! Well that’s what happened in my head, the reality is that it sailed majestically across the floor skipping up and down the fairway. Fortunately as the fairway slopes away from you it did go quite far, but it left me with a dilemma as there’s a dyke that cuts across the fairway that was now in play. As you know by now, I think I’m

a better golfer than I am so I went for it, I got the distance right but just not in the direction of the green, a double bogey ensued. Let’s move onto the 6th; this is the hole where they have introduced a large pond (fountain to follow later in the year) in front of the tee, I said to Newby “this looks a bit daunting” but he said “no, it’s not in play, you will go straight over that” As I teed off for the 3rd time I wanted to disagree with him. Newby was playing good golf, his hit just landed another par on the 6th and he was letting me know how well he was playing! But the 7th a par 412 downhill hole was the scene of my comeback. My tee shot went straight and long but it was my second shot that I was more happy about, it was a blind shot to the green and I struck a solid 6 iron and watched as my ball disappeared off the brow of the fairway. As we approached the green we could see something white about 6 feet from the green, Newby was adamant that it was a goose feather shining in the sun, but he had to eat his words as it was my ball in fact, pitched about a foot from the hole. If only I could learn to put spin on the ball, never mind I’ll get Fame Tate to teach me for next time. Newby was not impressed and wanted to seek revenge on the next hole the 8th a par 4 291yrds. Now you might think 291 yard par 4, easy! Well

you’re wrong the tee has been move back as far as the course allows with a rather large brook running all the way down the left side of the fairways making the landing area very narrow. The green is cut back as close as possible to the water making the approach shot a hairy experience. As usual after playing two great shots I went back to scuffing my tee shot, but it was in the direction of the fairway. Newby on the other hand hit the water twice almost followed by his driver. We both made a real pig’s ear of this hole, but it gave me an opportunity to see how well the banks are cut, in fact the condition of the complete course was excellent. What sets a great course apart from a good course is the detail ie. how well the paths are maintained, the tidiness of the bunkers, how well the grass is cut around the water hazards and the bridges that go over them, and I really cannot fault Horsley Lodge on this. You follow this hole with a cracking par 3 shooting over a dyke toward the club house where on a sunny day you could have 30-40 people watching you tee off. I always thought this would make an excellent finishing hole. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, Richard!) You now cross the road to reach the 10th where it’s worth pointing out that they have a stone built half-way house selling coffee, sausage rolls etc. But one thing we did know was that you need something called money to buy these things, where did all that loose change go in my golf bag? Oh I remember ,“Gleneagles” sausage roll and coffee £13!! You now sweep up to the furthest points of Horsley, the highlight being a great little par 313 yards where the front of the green is protected by water. I missed the green and water but a nice little chip shot rescued a par, this was followed by the 13th, a straight with an elevated tee and the option of going for the corner on this dog leg left or playing it safe and driving over a diagonal wall into the knuckle of the fairway. One thing we did notice on this hole was that a lot of trees have been removed making the hole better looking in my opinion . I hit my best drive of the day taking on the corner and getting over it, even Newby said “good drive”. We were by this point looking at each other and saying “this is why we play golf ” we had picked the best day of the year so far and Horsley was complementing it.

The next hole to grab your attention is the par 3 165yrd long 16, a ‘front cover’ shot hole. If you could you would hit a few off the tee just because it’s such a pleasure to play. All this is soon hit out of you when you play probably one of the toughest par 4s in Derbyshire, at 417 yards long. To try and hit the green in two for us mere mortals could be suicide, most people would adopt a 3 stroke strategy, the green is almost an island with water protecting the front of the green. I would say this is their signature hole, whichever way you choose to play it you will enjoy it. After you have been humbled by the 17th you find yourself up against a tough drive off the 18th tee where you have to negotiate trees and get over water. Even for the big hitters there are some bunkers to catch you out, if you manage to negotiate this off the tee you have a ridged fairway so you could end

A view down the 8th fairway

Newly designed 6th tee 26 www.countygolfer.co.uk

up with the ball below or above your feet. Looking at the green you think - hit it too hard and you’ll go over it and onto the road behind, but trust me you will not, the green is plenty big enough to go for and the club house in the back ground is a welcomed sight. With the sun on our backs we both agreed that Horsley Lodge has everything for the modern golfer, the course has been recently ranked No1 course to play on Golfshakes website and out of a survey among Midland golf professionals it currently ranks 3rd behind Cavendish and Kedleston as one of Derbyshire’s best courses. In my opinion though the way they keep improving they could soon climb higher. We would like to thank the Salts and all at Horsley for making our visit a pleasant one Lefty


and look what you ge


“an affordable golfing experience any serious golfer should have at least once a year!” - County Golfer

1 course • Derbyshire’s Number rch 2015) Ma ke (source: Golfsha d by Peter McEvoy • USGA Greens designe for 2015 • New water features and half way house lity ita sp ho • Outstanding catering. 0 • No more than £25.0 ties cie so s de clu ex • Mon-fri,

Call Kevin Lock (Golf Pro) to book on 01332 780838 ext 2 www.horsleylodge.co.uk

Horsley Lodge, Horsley DE21 5BL

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Do you have questions about your Pension? *How much tax free cash can we have? Can we now get more from our annuity? Can we reduce our existing pension charges?

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Worksop Golf Club 30 www.countygolfer.co.uk

When you think about joining a golf club there are a lot of variables that are thrown into the equation and a big one for me is the people that you are surrounded by. Are they friendly? And then for all of us the course must be good, and has its pedigree stood the test of time? Are they still working at it and trying to make it better and not resting on their laurels? The catering facilities are vital too. If any of the above is what you require then look no further than Worksop Golf Club.

Secretary Manager Alan Mansbridge, a very professional man, invited us along to look at the latest developments at Worksop. Coming from a business background he understands the importance of maintaining the club at a high level and pushing it forward to cope with the pressures and demands of the 21st century. Having said all that, he is a very genial man with a cracking sense of humour and friendly demeanour, and that’s something we found true of everyone at the club. If they wanted a reason to feel aloof they’ve got one, home of some of golfs greats including Lee Westwood (whose mum I bumped into) but they are n’ like that

at all. As we sat around the Captains table (you don’t get that everyday!) with Alan and 2015 Captain Roy Dexter and Rob Acheson the new head greenkeeper appointed in summer 2014, we enjoyed plates of sandwiches and chips all served by pleasant staff. I sat there thinking that I could join here. Would you believe that a course of this calibre would only cost you £1000 per year, equating to £20.00 a week. As you would expect, there aren’t too many membership places available but there are just a few 7 day memberships left. I suggest getting in early if you fancy it.

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The club was established in 1914 and is regarded as one of the Counties outstanding courses being set right on the edge of Sherwood Forest. It prides itself on both difficulty (6628 yards par 72 for men and 5928yards par 74 for ladies) and the quality of each hole. County Golfer has had the opportunity of playing the course a couple of times in the past I0 years and found it an exacting challenge. You always get the feel that if you play well you’ll be chosen for the Ryder Cup! And why not - others have! Worksop GC has a long tradition of providing the base for world class golfers including Lee Westwood, Mark Foster, Maurice Bembridge and David Snell. I felt that Lefty and Newby would feel at home at Worksop, being a couple of bandits(!), so it was up to them to play the course and relay their thoughts to me. Having played the course myself and knowing a little of its difficulty, plus a good read through the course plan and Worksops own thoughts on the holes, I set them a challenge beforehand whilst I looked on and took the photographs. (More of that later) Head greenkeeper Rob, a keen golfer himself, is only 29 years of age and comes to Worksop with 32 www.countygolfer.co.uk

great ambition which is good and as we know that always needs to be tempered with experience and he is surrounded by it. I’m sure the team will flourish together and push forward to make improvements to an already great course. He will also bring the latest techniques to the club and obviously things to make the course unique. Worksop will be the County Course in 2017 so work is afoot in preparation for this. As a for instance, Rob has redesigned the bunkers on hole 11, and changed two bunkers into three pot bunkers on hole 14. White sand from Scotland has been introduced and is starting to settle in nicely on the two bunkers already completed, generally this can take up to a year to settle. Competition tees have been introduced especially noticeable on the 12th. Holes 9,16 and 17 will be lengthened too. This year they are hosting the Northern Road Classic sponsored by Soper BMW. There are still a few places available for this so be quick and visit Worksop Golf Clubs website to book.

Like a lot of golf clubs the trees have been thinned out to let more light onto the course creating better air circulation too. New tress have been planted in strategic areas to enhance the course. There’s no sitting back here after a great Centenary year last year, it’s onto the next 100 years for Worksop for which Alan still expects to be in charge! After chatting and waiting for the horizontal rain to stop and the flags to return to a normal position it was time for golf. I set Lefty and Newby a challenge which failed immediately as Newby hurt his back on Monday night so our newest recruit to the game of golf , Rob Jones (quiffy) was drafted in. I felt sorry for him as this is a monster of a course for a beginner, but to his credit he gave it a go. Lefty played with Head greenkeeper Rob. Garrys Challenge; Hole 3 lay up, chip on and one putt: Now this hole is arguably the toughest par 3 in the county, but saying that, last time I played it I nearly got a hole in one, so not going for the green was

going against the grain, but I still did anyway. I hit a screamer straight at the green only to watch it fall short and land in a bunker to which Garry shouted “you’re suppose to lay up not go in a bunker”, I did however managed to chip on but as for the one putt? No chance, I had to sink a 13 footer, I came close but no medal I’m afraid. Hole 4 Newby- Go for it and cut the corner. Lefty-get it to the dogleg corner for a straight shot in. Well since Newby was a no show (pulled his back samba dancing), it was up to me to fulfil my part, I watched Rob the head green keeper take a 3 iron off the tee and land his ball perfectly in the corner of the dog leg, so I thought I might as well do Newbys bit so I got the driver out and scuffed it 50 yards into the trees, luckily for me upon reaching the ball it favoured a Lefty and from that point I got it into the corner of the dog leg giving me a 3 wood shot onto the green. Big hitters can go for the corner but you need a big carry. Hole 10 - No drivers just irons. Play seniors golf ! Nice and straight down the middle. www.countygolfer.co.uk 33

I thought I played seniors golf any way! I would just like to point out this hole is a par 5 so to tee off with an iron was going against the grain, I hit my 3 iron off the tee then proceeded to play my next two shots from the 9th fairway, so I think I get disqualified on that one. In fact this hole found all 3 of us at some point attacking the hole from the 9th fairway so disqualification all round, but it did give Rob the opportunity to see which trees need felling. Hole 13 - He is being nasty here. It’s a stroke Index 1 and only 412 yards! “Should be an easy par” he says! Standing on the tee the fairway slopes up and disappears over a ridge, Rob told us “on a day like this (56-60MPH winds and a tree did get blown over on the course while we were there!) we are going to be lucky just to get past the women’s tee”. We did managed that at least, but a well struck tee shot just saw my ball hang in the air and only go about 160yards, in fact I’m sure it started coming back towards me. As far a par No chance! On a day like we played it should have been a par 12. 19th buy a beer. According to Garry we haven’t managed that before!

Rob Acheson , Alan Mansbridge, Lefty, Rob ‘Quiffy’ Jones, Roy Dexter

I’m afraid we failed this one, what can you do? When putting out on the 18th the Secretary comes out from the club house and says “what do you fancy Larger or Ale?” to refuse would just be rude . How would we sum up our day? Despite the strange weather - rain, bright sunshine, wind blowing a tree over on the 16th and Garry’s weird challenge, we had a great time. The course is outstanding and top of the tree (not the one that fell over) in our books. The blind tees shots make it a thinking game, the quick and sometimes very sloping greens present a most mind blowing, frustrating challenge and even when it rains the course dries quickly. I think you may guess, we had a great day all round and so we are returning on a sunny summers day at Alan’s invite. Once in the warm clubhouse we recalled our victories and losses (where was Quiffy, last seen under a tree?). The panoramic view from the clubhouse takes in 34 www.countygolfer.co.uk

Lefty & Alan, sharing a comical moment on the 1st tee.

the first tee and the 18th green plus a few more holes too making it a great place to sit and enjoy your food and drink. It’s also available for private functions and as the catering is very reasonable priced and tasty, it’s well worth a look if you’re planning an event, or society day. Our thanks to all at Worksop Golf Club for a cracking day. The County Golfer lads.

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Southwell Not many courses can boast 9 holes that are situated in the middle of a racecourse but that’s exactly what you get at Southwell GC. Upon arrival, you will find a modern clubhouse that serves food all day and has a well stocked bar as well as a well stocked professional shop. Chris the club pro gave us a warm welcome and after a quick coffee and a bacon cob we made our way onto the course, which by the way is accessed by walking across the race track. You do have to take your time crossing because those horses can’t half run fast!! When you get to the first you soon realise that the front 9 are going to be tight and you 38 www.countygolfer.co.uk

also soon notice that there are a lot of water hazards that cut across fairways, for example, on the 7th you will find yourself hitting over a large lake onto an almost island green. The first is quite a nice simple opener to get you warmed up, no real hazards and a well struck iron will get you onto a rather generous green where there is a real chance of a birdie. The second becomes more challenging as down the right is the race course which is all out of bounds. This marked a first for me, never

Golf Club before have I had to chip over a ‘Steeple Jump’ to get back onto the fairway, however I only had myself to blame as hitting the wide open fairway shouldn’t have been a problem. Lefty seemed to be enjoying himself and got a solid par, in fact he parred the last one as well something was wrong! The 4th marks the first par 5 on the course, at over 500 yards it takes some hitting. A pulled drive by both of us found us on a little hill which gave us a great vantage point of

the green, however there was still over 200 yards to go and both of us laid up short with a relatively easy chance of a par or birdie . The sixth hole even though 28 yards longer than the par 5 fifth, is a par 4 stroke index 1. This is an outstanding hole to play as the racetrack runs all the way down the right hand side of the fairway, behind which sits the grandstand. The seventh is the course’s signature hole and this is first time the water really comes into www.countygolfer.co.uk 39

...never before have I had to chip over a ‘Steeple Jump’!

play. A short 131 yd par 3 which gives no room for error. Water guards the front, left and back of the green making it Southwell’s version of the famous 17th at Sawgrass. The fact that the next tee is right next to the green means that you have an audience, and that adds to the pressure. The ninth tee shot plays directly over the water again, however a 150 yard carry easily clears this hazard, so it shouldn’t be in play. After finishing the ninth you leave the racetrack part of the golf course. After dodging the horses you find your way onto the tenth, which again is a relatively short par 4 but only 309 yards long but, be aware that the river cuts straight through the fairway 200 yards in front of you, and because of modern day flood defences the banks are built up very high making a further hazard. We watched the people teeing off before us, laying up short of the River Greet. As you know by now, this is not how we play golf. We imagine we are much better than we really are and decided to drive over the river. Lefty was up first and hit an absolute screamer just at the same time as Chris the pro walked past and he shouted ‘that’s over, you’re on the fairway’. Newby on the other hand drove his tee shot straight at a tree but got a member’s bounce and landed just short of the river. After crossing a beautiful new modern bridge that’s just been built, Lefty found himself needing just a chip onto the green which he duly did and sunk it for a birdie. This is definitely a risk or reward hole. If you get over the river it is definitely a birdie chance. The course really opens up now – gone are the tight fairways of the front nine, now you feel that you can really let rip with your driver. The eleventh which is a par 4 391 yard hole has a slight dog leg to the left. For Lefty however, he had to be careful as all down the left side of the fairway is the river so a slice shot which is his usual way would find him in the drink. He was very aware of this so over compensated

40 www.countygolfer.co.uk

...the ball rolled and stopped just short of the river. and managed to hit the straightest drive of the day into the trees on the right of the fairway instead. I left him to find his ball and moved on and didn’t see him again until I stood on the 12th tee. I said ‘where have you been?’ his reply ‘don’t ask’ and judging by the twigs in his hair and the dejected look on his face, I knew that he didn’t find his ball and lost the battle with the trees. Let’s move onto the 12th – a par 3 131 yards long. You need to try and find the top tier of this challenging par 3, anything short will leave you with an uphill putt. Anything long off the tee and you will find yourself in the neighbouring farmer’s field, who doesn’t take too kindly to you retrieving your ball, as Newby found out. It’s amazing how fast he can run when the farmer’s dog is chasing him. Weave your way up the tree lined fairway and you’re on the sixteenth. The 4-ball in front of us tee’d off. Now as visitors to this course, we tend to watch the people in front and learn from them how the hole needs to be played, however in this instance we thought they’d miss hit it on to the wrong fairway as we watched them wander off onto what we thought was nothing but rough. How wrong we were? As fairways go this must be the most

extreme example of a dog leg in the county! We both cut the corner as much as we dare but still found this to be nowhere near enough as the fairway feels like it’s coming back on itself. We would play this hole very differently next time we have the opportunity. Card Recker Alert!! Hole seventeen. This is a relatively short par 4 at only 434 yards long – don’t be fooled! The fun awaits you at the raised green with the river Greet right at the back giving you no room for error. By a raised green I mean a 20 ft raised green so the question is ‘can you get your ball onto the green and stop it rolling into the river behind? Or do you lay up short and go for a tap on. Lefty used all his luck on this one. He attacked the green which he hit but the ball rolled and stopped just short of the river, the fun part for me was watching him stand precariously on the edge of the river bank trying to get his ball back to the green without falling into the river. Unfortunately, he didn’t fall into the river and managed his shot. You finish with a gentle par 3. We did notice a new tee being built which will make this hole a bit more challenging as you’ll have to play over the river Greet, but for now, the tee is the other side of the river so after crossing the bridge, you play this simple par 3.

www.countygolfer.co.uk 41

Summarise: Overall the course is a great challenge for all level of golfers. The racecourse makes it a real unique experience. It’s refreshing to visit such a forward thinking club that have plans for the future of this great course. It is worth noting that if you’re a junior or a female golfer, Southwell offers some great introductory packages rather than just throwing you into a full 18 hole course. You are integrated gradually which is a great help and far less daunting for newcomers to the game. It’s well worth a word with Chris White, their pro about these options. They also have great raceday packages on offer – check their website for details.

42 www.countygolfer.co.uk

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Golf Course  Road,  Stanton  by  Dale   Ilkeston,  Derbyshire.  DE7  4QR  





f l o G o t n i t e G Ladies!

Bulwell Forest Golf Club Join our Friendly Bulwell Forest Golf Club. Golf is proven to help you stay fit and healthy

MEMBERSHIPS Ladies 7 Day Membership pay 50% green fee for every round


Ladies 7 Day Membership with no restrictions


Juniors under 16yrs

Free of Charge

Other Flexible memberships available for all

The Clubhouse, Hucknall Road, Nottingham, NG6 9LQ Telephone: 01159 763 172 www.countygolfer.co.uk 45 secretary@bulwellforestgolfclub.co.uk • www.bulwellforestgolfclub.co.uk


Equipment Titleist Stadry cart bag What is so good about the Titleist brand is their stance on quality and consistency. When they produce a product that sells they stand by it and continue its life for a much greater period of time than the other brands. This waterproof cart bag has been our best selling bag over the past 2 seasons and so only some colour upgrades were needed for the 2015 season. Quality is uncompromised at Titleist. At just ÂŁ158.95 at Golfsupport we guarantee UK best price along with some loyalty points.

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Nike Vapor Speed Driver 80-90% of golfers attack the driver too steeply. This means a driver requires an amount of backspin in order to get the ball air born. Many drivers including the further Nike Vapor heads move the centre of gravity forward which reduces backspin, all well and good for low handicappers, better players, professionals but for the average golfer not so good. This has proven to date on test at Golfsupport to be our best launched Driver for some time performs very well against its competitors. Its striking looks also give curb appeal.

Nike Engage Wedges Nike have been working very hard at their hardware and marketing strategy. 3 new wedges all have a 400% rougher face provided by the garnet blast technology. This as you may imagine encourages extra spin and control. The 3 sole finishes, Square, Toe sweep and Dual Sole are all designed with the input of the worlds best and look to make big noises in the wedge market. The toe sweep wedge sits open address and dual sits flush to the floor no matter how the sole sits. The square version is designed for a player with a neutral swing path. Our video tests showed variation in the wedges and so a fitting would be recommended before any purchase.

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Equipment Footjoy Hyperflex Golf Shoes The worlds best at golf shoes – Footjoy have excelled here. Out from the dark ages and into modern times with style, comfort and the key word in footwear these days – stability. The flex grid you see is all about stability. Imagine playing consistent golf on ice skates – you can’t and when you think why, it’s because your feet are not stable. Then you may just understand why so much technology goes into footwear stability as it encourages energy transfer – sounds good eh – these shoes are amazing!

48 www.countygolfer.co.uk

Golfbuddy BB5 GPS Wristband Any golfer not using a measuring device these days is giving the course and their opponents a huge head start. Golfers using these devices who have not had a “GAP TEST” are losing several shots to the course and have not utilised these devices to their full potential. This unit is a breath of fresh air, it’s a wrist bound device but does not look like a watch. It’s a band. It offers front, middle and back green yardage. It has dynamic green view with 37,000 worldwide pre loaded courses, a watch, a pedometer but most of all – it looks Cool!

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as if golf wasn’t hard enough! The new 8th green and 9th tee at Morley Hayes

“As some of you may have noticed, we have started work on the changes to the 8th green and 9th Tee. Once work has been completed, the 8th green will be slightly larger, stretching further out into the water, which will not only make for a more visually appealing hole, but also some very tasty pin positions along the right side of the green. The new 9th Tee will be positioned further back across the lake where the water stretches across the first 50 www.countygolfer.co.uk

fairway through to the side of the 8th green. This will also feature a new bridge and once completed, will improve the visual aspect as well as adding approximately 40 – 50 yards to the hole. Watch this space for news on when the 8th green and 9th tee are ready for action!”

Daniel Delaney

Golf Manager & PGA Golf Professional

www.countygolfer.co.uk 51


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The Belfry Hotel & Resort looks to reaffirm position as England’s finest golf destination

The Belfry Hotel & Resort is looking to regain its title as ‘England’s Best Golf Hotel’ at the 2015 World Golf Awards having claimed this impressive accolade at the inaugural ceremony last year. The world’s only 4-time Ryder Cup host resort has once again been short listed alongside the country’s leading golfing retreats and will be looking to take top honours at the Awards Ceremony in November. As well as seeking to recapture this title, the first-class golfing facilities on offer at the famous Midlands resort have been further underlined by The Brabazon course being short listed for the title of ‘England’s Best Course’. The worldfamous layout has played host to many of the game’s most iconic moments and 56 www.countygolfer.co.uk

aims to highlight its position alongside the UK’s best courses. The World Golf Awards, which launched in 2014, celebrate and reward excellence in golf tourism, world-class courses and golf destinations from across the globe. Aiming to raise the bar for golf experiences, the Awards are voted for by industry leaders, including senior executives, tour operators and agents, as well as golfers worldwide, to set a gold standard in global golf tourism. The Awards sit as part of the World Travel Awards, which have been recognising quality across the global leisure and tourism sector for over 20 years. The Belfry has achieved further recognition for the high standards of its

hospitality by also being short listed in a number of ‘Travel’ categories, including ‘England’s Leading Resort’ and England’s Leading Conference Hotel’. Chris Frost, Managing Director, World Golf Awards commented: “The Belfry Hotel & Resort achieved great things in 2014 on its way to winning the title of ‘England’s Best Golf Hotel’ and the fact that it has been short listed for three further titles this year just underlines the impressive work and guest experiences that they are providing across the whole resort.” Ian Knox, The Belfry’s Director of Golf described the resort’s desire to regain its title: “It was a great accolade for the resort to be named as England’s finest golf hotel in 2014 and we are committed to building upon these achievements throughout this year. “We are focussed on providing the finest

experiences for every guest that visits The Belfry and take pride in our extensive golf offering, providing everything you could ever need for your golf getaway – from state-of-the-art custom fitting at our PGA Academy, the latest products from leading brands in our Golf Shop, through to the three fantastic courses.” Voting for the World Golf Awards is now open and runs through until 27th September 2015, before the winners are announced at the Gala Ceremony on 7th November 2015. To vote for The Belfry Hotel & Resort visit: • England’s Best Golf Course: http:// worldgolfawards.com/vote/belfrybrabazon-2015 • For further information please visit www.thebelfry.co.uk , email enquiries@ thebelfry.com or call 0844 980 0600 The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Lichfield Road, Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands,


Club of the Year - Norwood Park Golf Centre The club were runners up in the national 2014 Golf Mark award. The club has an 18 hole and a 9 hole par 3 course with a driving range. It is the first time this award has gone to a Golf Club.

Nottinghamshire Amateur & Professional Golfers’ Alliance

Held at Radcliffe on Trent 4.3.2015 Singles Stableford TANKARD WINNER (Best Score of Day) ROB SMITH. THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 37 Points

1st INDIVIDUAL (Not in Winning Teams) WISON HOGG RADCLIFFE on TRENT 34 2nd TEAM TRENT LOCK 123 points Individual Points DANNY BURNZSTYN 35 J. NICHOLLS 32 K. NEWBOLD 30 R. CARTER 26 2nd INDIVIDUAL (Not in Winning Teams) CRAIG JUDSON KILTON FOREST 33 32

PGA PROFESSIONALS / ASSISTANTS Club Points 1 ROBERT SMITH The Nottinghamshire - 37 £200 2 DANNY BURZSTYN Trent Lock - 35 £120 3 SHANE PEACOCK Oakmere Park - 35 £120 4 ANDY WILLEY Bulwell Forest - 32 £70 DAMON WOOD The Nottinghamshire - 32 £70 REMARKS Incredibly windy, tough conditions but the course was in good condition with good fast greens. Congratulations to Bernard Prewitt of Bulwell Forest who had a hole in one on the 11th. There were 3 “no shows” on the day and fines for John Clarke and Martin Trueman are due, the other has already paid. Average professional score on the day was 29 and amateur was 21. As I said, tough conditions. 58 www.countygolfer.co.uk


Oakmere Park Golf Club Competition Results

Admirals Golf course competition results


NON TEAM AMATEUR 1st HENRY ALLS The Nottinghamshire


14th March 2015 Saturday Golfer of the Winter SemiFinal Betterball Medal 1st Paul Stoker (10) & Michael O’Neill (11) Score 66 2nd Alan Seddon (9) & Tony Eaton (13) Score 67 3rd Patrick Mitchell (18) & Andy Green (15) Score 69 (B9) 4th Dave Cope (12) & Mick Morton (15) Scored 69 (B9) 15th March 2015 Sunday Golfer of the Winter Semi FinalBetterball Stableford 1st Clark Bradshaw (8) & Danny Seddon (12) Score 43 2nd Jason Davies (1) & James Jewson (13) Score 43 (B9) 3rd Alan Robinson (23) & Tom McCann (27) Score 43 4th Steve Mee (11) & Dean Tomkinson (7) Score 42 14th March 2015 Medal Yellow Tees Div 1: 1st Oliver Mack 73, 2nd Terry Quinn 73,2rd Chris Walker 73 Div 2: 1st Richard Baxter 69, Paul Griffin 70, 3rd Nigel Burton 70 Div 3: 1st Connor Brrearley 70, 2nd John Clarke 70, 3rd Kevin Brooks 70 15th March Stableford Yellow Tees Div 1: 1st David Oldfield 42pts, 2nd Oliver Mack 38pts, 3rd Matthew Rowbotton 38pts Div 2: 1st Keiron Marriott 40pts, 2nd Shane Watson 36pts, 3rd Bryan Hardy 35pts Div 3: 1st Callum Griffiths 44pts, 2nd Neal Smith 36pts, 3rd Stephen Lee 35pts 16 March 2015 Seniors Winter Eclectic Rd 11 Div 1: 1st Ian Kirkham 40pts 2nd Alan Thompson 38pts

please send your news stories to

garry@imagespublishing.co.uk Div 2: 1st Ernest Scott 39pts, 2nd Michael Booth 38pts This weekend saw the Semi Finals of the Golfer of the Winter and it was no surprise to see who qualified to the final. Paul stoker and Michael O’Neill have been white hot throughout this winter with Stoker winning two singles competitions already. Alan Seddon and Tony Eaton will be a tough pair to beat with Alan’s length off the tee along with Eaton’s expertise on the greens. This Final will be as tight as a stocking on a chicken’s beak! Jason Davies and James Jewson face just as tough competition on the Sunday against stalwarts Clark Bradshaw & Danny Seddon. The odds will be with the one handicapper Davies as he can knock birdies in for fun if his partner Jewson can let him attack the pins, but they will have to raise their game considerably to outwit the experience and skills of Seddon & Bradshaw. 21 March 2015 Betterball Stableford Yellow Tees Div 1: 1st Andy Henderson & Matt Tinklin 44pts 2nd Daniel Waterhouse & Malcolm Twist 43pts, 3rd Robert Grefory & Dale Gregory 42pts Div 2: 1st Darren Croucher & Paul Croucher 40ts, 2nd Sanjeev Sandhu & Jeevan Sandhu 4opts, 3rd Philip Lea and David Kingsland 38pts 22 March 2015 Medal QR Yellow Tees Div 1: 1st Stephen Foster score 69, 2nd Paul Williams score 69 3rd Haydn Saxton score 70 40th Alan Seddon score 70 Div 2: 1st Colin Ralphs score 68, 2nd Tony Eatonscore 70, 3rd Patrick Mitchell score 70, 4th Darren Ward score 74 Div 3: 1st Joshua Hall score 64, 2nd Alan Robinson score 70, 3rd Daryl Cornwell score 70, 4th Alan Foster score 74

23 March 2015 Seniors Winter Eclectic Rd 12 Div 1: 1st John Villiers 40pts, 2ndChris Wilson 37pts Div 2: 1st Robert Lakin 44pts, 2nd Terry Craggs 43pts

Oakmere Park Golf Club.

Commanders Golf course competition results 13th March 2015 Winter Trophy Div 1: 1st Owen Tucker 72, 2nd Jim Stewart 74, 3rd Peter Gleave 75 Div 2: 1st Clive Barnes 71, 2nd Peter Rogers 76, 3rd Gordon Taylor 78, 15th March 2015 Grimes Trophy Div 1: 1st Jaques Lacey 75, 2nd Raph Richards 76, 3rd Owen Tucker 76 Div 2: 1st Andrew Godson 71, 2nd Paul Stone 74, 3rd Les Smith 77 17th March 2015 Stableford Div 1: 1st Kevin Hulme 41pts, 2nd Peter Riley 39pts, 3rd Keith Harbord 38pts Div 2: 1st Keith Morris 37pts, 2nd Gordon Taylor 36pts, 3rd Peter Hill 35pts 20 March 2015 Seniors Stableford Div 1: 1st Chris Davies 38pts, 2nd Mick Hitchen 37pts, 3rd Clive Helmkey 36pts Div 2: 1st Gordon Taylor 37pts, 2nd Eric Wardle 37pts, 3rd John Glover 36pts 22 March 2015 Spring Stableford Div 1:1st Jim Taylor 40pts, 2nd Mick Hitchn 39pts, 3rd Ian Keasley 38pts Div 2: 1st Russ Kingswell 39pts, 2nd Andrew Godson 38pts, 3rd David Davis 38pts 24th March 2015 Stableford Div 1: 1st Peter Davidson 37pts, 2nd Rod Horridge 36pts, 3rd Colin Handley 35pts Div 2: 1st Peter Rogers 38pts, 2nd Bill Weir 38pts 3rd Clive Barnes 35pts

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A Note from the Derbyshire Golf Alliance Captain 2015 - John Lines


The Derbyshire Alliance is now open to all Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Golfers including Amateurs and Professionals.

Come and enjoy the warm welcoming yet competitive atmosphere the Derbyshire Alliance has created over the years. Compete on Derbyshire’s finest golf courses for great prizes and meet some true characters along the way. Key benefits include: • £2 joining fee for the year • £20 per head per event. Most events are a 4BBB • Great daily prizes with no requirements to stay for presentations • Professionals individual prize fund and sweep • Order of merit tables ( Derbyshire Professionals only ) • 2s sweep • Great competitive atmosphere

New Member Incentive

Win a brand new set of Custom Fit Irons

As I am the Captain this year I have decided to offer a “New member” incentive sponsored by my company Golfsupport.com. The golfer introducing the most new-comers to the Derbyshire Alliance ( cannot have competed in the 2014 season) will be rewarded at the end of the season with a brand new custom fit set of golf clubs. You don’t even have to play with them! Just spread the word and ask the new members to quote your name as the sponsor upon registration. The Derbyshire Alliance team will keep record and an order of merit for this great prize which will be updated after each event. You can see how you are doing on the Derbyshire Alliance website. Book early not to be disappointed by calling 07739 558 181 or email: derbyshirealliance@hotmail.com

Range Rover SVAutobiography New flagship Range Rover SVAutobiography debuts at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, delivering enhanced design sophistication and craftsmanship Distinctive Duo-Tone paint available for the first time, complementing an enhanced interior SVAutobiography exclusively produced by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations Powertrain enhancements and new technology features also announced for all Range Rover variants Exclusively crafted at Special Vehicle Operations’ (SVO) Technical Centre in the UK, SVAutobiography features unique exterior design enhancements, an exclusive premium leather interior with unique trim finishes and the option of a 550PS 5.0-litre V8 supercharged engine for the first time. As a

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World-class luxury interior Much of the driver’s switchgear including the start-stop surround and rotary controls are machined from solid aluminium with beautiful knurled details, as are the foot pedals. New armrest adjusters not only bring a similar level of machined

takes luxury to new heights detail, but also make them even easier to use. Rear-seat passengers relax in luxurious seating complete with a chiller compartment and powered deployable tables. On the floor, aluminium seat rail finishers and deep twist pile mohair carpet mats complete the feeling of sumptuous luxury.

Incredible performance, unrivalled comfort Replacing the Autobiography Black at the top of the Range Rover line-up, SVAutobiography is available with a sensational 550PS V8 supercharged engine, combining peerless luxury with the most powerful engine in Range Rover’s history. The all-aluminium 5.0-litre V8 supercharged engine, used to power the high performance Range Rover Sport SVR, has been re-tuned for the SVAutobiography. The potent engine produces an outstanding 550PS and 680Nm of torque, noticeable increases of 40PS and 55Nm respectively, compared with existing V8 supercharged Range Rover derivatives.

Alongside the V8 supercharged engine, SVAutobiography customers can choose from the SDV6 Hybrid and SDV8 powertrain derivatives with increases in efficiency and performance for the 2016 Model Year. Unrivalled off-road capability is a hallmark of the Range Rover line-up but Land Rover has provided even greater confidence for customers by extending the availability of its innovative AllTerrain Progress Control system to include SDV8 derivatives. The new Gesture Tailgate standard feature provides hands-free access to the luggage area while Automatic Access Height automatically lowers the vehicle once parked, for improved entry and exit. Priced from £148,900, the Range Rover SVAutobiography will be on sale from summer 2015. The updated Range Rover 2016 Model Year line-up will also be on sale this summer priced from £74,950.


Golfer Club Directory Derbyshire Golf Courses Golf Course

Alfreton Golf Club Allestree Park Ashbourne Golf Club Bakewell Golf Club Barlborough Links Golf Club Birch Hall Golf Club Bondhay Golf & Country Club Brailsford Golf Course Breadsall Priory Golf Club Broughton Heath Golf Course Burton- on-Trent Golf Club Buxton & High Peak Cavendish Golf Club Chapel-En-Le-Frith Chesterfield Golf Club Chevin Golf Club Erewash Valley Golf Club Glossop & District GC Grassmoor Golf Centre Hallowes Golf Club Hope Works Golf Club Horsley Lodge Kedleston Park Matlock Golf Club Maywood Golf Club Mickleover Golf Club Morley Hayes New Mills Golf Club Ormonde Fields Golf Club Pastures Golf Club Renishaw Park Rother Valley Golf Centre Shirland Golf Club Sickleholme Golf Club Sinfin Golf Course Stanedge Golf Club Tapton Park Municipal 64 www.countygolfer.co.uk

Postcode Phone DE55 7LH DE22 2EU DE6 1NB DE45 1GB S43 4NW S18 4DB S80 3EH DE6 3BU DE7 6DL DE65 5BA DE15 0PS SK17 7EN SK17 6XD SK23 9UH S42 7LA DE56 4EE DE7 4QR SK13 7PU S42 5EA S18 1UR S33 6RP DE21 5BL DE22 5JD DE4 5LZ DE7 3ST DE3 9AD DE7 6DG SK22 4QE DE55 9RG DE3 0UJ S21 3UZ S26 5PQ DE55 6AU S33 OBN DE24 9HD S45 OLW S41 OEQ

01773 832070 01332 550616 01335 342078 01629 812307 01246 813111 01246 291979 01909 724709 01335 360096 01332 832235 01283 521235 01283 568708 01298 26263 01298 79708 01298 812118 01246 279256 01332 841864 0115 932 3258 01457 853117 01246 856044 01246 413734 01433 622282 01332 780838 01332 840035 01629 582191 0115 939 2306 01332 518662 01332 780480 01663 743485 01773 570043 07766 098628 01246 432044 0114 247 3000 01773 834935 01433 651306 01332 766462 01246 566156 01246 239500


alfretongolfclub.co.uk allestreeparkgolfclub.co.uk ashbournegolfclub.co.uk bakewellgolfclub.co.uk

bondhaygolfclub.com brailsfordgolfcourse.co.uk marriott.co.uk broughtonheathgc.co.uk burtonontrentgolfclub.co.uk bhpgc.co.uk cavendishgolfclub.co.uk chapelgolf.co.uk chesterfieldgolfclub.co.uk chevingolf.co.uk erewashvalley.co.uk glossopgolfclub.co.uk grassmoorgolf.co.uk hallowesgolfclub.org hopeworksgolfclub.co.uk horsleylodge.co.uk kedlestonparkgolf.co.uk matlockgolfclub.co.uk maywoodgolfclub.com mickleovergolfclub.com morleyhayes.com newmillsgolfclub.co.uk ormondefieldsgolfclub.co.uk renishawparkgolf.co.uk jackbarker.com shirlandgolfclub.co.uk sickleholme.co.uk derby.gov.uk stanagegolfclub.co.uk taptonparkgolfclub.co.uk

Nottinghamshire Golf Courses Golf Course

Beeston Fields Golf Club Brierley Forest Golf Club Bulwell Forest Golf Club Chilwell Manor Golf Club College Pines Golf Club Coxmoor Golf Club Edwalton Golf Course Kilton Forest Golf Club Leen Valley Golf Club Mansfield Golf Centre Mansfield Woodhouse Golf Club Mapperley Golf Club Newark-on-Trent Golf Club Norwood Park Golf Course Nottingham Golf Centre Notts Golf Club Oakmere Park G.C Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Club Ramsdale Park Golf Centre Retford Golf Club Riverside Golf Club Ruddington Grange Golf Club Rufford Park Golf Centre Rushcliffe Golf Club Sherwood Forest Golf Club Southwell Golf Club Springwater Golf Club Stanton-on-the-Wolds GC The Nottinghamshire Golf Club The Orchards Golf Course The Serlby Park Golf Club Trent Lock Golf Centre Wollaton Park Golf Club Worksop Golf Club

Postcode Phone NG9 3DD NG17 2LG NG6 9LQ NG9 5AE S80 3AP NG17 5LF NG12 4 AS S81 0TL NG15 7TA NG18 3PJ NG19 9EU NG3 5RH NG24 2QX NG25 0PF NG6 8LF NG17 7QR NG25 0RH NG12 2JH NG14 6NU DN22 7UA NG7 2SA NG11 6NB NG22 9DG LE7 5RL NG18 3EW NG25 0TS NG14 6FZ NG12 5BH NG12 3HB NG25 0PT DN10 6BA NG10 2FY NG8 1BT S80 2SQ


0115 925 7062 beestonfields.co.uk 01623 550761 brierleyforestgolfclub.com 0115 9763172 0115 925 8958 chilwellmanorgolfclub.co.uk 01909 501 431 collegepinesgolfclub.co.uk 01623 557 359 coxmoorgolfclub.co.uk 0115 923 4775 glendale-golf.com 01909 479 199 bassetlaw.gov.uk 0115 964 2037 leenvalleygolfclub.co.uk 01623 422 764 jackbarker.com 01623 623521 mansfieldgolfclub.co.uk 0115 955 6672 mapperleygolfclub.org 01636 626282 newarkgolfclub.co.uk 01636 816 626 norwoodpark.org.uk 0115 927 2767 jackbarker.com 01623 753225 nottsgolfclub.co.uk 0115 965 3545 oakmerepark.co.uk 0115 933 3000 radcliffeontrentgc.co.uk 0115 965 5600 ramsdaleparkgc.co.uk 01777 711188 retfordgolfclub.org 0115 986 2179 0115 984 6141 ruddingtongrange.co.uk 01623 825 253 ruffordpark.co.uk 01509 852959 rushcliffegolfclub.co.uk 01623 626 689 sherwoodforestgolfclub.co.uk 01636 813 706 southwellgolfclub.com 0115 965 2129 springwatergolfclub.co.uk 0115 937 4885 stantongolfclub.co.uk 0115 933 3344 thenottinghamshire.com 01636 812257 orchardgolfcourse.co.uk 01777 818 268 selbygolfclub.co.uk 0115 946 4398 trentlock.co.uk 0115 978 7574 wollatonparkgolfclub.com 01909 477731 worksopgolfclub.com

Or download the RoundSeeker mobile phone app for a full directory of golf clubs and their very latest offers from:

www.roundseeker.co.uk www.countygolfer.co.uk 65

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66 www.countygolfer.co.uk



Featuring the toughest par four in the county, come and experience the superb facilities of a 36 hole golf and country club that’s just 6 miles from Nottingham city centre with one of our

Summer Fourball Offers from only £90* or

Golf & Lunch for only £25 per person * Offer available Mon – Fri 11am – 2pm & Sat & Sun 12noon – 3pm - Bookable 7 days in advance



The Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club



For more information on any of our events please visit our website at


The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3HB - 0115 933 3344

Profile for Alistair Plant

County Golfer Magazine 2015 Spring  

County Golfer Magazine 2015 Spring

County Golfer Magazine 2015 Spring  

County Golfer Magazine 2015 Spring