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The Preserve at French Creek Apartments.

of the true value of the home. The three main factors that sell a home are: LOCATION, CONDITION, and PRICE, with price being the major component. In the state of Ohio, the broker determines the type of agency for their agents. A dual agency means that an agent can represent the seller and the buyer in the same transaction. A seller agency represents the interest of the seller only. A buyer agency means that the agent represents the buyer’s interest only. In all cases, the agent must follow their client’s lawful instructions, be loyal, promote their client’s best interests, disclose material facts, maintain confidential information, act with reasonable skill and care, and account for any money that they handle during the transaction. The most critical element of the real estate transaction is providing clients with excellent customer service. This is accomplished by communicating with the client each step of the way and explaining the listing, selling and/or buying process in detail. Communication is the key to a successful sale and a happy ending for all involved. For all of your real estate needs, contact Marydale Rogan at Russell Realty at 440-610-0133 or visit

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Sheffield Village 2017-18  
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