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Landscaping for Curb Appeal Creating curb appeal is one of those landscaping

areas where you want your front yard to stand out from surrounding yards without being totally out-of-place with the rest of the neighborhood. To get curb appeal, you need to have color, form, line, texture, scale, and focal points by using a variety plants, hardscape, and water features. Annuals provide bright colors in the spring, throughout the summer and are great for filling in gaps in your garden. Evergreens provide green all year long, so in the winter your beds and your yard don’t look so bare. Perennials give a variety of color throughout spring, summer, and fall. When planting, you want them layered and staggered to give some contrast, form of repetition and balance to provide unity.


The Northwest Suburbs Magazine & Community Guide | 2017-18

Hardscapes, meaning walkways, patios, decks, arbors, and decorative fencing, give a nice welcoming feeling. Water Features offer nice focal points, not only through their visual appearance but by the nice smooth and relaxing sounds they provide. When designing our clients landscaping, we create not just their outdoor living space but also a beautiful curb appeal that suits their home, needs & budget. We ask key questions that will inspire us and reflect in your final landscape with optimal results. Contact Avon Landscaping, a leading landscaping contractor for Avon and surrounding communities, including Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, Bay Village, Westlake, and Rocky River. Call 440-934-0230 or visit

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