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able Co-op was established in 1986 as 501 © non-profit organization to provide telecommunications services to the City of Oberlin and surrounding township areas. They offer an all-digital cable package with highdefinition and high-speed internet services to over 2,100 homes and businesses in the Oberlin area. Unlike publicly held cable providers and internet providers, Cable Co-op’s non-profit status allows them to invest all revenue to operating the system and provide capital for on-going upgrades in services and equipment as well as lower retail rates for services in comparison to other area operators with similar services. The organization is governed by a board of trustees elected by the subscribers of Cable Co-op. All decisions on program offerings, new services and operational policy are reviewed and voted on by the board.

high-speed fiber optic connections to further enhance Oberlin’s economic future. We look forward to serving those who wish to make Oberlin their home.”

Surf the Web on reliable High Speed Internet, communicate via Email, and watch High Definition and Digital television programs. Oberlin Cable Co-op is a dependable and subscriber focused non-profit company.

Cable Co-op has a very competent staff with combined experience of over 75 years in the cable television industry and is very proud to be of service to you. All installation, technical support, and billing are performed out of their local office in downtown Oberlin. Rita Casey, Customer Service Representative, will most likely be your first contact when you visit or call the office. Technicians, Jay Shrewsbury, Eric Clark, and Devon Wilburn take pride in their work and will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. General Manager, Ralph Potts, has been at the helm of Cable Coop since its inception and takes a hands-on approach with the daily operations. You will find him behind the front desk greeting customers and answering their questions or out in the field doing installations and service repairs. He and the staff commit to providing the best customer service possible. “Providing that “personal touch” has been the key to our success,” he says. “We are proud to be such an important part of the Oberlin Community. With our upgrades, we will be able to offer ultra

Ralph Potts General Manager Oberlin Cable Co-op is located at 27 East College Street, Oberlin, OH 44074 Call 440-775-4001 or go to for more information on cable television and Internet access. Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 12:30pm & 1:30pm - 5pm

See our special insert section starting on page 13 for a more in depth look at these recognizable community members. First Row (left to right): Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent, Lorain County JVS; Ralph Potts, General Manager, Oberlin Cable Co-op; Ben Fauver, General Manager, Frontier Communications. Second Row: Leo Braido, Owner, Oberlin IGA; Joseph Sober, President, Mercy Allen Hospital; Sean Hayes, Executive Director of The Oberlin Project; Charles Horton, President, Custom Cleaning Services; Ken Stanley, President, Oberlin City School Board. Third Row: Carrie Handy, Economic Development

Director, City of Oberlin; Kristin Peterson, Owner, The UPS Store; Janet Haar, Executive Director, Oberlin Business Partnership; Mari Pravlik, Vice President & Branch Manager, Lorain National Bank; Shelly Sterk, Owner, Sterk’s of Oberlin Restaurant & Tavern. Missing from Photo: Bob Fisher, Owner & President, Premier Toyota. Photo Location: Peter’s Hall, Oberlin College. Photographer: Jason Shaffer, Jason Shaffer Photography. w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




This is an Image Builders Marketing Inc.™ Trademark Publication created and produced for the City of Oberlin and the Oberlin Business Partnership. City of Oberlin City Manager Eric Norenberg Oberlin City Hall 85 South Main St., Oberlin OH 44074 440-775-1531 Oberlin Business Partnership 23 East College St., Oberlin OH 44074 440-774-6262 Copyright © 2015, All rights reserved. Image Builders Marketing, Inc. 9780 Beechwood Dr. North Royalton, Ohio 44133 440-346-4482

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2 0 1 5 - 2 016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

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ON THE COVER: Late spring in Oberlin at Tappan Square. Photographer: Jason Shaffer,

Only in Oberlin Oberlinians are proud of the many organizations, events,

programs and qualities that make this a great place to live - at any age. And others agree! Oberlin has been named Best Hometown in Northeast Ohio for 2012 by Ohio Magazine, one of the Top 20 Best Small Towns to Visit by Smithsonian Magazine in 2013, and one of the first five Best Intergenerational Communities in the country by Generations United in 2012. Oberlin is also proud of its history and role in the Underground Railroad, which ensured that no fugitive slave who made it to Oberlin was ever returned to bondage. Today, we are proud of the synergy that exists between Oberlin's smalltown pace and all of its offerings, including a rich diversity of music, art, history, and cuisine from around the world. Oberlin is a great place to live, play and shop: Oberlin's charming tree-lined streets are filled with beautifully preserved 19th century homes and its historic downtown is home to a thriving mix of unique shops and varied restaurants. Oberlin is a great place for recreation with 12 parks and a beautiful bike path. Tappan Square, in the center of town, is the site of many evening concerts, a Juneteenth Festival, and other events unique to Oberlin. Oberlin College's Finney Chapel annually welcomes to its stage renowned

Photos: Jason Shaffer

musicians and lecturers from all over the world. The recently renovated Apollo Theater offers first-run movies in an historic movie house with state-of-the-art technology. Oberlin is a great place to do business: We are proud of our business community and the City works cooperatively with organizations in northeast Ohio, Lorain County and here in Oberlin to support and grow our commercial and industrial economy. Oberlin is home to corporations whose products are shipped around the world, and innovative businesses that are developing cuttingedge technologies. The backbone of Oberlin's economy is our many locally and independently-owned businesses that provide products, services and menus that are found “only in Oberlin.” Oberlin is a great place to learn: Oberlin City Schools was the first district in the state (and one of the first in the nation) to be fully authorized to offer the highly regarded International Baccalaureate curriculum in all grades, for all students. Combined with the outstanding academic resources of Oberlin College and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, students of all ages can continue to learn and grow. Because of the strong music programs offered at all grade levels and continued community support, Oberlin was named one of the “Best Communities for Music Education” in 2014 and 2015. As we reflect on our last 180 years, we celebrate the achievements of our past and the opportunities for the present, while looking forward with great optimism to a bright future. The next few years will bring new development to Oberlin, innovation that will help Oberlin be a leader in environmental sustainability, and a spirit of cooperation and partnership with organizations in and around Oberlin. This is truly a great time to be in Oberlin and to be part of a unified community, collaborating to make our City a great Eric Norenberg, City Manager place to live, work, play and learn. w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 City Overview

Photos: Jason Shaffer

"Oberlin offers all the best features of a small town with the amenities of a college, great services and excellent schools," Norenberg says. "It is a great place for families, millennials and retirees. Oberlin has something for everyone." In fact, Oberlin was named one of the five "Best Intergenerational Communities" in the country by Generations United in 2012. Along with retaining its long reputation as a true melting pot of diverse nationalities and cultures, Oberlin has maintained the charm of a rural college town. Showcasing Oberlin College, one of the nation's leading liberal arts colleges and conservatories, the City's vast cultural offerings in art and music rival those of most cities that dwarf Oberlin's cozy population of 8,300 people.

Oberlin Today At this time, Oberlin is the ideal home for people of all ages, says City Manager Eric Norenberg. It is nationally known as a culturally-diverse, progressive town that has stood at the forefront of such causes as civil rights and the abolition of slavery.

"Oberlin is a safe, walkable and accessible community," Norenberg notes. "That makes it easy to attend the many free concerts, recitals and lectures offered at the college." The community—along with Oberlin College—was founded in 1833 by John Shipherd, a Presbyterian minister, and his student Philo Stewart, who journeyed from Elyria in search of a place to establish a college and a moral community. Oberlin College made history soon after by becoming the first institution of higher learning in the U.S. to admit AfricanAmerican students in 1835; and women in 1837. Today, Oberlin remains a focal point of political activity, often taking a leading voice on national issues. That leadership is exemplified in the City's logo. The tagline on the logo, "Live-LearnLead," conveys the message that Oberlinians are active, not passive. "We are very proud of our history and our heritage," Norenberg says. "We have been on the cutting edge of many public policy decisions—from abolition, to fair housing, to combating climate change. We are a progressive community and that attracts new residents. Oberlin is a place where people want to be." Oberlin offers diverse housing opportunities, from new modern developments to unique century homes, providing options for


2 0 1 5 - 2 016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

A photo from Oberlin’s Big Parade, an annual celebration sponsored by Oberlin College and the City of Oberlin featuring music, dancing, food, floats and more.

individuals and families of all sizes and backgrounds. The City also provides a variety of recreation opportunities for families. "Oberlin offers a lot of programs and activities in the community," says Ian Yarber, the City's Recreation Superintendent. "From our Earth Day Walk/Run, to the Midnight Bike Ride, to our Playground Program and youth sports programs, Oberlin provides safe and affordable programming everyone can enjoy." The City's Recreation Complex, including four lighted baseball/ softball fields and soccer fields, attracts leagues and tournaments from May to October each year, and the City also hosts an annual basketball festival at the Park Street Park court during the summer. Oberlin's 3.7-mile bike path, which cuts diagonally across the town, is part of the 13.1-mile North Coast Inland Trail between Kipton and Elyria, and also connects to the Recreation Complex. Along with recreation, Oberlin features more than 100 acres of park area, including Wright Park, Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, Park Street Park and Spring Street Park that all offer continuous open space along Plum Creek. Parsons Road Upland Reservoir provides more than 43 acres of water for fishing with adjacent picnic and sledding areas and the 13-acre Morgan Street Reservoir includes a walking trail connected to the Oberlin College arboretum. The Bill Long Nature Preserve/Scott and Olive Carson Nature Preserve features a 13-acre reservoir and a natural area. Norenberg notes that while catering to the quality of life of its residents, Oberlin also welcomes new businesses. "We offer incentives locally and through county and state programs that make us very competitive for businesses to locate," he says. "One of our advantages is that we operate our own municipal power utility, the Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System, which offers reliable, renewable energy."

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Need a Hall for Your Special Day? Check out this Brand New Facility!

500 seat capacity with ability to split and have 2- 250 seat capacity events

To Make Reservations and For more information call

440-775-7782 New Russia Twp Complex

46300 Butternut Ridge Road

Oberlin, Ohio w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 City Overview

Photos: Jason Shaffer

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Designated a “Climate Action Champion” community by the White House because of Oberlin’s commitment to sustainability, the City has a renewable power portfolio that includes electric power from a two megawatt solar array located on Oberlin College grounds, Ohio-based wind turbines, hydroelectric plants on the Ohio River, and methane gas from two Ohio landfills. While touting a convenient location with access to the Ohio Turnpike and just a 32-mile drive to Cleveland, Oberlin also offers the advantages of having educational and training opportunities nearby, including Oberlin College, Lorain County Community College and Lorain County Joint Vocational School.

Much of the City's commercial activity is centered around Tappan Square, where college students, retirees and families congregate and patronize the many independently owned shops and dining establishments. Across the street, a new hotel and conference center are being built to replace the Oberlin Inn. Additional shopping is also available at the 155,000 square-foot Wal-Mart Supercenter and other adjacent stores, south of the Downtown area at the intersection of Routes 58 and 20. One of the reasons residents can enjoy a great quality of life is excellent city services. "We have a great team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the best service to the residents of Oberlin," remarked Norenberg. Among those services are the police and fire departments. The Fire Department includes approximately 30 firefighter/EMTs, including several who are qualified in advanced life support. The department participates in a cooperative countywide hazardous materials response and specialized rescue effort. The department has nine emergency vehicles, the largest being a 100-foot aerial tower. Norenberg noted that the upgraded fire station's environment-friendly design received (LEED) Gold certification.


The Police Department has 19 sworn officers and embraces a community-oriented policing style. The department has a crime prevention 2 0 1 5 - 2 016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

program, bike and foot patrols, and a K-9 program to assist in narcotics detection and tracking and subject control. Additionally, the department's citizen police academy allows residents to become more acquainted with the duties of police in the community. The Oberlin Project is a joint effort of the City of Oberlin, Oberlin College, and private and institutional partners to improve the resilience, prosperity, and sustainability of our community. The goal is to revitalize the local economy, eliminate carbon emissions, restore local agriculture, food supply, and forestry, and create a new, sustainable base for economic and community development. Visit for other information. Oberlin Industrial Park has several businesses like General Plug, HydroTube, Synapse Biomedical, Custom Cleaning Services, Agronomix, and several others. Space is available and we welcome new businesses to Oberlin. Vacant land is also available for those businesses wishing to construct their own facilities. The Gateway Project is a $32 million project currently under construction that will replace the Oberlin Inn & Restaurant, and is expected to be completed in 2016. The project will result in a mixed-use facility, including hotel, office, restaurant, and retail space, and due to its environmentally-conscious design, the project has received a LEED Platinum certification.



Great Customer Service Fresh Organic Produce Quality Meats Cut Fresh 7 Days A Week Delicious Fresh Fried Chicken Great Store Made Donuts Every Day Full Service Deli Expanded Natural & Organic Offering And So Much More!!

Locally Owned & Operated by

Photo: Oberlin Business Partnership

331 East Lorain, Oberlin OH • PH 440.774.6351 • Open 7am - 9pm 7 Days A Week w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 Financial

Looking for a Loan? Several options are available, including a

consumer loan that offers a choice between variable rate and fixed rate financing for automobiles or any other significant retail purchases. Loans are also available for second mortgages, home improvements, recreational vehicles and watercraft. With a Fixed Rate Loan, the original payment amount and rate remain fixed for the entire term. With a Variable Rate Loan, the monthly payment amount remains the same, but the number of payments may change depending on rate fluctuation. Use a revolving home equity line of credit for whatever important purpose you desire – home improvements, college education, debt

consolidation, a new car. A preferred line may be established for up to 90% of the appraised value of your home. Consider refinancing your home loan. Mortgage loan programs offer flexibility and low interest rates, with many options to meet your needs. To learn more about various loan options, contact the Oberlin Office of Lorain National Bank at 440-775-1361 or go to

We Have Money to Lend Equity Loans • Auto Loans Mortgage Loans Call us at 440-775-1361 Mari Pravlik,

branch manager

Oberlin Office 49 S. Main Street


2 0 1 5 - 2 016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e


Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

 Education

Oberlin City Schools

The World Runs Through Oberlin Oberlin City Schools was the first public school district

in Ohio authorized as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World District. IB is required of all students in grades Pre-K through 12. This highly-regarded preparation results in the highest college acceptance rates, and IB graduates typically receive more advanced standing (credit) and scholarships. This remarkable benefit is but one of the many wonderful partnerships enhancing education in the Oberlin City Schools.


6th grade choir from Langston Middle School at their winter concert at Mercy Allen.

Instruction and student services and activities in the Oberlin Schools include the full range of features to be found in most high-performing districts. In addition, the schools offer a number of unusual opportunities for students:

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In Memoriam

John Schroth On April 23, 2015, the Oberlin City Schools lost their beloved Superintendent after a long battle with cancer. John’s career in public education spanned close to 30 years, beginning as an Industrial Arts/Technology teacher for the Chagrin Falls School District, where he was honored as Teacher of the Year in 1993. In 1996, John moved to the Strongsville City School District, accepting a central office position as the Director of Technology and held this position until 2007, when he came to Oberlin as the Director of Operations/Assistant Superintendent, and in 2011, became Superintendent. John held a BA and MA from Kent State University in Industrial and Instructional Technology, with additional coursework at Ashland University in Education Administration. He has been an adjunct professor and guest lecturer for Cleveland State and Ashland University. In 2009, John was honored as a Distinguished Alumni and Vision 21 Award recipient by Kent State. John served on numerous state and regional educational committees, and on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit agency. Oberlin Schools flourished under his strong, confident leadership and he took great pride in the district and the community. John left us too soon, but will live on in our hearts! w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 Education

• World languages in all grades, including Spanish in Elementary Schools (SITES) and Mandarin at the middle and high school levels • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics instruction (STEM) • After-school, summer and weekend tutoring by teachers and by students from Oberlin College • Competitive sports programs at the middle school and high school levels •

Full tuition William Robinson scholarships to Oberlin College for resident graduates of Oberlin High School who qualify for admission to Oberlin College

• Pre-school classes rated 5 stars in the state of Ohio’s “Step Up to Quality” program • Full-day, tuition-free kindergarten

Photo: Jason Shaffer

Oberlin’s Girl Scouts ride a float during The Big Parade.

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• Authorized International Baccalaureate World Schools from Pre-K through 12

• Services for students with disabilities

Newsweek Magazine named Oberlin High School as one of the Top 500 High Schools for low-income students in 2014. In addition to academic performance, Oberlin High School is the area leader in the arts. The district was selected by the NAMM Foundation as

Lorain County Community College

Wellington Center The LCCC Wellington Center is located on Route

58 just north of Route 18. The 10,000 square foot facility features study/conference rooms, a 24–station computer lab and seven interactive video distance-learning classrooms that offer on-site courses and connect with LCCC and the University Partnership. The LCCC Wellington Center offers a wide variety of credit and non-credit courses with many general education and business offerings. Day and evening courses are taught onsite and via distance learning from the LCCC campus and other LCCC learning centers. All new LCCC students are required to complete the New Student Orientation prior to enrolling in courses. The New Student Orientation is offered in-person (recommended) or online. In-person orientation sessions are offered at LCCC campuses and pre-registration is required. Learn more about orientation at For more information on the LCCC Wellington CenDr. Roy Church, ter, visit or President call 440-647-1776.


2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Lorain County JVS

Education that Works

a “Best Community for Music Education”. Oberlin High School students routinely dominate the Northern Ohio art competition. Oberlin High School also boasts to having the top Academic Challenge team in the county! In 2014, Oberlin High School was recognized by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the MetLife Foundation as a “Breakthrough School”. The Oberlin City School District includes Eastwood Elementary, Prospect Elementary, Langston Middle and Oberlin High. World languages, art, music and PE are taught at all levels. Technology is used for research, enrichment, remediation, collaboration, and to address specific individual learning needs, including online coursework and blended school day scheduling.

The Lorain County JVS offers innovative career-technical training for high school students from 13 Lorain County School Districts in the following career fields: Building Trades, Business & Marketing, Culinary, Manufacturing & Pre-Engineering, Transportation, Community Service, and Healthcare. High school students receive individualized, hands-on learning experiences in over 24 diverse programs. Programs offer advanced academics and college credit, industry certifications, and a connection to local employers through internships and work-based learning experiences. Over three thousand adults are also served annually through fulltime job training or special interest classes in the JVS Adult Career Center. Through the Workforce Innovation Network (WIN), Lorain County Community College and the JVS share resources and collaborate to provide adult learners with opportunities to retrain, retool and re-enter the job market prepared for the challenges of today’s workplaces. The Adult Career Center also specializes in the development of customized training for business and industry. Learn more about the Lorain County JVS by contacting 440-774-1051 or,

For more information on Oberlin City Schools, see our website at Oberlin Schools ~ setting the standard for excellence in public education by motivating students to be inquiring and knowledgeable world citizens.

Career-technical training for high school students and adults.

• Choose training from diverse career areas:

Building Trades, Business & Marketing, Community Service, Culinary, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Pre-engineering, and Transportation.

• Learn from field-experienced instructors. • Earn industry credentials for higher earning potential.

• Experience internships and the world of work.

• Earn college credit for challenging academic coursework.

Over 24 Program Options Available

440-774-1051 • 440-986-6601 • OHS Art Club Members Gus Miceli-Spieker, Shania Sanon, and Britney Ware paint an ODOT Snow Plow; above, Oberlin students work together on classroom projects. • 15181 State Route 58 Oberlin, OH 44074 w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m



 Education


Oberlin College and Conservatory

Changing the World

Photo: Jason Shaffer

Oberlin is a place of intense energy and creativity, built on a foundation of academic, artistic, and musical excellence. With its longstanding commitments to access, diversity, and inclusion, Oberlin is the ideal laboratory in which to study and design the world we want.

The Arts at Oberlin 2015-16

Presenting the world's most acclaimed artists since 1878. This season hear pianist Andras Schiff, the Miro String Quartet, and violinist Christian Tetzlaff. Subscriptions and single tickets. or 800-371-0178


First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the Oberlin College Class of 2015 at the May 25, 2015 Commencement ceremony. Pictured (L to R): Marvin Krislov, Oberlin College President; Helen Thompson Taylor, Community Service Award recipient; First Lady Michelle Obama; and Clyde McGregor ‘74, Oberlin College Board of Trustees Chair.

2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

conservatory of music, and Allen Memorial Art Museum present an extraordinary range of events and more than 500 concerts, many of them free. Plan your next outing at

Photo: Scott Shaw

Welcome to Oberlin College and Conservatory, where creative vision is made real, the transformative power of art is realized, and the important conversations of our society take place. Since its founding in 1833, Oberlin’s halls have resonated with the voices and performances of history. Called a “cradle of modern thought, beacon of culture” by Northern Ohio Live magazine, Oberlin has enriched the community through music and art, through theater and dance, and through inquiry and the intellect, enlivening and enriching the human experience. Every year, the college,

First Row (left to right): Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent, Lorain County JVS; Ralph Potts, General Manager, Oberlin Cable Co-op; Ben Fauver, General Manager, Frontier Communications. Second Row: Leo Braido, Owner, Oberlin IGA; Joseph Sober, President, Mercy Allen Hospital; Sean Hayes, Executive Director of The Oberlin Project; Charles Horton, President, Custom Cleaning Services; Ken Stanley, President, Oberlin City School Board. Third Row: Carrie Handy, Economic Development Director, City of Oberlin; Kristin Peterson, Owner, The UPS Store; Janet Haar, Executive Director, Oberlin Business Partnership; Mari Pravlik, Vice President & Branch Manager, Lorain National Bank; Shelly Sterk, Owner, Sterk’s of Oberlin Restaurant & Tavern. Missing from Photo: Bob Fisher, Owner & President, Premier Toyota. Photo Location: Peter’s Hall, Oberlin College. Photographer: Jason Shaffer, Jason Shaffer Photography. w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




harles A. Horton, President of Custom Cleaning Service, began his career in the cleaning industry in 1982 as a management consultant for the ServiceMaster Clean Company corporate office in Illinois. He soon decided to be his own boss and became a franchise owner in 1984. After many years with ServiceMaster, Charles has moved on to lead his own commercial and residential cleaning service company, Custom Cleaning Service, although his mission of superior quality and service remains the same. Custom Cleaning Service is a locally-owned and operated company that employs 55 people. Charles and his staff take pride in the cleaning service they provide to both residential and commercial customers. Besides office cleaning, residential maid service Your and carpet and upholstery cleaning, Photo from Custom Cleaning Service specializes in disaster restoration, including flood and cover photo fire relief. With over 30 years of excellent shoot goes service in Lorain County, you can trust here your cleaning to the experts at Custom Cleaning Service. Charles A. Horton, Owner



ith about 17,400 employees and operations in 28 states, Frontier Communications has broad reach and strong connections to the Oberlin community and Lorain County. General Manager Ben Fauver is the face of Frontier in Northeast Ohio. He has more than 15 years of leadership experience and is focused on customer satisfaction. “The Frontier team – through our locally based and highly qualified technicians – delivers leading-edge voice and data solutions to both residential and business customers,” says Ben, who notes that Frontier bundles Dish Network television services for its customers as well. Under Ben’s guidance and support, Frontier is involved in many local events in Oberlin and across Northeast Ohio. Ben is Your especially proud of the February opening Photo from of Frontier’s Customer Experience Center cover photo in downtown Oberlin. The site, he said, gives Frontier one more way to serve shoot goes customers and make sure they have the here communications services they need. Center hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Ben Fauver, General Manager Monday through Friday.

Please call Custom Cleaning Service at 440-774-1222 or 800-434-3888 • 305 Artino Street

Frontier Communications is located at 56 S Main Street in Oberlin




orain National Bank has been serving personal and business customers since 1905. The locally-owned LNB Oberlin Office opened in 1968 and just recently moved to its current location at 49 S. Main Street. We believe that people make the difference and at our Oberlin Office, it all starts with our energetic branch manager, Mari Pravlik. Mari leads a highly-trained team who offer superior customer service to the surrounding community. Together they have logged over 88 years of banking experience! In addition, Mari also oversees the operations of Lorain National Bank’s branch at the retirement center of Kendal at Oberlin. Lorain National Bank prides itself on knowing their customers. With over 21 years of banking experience, Mari has dedicated herself to this philosophy Your in order to help customers meet their Photo from banking needs. When she’s not in the office, Mari is an cover photo active member of the Oberlin Business shoot goes Partnership, Oberlin Community here Services, and Partners with Paws. She also volunteers at the Second Harvest Mari Pravlik, Vice President, Food Bank and Junior Achievement. Branch Manager Stop in to see Mari and her team in the friendly atmosphere of Lorain National Bank’s Oberlin Office at 49 S. Main St.

Member FDIC


2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e


oseph S. Sober, president of Mercy Allen Hospital, is a seasoned and multi-talented leader with a passion for customer service and a focus on meeting the healthcare needs of the community.

Sober joined the Mercy family in 2006 to introduce and implement Lean Six-Sigma to nine Mercy Health hospitals located in Northern Ohio. Since that time, Sober has also served as vice president of operations where he successfully guided a $20M renovation project at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain and headed operations for all non-clinical areas at the two hospitals. Since taking over the reins of Mercy Allen Hospital, Sober has been diligently working to address Southern Lorain County’s healthcare needs, including a recent partnership with local organizations to host a children’s wellness event. Sober’s dedication will ensure Mercy Allen Hospital continues to thrive and serve the needs of the community.

Your Photo from cover photo shoot goes here Joseph S. Sober, President

Mercy Allen Hospital • 200 W. Lorain St., Oberlin, Ohio 44074 440-775-1211 •

Oberlin Cable Co-op Your CommunitY, Your Cable CompanY!


able Co-op was established in 1986 as 501©non-profit organization to provide telecommunications services to the City of Oberlin and surrounding township areas. They offer an all-digital cable package with high-definition and high-speed internet services to over 2,100 homes and businesses in the Oberlin area. Unlike publicly held cable providers and internet providers, Cable Co-op’s nonprofit status allows them to invest all revenue to operating the system and provide capital for on-going upgrades in services and equipment as well as lower retail rates for services in comparison to other area operators with similar services. Cable Co-op has a very competent staff with combined experience of over 75 years in the cable television industry and all their installation, technical Your support, and billing are performed out Photo from of the local office in Oberlin. General Manager, Ralph Potts, has cover photo been at the helm of Cable Co-op since shoot goes its inception and takes a hands-on here approach with the daily operations. “Providing that “personal touch” has Ralph Potts, General Manager been the key to our success,” he says.



roudly serving the Oberlin area for decades, the Oberlin IGA was purchased in September, 2014 by Leo Braido. “As a grocer for over 30 years, my goal had always been to own and operate my own store and it’s a joy and blessing to be here in Oberlin,” says Braido. The store has undergone many changes and renovations with the goal of better serving the changing needs of today’s consumer. Natural and organic offerings throughout the store have been expanded and continue to grow. Among the best in the area, IGA prepares fresh donuts daily in the Bakery and fresh fried chicken in the Deli. In addition, the Meat Department offers only USDA Choice Beef, cut fresh each and every day in the store, and offers both service meats and seafood as well. Special orders are welcome in all departments. Your The store truly is locally owned, locally Photo from operated & locally involved. Braido is cover photo involved in many areas of the community shoot goes including Oberlin Rotary, Oberlin Community Services & Oberlin Business here Partnership. “I love this business and this community,” says Braido. Leo Braido, Owner

Oberlin Cable Co-op is located at 27 East College Street in Oberlin Call 440-775-4001 •


L. Robert Fisher Premier ToyoTa

xperience the Difference”, encompassing the core values of serving others with integrity, innovation and uncommon performance portray Premier Toyota’s vision of success. As owner and president of the company, Bob Fisher is proud to lead a team dedicated to make a difference in the community where they live, work and play. Fisher began his automotive career as a “student of the industry” in Dover, NH selling Chevrolet and Honda vehicles. In 1993, he took over a failing Toyota store in Richmond, VA as General Manager and operating partner, quickly achieving their successful turnaround. Bob’s experience, innovation and commitment to customer service earned his nomination to represent the Toyota brand in Lorain County, Ohio, establishing Premier Toyota Scion of Amherst. Bob serves several local organizations Your including Leadership Lorain County, the Photo from Lorain County Chamber of Commerce cover photo and Mercy Hospital’s Board of Trustees. Bob states, “Experience the Difference” shoot goes simply means serving others in a fun, here friendly atmosphere with uncommon performance and integrity!

L. Robert Fisher, Owner and President

Visit Premier Toyota at 47190 Cooper Foster Park Rd. in Amherst 440-985-6100 •

331 E. Lorain St. • 440-774-6351 •



nown for their superb catering, Sterk’s now provides a wonderful dining experience for everyone at the new Sterk’s of Oberlin Restaurant & Tavern. The main dining room has a family-friendly atmosphere while the tavern and bar favor a more upbeat environment. Twelve beers, including some of Ohio’s finest craft beers, are on tap. The menu consists of classic American fare with an upscale twist, all freshly cooked to order. Sterk’s only uses the finest, fresh, local ingredients to make your dining a true experience. Sterk’s has been a full service catering company for over 40 years. They are continuing their catering tradition in the new Oberlin location and now feature a private party room. Owners John & Shelly Sterk, along with their sons, Shaun and Aaron, are proud to be part of Oberlin and look forward to many years of friendships.

Your Photo from cover photo shoot goes here Shelly Sterk, Owner

Hours: Tues through Sat - 11am - 9pm, Tavern open ‘til midnight, Sun - 9am - 3pm 580 W. Lorain St., Oberlin • 440-775-0020 • Facebook: Sterks of Oberlin w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




he UPS Store in Oberlin has been serving the community since March, 2001! They are blessed with excellent staff who look forward to meeting and exceeding customer needs. Customers with unique requirements will find what they need here. The UPS Store specializes in customer service for: shipping, both domestic and international; packaging, including our Pack and Ship guarantee for those items we pack; freight; office supplies and greeting cards; fax sending and receiving, both domestic and international; notary; mail box rental including package receiving and mail forwarding as well as 24 hour access; black and white and color copies; wide format printing; and printing and finishing services, such as booklets, brochures or business cards, from hard copy or digital files. Black and white Your copies are even available 24 hours a day Photo from with a prepaid copy key! Stop in today to see how The UPS Store can best meet your needs and let them be Your One Stop Shop!

cover photo shoot goes here

Kristin Peterson, Owner

The UPS Store is located at 55 S. Main Street. Call 440-774-7447 or visit


2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Janet K. Haar, Executive Director OBERLIN BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP


he Oberlin Business Partnership is Positively Oberlin! and provides three important Oberlin services – Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, and Visitor Information Center. Through the Four Point Approach to creating and maintaining vibrant and vital communities, OBP provides leadership, service and advocacy to promote the sustainable growth and prosperity of the Oberlin community. The Four Point Approach consists of Operations – the acquisition and diligent use of monetary funds and talents; Economic Development – working with partners to grow and sustain our community; Marketing & Promotions – using all available means to promote Oberlin to visitors, residents, and investors; and Downtown Design – protecting the history, monitoring and improving the aesthetics and vibrancy Your of our downtown which is the core of our community. Photo from Through OBP’s role as a Visitor cover photo Information Center we collect, display shoot goes and distribute information about here Oberlin through social media, a variety of local and regional news media, and the official Oberlin Mobile App. Janet K. Haar, Executive Director The Oberlin Business Partnership is located at 23 East College Street www. • 440-774-6262


Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

 Oberlin Business Partnership


Promoting sustainable growth and prosperity in the Oberlin community

Oberlin Business Partnership MAGAZINE & COMMUNITY GUIDE

Oberlin is steeped in rich history, a bastion of the arts, and an internationally recognized and awarded leader in environmental sustainability – A Historic AND Progressive Community!

The Oberlin community is vibrant and vital, walkable and bikeable. Fourteen downtown and another five food and drink establishments in our community offer a variety of cuisine and atmosphere. Tappan Square, in the center of town, provides the perfect backdrop for many community activities including Easter egg hunts, folk festivals, Juneteenth celebrations, Friday night summer concerts, Doggie Doo & Pooch Parade and the Community and Culture Festival. Each June the downtown sidewalks are transformed into artists’ palettes as people of all ages and talents create art all over downtown – the event is free and family friendly. Each August the Family Fun Fair and Classic Car Show brings hundreds of people to downtown to see vintage cars, shop sidewalk sales and craft vendors, enjoy live entertainment, and sample a variety of hometown and fair foods. Oberlin College’s Conservatory of Music, the Allen Memorial

Oberlin Businesses Win Awards at 2015 Leadership Lorain County Difference Makers Gala: Oberlin had great representation at this year’s Leadership Lorain County Difference Makers Gala. Three Oberlin business community members: Charles Horton, Owner of Custom Cleaning Services; Rex Engle, General Manager of the Oberlin Inn; and Lorain County JVS Superintendent, Dr. Glenn Faircloth, accepted Excellence in Leadership Awards at the February event. Leadership Lorain County honors individuals and an organization that has touched lives, spurred economic growth, and/or made a meaningful impact in Lorain County. Congratulations to our honorees from Oberlin O-H-I-O!

Left photo: The Woodshed Lesson Studio & Store. Above: Looking north on South Main Street.

Art Museum, the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra, Choristers, Mad Factory, Ohio Dance Theater, and Firelands Association for the Visual Arts (FAVA) present an extraordinary range of public concerts, exhibits, performances & lectures each year. Oberlin…where history, art and culture abound!

Come Shop, Eat, Learn, Play, and Stay in our walkable & vibrant community! For information about visiting call 440-774-6262 |

| 23 East College Street | Downtown Oberlin w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m



2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 Homes & Real Estate

Tips and Tricks

Keeping Your Home and Office Squeaky Clean With winter gone and summer straight ahead – the sun is

finally shining! Flowers are blooming and the grass is growing. With all this happening outside, it is shedding light on what is inside your house or business. After a long cold winter - the dust and dirt has piled up. Is there really anything more boring that cleaning your home? It's a daily task that never seems to end. Whether you are cleaning your home/business or trying to limit the time spent cleaning your home/ business, there is more to good housekeeping than you might realize. To prepare your home or business to be “guest ready”, the entrance is a good place to start. It is the first glimpse your visitor will get of the inside of your location. A good, organized way to tackle any cleaning project is to “look for dirt” and start cleaning “top to bottom, left to right”. Start with high dusting those pesky spider webs up in the

corners by the ceiling, spot cleaning the walls, and cleaning any light switches along the way. Floors and baseboards are very important in the cleaning process, as a dirty floor will get a visitors attention upon entering your location. By using the “top to bottom, left to right” method in every room – you will achieve a faster, more thorough cleaning than you expected! Carpeting and upholstered furniture should be maintained yearly. Clean windows will also improve the appearance of your home/ business. All this cleaning can be overwhelming, you may find that you may not have time to get your home/business as clean as you would like. For professional help, Custom Cleaning Services is a janitorial and residential cleaning company in Lorain County. No job is too big or small! Please call our office today for a free quote at 440-774-1222.

Quality Rental Homes & Apartments

Housing with us means comfort, convenience, affordability, and don’t forget service! Take a virtual tour at



2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Affordable … Comfortable Rental Housing — with a Difference!

Weltzheimer/Johnson House at Oberlin College

We design and install inspiring sustainable landscapes to bring nature back to your garden • Patios • Walls • Walkways • Tree Installations • Expert Pruning • Maintenance & More

Gardenscapes by Joanna LLC Oberlin, OH

(440) 935-5074

The Weltzheimer/Johnson House at Oberlin

College is a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian House that sits on a lot several blocks from campus. Designed in 1947 and completed in 1949, it is the first Usonian house in Ohio and one of the few in the nation open to the public. The Weltzheimer/Johnson House stands as another expression of Wright's answer to the demand for beautiful and affordable middle-class homes in the post WWII America. Pairing innovation with basic owner-builder construction materials and techniques, the concepts of organic architecture evolved into these Usonian characteristics: a flowing floor plan with distinct public and private wings; concrete, grid patterned, slab floor with radiant heat; flat roof and cantilevered carport; masonry fireplace mass; board and batten walls with simple built-in furniture; and tall glass walls and doors opening to the landscape. The Weltzheimer/Johnson House uses brick masonry and redwood and has several distinctive features, including the hundreds of stained croquet balls forming the roof dentil ornamentation whose circular motif is echoed in the shadow panel screens of the clerestory and the interior brick columns that separate the workspace from the living room. The Weltzheimer family lived in the house until 1963 when the property was sold to developers and "remodeling" efforts scarred the space. However, in 1968, Art History Professor Ellen H. Johnson purchased the home and began the restoration process. In 1992 at her death, the house was given to Oberlin College to serve as a guesthouse for the Art Department and the Allen Memorial Art Museum. Open Houses are held April through November on the first Sunday of the month, from 12-5 p.m., except on Easter and Labor Day weekend. Guided tours begin on the hour. Admission is $5.00 per person. w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 Health & Wellness

Mercy Allen Hospital

Healing Expertly, Treating Personally When you’re sick or injured, nothing is more important

than easy access to high-quality, compassionate medical care, experts who listen patiently and advanced technology for accurate diagnosis. Mercy is proud to offer the Oberlin community with expert, personal care at our doctors’ offices and high-quality, compassionate care at Mercy Allen Hospital. Mercy Allen Hospital provides a wide array of healthcare services ranging from diagnostics and emergency services to inpatient and skilled nursing care. Mercy Allen Hospital has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Mercy Rehabilitation Center, Mercy Diagnostic Centers and Mercy New Life Hospice. Mercy is a part of Mercy Health, the largest health system in Ohio. Its hospitals rank among the best in quality, according to Ohio Hospital Compare. For more information, visit us at or get the latest on Facebook at www.facebook. com/MercyLorainRegion.

Plus, as a full-service, integrated health system, Mercy offers easy access to advanced services at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain and specialized facilities, including Mercy Cancer Center,

Welcome Nursing Home

Celebrating 70 Years of People Helping People

417 S. Main St. Oberlin

440.775.1491 22

2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e


Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

 Community Information


Important Phone Numbers Oberlin City Hall 85 South Main St. Oberlin, OH 44074 440-775-1531 Emergency........................... 9 1 1 Police (Non-Emergency) 440-774-1061 Fire Dept. (Non-Emergency) 440-774-3211 City Manager 440-775-7206 Clerk of Courts 440-775-1751 Building Department (Codes) 440-774-3428 Public Works-Customer Services 440-775-7218

Water Department 440-775-7290

Senior Center 440-775-1504

Wastewater 440-775-7218

Community Resources

General Maintenance 440-775-7270 Engineering 440-776-0037 Law Department 440-774-8519 Oberlin Street Department 440-775-7270 Planning & Development 440-775-7182 Recreation Department 440-775-7254

Lorain County Chamber of Commerce 440-328-2550 Lorain County Metro Parks 440-327-3626 Lorain County Sheriff 440-323-1212 Oberlin Community Services 440-774-6579 Oberlin Inn 440-775-1111 Oberlin Business Partnership 440-774-6262

The Big Parade

Oberlin News-Tribune 440-775-1611 Oberlin Post Office 440-776-9847 Oberlin Public Library 440-775-4790 Ohio State Patrol 877-772-8765 Ohio State Patrol Lorain County Branch 440-365-5045 Destination Cleveland 800-321-1001  Continued on page 24

Photos: Jason Shaffer

Building & Grounds 440-774-2820

w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 Community Information

 Continued from previous page

Visit Lorain County 440-984-5282

Oberlin City Schools Eastwood Elementary 198 East College 440-775-3473 440-774-7209 Fax Grades: PreK-2 Principal: Ms. Susan Alig Prospect Elementary 36 South Prospect 440-774-4421 440-775-2609 Fax Grades: 3-5 Principal: Mr. Jim Eibel

Pupil Services 153 North Main 440-776-4656 440-774-9050 Fax Director: Ms. Liz Rogel

Other Schools Lorain County Joint Vocational School 15181 State Route 58 440-774-1051 440-774-2144 Fax Superintendent: Dr. Glenn Faircloth

Langston Middle School 150 North Pleasant 440-775-7961 440-776-4520 Fax Grades: 6-8 Principal: Mr. Chris Frank

Lorain County Academy 218 North Pleasant 440-775-0276 440-774-9027 Fax & 2nd Line Principal: Mr. Graham W. Henderson

College Oberlin College & Conservatory 247 West Lorain St., Ste. C Oberlin, OH 44074 Campus Operator: 440-775-8121 College of Arts & Sciences: 440-775-8411 Conservatory of Music: 440-775-8413

Oberlin High School 281 North Pleasant 440-774-1295 440-774-5099 Fax Grades: 9-12 Principal: Mr. William Baylis

Photos: Jason Shaffer

Allen Memorial Art Museum

“The Cause of Art is the Cause of the People” Founded in 1917, the Allen Memorial Art Museum

(AMAM) is recognized today as one of the five best college and

Visitors welcome

Allen Memorial Art Museum 87 N. Main St. Oberlin, Ohio Open Tuesday to Saturday 10–5 Sunday 1–5 Closed Mondays Free admission www.oberlin. edu/amam

24 24

22001155 -- 2016 2016 O Obe berlrliin, n, O Ohi hioo Ma Maggaazzin inee & &C Coom mm muunnitityy Gu Guid idee

university art museums in the United States. Since it’s beginning, the museum has always offered free admission for everyone. The collection is housed in an impressive Italian Renaissance-style building designed by Cass Gilbert and named after Dr. Dudley Peter Allen, a distinguished 1875 graduate of Oberlin College. Dr. Allen and his wife Elisabeth Severance Allen (later Prentiss) were the principal benefactors of the new museum. The elegant Gilbert galleries are filled with extraordinary old master and 19th-century paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts. In 1977, a gallery for Modern and Contemporary art was added to the Cass Gilbert building. Designed by the architectural firm of Robert Venturi, Rauch, and Scott Brown, the gallery was funded by Ruth Coates Roush (OC 1934) and dedicated to professor of art Ellen Johnson (OC 1933).

Oberlin Parks

as a natural area. In 2001, the family of Scott and Olivia Carson donated 12 acres of woodland between the Bill Long Nature Preserve and Beech Street. Fishing is permitted in the reservoir; swimming and boating are not allowed.

Don J. Pease Memorial Bike Path

The City of Oberlin Recreation Complex

Photo: Jason Shaffer

A 3.1 mile paved bike and walking path that cuts diagonally across the City. A .6 mile extension links the path to the City’s Recreation Complex on Hamilton Street. The Bike Path is part of the North Coast Inland Trail, a 13.1 mile route between Kipton and Elyria, owned and operated by the Lorain County Metroparks outside of City limits.

Depot Park 246 South Main Street is a 4-acre park with a children's playground adjacent to the Bike Path.

East College Street Courtyard 43 East College Street is a ¼-acre park with benches and a grassy area.

Legion Field 425 South Professor Street is 2.6 acres of green space adjacent to the Fire Station. It was formerly used as a baseball field. The City contracted with Zion Community Development Corporation to run a community garden at the site.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park 17 East Vine Street is a 1.5-acre park with historic sculptures in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue along with John Brown. There is also an environmental sculpture titled “Streams” by Athena Tacha set in the banks of Plum Creek, adjacent to a walking bridge that connects the park to City Hall and the Public Library.

Morgan Street Reservoir 199 Morgan Street is a 12.5-acre park that includes two former water supply reservoirs and historic water treatment facilities. A walking trail around the perimeter connects to the Oberlin College Arboretum. Fishing is permitted. Swimming and boating are not allowed.

Bill Long & Scott & Olivia Carson Nature Preserve 214 Pyle Road is a 22-acre Nature Preserve which includes a 13 acre reservoir built to supplement the City’s water supply when the Water Treatment Plant was located on Morgan Street and is now maintained

225 West Hamilton Road is the City’s primary sports facility that includes five (5) Baseball/Softball fields, four (4) of which are lighted and eight (8) Soccer fields with adjacent green space on a 77-acre site. Amenities include a concession stand/ restroom building, two (2) picnic pavilions and a lighted paved parking lot. City has installed a Lightning Prediction and Warning System to protect park users. The eastern third of the site is leased to Lorain County Metroparks who operate the Splash Zone water recreation facility.

Park Street Park 40 South Park Street is a 5.58-acre park with two basketball courts, a playground, horseshoes pit and a former baseball diamond with green space.

Parsons Road Upland Reservoir 43885 Parsons Road is 43.6 acres of water for fishing with adjacent picnic and sledding area. Parsons Reservoir is number 38 on the Lake Erie Birding Trail. From late fall until the reservoir freezes, huge numbers of waterfowl often congregate. Their ranks can include nearly every species of regularly occurring diver, as well as many species of dabbling ducks. Hundreds of

Ruddy Ducks and American Coots often gather. Fishing is permitted at Parsons Reservoir, but you must have a valid Ohio fishing license. Boats with electric motors only are permitted at the Reservoir. Swimming is not permitted at Parsons.

Roadside Park 825 East Lorain Street is 5.7 acres with a picnic area on St. Rt. 511.

Spring Street Park 100 Spring Street is a 12-acre park with green space and woodlands adjacent to the Bike Path. Amenities include two picnic shelters, a gazebo and a large playground.

Wright Memorial Park 17 West Vine Street is a 1.9-acre park with green space and a Veteran’s Memorial. A path running along Plum Creek through Oberlin College property connects to South Professor Street and the College Arboretum. Permission to use City parks for special events can be obtained by filling out a Park Request Form, available at the recreation office. Call 440-775-7254 for more information.

Take A Journey in Lorain County.. The Common Ground in Oberlin offers northern Ohioans an interactive zip line experience with their Canopy Tours program. Tour guides lead each group and share facts about the land, the Vermilion River, plants, and animals. Nature-lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike will be engaged in an interactive, outdoor experience. At its core, Common Ground is an experiential learning center, providing transformational opportunities that help people to realize their potential through conscious living. Their Canopy Tours echo this belief and encourage guests to push past their perceived limits while reconnecting with their inner selves and the environment around them. For more information, visit or call 440-707-2044. ww ww. w.cciittyyooffoobbeerrlliinn..ccoom m w

25 25



 Community Information

Places of Worship

Rotary Club of Oberlin, OH

Service Above Self The Oberlin Rotary Club represents a cross-section of the

community’s business and professional men and women. The club is nonpolitical, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

Almighty Church 47832 W. Hamilton 440-774-1503

Oberlin Calvary Baptist Church 414 S. Main St. 440-774-1551

The main objective of Rotary is SERVICE – in the community, the workplace, and throughout the world. Rotarians develop community service projects to address many of today’s most critical issues, such as children at risk, poverty, hunger, the environment, illiteracy, and violence. Rotary also supports programs for youth, education, and international exchanges for students, teachers and other professionals, and vocational and career development.

Bethel Logos Christian Fellowship Center 44837 1/2 E. Hamilton St. 440-774-2805

Oberlin College-Office of Religious & Spiritual Life Wilder Hall 217, 135 Lorain St. 440-775-8103

Christ Episcopal Church 162 S. Main St. 440-775-2501

Oberlin House of the Lord 251 Hollywood St. 440-774-1551

Christ Missionary Alliance Church 125 S. Pleasant St. 440-774-3537

Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship P.O. Box 354, 355 E. Lorain St. 440-775-0355

This year, Oberlin Rotary club members have logged over 3,800 volunteer hours, granted $25,000+ to local charities, $9,000+ to education initiatives, $5,000+ to a water project in Africa, and $7,000+ toward Polio eradication. We encourage you to join us in “Service Above Self.” You are welcome to attend our Rotary meeting held every Friday at noon at the Oberlin Inn.

Christ Temple Apostolic Church 370 Lincoln St. 440-774-1909 Crossroad Christian Center 43824 St. Rt. 511 440-775-4451 East Oberlin Community Church 43709 Oberlin Elyria Rd. 440-774-3443 First Church of Oberlin, UCC 106 N. Main St. 440-775-1711 First United Methodist Church 45 S. Professor St. 440-775-1178 Grace Lutheran Church 310 W. Lorain St. 440-775-3271 Mt. Zion Baptist Church 47 Locust St. 440-775-3045

52 Members

$9,000+ Education

3,800+ Volunteer Hours

$5,000+ Water Project in Africa

$25,000+ Local Charities

$7,000+ Polio Eradication

JOIN US! GO TO OBERLINROTARY.ORG! MPO Box 123, Oberlin, OH 44074 26 26

2016 O Obe berl rliin, n, O Ohi hioo Ma Maggaazzin inee & &C Coom mm muunnit ityy Gu Guid idee 22001155 -- 2016

New Life Fellowship Church 43709 Oberlin Elyria Rd. 440-774-3443

Park Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church 99 South Park St. 440-774-1266 Peace Community Church 44 E. Lorain St. 440-774-3031 Rust United Methodist Church 128 Groveland St. 440-774-4905 Sacred Heart Catholic Church 410 W. Lorain St. 440-774-6791 Seventh Day Adventist Church 99 S. Park St. 440-774-1266 The Salvation Army Oberlin Services Unit 305 Artino St. 440-774-3434 True Praise & Deliverance Ministries 10992 SR 58 440-775-1511

Oberlin Business Partnership

Special Events

*Event details on

GOOD MORNING OBERLIN – 3rd Thurs. each month. Network, stay informed & in touch. EASTER EGG HUNT – 1st Saturday in April. Hunts for three age groups – picture with the Easter Bunny – coloring contest. THE BIG PARADE – 1st Saturday in May. Residents of all ages come together in an imaginative community arts event. JUNETEENTH – 1st ‘teenth’ weekend in June. A community tradition commemorating the end of slavery and featuring presentations, tours, picnics and a festival on Tappan Square. CHALK WALK – 3rd Saturday in June. Master artists, local artists, children and adults use Oberlin sidewalks as canvases to make sidewalk creations. SUMMER CONCERT SERIES – Most Friday evenings in June, July & August, 7 – 9 p.m., Tappan Square. Join family and friends to enjoy music on Tappan Square. Children enjoy romping with Peppy the Clown. OBERLIN SUMMER THEATER FESTIVAL – FREE – check dates at, Hall Auditorium. Performances of three plays. Call 440-775-8169 for schedule and reservations. FAMILY FUN FAIR & CLASSIC CAR SHOW – Sat. August 8, 2015. A perfect way to spend a summer day! Over 100 classic cars, live music, sidewalk sales, children’s activities, food clowns, dunk tank, 50/50 raffle and much more!

STORAGE STORAGE Oberlin’s Storage Solution Oberlin’s Solution

DOGGIE DOO & POOCH PARADE – 3rd Saturday in September. Dogs, Dogs, Dogs…dressed in costumes, participating in singing and dancing contests or just being dogs!

550 South Main Street (Rt. 58 Past the Fire Station)

Temperature-Controlled Units Available Locks, Boxes & Storage Materials Convenient Credit Card Billing Online Bill Payments 24-Hour Gate Access

SANTA & MRS. CLAUS COME TO TOWN – Friday after Thanksgiving. Santa and Mrs. Claus light the community Christmas tree; children visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus and Oberlin Rotary Club provides refreshments. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY – Saturday after Thanksgiving. Kick off the holiday shopping season by supporting local businesses. Passport shopping contest, refreshments, specials. Photo courtesy of Oberlin Business Partnership









FESTIVAL OF TREES – Saturday before Thanksgiving. Start off the holiday season with a night of great fun. Live music, great food, $1,000 cash raffle…and much more!



DOWNTOWN TRICK-OR-TREAT – Come downtown with your little ghosts and goblins on Halloween afternoon to receive treats from downtown merchants.


COMMUNITY & CULTURE FESTIVAL – 4th Saturday in September. A celebration of diversity in Oberlin – Tappan Square.




Mon-Sat 9AM-1PM


w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 Community Information Gibson’s Bakery-Deli-Market 23 W. College St. 440-774-2401 Kim's Grocery & Carryout 23 Eric Nord Way, #3 440-774-4962 Lorenzo’s Pizzeria 52½ S. Main St. 440-775-0118 Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant 84 S. Main St. 440-774-7080 Magpie Pizza 55 E. College St., Ste. 2 440-774-2470

Dining Guide

Photo: Jason Shaffer

Main Street Diner 51 S. Main St. 440-774-2841

Lunch at Sterk’s of Oberlin

Aladdin’s Eatery 5 W. College St. 440-774-5282

Blue Rooster Bakehouse 38 S. Main St. 330-414-0300

Mandarin Chinese Restaurant 82 S. Main St. 440-774-4500

Agave Burrito Bar & Tequilaria 19 W. College St. 440-774-7336

Black River Café 15 S. Main St. 440-775-3663

Cowhaus Creamery 55 E. College St., Ste. 4 440-774-5425

McDonalds 265 S. Main St. 440-774-1314

Dairy Twist 45721 US Rt. 20 440-774-8111

Oberlin Inn 7 N. Main St. 440-775-1111

Domino’s Pizza 155 S. Main St. 440-774-3033

Old Way Farm Market 47203 US Hwy. 20 440-775-4000

East of Chicago Pizza 175 S. Main St. 440-774-8820

Oberlin Market 22 Carpenter Ct. 440-774-8401

The Feve 30 S. Main St. 440-897-2486

Pappy Bob's BBQ 14858 SR 58 440-775-4227

Carry-Out Restaurant

Korean Cuisine


65 E. College St. Oberlin 440-774-4962 28

2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Grocery Store • Japanese • Chinese • Thai • Korean

Pizza Hut 14920 St. Rt. 58 440-774-4444

Photo: Jason Shaffer

Slow Train Café 55 E. College St., Ste. 3 440-774-7570

Photo: Keith Maguire

Quick & Delicious 311 S. Main St. 440-774-1973

Sterk's of Oberlin Restaurant & Tavern 580 W. Lorain St. 440-775-0020 Homemade dessert at Blue Rooster BakeHouse

Subway 18 S. Main St. 440-774-7827

Every effort has been made to provide a complete and accurate restaurant list. Please contact the publisher in reference to corrections or additions for future publications.

Treehuggers Cafe 55 E. College St., Suite 1 440-774-2998

The Local Coffee & Tea 23 S. Main St. 440-774-1866

Weia Teia 9 S. Main St. 440-774-8880

Too Chinoise 27 W. College St. 440-774-2988

OBERLIN HOTEL CORNER The corner lot of Main Street and College Street in Oberlin has been the site of a lodging establishment since 1833, the year Oberlin was founded. The Oberlin Inn has a history of serving the academic and business community since the founding of Oberlin College in 1833. Their history of excellence continues as they have been recognized with many awards for their tradition of great hotel services and Midwest hospitality. In addition, look no further for great dining and catering services at the Oberlin Inn. Throughout the years the Inn has served as a stable meeting place for overnight guests and local school events. The future of the hotel is vibrant and the Inn looks forward to serving the Oberlin Community for many years to come as it becomes part of the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center within the next year or so. 1833








Park Hotel undergoes extensive remodeling. The College’s Hotel Committee changes the name to the “Oberlin Inn.” w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m



2 0 1 5 - 2016 O be rl i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

                                          ­€  ­  ‚   ‚    ‚  ‚ƒ    ‚   „ €  … €† €  ƒ  ‡ˆˆ ‰   ‰ ‰   ‰Š   „      …  … … …  Š   Š    Š  Š‹ Œ Š…  Š    Š   Š ˆ Š   Ž  Ž  Ž ­ Ž   €              

ƒƒ   ƒ  ƒ            …             ˆ               €      Œ  ‘ †   †  † † †  † ­ †  †  †€ ­ † ƒ   †    Ž‹ŠŒŽ­‹ŠŒ Œ’ ……    Œ   Š  ƒ    ƒ €    ­  

   …

     Š€‘ˆ   Ž   Ž  Ž‚ˆ   Ž Ž   Žˆˆ   ƒ­   “  Œ”   † †•‡  –­ †— †€ 

w w w. c i t y o f o b e r l i n . c o m




 Community Information Cable/Internet

Economic Development

Oberlin Cable Co-Op ....Inside Front Cover, p 15

Oberlin Industrial Park/ City of Oberlin............................. p 7

Charitable Organization

Event Center/Hall Rental

Advertiser Index Antiques/Collectibles

Auto Dealership

Main Street Antiques................ p 33

Premier Toyota.................... p 15, 16

Art Museum


Allen Memorial Art Museum.... p 24

Lorain National Bank............ p 8, 14

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Community Foundation of Lorain County......... p 32

Cowling Funeral Home............. p 29

First United Methodist Church of Oberlin.................... p 26

Grocery Store

City Government City of Oberlin.......... p 4

Oberlin IGA............................ p 7, 15

Hair Salon & Spa Services Jodie Estelle's Hair Design........ p 33

City Utilities


Oberlin Municipal Light & Power System.............................. p 7

JD Indoor Comfort.................... p 21

Hospital/Medical Facility Cleaning & Restoration Custom Cleaning Services.. p 14, 20

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Colleges & Universities

Oberlin Inn................................. p 29

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Copy/Fax/Print/Ship The UPS Store...................... p 16, 27

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Funeral Home


Lorain County Community College....................................... p 10


The Lodge of New Russia Township..................................... p 5

Insurance/Real Estate Sperry-Gorske Agency, Inc....... p 21

Internet/Phone Video Services Frontier Communications..... p 5, 14



Gardenscapes by Joanna........... p 21

Blue Rooster Bakehouse........... p 29

RESTAURANT/CARRY-OUT/ GROCERIES - KOREAN Main Street/Chamber of Commerce Oberlin Business Partnership.......................... p 16, 17

Optometry/Optical Ottica Eyecare............................ p 33


Kim’s Grocery & Carry-Out........ p 28

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Schools-Career & Technical

Oberlin Foot & Ankle................ p 22

Rental Homes & Apartments North Shore Properties............. p 20

Restaurant Sterk’s of Oberlin Restaurant & Tavern............................... p 15, 28

Lorain County JVS..................... p 11

Senior Services-Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Welcome Nursing Home........... p 22

Storage Rt. 58 Storage............................ p 27

Look Good, Feel Good ... Aquage ... Moroccan Oil ... Matrix ... Redken Oberlin Community Services

Helping Those In Need Founded in 1955 and currently celebrating sixty years of service, Oberlin Community Services (OCS) is a responsive community organization that provides direct assistance, referrals, and other services to Oberlin and southern Lorain County residents and groups who need help meeting basic needs. Our staff is small but remarkably dedicated and efficient. By the measure of clients served — more than 9,500 households in 2014 --we are the largest “safety-net” agency in our service area. We have seen a 45% increase in the demand for food and a 22% increase in the need for casework. We are blessed to be part of several community collaboratives to best address the growing needs of our clients. Please visit to learn more.

440-774-5002 61 South Main St.

Oberlin, OH

Oberlin 2015-16