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3 Tips to Stretch Your Budget in 2014 Whether you need to save dollars or just want to be more efficient with your money, there are many ways to spend less while still getting quality products. Technology and ingenuity have created exceptional materials and products that can be used to make exhibitions at trade shows blow viewers away. The New Year is here, and many business owners have made resolutions to cut costs while still expanding their business. Professional millwork companies or tradeshow booth design companies can help businesses save money on trade show displays without sacrificing quality. Listed here are three materials used in display construction that cost less and deliver on the floor. Lightweight Stretch Fabrics The ability to provide bold visual displays on the exhibition floor is essential in succeeding at the next trade show. Thankfully, you no longer have to shell out enormous sums of money to accomplish that. New stretch fabrics are cost-effective, lightweight, and portable, allowing for your banners and backdrops to be set up and moved with ease. Since they also stretch, as their name implies, they do not necessarily require a lot of material yet still deliver brilliant displays. These fabrics are durable, too, which means they can be used at many events without losing their luster. Lightweight Aluminum Frames Aluminum frames, commonly used with bicycles, can be used to replace your current display setup. These frames can be shaped in unique and creative ways, providing bright messages to all those at your next exhibition. They are not only made of a reliable material but are also lightweight, allowing for easy transport and shipping, and their low cost will save you even more money. LED Lighting Highlights LED (light-emitting diode) displays are not only eye-catching but also cost-effective over time. Because of their long lifespan, using LED lights helps save money, and their low energy consumption is an enormous bonus for those looking to be greener with their materials. Saving money while still representing your business in a professional, interesting way is achievable with the right team. Innovators at display design companies are already leading the way in attractive and unique trade show booths, and they are constantly developing new techniques and materials to help businesses save money. Teaming up with a professional company for your next business exhibition can help you stretch your budget in 2014 and still deliver an exceptional product.

Trade Show Booth Design  

Trade show booth design companies can help businesses save money on trade show displays without sacrificing quality.

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