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Country Y O U R c o m p l i m e n t a r y L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E . Est. 1994

Late Autumn, above Swaledale by Rex N Preston


up and down

The Nile

your home

tim brooke-taylor A winter walk from

DarleyDarley Hallabbey



A Portrait of

Joseph Wright of Derby

laDy baDen-Powell

A Gardener’s


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Solid Hardwood Floors Parquet Woodblock Mosaic Engineered Floors Laminate & Veneer AmticoDesign Floors

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The Hardwood Flooring Centre Unit 2 Prospect Court Nunn Close, Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire NG17 2HW

t. 01623 555337

Our Extensive Range Includes: • Windows • Doors Unit 3, Joshua Business Park, 48a Cromford Road, Langley Mill, Nottinghamshire NG16 4EW

• Soffits & Fascias • Garage Conversions • Orangeries • Conservatories • Kitchens • Flat Roofing Systems


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oberoi brotHers ligHting establisHeD 1967

FIREPLACES the area’s premier

fireplace and stove centre



Fine cra�smanship & beautiful design Is this the heart of your home this winter?

wHere seeing is believing The largest display of lighting in the Midlands Tel: 01246 865062 10-12 Broadleys, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, S45 9JL Open: Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm

open Mon to sat 9.30am to 5.30pm only 10 mins from Derby city centre with free parking. Humbleton Drive, Mackworth estate, Derby De22 4aU

Call 01332 341027 February 2013 Country Images


pride of place



Directors: Garry M Plant, Jane E Plant Advertisement Manager: Scott Burgess Advertisements: Lisa O’Reilly, Carol Wilson, Susan Foster, Adam Randall Operations Manager: Alistair Plant Origination & Design: David Dykes Accounts: Charlotte Burgess Features: Vicky Plant

Unit 5, Keys Road, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7FQ

Tel: 01773 830344

Competition Winners Crossword Answer: Yeaveley Winner: Jane Haslam, Belper What am I Answer: Peach Winner: Mrs S J Scott, Holbrook

Why pay to read a magazine on-line? Country Images is FREE on-line! “let us spoil you for choice and delight you with our prices and service” 17 Nottingham Road, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7HL

Tel: 01773 836438 A family business built on a trusted reputation ESTABLISHED 1980 Showroom open Monday-Saturday 9-5pm Closed Sunday 4

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Golfer taste


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Range of Gas and Electric Fires. Marble and Wooden Mantles.


ALAN DOXEY Fireplace Specialist

highefficiency Up to an incredible 89% net efficiency with 4kW heat output, these fires give optimum heat and cost efficiency.

40 Hassock Lane North, Shipley, Nr Heanor DE75 7JB (A6007 Ilkeston-Heanor Road). Opposite Shipley Garden Centre.

The dropping temperatures and scattering of snow really drives home the change of seasons. Out come the scarves and gloves, while in the evenings another log is put onto the fire. Our thoughts at this time generally turn toward planning summer holidays, but strangely in our house they turn to decorating! This time of year is a good time to look at our home and take advantage of the short, cold days to get cracking on the interior. There are tremendous bargains at the moment on furniture, flooring, kitchens and bathrooms. Now is also the time to plan that new conservatory/ sunlounge. It’s too late when the sun is already shining. Just take a look at some of the fantastic offers in this month’s Country Images.

Telephone 01773 717066 Open Monday 10am to 12pm, Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. Closed Sunday & Tuesday.


Replacement Doors (UK) Ltd

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Garry & Jane






Tel: 01332 206600 Units 20-23 The Cattle Market, Chequers Rd. Meadows Ind Est. Derby DE21 6EP Prices include VAT and are based on standard UK imperial sizes

February 2013 Country Images


up and down

The Nile

there are two ways to explore the wonders of ancient egypt, by river boat, or from a fixed hotel base usually in luxor or aswan. nowadays most tourists prefer to go by boat, but just to be different brian spencer tried both methods of exploring the banks of the nile.

With memories of Peter Ustinov’s Poirot, in Death on the Nile, we booked ourselves on a fortnight’s trip; one week by river cruise and the second week land-based in order to independently explore the temples and tombs around Luxor, the ancient capital of pharaohic Egypt. No matter what your preconceived ideas might be, the impact of the 4000 year old remains comes like a bolt from the blue. Eventually the thought that comes to mind is how did those pharaohic builders erect such huge structures? Carved only with the aid of bronze tools, furthermore the massive pillars had to be transported miles downstream from quarries near Aswan, before they could erect them in their present positions. Massive stone pillars rising majestically from surprisingly shallow foundations were erected on behalf of the families of rulers who seemed to have more thought about the after life than their earthly state. Column after column is carved with hieroglyphics extolling the earthly virtues and exploits of the dynasty responsible for the temple. In death these people were expensively embalmed and entombed surrounded by fabulous wealth together with pictures of food to see them through eternity.


Country Images February 2013

The temple cried out to be explored There are two main reasons why we can learn so much about the ancient Egyptians; one is the fact that the Nile in its annual flooding eventually preserved the riverside temples beneath thousands of tons of silt. The other is again Nile related and is linked to a plant growing along its banks. This is a kind of reed called papyrus which when hammered flat can be made into sheets which we now know as paper. Before the invention of paper, records were made by laboriously marking clay tablets with a stick marking a crude alphabet. Papyrus based paper made it easy to write with more permanent ink and so the complex explanatory pictures were eventually simplified into a form of writing known as hieroglyphics. Nowadays it is possible to decipher these hieroglyphs that were carved on the temple columns thousands of years ago and from that we know what the pharaohs did during their lifetimes. Life on board a Nile cruise ship is one of easy luxury; excellent meals to be enjoyed while the hundred-cabined ship sails majestically in the safe hands of one of the team of river pilots, each responsible for a section of the shoal-filled river. Travelling upstream our first port of call was Kom Ombo, a temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek. We had deliberately disembarked in the dark and the cleverly illuminated temple just cried out to be explored, imaginatively peopled by its long dead priests.

Spices and silk February 2013 Country Images


The Aswan Dam and the Isis Temple of Philae The religion of Ancient Egypt is characterised by a bewildering profusion of divinities, with the country divided between local and regional gods, many of them, especially those at the top of the hierarchy being responsible for the essential matters of life: Ra controlled the universe; Osiris the underworld and the afterlife, usually portrayed as a mummified pharaoh with a false beard; Isis was the goddess of fertility, often alongside Hathor the cow-eared goddess of love and beauty. Every year prior to the building of the Aswan Dam, the Nile flooded, bringing with it fertile silt, the actual amount and subsequently the fair system of taxation in ancient times was determined by the height of the flood. For some unknown reason, the inundation was heralded by crocodiles and each year the first would be trapped and kept in a deep pit beside Kom Ombo temple. Even now the pit looks an evil place that might have appeared in one of the Indiana Jones’s screen adventures. Whether or not victims were sacrificed is not on record, but the crocodiles ended their brief spell of fame by being mummified – a large number of them fill a macabre museum next to Kom Ombo temple. With the building of the Aswan Dam producing hydro-electricity and making modern Egypt an industrial nation, one thing that it lost was the annual bounty of enriching silt. As a result of Egypt’s industrialisation the land is losing its fertility but farming is still carried out as it has always has been, with a bountiful year round sun allowing at least three crops. One of the places the inundations buried was Esna on the west bank of the Nile. Here the temple dedicated to Khnum, a ram-headed god of creation and protector of the source of the Nile, was buried so deep that a later town was built on top. It was at Esna that a dosing calèche driver waiting for passengers in his horse drawn carriage was to our minds the modern but far gentler version of the warlike chariot drivers carved on the temple walls. When the Aswan Dam flooded the Nile, it also flooded a number of temples so an emergency rescue of heroic proportions saw the beautiful Isis Temple of Philae moved on to a small island close to the dam. Further along Lake Nasser is the magnificent Abu Simbel temple built from solid rock by Rameses II, the most enduring image of Egypt after the Pyramids. Here four monumental statues of the great king that gaze out over the lake were lifted and set into an artificial hill a hundred feet or so above the lake. A narrow passage between the 65ft high statues leads to four seated gods who are lit by the first rays of the sun on 22 February and 22 October, just one day later than when they were in their lower position. Close by the Rameses temple a smaller, but more poignant one was erected to the memory of Nefertari, wife of Rameses. Whilst the wives of pharaohs were often shown almost in miniature alongside their husbands, here Nefertari stands shoulder to shoulder in equal height with Rameses, eternally facing the rising sun. The road journey to Abu Simbel is a must for anyone who appreciates the vastness of deserts. Only four miles from the Sudanese border, the road crosses the tropic of Cancer and passes through fantastically wind sculptured dunes and arid desert scenery where the stark beauty contrasts dramatically with the greenness of England.

Abu Simbel temple and the Valley of the Kings 10

Country Images February 2013

One of the drawbacks of organised ‘cultural’ holidays is that they usually come with obligatory on the spot lectures. Some information is fine and necessary, but I have to admit that I much prefer to explore and use my own senses rather than stand around being talked at, then only given a few moments to see what all the blather was about. Admittedly this didn’t happen to the group we were with, but I saw one group stood with their backs to the wonders of Abu Simbel while their guide droned on – what a waste.

The second week: Doing our own thing Preferring to ‘do our own thing’, our second week based at the delightful riverside King’s Island complex outside Luxor was far less of a hassle. Ever willing taxi drivers took us over to the Valley of the Kings and the lesser visited Valley of the Queens on either side of the Theban Hills. Not every tomb is accessible, but those that are throw light on the life of the pharaohs almost four thousand years ago. The whole district is devoted to the cult of immortality with mortuary temples in profusion; especially that of Queen Hatshepsut, a woman who acted like a king and whose temple could easily have been designed by one of Mussolini’s fascist architects. Tomb building was very much a full time industry in pharaohic times and the village where the artisans lived, Deir el-Medina, can still be traced from its half-standing walls and streets to the east of the Theban Hills. Working a ten day week digging deep complex tunnels, or decorating them with vibrant colours they still managed to build their own tombs on their days off. The temple of the cow-eared goddess Hathor at Dendera is about 27 miles north of Luxor. The temple was dedicated to love and fertility and is where royal births took place. Even now women with fertility problems come to pray at the birthing temple later taken over by the Coptic Christians. Queen Cleopatra prayed here and bathed in the now dried up sacred pool. She became something of a goddess and is depicted on the back wall of the temple alongside Cæsarion the son she had following her liaison with Julius Caesar. The cost incidentally of the 54 mile taxi ride came to the equivalent of £9.50, but we did buy the driver’s lunch!

February 2013 Country Images


when it comes to choosing a new floor for your home the sheer variety of flooring types can easily be overwhelming and it is hard to remain objective when you are faced with so much choice. that’s why we’ve decided to bring you the latest flooring trends along with expert advice from a selection of the top retailers and manufacturers so next time you venture out to the shops, you can be sure to be armed with all the facts.


your home

Kahrs Plaza Avenue

Amtico Antique Porcelain

…With the latest

flooring styles Karndean Graphite


Country Images February 2013

Traditional cushion vinyl flooring has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, with so many design options to choose from. Not only practical and cost-effective, it’s easy to find a floor that replicates the look of ceramic or one that is a little bit out-there for an exciting look. Market leaders Amtico have a design team that takes inspiration from international travel and the latest interior design trends combine durability and style to create flooring perfect for any room. Cushion flooring manufacturer Leoline has just launched a brand new collection that includes striking monochrome Alicante tiles as well as beautiful glossy wood styles, both of which would look lovely in a modern kitchen or bathroom. For something a little bit outlandish that is ideal for childrens’ rooms, the award-winning Bubblegum & Liquorice collection from Avenue Floors includes bright yellow dots and multi-coloured stripes that combine style with personality. Inspired by nature and designed for living, Karndean’s wide range of colours, textures and finishes allow you to create a look that's unique to your home or business. You'll find their floorcoverings are not only attractive, but also highly practical. The latest advances in laminate flooring can’t go by unnoticed either and we have been seeing some

Mix and Match your flooring to create an exciting combination of tone and texture.

1952 - 2012


Hallam, Whittle & Co Ltd 16-22 High Street, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3HH

Tel/Fax: 01773 742369 | Lighting Tel: 01773 742288 Family Business estaBlished 1952

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You imagine it

Quality Bespoke World leading manufacturers

The Ultimate ON-LINE flooring Showroom

We create it Customer Care Designer Showroom

Guaranteed Fitting Service

Our showroom is designed to showcase the world’s top flooring manufacturers offering the widest choice of wool, wood, laminate, vinyl, bamboo and not forgetting the world’s latest development in nylon. Bespoke: Whatever your needs our bespoke service can create the floor that you have envisaged. Quality: all our suppliers are world renowned and have a trading reputation second to none, which is why we have the utmost confidence in buying and supplying their goods to our customers. Customer care: From purchase to fitting our trained in-house staff will help you through your flooring journey.

The art is in the detail at....

Belper Carpet & Flooring Unit 9 Riverside Goods Road, Belper, Derbyshire 01773 822082 Specialists in quality carpets, decorative vinyls, safety flooring, Marmoleum, timber flooring

lovely wood designs that look just like the real thing. When it comes to more exotic species of wood, laminate options can represent a better value alternative. Laminate flooring is also a great way of incorporating a more contemporary look in your home, with jet-black wood designs and bright-white styles crying out to be placed in modern interiors. Quick-Step laminate floors, which are widely available in many flooring shops, are renowned for providing that sought after designer edge, with painted wood effect options such as Vogue Oak White Passionata planks guaranteed to deliver a high-impact style statement.

Quick-Step Vogue Oak White Passionata

The allure of real wood is still hard to resist for many, with oak remaining top of the pecking order when it comes to the popularity stakes. Solid wood feels and looks beautiful, but engineered wood floors, which have a real wood surface layer, also provide these desirable qualities as well as greater stability and durability.

something a little more unusual Wood is undeniably lovely, but sometimes it’s good to have something that’s a little more unusual, something that excites you and will make your floor stand out. That’s why we were thrilled when we discovered Portuguese-based cork flooring manufacturer Granorte. This company prides itself on disbanding any previous assumptions you may have about cork by using cutting-edge printing technology to create captivating surface decors for its collection of cork floors. Mohawk Smartstrand Presidential Freedom Creamsilk

Modena Design Jardin by Vorwerk Carpets


Country Images February 2013

In fact, cork flooring is also a great environmentally friendly flooring option. Granorte’s cork flooring products are created from the pre-consumer cork waste of the wine stopper manufacturing industry and cork trees will naturally and repeatedly regenerate after harvesting for up to 200 years without any harm whatsoever. It’s also an ideal choice if you need something that is hypoallergenic, as cork will not absorb dust and it provides good levels of sound and heat insulation for a cosy and peaceful home. However it’s not only hard flooring types that have advanced in recent years. If looking after the environment is on the top of your agenda but you also want something that provides sumptuous underfoot comfort, the array of eco-friendly carpets from Mohawk should fit the bill. Ideal for rooms where you want to feel snuggly and warm, such as bedrooms and living rooms, Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet offers a luxurious underfoot feeling and is also created from 37% renewably sourced corn polymer. SmartStrand also features built-in stain and soil resistance that will never wear or wash off, giving you ultimate peace of mind even if you choose the lightest of colours. For an even greener option, EverStrand carpet, which is also made by Mohawk, is created from 100% post-consumer


Unbeatable Prices on Top Quality Carpets


15% OFFr

Underfloo uring heating d February

The largest Brintons and Axminster showroom in the East Midlands

*Selected lines

Winter Offers • Winter Offers • Winter Offers

Brintons Platinum Approved Retailers

The Barn, Ridgeway House, Ridgeway Lane, Nether Heage, Derbyshire DE56 2JT

Telephone: 0845 434 7016



Lowmoor Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 7LJ

T: 01773 857184 E:


MEADOW VALE CARPETS Established 1987

QUALITY CARPETS & EXCELLENT SERVICE EVERY TIME Open Monday - Friday 8am - 4.30pm Saturday - 9am - 3.30pm

01332 841001 email:


Suppliers & registered installers of Karndean floors

For our 24/7 sample ordering service visit February 2013 Country Images


recycled plastic bottles – in fact, 14,000 bottles are diverted from landfill sites and become EverStrand carpet every minute. Now that is a sure-fire way to make you feel good about spending your money on a new carpet! Despite the advancement of the ‘harder flooring’ traditional carpet manufacturers, like Brintons, Axminster, Ulster, Brockway and Cormar to name but a few, have continued to stand the test of time as ever present favourites for flooring in our homes.

eye-catching and contemporary designs

Ulster Carpets Countryhouse Collection

In recent months, we’ve noticed that carpet shops are no longer full of beige styles, with eye-catching and contemporary patterned designs becoming more prominent on the shop floor. If you’re after a real wow-factor, Vorwerk produces stunning carpets that will become real talking points. We predict that bold botanical designs, such as Vorwerk’s Modena Design Jardin, will replace old-fashioned fusty floral carpets in the style stakes, as well as vibrant stripes. Crafted from durable and soft polyamide fibre, these carpets are designed to provide lasting good looks.

Louis de Poortrere Vintage Collection: Forget Me Not rug

Touch Biscuit Gold by Ryalux

Pretty rugs can be used to give your room a fresh new look. Rugs are so easy and are available in so many different sizes and designs that you are sure to find at least one that would look lovely in your home. We are particularly taken with the attractive vintage-inspired patchwork Multi rugs from the Vintage Collection by Louis de Poortere. Widely stocked up and down the country, these rugs will instantly update the tired floorboards in your hallway or the cream carpet that is in your bedroom.

Abbottsford by Brintons Manufacturer’s reference Hard floors Quick-Step Amtico Karndean Mohawk Kahrs Granorte

Carpets. Brintons Axminster www. Westex Vorwerk Ulster Alternative Crucial Ryalux

Information kindly supplied by Select First.


Alternative Flooring and Crucial Trading have an amazing range of stunning designs to brighten and enliven most rooms in the home. Alternative Flooring are determined to be stand out and be a beacon of creativity and interest. Alternative are passionate about innovation and creativity and make products which are not only better, but ethical and sustainably sourced. In other words we are a breath of fresh air. Crucial Trading’s web site says “Our inspirational floorcoverings are extraordinary in their naturalness and their ability to make a simple, stylish statement in your home – no matter what sort of furnishings they are combined with”. Their bright and breezy styles will bring most rooms to life.

Country Images February 2013

With so many options to choose from, spanning wood, laminate, cork, LVT, cushion vinyl and carpet, as well as handy rugs, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking flooring for your home. Before you visit the shops, make sure you have an idea of what type and style of floor you would like, but while you are there, make sure you keep an open mind and go with the flow. See what takes your fancy and be brave – don’t be afraid to try something new.

DerByshire harDWooD Flooring


Stunning Individually Designed Floor Expertly Fitted

e expertly fit or even just supply all types of wood flooring or we will lovingly restore your existing solid wood floor. Call us for a no obligation home consultation. tel: 01298 816698 mobile: 07711 112046 email:

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If you are looking for a team to design and install a beautiful, naturally inspired Karndean Floor then call in and speak to our accredited Karndean Specialists. They'll guide you through all the options in our outstanding Designer Showroom and ensure you get a fully guaranteed installation by one of our Karndean Trained Fitting Teams. Also Distributors of

Telephone: 0845 434 7016 Lowmoor Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 7LJ


e rb n ood ur pe tio rdw an, eas Su lec , ha rnde to m ds n s a Serpet g, K ade d bli ca rin , m an of floo ring ins o ta flo cur




February 2013 Country Images


Premier Blinds & Curtains

New for 2013 STOCKIST OF




Choose from the: Latest Fabrics • Designer Finials Blinds • Curtains • Rollers Shutters • Wood Venetians Poles & Tracks Ideal for Bay Windows

9 Grosvenor Road, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3JE

T: 01773 512019 | M: 07733 184208 |

Keeping you safe for 30 years

JJL Double Glazing Quality Installations and Repairs

Your Local Independent Security Specialist Ann, Harry and Christina

NSI Gold 24 hour service, no call centres Installation and maintenance of tailor made security systems for home and business CCTV and DualCom Monitoring Maintenance and repair of ANY alarm system

01773 856800 Heage, Belper, Derbyshire DE562AG 20

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Windows • Doors • Conservatories • Porches Fascia • Soffits • Lock Replacements/Repairs • Misted Unit Replacements Over 18 Years’ Experience No Job Too Small 10 YEAR Insurance backed guarantee Free Detailed Quotations at VERY Competitive Rates Call:

01773 812089 07850 754864

the industry Gold standard for Building Regulations Compliance


We can stille beat any lik for like quotation g even durin the s Winter Sale

No Flat Pack Furniture

Individually Designed Kitchens at Affordable Prices Our modern showroom offers a wide selection of high quality kitchens and appliances to suit a small budget through to state-of-the-art appliances and superior bespoke kitchens. •Free no-obligation design and quotation service •We only use fully trained, experienced tradesmen •Fully colour co-ordinated rigid units 18mm solid backs and enclosed wall fixings •Blum soft-closing doors and drawers as standard •Clever storage ideas available to look at in the showroom •A member of the Government Approved Trustmark Scheme

• Solid Granite • Quartz Stone

• Timber • Laminates

Fully project-managed installation service or supply only!

Kitchen Solutions (Langley Mill) Ltd St Andrews Court, 96 Station Road Langley Mill, Nottingham NG16 4BP

Telephone 01773 716465 Open: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm and Sat 10am-4pm. Closed: Sunday & Wednesday


No VAT on Fitting Costs, Plumbing or Electrical Costs

MULTI-FUEL STOVES FITTED & CHIMNEYS LINED Fireplaces enlarged and or new ones created for the installation of all makes of solid fuel stoves. Also specialists in property renovation, lime plastering and pointing. LOGS SUPPLIED

d & hardwood Any length – sowoo d Collected or delivere

Ian Robb Telephone: 01335 324198 Mobile: 07813 167836 NEW HOUSE FARM, STANTON DE6 2DD •


Perfect for Every Kitchen, Traditional or Contemporary New or a Facelift for your Existing Kitchen Call Natural Stone Sales Ltd for a no obligation estimate Opening Times: Monday-Friday 8.30-5.00 Saturday 8.30-12.00 Email: Old Station Yard, Rowsley, Derbyshire, DE4 2EJ

Telephone: 01629 735 507 22

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SALE NoW oN Q U A L I T Y, H A N D C R A F T E D S O L I D F U R N I T U R E • Accessories, Lamps, Mirrors, Sculptures & Wall Art… • Specialists in Solid Oak with Dovetail Joints • Excellent quality & value for money • A personal service from a family run business you can trust!

Lounge / Dining / Bedroom Furniture / Sofas & Suites Furniture, Sofas and Home Accessories Showroom Sandlands Court, (Opp. ASDA) Fulmar Close, Forest Town, Notts. NG19 0GG. Tel: 01623 620620 Opening Times: OPEN: 7 Days A Week Late Night Thursday 9.30 - 8pm

Sofa and Suite Showroom Unit 11, Hamilton Rd (Opp. The Junction Pub) Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts. NG17 5LD. Tel: 01623 515696 Opening Times: OPEN: Wednesday - Sunday 9.30 - 5.30pm (Closed Mon & Tues)



50% OFF

Manager’s Specials


Up To 40% OFF* Selected Kitchen Units

20% OFF* Full Bathroom Suites 44a Charles Street, Leabrooks, Derbyshire DE55 1LZ For further details telephone Images on

01773 608531 FREE design service available


To Swanwick

Greenhill Lane B6016

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm.

To Somercotes

Main Road B6016 sS arle Ch

et tre

Up To 20% OFF* Selected Shower Units *terms and conditions apply

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Affordable Beautiful Kitchens “Thousands of satisfied customers can confirm Holtams supply the best value for money kitchens and bedrooms in this area.”

20% OFF THIS KITCHEN All Windsor Fascias,Trims & Accessories*

INTRODUCTORY OFFER VAT FREE on all Avola kitchen ranges*




Kitchen & Bedroom specialists

r * a e Y New ow on n e l a S E ob FRE ven, h

* k o c pa d o o &h am e r c ed c i r s p Best r kitchen shake he area* in t ng i t t i f ee March r F T VA ed until * and d dem r Exten a l u o pop t e u d


r ua h b s e i F d ishes 15th

WHY CHOOSE HOLTAMS?… • Best value for money • Free design and planning service • Quality 18mm colour co-ordinated cabinets • Extensive door styles to choose from • Granite, solid surface and laminate worktops • Full insurance backed guarantee • Latest CAD 3D design software • No pressure selling • Large car park • Experienced friendly designers

Fi n

F all r tap F O 25% ate * w g n i boil ms e t s y s Random Ridge, Pickard Lane, Heage, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 2BD T: 01773 852683 Open: Monday to Friday - 9am - 5pm Saturday - 9am to 4pm, Sundays - Closed February 2013 Country Images


Local Antiques by Maxwell Craven

The December Fine Art Sale at Bamfords offered, amongst its 4000 odd lots (sold over three days), a very fine near-contemporary portrait of Derby’s incomparable 18th century artist, Joseph Wright (1734-1797). Estimated at a modest £2000 to £3000 it was deservedly sold at £5000. The catalogue note, which I had the pleasure of largely writing, had to err on the side of caution but also remain to the point. Yet there were so many unresolved and potentially exciting possibilities concerning this picture (right).

A Portrait of

Joseph Wright of Derby The portrait seems at first glance to be a copy of Joseph Wright’s ‘Self Portrait at the Age of about Fifty’ now in the National Portrait Gallery, which was also one of the highlights of the Tate Exhibition of Wright's work organised in 1990. This well known image shows the artist, bust length looking half right to the artist (himself in this context) wearing a green coat and a rather worried expression. His natural hair, slightly tinged with grey, curls over his ears in the fashion of the time, but looks a trifle fly-away on his right side. Bamford’s painting, which is nevertheless extremely competent, seems on closer inspection to be distinctly different in its detail. The green coat, white stock and the fly-away hair are still there, but here the coat collar is ridged at the back, the stock more tucked in, the hair greyer and the expression more determined and steadfast than troubled. Judy Egerton remarks in the 1990 catalogue that “the hair is thinning, and the gaze troubled” and notes its “private, intimate quality” suggesting a date of c1782-1785 on the basis of similarity of attire to the well-known portrait of Samuel Ward (in Derby Museum), dated by Wright’s biographer the late Benedict Nicolson to c1782-3 ‘or later’. Importantly, Egerton also points out that the self-portrait is not fully finished: “the handling is most perfunctory, and the work lacks finishing touches; the condition of the picture is only fair, with old re-touchings showing through…” The sitter’s general demeanour in the Bamford’s portrait is much closer to the ‘Self Portrait in the Black Feathered Hat’ (also in the Tate exhibition) of c1767-1770. It was generally agreed that the self-portrait was not by Wright himself, so what does it represent and exactly who painted it? It is known that Wright included a ‘Portrait of an Artist’ in his one-man exhibition at Robin’s Rooms in 1785 along with a

self-portrait, painted the previous year and purchased by Josiah Wedgwood. A contemporary review noted “the head is highly finished” which is not something one could say about the National Portrait Gallery’s picture. The NPG painting descended from the artist’s daughter, Anna Romana (Mrs Cade) to WAW Bemrose of The Cedars, Whitaker Road, Derby and was sold by his son, Alan Bemrose, to the gallery. Judy Egerton also notes that the NPG version would hardly be something the artist would have wanted to put in an exhibition to advertise his flair and competence in its unfinished state as we now see it. Thus the highly finished self portrait of similar date sold to Wedgwood and subsequently untraced, may have been a re-working or a worked up version of the NPG/Bemrose one.

The missing Wedgewood Self Portrait The Bamford’s picture is certainly properly finished and the artist looks out confidently at the world. If it lacks the flair to be the missing Wedgwood Self Portrait, it seems exceedingly likely that it is a highly competent copy of it. Thus Wright seems to have painted the sketch for his self-portrait (now in the National Portrait Gallery) and abandoned it, so that it remained in his heirs’ possession after his death in 1797. He then started again, producing a highly finished version which was sold to Wedgwood. That painting has, it would seem, disappeared but what was sold in December seems to be a very good copy of it and painted not long afterwards too. We cannot be positive who painted the copy that was sold but there are three candidates, one amateur and two professionals. The amateur was the artist’s devoted friend, John Holland of Ford House, Ogston. The professionals were Thomas Barber of Nottingham (later of Derby) and James Rawlinson of Matlock Bath, all three were remarkably gifted.

“Mr Wright many times has entrusted many of his most choice pieces to me, & permitted me to take a copy...” John Holland John Holland was the only son of Thomas Holland, an opulent maltster in the third generation at Chesterfield. Thomas’s grandfather had bought the Ford estate in 1680 and the grandson had erected a new rather grander house on a fresh site. Thomas served on the local Bench and as High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1763, he married Cornelia, daughter of Cornelius Farr of Bolsover. Their son John was born the same year as Joseph Wright, in 1734 and appears to have been at Derby School with Wright himself. Holland and Wright became reacquainted in or around 1780, when Holland came to Wright’s studio to study his painting of the Synot Children. A close affection similar to that between the artist and the reformist grandee Thomas Gisborne developed. A letter of 10th October 1795, for instance, concludes “...your affectionate friend”. Nicolson added, “He showed his devotion to Wright by executing around the turn of the century a number of conscientious copies of some of his self-portraits and landscapes”. Holland later wrote to John Leigh Philips on 19th August 1799 “I will tell you that Mr. Wright many times has entrusted many of his most choice pieces to me, & permitted me to take a copy...” Holland married Mary (died at Ford 1847) daughter and co-heiress of Revd Benjamin Burrows, rector of Morton and he died without issue in 1807. It was on the Ford estate that Wright painted his Rainbow (duly copied by Holland) and the parkland around Ford House was landscaped by another friend, Revd Christopher Alderson, whose portrait was one of the last painted by Wright in 1795.

The Holland copies The two self-portraits we are certain Holland copied are the ones in the Turbutt collection, inscribed on the reverse, “Mr. Wright from an original of his painting by J Holland.” and the very well known ‘Self Portrait in a broad-brimmed Hat’ (sold in a Derby dealer’s c1990). Holland also painted other subjects by his friend, as with two of his ‘Bladder’ studies. Nottingham-born Barber (1771-1843) had been a pupil of Sir Thomas Lawrence who from 1812-13 settled in Derby and is said to have copied some of Wright’s paintings, although no details survive. James Rawlinson on the other hand was also a professional artist. He was a son of George Rawlinson, an architect whose career seems to have been given a considerable boost by commissions from Sir Richard Arkwright, through which he moved from Derby to Matlock Bath. James, born in 1769, was a pupil of George Romney and remained in Derby until 1823 when he moved to his father’s house in Matlock Bath. We know he copied Wright’s ‘Portrait of Erasmus Darwin Holding a Pen’ at least once. Indeed, there is still some doubt as to whether the

Joseph Wright; The National Portrait Gallery.

portrait of the great polymath in Derby Museum is by Wright or Rawlinson. However, it is not known whether this was produced just in an effort to meet the phenomenal demand for portraits of Darwin, especially after his death in 1802, or whether Rawlinson copied Wright on other occasions. (Derby Local Studies Library, MS 3202 f. 83; Derby Mercury obit. 20/8/1848; Nicolson (1968) I. Cat. No. 54). The size of the picture also tells against it being the original Wedgwood self portrait, however. The Bamford’s portrait measures 20” x 17”, a size which Wright did use in his early days, as in ‘The Wilmot Children’ of c1760, but later his head-and-shoulder portraits were invariably 30” 25”. Yet it has to be remembered that the NPG portrait of the same period is not that much larger, measuring only 24.5” x 20.75”. If the self portrait is indeed a copy of the missing and highly finished Wedgwood one, then the most likely person to have made such a striking copy would seem to have been John Holland. No single copy of a Wright by Barber has ever been certainly identified, despite contemporary attestation that he did copy his works and Rawlinson may have confined himself merely to painting Erasmus Darwin in order to satisfy the considerable local demand for pictures of him in the period surrounding his death in 1802. Provenance in this case is of little help as the distinguished Derbyshire family from which it came bought it originally from a dealer and the thread was lost.

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The breezy upper reaches of the amber Valley are a patchwork of green fields and secluded wooded hollows. amidst this and reached only by winding side lanes, Stubbing Court sits back from its Great Pond where olave, Lady Baden-Powell, wife of the founder of the scouting movement, spent part of her childhood. Brian Spencer follows her fascinating life.


Lady Baden-PoweLL Recently Derbyshire County Council ran a

Olave, the youngest daughter of brewery

near Wingerworth. The privately owned

competition to nominate those who have

owner Harold Soames and artist mother

eighteenth century two-storied sandstone

done most to put Derbyshire on the

Katherine (née Hill), was born on 22nd

house is set back at the top of sloping

worldwide map. Despite strong

February 1889 and educated at home by

parkland and catches the first rays of

competition from the likes of Sir Richard

her father and mother together with a

sunlight at dawn. This sylvan idyll is

Arkwright and George Stephenson, Olave

string of governesses. She lived at

perfected by the Great Pond of Stubbing,

Baden-Powell, first leader of the Girl

seventeen homes in the first 23 years of

where, no doubt the venturesome Olave

Guides, was an easy winner, polling

her life, becoming an active outdoor

swam, canoed and in winter skated on its

several thousand votes ahead of her

sportswoman, something unheard of in her

ice covered surface.

nearest rival. As a result a blue plaque in

time. These sports ranged from tennis,

her honour now stands in Shentall

swimming, skating and canoeing, but she

The man who was to become her life

Memorial Gardens, Rose Hill,

also enjoyed playing a violin which she

companion despite a difference of 32

Chesterfield, on the site of her birthplace,

called ‘Diana’.

civic dignitaries, fittingly the plaque was

years in their ages, Boer War Hero and founder of the Boy Scouts, Lt General

West House. Alongside the gold chained It is easy to imagine Olave enjoying her

Robert Baden-Powell spent the years

unveiled by 9 year old brownie, Halie

sporting interests when the family moved

before the First World War developing his


quite early in her life, to Stubbing Court

far reaching ideas. Following the first


Country Images February 2013

olave and her lifelong companion, Robert Baden-Powell

scout camp in 1907 on Brownsea Island in

In 1912 Olave and her father were

the vernacular of the time, what were his

Poole Harbour, Baden-Powell, or BP as he

crossing the Atlantic on the RMSP

intentions? A chastened Baden-Powell

became known went on to write the

Arcadian en-route for the USA. On board

dropped everything (he was on a fishing

handbook, Scouting for Boys. Despite the

was Baden-Powell at the start of a

trip at the time) and rushed to make

book’s somewhat jingoistic content

trans-America tour on behalf of the

amends with Olave. The couple were

attuned to the still flourishing Empire, it

scouting movement. Despite their age

married on 30th October 1912. This was

went on to be a bestseller with a

differences, she was 23 and he 55, it was

much to the delight of all members of the

modernised version still in print.

love at first sight, although Olave freely

scouting movement; the girls and boys

admitted that BP was ‘the only interesting

each donated one penny towards the

In 1909 the scouting movement was

man on board’. They found a mutual

purchase of a car as a wedding present.

flourishing with branches worldwide and

interest in having the same birthday, 22nd

The couple started married life at Pax Hill

the first scout rally was held at Crystal

February, but more importantly, BP

near Bentley in Hampshire where they

Palace. By then it was becoming obvious

admitted having watched Olave exercising

began their family of a son Peter (1914),

that the sisters and cousins of boy scouts

her dog in London several years earlier.

didn’t want them to have all the fun and strong willed girls were keen to take part in this exciting organisation. Much to the consternation of BP many of them turned

It was love at first sight

competition within the Girl Guide Movement. Soon becoming interested in her husband’s

up wearing the same uniforms as the boys, and as they showed no inclination to go

Heather (1915) and Betty (1917); Heather incidentally was named following a

The couple had to go their separate ways

life work, Olave wanted to take an active

away, something had to be done. To this

on arrival in New York, but continued a

interest in running the guides, but was

end BP invited his sister Agnes to write a

loving correspondence which BP strangely

turned down as being too young. In 1913

handbook along the lines of his Scouting

stopped on his return to England. No

the couple moved to Ewhurst Place near

for Boys, following which the Girl Guide

doubt in order to prevent his distraught

Robertsbridge in East Sussex where BP

movement was founded, with Agnes as its

daughter from moping around the house,

inaugurated the 1st Ewhurst Scout Troop

first president.

her father wrote to BP probably asking in

with Olave as a warranted scoutmaster February 2013 Country Images


a blue plaque in olave Baden-Powell’s honour now stands in Shentall Memorial Gardens, Rose Hill, Chesterfield.

assisted by the family’s housemaid and

By the time of the Second World War, BP’s

gardener. This no doubt gained her the

health began to fail and he died on 8th

approval of the local guiding hierarchy for

January 1941, but this did not stop Olave

by 1915 she was appointed County

from continuing their joint work. Early on

Commissioner and began to organise

in the war Pax Hill was requisitioned by

guiding in Sussex.

the Canadian Forces and she was given a ‘grace and favour’ apartment in Hampton

The horrors of the war put a great strain on

Court. Here, despite the shortages caused

the Baden-Powells; they spent long hours

by rationing, she regularly managed to

visiting wounded ex-scouts as well as

entertain visiting scouts and guides from

keeping scout troops active despite

the armed forces.

depletions caused by their leaders being called away on active service. During much of this time Olave acted as BP’s chauffeur as he hated driving. It was after the war and with a return to normality, that

The post war years

both the boy scout and girl guide movements began to expand, with

Post war saw the indefatigable lady

jamborees and world wide conferences

working with Guides International Service

taking up a great deal of the couple’s time;

in parts of devastated Europe. Much of her

during this time both partners spent

spare time beyond this work was spent

months away on tours around the world of

fundraising, during which she travelled

scouting and guiding. In 1923 the

30,250 miles by land, sea and air, making

places until the furore had died down. Retiring in old age, but still keeping an

Baden-Powells bought Foxlease Estate

231 speeches and giving 62 press

active interest in the Girl Guides, she

which was converted to a training camp

interviews. A tour of Africa in 1956 was

moved to Bramley in Surrey where she

for guides. During a conference of

rudely interrupted by the Anglo-French

died on 25th June 1977. Her ashes were

guiding in July of that year, Olave was

invasion of Suez, but this did not stop her

placed next to BP’s grave at Paxton in

promoted to Chief Guide.

work, she simply went to less dangerous



Country Images February 2013

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Phenology? Phenology is the study of the timing of recurring natural events in relation to the climate. It may be a word now increasingly used but the studies involved are not new. I remember talking to farmers and knowledgeable country people many years ago about the things they noticed as they went about their work in the natural world where events were programmed by nature. I always recorded the date when I saw the first swallow, the first bumble bee, celandine flower, leaves on hawthorn hedges and many other events.

very satisfying to do something positive. If you become a phenologist, think about what you could do to help. Plants are easy to record, they don’t move from place to place like birds or insects, so why not sow a few wild flower seeds, plant a few more bulbs or a fruiting shrub, many things can be done in the smallest of gardens. Bird populations can increase dramatically by simple, inexpensive aids. Can access to outbuildings be made available to swallows, could a nest box be installed for barn owls? When I was a boy, house sparrows were very common, now they are rare and I have written about this in a previous article. In parts of southern France, house martin numbers have fallen, not due to lack of food but due to lack of nesting sites as old buildings have been modernised. Many councils have legislated against this and numbers of the species are now increasing. If we are to help nature we must understand the complexity of each situation. Phenology is tied up, or appears to be, with global warming, another extremely complex issue. With scientists making new discoveries all the time, who knows what the outcome of their research will prove?

This article should be with you in early February, a good time to observe what is happening in the natural world in and around the house, the garden, hedgerows and many other habitats. The creatures and plants observed can be one or many, according to your choice. Plants and resident creatures, emerging hibernating animals and insects, the arrival of summer visitors and the departure of winter visitors give more than enough choice. I regret not having systematically recorded data over the years so perhaps I am not the best person to suggest drawing graphs and charts. However, what an opportunity it provides to involve children in learning more about the wonderful world around them. What a story could be told by swallows for example. It is important to record all the data previously mentioned if we are to gain a better understanding of our planet. I use the word planet because world wide events are affecting what is happening in our gardens, in addition to what is taking place beyond our world. Reading studies and the information gleaned from them is only part of the jigsaw puzzle. We all need to play a part, no matter how small, in helping to redress the balance. It is very depressing to read about the demise of many species but

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Country Images February 2013

Baying at the moon What of the present state of the natural world? First impressions suggest it is still in a state of slumber with little to interest a phenologist. I am on new territory so I cannot compare this mid-January with previous years. Birds are feeding on a holly with yellow berries; those that have fallen to the ground are being consumed by mice. I stood looking for life in the cold, clear water of the stream, flowing relentlessly on its way to the sea, not far away now. The north-westerly breeze was cold, like the stream, both part of huge processes aimed at restoring parity to the world without ever succeeding, the water flowing downhill to sea level, the wind from high to low pressure. Not all is slumbering as I heard a dog fox barking as it searched for a mate during the night, deep-seated instincts holding sway. The eerie call of a tawny owl came to me over the frost-covered fields, the temperature had fallen to minus two degrees centigrade. If a creature doesn’t hibernate it has to feed regularly, no matter what the weather. Bye for now


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The south front as rebuilt by Joseph Pickford, seen in 1958 [the late Edward Saunders]

DarleydaRLey HallaBBey by Maxwell Craven

Darley Hall was one of a trio of major country houses demolished by Derby City Council; only Allestree Hall survives and that distinguished house has been empty and decaying for thirty years, having spent a long time on English Heritage’s ‘at risk’ register. Darley was easily the most distinguished and when it was demolished in 1962, was grade II* listed, making it one of the 5000 most important buildings in England. Not that such a consideration counted a whit with Derby Borough Council at the time, nor did the law then stand in their way. Before the 1st January 1969, a listed building could be demolished provided the owner gave due notice, mainly to give time for it to be recorded by the Royal Commission for Historic Monuments (England). The estate first emerges as an entity in the possession of the de Derby family, the town’s first native grandees. Hugh de Derby, the Dean, gave the estate, called Little Derby, to the Augustinian Order based at St. Helen’s to expand onto as a fully-fledged religious foundation, Darley Abbey. This survived until 1538, when Henry VIII dissolved it, disposing of the assets to Sir Henry Sacheverell who asset stripped the site of the church before selling it on to Sir William West. He did not own it for long either, selling it to Peter Bullock.


Country Images February 2013

Bullock’s purchase included the ‘Abbye Howse’ which suggests that Sir William had done what purchasers of dissolved abbeys all over the country had been doing; turning the Abbott’s residence – invariably fairly grand - into a country house for his own use. The nearest comparable example is Repton, where the prior’s spectacular lodging was converted into an opulent residence by Thomas Thacker, the man to whom the Priory had been sold. We have no real idea of what the Bullocks’ house was like, but we can assume that it underwent a good few re-builds over the years. The Bullocks, who had moved to Norton in the north of the county, sold the estate in 1666 to Roger Allestrey MP, of a distinguished and ancient local family which had lost much through support for the King in the Civil War. He had been elected to the Cavalier Parliament and was busy rebuilding the family fortunes. Ironically, he was a direct descendant of Elias de Allestree, a serf or villein belonging to Darley Abbey, freed by the Abbott in 1141 and whose descendants rose to the gentry

as tenants of the Abbey. Perhaps they felt they were coming home. Roger Allestrey’s son Sir William, eventually sold the Hall and estate to locally-born London merchant William Wolley early in the 18th century. He was the author of a projected history of the Country and died in 1716. He was succeeded by his son William, an Alderman of Derby and Mayor in 1722-23. It was in his mayoralty that All Saints’ church in Derby was taken down and rebuilt to the design of James Gibbs by Francis Smith of Warwick, a happenstance which reinforces the late Wilfrid Holden’s assertion, in his history of his family, that Smith was the architect of the new house which Wolley Jr built in 1726-27.

The new House Smith provided Wolley with one of his typical four-square houses, orientated east, facing the river, the original entrance front and south facing down the park towards a distant view of All Saints’ itself. The house was of brick, three storeys high, the long sides (facing east and west) being of seven bays, those at the ends breaking forward as corner pavilions and flanked by plain giant Doric pilasters and a further pair, rusticated, enclosing the central three bays. There was a cornice, parapet and a hipped roof behind. The south front was of five bays and there were service ranges to the north, with a separate stable block c1730 (still extant, albeit badly decayed) not attributable to Smith at all, to the north-west. Inside the hall was the fine timber staircase which rose in two stages in the centre of the house to the north.

Elevation of the east front as built from an estate plan of 1758 [Derby Local Studies Library]

This seems to have greatly impoverished Wolley and he died only a few years later in 1732, leaving his widow in severe financial difficulties. To ameliorate these, she unsuccessfully attempted to sell in 1748, leading to her mortgaging the estate to the crooked financier John Heath, leaving her with just 76 acres of parkland and gardens. This was sold under a decree in chancery in 1754, being purchased by the extremely opulent lead trader, Henry Thornhill, a younger son of the Stanton-in-Peak family. He moved to Mansfield Woodhouse in 1768 and sold both house and park to Heath, who thus re-united the estate. Heath eventually managed to sell a long lease of Darley Hall to Robert Holden of Aston-on-Trent with the proviso that should he wish to improve the house he should consult Joseph Pickford, the notable Derby architect. In 1777-8 Pickford duly enlarged the house, adding a chaste, well proportioned two storey range to the south, lowering the roof, rebuilding the east front, putting in a new door with a pediment and rebuilding the west front as the new entrance side of the house, reflecting the fact that the main road north from Derby had in 1754 been

The entrance front seen from the drive, 1949 [the late Ron Cook]

February 2013 Country Images



The tower of All Saints’ Derby, seen from the park as landscaped by Emes, c1800, painted by Derby artist Henry Moore [M Craven]

The original staircase seen in 1955 [the late R G Hughes]

The east front as rebuilt, seen in 1937 [M Craven]


Country Images February 2013

LOST HOUSES OF DERBYSHIRE moved from the old Roman alignment to the east of the house to the new turnpike road, out of sight to the west. A new secondary staircase was provided on this side, rather marring the elevation. The new rooms on the south front were magnificent, decorated in chaste opulence by Pickford’s craftsmen. John Whitehurst FRS devised a wind direction indicator for the main stair case, the dial of which survives in Derby Museum. He also installed his patented hot water system and flushing lavatories, installing a three seater on the ground floor. Finally, the park was spectacularly re-landscaped by the eminent William Emes (1729-1803) a follower of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown who had come to Derbyshire in 1758 at the invitation of Adam to realise the Scottish architect’s plans for the park there.

further rebuilt the house, adding an arcaded loggia to the entrance, new lodges and a large conservatory. When the widow of the last Evans died in 1929, her heir Lionel Curtis offered the house and 40 acres of park, which had been open to the public on Sundays since the 1880s, to the Council. In accepting the gift, it purchased the remainder too, totalling 66 acres. Derby Central School was later moved into the house and a turret clock was added to the south front in 1950, a bequest from the daughter of former Mayor, Alderman William Hoare.

After the school moved out in August 1958 the writing was on the wall. After all its re-buildings the house was perhaps not the handsomest in the County, especially having had all its chimneys raised to counter the effect of being sited in the lee of the scarp to the west. Nevertheless it was an historically important and potentially useful building. The Council refused a Government grant of £14,000 towards vital repairs and starting on 13th March 1962 began the wholly lamentable process of demolition.

Bankers and Bankruptcy All this cost Holden a substantial £4,000 but, almost as soon as everything was finished, John Heath’s bank went bust. It then emerged that Holden’s title to the estate was invalid, Heath having previously mortgaged it for £8,000 to a London bank, Boldero & Co, who now informed the hapless landowner that he would have to buy a new lease from them, but at a cost that accounted for the improvements he had made (and paid for) to house and park! After a long court battle, Holden agreed to pay £7,000 to reclaim the house, park and part of the estate. The local Receiver in Bankruptcy was banker Thomas Evans, who went on to own the rest of the estate, including the village, where he built a large new house and founded a cotton mill. Holden died in 1780, but his cousin, another Robert, added a library in 1814 (now the only surviving portion of the building). The Holdens were increasingly hemmed in by the village, which was expanded greatly by Thomas Evans’s successors to house the workers of their cotton mill and eventually sold it to the Evans’ family in 1835. Samuel Evans February 2013 Country Images



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t 10 The Firs oked B s o Kitchen Fur ther a e iv Rece count 5% Dis

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With fuel bills constantly rising and putting even more pressure on the household budget, more and more homeowners are starting to look for alternatives to conventional heating.

Air Source Heat Pumps Air Source Heat Pumps are becoming more popular in the renewable energy market for providing heat and hot water for your home, saving you money and protecting yourself against future energy price increases. How do Air Source Heat Pumps work? Conventional refrigeration technology extracts energy that is stored in the environment created from the sun; it is then raised to a temperature suitable for heating purposes and hot water.


Country Images February 2013

Instead of burning a fuel and producing the associated emissions, Air Source Heat Pumps simply move energy that already exists, meaning they can be over five times as energy efficient as the best gas or oil boiler. Can Air Source Heat Pumps provide all the energy for my home? With the correct design and equipment, all domestic hot water requirements can be provided by the air source heat pump throughout the year. What happens in cold weather? Air Source Heat Pumps can get heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -15° C.

What is the Renewable Incentive Scheme (RHI)? The RHI is a UK government scheme set up to encourage uptake of renewable heat technologies among householders, communities and businesses through the provision of financial incentives. You may be able to receive payments for the heat you generate using a heat pump when the scheme is launched in Summer 2013. What about the installation? For a typical house, installation only takes around 3 days and requires little future maintenance. In England planning permission is typically not required but it’s always best to check with your local office.

Country Images Business News Castle Alarms’ 30 Year Anniversary!

Denby Visitor Centre in February

Established by Harry and Ann Powell in 1983, Castle Alarm Securities is this year celebrating 30 Years in Business. With an NSI Gold medal, the highest possible award in the security industry, Castle Alarms installs and maintains security systems for both home and business premises.

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Boasting an impressive portfolio of customers, including the Chatsworth Estate, the owners of Castle Alarm Securities believe the reason for their success is their forward thinking vision and friendly, professional service. No job is too big or small for their dedicated team who run a 24 hour service, 365 days a year. Harry, who plans to continue running the business for many years to come says “For me my customers are an extension of my own family and it is my job to keep them safe and secure. We are now fitting alarms in the homes of second and third generations which is a real testament to how loyal our customers are.” Using the most current innovations in security, Castle Alarms design and install cutting-edge security systems suited to your every need. The team also upgrade and maintain existing alarms as well as installing CCTV and other security solutions. This year not only sees Castle Alarm Securities celebrating 30 years of business but also sees them welcoming their daughter, Christina, into the company.“We are delighted to be welcoming Christina into the business and we believe she has the drive and determination to keep this business going into the future.”

The Arts Shine at Alfreton Grange! We have an exciting term ahead at Alfreton Grange Arts College! Our annual Condover Hall Arts and PE residential takes place this month.The weekend is an ideal opportunity for students to have fun with their peers whilst participating in exciting projects that build self-esteem and start to prepare them for future career choices. Ten of our students are busy preparing for a performance of The Kings of Cloth of Gold. Organised through the Angus and Ross Theatre Company and the Alfreton Business Community, this ‘witty new historical play’ has all the elements of a fantastic show. Tickets for the performance on 2nd February in the college hall are available through Finally, we have the pleasure to announce our annual performance.This year, the Arts team are staging The Crucible, which will take place the week beginning 18th March. With Year 10 and Year 11 students forming the cast, we are looking forward to seeing them present this challenging Arthur Miller classic. See the college website for details.

There are good savings to be made on glass, bakeware, table accessories, cookware and much more, along with 50% off the rrp on most Denby tableware ranges. There’ll be plate painting and frog making fun over the Half Term Week, when the Denby Craftroom re-opens for 2013. Bring the kids down between 18th and 22nd Feb for lots of fun and a special ‘fire to keep’ offer of just £6.95 per item painted. Craftroom Tours are daily at 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm. Call 01773 740 799 to book. See for further details. Denby Visitor Centre is just 2 miles south of Ripley off the A38 and is open daily with a selection of Cookery, Garden and Gift Shops. Bourne’s Restaurant serves home made cakes, snacks and meals (Carvery on Sundays and Mondays). There are free daily cookery demonstrations at 12.30am and 2.30pm, the Denby Museum and Pottery Tours. Centre entry and parking are free.

Jigsaw - A New Collection of Poetry and Prose by F Philip Holland Renowned Derbyshire poet F Philip Holland's latest book is now available.‘Jigsaw’ is a new collection of 80 pieces of writing, free verse, rhyming poems, prose, ballads, haiku, sonnets, observations, songs and stories.The book features previously unpublished works taken from the last three years.The book is imaginatively illustrated by Pat Holland, the author's wife and the foreword has been written by the nationally acclaimed poet, Roger Elkin.‘Jigsaw’ is dedicated to Sir Christopher Ball, the ex-Chancellor of Derby University and acclaimed educationalist, another fellow-poet and friend of the author. Philip has performed his poetry at a wide variety of national and local events including Buxton Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Chester Festival, Leek Arts and Ashbourne Festival. He also regularly performs for groups and societies in the region. The award winning poet's work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Derby, Channel MTV, BBC’s North West Tonight TV, Radio Sheffield and High Peak Radio. ‘Jigsaw’ is available to buy at £9.99 (plus postage) from the author by emailing also at 'J Sidebotham and Son', 9 Grove Parade, Buxton,T: 01298 71938 and at all good bookshops in the Peak District and Derbyshire. ‘Jigsaw’ is officially catalogued as ISBN 978-0-9573619-0-4 . For further details about Philip's books, poetry readings and performance availability please use the above email or call 01298 27644.

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• Last chance to plant bare-root raspberry canes. • Cut down autumn-fruiting raspberry canes to soil level.

FEBRUARY At the beginning of January we had a number of warm days and many people including myself had already started gardening, then came the snow. It was very annoying, as people I spoke to saw their bulbs appearing then the snow fall and frosts put everything back. With all the emails I've been getting it shows that everyone is already in the 'starting blocks' ready to start gardening. so, fingers crossed, let's hope that February is a snow and frost free month.

In the Greenhouse • Buy and plant summer flowering bulbs in pots. Bringing pots of spring flowering bulbs into the greenhouse will promote flowering. • Sow summer bedding seed now such as lobelia, ageratum, antirrhinum, verbena and begonia etc. • Vegetable crops to sow in a heated propagator should be tomatoes, onions, celery, peppers and aubergines. • Vegetable crops to sow without heat – ready to plant later outside brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onion, leeks and spring cabbage. • Check your greenhouse for any winter damage and repair.

If there are any empty places in the garden try these:

General Garden Maintenance • Check any evergreen plants for snow damage. • When you do plant any new shrubs or trees, remember to place rabbit guards around them to prevent damage to bark. • Fix nesting boxes to any suitable surface, check bird feeders and fill if needed. • Top up bird baths with fresh water and de-frost with warm water on frosty days. • Clear away old leaves in borders and around ponds, taking out any leaves or plant debris in the pond and put into the compost heap. • Dig over borders, remove and thin out congested herbaceous beds. • Trim back any tatty looking autumn flowering heathers. • Spread a good layer of home-made or nursery bought compost around established roses and shrubs. • Look out for weed seedlings appearing; keep under control with regular hand weeding or hoeing. • Look for 'multi-buy' bargains at nurseries or garden centres on compost, buy cheaply now to last you through the spring and summer season. • Last chance this month to plant bare root hedging.

•Camellia : Technically some camellia varieties start to flower around Christmas time but the majority look their best at this time of year. Ericaceous compost loving camellias have the unfair reputation of being difficult to grow, this is a shame as with good preparation and a little care camellias are as easy to grow as most other garden shrubs. Camellias need shelter – but not too much if they are to thrive. An area in dappled shade under trees is ideal, but they will tolerate a more open position if shaded for part of the day. A west-facing aspect is perfect as strong early morning sun on frosted flower buds can cause them to thaw too quickly and drop off. In very exposed gardens, camellias are best fan-trained on a west or south-facing wall. Ideal for container growing most people would find a place for a camellia in their garden, with so many varieties it's hard to recommend a single variety – Margaret Davis (Pink/White bi-colour) , Debbie (Double Pink) and Lady Campbell (Double Red) are my favourites.

A Gardener’s


In the Allotment or Vegetable Patch • Finish winter pruning fruit trees and soft fruit if not already done so, painting any cuts with a pruning sealing compound. • Buy onion and shallot sets and seed potatoes now, apply a potato fertiliser to the planting area if needs it. • The frosts may have done this for you but if not use a winter wash on fruit trees (before they come into leaf) to kill any over-wintering aphid eggs. • Sow carrots, parsnips, peas and broad beans outside in soil that’s been warmed with sheets of polythene or cloches.


Country Images February 2013

• Mahonia 'soft caress': A brand new variety of mahonia from late last year. The same beautiful bright yellow flowers BUT this has soft fine cut evergreen leaves (almost like a Japanese Maple) and the growth is very compact, so ideal for a container – I believe this variety will take over from the original varieties as the most popular.

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Minimum 5 years’ workmanship guarantee on all installations For enquiries and advice please contact Simon on:

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Left; Mahonia 'soft caress' and right; Erica darleyensis (winter heather)

• Erica darleyensis (winter heather) : When customers come into the nursery and ask me for plants to brighten up the garden or liven up newly planted containers the first thing I recommend is winter heather, they are easy to grow, cheap and give instant colour. Plant around any garden shrubs in groups of 3 to produce a fantastic show all winter long with carpets of white, pink or red some varieties have bright golden foliage which contrast well with deep green evergreen plants – remember to leave space for summer flowering heathers!

If you need any help or advice, please contact me (remember to quote Country Images in your email) And remember it's FREE! or 01332 700800

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In these days of instant stardom, when people are thrust into the limelight only to disappear after their 15 minutes of fame, it’s gratifying to know that there’s still a place for genuine talent.

An ambassador for both

At the age of 72 Buxton-born Tim Brooke-Taylor has a new television show, is part of one of the longest-running panel games on radio and is still fondly remembered as one third of a comedy powerhouse which was last on mainstream television 30 years ago. On top of that he is a true ambassador for both Derbyshire and Buxton, promoting their attractions and attractiveness at every opportunity. Tim’s latest TV show Animal Antics, a send-up of news stories which has unfairly been described as the BBC’s answer to You’ve Been Framed, is due to end on the second Saturday in February. The producers said they had chosen Tim to present the show because of his “gravitas”. “I said does that mean I’m older?” says Tim who admits he still does not know what his gravitas is. He explains that the whole point of Animal Antics is not to make it like You’ve Been Framed. “There’s no doubt about it, there are clips of animals doing silly things. But we want to make it slightly different. It’s a very serious news format and we take it very seriously,” says Tim with his tongue very firmly in his cheek.

A dog called Sparky. The show features Tim and a dog called Sparky, played by Matthew Crosby, presenting funny clips. Tim obviously does not take notice of the old showbusiness adage about never working with children and animals. “Sparky I’m afraid to say is a little bit prejudiced – he thinks all cats are very stupid, which I don’t think the BBC should allow. “The show was originally called Newshound which was rather a good name but the BBC were worried that people might think it was actually a news programme,” says Tim. Timothy Julian Brooke-Taylor OBE was born in Buxton in 1940. While he was at Cambridge University he performed in comedy sketches and became president of the Footlights theatrical club. He soon gained work as both a writer and performer on radio and television. Series such as I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, At Last the 1948 Show and The Goodies teamed him with the likes of John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Marty Feldman, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. He was one of the original members of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue which was Garden’s idea and was an offshoot of the sketch show I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again.


Country Images February 2013

Derbyshire & Buxton

“He’d heard another quiz programme which was absolute rubbish, so he said we could take some of the sketch show and ad lib,” Tim points out. “We did a pilot and we all thought it was total rubbish. I can remember Humphrey Lyttelton (jazz musician and chairman of ‘Clue’) saying never again and I said I agree with you – never ever again. And then we did it every year for the next 40 years.” So why does Tim think ‘Clue’ has been so successful? “One of the big plusses is that we’ve got a very good producer who we still call young John (Naismith) although he’s been with us 25 years. He makes us come up with new ideas. “We have a meeting before each series and he says ‘look, we need new ideas, we can’t just rest on old ones.’ We have some favourites which we always do but we try to get new stuff in every series. “I think the other thing is we’re not trying to outdo each other. We’re all trying to keep the balls in the air, basically – we’re not fighting each other.” When I interviewed Barry Cryer (Country Images, August 2012) he compared the ‘Clue’ team to an old rock band. Tim agrees.

three-quarters of a million’. Well, at half past 12 that’s not bad.” Tim concurs with my comment that it’s strange a channel such as UK Gold has not picked up The Goodies. “An independent company brought out DVDs and they’ve sold incredibly well. They’ve been digitally remastered so they actually look better than they ever did.”

The Tiny Tim Trust

“The point I make about always trying to do new stuff is very important. There’s a danger that you rest on your laurels. That’s the beauty of music – you can do the same song thousands of times. Unfortunately you can’t do that with jokes.” There also seems to be a resurgence of interest in The Goodies, the television show which ran for 12 years and was nominated for a BAFTA award for best light entertainment programme, only to lose out to Fawlty Towers.

The Funky Gibbon Tim is pleased that so many people still fondly remember the show which led to Brooke-Taylor, Garden and Oddie appearing on Top of the Pops singing The Funky Gibbon which got to number four in the chart. “It always surprises me that the BBC don’t repeat it (The Goodies). We’ve done three tours to Australia where they’ve gone on showing it and the great thing is it attracts all ages, which is extraordinary really because quite a lot of it is topical. “Some of the episodes are a bit dated and some of them actually are slightly better than I remember.” Such is the interest that last month Tim appeared in The Lost Goodies at the Slapstick comedy festival in Bristol.

Now Berkshire residents Tim and his wife Christine who have been married for 44 years – her father was a housemaster at Repton School - try to get back to Derbyshire once a year. It usually coincides with a trip to the Tiny Tim Trust, a charity which provides equipment and resources for children with special needs, of which Tim is patron. His other interests include football - he is a former honorary vice-president of Derby County – cricket and golf. He did a television series, Golf Clubs with Tim Brooke-Taylor, for one of the satellite channels and this month is due to play in the annual Jimmy Tarbuck Golf Classic tournament in Portugal. Tim admits he is probably looking through rose-tinted glasses but never tires of praising his birthplace. “Buxton is not a big town but it’s self-contained. It was a perfect place to grow up. I’ve always sold Buxton because I owe it an enormous amount.” So does the actor, writer, comedian and pop star have any ambition he would like to fulfil? He would like to do another TV comedy show, although he admits he is not quite sure what. “I always enjoy watching sitcoms. They’re not fashionable now but they still make me laugh more than most. It would be very hard work but it’s that feeding off the audience which I’ve always liked in comedy, both performing and watching.” As many people in the entertainment industry will tell you, comedy is a serious business. So don’t be surprised to see a Tim Brooke-Taylor sitcom on the small screen soon – he certainly has the gravitas to pull it off.

“Funnily enough one of my two sons who lives in Brighton gets his television through Virgin and they’re showing the first series of The Goodies at the moment. That seems fairly bizarre because (a) there’s no publicity and (b) we knew nothing about it. “The BBC did some repeats about two years ago at Christmas at half past 12 at night. And they actually got good viewing figures for that time of day. I think they were trying to test whether they were popular or not and they probably said ‘oh, they only got

Steve Orme Country Images February 2013


m n h y walk with rambler

A winter walk from


Every year around the middle of December I am invited to join the Derbyshire Association of the Blind’s (DAB) Christmas walk. This year was no exception, but it did come with a reminder to bring waterproofs! Apparently, or so Keith my blind friend and organiser of the walk told me, there was likely to be a lot of mud; how right he was, but it is something that has to be accepted at this time of the year. The walk starts and finishes at the hospitable Horse and Jockey in Wessington before moving out in the general direction of Crich where the beacon of the Stand makes a good indicator. Fortunately the mud Keith promised was not too bad, mostly as one would expect, around valley bottoms and ploughed fields. The walk should be perfect in frosty weather, but a note of caution nevertheless; frozen mud can be a bit ankle turning as they say. Wessington sits roughly in the middle of a little known corner of Derbyshire, the largest village in a

group of farming hamlets to the west of a ridge used by the Romans to carry their Rykneild Street on its way north to Chesterfield. All the farms, which look as though they have been around since the seventeenth century, sit amidst some of the most fertile land in the area. Winter wheat was just making itself obvious in fields, where if the weather had been warmer, could easily have grown rice! Several farms have been amalgamated and the surplus houses and cottages converted into most pleasant properties, especially around the straggling hamlet of Wheatcroft. There were plenty of sheep and beef cattle still braving the elements and although guide dogs are trained to ignore stock, it was only courteous to keep them on the lead when crossing meadows. One of the dogs is called Dylan and he has featured in my walks from time to time. Born and bred in Sheffield, he ignores sheep, possibly thinking them to be large cats, but hates cows. He makes no attempt to chase them, but grumbles and mutters all the way until they are out of sight.

Helpful Information About 4½ miles (7.25km) of field and brook side walking with gentle climbs throughout. Muddy sections around Lindwaysprings Brook and fields on either side of Wheatcroft village. Public Transport. TM Travel 150 hourly service from Alfreton stops on the green at Wessington. Recommended map: Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25,000 scale – sheet 269: Chesterfield & Alfreton. Refreshments at the Plough Inn

Established since 1993 For all your MOT’s, Servicing and Repairs

Hillcrest Motor Co. Back Lane, Wessington, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 6EA

Tel: 01773 833383 52

Country Images February 2013

THE WALK • With your back to the Horse and Jockey, cross the main road heading for the green more or less opposite and follow the lane at its far side, past new houses and as far as a largish house sheltering behind a high hedge on your right.. Wessington is unique amongst north Derbyshire villages in that it has a common, known here as Wessington Green. The concrete pillar surrounded by wooden seats opposite the village school contains a cache, recording life in the twentieth century. • Opposite the entrance drive to the house, climb over a rather awkward stile on your left and bear right, downhill across a field where two large friendly horses live. I didn’t notice the horses when I climbed over the stile, but soon became aware of them when their hot breath blew down my neck. They were obviously on the lookout for the odd carrot or toffee, but as none were on offer, they totally

ignored us on our return later that morning. • Aim towards the bottom corner of a wood on your left and go through another awkward stile and into the first muddy section of the walk. Turn right and walk down the field, keeping just a few feet to the left of a boundary hedge. • Cross the brook by a plank bridge and bear right and then left on to a track to the side of a ploughed field. • Join the access track leading to Spring Farm, but do not go as far as the farm buildings. • Turn right by a gate and cross the field in front of the farm, bearing left and then downhill to a side stream. • Follow the muddy track up and over into Lindwaysprings Brook valley and then through woodland away from the brook and on to a fairly wide track. • Continue past a converted farm, just one of the excellent properties in the area and go

Situated on the Edge of e Peak District, e Plough Inn at Brackenfield offers Traditional Coaching Fayre with a Modern Twist Local, Quality Sourced Menu. Fine Wines & Cask Ales. Child Friendly Choices. Suitable for Weddings, Conferences and a variety of Celebrations. Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 11.30am - 11pm. Sunday 12noon - 10.30pm. (Food Served: 12noon - 9pm)

forwards until a side road is reached. • Turn left along the quiet lane and go down to the brook once more. • Skirt round another converted property and on the far side of a large stone barn, the last building; leave the road by climbing over a stone stile beside the corner of the barn. • Cross the field immediately to the right of the house by going diagonally right and downhill. • Cross a small side stream and bear right to climb fairly steeply uphill to the top corner of the field at a junction of boundary walls. • Go forwards and into a walled track visibly used by cows on their way to milking. The track will unfortunately be muddy at all times, but perversely the firmest ground will usually be in the water filled tracks made by tractors. • Go through the yard of Beech Farm and out along its drive, then bear left downhill through the scattered hamlet of Wheatcroft. Take notice of the restored farm implements and an old pillar box in the yard of Beech Farm, obviously collector’s items of merit. • Where the road bears left and right, turn sharp left and go downhill along a wide grassy track beside a high stone wall. • Climb through a stile when the track reaches a field of winter wheat and go downhill on a field path until it reaches a footpath junction bedside a boundary hedge. • Turn sharp left and follow the path as far as the access drive to Spring Farm • Turn right along the drive, rejoining the outward part of the walk, but in the opposite direction. • Where the drive bears sharply to the right, go forwards on to the track beside the ploughed field, following it towards the tree-shrouded brook. • Cross the stream and go uphill to the left to reach the unsurfaced lane back into Wessington.

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DIARY m Derby Assembly Rooms & Guildhall Theatre. 01332 255800 February 6-9 Derby City Council present DiCC Whittington 7 Katherine Ryan – Nature's Candy 9 Tim Edey & Brendon Power - guitarist/ box player extraordinaire Tim Edey and harmonica guru Brendan Power are two of the most exciting & original musicians on the contemporary acoustic music scene. They love to improvise, so each time they play a piece of music it sounds different and fresh. They were winners of ‘Best Duo ‘and ‘Musician of the Year’ (Tim Edey) at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2012. Tim Edey is one of the finest multi-instrumental players of his generation in the worldwide Celtic music scene. A virtuoso on both acoustic guitar and button accordion, Tim's incredible musical ear and total technical command allows him to play the most demanding instrumentals. His great gifts have led to touring/recording with Sharon Shannon, Lunasa, Michael McGoldrick, Mary Black, Altan and Capercaillie - to name a few. Tim has released four solo albums. Brendan Power is acknowledged by many as one of the most versatile and creative mouth organ players around today. He has recorded with the likes of Sting, Paul Brady, Altan and Artie McGlynn. A fluent improviser, Brendan is an expert player of Irish traditional music and is a past winner of the “All Ireland” title. He has recorded 15 solo CDs. Don’t miss an exuberant, high energy live show from these two popular musicians – at Derby LIVE’s Assembly Rooms on Sat 9 Feb, 8pm. Support comes from Kirsty Bromley and her band. One of the up and coming

Country Images February 2013


young singers making a name for herself on the folk scene with her own unique version of songs from the English tradition. 11-12 Hull Truck Theatre presents Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë 12 Anton & Erin Go To Hollywood 13 Gilbert and Sullivan Abridged 15-16 Chinese State Circus – Yin Yang Chinese artistes will perform remarkable acrobatics, martial arts and human juggling in this daring, breath-taking and thrilling family show. 15 Derby Jazz – Darius Brubeck Quartet 18 The Elephant Bridesmaid by Steven Lee 20 Harry Hill - Sausage Time - The self-styled floppy-collared loon is back with a new live show. 21 Dancing Queen 22 Ola Onabule 23 Derek Acorah – The Eternal Spirits Tour 24 Hey Diddle Diddle - A magical show of songs, laughter and audience participation – ideal for children of all ages, especially those under 5. 26 to 2 March The Good Companions: A Great Night Out March 2 Hairy Bikers – Larger Than Live 2 Justin Moorhouse – Justin Time 3 Heidi Talbot 3 Wedding Fair 6-9 Gatepost Theatre Company Presents: The Wedding Singer 6-7 Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom 7 Gretchen Peters 8 The Rat Pack Live 9 Rock 'n' Roll Paradise 12-16 Derby Shakespeare Theatre Company

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel 18 February 2013 7:30 PM Much-loved British rocker Steve Harley has been touring consistently for over 30 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Now back with Cockney Rebel for their first full band British appearance in several years, Steve’s captivating performances now encompass some brilliant new songs that are sure to be future classics. Cockney Rebel first broke onto the scene in mid 1973 with the release of Sebastian, which was an immediate success in Europe. The band then released their debut album The Human Menagerie to wide acclaim. A prolific songwriter and renowned lyricist, Steve returns with a setlist packed with all his big songs – Judy Teen, Mr Soft, Here Comes The Sun, Mr Raffles (Man, It Was Mean), Sebastian and of course, the smash hit Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me), which still guarantees a feel-good highlight at every show. Location: Buxton Opera House £22, £24



WHAT’S ON LOCALLY Presents – The Winter's Tale 13 The Fureys & Davey Arthur Royal Centre Nottingham & Concert Hall 0115 989 5555 February 3 Anton & Erin - The UK's favourite dancing duo Anton Du Beke & Erin Boag are back. 5 Nottingham Classics - sinfonia ViVA 8-9 Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo Grab your diaries and start circling the dates when you can again be amused. 9 Beanbag Music Club. Magical musical adventures for under 6s & their families 12 Boogie Nights The Concert The West End's original and favourite 70s musical is back with an all star cast 12 Dirty Dancing 15 The Nolans 19 Harry Hill - Sausage Time. The self-styled

DIARY m floppy-collared loon is back at the Royal Concert Hall 21-23 Moscow City Ballet 24 Sunday Morning Piano Series - Juho Pohjonen 25 Dirty Dancing 28 Nottingham Classics - BBC Philharmonic March 2 Julian Lloyd Webber and NYO 3 The Robert Cray Band 4 Halfway to Paradise 6 Richard Thompson 6-8 Rambert Dance Company 9 Nottingham High School 500th Anniversary 9 How to Catch a Star Lacemarket Theatre Box Office 0115 9507201 February 11-16 On Golden Pond 27 - 2 Mar Elton John's Glasses March 11-16 The Winslow Boy Nottingham Arena February 1-3 Madagascar Live Nottingham Playhouse Box Office 0115 941 9419 February 7 The Old Fashioned. A cocktail of music from a group of musicians with a long and wide ranging pedigree. 9 My Big Little Sister. A delightfully funny story for 4–8 year olds. 10 Carl Donnelly. This Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee comes to the Playhouse. Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre. February 4 Woody Sez 5 Inspector Norse 6 Milton Jones 7 Dr Feelgood 8 The Meat Loaf Story



8 Justin Moorhouse 9 Maria Friedman 10 The Nightingale 10 Mothership – A Tribute to Led Zeppelin 12 The Soldiers 13 The Circus of Horrors 14 Mad About ABBA 15 John Shuttleworth 15 3Fold 16 Cast 17 Richard Hawley 18 Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel 18 Michael Chapman 19 The Zappatistas 19 Juan Martin Flamenco Dance Ensemble 20 Ginger Baker Jazz Confusion 20 The Men They Couldn’t Hang 21 Heaven 17 21 King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys 22 June Tabor & Oysterband 23 Red Hot Chilli Pipers 23 Ruby Turner 24 Canon, Campbell, Watchorn & O’Connor of The Dubliners 26 The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists 27 Gilbert and Sullivan Abridged 28 Boeing Boeing March 1Recitals at the Arts Centre - Aurora Percussion Duo 1Buxton Buzz Comedy Club 2The Elephant Bridesmaid 2Toby Hadoke - My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver 3 Jazz at the Arts Centre - The Trefor Owen & Shades of Shearing (Pavilion Arts 3 Rohan McCullough in Testament Of Youth (Studio Theatre) 3 Bill Oddie - Unplucked 4-5 New Jersey Nights 6Yamato – The Drummers Of Japan 7-8 Swan Lake 8-9 In A Land Much Like Ours 9 The Nutcracker 10 Madam Butterfly

tale. But, big people will also have lots of fun, too. 20-22 Showcase 2013 23 Rotary Junior Showtime 26 S4K’s The Tempest 27 Good Old Days Of Music Hall and Variety 28 Too Fast March 2 Classic Clapton 6-10 Me and My Girl 13 The Irish House Party 14 A Celebration of John Denver 15 An Evening of Burlesque 16 Chris Packham Wild Night Out! 17 Roy Orbison and Friends Derby Theatre (formerly Derby Playhouse) Theatre Walk, St Peter’s Quarter, Derby, Box Office: 01332 593939 February 12-16 Losing the Plot. Brand new comedy from John Godber Company and Theatre Royal Wakefield written and directed by Godber himself. Starring Steve Huison and Susan Cookson 21-23 How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found 20-23 One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show The Cosby Show meets Restoration Comedy in this hilariously outrageous play set in 1970s Philadelphia 28 to March 1 All Our Daughters A New Vic Borderlines production exploring issues around forced marriages and so called honour violence. 28 to Mar 2 Oh, What a Lovely War! Combining movement, music and satire to create a chronicle of the Great War. March 2 Hardeep Singh Koli: Indian Takeaway Writer and Celebrity Masterchef, Hardeep is on a mission to find the best Indian takeaway in the UK

Palace Theatre Mansfield 01623 63313 February 9 The Meat Loaf Story 13-14 Port Manteau 18 The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark is a charming production brought to us by Blunderbus with music, songs and exquisite handcrafted puppets that remain true to Jill Tomlinson’s original classic. Plop is a baby Barn Owl. He lives at the top of a very tall tree. He is fat and fluffy. He has big round eyes and very knackety knees. Plop is exactly the same as every Barn Owl that has ever been – except for one thing. Plop is afraid of the dark! Join Plop as he journeys into the night-time world of campfires, fireworks and moonlit adventures. Little people will love this funny, heartwarming Country Images February 2013




BIRDWATCHING FOR BEGINNERS WALK at CARSINGTON WATER With all the summer visitors, including the ospreys, now back in Africa, now is a chance to come and see the winter thrushes, the ducks, and - he's back!!.. the great northern diver, so come for a leisurely 2-hour stroll with the volunteers to find the diver and get some useful tips on bird identification. All walks start from the visitor centre at 10am prompt, and are on the first Sunday of EVERY month. Adults accompanied by children are always welcome - bring binoculars and appropriate wear. Future dates - 3rd February, 3rd March and 7th April. To ensure a place tel: 01629 540696 to book. Darley Abbey Historical Group Friday February 15th 2013 "Every Picture Tells a Story" Presented by Danny Welës Friday March 15th 2013 "Felucca and Pharaohs" Presented by Mr and Mrs Fitzpatrick The Marlowe Players. ‘Shakespeare Country’ by Peter Whelan. Four couples find themselves in a wood on Midsummer's Eve. Add a sprinkling of magic potion, some spirits, then watch this comedy of mistaken identities take off. The production will be at Darley Abbey Village Hall, Abbey Yard (off New Rd), Darley Abbey from Tues 19th until Sat 23rd March, 2013. Tickets are all priced £6 and doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Book via the Marlowe Players Box Office: 07961 607372 or the website: Sitwell Singers invite you to Come and Sing with them! Saturday 2 March 2012, 10am - 5pm Strutts Community Centre, Belper Derby’s Sitwell Singers will be bringing their popular Come and Sing event back to Strutts Community Centre in Belper again this year. On Saturday 2 March, Conductor Malcolm Goldring will take participants through a full day’s workshop on Schubert’s visionary Mass in A Flat, culminating in an informal performance open to the public at 4pm. Helen Geary, Chair of the Sitwell Singers, said: “This will be the third time we have brought our annual Come and Sing event to Strutts – it’s a wonderful venue and previous events have had a terrific atmosphere. Last year over a hundred singers tackled Mozart’s Requiem – we would love to see both familiar and new faces joining us this year to sing this wonderful piece by Schubert. Sheet music and refreshments will be provided – just bring your voice and your enthusiasm!” Advanced booking is essential – last year’s event sold out well in advance so

make sure you don’t miss out! Little Chester Local History Group Thurs Feb 21st - an illustrated talk by Robin Knott about our Local Mountain Rescue - its History and Development. We meet at 7.30pm in Chester Green Community Centre , Old Chester Road, Derby. Admission non-members £2. For further information Tel. 559615. Uppertown Social Centre Uppertown, Ashover, S45 0JF. Sat 2nd February. The Ann Duggan Band. Country Blues and Roots.7pm for 8pm. £10 including supper. Contact Eddie Marriott for information and tickets on: 01246 590502 or 07966 154798 Website Allestree Flower Group Tuesday 19th February 2013 Practice Night and Supper Venue - Evergreen Hall, Cornhill, Allestree. Admission £2 non members, £3 free. For further details contact our Chairman on 01332 675727 or email: Acrylic for Beginners Smalley Art Group, 79 Main Road, Smalley, DE7 6DS is starting a 24-week Painting Landscapes in Acrylic for Beginners course on Wednesday evenings 7-9pm which commences on 6 February 2013. For further details contact our Chairman on 01332 675727 Kyleburn Historical Society January 17: AGM followed by - Loscoe Then and Now - a study of this local village by Brian Key February 21: Sir Arthur Heywoods Railway’s by Trevor Griffin. Meetings at Kilburn Baptist church schoolroom, Highfield Road, Kilburn. 7.30pm. Admission for non-members is £2.00. Belper Historical Society Wednesday 6th February talk by Jill Day on ‘Birkin’s Court’ Birkin’s Court was some of the earliest housing provided by the Strutt family for workers in the mills at Belper. Wednesday 6th March talk by John Barnett on ‘The Poor Law in Action in Muggington, 1795-1834’ Before the modern welfare system, people were dependant on The Poor Law which, if they could have it, gave minimal parish relief to the very needy. Belper Historical Society meet at St. John’s Chapel, Belper at 7.30pm Charge for non-members £1.50.

Best Folk ‘n’ Acoustic Music in Derbyshire Fri 9 Feb 8pm - TIM EDEY & BRENDAN POWER Winners of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2012 for ‘Best Duo’ & ‘Musician of the Year’ (Tim Edey) - Tim and Brendan love to improvise, which means that every time they play a piece of music it sounds different and fresh. These two are truly amazing! Plus KIRSTY BROMLEY and her band. One of the up and coming young singers making a name for herself on the folk scene with her own unique version of songs from the English tradition. Assembly Rooms, Market Place Derby DE1 3HA Box Office 01332 255800, or 01773 853428 Sun 17 March 6pm - WAR HORSE - THE CONCERT A reading by its author, MICHAEL MORPURGO, combined with songs from Derbyshire musicians and BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winners, JOHN TAMS & BARRY COOPE. A powerful story, through the eyes of a horse, which moves from life on a farm in peaceful Devon to survival on the Western Front in the First World War. This is the epic story of the horse who didn’t have the human frailty of taking sides. Suitable for children aged 10 years and above. Assembly Rooms, Market Place Derby DE1 3HA Box Office 01332 255800, or 01773 853428. For tickets and information ‘phone Ticket Hotline 01773 853428


Country Images February 2013

Derby Focus Activities club The club where activities and people mix. • Organised by members for the members • Age 40+ new members welcome • Varied monthly events programme • We do walking, dancing, parties, holidays etc.

phone: 07549 173096 website:

We are proud to launch EMSA Babies in the East Midlands

Swimming lessons for babies aged 6 weeks to 3 years Preparing babies for our EMSA swim school. Office: 01773 744899 Mobile: 07813 892108 Email:




SLACKS TRAVEL Luxury coach travel with guaranteed seats & local boarding points BRITISH COACHING 2013

Our Dry Lease services provide the time saving, convenience and flexibility of your own dedicated aircraft without the capital outlay of ownership. Contact us on +44 (0)1777 839477 or by e-mail to for more information

LUXURY MYSTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17 FEB (HB) £100 EASTBOURNE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 FEB-01 MAR (HB) £171 BOURNEMOUTH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18-22 MAR (HB) £181 SCOTLAND INVERNESS AT EASTER . . . . . . . .28 MAR-01 APR (AI) £362 WARNERS LITTLECOTE AT EASTER . . . . . . . . . . . .01-05 APR (HB) £368 EASTBOURNE AT EASTER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .01-05 APR (HB) £ 283 CORNWALL SPRING FLOWER SHOW . . . . . . . . . . .05-08 APR (HB) £245 SPRINGTIME AT WADDESDON MANOR . . . . . . . . .12-14 APR (HB) £142 BABBACOMBE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 APR-03 MAY (HB) £190 MYSTERY WEEKEND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .04-05 MAY (HB) £96 TENBY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .06-10 MAY (HB) £299 ISLE OF WIGHT, SHANKLIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13-17 MAY (HB) £236 SIDMOUTH DELIGHTS OF DEVON . . . . . . . . . . . . .15-19 MAY (HB) £349 GREAT HOUSES & GARDENS OF NORFOLK . . . . .20-24 MAY (HB) £317 CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24-25 MAY (HB) £159 BOURNEMOUTH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27-31 MAY (HB) £255 HEART OF ENGLAND, MALVERN & WORCESTER .27-31 MAY (HB) £327 LLANDUDNO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 MAY-03 JUN (HB) £293 EASTBOURNE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03-07 JUN (HB) £241 GREAT YARMOUTH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .06-10 JUN (HB) £326 WONDERFUL WILTSHIRE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .06-10 Jun (HB) £310 PAIGNTON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .08-12 Jun (HB) £299 DISCOVER DURHAM INC. BEAMISH . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10-14 Jun (HB) £330 WARNERS NIDD HALL BAND THEME . . . . . . . . . . . . .14-17 Jun (HB) £296 GUILDFORD DELUXE WEEKEND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14-16 Jun (BB) £162 BARNSTAPLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-20 Jun (HB) £331 WOBURN EXPERIENCE & WREST PARK . . . . . . . . . .21-24 Jun (HB) £241

EUROPEAN COACHING 2013 GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23-28 MAY (HB) £327 IRELAND MAGICAL MAYO & CONNEMARA COAST 26 MAY-01 JUN (HB) £499 AUSTRIA, TRAINS & BOATS OF THE TYROL . 26 JUL-04 AUG (HB) £723 ITALY, LAKE MAGGIORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 05-14 AUG (HB) £733 IRELAND, BANTRY BAY & WEST CORK COAST . 08-14 SEPT (HB) £487 ITALY, LAKE COMO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 05-14 OCT (HB) £741 IRELAND, BRAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-17 OCT (HB) £327 BELGIUM, BRUSSELS CHRISTMAS MARKET . . . . 05-08 DEC (BB) £220

AIR HOLIDAYS Jersey & Guernsey . . . . . . . . . . .Various Dates From £459/£499


Admission included*


Adult / OAP / Child

£64 £28.50/£27.50/£18.50 £21 £23 £18 £32 £33/£33/£19 £19 £24 £36/£36/£21 £19.50 £29 £19.50




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Henshaws Coaches

Direct Golf Line: 01332 782000


EARLY BOOKINGS 2013 Valentine Weekend Mini Cruise (Passport req) - Fri l5th - Sun 17th Feb £II0 (outside cabins extra) Bulbfields Mini Cruise (Passport req) - Wed 8th - Fri I0th May £118 with tickets to Keukenhof Gardens Valentine London Weekend - Fri 15th - Sun 17th Feb London Hotel £159 Mystery 4 hour free bar weekend - Fri 15th - Mon 18th March Half board with trips £165 Easter 5 day Isle of Wight - Mon 1st - Fri 5th April half board, trips out, Sandown Sea front, Trouvelle Hotel £259 Belgium, Blankenburgh - Mon 22nd - Fri 26th April half board, trips out inc. Last Post at Ypres £285

TOURS 2013

Championship Pay & Play Golf 7 Days a Week Summer Tees & Greens in play all year round Winter Warmer packages available from 1st November £23.95 per person. Check website for details. Fantastic Venue for your Winter Society Golf


Green Fees Only No Membership Tuition Available

This voucher is only valid until February 28th 2013

Babbacombe & Lyme Bay, The Sefton Hotel - Mon 5th to Fri 9th August, half board, disabled friendly £249 London/Hatfield Ramada Hotel, £1 pint bar - Fri 20th to Sun 22nd Sept, half board £II0 Scotland, Aberfoyle, Rob Roy Hotel very good hotel - Mon 16th to Fri 20th Sept, half board £220 Ostende Weekend, Hotel Du Pac, Bed & Buffet Breakfast Fri 1lth to Mon 14th Oct, trip out included £189 Eastbourne Grande Parade, Mansion Lions Hotel, Mon 28th Oct to Fri 1st Nov, half board £240 Blackpool Lights Weekend, Sharn-Bek Hotel, Fri 1st to Sun 3rd Nov, half board, ents £118

DAY TRIPS Stoke & Potteries Wed 20th Feb Newark Mkt & Lincoln Wed 6th March London & Knitting & Stitching Show, Olympia... Do Both Sat 16th March Chester & Shopping Outlet or Zoo all day Sat 23rd March Moreton in Marsh & Bourton (Cotswolds) Tue 9th April Lichfield & Tour Thur 18th April Boston Mkt & Skegness Wed I st May Liverpool Sat 4th May Mystery Tour Wed 29tb May Whitby Sat 1st June Banbury & Tour Thurs 6th June London Sat 15th June

Adult OAP/Child £16 £15 £16 £15 £27 inc ticket (coach only £18) £17 £16 £17 £16 £16 £15 £17 £16 £17 £16 £17 £16 £17 £16 £17 £16 £18 £17

57 Pye Hill Road, Jacksdale, Nottingham, NG16 5LR Phone 01773 607909 • Fox 01773 607701 Email:

Love your smile?

Glendair patients have good reason to smile visit to find out why

‘We change lives by changing smiles’

ALFRETON Glendair patients Nigel & Zoe


Country Images February 2013

01773 832164


Up to

50% OFF selected items

10% OFF

10% OFF 10% OFF Country Images February 2013


Time for the romantic at Leabrooks Gallery George Gale’s work is featured in the Main Exhibition Room at Leabrooks Gallery from 2nd - 15th February 2013; his paintings providing a wonderfully apposite backdrop to this month’s chief festival, St Valentine’s Day on Thursday 14th February. His work, completed in finely delineated acrylics, is full of humour and colour Other suitable gifts can be found at ‘A Fair for Valentines’ to be held at the Gallery on Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th February 2013, 10am-4pm.You will be spoilt for choice with a variety of options: jewellery, paintings, stained glass and images on wood, classic handbags, Aloe Vera products and other desirable items – as well as coffee and cake!

GALLERY Ridgeway Gallery The Ridgeway Gallery is thrilled to be hosting a solo exhibition of English Landscape paintings by Rex Preston, from April 12th - April 27th, giving art lovers a rare opportunity to see nearly 50 paintings from one of the country’s leading landscape artists. It has been two years since Rex’s last solo show in Bakewell and the gallery will be filled with paintings of Cornish harbours and coastal views, along with Lake District scenes, moorland sunsets and glorious reflections of light in rivers and pools that Rex has become so much admired for. There is an opportunity to meet Rex at the gallery on Saturday 13th April. The extended exhibition opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sundays (14th and 21st April only) 10am – 4pm. For more information, or to request a copy of the brochure for this show please see


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m nh

Norma Gent Derbyshire Artist u Pets, Portraits, Scenes, Still Life, Executive Caricatures, Victorian Life.

Norma Gent With spring flowers about to pop up above the cold ground and daylight hours lengthening, the opportunities arise to put brush to paper. Norma Gent holds watercolour classes weekly and special day workshops once every 3 months with something for beginners to the more experienced.Visit Norma at her studio 2 The Galleries, New Lane, Alfreton.

SPECIAL DAY WORKSHOP Saturday 16th March Watercolour Classes Tuesday mornings & evenings & every Thursday 9am - 10.45am St Thomas’s Community Centre Somercotes Framing Now Available The Studio, No 2 The Galleries, New Lane, Alfreton.

01773 836907

KLEEFORD COIN AUCTIONS Regular monthly sales of Coins, Medals, Notes, etc

01773 602961 Open: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm. Wednesday by appointment. Sunday 11am-4.30pm

For a free Auction Catalogue please contact us on 01773 528743 • 07969 645952

Leabrooks House, Leabrooks Rd, Somercotes, Derbyshire

Also accepting lots for future auctions. Please call for details.

Teaching & learning a priority


A caring education community



Celebrating achievements in The Arts

Grange Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7JA Tel: 01773 832331 Email: Country Images February 2013


A WArm Welcome

Sylhet Spice


Sylhet Spice is located in the middle of Ripley with its contemporary décor providing a relaxing atmosphere. We received a warm welcome and were shown promptly to our table. Whilst we were there we noticed the waiters conversing freely with the diners and knew many by name, which shows that many return frequently. For our starters we had the traditional popadoms with a trio of pickles, but diverting from the ‘norm’ my partner’s starter was the Sea Bass, pan fried in tandoori spices and topped with fried onions, which was a refreshing change. We also shared a Garmi Gost; for the uninitiated this is lamb cooked with fresh green chillies and topped with cucumber slices, rather a hot dish. The real stand out dish for me amongst the starters was the Navrang Tikka; chicken tikka cooked with spring onions, peppers and coriander, a milder dish, which I could have happily had again as a main dish!

The dishes were all beautifully presented

For this dining review we asked our waiter to choose 4 dishes for us – as sometimes you can get stuck in a rut ordering the same dish, the staff at Sylhet are very helpful in recommending dishes that would suit your taste. We were served Salmon Bhuna, with onion, peppers and tomatoes cooked in a bhuna sauce with spices in a tandoori oven. Shahi Jai Puri – chicken tikka, special medium sauce, topped with fried onions and mushrooms which was mild and fresh. Jalpati, cooked in jalfrezi and pathi sauces with red and green peppers and whole green chillis, a sweet sauce. Milli Jilli Bahar is lamb cooked with palak, paneer and potatoes, fresh green chillis and dry chillis, mixed with spinach.

One of the dishes I enjoyed most was the Shahi Jai Puri, this was a mild dish but also had a very fresh taste. The dishes were all beautifully presented and whereas sometimes you can end up with more sauce than substance, here the dishes all came with nice pieces of the meat and vegetables, bound together with the sauce.

My partner loves fish and finished the salmon bhuna dish by himself. The first thing that impressed him was the generous size of the salmon pieces, but he also said the sauce beautifully complemented the salmon and was not too overpowering.

Our dishes came with special fried rice which was beautifully light and fresh lemon rice. If you’re a fan of Naan breads then this is the place for you – they have around 14 different types, the garlic naan was not too overpowering but light and


Country Images February 2013

The Milli Jilli Bahar had quite an earthly taste being topped with spinach.

delicate with out being too doughy. Overall we found the food at Sylhet Spice excellent. I would say that if you find yourself always ordering the same meal when dining at an Indian restaurant go to Sylhet Spice and put yourselves in the waiters’ hands, you never know, you might find your new favourite dish. We recommend phoning to book ahead at the weekend to save disappointment as the restaurant is very popular and ask for the table in the window!! Although Sylhet Spice is not licensed to sell alcohol, you are welcome to bring your own drinks with they will cork for no extra charge.

new Years specials At

Hills BAKerY cooked meats

£2.40 Per Pound

selected Pasties 3 For A £1

78 High Street, Alfreton

tel: 01773 832445

The hop Inn

Openwoodgate, Belper DE56 0SD

REAL ALE PUB All Real Ale £2.70 a Pint • Quiz Every Wednesday Starts 6th February • Bed & Breakfast now available

Call Steve on 07916 935620





A beautifully refurbished restaurant, offering an exciting and varied menu including traditional Eastern dishes combined with Western influences to create a distinctly new & vibrant fusion of flavours!

Open 7 days a week from 5.30 pm Open until 11pm Sunday – Thurs and 11.30pm Fri –Sat Last seating 10pm


The Holly Bush M A R E H AY (Free House)

Let us cook the perfect meal and provide a candle lit table for you and your loved one

25% discount Sun-Thurs on collection ordered

10% discount Sun-Thurs on delivery

15% discount Fri-Sat on collection ordered

‘collection orders’. Free delivery (minimum order £15.00)

Secure parking opposite restaurant.

1 Park Corner, Nottingham Road, Ripley Derbyshire DE5 3EF T: 01773 741 123 Place your order from our new website:

The Holly Bush Inn 51 Brook Lane, Marehay, DE5 8JA Phone: 01773 570830 Food Served: Monday-Saturday 12pm till 2.30pm & 6pm till 9pm. Sunday 12pm-7pm Country Images February 2013


Dining Out at

Last night we had the pleasure of being invited to The Fox & Goose Inn in Wigley, near Chesterfield to sample some dishes from their winter menu.


eedless to say, after navigating the fog and the vagaries of my satnav, which decided to take us on a very varied route through what I am sure is lovely countryside, when one can actually see it, I was very glad to see the stone built building which sits atop Pudding Pie Hill. Intrigued by both the name of the pub and the hill itself, I had a look on the pub’s website and found a full explanation of both. The name Fox and Goose was given to the Inn by the monks of Beauchief Abbey who often visited; Fox and Goose was the name of a board game played by the monks, where a single piece, the fox, tries to capture geese one by one so preventing them from hemming him in and winning the game. The name Pudding Pie Hill comes from the vapour which rose from burnt limestone that the farmers of the time spread on their land to aid plant growth, giving the hill the appearance of a giant steamed pudding. We were welcomed at the bar by Lynne, the Inn’s General Manager, whose natural hospitality was evident throughout the evening and taken through to the Orangery; a new addition to the

Photography: Cesca McEwan

THe Fox & goose Wigley

old part of the Inn, providing a roomy and ambient atmosphere. Although it was early in the evening, there were already a fair few diners and as the evening progressed the room filled up nicely. The kitchen is visible from the dining area and we could see the chefs as they put the finishing touches to the presentation of their plates. Everything in the restaurant follows the same theme – things that stood out to me immediately were the table settings; polished cutlery, sparkling glassware but also, something which is rare these days and reminds me of my childhood, heavy linen serviettes with proper serviette rings. Lynne brought us some drinks over and gave us the menus. I was impressed with the food on offer as there was something for everyone, but not an overfull menu; all the dishes were well thought out and whether you fancied something small or a full a la carte dinner, there was plenty of choice. A complimentary ‘amuse bouche’ from the chef arrived at the table first; exquisite mouthfuls of goat’s cheese mousse on small

A towering homemade burger, velvety smooth duck liver pate and the best cheesecake I have ever tasted.


Country Images February 2013

ever felt so full, not even after Sunday dinner (a feat in itself, I assure you!). When our desserts arrived, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do them justice but it’s incredible how quickly that feeling disappears after the first bite – it’s true what they say about having a ‘pudding stomach’…….. We were served a trio of desserts, as the chef couldn’t decide which ones to give us, what a shame! There was a warm nut and chocolate brownie, with mint chocolate ice cream, a sticky toffee pudding accompanied by a vanilla ice cream and its own jug of sauce so you could decide how decadent to make it and last, but most definitely not least, quite possibly the best cheesecake I have ever tasted. Despite being full to bursting, there was no way I was allowing any of that to be left on my plate so like the true martyr I am, I soldiered on and finished every last, delicious forkful.

toasts and a salmon and dill cream in a pastry case. These disappeared in a flash.

The starters tasted as delicious as they looked. For our starters, we were served smoked Scottish salmon with pickled cucumber noodles and a lemon and dill crème fraiche and a duck liver paté, with toasted brioche pieces, a salad of hazelnut, orange and chard leaves, accompanied by a red onion marmalade. Both plates were beautifully presented on slate platters and tasted as delicious as they looked. The duck liver paté was velvety smooth and the red onion marmalade it was served with complemented it well. The salmon was perfect, simply served with a light cream so as not to ruin its natural flavour and the slightly pickled cucumber noodles balanced it very well.

Lynne brought us coffees to end our meal. The service is exemplary and I know this may seem a small thing to most people but I eat out a fair amount and am always amazed that despite asking for black coffee, it invariably arrives with a pot of cream or milk – it didn’t this time. As well as providing a wonderful restaurant, with a private dining room available if required, the Fox and Goose also has a licence for wedding ceremonies and can cater for any function, large or small - hog roasts are a speciality I am told. Thank you to Lynne and all the staff as we had a wonderful dining experience, the Fox and Goose comes highly recommended. Emma

Our mains arrived shortly, a towering homemade burger, complete with every trimming you would expect; fantastically crisp, beer battered onion rings, gherkins, cheese, crispy bacon, tomatoes and a little basket of chunky chips. On the side of the plate was a dish of tomato relish, so tasty that my daughter decided that the addition of ketchup would be pointless. I chose the hake fillet on a chorizo, pea and saffron risotto with roasted courgettes and aubergines, topped with an ultra crispy, wafer thin piece of bacon, my mouth was watering just looking at it. The portion sizes do not disappoint at The Fox and Goose, even the heartiest appetite would be sated. In fact the comment from my daughter was along the lines of the fact that she didn’t think she’d

Country Images February 2013


Fish and Chips Preparation time: 25 mins Cooking time: 15 mins Ingredients (fish): 1 medium sized cod fillet per person 100g (4oz) plain flour 100g (4oz) self raising flour 5ml (1/2 tsp) salt 280ml (1/2 pt) milk and a splash of lager 15ml (1 tbsp) of oil 2 stiffly beaten egg whites 1 egg yolk Water You will also need: Sunflower oil Method 1. Sift the flours and a pinch of salt into a basin. Make a well and add the egg yolk (keep the egg whites for the next step) and liquid and beat the mixture together until it’s smooth. Leave the batter to rest for 30 minutes. You can add a little cold sparkling water to your rested batter to give it a lighter finish. 2. Meanwhile, whisk the egg whites until they are light and fluffy. Fold them into the rested batter mix and you are ready to go. If you like, you can use a splash of lager in your batter as it can give it a bit more flavour as well as more bubbles for a lighter covering. 3. Coat the fish lightly in seasoned flour. When ready, carefully hold the fish at the tail end and dip it into the batter. Use the side of a bowl to wipe the battered fish lightly to remove any excess. 4.The fat temperature in the fryer should be pre-heated to 180˚C and the wire basket should be removed. Gently place the fish away from you into the oil to avoid splashes with the hot oil. 5.The fish should rise to the surface after 3-4 minutes and may need turning with a erforated spoon to ensure an even browning and crispy texture. After another 3-4 minutes the fish should be ready.

Ingredients (chips): Allow 2 medium sized potatoes per person, preferably Maris Piper, washed and peeled sunflower oil. Method: 1. Cut the potatoes into slices about 1cm (1/2in) thick, and 5cm (2ins) long. And then cut the slices into strips 5 x 1 x 1cm (2 x 1/2 x1/2ins). Wash them well and dry them with a cloth. 2.Place them into the basket, and lower them carefully into the deep oil at 165˚C. I find the best way to cook chips is by doing it in two stages so once the potato chip has softened and become “limp”, drain it thoroughly trying not to shake the basket and damage the chips. 3.Put them aside on a plate. 4. When required for eating simply place the chips back into a basket. Increase the oil temperature to 180-185˚C and lower the chips into the oil carefully. Cook them until they are crisp and golden then drain them well, season with salt and they’re ready to eat.

WHAT AM I? WIN a 2 Course Carvery Meal for 2 at The Garden Restaurant, Swarkestone Nursery First I was domestic and then I became commercial. I just love being popular like Pavlova is. Whilst I am from the East, more of me is grown in Italy than anywhere else in the world. Sorry to be a bit fuzzy but I’m trying to get you off the ground with this one! So, What food am I ? Send your entries (including your name and address) to: Country Images(food comp) Unit 5, Keys Road, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7FQ or email Closing date: February 16th 2013 First correct entry chosen wins.


Country Images February 2013

Legal Ease WILL WRITING SPECIALIST We concentrate entirely on Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney giving us extensive knowledge and up to date information in this area. This enables us to provide excellent advice on all areas of this subject. As a small firm we are able to provide a personal service to our clients taking time to discuss your needs and wishes as an individual.

o late o t it e v a le ’t Don ! Talk to us now Tel: 01773 853559 Mob: 07999875599 49 The Common, Crich, Derbyshire DE4 5BJ

Life Made Easier sales • maintenance • spares • servicing • repairs

Scooters Boot Scooters

Stair Lifts

Bathroom Aids

Rise/Recline Chairs


01773 513235 or visit our website

88 Derby Road Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3HT

Country Images February 2013


Low Price - Wide Choice

Coxbench Hall Top quality care in unique

Close Care Georgian surroundings for Apartment people in their later years Now Available us or Call in to seefor a us t ac nt co d Brochure an our DVD

Coxbench Is About Caring! Sustain and enjoy independence throughout your retirement years in elegant surroundings with the support of top quality family-style care. This high quality retirement home is a beautiful Georgian building set in 4.5 acres of parkland, featuring a stream, pond and sensory gardens, just north of Derby City.


Showroom open: Monday to Friday 9:30-4:30 (Saturday and Sunday by appointment only)

Unit 4-5 Securiparc, Wimsey Way, Somercotes, DE55 4HG

Through Gate



Valley Lodge: Bakewell Road, Matlock DE4 3BN


Country Images February 2013

Rd B600

Wa y

Tel: 01773 602 641

Wa y

Nottingh am


Wi ms ey

Wi ms ey

l Highly trained staff l Superb home cooking l Lift to all floors l Most rooms have en-suite toilets l Ample lounge space with large conservatory l Call Care System to all rooms l Loop System l Own mini-bus l Extensive activities and entertainment

Coxbench Hall Al freton Road, Coxb ench, Derby DE 21 5BB

Tel: 0 1332 8 80200 Fax: 01332 8811 99 www. coxbenc h-hall. e.mail: offi ce@cox uk

Right: The fabulous new collection by Monari is available at Panache in Beeston.This super collection is smart and stylish and can be worn both dressed up and smart casual. Panache are located at 1 Stoney Street, Beeston, Nottinghamshire.Tel 0115 922 5278

Below: Receive Snuffle, this delightful piglet paper weight, as a complimentary gift when you join the Royal Crown Derby Collectors Guild in 2013. Exclusively available to the guild members for 2013 is mother pig, Priscilla. Visit England Barker Jewellers, High Street Ripley.


with heart


Country Images February 2013

Walk in style e Peter Kaiser Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Jewellery made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS



England Barker Jewellers

46 Babington Lane, Derby 01332 342260

K&S • Van Dal • HB • Peter Kaiser • Rieker • Camel • Gabor

1 High Street, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3AA T: 01773 747226

Go on! Treat your loved one…

The Fabulous

Leather Shop of Belper

2a Chapel Street, Belper, Derby DE56 1AR Tel: 01773 822794





Try Something New For All Occasions

New Spring Collections by

1 Stoney Street Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2LA Open: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am to 4pm

Derbyshire’s Premier Dress Agency Tel 01332 875572

0115 922 5278

Panache Ladies Fashions

w w w. panache- not t i ngham. co. uk February 2013 Country Images


Right: Clarkes are pleased to announce a new label to their ever expanding fashion mix. Masai Clothing is an established Danish fashion brand, well known for their interesting prints, loose silhouettes and quality fabrics. It is suitable for the grown-up, style conscious woman who prefers to look smart but casual. Clarkes, Grosvenor Road, Ripley.

Below: A-Ma-Zing Prom Dresses available at Designs by Marlaine.These gorgeous dresses are ultra glamorous and perfect for proms and special occasions. Contact the shop for an appointment, there is 10% off prom dresses with the Country Images Advert! Contact Designs by Marlaine: 82 High Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire.Telephone 01773 830787


with heart


Country Images February 2013

Strictly A-Ma-Zing Prom Dresses Darling!

Just L ook and Book

Your nt Appointme w o N

10% O FF Prom D


(With This Advert)

Designs by Marlaine 82, High Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BE Tel: 01773 830787

w w w. d e s i g n s b y m a r l a i n e . c o . u k

The Outlook Is Bright For city-centre choice and town centre service Friendly personal service from assistants who care, in a truly independent store that’s big enough to stock the quality brands you want. An independent department store, with Fashions, Lingerie, Accessories, Shoes, Mens, Homeware and Coffee Shop. Pop in soon, and free yourself from chain store sameness.

full of surprises 8-18 Grosvenor Road, Ripley Tel: 01773 742151

February 2013 Country Images


Flowers…Chocolates…Romantic Meal… and a gift from Senses Skin Care Centre, make sure you get it right this Valentine’s Day. Show your loved one you really care with a gift voucher from Senses Skin Care Alfreton, a beautiful voucher that is ready wrapped.The voucher is for a Decléor Facial, which includes a back, neck and shoulder massage and a geleration manicure. All for only £40.00 saving you £17.00. Can’t get into the salon to get your voucher? Just call and pay over the phone and we’ll post it out to you. This offer is valid throughout the whole of February so if that Special Someone fails to impress on Valentines..well then why not treat yourself? 01773 835866


with heart

Hurst Opticians of Ripley offer home visits to private customers and NHS (NHS where applicable). A new selection of children’s and adults’ free frames with NHS vouchers are also now available. Hurst Opticians, High Street, Ripley.


Country Images February 2013


Up to

70% OFF Hurst Opticians

5 / 7 H i g h S t r e e t R i p l e y 01773 748112/744333 FREE Sight Tests for over 60s and children under NHS *Conditions apply, when you order complete frames (frame value £69 or over) and lenses to include single vision, bifocal and varifocal. Terms and conditions apply.

Your Mobile Family Hairdresser

oking Keep that salon leeo k hair every w

Becki Hair

Colouring • Perming Cutting • Styling • Blow dry SPeciAL PeNSiONer rATeS riNG FOr APPOiNTmeNTS

Mobile: 07772 608192

lingerie sale noW on Get r y fo d a e R ’s ntine e l a V Day



Fantastic Sale Bargains upto 50% Off NEW Latest treatment for ACNE

Winter Pyjamas and nightdresses half Price

10% Discount

With this voucher

ExcludEs salE ItEms

Full measuring & fitting service available • No appointment necessary • Personal friendly service stockist of

plus many more

20 church street, riPley, derbyshire de5 3bu

Tel: 01773 740167 open: mon,tues,thurs and fri 9am -5pm, sat 9am-4pm. closed Wednesdays

February 2013 Country Images


Right: Frox Dress Agency in Draycott is Derbyshire’s premier dress agency offering a fabulous range of second hand, designer brand clothes, luxury designer handbags, jewellery and accessories. Quality ladies clothing, handbags and accessories are always wanted. For more details contact Frox 01332 875572, or visit The Courtyard, Draycott Mill, Market Street, Draycott,Derbyshire.

Below: New range of designer Fossil bags now available at the fabulous Leather Shop Belper


with heart


Country Images February 2013

Styleshots Boosted with style activating shots. For epic volume, hi-def curl or extreme straight. Styleshots™have been concocted using a fusion of shape-intensyfying polyquats, which have been cocktailed with benefit agents to create a supersized style.

Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo What’s It For : For limp hair that craves a sizeable boost. What It Does : Volume that lasts upto 24 hours. Powered with a volumising style shot™. This shampoo *Repairs Hair *Boosts Volume *Enhances body and shine

Styleshots Extreme Straight Shampoo What’s It For: Defiant hair that needs to be set straight What It Does: Reduces frizz upto 63% Powered with a straightening styleshot™. This shampoo *Gives you smooth and shiny hair *Is frizz defying

Styleshots Hi-Def Curls Shampoo What’s It For : Troublesome curls that need moisture and definition What It Does :Boost bounce upto 112% Powered with a curling styleshot™. This shampoo *Moisturisers and defines curls *Reduces frizz *Provides humidity resistance

tried&tested Extreme Straight The duo enabled me not to need to straighten my hair. It is absolutely fab! I would highly recommend it! 5/5 VP


Country Images February 2013

Epic Volume The shampoo was the first in ages to leave my hair feeling squeaky clean. The conditioner gave fantastic body but the sweet strawberry fragrance I struggled a little with. 3/5 JP

Hi-Def Curl Shampoo: This is a highly moisturizing shampoo. Infused with a shot of curl booster. The conditioner hydrates your hair and takes away any frizz to leave curls a lot softer and more manageable and bouncy curls. 4/5 CB

Specialist Needlework Shop X-Stitch - Surface Embroidery LoweryWorkstands,Daylight Magnifying Lamps & Bulbs Tapestry DMC • Anchor • Books • Tablecloths • Tapestry Wools • Threads • Frames Hoops • Embroidery Charts • Fabrics • Metallic Threads Established



We are a good wool shop


£20 OFF

7a Church Street, Ripley DE5 3BU Tel: 01773 745824

Headroom Headroom, stockist of Neal and Wolf, She Straighteners and Matrix products.

FEBRUARY OFFER book any colour and get a Manicure ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Only with this voucher. Please mention the offer when booking your appointment so we can book you in for a manicure!

See our gallery at

Call Kelly on 01773 833324

Unit 1,New Lane Galleries,New Street,Alfreton,Derbyshire,DE55 7BP

A contemporary design and traditional craftmanship Rock Fall UK Ltd Major House, Wimsey Way, Alfreton Tr. Est., Alfreton DE55 4LS Mon-Fri: 9.00-5.30 Sat: 9.30-5.00 T: 01773 608616


l a i c e Sp

t n e v E h Launc arch M h t 7 y a d s r Thu 5pm till 8pm e! m o lc e W e n o y Ev e r

98 High Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7BE

w w w . l ash -b r ow -b ar . co. u k /al f r e ton



HALF PRICE Party Lashes


20% OFF All Products


FREE goodie bag with all products purchased


LIVE DEMO of semi permanent makeup at 7pm


3 for 2 on makeup February 2013 Country Images


Below: Sirdar Faroe Super Chunky machine washable wool, comes in a range of softly blended colours. Create this cosy, chunky winter cardigan, using yarn and pattern from The Wool Shop, U-duit, Church Street, Ripley.


with heart Your local wool shop SIRDAR • PATONS • SUBLIME • RICO NORO COLLECTION for

Babies, Children & Grownups

U-duit 7a Church Street, Ripley, DE5 3BU Tel: 01773 745824

PRAMS PRAMS PRAMS You can buy your pram on the net, Give your credit card to people you’ve never met, And as for spares, never mind the repairs, You will have a few grey hairs!

Why pay internet prices when you can see what you’re buying and pay less in store?

We also stock lots of furniture for your nursery at great prices!

Tel: 01159 327 834 38-44 South Street, Ilkeston 80

Country Images February 2013

Images Directory 01773 830344 M Scott




Fitted Kitchens

• All aspects of internal & external joinery • Staircases • Windows & Doors • Flooring & Skirting • Kitchens • Decking

Doors Skirting Boards Stud Walls

Tel/Fax: 01773 820656 Mobile: 07966 296925

1st & 2nd fix joinery Mob:07500 015534

Tel: 01773 602446 Mob: 07960 222298

Tel:01773 747288

The Complete Building Specialist

• New Builds • Roofing • House Extensions • Loft & Garage Conversions • Natural Stone Work • Property Refurbishments • Window Fitting • General Building Work • Driveways & Block Paving • Bathroom & Kitchen Alterations

Contact Dale on

01773 528 726 or 07740 678 687 ALISON BUILDERS offer

Dry Stone Walling Services

All work to full conservation and listed building specifications. Also: Mortared Stone Walling.

For free advice phone 01773 832676 Established 1985

Interior & Exterior Private & Commercial

... from Modernisation to Restoration

• windows and doors • fencing and decking • roofing • kitchens and bathrooms • domestic and commercial • bespoke joinery m: 07917 005 733 t: 01773 749 063


34 George Street Belper


*Reupholstery *Loose Covers *Bespoke *Wide selection of fabrics 1 New Road, Heage. Derbyshire

01773 853338 TOP HAT

Professional Chimney Sweep

Contact Top Hat on

01773 852424


NEW BUILDS • EXTENSIONS Alterations & Renovations • Kitchens & Bathrooms Windows & Doors • Conservatories • Driveways and much more!

Tel: Damian Chamberlain 07930 553138 Email: All aspects of building work Extension Specialists, Alterations & Renovations, Maintenance & Repairs, Upvc Conservatories, Windows & Doors, Soffits & Fascias, Fireplaces, Woodburners & Flues

INVEST IN YOUR HOME. Call now for all your building requirements from concept to completion. Offering high standards of workmanship at prices you can afford.

01773 819933 07980 435236 TELEPHONE, INTERNET, TV AND SKY, EXTRA POINTS FROM £50! Faults / broadband problems fixed or proved to service provider. Wires to external buildings, loud external bells, Ethernet & TV around the house.

Friendly ex BT Engineer. 1 yr guarantee! BT QUALITY 1/2 THE PRICE! Call Dave 07729 037667

MARTIN SHIPMAN Plumbing & Heating



Boiler Breakdowns • Full Central Heating Systems • Bathrooms & Showers • All Aspects of Plumbing • NO VAT



Tel. 01773 744389 Mob. 07776 150274

Regal Joinery Services

UPHOLSTERY RE-UPHOLSTERY REPAIRS All work carried out by our own skilled craftsmen with over 20 years of experience. Home visits a pleasure for a Free Quotation for re-upholstery or furniture repair.

Mobile: 07960 849642 Tel: 01773 856082

• bifold door specialists • traditional sliding and mock sash windows • made to measure windows and doors supplied and fitted • entrance driveway gates • bespoke porches • all joinery work undertaken • bespoke manufacturing of all our joinery products • bespoke kitchens and kitchen fitting • we can also supply and install doors and windows in upvc Please contact us with any of your joinery requirements and we will be happy to help. T:01773 605255 or 07812 998570 or 07791 805407

G.E. Plastering Services Specialists in Damp Proofing Tanking • Rendering and Floor Screeding Skimming and Repair Work • Wall and Floor Tiling Skirting, Boarding and Architraves


Excellence Comes as Standard For all enquiries

Tel: 01773 409591 Mobile 07763 154 870

Prestige Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Coxmoor House Kennels and Cattery

Spotless Service Guaranteed!

Newly designed boarding kennels & cattery to give your much-loved dog or cat a safe and happy environment in which to spend their holiday!

Family Run Business with Over 15 years’ Experience • High Quality Professional Service at Reasonable Prices • Deep Cleaning Service Keeping your Carpets, Curtains & Upholstery in Perfect Condition Covering North East Derbyshire & The Peak District FOR ALL ENQUIRIES

Telephone: 01246 277311 Mobile: 07973 911404

The complete property services plastering, damp proofing, joinery, guttering, decorating, kitchens and bathrooms fitted, all trades covered!

From hanging a door to a full house renovation! fast, friendly & professional service, free estimates and reports.

Matt: 07597 905 804 01773 810804

• CCTV, Alarms & Electric Gates • Secure 4 Acre Exercise Field • Off-lead Exercise • Indoor Agility Course • Grooming Parlour • Free Overnight Practice Stay • Fish Tanks For Evening Viewing

Open Daily 10am – 6pm Viewing 11am-4pm Derby Road (On A611), Kirkby-in-Ashfield, NG17 7QN Tel: 01623 753174

Architects & Planning

Local Builders We can better any quote without compromising on quality

TDB BUILDERS Call Derek on

07812 995634 01773 302222


Norfolk, Blakeney. Lovely 19thC flint cottage. Newly renovated, equipped & furnished. Cosy & warm. Dog welcome. Short Breaks Available

01773 746110

Established 1979 • Why move? Extend your property and invest in your home • Plans drawn to your requirements • Plans and forms completed to council standards • Free estimates

Please call Phil Lingwood

on 01773 742936 or 07811810761


All types of building work undertaken Tel: 01773 828516

Mobile: 07966 207758

A.Eley & Son

Furniture Restorers n Spray Finishes n French Polishing n Upholstery n Kitchen Repolishing n Repairs n Cane Seating

16 Heanor Road, Codnor, Ripley

Telephone: 01773 742103

little a little company for little jobs All our tradesmen are time served in roofing, plastering, joinery, plumbing, electrical & masonry Email:

Tel 07712 773330 or 01773 525328

COLIN GREEN **ROOM REVIVAL** From Papering a Wall to Total Room Refurbishment A Complete Service • Decorating • Joinery, Coving, Dado etc • Electrical Alterations • Laminate Flooring • Kitchen Fitting • Tiling To discuss your requirements and for a free quotation

Tel 01773 605947 or Mobile 07779 291577

DEREK STAPLETON All types of work undertaken, Kitchen Work Top Replacements, Kitchens, Joinery & UPVC work undertaken Over 40 years’ experience (Time served City & Guilds) For free quotations please call

01773 836145 07800 928564


Builder Bricklayer 07974 272103 01773 821943 BELPER BASED

Amber Valley Driveways For a professional finish on: Blockpaving • Fencing Tarmac drives & paths laid Patios & slabbing • Excavation • Power jet cleaning for drives, patios, block paving etc.

Phone Brendan on

01773 857341 07521 516272

07870 642169 All types of general building work, re-pointing, plastering, brickwork and general alterations undertaken.

No job too small FREE QUOTES

01773 301922

J H JOINERY SERVICES LTD Loft Conversion Specialist Over 20 years’ experience All joinery work undertaken Kitchens and Bedrooms fitted UPVC windows doors and conservatories

For a free quotation call Justin on

T:01773 775166 M:07815 287092

Complete Plastering Even the small jobs count! Roofing

Re-roofs, slating, re-bedding chimney pots, lead flashing, re-bedding ridge tiles, roof repairs, cleaning roofs

All Plastering, Artex Cover-ups, Repair work, Coving, Drylining & Insurance work undertaken

Driveway Specialists Over 30 Years’ Experience


Fencing timber/concrete, flagstones, slabbing, block paving, tarmacing


Re-pointing chimney stacks and walls, soffit & fascias, gutter

Insurance work undertaken For your free quotation please call Darren Hutsby on

07912 691958 01773 522927


COMPETITIVE PRICES • FULLY INSURED Fast, friendly, no mess, reliable services

Call Anthony for a free no obligation quote & advice

Tel: 01773 512209 or 07902 272541



Win a 1 Month All Inclusive Adult Membership to kinetika Gym, worth over £70!


Electrical Services • All types of electrical work • Domestic and commercial • Re-wire, additional sockets • Testing and inspection to BS2391 • Telephone and data cabling • Periodic inspections

01773 743014

The membership entitles you to unlimited use of the swimming pool, gym, workout classes and off peak racquet sports at either Alfreton, Ripley or William Gregg VC Leisure Centres in Amber Valley.

• Landlords reports • PAT Testing • All work guaranteed

Just find the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire village in the crossword below and send the place name on a postcard to: Crossword Comp. Country Images, Unit 5, Keys Road, Alfreton, Derbys DE55 7FQ or via email to: Entries to reach us by February 16th 2013

Mob 07974 024468



Distributors required for Country Images in the following areas:



Please contact Garry on 01773 830344 or email







12 13






19 23




27 29







Ripley, Underwood, Selston, Denby Village and Duffield.









39 40




Across: 1 Have the last one! 4 Covered passages 9 Largest 10 Surface of the toe 12 Live 13 He was paranoid 15 Joining companies 17 That hurt! 18 Flightless bird 19 Cid! 20 Yemenites’ home 23 Humility 26 Steal 28 Get off ship 30 Wandered away 32 Small company 33 Boat accessory 34 Shivering! 36 Goes on 39 Dennis! 40 Incredible 41 Outrage 42 Someone who wanders the countryside 43 A hot one! Down: 1 Place for books 2 Encouraged 3 Barn dance 4 Hillside fortress 5 Favoured condition 6 Directed 7 Avoid 8 Only 11 Poem 14 Young deer 16 Happy 21’_ it is 22 Gang 24 Optical character recognition 25 Fasten 27 Alright 28 Far away 29 Unpleasant smell 30 A Welsh one maybe 31 Show off 33 Stare at 35 Period 37 Early copy 38 Finished February 2013 Country Images


On The Open Road When thoughts turn to holidays, why not take a closer look at getting out onto the open road. More and more people are taking to the open road in their motor-homes and caravans. The rise in sales of these vehicles over the last few years is evidence that this is an expanding market. The luxury levels in these latest mobile homes is quite exceptional. Gone are the days of going to a cold toilet block in the middle of a field as these homes now come equipped with flushing toilets, hot showers, double glazing and central heating. All the mod cons that you have at home but this time out in the countryside. What could be better than flinging open the door of your mobile home or caravan and just breathe in fresh country air at any one of hundreds and sites around the country. Britain has some fantastic scenery to be enjoyed and motor-homes and caravans can open up new vistas for the adventurous holidaymaker. The initial

investment in a mobile home or caravan can be quite high, but don’t let that put you off, remember this is a long term investment and will afford you the opportunity to take not only your main holidays but afford you many delightful weekends away and the second hand market is buoyant too with many bargains to be found, If you are a current owner and love the caravan and motorhome that you have, then it may be time to look at refitting your vehicle. When you have invested in a van, it is not always the best option to trade it in. It is possible to upgrade your vehicle with the latest bathroom equipment, central heating, carpet, cooker etc. It also very important for your vehicle to have a regular service. Brakes, tyres, electrics and plumbing all need to be kept in tip top condition. Whatever route you choose you are assured of the most relaxing holiday possible.

Treat your Caravan and get ready for your Summer Holidays! Caravan and Motorhome Servicing including:-

Derbyshire's leading caravan repair service

Full Servicing. Habitation Servicing. Chassis Servicing Inc Brakes. Shower tray repairs in-situ now available. Smart Repairs on Caravans, Motorhomes and Cars. Accident Repairs. Damp Repair Specialists. Caravan Tyres supplied, and fitted. Insurance Work Undertaken. Caravan/motorhome worktop repairs now available using the Konig repair syatem. Visit our website for more information on any of the services we offer.

Call Sarah or Chris for friendly advice on

01773 513823 86

Country Images February 2013

Or call in to our workshop at Prospect Court, Nottingham Road, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3AY

Here are

Adria at Geoff Cox

Adria’s range of Crossover motorhomes - the Matrix family give you the best of all available solutions. Externally an eye catching, streamlined low-profile motorhome that boasts excellent aerodynamics delivering impressive low fuel consumption figures. Whilst internally providing the flexibility of multiple sleeping berths with permanent full size beds.Solid durable polyester construction will stand the test of time and all weather conditions that you may experience when you are on your vacation whilst stylish graphics add that touch of modern elegance that ensures you will always turn heads and be remembered. Re-inventing the way that we produce and use motorhomes, the Matrix family is leading the way in the future design and practical usage of our leisure time. The Matrix Family – the motorhome range of true stature and elegance. The Adria range is available from Geoff Cox, Derby Road Denby




All motorhomes ar e brand new and unr are unregistered egistered and come with 3 years warranty and 2 years Eur European break down. W We number, so why wait any longer with this excellent opportunity to purchase one of e only have a limited number Eur ope’s top awar d winning motorhomes with mor e specification than you would expect, at a price you wouldn’ Europe’s award more wouldn’t.





NOW £42,995

SAVE £9895


NOW £48,000


SAVE SA VE £12662

Motorhome Dealer of the Year

Best Newcomer of the year

Runner up 2012

Winner 2011

NOW £43,995

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For further information contact us on: (01332) 781562 or e-mail FORWARDS:TOGETHER

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Don’t get caught out this winter All weather tyres now in for cars and vans • Tyres, Exhausts & Brakes • Performance, Budget, 4 X 4 • Commercial & Agricultural • Top Brands At Low Prices • Repairs, Servicing & MOTs • Genuine Honest Advice & Value

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H.J.Morris Motors Ltd. Established in Alfreton for 25 years!

MOTs - £33.99 Service & MOT - £99

Servicing & Repairs For All Vehicles • Cars • Vans • Light Commercial • Classic Cars • Brake & Clutch • Car Engine Tuning & Conversion Gear Box Repairs • Steering • Vehicle Inspection

Unit 1A, Monk Road, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7RL

Te l : ( 0 1 7 7 3 ) 8 3 6 5 1 1 Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8.30–5.30pm Sat 8.30–12.30pm


Country Images February 2013

Derby’s Premier Independent Jaguar Service Centre An alternative to servicing at a main dealership Collection and delivery to suit you X Type, S Type, XF and XJ fixed price menu Servicing from £210.00


208 GTi

Following it’s successful launch the new Peugeot has rejuvenated the diverse Supermini car segment. The 208 has been an instant success and the 208 GTi will deliver even stronger desirability with exhilaration, performance and panache. Intended for demanding individuals, 208 GTi owners will benefit from sophisticated choices of the materials and colours employed. The car’s dynamism is expressed first of all by its external identity, specific and immediately recognisable, due to its characteristic posture. Defined on a widened track by 10mm at the front and 20mm at the rear, these three-door models are specially identified by bodywork components which enhance the overall effect, with wheels that hug the arches and with body sills and wing extensions that enhance its visual appearance.

section and the 208 GTi offers a unique ambiance themed with red highlights. The dashboard houses a high-mounted instrument panel with an innovative and distinctive light signature. Echoing the LED functions of the headlamps, the dials are surrounded with satin chrome beads backlit by LEDs, whereas the needles move on a brushed aluminium background.The passenger compartment is also punctuated with carefully designed components. So, the vents, the side decorations of the touchscreen, the dashboard decoration, the steering wheel insert, the seat belts, the front and rear door crossbars all blend with the same interior ambiance. The aluminium pedal bracket and footrest provide the final touch to this technological and refined interior.

Particularly eye catching and visible both by day and night, the light signature of the front face is refined by new halogen headlamps, equipped with a latest generation light guide. These carefully designed lamps with a rectangular internal structure use LED technology for the directional indicators and daytime lighting. Tightly enclosing the main beam headlamps, the floating trim of which calls to mind a cat's pupil, they give the expression of an iris.

The driver is well supported in the cossetting seat structure, harnessed in black seat belts (with red edging) allowing an excellent driving position that is clear and comfortable. The feet naturally find the aluminium pedals and footrest, the heels in contact with the unique 208 GTi floor mats with black surround and again, overstitched in red. Intuitively, the hands rest on the small black full grain perforated leather steering wheel with red overstitching. The left hand easily and naturally finds the aluminium gear lever knob, with red side insert and the overstitched leather handbrake lever.

Attention to detail has also taken precedence in the design of the passenger compartment, to create a most pleasant environment. This applies even when stationary as it becomes evident at first glance when the door is opened, revealing the aluminium sill stamped with the Peugeot name. Dark colour schemes exist throughout the upper

The 208 GTi delights its driver with an incisive driving experience due to the involving chassis dynamics, providing superb driving sensations. Springs, calibration of the shock absorbers, anti-roll bar, enhanced front subframe and rear crossmember rigidity, plus that the suspension and wheels are specific to this latest Peugeot GTi.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has published the first official image of its new model Wraith, which will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. The graceful silhouette gives expression to a bold and thoroughly contemporary luxury motor car. Flowing lines hint at the extraordinary power and dynamic promise of the most powerful Rolls-Royce in history, yet also highlight design cues that can be traced through the model generations. Rolls-Royce Wraith evokes the pioneering spirit and lust for adventure that drove company forefather the Honourable Charles Rolls - the consummate gentleman racer. But like Rolls, Wraith will also be steeped in the trappings of luxury and opulence.

February 2013 Country Images


Land of Chaos A comedian on TV recently said that every man has a drawer in the house where he puts things that he will ‘use one day’. It appears I have one (or two). There is a simple procedure that leads to this drawer getting fuller over a period of time. I replace a padlock but keep the old key just in case and so it goes on.

In a quiet moment I sneaked into the kitchen just to check on my Man Drawer to see what stupid things I had saved. I tried to open the drawer but it got stuck, like it always does on the small circular brush attachment that fits onto a floor cleaner that we no longer own. Silently(!) opening the drawer I espied things that had lurked in corners for years and never seen the light of day. There were batteries from a Ferguson video remote control, discarded because they were flat and also because the video was scrapped in 1993. Other batteries were there but I’m not sure if they’re flat. I found two padlocks, locked with no keys, I had obviously reversed the pattern. A block of extremely good snooker chalk, it’s about 10 years since I last played snooker, but it will come in handy if I decide to threaten The Crucible with my presence - so that goes back into the drawer (same mistake you see). Two plastic feet for a fridge that we had three houses ago are lurking within - I will throw them away. Wax for the bow of a violin, however I cannot play a violin and have never owned a violin! I will phone Nigel Kennedy. There were three tape measures, one of them a present from Peter the landlord of The Dog Inn, Pentrich in 1998. The strange thing is, there is never one in there when I look. Lo and behold I found a Nokia mobile – broken but you never know when you might need one, do you? The sad thing is I couldn’t resist trying to switch it on just to see. Then getting distracted I rushed to another room and rooted through a basket full of computer and phone leads to see if I still had the charger – nope, that’s gone. I wonder if anyone has got a spare? This is the thinking process of the man drawer – you just never know when it will become useful. A rubber belt that must fit something in the house, I’m sure that it

Talk on Life by GP

came as a spare for something but I can’t quite remember what. Could it belong to the floor cleaner along with the circular brush attachment that stops the drawer opening? Rummaging about I also came across some hair clippers which sent a shudder down my spine as I remembered the village barber tearing my hair out by the root with a similar implement. Goodness knows why he used clippers. Flooding back came my penny pinching attempt at cutting the kids’ hair, only to take a chunk out of my son’s ear and being banned from doing it after that (not taking chunks out but cutting their hair). I haven’t the heart to throw them away, they are full of happy(!) memories and pieces of ear..... Ah the spare key for the Vauxhall Carlton that I owned back in 1990. If I see the current owners I can give it to them. That can go with the spare padlock key. Next an allen key, well 6 of them. That must be my DIY days coming back. Talking of keys there is one for a clock. Now I’ve tried all the clocks in the house but it doesn’t fit any of them. Oh and one for a gas meter cupboard which we had 2 houses ago. Other things included: two radiator keys, I can never normally find one but two is a bonus; a pack of used Stanley knife blades, what use are rusty ones?; a spanner to tighten the studs on football boots. I hung up my boots years ago at about the same time as Stanley Matthews; 12 inches of string; 3 packs of picture hooks; a Swiss army pen knife – now that’s a really useful find. Well it would be if it still had all the blades; oil for the aforementioned clippers; a heavy brass finial that screwed onto a fire grate long since gone. But it’s great as a plumb bob when wallpapering. That must go with the string so that’s staying. I have decided that keys are my fetish. As a young man my hobby was trying to open friends’ cars with my invincible set of collected old keys. I must point out that this was not with a view to pinching them but it was only to see if I could do it whilst they were there. A couple of months ago a friend of mine visited and realised he had left his keys in the car and the doors were locked. Nipping into the garage for a bendy ruler we were in the car in seconds, long before his wife had got through to the AA. Ah the old skills were coming back. The interesting thing is that the car is relatively new. I would have thought modern cars were far more secure than a Hillman Imp. A good hour later I was quite proud of my drawer tidying ability as I pushed the drawer smoothly in and out. I couldn’t wait to show my wife my drawer tidying feat as I am always in trouble for putting small change, receipts and bills in my underwear drawer. Most of the stuff is still there though because you never know when the barbers will be closed! But at least the drawer opens without catching on the stupid round brush attachment, you see I worked out that if it was laid flat it would fit easier!


Country Images February 2013

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Country Images Magazine - DERBY EDITION - Feb13

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