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The most creative senior portraits you can get. Your senior portrait is the most important photo you’ll ever have taken. You want to choose the senior photographer who can make you look your very best. If you want the most creative, unique and fun senior portrait experience ever, Image Projections in Grand Ledge is your only choice. At Image Projections, you’ll get: • Portraits that don’t look like anyone else’s • Stunning images like nothing you’ve seen before • Innovative, timeless photographic styles • Professional, friendly and responsive service • Outstanding value for your hard-earned money Your photographers, Carol and Ron Nichols, are recognized by their peers as two of the nation’s leading senior photographers. It’s not hard to see why when you look at the images in this brochure. Compare them with those from any other studio—when you do, there’s really no comparison. Carol and Ron are leaders because they’re never satisfied, and always looking to innovate, improve, and bump their game up. They’re not just a follower of trends—they start them! That’s why your portraits at Image Projections have that creative edge you won’t find anywhere else.

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My Stuff Shoot

Why your portraits will look better at Image Projections. 1. Awesome poses that make you look good but don’t make you look like everybody else. No assembly line photography here. Carol and Ron respect the uniqueness of each senior they photograph. You’ll look better than you ever thought possible! 2. Soft, flattering lighting that brings out your best features. Carol and Ron have developed a sophisticated lighting system that makes you look like a magazine model. They have a commercial studio, pro equipment and the know-how and experience to make you look great. 3. The most variety in photographic style options. Studio? Outdoors? Urban scenes? Park or beach location? How about with your instrument, uniform, pet or hobby? At Image Projections, you choose the photo shoots that best fit your personality. 4. No cheesy, outdated effects or backgrounds. Take a look at your friends who didn’t didn’t use Image Projections. See a lot of dull, boring, old-school backgrounds? Awkward poses? Fake smiles? Your senior portraits don’t have to look that way—and at Image Projections, they won’t! 5. The most skilled Photoshopping you’ll find anywhere (and all at no extra cost). As a matter of fact, Ron has taught portrait retouching to photographers around the world. Note how flawless the complexions look, without that hazy, plasticky look most studios give you. We make you look great, but still like you! 6. Senior portraits you will be proud of. You have your portraits made for right now, but you’re also going to have them for the rest of your life. An Image Projections senior photograph is one you will enjoy as much in ten years as you will right now.

Your senior portraits are much too important to trust to anyone else. Call for your appointment today! 888-385-4007 or 517-627-2159

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How an Image Projections photo shoot is different. First and foremost, Carol will spend time with you before the shoot discussing exactly the kinds of photos you want. You can bring pictures to show her what you like. She listens! (Oh—and she listens to parents, as well.) During your photo shoot, you will be amazed as Ron and Carol perform their magic. Every pose, every expression is natural; it just feels right. They know that in order for you to look good when you’re being photographed, you have to feel good first. And they know how to help even the most camera-shy seniors feel great, and look their very best. In fact, many seniors comment how on how it hardly even seemed like they were being photographed at all! Your confidence will be boosted once they show you a few of the creations on the iPad right during the shoot.

This is what separates Image Projections from all other photographers. Some seniors think if someone has a ‘good camera,’ then they can take good pictures. Of course, it’s not the camera that takes the pictures—only the skill, knowledge and creativity of the person behind the camera can get the shot.

That’s why it’s never a good idea to trust your once-in-a-lifetime portrait to a once-ina-while photographer.

Real Portraits by Real Pros They’ve got game!

The Extreme Shoot

Choose your own custom photo shoots. Each of these photo shoots allows you to customize your photos so you get just what you and your parents want. Most seniors choose two to four shoots for maximum variety. Minimum 20–24 poses per photo shoot. 1. Studio. $69 Get a traditional, yearbook, and casual look in our state-of-theart camera room. Closeup or full length, hundreds of backgrounds to fit your style. Most seniors choose Studio as one of their photo shoots. 2. Downtown. $69 Urban street scenes and edgy back alley looks done just a short walk from the studio. Our most popular photo shoot. 3. The Ledges. $69 Beautiful vistas on Grand Ledge’ s famous ledges. Stunning environmental backgrounds unique to Grand Ledge.

Downtown Shoot

4. The Island. $69 Just a short walk from the studio, this photo shoot features the historic island, the Grand River and the island bridge. 5. Your Stuff. $69 Music, sports, hobbies, pets and other activities done in our studio. If you do it, we can shoot it! 6. NEW! The Extreme. $169 On-location action shots of you doing what you do best. Football in the stadium. Swimming in the pool. Rocking your instrument on stage. A mid-air jump with your bike or ATV. In a field with your horse. Blasting out of a sand trap. Doing a slam dunk on the court. With the Extreme photo shoot, you’ll get magazine quality images you’ll treasure for the rest of your life!

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The Ledges Shoot

Studio Shoot

Image Projections portraits fit in your budget. In addition to all the variety you get in your photographs, you also have more choices than anywhere else in selecting the portraits you want to own. At Image Projections, there are no minimum orders—you get exactly what you want, with no hassles, no high-pressure sales, ever. You may choose gift portraits individually or create your own package. We have a full range of gift portraits, wall images, canvas and metal prints, frames, photo books, collages, wallets and even graduation announcements. Some seniors spend $300, a few spend $3000—but what you get is up to you! Just contact us for full pricing information. Payments at Image Projections are easy. You pay a $100 deposit when you schedule your appointment. Your photos are ready to see a few days after your shoot (but mom can watch them come up on an iPad as we shoot). Most seniors place their order right in our high-tech presentation room or you can take them home to decide if you leave a $395 deposit, which goes towards your finished order. If your order is more than that, half of the balance is due when you make your final selections, and the other half is not due until you pick everything up. Payment plans are also available. Of course, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We can even do payment plans if that helps you! At Image Projections, we do everything possible to make your senior portraits both convenient and affordable for almost any budget.

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Summer is a great time to SAVE on Senior Portraits Schedule’s quickly book up for student’s and the studio as the fall approaches so we’re offering great discounts in July and August. Save $100 in July and August. We’re giving all seniors a $100 credit if you are photographed in those months and place your portrait order at your scheduled ordering session.

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