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Fire Department more positive outcome for the victim of an emergency.

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The SVFD is staffed by 14 full-time and 9 part-time

firefighters. The full-time firefighters are divided into three 24-hour shifts: four on one shift and five on the other two. Sheffield Village is now classified as an ISO Class 3 Community (previously ISO Class 6), which translates into lower insurance costs for residents and businesses. We are proud that all SVFD employees are certified as paramedics and firefighters, which allows us to provide the community with efficient and effective emergency services. Our use of a 12-lead electric cardiogram in the field minimizes the damage from a heart attack. Our department also extricates trapped victims before treatment. SVFD currently responds with at least four firefighters/paramedics on each request for assistance, exceeding minimum standards of care in the pre-hospital setting. This practice assures a

The department’s modern equipment and welltrained firefighters detect, suppress and extinguish fires quickly. Sheffield Village also aids other area departments with large scale fires. In 2016, our firefighters provided state mandatory fire safety inspections to 433 business, industrial and educational facilities, which allowed us to become familiar with structures prior to an emergency. State of Ohio paramedic certification requires one and one-half years of training, firefighter certification requires 400 hours of classroom work and practical training, and fire safety inspectors attend school for 80 hours. Once certified, firefighters, fire safety inspectors and paramedics must obtain continuing education to maintain State of Ohio certification.

Jeff Young, Fire Chief

Sheffield Plant

4140 East River Road Sheffield, OH 44054 Phone: (440) 277-9740

Kokosing Materials...

has been in the asphalt production business for over thirty years. We are committed to operating our asphalt plants and terminals in a manner that will meet or exceed EPA Regulations, insure compliance with ODOT specifications, and meet our customers’ expectations.


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