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Kimberly Tanner

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THE HOPYARD VOICE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dan Sweeney, President dsweeney@hazelland.com 540-891-1091 Melanie Smith, Secretary msmith@hazelland.com Chris Smith, Director cwshopyard@gmail.com WEBSITE www.TownSq.io MANAGEMENT Debbie Sutton, Community Manager 5888 Coakley Dr., King George, VA 22485 540-775-8350 hopyardfarm@verizon.net COMMUNITY MGMT. CORP. 4840 Westfields Blvd, Suite 300 Chantilly, VA 20153 703-631-7200 or 800-262-3090 BACKYARD WILDLIFE COMMITTEE Dee Garner, Chair deaniebg@aol.com COVENANTS COMMITTEE Marietto Jeffries, Chair Mariettoj@hotmail.com FINANCE COMMITTEE Chris Werle, Chair cwerle1@verizon.net POOL & REC COMMITTEE Ainsilie Hibbard, Chair hopyardfarmpr@gmail.com

The Hopyard Voice is published by Endrizzi Advertising Agency and mailed free of charge to the residents of Hopyard Farm in King George, VA. Articles editorials, letters and advertisements do not reflect the opinions of the editor, publisher, residents or Board of Directors of the Hopyard Farm Property Owners Association. The publisher reserves the right to edit and reject any and all editorial and advertising submitted for publication in the Hopyard Voice. Every effort has been made to prevent typographical errors, however, Endrizzi Advertising Agency cannot be held responsible for typographical or grammatical errors as all printed editorials are submitted to Endrizzi Advertising Agency and not written by Endrizzi Advertising Agency or any employee of Endrizzi Advertising Agency.

All rights reserved. Reproduction of material, both editorial and advertising, is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher.

IMPORTANT COMMUNITY PHONE NUMBERS: Animal Control......................................540-775-2120 Building Permits & Inspections.......540-775-7111 L.E. Smoot Memorial Library............540-775-2147 King George Sheriff's Office.............540-775-2049 Solid Waste & Recycling (Landfill)...540-775-3267 KG Parks & Recreation........................540-775-4FUN Service Authority..................................540-775-2746 Dominion Virginia Power...................866-366-4357 Fire, Rescue Emergency Services....540-775-8900 Copyright 2018 Endrizzi Advertising Agency

We have enjoyed bringing you this magazine over the years. Unfortunately, this is the last issue we will publish. We hope to find a new publisher for the future, so please stay tuned! 540-775-2458 / Info@HopyardVoice.com www.HopyardVoice.com Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 2

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Important Reminders from the Office Submitted by Debbie Sutton, Community Manager | Email: hopyardfarm@verizon.net

MANAGER'S MESSAGE Happy Fall Ya’ll! Now is the time to work on your lawn for next Spring. Fall is the perfect time to add compost, aerate and seed your lawn. You may also notice mold/mildew/algae appearing on your siding, fencing and roof shingles. You will want to make sure this is cleaned and removed. Take a look at your asphalt driveway does it need to be sealed? Sealing your asphalt will help to maintain the life expectancy. Remember it is much less expensive to maintain rather than replace. A simple and inexpensive maintenance item to look at is painting your mailbox post. It takes just a few minutes and a small can of exterior white paint. As a reminder, please do not leave your trash cans in your driveway or on the side of your home unless in an approved enclosure. Please make sure trash is secured so it does not end up in your neighbor’s yard or our Common Areas. Pets must be on a leash at all times and you MUST clean up after your pet. The Board Meeting this October has been changed from Thursday, October 18th to Thursday, October 11th . The Board will be voting on the 2019 Budget. We hope you can attend. Our Website and EBlast system have been replaced with Town Square. Remember Facebook is NOT an official

communication tool of the Association. Have you registered for Town Square? Your account is already set-up and you need to go to www.townsq.io. There is a link to log in and create an account using your account number and zip code. Your account number is located on your coupon, account statement or you may contact me at hopyardfarm@verizon.net. You can make your online E-Check and Credit Card payment in Town Square. There is a service fee charged by the bank for this convenience. Please note payments posted using the online payment are not immediate since it takes 2-3 days for the payment to arrive at the Association’s bank. An alternative to this is to sign up for Direct Debit. This service is provided by CMC at no cost to you. A Direct Debit form can be obtained by emailing me at hopyardfarm@verizon.net or on Town Square. With Direct Debit any assessment increases will be automatic. With online payments you must manually update any increases. Town Square allows you to control your account and how much or how little you wish others to see. You can send a message to me, view community announcements, participate in community polls and view community documents. If you are an investor-owner, or otherwise do not occupy the home, please furnish me with your correct mailing address for future correspondence, and a copy of a lease as required by the governing documents. As an owner of your home, it is your responsibility to ensure that your tenant is aware of the rules and regulations of the Association and complies with them. Any notice of violation will be sent directly to you. Tenants can also register for Town Square, however they do have limited access to information such as your Account and Association documents.

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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE President | dsweeney@hazelland.com Submitted by Dan Sweeney,

Autumn is now upon us – where did the summer go? We’ve certainly had plenty of rain this year, and I’m hoping that’s not a sign of a hard winter coming our way! I want to take a moment to congratulate our Hopyard Hammerheads on their Division WIN this year! We are proud of your accomplishments and wish you continued success. GO HAMMERHEADS! Although school has been ongoing since August, I’m sending a friendly reminder to watch your speed when driving throughout the community. We have lots of children in the neighborhood – many that ride the school bus each day – and I’d like them to feel safe as they enter and exit their buses. Please obey the posted speed limits! If you are new to Hopyard Farm, I’d like to say “Welcome Home!” Hopyard is a wonderful community with a very active Homeowners Association. If you want to get involved with your HOA or get to know your new neighbors, please consider joining a committee – we have five of them: Backyard Wildlife Management, Communications, Covenants, Finance, and Pool and Recreation, and there is always room for more members.

If interested, please contact Debbie Sutton at Hopyard Hall to pick-up an application. As always, a friendly reminder to those of you who walk your pets: please remember to pick-up behind them so your neighbors can enjoy their walks too. The Board appreciates the effort from those of you who already do – and so does the community! Please note that the October 2018 Board Meeting was rescheduled to Thursday, 10/11/2018, at 7:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there! In closing, I’d like to take a moment and thank Melissa Endrizzi and Endrizzi Advertising Agency for their efforts in publishing the Hopyard Voice over the past three years. I am sad to say that the October Hopyard Voice will be the last publication from them. I think we can all agree that the publication was a huge success and one that will be greatly missed! Thank-you, Melissa and Endrizzi Advertising Agency! We’ve enjoyed each issue and will miss you – but look forward to seeing you at the HOA meetings.

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540-775-2250 9305 kings highway king george, va 22485 before you operate, before you medicate, regenerate! Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 5

Dan Sweeney


A very interesting resident of Hopyard Farms is Kimberly Tanner. Kimberly lives here with her fish, a Betta named Gitmo. She often takes Gitmo on her travels using the lidded cup that came with Gitmo as his “travel trailer” and sits safely in the cars cup-holder. Kimberly works in IT Cyber Logistics for the Marine Corps. She is also a former Marine that was stationed at Quantico. Thank you for your service! Kimberly is not too fond of the long daily commute but realizes it’s a necessary evil she must endure for the rewards of living at Hopyard. Some day Kimberly plans to retire and complete her quest for a PhD in Security. A native of New Jersey, Kimberly enjoys traveling, outdoor sports include camping, or as she puts it, glamping, a relatively new term meaning glamorous camping. Most of her glamping is at destinations within four hours of home, but she sometimes likes to wander a little farther. Her last trip was to Delaware and she hopes to make a future trip to Cherokee, NC. Most of her trips are taken on long weekends to state and federal parks. Sometimes

she enjoys taking her nephew, niece, sister or a friend along for the adventure, and of course, Gitmo tags along sometimes as well. She has discovered that a successful glamping trip requires that she make reservations about six months in advance to obtain the best site. It makes a good winter project planning her trips and making all the reservations required to various destinations. Prior to moving to Hopyard, Kimberly lived in Stafford. She heard about a Hopyard Open House BBQ and decided to check it out, several times. She said they had the best food ever, so she was encouraged to take a look at one of the models. After some tough negotiations she was able to get a fair deal on a home. She’s lived here now for about 11 years. Her favorite attraction at Hopyard is the boat ramp where she often visits. At home she enjoys keeping her butterfly garden full of beautiful flowers to continuously attract a variety of butterfly species. She also enjoys keeping up with her edible landscaping, planting various vegetables that provide beautiful flowers followed by colorful edible produce.

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King George High School Drama Club proudly presents:

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 7

King George Parks and Recreation

It’s That Beautiful Time of the Year! by Tim Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation Friday, October 19 – KGPR The Great Pumpkin Race at Barnesfield Park. Fun begins at 6:30p.m. To register, please call 540-775-4386 In addition to the athletic and non-athletic programs offered (see parks and recreation programs on our new website or come by the Citizens Center and pick up a copy of our program guide; all elementary school children will be provided a copy to bring home) King George County Parks and Recreation offers or participates in several special events. Here is a sampling of several events taking place in the upcoming months. For everyone interested, young to the young-at-heart, there are several special events that are offered in the Fall season. While some are geared to the young, others may be geared to the over 21 crowd; somehow they all tend to encourage family participation. The Fall Festival is the largest and longest running community event. Celebrating 60 years, this second Saturday in October event (October 13) starts off with its annual parade. See approximately 100 units travel Route 3 from the Courthouse area to the entrance of the King George High School. At the High School, check out the arts and crafts, games, exhibits, music and food available. For more information on the Fall Festival and a time schedule, visit their website at www. kgfallfestival.com

Friday/Saturday in latter part of October - King George Family’s Annual YMCA Creepy Crawly Halloween event. For more info about dates and times please call 540-775-9622. Thursday, October 25 – KGPR Halloween FunFest at the Citizens Center from 6:00p.m - 8:00p.m. November 17 & 18 – Annual Craft Fair and Holiday Bazaar at the Citizens Center. Sunday, December 2 – annual Courthouse Holiday and Tree Lighting Ceremony December 20 – Santa Supper at the Citizens Center. As with any special event, dates and times are subject to change due to weather conditions or others factors; therefore, it is advisable to phone or check with the sponsoring organization’s website for updated or additional information. In closing, remember, Take a Day to Play. For more information on parks and recreation please contact Parks and Recreation at 540-775-4386 or follow us on our website at https:// secure.rec1.com/VA/king-george-va/catalog

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Real Estate Listings in Hopyard Farm

Information brought to you by Jon Snow

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 12

Community Corner CLUBHOUSE RENTALS Reserve Your Space Early! $300.00 Deposit (Non-Alcohol Events) $600.00 Deposit (w/ Alcohol) *ABC Permits May Be Required Rental Fee is $100.00 Per Hour and Available on a First Come First Serve Basis to Homeowners in Good Standings. Please contact Debbie Sutton, Community Manager for more information.

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 13

ATTENTION ALL HOPYARD KIDS! We will draw 5 random winners for a 2-pack of tickets to:

Winners Must Be Hopyard Residents. Entries must be received by Thursday, October 25, 2018 and winners will be announced on Friday, October 26, 2018.


Hopyard Voice 6101 McCarthy Dr. King George, VA 22485

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 14

Congratulations August/September Yard of the Month


Johnson ~ Spinnaker Lane Powell ~ Spinnaker Lane Spruiel ~ Hopyard Drive Clarke ~ McCarthy Drive Deuisch/Lal ~ Emerald Drive Krinzman/Becker ~ Emerald Drive Young ~ Spinnaker Lane Khan ~ Weems Drive Wallace ~ Weems Drive Paynard ~ Spinnaker Lane

5329 Longbow

Damron ~ Hawser Drive

HOA Approved Applications 5346 Longbow Road ~ Egress Windows 5260 Longbow Road ~ Patio-Sitting Wall 11785 Bakers Lane ~ Deck 6133 Hawser Drive ~ Paver Patio-Portico Entrance 5078 Spinnaker Lane ~ Deck 5210 Weems Drive ~ Shed 11799 Fullers Lane ~ Front Door Color Change 5236 Longbow Road ~ Paver Patio 5100 Spinnaker Lane ~ Deck 5832 Coakley Drive ~ Hot Tub-Shed 11423 Ianthas Way Brought to you by the Backyard Wildlife Committee

6125 Hawser Drive ~ Front Door Color Change 5248 Longbow Road ~ Fence 5499 Weems Drive ~ Shed

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 15

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 16

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 17

Submitted by:

Ruby A. Brabo, At-Large District Supervisor rubyb@co.kinggeorge.state.va.us

Keeping up with the Jones’s just for the sake of doing so or increasing your debt payments just because you desire to own the shiny brand new latest and greatest are not very sound fiscal practices and most often result in fiscal stress. This is not just the reality of most families today, but is the same reality we face with the county budget. For the past two and half years, the Supervisors have made it a priority to stop borrowing for the shiny brand new just because that had been the trend for decades just because we had the capacity to do so. We have cash funded everything on the County and Service Authority side except for the middle school expansion which was cheaper than building a new elementary school. As the needs of the county grow along with that requires expansion for some departments and updating for older buildings, we will focus on what is the most cost effective manner to accomplish those goals without incurring mass debt just because the shiny brand new toy looks more appealing when in actuality, the functionality is the same once the renovation of the older toy is completed. If we are to ever get our debt load under control and keep our tax rate low, then we hope citizens who understand this methodology will help to explain it to others. The Capitol Improvement Process begins September 11th at 6:30pm. I encourage citizen participation from the very first meeting.

MEDIUM PRIORITY PROJECTS: • Tennis Court Reconstruction • Barnesfield Park Lighting • Financial System Software • Fire and Rescue Facilities • Radio Communications System for Sheriff’s Office • County Server Replacement LOW PRIORITY PROJECTS: • Sealston Sports Complex Phase III • Community Recreation Center There are many more projects on the radar. Those you see here are just a taste of what the county is working on bringing to our community. This is where your tax dollars go and this is why it is critical that the citizens have a voice in determining the priorities, because you can directly influence the growth of the county. Be sure to attend the upcoming CIP meetings.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN FY 19- FY 23 The county has several projects in the works aimed to help improve the overall quality of life within our county. Keep in mind, many of these projects are long term and some are of greater priority than others. Below is a list of some of the projects. TOP PRIORITY PROJECTS: • Replace courts building • Replacement of EKG/AED monitors for Emergency Services • Employ security cameras for the school system • Replacement of Wildland/brush vehicle for • Emergency Services • Ambulance replacement • Mobile laptop replacement • Microwave radio system and Alarm System for Sheriff’s Office Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 18




for more ideas visit virginia.org 10/1-6 - FALL OPENING OF ST. JAMES HOUSE, St. James House, Fredericksburg

10/20 - A TOAST TO HISTORY AT THE RISING SUN TAVERN, Rising Sun Tavern, Fredericksburg

10/5 - FILM SCREENING: INTELLIGENT LIVES, Fredericksburg Area Museum, Fburg

10/20 - A COLOURFUL JOURNEY HERITAGE BUS TOUR, ohn J. Wright Cultural Center Museum, Spotsylvania

10/1 - WASHINGTON HERITAGE MUSEUMS' SPEAKER SERIES, Central Library, Fredericksburg

10/6 - XLCCVA MONTHLY CRUISE-IN, Harrison Crossing Wendys, Fredericksburg


10/6POP UP FLEA MARKET, Walnut Hills UPC, Fburg 10/7 - ART OPEN AT ADVENTURE BREWING, Adventure Brewing, Fredericksburg

10/11-14 - COLONIAL BEACH BIKE FEST, Town Hill / Boardwalk, Colonial Beach

10/13-14 - EVERYTHING BUT THE GARAGE - INDOOR GARAGE SALE, Fburg Expo & Conference Center, Fredericksburg

10/20 - UPCHURCH THE REDNECK IN CONCERT, The Groove Music Hall, Thornburg

10/26-27 - HALLOWEEN GHOST HUNTING WEEKEND, Belle Grove Plantation, King George 10/25-28 - AIRSHOW/FLY-IN ANNUAL HARVEST FESTIVAL, Shannon Airport, Fredericksburg

10/27 - STRATFORD AFTER DARK, Stratford Hall, Stratford 10/27 - NOT SO WICHES WITCH'S TEA PARTY, Belle Grove Plantation B & B, King George

10/27 - FALL LEAF EXCURSIONS, Rappahannock Railroad Museum, Fredericksburg 10/27 - FALL FESTIVAL & HALLOWEEN GOLF CART PARADE, Town Hill, Colonial Beach

10/13-14 - KING GEORGE FALL FESTIVAL, King George County H.S., King George

10/28 - COLONIAL BEACH URBAN TRAIL RIDE, Downtown Colonial Beach, Colonial Beach

10/13 - FALL COLORS KAYAKING, Stratford Hall, Stratford

11/09-11 - ROCKFISH TOURNAMENT, Colonial Beach Yacht Center, COLONIAL BEACH

10/13 - BUCKCHERRY AT COLONIAL BEACH BIKEFEST 2018, Town Hill, Colonial Beach

111/3 - RECKLESS KELLY IN CONCERT, The Groove Music Hall, Thornburg

10/13 - SECOND SATURDAY - SO SO SOPHIOLA, Frburg Area Museum, Fredericksburg


10/14 - FONDO CYCLING CIRCUIT - Old Mill Park, Fredericksburg

10/14- THE RIVALS: AN 18TH-CENTURY PLAY PERFORMED BY RUDE MECHANICALS, Stratford Hall, Stratford 10/18 - EVENING WITH AN EXPERT: DIVERSITY TODAY, Renwick Building, Fredericksburg

11/10 - CONFEDERATE RAILROAD, The Groove Music Hall, Thornburg 11/11 - THE LONG SHADOW OF J.S. BACH, Gari Melchers Home and Studio, Falmouth

1/22 - THANKSGIVING DINNER AT BELLE GROVE PLANTATION, Belle Grove Plantation B & Breakfast, King George

10/19 - THE BEACH BOYS: LIVE IN CONCERT, Celebrate Virginia After Hours, Fburg

11./23 - HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS AT GARI MELCHERS HOME AND STUDIO, Gari Melchers Home and Studio, Falmouth

10/20-21 - BOWLING GREEN HARVEST FESTIVAL, Town of Bowling Green, Bowling Green

11/30 - HOLIDAY CRAFT SHOW, Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center, Fredericksburg

10/20-21 - FALL HOME & CRAFT FESTIVAL, Fburg Expo & Conference Center, Fburg

11/24-25 - JOHN FRAZER NIGHT AT THE RISING SUN TAVERN, Rising Sun Tavern, Fredericksburg

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 19


Thursday, October 11 @ 7 PM in the Clubhouse

Open to All Residents, Hope To See You There!

Hopyard Voice - October / November 2018 - 20

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