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VALINDO GROUP is a leading Portuguese textile and clothing manufacturer, wich includes a set of operating companies, specialized in different segments of industry. GIRANDOLA is Valindo's strongest brand, targeted at baby and children segments and generating in excess of 14 million euros/ year. GIRANDOLA brand is already distributed in key markets such as the most of the countries European Union, and North America. By the end of 2010 we reached the GCC countries. Sales outside Portugal already account for 45% of brand's turnover. Given the attractiveness and growing perpectives of new potential markets, this presentation outlines Valindo’s approach in selecting new partners for GIRANDOLA...

Company Overview 4

VALINDO GROUP was founded in 1964 and has its operations based in the north of Portugal (Fafe region, close to Porto); As a result of its growth and success, specialized operating companies were created over the time to address specific sets of activities and market segments; VALINDO GROUP generates today a total turnover of 35 million euros and employs a staff team of 500 people; Despite its size, VALINDO GROUP remains a business with a strong family culture, anchored to the credibility reputation wich the Gonçanves’family enjoys in the sector. Its companies are certified according with the Quality Management Systems NP EN ISSO 9001:2000 standard.

Girandola Stores 6

Brand 10

National Market / Exclusive Boutiques Approximately 60% of brand sales are generated in Portugal, where, in addition to independent retailer channel, Valindo also runs 20 GIRANDOLA exclusive Boutiques. And 3 outlet stores.

Braga Porto (3) Ovar Águeda

Mirandela Vila Real Lousada Viseu Covilhã

Coimbra Castelo Branco

Ponte de Sor Torres Vedras Lisboa (6)


Brand 12

Brand National Market / Franchise Boutiques Adding to the 20 stores runned by Valindo there, are 21 franchise GIRANDOLA Boutiques. And based on its continuous growing national coverage strategy VALINDO is already planning to open 12 new stores.



Brand 14

International Market The 50 GIRANDOLA agents have a portfolio of 2200 customers, which are fashionable and multibrand leader shops in their own markets.

12 Franchise Stores •  Spain

•  Israel

•  Azerbaijan

•  Norway

•  Malte

•  Bulgaria

•  USA

•  Saudi Arabia

•  Greece

•  Tunisia

•  Turkey

Brand 16

Collections GIRANDOLA has two seasonal collections: SPRING/SUMMER and AUTUMN/WINTER The collections is structured in tree age ranges: Baby – 0 to 24 months Mini – 6 to 48 months Junior – 3 to 12 years old

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