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_aylors At Taylors it’s our personal touch that makes all the difference. We believe the art of selling and managing property is in our blood. We are justifiably proud of our heritage which spans more than 80 years in the Randwick community. We’ve been there over the years as Randwick has changed and grown into the prized Eastern Suburbs address it is today. We are a family business offering clients stability, commitment and the high degree of personal service born from an intimate level of involvement and ownership.

We are at your service, providing tailored solutions geared towards meeting your specific needs. As a successful boutique agency we are responsive and progressive, supported by a rich history and relationships built over decades. We offer a uniquely customised service which suits you.


“When you’re dealing with Taylors you know you’re dealing with an agency who looks to the future.” We are interested in the possibility of what could be. Outstanding results begin with experience and are fuelled by innovation, and our wealth of experience lends invaluable support to our clear vision for the future. We’re committed to constant progress, remaining at the forefront of the industry in every respect.

We will present your home to perfection and as marketing experts, we showcase your property to the broadest spectrum of buyers. Our technology platform and web presence are second to none and we have built a network of clients and contacts that no competitor can emulate. It’s this database of registered genuine buyers which gives us our greatest marketing advantage. Never resting on our laurels, we invest heavily in training to make sure that our team remains a market-leading force.

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“They understand our market and know its properties and its people better than anyone.” Every property and vendor is unique and market conditions are constantly changing, making it important to tailor every marketing campaign in a smart, cost-effective manner. We are experts at this and never approach the sale of your property in a cookie-cutter fashion. We take the time to understand the specific needs of both our vendors and buyers, carefully matching people to properties.

Transacting property in such a specific market requires intimate local knowledge. Because we’ve been a presence in Randwick real estate for so long, no-one knows the area quite like we do – you could say we know it like the back of our hands. We’ve been right here through the market’s ups and downs, we’ve seen the area develop over time and we have a passion for the community that has never wavered.


“I’ve sold numerous properties through Taylors, not just because they consistently achieve record prices but because they provide a level of service beyond expectation.” Our word is our promise. If we say we’re going to do something then we’ll do it, right down to the smallest detail. The greatest reward for doing an outstanding job is the opportunity to do more and cultivate an ongoing working relationship. The biggest compliment a client can pay us is to rely on our advice.

We uphold traditional values making us successful and a desirable asset to have on your side. Our team is an ethical, principled group of like-minded people who are not afraid to fly the flag for the good old fashioned morals which are all too often overlooked in real estate today. Our commitment to being progressive is underpinned by these values, providing a strong foundation.

“They really understand people and the manner in which they treated us was impeccable.� Recognised for its integrity, the Taylors brand will add significant value to your property. We are a respected presence in Randwick real estate and an association with us gives you an advantage in the marketplace. The relationships we build are for life.

Our team of professionals are among the best and most experienced in the business. They are a hand-picked group with a commitment to excellence, a passion for property and a love for people. We work as a cohesive team, sharing ideas and lending invaluable support to each other and our clients. We are trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with, taking the stress out of your property transaction. Expect constant communication, honest feedback and astute market advice.


“They go the extra mile to negotiate the best deal. Having purchased through Taylors, I have since listed my property with them.” Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Q: How do you read the market to the benefit of your vendors?

MT: I’m fortunate to operate in a circle of inspiring and admirable people, from our staff right through to our suppliers. I’m very conscious of working with individuals who properly represent and enhance our brand. Dealing with new clients every day is a pleasure and the different scenarios we find ourselves in is a wonderful opportunity to continually learn. Being an active part of the Randwick community is also an important aspect of my job.

MT: We rely on in-depth research, experience, intuition and plenty of feedback from our buyers and sellers to accurately gauge the market. This allows us to correctly price properties from the outset. We never over-inflate our price estimates simply to secure business. Instead, we set realistic targets then use our skill and marketing prowess to find that buyer who’s prepared to pay a premium price.


“They don’t just rest on their laurels and past results – they do whatever it takes to achieve the most exceptional price possible.” No other sales team knows the Randwick area like we do – after all, we’ve been around longer than most. We provide realistic appraisals based on in-depth research and market insight – we’ll never inflate an estimate merely to secure a sale. We provide an all-encompassing service, with legal and fiscal support at every stage of the sale and thereafter, offering astute advice along the way.

We go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve the best price and provide a rewarding and enjoyable real estate experience. We aim to satisfy both the vendor and buyer in the negotiation process and to do this requires an intimate understanding of the market and accurate pricing from the outset.

Q&a with Mark Taylor

Q: What do you believe separates Taylors from its competitors?

Q: What does customer service mean to Taylors?

MT: The reason we are great at what we do comes down to experience – we are Randwick’s longest serving agency. We pride ourselves on being principled and showing integrity in everything we do. Reputation is paramount in this business and I can genuinely say that I’m always proud of the way the Taylors team conducts itself.

MT: Essentially we treat our clients the way that we’d like to be treated in their situation. We are all about good old fashioned service and manners. This business is so personal that’s it’s important to be likable, easy to deal with and totally accommodating of individual needs. I always encourage our staff to focus on the little things.

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Sales Brochure for Taylors Estate Agents, leaders in real estate in the Randwick with a rich history spanning more than 80 years.

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