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ON THE COVER: Area business and community leaders at High Voltage Indoor Karting, 333 Foundry Street, Medina. PHOTOGRAPHER: Andrea Bartel, Beverly David Photography.


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

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to the 2020 Medina Magazine!

It is our pleasure to present you with

the 13th annual Medina Area Magazine and Community Guide. This magazine is brought to you free-of-charge as a result of the many generous sponsorships from local businesses and organizations throughout our fine community. In turn, we ask that you support our local businesses with your patronage. Make shopping local a priority. Medina continues to be a very special place to live, work, and visit. Our many annual events and activities, the unique entertainment venues, and the variety of dining opportunities draw tourists from near and far. We are also fortunate to have excellent schools, year-round parks and recreational activities, an award-winning library system, and world-recognized health facilities, all of which enhance and improve the quality of life for our residents, workforce, and

visitors. We are proud of the positive growth that Medina continues to experience in the manufacturing, retail, and service sectors with equally strong employment opportunities. Medina is truly a place where “Hometown Meets History”. This year we are proudly featuring the renovation and redevelopment of several of the city’s historic buildings. The Farmers Exchange, The Foundry, and the Town Hall and Engine House Museum have each experienced an exciting transformation that will make an impact on the economy of our hometown and our dedication to history. In addition, we look forward to the opening by summer of a new Historic District Parking Facility, complete with electric vehicle charging stations to better serve your parking needs.

The city’s success is due, in part, to our positive customer service model in all of our city departments, and our search for perpetual improvement in all we do. If you have any questions or we may assist you in any way, please contact us at 330-725-6681. We look forward to serving you. For more information on city departments, services, and contact information, please visit our website at www.medinaoh. org. While on the website, you can also sign up to receive the city’s weekly e-newsletter. Sincerely, Dennis Hanwell Mayor www.medinaoh.org www.medinaoh.org


City Overview

The City of By Ken McEntee

a n i d e M

“The mix of modern amenities

with an old-fashioned, small town atmosphere continues to make Medina one of Northeast Ohio's most desired places in which to live and raise a family,” says Mayor Dennis Hanwell. You don't have to take the mayor's word for it. Last year, for the second time in less than a decade, Ohio Magazine named Medina as one of Ohio's top five great places in the State to live, work, and visit. The iconic Public Square, which retains its 1800s appearance, exemplifies Medina's historic flavor. "If you talk to anybody who has moved here or brought their business here, inevitably most of them will tell you that when they drove through the Square, they knew this is where they


A Great Place to Live

wanted to be," Hanwell says.

The business occupancy rate on the Square testifies to the area's popularity, Hanwell points out. "The Square has been filled going back at least six years," he says. "If a vacancy opens up, there are four or five businesses lined up to fill it. New development in the city is tied into the Square and its surrounding areas.” "Medina’s Downtown Comprehensive Plan says that we can fill several hundred apartments within walking distance to downtown. It's a desirable location for people to live. We have projects where residential apartments are being developed above commercial spaces on or near the Square. The city is pretty well built out in terms of new houses, but we do have room to

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

develop downtown apartments and townhouses that will give more new residents the opportunity to enjoy our community. We would like to see some additional development near City Hall where we're putting up a new parking deck. The new $3.8 million deck, south of City Hall, is being built with the help of a $1 million State grant,” the Mayor explains. "The reason we got the grant was because the State legislators recognized the number of events we

have on our Square and the vitality of that area. There is always something happening there through the week and on the weekends. The Medina Farmers Market, which runs from May through October, is just one example." Another new development in the city is the Farmer's Exchange building, which has been historically restored and converted into a multi-use complex that includes a restaurant, a microbrewery, a coffee shop, a butcher shop and two floors of apartments. "It's a project that connects the city's past and future. In the early 1900’s, the Farmer's Exchange served as the central hub for farmers' needs throughout the county,” the Mayor explained.

A band playing in the gazebo at the park, a favorite latte from the corner coffee shop, fresh picked produce from the farmers market, ladies night shopping on the square…if that says “hometown” to you, come and visit our hometown.

“Medina continues to experience significant commercial and industrial growth throughout the city. In 2018, there were 26 new business start-ups, 24 existing business Ecomonic Development expansions, and 32 businesses that Director, Kimberly Marshall underwent renovations. The 2018 business investment in Medina was almost $154 million, a 33 percent improvement compared to $116 million in 2017,” said Economic Development Director Kimberly Marshall.

Our historic Victorian public square is chock full of one-of-a-kind shops, eating spots, meeting spots and points of interest, while museums, concerts, festivals, art fairs and parades entertain year-round. Located just 30 minutes from Cleveland and Akron.

Major industrial projects recently completed include Ravago Americas LLC's new $45 million, half-million square feet manufacturing facility near Lake and West

Photo: Mark Hunter

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City Overview  Continued from previous page

Smith roads. Meanwhile, Spray Products Corp., a Pennsylvaniabased packager of aerosol and liquid consumer products, opened a new facility at the site of the former Valspar Corp. plant on Lake Road. "Spray Products moved in a couple years ago and they're now looking to add a third production line. A prosperous industrial sector”, she notes, “provides a strong tax base that helps to keep residential taxes low.” But more fun also is included in Medina's economic development. "With attractions like Castle Noel and High Voltage Karting, Medina is becoming an entertainment destination,” said Marshall. "Castle Noel brings busloads of visitors into the city, and as soon as they're done with the tour, they

patronize our shops and restaurants. Castle Noel communicates to the other business owner’s days in advance of when the buses are coming so they can be staffed up and ready. The developers of High Voltage Karting, an indoor electric go-cart track, have expanded their business in a 1910 foundry building to include an entertainment facility that will house a micro-brewery, restaurant, and conference center, along with arcade games and favorites such as duckpin bowling and bocce,” she added. Recent revisions in Ohio's liquor permit laws will also help to draw new restaurants into Medina's Downtown Community Revitalization District. "There are a limited number of liquor permits available in Medina," Marshall says. "If you wanted one you had to wait for an existing permit holder to sell theirs, and the cost could be exorbitant. A

new law has been enacted, allowing for the establishment of a revitalization district that expands the number of permits which can be awarded with the stipulation that at least 75 percent of their sales have to come from food. It's a tool to attract some exciting new restaurants into the city." Mayor Hanwell says the completion of the three-year Route 42 widening project has spurred new business development along the North Court Corridor.

Destination Medina: Join in the fun at Castle Noel.


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Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

“From 2017 thru 2019, this $34 million Ohio Department of Transportation project included new infrastructure and streets. Of this total, the city contributed about $2.4 million. When we replace a street, we replace all of the existing infrastructure under the street as well. This is a planned approach to avoid having to dig up newly installed streets in the future to fix water leaks and sewer problems”, he explains. Cooperation and collaboration also are a large part of the city's management approach. "We emphasize a collaborative approach among all of our departments, as well as with entities outside the local government. One example is the cooperation between the city's fire and police departments, which has resulted in saved lives. Every minute counts,” he stresses. “Police officers usually arrive at an emergency a minute or two before the Fire Department, so they're trained in CPR, administering Narcan for opioid overdoses, and other lifesaving measures so they can get started while the paramedics are on their way. We've had a number of incidents where those timesaving measures may have saved somebody's life. A couple of heart attack victims were recently delivered by ambulance to the Cleveland Clinic's Downtown Cath Lab within 53 minutes of the 911 call, which is less than half of the two-hour goal.” . "It's an unusual practice for police and fire to work collaboratively for the good of the patient," Hanwell says. "It doesn't work that way in most towns, but it's our mantra in Medina, however, other towns are taking notice. The Ohio Municipal League was so intrigued by what we're doing that they wrote an article about it and distributed it throughout the State. I have had phone calls from other cities asking about it," he notes.

Creating Families Through Adoption Grandparent / Stepparent Adoption Birthparent Counseling & Services

Building Blocks

Adoption Service Inc.

Adoptive Homestudy Services

330.725.5521 • bbas.org

The process of permitting and other approvals also has been streamlined for homeowners and local businesses. "When people want a permit or an inspection, we do whatever we can do to make it as effortless, seamless, and as efficient as possible. Instead of going from office to office, you can take care of just about everything at one counter. Making things easy for businesses is the reason why the city Building Department received from the State the David A. Smith, Jr. Building Department Excellence Award,” the Mayor states. Collaboration outside the city extends to Medina Township and Montville Township, both of which are now served by the city's Fire Department. "The city continues to look for opportunities to collaborate and provide services in a more cost-effective manner," Hanwell says. "We're blessed to have a vibrant historic district, outstanding schools, excellent medical facilities, and an industrial base that continues to grow, helping to keep taxes low for our residents. I am proud to say that all of these attributes make Medina one of Northeast Ohio's most desired places to live," he concludes. www.medinaoh.org


City Overview

Medina, a Place Where Hometown Meets History One might say that in Medina,

“everything old is new again”. Medina has had the recent good fortune to see the reclamation of three significant historic buildings, each with an important place in the town’s history, and each with a bright, new future.

Farmers Exchange

The original Farmers Exchange opened in 1904 and quickly became the agriculture center for Medina County at a time when over 90% of the county was composed of farms, and farmers were the most prosperous people. It provided a centralized location for farmers to trade, purchase farm-related supplies and equipment, and sell their agricultural products. The addition of a railroad spur further expanded the company’s business to other states. That structure burned down in December of 1915, due to highly combustible mill dust catching fire. It was rebuilt and burned again in 1935. The new 1935 three-story brick and concrete structure was as fireproof as modern building construction methods allowed. In 2018, investors purchased the property, which had been closed and condemned since 2016. They have completed a historical restoration of the building that now features a coffee shop, restaurant, meat market, farmer’s marketplace, brewery, and sixteen apartments.


The 1935 historic Farmer’s Exchange

Town Hall & Engine House Museum

The Medina Engine House was constructed in 1878, after the village suffered three major fires. It served as the community’s only fire house until the 1990’s. In 1994, the City Archive Commission and the Boardman Foundation began working on the project to establish the Medina Town Hall and Engine House Museum. The first floor museum opened to the public in November of 2013. The second floor of the building was the home of the village government and the police department until 1967. After that, it was used for storage. Funding from the Community Design Committee (CDC), the Van Epp Family Foundation, and a Capital Grant received by the city made it possible to restore the second floor for use as a public Community Room,

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

with a beautiful view of the Square and office space for the museum curator and CDC. Improvements were also made to the museum, the building restrooms, and the elevator, making the building fully handicapped accessible.

The Medina Town Hall and Engine House Museum

The Foundry

The Medina Foundry (circa 1910), located at the intersection of Foundry Street, Medina Street and West Friendship Street, started out making, among other items, cast iron cookware called Hollowware. This 135,000 square feet industrial building then became the home for Henry Furnace and Moncrief Furnace.

Voltage Indoor Karting, followed by an expansion to add an Outdoor Karting Track. The third phase of the project, called Foundry Social, includes a game area that features arcade games, bocce

ball, duckpin bowling, and trashcan volleyball. In addition, there is a 150 seat conference center and the MAD Brewing Company, a food and beverage operation with patio seating. The Foundry is now a regional attraction with entertainment for the entire family.

For years, this century-old, blighted building sat virtually empty until it was purchased by a group of investors in 2013 and was re-purposed into a multi-faceted entertainment venue. Their first renovation project brought us High



What are My Veterans Benefits? Veterans of the United States Uniformed Services

may be eligible for a broad range of programs and services provided by the Federal Government and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as well as various state and local governments. In most cases, eligibility for most benefits is based upon discharge from active military service other than dishonorable conditions. State and local benefits can sometimes be more complex and have other criteria associated with their eligibility such as residence requirements, service connection for a disability, receipt of a certain medal or award and in some cases income. In all cases, each veteran must be assessed for eligibility independently from their peers. No two veterans are alike when it comes to veterans benefits. Although several benefits can be cast across a broad demographic of veterans there are those benefits that are specifically designed to help our most at-risk veterans. Federal Government (VA) benefits include disability compensation, veterans pension, medical, education and

training, vocational rehabilitation and employment, home loan and life insurance. State of Ohio benefits include Ohio Veterans Homes (Ohio has two veterans’ homes in Georgetown and Sandusky), Ohio Veterans Bonus Program, state tax exemptions, Homestead Exemption, Military Injury Relief Fund (MIRF), financial assistance (from county office), state employment, Ohio Educator License Fee Elimination, Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program, Ohio War Orphans Scholarship, the Ohio Promise and recreation benefits such as Disabled Veteran Recreational Benefits, hunting & fishing licenses, boating licenses & registration, camping at Ohio state parks, active duty hunting and fishing licenses and camping discounts at Ohio state parks. Medina County benefits include financial assistance program, request for military records, proper submission of claims to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs through a VA accredited service officer, grave markers and flags, Notary Service, transportation and Veterans Identification Cards. As stated, all veterans are individuals and should be looked at individually when applying for their earned benefits. If you have any questions about veteran’s benefits, contact the Medina County Veterans Service Office at 330-722-9368, email us at veterans@medinacountyveterans.org or visit us on the web at www.medinacountyveterans.org. Edward Zachery, Director, Medina County Veterans Service Office


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Chamber of Commerce

Helping Business Grow The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary membership

organization of the business community. The Chamber was founded in 1938 to be a voice for business and has been true to that purpose. Chamber membership is comprised of a variety of businesses, professional service firms and individuals that represent the great diversity of incredible enterprise that exists in Medina and the surrounding communities. The Chamber functions as a unique central agency that works to improve business and build a better community. The Chamber is active in educating the public on relevant topics, supporting entrepreneurial Chamber staff (Left to Right) Stephanie Mueller, Jaclyn Ringstmeier, Rebecca Parkhurst efforts, providing catalytic leadership and building a business-friendly environment in the Greater Medina area. It helps hundreds of businesses and leaders connect with one another and conduct business through a variety of networking, skills-building and education-based opportunities. The Chamber provides resources for success and is committed to the free enterprise system. The strength of the Greater Medina Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members and creating a pool of resources from which the organization can draw energy, ideas and assets. The Chamber offers a variety of events that fill an annual calendar. From regular networking to special meetings for business advocacy, the opportunities to connect, learn and grow appear endless. Through a focus on business advocacy, economic development and member services, the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce works daily to promote, engage, connect and develop business in our region. It is proud to partner with both the City of Medina and Main Street Medina. The Greater Medina Chamber is strong because of outstanding and dedicated members and this wonderful community that we call home. The Chamber welcomes new members, ideas and solutions. For more information on how to become a part of this remarkable organization, please visit our website at www.medinaohchamber.com.



Classic and contemporary location portraits and weddings. Serving Medina, Southern Cuyahoga and Western Summit Counties.



Celebrating our 150 year love affair with the honey bee.

Hometown Business

s e i t i n u t r o p Op

abound here in your home town! Medina is well known for its small town, “Main

Street” charm with wonderful places to shop, dine, and unwind. Something that is not always as well known is the thriving manufacturing and industrial businesses here in Medina and throughout Medina County. Finding a rewarding career doesn’t have to mean long commutes, moving to a new town or even relocating out of state. Opportunities abound and many companies are looking for local talent. When considering career opportunities don’t forget to think local! One great resource is Worklocal. net. Want more information about Worklocal.net? Contact the Medina County Economic Development Corporation at kathyb@medinacounty.org or 330-722-9215.

Spray Products is thrilled to be part of the Medina business community! Our business continues to flourish, and we now employ 70 people locally. Our success is due to the hard work of our Spray Products Team Members, and we thank them for their commitment and dedication. We also have received tremendous support from the local Medina community and have been welcomed with open arms. We look forward to many more years in Medina!


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020



Education Medina City Schools

Recognizing Potential – Maximizing Achievement The Medina City School District encompasses approximately

Medina High School Encore Entertainment Company performs at the Ohio School Board Association Capital Conference in November 2018.

52 square miles, including the City of Medina, Medina and Montville Townships and a portion of Lafayette Township. The District’s current enrollment is approximately 6,800 students. Facilities include seven elementary schools: Eliza Northrop Elementary, Ella Canavan Elementary, Garfield Elementary, Heritage Elementary, H.G. Blake Elementary, Ralph E. Waite Elementary, and Sidney Fenn Elementary; two middle schools: A.I. Root Middle School and Claggett Middle School; and Medina High School. Our dedicated staff works hard every day to provide our

students with the opportunity to achieve success. Our mission-to prepare students for an ever-changing future by providing a student-centered learning environment to help students reach their maximum potential, instilling in them an enthusiasm for life-long learning, and engaging in collaborative partnerships with our families,

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Aaron Sable, Superintendent

Brunswick University Center Welcomes Three New Programs Cuyahoga Community College’s Brunswick

University Center is offering three new programs.

Classes in medical coding, dispatch training and the Cleveland Codes program will start in January. The College’s Comprehensive Professional Medical Coding program (www.tri-c.edu/buc-medicalcoding) uses the American Academy of Professional Coders curriculum and is designed to prepare individuals to take the Certified Professional Coder exam. The medical coding program prepares students to enter the workforce as certified professional coders in hospitals and clinics, insurance agencies, law firms and government agencies. According to AAPC, the average salary in 2018 for Ohio was $51,359 per year. The field has a projected 20 percent growth in health care information jobs. Evening classes begin at Brunswick University Center Jan. 21, 2020. The dispatch training program (www.tri-c.edu/dispatch) is a 12-week,


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

192-hour program that combines classroom and hands-on training. Students will practice handling single and multiple simulated calls with scenarios in law, fire and EMS using 911 dispatch software. The program teaches how to read maps effectively, keyboarding skills and how to listen and respond to actual 911 and non-emergency calls. Weekend classes begin at Brunswick University Center Jan. 18, 2020. Finally, Cleveland Codes (www.tri-c.edu/clevelandcodes) is a full-time, 14-week IT fast-track program. The fully immersive program provides students with the skills necessary to pursue a career in web application development. They will learn programming in C# within the .NET framework, JavaScript and database fundamentals. Students can test for four Microsoft certifications. All three programs are now accepting students. Located next to Brunswick High School and the recreation center, Brunswick University Center is easily accessible from I-71 and Route 303.

Where futures begin.


Learn what you need Earn what you deserve Save more than you think

www.tri-c.edu/startnow • 216-987-3997 Brunswick University Center | 3605 Center Road | Brunswick, Ohio 44212 www.medinaoh.org



Education  Continued from previous page 14

community, and world. We are currently in the third year of our five year strategic plan. This plan was created through the collaboration of our students, families, staff, local businesses, and community members. A few major initiatives that have been implemented through this plan include increased course options and a focus on inquiry-based instruction. The implementation of these programs has resulted in richer instruction for our students and a consistent increase in student performance on local and state assessments. In addition to strong academics, Medina City Schools offers a variety of athletic programs, clubs, an award-winning marching band, and the Encore Entertainment Company show choir, just to name a few. We are already looking ahead to ensure that our students continue to receive a 21st-century education that will prepare them for the modern era and an ever-changing workforce. We are collaborating with school districts across the state in developing innovative educational programming that will prepare today's students for the

future. The continued support of our students, staff, parents, and community with these initiatives will create the backbone for our next strategic plan. The Medina City School District takes great pride in contributing to the overall health and vitality of the community and believes that strong schools make for a strong community. For more information about the Medina City School, please visit the district website at www. medinabees.org. Proud to be a Medina Bee!

Medina High School Varsity Soccer Boys State Champions Fall 2018

Imagine Your

Life as a Zip!

The University of Akron Medina is conveniently located only five miles from downtown Medina. UA Medina offers general education courses, College Credit Plus courses and continuing education and workforce development courses, all to help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.

NEW FAMILY OPEN HOUSE Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Formal presentation begins at 7 p.m. School tours available

Associate degrees that can be completed entirely on the UA Medina campus:  Associate of Arts

Other studies include:  Pre-admission courses for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

 Associate of Science

Learn more online at medina.uakron.edu

St. Francis Xavier School Preschool - Grade 8

612 E. Washington St. l Medina, OH 330-725-3345 l www.sfxmedina.com 6300 Technology Lane  Medina, Ohio  330-721-2210


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Medina’s Business & Community Leaders


First Row, seated, (left to right): Dr. Karry Rogus, South Court Dental Medicine; Kimberly Marshall, Economic Development Director, City of Medina; Dennis Hanwell, Mayor, City of Medina; Sifu Kamille Louis, Owner, Combat CFMA; Donna Casey, Director of Marketing, Altenheim Senior Living. Second Row: Dr. Kate Cartwright, Owner, South Court Dental Medicine; Sheri Smith, Manager, PSE Credit Union; Greg Cordray, Co-owner, High Voltage Indoor Karting; Brandon Rapp, Owner & CEO, Homestead Insurance; Michael Flaherty; Katie Heinz, Owner & Senior Designer, The Interior Design Studio; Evangelene Brown, Owner, Salon Evangelene; Janet Gommel, Howard Hanna; Lisa Puto, Owner, Crossroads Financial. Third Row: Emily Duncan, Realtor, Keller Williams; Chuck Steward, General Manager, Medina Auto Mall; Dr. Zach Mellion, Owner, Mellion Orthodontics; Mark Herwick, President, Homestead Insurance; Aaron Sable, Superintendent, Medina City Schools; Sam Livingston, Owner, eXp Realty; Mystery Man-Marc Langworthy, Manager, High Voltage Indoor Karting. Missing from photo: Dr. Charles Pfister, Pfister Orthodontics; Radiah Blanton, Director, Cuyahoga Community College-Brunswick University Center; Dr. Thomas Chi, Owner, Ohio Eye Care Consultants; Dr. Amy Jackson, Summa Health Medina Medical Center; Dr. Alex Mellion, Mellion Orthodontics; Julie McNabb, Owner & Operations Manager, The Interior Design Studio; Jaclyn Ringstmeier, Executive Director, Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce. Cover Photo Location: High Voltage Indoor Karting, 333 Foundry St., Medina Photographer: Andrea Bartel, Beverly David Photography.


he founder and president of Keystone Technology Consultants (Akron), Greg has over two decades of experience with helping businesses succeed by managing their technology needs. He also holds a degree in Computer and Information Science Engineering from Ohio State University. Greg held technical positions for multiple companies including retail titan, the Limited Brands and public accounting giant, Crowe Horwath. With his creative nature and desire to improve business and individual objectives, Greg quickly realized he could make a difference by venturing into his own start-up consulting company, resulting in the founding of Keystone Technology Consultants. In 2015, along with business partner Steve Madden, Greg embarked on the creation of High Voltage Indoor Karting. High Voltage brought the excitement of all electric, high performance karting to Medina. Continuing the development of High Voltage and the historic Medina Foundry complex, Greg, Steve and new business partners Brian Fontanella and Gene Whaley developed Foundry Social Your –a destination for friends and family Photo from to enjoy themselves and connect– emphasized with the “Spirits–Games– cover photo Hang” tagline for Foundry Social. shoot goes Together the Foundry Entertainment here complex is bringing “FUN for all”. Greg continues to be singularly focused on making a difference for people! Greg Cordray, Co-owner & Developer www.medinaoh.org


options and expertise. We save our borrowers time and money. Crossroads invests in the community while being held accountable to our clients, local Realtors, CPAs, financial planners, and other business professionals in the community. We champion community success and support our broker network and we take every opportunity to champion your success. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, Crossroads Financial has the team, technology & loan products to meet your needs.

CLIENT SERVICE FIRST Lending made easy is more than a slogan, it is what you find when you work with Crossroads Home Loans. Our team of originators, processors, underwriters and executives give you access to industry experts with over 85 years of cumulative industry experience. Clients have access to a full array of loan products, cutting edge technology that is leading in the industry, underwriter consistency and superior client service that you will not find with any other lender.

Based on a business model that puts its partners first, Crossroads Home Loans has realized significant growth in the last few years. “We believe in not just guiding a loan through the process, but in truly helping our clients, growing their business, and giving them tools they can use to become successful. We are constantly innovating and rolling out new products, resources, and solutions that assist our clients and further cement our commitment to our partners. We have always believed in being relationship-driven— not transaction-driven—and we will continue to do so for the next 25 years and beyond!” says Lisa Puto, owner.

Lisa Puto, Mortgage Banker President NMLS 284925 LO 015669 NMLS 252654 MB 803916

As a broker wholesaler we have loan officers on staff to provide *Rates and terms are subject to change based on market conditions without notice. This is not an offer of a commitment to lend, must be approved. Crossroads Loans dba, a division of Crossroads Financial of NE Ohio, LLC. NMLS 252654 MB 803916

Find out what makes Crossroads Financial stand out from the rest. Contact them today for all of your Mortgage needs! Call 800-413-5857. www.crossroadsloans.com 18

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020


Adults / Youth / Kids

Real Martial Arts for Real Life COMBAT CFMA is a dynamic martial arts school located at 313 Medina Rd., Medina, OH (inside Pinnacle Sports). Students receive top quality martial arts training. Programs are available for people of all ages regardless of experience. The focus is on empowering people with effective combat and practical self-defense skills as well as helping them improve their health and fitness level. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE “Real Martial Arts for Real Life” “We are not a belt factory, tournament school, nor an exhibition art”, says Sifu Kamille Louis. “In today’s environment many people come to us because they want to learn how to protect themselves and their family if they encounter a real life confrontation. Our Jeet Kune Do, Kali Combat, and Jiu Jitsu are for real. Our system is comprehensive, functional, and practical. We teach a true combat art in a safe controlled environment while having fun.” SIFU KAMILLE LOUIS “Owner & Head Instructor” Sifu Louis is a Grand Master with over 40 years of martial arts experience. He is certified in 10 different arts including JKD, Filipino Kali, Arnis, Silat, FMA, Wing Chun, San Shou, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Jiu Jitsu. Sifu Louis’ passion for martial arts is evident in the personalized way that he teaches and in the time and energy he gives to his students whether in group classes or private sessions. In addition to regular classes, Sifu Louis is available for seminars and corporate training in the areas of self defense, subject control and hand-to-hand combat.

Sifu Kamille Louis

TEAM LOUIS “Benefits of Being a Part of Team Louis” • Self-Defense • Fitness • Health • Confidence • Discipline • Focus • Respect • Leadership • Social Skills • Fun • Friends

No Contracts! Stop in to observe or try a free class! Visit our Website! Check us out on Facebook and YouTube! www.combatcfma.com • Phone: 216-410-7475 • 313 Medina Rd., Medina, OH (inside Pinnacle Sports) www.medinaoh.org


Whether it’s restoring a young child’s self-esteem or providing an adult with the confidence he or she needs to excel in a chosen career, Dr. Charles Pfister, who has been an orthodontist for more than 37 years in Medina, can help anyone achieve a beautiful smile. “Today, patients have many options when it comes to straightening their teeth or correcting their bite,” Dr. Pfister explains. “Micro-mini metal brackets, cosmetic brackets and Invisalign are options for some corrections. The most complex cases can require orthodontics along with jaw surgery for bite and airway correction.” Dr. Pfister is pleased to announce the addition of the newest digital scanner to enhance the orthodontic experience by eliminating impressions. Along with the 3-D imaging cone beam x-ray system, he can design an individual treatment plan using the latest in technology.


Though an orthodontist can treat a person’s smile at any age, Dr. Pfister advises that the greatest results can be achieved at the first sign of orthodontic problems. The American Orthodontic Association recommends that the first orthodontic exam visit should be around 7 years of age.

continued training in growth and development at Case Western University and the University of Michigan has helped to earn him and his office a reputation for correcting early skeletal problems in young patients.

As a board certified orthodontist, Dr. Pfister has been inducted into several honorary dental associations along with being Ohio’s Outstanding Dentist in 2010. Dr. Pfister’s

A lifelong resident of Medina County, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Terri, and sons, Stephen and Trenton, as well as staying active in the community.

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

A Full Service Salon & Dayspa

It is the mission of Salon Evangelene to provide unparalleled beauty services by very experienced professionals in a clean, upscale, yet caring and comfortable environment. Established in 2001 by Master Stylist & Aquage Educator Evangelene Brown, the Salon is devoted to giving personal attention to all clients. Knowing that clients are the reason they exist and success is contingent upon client satisfaction, Salon Evangelene’s staff goes above and beyond. They love what they do, and it shows in the work that’s done. Master Colorists custom blend each Goldwell hair color formula whether it’s for grey coverage, multidimensional Hilites, or fashion shades. The Salon has several Balayage experts, trained in the art of hair painting. Salon Evangelene’s Natural Nail Techs offer amazing, luxurious pedicures, manicures and gel polish manicures, using only the best, high-quality natural nail products. The Salon just recently purchased new Continuum pedicure chairs for the most luxurious pedicure experience. Eminence Organic Skincare is used for all of their facial services. This high quality organic skincare gives gorgeous results during facials, and for at-home care. Expert Estheticians also offer full body and facial hair removal services (aka waxing). They even offer no appointment Walk-in Wax Wednesdays every Wednesday 2p-7p. Just walk in, sign up and you’ll be waxed in the order of arrival. Karen, their Master Licensed Massage Therapist has many years experience helping to melt away stress, aches and pains. She offers many amazing 60, 90 and even 120-minute massages, like Relaxation, Warm Thai Bamboo, Soma Cupping, hot stone and Deep Tissue.

Beauty is individual. At Salon Evangelene, they want to help you be your most beautiful you. When we look better, we feel better! They are a full-service Salon & Day Spa, featuring full hair services, nails, facials & massage. Get to know the Salon better at www.salonevangelene.com. You will find detailed information about services, pricing, photos & a biography of each of our service providers. *ALSO OFFEREDONLINE BOOKING 24/7/365 through the website.

Evangelene Brown, Owner

4018 B MEDINA ROAD, MEDINA, OHIO 44256 (AT THE CORNER OF RT. 18 & FOOTE ROAD, NEXT TO THIRD FEDERAL BANK) M - TH 9a - 9p / F 9a - 4p / S 8a - 4p / Closed Sunday 330.725.1234 www.medinaoh.org


Dr. Zach, Dr. Alex and Dr. Joe

Mellion Orthodontics


“Generations of Smiles”

ellion Orthodontics takes great pride in the family atmosphere that they have created over the past 30 years and continues to create a fun and personal experience for patients and their families. Drs. Zach, Alex and Joe Mellion provide a unique blend of knowledge and orthodontic expertise that allow them to communicate effectively while designing individualized treatment plans for each and every patient. As an innovative orthodontic specialist in your community, Mellion Orthodontics has invested in multiple areas of technology, such as digital tooth scanners and 3D printers, that make your orthodontic treatment more comfortable while decreasing the number of visits required to complete treatment. As orthodontic specialists, Drs. Zach, Alex and Joe are experts on jaw growth and tooth movement which has allowed them to utilize modern treatment options like Invisalign to attain the same excellent result that they have always provided with more traditional orthodontic treatment. While Invisalign may not be the best option for everyone, it can be a great choice for many teens and adults that want to straighten their teeth but do not want braces. Due to their expertise, Drs. Zach, Alex and Joe are among the top providers of Invisalign in Northeast Ohio. Tooth movement may seem relatively simple and straightforward, but having your treatment monitored by an orthodontist can highly influence the success of your orthodontic treatment and impact the

long-term health of your teeth. Drs. Zach, Alex and Joe want the best for their patients and that means working together to realize a common goal. They communicate constantly with patients at every appointment during treatment to help each person achieve a great smile. One thing that truly sets Mellion Orthodontics apart is their amazing team. You will always be greeted with a smile and should feel comforted knowing that every team member is extremely well-trained and qualified. The entire team regularly attends courses to improve their skills along with the service they provide their patients and many of the team members are certified orthodontic assistants. Both the doctors and team members get to know each patient as an individual because they want to make everyone feel like family and it shows. Drs. Zach, Alex and Joe feel very fortunate to be a part of the Medina community, and they show their gratitude by sponsoring and supporting a plethora of community activities. From youth sports teams to school foundations to Feeding Medina County, Mellion Orthodontics displays their commitment to this community in many ways. Drs. Zach, Alex, and Joe are members of the Medina and Fairlawn Chambers of Commerce and are actively involved in their local and state dental societies. Drs. Zach and Alex are Assistant Clinical Professors in the Department of Orthodontics at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine and all of the doctors serve on the Craniofacial Team at Akron Children’s Hospital.

The Medina office is located at 3623 Reserve Commons Drive and can be reached by calling 330-725-6146. For more information, please visit www.mellionortho.com Find Mellion Orthodontics on Facebook and Instagram 22

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Sam Livingston and Marathon Group Powered by eXp Realty


oining the Marine Corps at 17 years old, Sam entered adulthood in an environment forged in discipline and perseverance. He built upon that foundation and soon realized that the skills he acquired in the military fostered an entrepreneurial spirit that translates perfectly into his career as a full time RealtorÂŽ at eXp Realty. Sam left the active duty Marine Corps in 1997 and joined the reserves. He has deployed several times domestically and to Afghanistan and Iraq before fully retiring from service in 2013. While a reservist he spent 17 years as career firefighter and Paramedic for the City of Cleveland and became a Realtor in 2006. He resigned from Cleveland Fire to fully enjoy his real estate business. He has lived in Medina for the past 9 years raising his three sons with his wife, Christine.

some of the most innovative tools being used in real estate today. This complements his personal approach in each transaction and attracts the perfect client for Sam. As the leading national, cloud-based real estate brokerage, eXp Realty provides 24/7 access to collaborative tools, training and socialization in a virtual campus environment. It is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage firms in North America. As a public traded company, eXp World Holdings uniquely offers real estate professionals within its ranks opportunities to earn company stock for production and contributions to overall company growth.

Sam has been a Realtor for more than 12 years and for 8 of those years he was chasing deals, transactions and the next big thing in real estate on one of the largest teams in Ohio. Even though there was much success with that process, Sam found it extremely unfulfilling. He felt that there was a shift in the focus of the team. What once was taking care of the client transformed to building the status of the team and worrying about rankings. There was no passion and the personal connections were no longer personal. He wanted success beyond the team numbers and statistics...he wanted to build a business based on relationships rather than transactions. Sam has found that his Medina business is fully based on community and the relationships built in each transaction. He has partnered with eXp Realty LLC in order to provide consumers the best real estate experience possible from each client’s personal perspective. eXp Realty is changing the way agents, brokers and consumers work together in an adaptive, sustainable environment. The partnership has provided Sam with

Sam Livingston, RealtorÂŽ

For more information on Marathon Group at eXp Realty, visit www.SamsOnFire.com www.medinaoh.org


At South Court Dental, you will find state-of-the-art dentistry in the comfort of a family practice. Offering a wide variety of general dental services, this team has the ability to meet the needs of your entire family.

330-725-0581 www.southcourtdental.com

Get to Know South Court Dental General Dentistry and Orthodontic Services for the Entire Family Get to know South Court Dental, a team of experienced dental practitioners who will treat you like family. This staff of eight women, led by general dentists Dr. Kate Cartwright and Dr. Karry Rogus, values high-quality, reliable dentistry. They treat children and adults at South Court Dental, and offer a variety of services, including orthodontics. “We are privileged to care for so many families in Medina,” says Dr. Cartwright. “Earning and keeping their trust means everything to us.”

Dr. Kate Cartwright, owner, and Dr. Karry Rogus

South Court Dental is located one mile south of the Medina square on South Court Street. To schedule your appointment call 330-725-0581 or visit www.southcourtdental.com. 24

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Altenheim Senior Living


ltenheim is a not for profit life plan community offering Senior Living, Assisted Living, Memory Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, In and outpatient Rehabilitation, Long Term Care, Memory Care, Home Health Care, and Private Duty. In 2018 Altenheim opened Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living and the Altenheim Rehab Center. “With our new memory assisted living community and therapy rehab center, we are the only senior community in the area designed to the Planetree principals of person-centered care,” relayed Paul Psota, CEO of Altenheim. “Planetree removes the barriers between residents and caregivers, focusing on the needs of residents and their families, designed to emphasize nature and calmness,” states Director of Marketing Donna Casey. The two-story Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living community offers 38 private one and two bedroom suites with living rooms, dinettes, four season rooms, and roll-in showers to accommodate residents with memory loss. The Altenheim Therapy Rehab Center serves patients recovering from orthopedic, cardiac and neurological conditions that require therapy. Along with 32 private rooms, roll in showers, and a beer garden, the center also includes an outpatient unit for occupational, speech and

physical therapy. Consistent with the Planetree philosophy, the memory assisted living community emphasizes natural light and openness.” The community was designed with nature in mind, with color schemes that were specifically chosen for residents with dementia. Studies reveal that certain colors create feelings of calmness, which is especially important to the emotional and psychological well being of the memory residents,” explains Beth Seese, Resident Director Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living.

Donna Casey, Director of Marketing

For memory assisted living tours call 440-238-1048, therapy rehab center tours call 440-238-3361, home health care services call 440-638-3186. Altenheim.com • 15653 Pearl Rd., in Strongsville

Blanton Seeks to Make Brunswick University Center Part of the Community


adiah Blanton is working to make Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®)’s Brunswick University Center an integral and valued part of the community it serves. As director of the center, Blanton works to find synergies between the local labor market and BUC programming, while directing initiatives that serve students as well as the community as a whole. Blanton currently serves on the United Way of Cleveland Greater Cleveland Basic Needs Committee and is a Medina County Economic Development Corporation board member. Blanton (nee Douglas) served on the selection committees for the Medina County Women’s Journal Women of Our County and ATHENA Awards. She also was a member of the Your Bring on Brunswick planning committee, Photo from an annual Brunswick Chamber of cover photo Commerce event. Blanton is a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio and enjoys volunteering, camping and spending time with family and friends.

shoot goes here

Radiah Blanton, Director

For more information, visit www.tri-c.edu/brunswick or call 866-933-5182.



elping buyers and sellers maneuver through the intricacies of buying and/or selling a home has changed over the last 20 years that Janet Gommel has been in the real estate business. Janet believes it’s important for Realtors® to adapt in order to best serve clients. Tools that were used 15, 10 or even 5 years ago to market homes are completely different today. Janet and her team stay current and are well-informed in regards to real estate, lending and title services. “Our clients and customers are the most important part of every sale,” commented Janet. “My team takes pride in delivering personal and professional service to each individual Your we represent.” When not working with buyers Photo from and sellers, Janet is involved in the cover photo community with the Children’s Free shoot will go Care Fund, the Medina County Fair, her here Church, and the Ray Biegel Memorial Tournament - to help raise funds for Janet Gommel, Licensed Real the Medina Special Olympics. Estate Professional Contact Janet at 330-242-2020 or janetgommel@howardhanna.com www.medinaoh.org




ooking to make the right move?! Buying and selling a house can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! As a top agent and a part of the #1 name in real estate, Emily takes great pride in working quickly and confidently through every home transaction. “Taking care of my clients is my top priority,” states Emily. Emily has lived in the Akron/Cleveland area for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge of the city, it’s surrounding areas and all the amenities and services each neighborhood has to offer. Emily explains, “It is my mission to service clients with the utmost integrity, energy, hard work and creativity in all aspects of real estate. It is my pleasure to service you!”

Your Photo from cover photo shoot goes here Emily Duncan, Realtor®


omestead Insurance Agency Inc. is a professional agency with a personal touch. With over 70 years of experience in Medina County and the insurance industry, Homestead can be trusted to complete an analysis of your insurance needs and design a responsible protection program for you. Located at 1324 Pearl Road in Brunswick, we offer a variety of professional insurance services and policies as an independent agency. We represent outstanding carriers in our industry. Brandon Rapp (CEO) and Mark Herwick (President) represent the following products that include, but are not limited to: auto, home, motorcycle, recreational vehicles, and all types of commercial insurance. Homestead also specializes in the sale of life, health, medicare supplements advantage plans, medicare prescription drug plans, and disability income. Our Your new goal at Homestead is to ‘17 photo from provide you, the customer, with the best coverage at cover photo the lowest premium, while shoot will go building a long-standing here relationship with excellent, personal service. Mark Herwick, Pres. and Brandon Rapp, Owner & CEO

For help when buying or selling your home, contact Emily at 330-800-6265 • emilyduncan@kw.com

1324 Pearl Rd., Brunswick • www.homesteadins.com Brunswick: 330-225-3100 • Medina: 330-725-3100


Ohio Eye Care Consultants


edina Auto Mall, located at I-71 & Rt. 18, treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. The experienced sales staff, auto service team and body shop at Medina Auto Mall sincerely enjoys the challenge of meeting and exceeding your high expectations each and every time you visit. Everyone at Medina Auto Mall would just simply like to say THANK YOU for being a customer and allowing us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. You are the reason for our success and we appreciate it! Medina Auto Mall is your one stop for a new Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, or used car. The service department is ready when you need them and their body shop makes a ton of friends by “accident”. General Manager Chuck Steward says, “Come check us out, we love what we do and you’ll love what we do, too!”

Your Photo from cover photo shoot will go here Chuck Steward, GM

Medina Auto Mall 3205 Medina Rd., just off of I-71. 330-723-3291 • MedinaAutoMall.net



Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020



he Doctors at Ohio Eye Care Consultants, Thomas Chi, M.D., Amy Fernandez, O.D., Sara Prusinski, O.D., and Cassie Bremke, O.D. are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. They have extensive specialty training to assist you with all your eye care and vision needs by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. The friendly and knowledgeable staff and opticians at Ohio Eye Care Consultants are devoted to providing excellent patient care. Ohio Eye Care Consultants offers patients of all ages a full range of services from comprehensive eye examinations to advanced medical treatment and surgical procedures including cataract and glaucoma surgery. They strive to Your be the most comprehensive eye care Photo from center for all your vision needs. Ohio Eye Care has locations in Medina and Wadsworth, both offering convenient evening appointment times, with the Medina office offering Saturday appointments as well.

cover photo shoot goes here Dr. Thomas Chi

Ohio Eye Care Consultants - www.ohioeyecareconsultants.com 3583 Reserve Commons Dr., Medina • 330-722-8300 1 Park Center, Ste. 106, Wadsworth • 330-334-1300


W and more.

hat started more than 60 years ago as a credit union for the Parma school teachers is now a thriving not-for-profit bank that offers Cuyahoga and Medina County residents financial services

PSE Credit Union, conveniently located at 3845 Pearl Road in Medina Township, offers all the same services as a bank, “but with lower loan rates, higher savings interest rates and lower fees,” says Branch Manager Sheri Smith. This family-oriented institution now includes over 20,000 members throughout Cuyahoga and Medina Counties and makes educating kids about finances a core part of its mission. “As part of our commitment to kids, we take our mascot Pennie the PSE Puppy into schools and teach kids as young as kindergartners to save money through our Pennie Club,” says Smith.

Your Photo from cover photo shoot goes here Sheri Smith, Branch Manager

Once you try PSE Credit Union, you’ll never go back to a bank. 3845 Pearl Road • 330-661-0160 • www.psecreditunion.org



my K. Jackson, M.D. specializes in obstetrics and gynecology and is employed by Summa Health Medical Group. She specializes in all aspects of OBGYN care, including labor and delivery, preventive and problem visits and surgical procedures. Dr. Jackson is a member of a team of specialists who practice at Summa Health Medina Medical Center. She provides comprehensive care for patients who live and/or work in the Medina area. Dr. Jackson received her medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed her obstetrics and gynecology residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Jackson is board certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and supports all aspects of OBGYN care, including open and minimally invasive (including robotic) surgeries, contraception and obstetrics.

Your headshot Photo to go here

Amy K. Jackson, M.D.

Visit summahealth.org/Medina to tour the Summa Health Medina Medical Center.

Sérénité rEStAUrAnt


érénité Restaurant launched in the spring of 2018, working with the Recovery Center of Medina County. Open to anyone in the recovery community, Sérénité provides culinary training over the course of an 8-month program. Students are paid to attend and have full access to the RCMC’s programming and wraparound support. While dining, you can witness the power of a second chance and help change the perspective of what successful recovery looks like. Sérénité participants prepare a menu of world-class French cuisine, under the guidance of French Chef, Gilbert Brenot, a 4-star recipient from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The traditional fare is complete with a selection of appetizers and raw bar, as well as delicious entrees including duck, lamb, rabbit, vegan selections, lobster, and CAB steaks. Sérénité Restaurant wants to continue to revolutionize the way that recovery is approached: “Everyone has a right to a fair and equal future regardless of the choices they’ve made in the past.” À bientôt!

Your Photo from cover photo shoot goes here

Sérénité Restaurant is located at 538 W. Liberty Street in Medina 330-952-2611 • www.sereniterestaurant.com

The Interior Design Studio Team


uilt on creativity, collaboration, and unparalleled service, the Interior Design Studio experience is focused on crafting the ideal environment for each client. With over 40 years of combined design practice, their highly skilled and accredited interior designers are equipped to undertake commercial and residential projects of any size. They offer numerous services and products which allow their team to prepare turnkey packages. The in-house Client Design Resource Center provides thousands of unique fabrics, hundreds of custom furniture lines and accessories for your home or business. Maintaining lasting relationships with clients is a core principle of The Interior Design Studio. Whether designing living rooms, remodeling a kitchen, or executing a groundup build, the interior Your design team focuses Photo from on providing amazing cover photo service to their clients, often forging a lasting shoot goes bond and friendship here between the designers and their clients.

Please view their portfolio at www.interiordesignstudiooh.com or contact them at 330-725-7623 for more information. www.medinaoh.org


Health & Wellness

Helping Caregivers Cope How Can I Help? Knowing how to help a loved one struggling with addiction can be confusing, and the road to recovery can lead to caregiver burnout. Raman Baishnab, DO, a board-certified psychiatrist on the Medical Staff at Southwest General, offers tips to help caregivers cope.

include: isolation, may occur as a predecessor to chemical abuse, radically different behavior, excuses for missed engagements, requests to borrow money, and a sickly appearance

Be Open and Patient As a caregiver, encourage your loved

and suggest resources for their loved one. The sooner addicted individuals join a 12-step program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (aa.org) or Narcotics Anonymous (na.org), the sooner healing can begin.

one to seek help, and let your loved one know that when he or enhanced logos: she is ready, you will be there for support.

Don’t Push “Caregivers can still encourage and plant seeds, but it’s hard to wait for the fruit. Your efforts to do so, though, will have benefit later,” says Dr. Baishnab. Discuss the situation openly with other family members, and establish an agreement in regard to limits they are willing to enforce together. Be united in loving the person and united against the illness.

Watch for Signs Common red flags of chemical dependency

Connect with Resources Family members can help find

Seek Caregiver Support Supporting a dependent loved

one can leave caregivers feeling jaded, helpless and resentful. Dr. Baishnab encourages caregivers to join Codependent(s) Anonymous (coda.org), where families share insights that prepare caregivers to more precisely draw the line between loving and enabling. For more information on mental health and addiction services, call Southwest General’s Oakview Behavioral Health Services at 440-816-8200.


a therapeutic art that has been medically proven to offer various health benefits. It is for anyone of any age who would like to stay healthy, strong, and move with grace and ease as he or she gets older. Slow movements and relaxation are distinctive features of its practice. Tai Chi is considered an internal art and involves mental, physical, and meditative training by using specific traditional postures, exercises, and techniques. The goal is to strengthen the body, sharpen the mind, and lift up the spirit with the ultimate objective of developing ones’ natural energy to improve total well-being. There is growing evidence supported by research that Tai Chi has health benefits, including: joint pain reduction, increase in bone density and muscle strength, improved respiratory function, blood sugar regulation, immune system boost, lower blood pressure, stress relief and enhanced flexibility, balance and agility. For more information, contact Sifu Kamille Louis, Combat CFMA, at 216-410-7475 or visit www.combatcfma.com.


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

The home of excellent maternity care is conveniently close to yours.

Discover compassionate maternity care that’s close to home. At Southwest General, our Maternity

Choose our trusted, compassionate Maternity Services. Call Health Connection at 440 - 252- 4536 or visit info.swgeneralnews.com/maternity

Services provide a truly family-friendly environment for moms-to-be, dads and family members, so you all can welcome your new baby into the world. You also can expect: • Your Birthing Journey – a personalized Birth Plan to allow for a deeper focus on you and your baby • Private, comfortable rooms for moms with family-friendly amenities • Kangaroo Care to promote bonding with your baby and breastfeeding support • Neonatal nurse practitioners from University Hospitals (UH) Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital • 24-hour on-site coverage by board-certified obstetricians and anesthesiologists Learn more about our Maternity Services. To request a call from our maternity coordinator or to find an OB/GYN, call 440-252-4536. Or visit info.swgeneralnews.com/maternity

I-71 at Bagley Road | Middleburg Heights | 440-816-5050 | swgeneral.com



Health & Wellness

Specializing in the Healthcare Needs of Women There’s no doubt— women have unique health issues. Women face a wide range of concerns including: • Pregnancy and childbirth • Sexual health • Birth control and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) • Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other female cancers • Mammography • Menopause and hormone therapy • Osteoporosis

• Benign conditions affecting the function of the female reproductive organs It’s important to practice strong preventive care and have regular screenings to remain healthy. Talk with your doctor about the following actions: • Regular gynecological checkups, including a pelvic exam and breast exam • Pap smear and HPV testing • Bone density testing • Breast cancer screening

Write your own future!

• Discussions about colon cancer screening • Age-appropriate immunizations • Breast cancer risk assessment • Hormonal testing for menopause • Immunizations • Screening for STIs

Western Reserve Masonic Community is a vibrant community that ignites an active lifestyle and empowers those who are young at heart. Offering: • Active retirement lifestyle within a 229-acre campus setting • Villa homes and apartment options • Assisted living with personalized services • Post-acute and skilled nursing care

• Pathways memory care center • State-of-the-art rehabilitation and licensed therapists • Exceptional dining, amenities and hospitality • Events and educational opportunities open to the public

For more information, call us at

330-721-3000 Where LIFestyLe sparks neW begInnIngs

4931 Nettleton Rd, Medina, OH 44256 | www.wrmcohio.org


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Whether you are welcoming a baby into the world, scheduling your annual mammogram, concerned about bone loss during menopause, facing ovarian cancer or searching for answers and support for sexual health issues, Summa Health is your resource in the Medina area for all of your changing health needs. We have made a dramatic impact on women's healthcare in the communities we serve. Summa Health Medina Medical Center, conveniently located at 3780 Medina Road, recently added two OB/GYNs to our staff, Jessica Clemons, M.D. and Amy Jackson, M.D., to expand our services. Both are accepting new patients. Our team of women's health experts can provide compassionate, thorough care of your unique health concerns throughout any stage of your life. To learn more about Summa Health’s services available in Medina, visit summahealth.org/Medina or call 800-237-8662.See Summa Health ad on back cover.

Homes & Real Estate Garlands aren’t just for Christmas and the staircase anymore. By draping entryways with fresh greens, it continues the aromatic scent of the holidays. Bowls of nuts and pinecones surrounding candles in winter scents let the wonderful smells linger throughout the air. Please don’t put away all the twinkle lights yet. Winter days are much shorter and the use of these little lights in jars or around small evergreens trees (live or artificial) give us a warm glow throughout the winter season. One of my favorite decorations are birch branches with small twinkle lights wrapped around the branches and displayed in a metal container or a large pottery vase by the fireplace. Fireplace mantles can be decorated with magnolia leaves and eucalyptus and sprigs of baby’s breath in combination with pine roping for a more winter feel. Keep your collection of Christmas trees out to create a winter forest on your mantle. Accessorize the accessories. A display of snow globes adds a pretty twinkle to bookcases along with fairy lights and handmade stars out of tissue paper. Live plants like paper whites  Continued on page 32

Lasting Seasonal Décor Seasonal décor can be so much more than just

decorating your mantle and tree for the Holiday Season. Here are a few designer tips to spread the cheer throughout the rest of the house with a lasting style. As a professional designer, I like to incorporate colors that can be transformed down the road into the next season such as Christmas to a Winter Solace. First and foremost, pick a theme – whether it be “nature inspired” or “all that glitters” carry that look through all the rooms in the house. For instance; lush evergreens of Christmas play nicely with the outdoor branches and lanterns for winter. This creates a softer transition between seasons without losing the past holiday color scheme. There is no need to redo the wreath in the front entry or the floral arrangement on the foyer table that warmly greeted your guests for the holidays. Simply switch out the ornaments for pinecones, succulents and branches. This added texture and the natural look will be long-lasting throughout the winter months. www.medinaoh.org


Homes & Real Estate  Continued from previous page

and succulents in glass vases will bring the freshness of the season inside.

Your Neighborhood

For All y t i r o h t u A

Your Real Estate Needs

Dining rooms and kitchens can include that collection of Christmas houses displayed on a white furry runner with a spray of ferns to create a winter’s path. Small tea lights add to the magic of winter nights. Wood crates and doit-yourself snow flakes and gourds with purple succulents add a bright spot to the kitchen table or counter. Bring a little spirit into this busy space with an edible tree that stays up during winter. Stringing popcorn and hanging hard candy as the ornaments make it a great snack stop during the season. Clementines mixed with peppermints in an apothecary jar make a great centerpiece on the kitchen island. Or create a fruit tree complete with a star fruit on the top! This is a fun way to have the children help in the decorating process and learn to also enjoy the change of season. I hope you have enjoyed the new take on our color journey to add new life to existing holiday and winter decorations. Our homes are our oasis of comfort, pleasure and security. Enjoy them.

Happy Decorating! Amy Douglass, Design Director, Interior Design Studio

330-800-6265 emilyduncan@kw.com

w w w. s o l d b y e m i l y d u n c a n . c o m 32

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Parks & Recreation

Medina Community Recreation Center

FACILITY HIGHLIGHTS The Medina Community Recreation Center (MCRC) is a 110,000 square foot facility attached to Medina High School. The facility is designed to enhance the quality of life and physical well being of the Medina community.

Leisure Pool • Water geyser, current channel, spray-ground and play structures, 129 ft. waterslide, zero depth entry, lap lanes, hot water spa.

Competition Pool • 8 lap lanes, 25 meters


Aerobic Rooms • Two rooms conducive for a variety of programs including: aerobic, dance, martial arts, kettlebell, yoga & more • Mirrored walls, sound system, suspended wood flooring and newly stocked equipment area


330.725.6297 ext. 229 I JGRAY@ARCISGOLF.COM

Fitness Room • Over 60 pieces of cardiovascular fitness equipment including Woodway Treadmills, Precor Recumbent  Continued on page 34



Parks & Recreation  Continued from previous page

Bikes, Upright Bikes, Elliptical Trainer & Steppers, StarTrac Elliptical Trainers, Cybex Arc Trainers and Concept II Rowers • York and Magnum free weight equipment, benches, and dumbbells • 35 Stations of Cybex selectorized weight equipment

Field House • 24,056 square feet, newly resurfaced, 4 courts for basketball, volleyball, and other activities

Jogging/Walking Track

•  One-twelfth mile track with 4 lanes for walking and jogging

Rascal Room (Child Activity Center) • A safe and fun child care alternative for parents and guardians using the MCRC


• Children, ages 6 months to 8 years of age, may use the room for a maximum of 2 hours per visit • Patrons can purchase either a daily visit or punch card

Memberships • Annual memberships are available for both residents and non-residents • Many corporate & insurance discounts available • Payment plan options available


Many areas of the MCRC are available for rent during operating and non-operating hours. Rental areas can be utilized for parties, special events, business meetings, and other activities.


Monday – Friday 5:30 am – 10:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Note: Special Summer Hours. Visit the MCRC website for exact times.

Medina Community Recreation Center 855 Weymouth Road (330) 721-6900 www.medinarec.org Director — Mike Wright

For more information, visit our website at www.medinarec.org

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020



Medina City Parks A Liberty Park

Pavilion (grill), Playground, Natural Area

B Ray Mellert Park

Splash Pad & Multi-purpose Trail, Pavilion (electricity & grill), Playground, Restroom, Baseball Fields, Basketball Courts

C Memorial Park

Pavilion (electricity & grill), Dog Park, J.U.M.P. Playground, Disc Golf Course, Wooded Area, Outdoor Pool

D Uptown Park

Gazebo, Picnic Area, Band Concerts, Special Events. For information on renting the gazebo, call 330-722-9020

E Reagan Park

I Kuehn-Todd Conservation Area Nature Trail

Pavilions (grills & electricity), Skate Park, Remote Control Car Track, Baseball Fields, Football Field, Basketball Court, Playground, Sledding Hills, Mountain Bike Trail, Walking Trail, Multi-purpose Trail.

F Huffman Cunningham Park

K Jaycee Park

Pavilions (grill), Playgrounds, Soccer Fields, Walking Trail, Mountain Bike Trail.

G Sam Masi Park

Pavilion (grill), Playground, Miracle League Field, Tennis Court, Natural Area

H Roscoe Ewing Park

Pavilion (grill & electricity), Playground, Disc Golf Course, Multi-purpose Trail

J Sycamore Park

Nature Trail

Pavilion (grill), Playground, Nature Area

L Ken Cleveland Park

Pavilion (grill), Tennis Court, Playground, Softball Field, Basketball Court

M Fred Greenwood Park

Splash Pad, Pavilion (grill & electricity), Playground, Softball Fields, Soccer Fields

N Stanbery & Maxine Nichols Park The City of Medina Parks Department, 785 E. Washington Street. For parks information and pavilion rentals please call 330-721-6950.

Multi-purpose Trail, Nature Trail, Disc Golf Course, Natural Area www.medinaoh.org


Main Street Medina

Founded in 2007, Main Street Medina is a non-profit organization, fostering

outstanding quality of life experiences in the Uptown Historic District and the South Town Arts and Entertainment District. We’re proud to be one of nearly 25 accredited Main Street programs in the State of Ohio, and over 1,000 programs nationwide, who are improving our hometowns one building and one business at a time. Main Street Medina produces over 20 events annually, bringing over 150,000 residents and guests to the districts throughout the year. We’re proud to help grow our local economy, to support independent small businesses, and to help develop our community into a family and tourist destination. We encourage you to spend some time walking around town, shop at the various boutiques and specialty stores throughout the district, enjoy a tasty treat or a full meal at a local restaurant, or soak up the 200+ year old history of this quintessential, hometown community. Visit www.mainstreetmedina.com for more information, and please follow us on Facebook to get the latest news and event information.


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Sponsored by:

Saturday mornings, 9amͲ1pm Mid May—Mid October Historic Medina Square 2 Public Square Medina, OH 44256 Tuesday evenings, 3Ͳ6pm Mid June—Mid August,  Center for Older Adults 246 Northland Drive Medina, OH 44256

Shop the Medina Farmers Market, featuring 60+ purveyors of locally grown fruits, vegetables, heirloom produce, local meats and cheeses, homemade jams and jellies, nut butters, fresh bread, and tempting baked goods. Free parking. www.medinafarmersmarket.com


Photos from the many Main Street Medina events including First Friday, Pizza Palooza, Farmer’s Market, Ladies Night Out and grand openings around town.

Stop in and see us on the Square Bringing our favorite chocolates from around Ohio and the U.S. to our hometown of Medina

We Cater! Call us for your Events!

102 W Washington Street



Photos courtesy of Main Street Medina

You are always “welcome home” in Medina. From  community band concerts on the Square, to the farmers market on  Saturday mornings, there is always something to see, do, try, explore, and  enjoy in America’s Hometown.  

Meet us on the Square or in South Town soon for great shopping, dining,  museums, and history.

America’s Hometown since 1818. @mainstreetmedina www.medinaoh.org


Medina’s Place to Eat, Drink and Gather.

17 Public Square, Medina 330.952.2330 For menu and event planning visit www.17publicsquare.com

Located in “The Sweetest Place on Earth”, Medina, Ohio!

Our Cakes and Treats are Handcrafted with Local Ingredients

design • install manage • christmas lights

Plantings, Design, Hardscaping, Plant Maintenance, Holiday Lighting, Mulch, Pruning and More sweetmelissalandscaping@gmail.com

Registered and Insured in Ohio



503 S Court St.

330-952-CAKE (2253)

Local farm fresh ingredients

100% real cows’ milk

Protein free


Ethical. Beautiful. Fashion. Vegan Handbags One-of-a-kind Handcrafted Jewelry Vegan Soaps and Candles Metal Straws/Beeswax Wraps Religious Jewelry and more

www.ideaonlinecatalog.com 108 W. Washington St.


Celebrati ng Our 18th Yea r!

Massage ◆◆ Reflexology ◆◆ Reiki Hot Stone Massage ◆◆ Steam Tent Therapy

Healing for the Body, Mind & Spirit 330-721-9357 803 E. Washington St., Suite 100, in Medina www.ntwellnesscenter.com


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Weddings, Graduations and Corporate Events

Specializing in custom jewelry design. Repair. Restyle. Restore. A fine selection of watches.

Offering Tent, Table and Chair Rentals Female -owned Business with over 20 Years Event Management & Rental Experience Chamber Members Receive a 10% Discount on ALL Rentals

23 Public Square, Ste 3 in Historic Medina medinagemco.com 330.722.4714



w w w . m e d i n a t e n t c o . c o m


Coming in 2020

Shop Local and online 24/7 – Always Free Shipping Open: 11-8 Mon. – Sat.

The Book Store will become The Gift Shoppe More amazing gifts including tv shows, movie themes, local colleges and schools, literary gifts and more! Our Handmade Marketplace features over 1,000 products from local artisans

Located in Historic Medina Square 109 W Washington Street l 330-952-0404


748 N. Court St. Medina, OH 44256

TEL 330-725-4214 FAX 330-725-3145 EMAIL service@transfertitle.com

Robert C. Skidmore, Esq



Photo courtesy of Main Street Medina

Community Information

Important Phone Numbers

EMERGENCY 911 Medina Police (non-emergency) 330-725-7777 Medina Fire (non - emergency) 330-725-1772 Life Support Team (EMS) 911 Medina County Sheriff 330-725-0028 Medina County Public Transit 330-723-9670




City Hall 132 North Elmwood Ave. 330-725-8861

Mayor Dennis Hanwell 330-722-9020 dhanwell@medinaoh.org

Medina Municipal Court 135 North Elmwood Ave. 330-723-3287

City Council

Medina Community Recreation Center 855 Weymouth Rd. 330-721-6901

Council President John M. Coyne III 330-723-9998 jcoyne@medinaoh.org

Parks & Pavilion Reservations 330-721-6950

Ward 1 Jessica Hazeltine 330-421-4750 jhazeltine@medinaoh.org

Medina Municipal Airport 2050 Medina Rd. 330-239-1606

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Ward 2 Dennie Simpson 330-725-3302 dsimpson@medinaoh.org Ward 3 Eric M. Heffinger 330-887-2388 eheffinger@medinaoh.org Ward 4 Jim Shields 330-722-8402 jshields@medinaoh.org At-Large Paul Rose Sr. 330-723-3459 prose@medinaoh.org

At-Large Bill Lamb 330-725-6075 blamb@medinaoh.org Clerk of Council Kathy Patton 330-722-9040 kpatton@medinaoh.org

Cemetery Department City of Medina Sexton James Hjort 330-722-9056 springgrovecemetery@ medinaoh.org


Economic Development Economic Development Director Kimberly Marshall 330-764-3319 kmarshall@medinaoh.org

Office of the Mayor Administrative Office Manager Sherry Crow 330-722-9020 scrow@medinaoh.org

Economic Development & Marketing Manager Barbara Dzur 330-722-9029 bdzur@medinaoh.org

Building Department Dan Gladish 330-722-9030 dgladish@medinaoh.org

Engineering Department City Engineer Patrick Patton 330-722-9034 ppatton@medinaoh.org  Continued on page 42

Photo courtesy of Main Street Medina

Keeping Medina County in the Know Medina County is one of the most outstanding places to

live in the country and no matter where you live in the area, you have access to outstanding schools, outstanding services and outstanding parks. In Ohio the county auditor is not only the Chief Fiscal Officer for the county, responsible for all financial transactions, but also the Chief Assessing Officer, responsible for assigning property values to each of the 84,000 plus properties in the county. In those roles my office is responsible for a huge amount of information regarding our county – and we want to make that information as accessible to you as possible. When you get a chance, I highly recommend visiting our website at medinacountyauditor.org. Here you can find out exactly what your house is appraised for, what your property taxes are, what your neighbor’s house sold for and more! Are you interested in knowing what services your property taxes are supporting? You can find out exactly where every penny of your tax payment goes by clicking on “Tax Info” and then “Tax Distribution” for this information. Need to know if you’re qualified for, or receiving the Owner Occupany tax reduction or the Seniors Homestead Exemption? Click on “Tax Programs” to find out about these breaks, and then click on “Real Estate” to see if it’s being applied to your home. If you’re new to the county we recommend you sign up for our “Weekend Update”, a Wednesday e-mail detailing not only information about county offices and programs available to you, but events and activities going on around the county. We are here to serve you every day. Never hesitate to reach out to us at 844-7228300, extension 9754 or mkovack@medinaco.org if we can ever be of assistance! Welcome to Medina! www.medinaoh.org www.medinaoh.org

41 41

Community Information

OTHER IMPORTANT NUMBERS American Red Cross 330-535-6131

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Finance Department Finance Director Keith Dirham 330-722-9051 kdirham@medinaoh.org Fire Department Chief Bob Painter 330-725-1772 (non-emergency) bpainter@medinaoh.org Law Department Law Director Greg Huber Administrative Assistant Dena Haswell 330-722-9070 dhaswell@medinaoh.org Parks Department Jansen Wehrley, Director 855 Weymouth Rd. 330-721-6950 jwehrley@medinaoh.org Planning & Zoning Community Development Director Jonathan Mendel 330-722-9023 jmendel@medinaoh.org

Bureau of Motor Vehicles 972 N. Court St. 330-725-4635

Recreation Center MCRC Director Michael Wright 330-721-6850 mwright@mcrc.medinaoh.org

Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce 211 S. Court St. 330-723-8773 www.medinaohchamber.com

Service Department Service Director Nino Piccoli 330-722-9082 npiccoli@medinaoh.org

UTILITIES Armstrong Cable Service 877-277-5711 or 330-723-3536 Columbia Gas of Ohio 800-344-4077 First Energy (electricity) 800-633-4766 Medina City Water 330-722-9081 Medina County Sanitary Engineers (sewer) 330-723-9581 Frontier (phone) 330-764-7380 or 877-462-8188


Medina County District Library 210 S. Broadway St. 330-725-0588 www.mcdl.com Main Street Medina 39 Public Square, Ste. 305 330-722-6186 Medina County Career Center 1101 W. Liberty St. 330-725-8461 U.S. Post Office 303 North Court St. 800-275-8777 or 330-722-6511 Medina County Convention & Visitors Bureau 32 Public Square 330-722-5502

TOWNSHIP PHONE NUMBERS WITHIN ZIP CODE 44256 For information regarding community services outside of the City of Medina: Police & Fire Emergency Dial 911 Brunswick Hills Township 1918 Pearl Rd. 330-220-8182 www.brunswickhillstwp.org Chatham Township P.O. Box 99 330-667-6020 www.chathamtownship. wordpress.com  Continued on page 44

Photos courtesy of Main Street Medina

Administrative Assistant Sandy Davis 330-722-0397 sdavis@medinaoh.org

Police Department Chief Edward Kinney 330-725-7777 (non-emergency) ekinney@medinaoh.org

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Discovery awaits at the Library Medina County District Library

has what you need, and a lot more for you to discover! Visit www.mcdl.info/download for free ebook, music, magazine and movie downloads.Need help getting started? Bring your mobile device to a library help desk and we’ll introduce you to our digital collection. Amidst all the technology MCDL maintains a focus on books. We help you find the best stories, popular book club titles and entertainment through reading. With books come author events for all ages. We get you up close with interesting and inspiring authors. Go to www.mcdl.info/authors for your next event. We also offer free meeting room use, passport photos and applications, Wi-Fi Hotspots to borrow and GED testing and classes. Library staff works diligently to improve the quality of life in Medina County. From book delivery to homebound seniors to educating parents about early literacy, MCDL’s reach is far beyond library buildings. Visit mcdl.info to discover all we have to offer!

Top Left: Highland Library is surrounded by woods and wetlands. Its stunning views provide a relaxing setting for reading or studying. Top Right: The Medina Library has a renowned collection of popular fiction. Middle: The Brunswick Children’s area features a play room, an engaging collection, and literacy-focused events for your family. Above: The Lodi Library features a fireplace reading area, STEM activities for teens and a recording studio.



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Granger Township 3717 Ridge Rd. 330-239-3611 www.grangertwp.org Guilford Township 3800 Greenwich Rd. 330-769-1929 www.guilfordtownship.us Harrisville Township 209 Railroad Street 330-948-8050 Hinckley Township 1410 Ridge Road 330-278-4181 www.hinckleytwp.org Homer Township 6776 Wedgewood Road 330-725-6515

Lafayette Township 6776 Wedgewood Rd. 330-725-6515 https://lafayettetownship.com Litchfield Township 9256 Norwalk Road 330-723-6966 www.litchfieldtownship.com Liverpool Township 6801 School St. 330-483-3102 www.liverpooltwp.org Medina Township 3799 Huffman Rd. 330-725-5713 https://medinatownship.com

Sharon Township 1322 Sharon Copley Rd. 330-239-4406 www.sharontwp.org

Wadsworth Township 320 Chestnut Street 330-336-6161 www.wadsworthtownship.org

Montville Township 6665 Wadsworth Rd. 330-725-8313 www.montvilletwp.org

Spencer Township 112 North Main Street 330-648-2249

Westfield Township 6699 Buffham Road 330-887-5562 www.westfieldtownship.org

Creating Families Through Adoption Newborn Adoption • Older Child Adoption Birthparent Counseling & Services

Photo courtesy of Main Street Medina

Community Information

What are the different types of Adoption?

Adoptive Homestudy Services

There are different

types of adoption which you may want to consider as you think about growing your family.

Adopting through an Agency Adoption agencies are licensed by the state to place children with adoptive parents. They can provide adoption services through a private or public adoption. A private adoption is where the agency works with a birthmother who wants to place her child for adoption. A public adoption is where the agency assists in locating children who are in foster care due to abuse or neglect and places them with qualified adoptive parents.

Stepparent Adoption A stepparent adoption occurs following a divorce and involves adoption by the spouse unrelated to the child. The process is simple if both birth parents’ consent.

Relative Adoptions Building Blocks

Adoption Service Inc.


330.725.5521 • bbas.org

Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Relative adoption occurs when a child’s relative steps forward to adopt the child. Typically, the relatives are grandparents, or aunts and uncles. For more information, contact Building Blocks Adoption Service at 330-725-5521 or go to www.bbas.org.

Grades: K-5

York Township 6609 Norwalk Rd. 330-722-0185 www.yorktwp.org

Ella Canavan Elementary 825 Lawrence St. 330-636-4000


Garfield Elementary 234 S. Broadway St. 330-636-4200

Medina City School District 739 Weymouth Rd. 330-636-3200 www.medinabees.org

H.G. Blake Elementary 4704 Lexington Ridge Dr. 330-636-3900

Superintendent Aaron Sable 330-636-3010 sablea@medinabees.org

Heritage Elementary 833 Guilford Blvd. 330-636-4400 Ralph E. Waite Elementary 4765 Cobblestone Park Dr. 330-636-4500

Pre-School, K-5

Grades: 6-8 A.I. Root Middle School 333 W. Sturbridge Dr. 330-636-3500 Claggett Middle School 420 East Union St. 330-636-3600

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Photo courtesy of Main Street Medina

Eliza Northrop Elementary 950 E. Reagan Pkwy. 330-636-4600

Sidney Fenn Elementary 320 N. Spring Grove St. 330-636-4100



Community Information

K9 Officer Nero…. Keeping Medina Safe Recognizing the importance of a police K9 program,

Chief Kinney began researching police dog trainers to implement a program for the Medina Police Department. Excel K9, located in Hiram Ohio, became the selected vendor for procurement of the canine. Chief Kinney selected Officer Mike Lyon, a four-year veteran at the time, to be the handler. After a thorough dog selection process, Officer Lyon and Chief Kinney selected Nero, a German Shepherd from Slovakia, to become the next Medina Police Department K9. Officer Lyon and Nero attended an eight-week training course at Excel K9 where they learned to operate as a team. After their final certification in April of 2018, the canine team was deployed. Nero was successfully certified in narcotics, tracking, building search, area search, article search, and criminal apprehension. Since being deployed, Nero has become an integral part of the City of Medina’s efforts to reduce drug related crimes throughout the city. Nero has also assisted the department with apprehending criminals that have fled from crime scenes or have threatened to be violent with police officers. Although Nero is serious when it comes to his

Medina Police K9 Nero with his shift mates. Front Row: K9 Nero and handler Ofc. Mike Lyon. Back Row: Ofc. Xavier Payton, Ofc. Kelly Moran, Ofc. Jimmy Terwilliger, Sgt. Bryan Wagner, and Ofc. Derek Crooks.

job, he also has a pleasant demeanor when his enforcement actions are not immediately needed. Nero is taken to the schools in Medina and shows up frequently to demonstrations to show off his skills to residents of Medina. Residents find Nero to be approachable and more than willing to receive pets after demonstrations. Nero has been an excellent addition to the police force and is looking forward to a long career keeping the residents of Medina safe.

Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue

When One Door Closes, Our Doors Open! “I am passionate about

saving animals,” states Evangelene Brown, owner of Salon Evangelene. “Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue is the non-profit rescue that I support. They are a responsible rescue that focuses on saving wonderful dogs, who through no fault of their own, have ended up at a shelter. MDPR is a volunteer run rescue that operates through donations only.” If you are considering a rescued dog, Evangelene recommends working with a reputable rescue such as MDPR, as they have already evaluated the dogs for behavior, health and wellness while the dog has been fostered. The rescue knows the dog’s temperament and compatibility with children, cats and other dogs, which saves you time and ensures success with your new furry friend. For more information on becoming a foster, adopter, or even just donating & volunteering, check out Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue at www.mercysdoorpetrescue.org.


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Evangelene and Jim Brown with their beautiful Mabel.

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Grades: 9-12 Medina High School 777 East Union St. 330-636-3200 Evolve Academy 222 South Broadway St. 330-636-4213 Medina County Career Center 1101 W. Liberty St. 330-725-8461 www.mcjvs.com

Highland Local School District 3880 Ridge Rd Medina, OH 44256-7920 330-239-1901 330-686-1901 330-278-2727 www.highlandschools.org

Photo: Mark Hunter

Buckeye Local Schools 3044 Columbia Rd. Medina, Ohio 44256 330-722-8257 www.buckeyeschools.org


Cloverleaf Local School District

St. Francis Xavier 612 East Washington St. 330-725-3345

8525 Friendsville Rd Lodi, OH 44254 330-948-2500 www.cloverleaflocal.org

Medina Christian Academy 3646 Medina Rd. 330-725-3227

Protecting Your Health Since 1918 • • • • • •

Comprehensive medical and dental care Inspections of food operations, pools & campgrounds Birth certificates for anyone born in Ohio Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Car seat safety installations Nationally Accredited since 2015

330-723-9688 www.medinahealth.org Services are partially funded by your property tax health levy



Photo courtesy of Main Street Medina



Community Information

Chippewa Road Church of God 5301 Chippewa Rd. 330-769-4262 Church at Stony Hill 2756 Stony Hill Rd. 330-239-9858 Church of Christ 4730 Sharon Copley Rd. 330-725-2201 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 4411 Windfall Rd. 330-723-5200

Places Bethany Baptist Church 7040 Chatham Rd. 330-723-3224

Connection Church 4588 Lexington Ridge Dr. 330-461-3964

of Worship Buckeye Christian Assembly 3159 Columbia Rd. 330-764-4099

Chatham Community Church 6423 Avon Lake Rd. 330-667-2351 Chippewa Lake Baptist Church 5326 Chippewa Rd. 330-769-2790

Cornerstone Chapel 3939 Granger Rd. 330-723-3334 Covenant Word Fellowship 146 Highland Dr. 330-722-8411 Fellowship Baptist Church 901 W. Liberty St. 330-725-5571 First Baptist Church 3646 Medina Rd. 330-725-5853

A World Where Everyone has a Decent Place to Live In 1976 Millard and Linda Fuller gave birth to a vision that

believed everyone deserved a decent place to live. Over the last 43 years Habitat for Humanity has improved the shelter of over 22 million people. Habitat for Humanity of Medina County joined with this vision and over the last 28 years has built 41 homes across our county. This was accomplished because of our committed volunteers both on our build site and ReStore, along with generous financial supporters of Habitat. As we move forward our mission remains the same. To provide decent, safe and affordable shelter to qualified households in Medina County. We strive to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. We welcome you to stop by our ReStore! Currently located at 342 W. Smith Road in Medina, we will be relocating to 233 Lafayette Road in March. Visit our website at www.medinacountyhabitat.org to learn more about how you can partner with us on this mission.


Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

First Christian Church 6101 Wooster Pike 330-723-7021

Liberty Baptist Fellowship 111 N. Broadway St. 330-722-7775

First Church of Christ Scientist 5147 River Styx Rd. 330-723-1616

Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship 5301 Chippewa Rd. 330-769-0201

Granger United Methodist Church 1235 Granger Rd. 330-239-2396

Living Hope Church 6288 Wooster Pike 330-725-7730

Harvest Presbyterian Church 403 W. Washington St. 330-723-0770

Living Word Lutheran Church 3631 Hamilton Rd. 330-723-6046 Medina Assembly of God Church 830 W. Lafayette Rd. 330-725-4887

Heartland Community Church Campus Locations: Heartland Weymouth: 3400 Weymouth Rd.,Medina Heartland Williams: 787 Lafayette Rd., Medina 330-725-1948 www.heartlandcommunity.org Holy Martyrs Church 3100 S. Weymouth Rd. 330-722-6633 Lafayette U.M.C. 6201 Lafayette Rd. 330-725-6176

Medina Bible Church 222 S. Broadway St. 330-722-4847 Medina Church of Christ 295 Forest Meadows Dr. 330-725-5910 Medina Church of the Nazarene 6901 Wooster Pike (Rt.3) 330-722-7683 Medina Community Church 416 S. Broadway St. 330-723-5155 Medina Presbyterian Church 5020 Burgundy Bay Blvd. 330-723-1000

Medina United Methodist Church 260 S. Court St. 330-725-4943 New Hope Christian Fellowship 815 N. Court St. 330-721-4594 New Life Christian Fellowship 580 N. State Rd. 330-723-4443 Poe United Methodist Church 6712 Wadsworth Rd. 330-722-0521 Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church 3355 Medina Rd. 330-723-8293 Remsen Christian Church 1500 Remsen Rd. 330-239-1203

Photo: Mark Hunter

The Meridian Stone found at the northeast corner of East Libery St. and North Broadway St. in downtown Medina, Ohio.

Second Baptist Church 451 W. Bronson St. 330-722-0073 Seventh-Day Adventist Church 3866 Medina Rd. 330-723-0250 The Fountain of Grace Church 101 Public Square #1a 330-722-4847 True Faith Fellowship 4046 Medina Rd. 330-321-4247 United Church of Christ Congregational 217 E. Liberty St. #B 330-725-4559 Unity of Medina Life Enrichment Center 787 Lafayette Rd. 330-764-7999

St. Francis Xavier Church 606 E. Washington 330-725-4968

Waltz United Methodist Church 6259 Lake Rd. 330-722-1015

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church 400 N. Broadway 330-725-8885

Weymouth Community Church 3398 S. Weymouth Rd. 330-723-1750

St. Paul’s Episcopal Parish 317 E. Liberty 330-725-4131

York United Methodist Church 6566 Norwalk Rd. 330-725-8147 www.medinaoh.org



Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020



Asian Grill 1164 N.Court St. 330-764-3332 www.medinaasiangrill.com

Chill Artisan Ice Cream 11 Public Square 330-722-3035 www.chill-icecream.com

111 Bistro Medina 2736 Medina Rd. 330-952-1122 www.111bistro.com

Chipotle Mexican Grill 899 N. Court St. 330-725-2303 www.chipotle.com

Blue Heron Brewery & Event Center 3227 Blue Heron Trace 330-870-2730 www.blueheronmedina.com

Cin Dees Place 232 W. Smith Rd. 330-722-6700 www.cindeesplace.com

Bob Evans 4904 Grande Blvd. 330-721-1348 www.bobevans.com 3049 Medina Rd. 330-725-3343

Circles on the Square Donuts 28 Public Square 330-952-2728 www.circlesonthesquare.net Cool Beans Café 103 W. Liberty St. 330-723-7174 www.coolbeansmedina.com

Brown Derby 5051 Eastpointe Dr. 330-721-1731 www.brown.derbyusa.com

Photo courtesy of Corkscrew Saloon

17 Public Square 17 Public Square (330) 952-2330 www.17publicsquare.com 1904 Brews 320 South Court St. A Cupcake a Day 115 W. Liberty St. 330-389-1247 www.acupcakeaday.com Amuse Bistro 108 Public Square 330-722-6519 www.amuse-medina.com


Buffalo Wild Wings 5050 Eastpointe Rd. 330-764-9464 www.buffalowildwings.com Antonio's Pizza 3825 Pearl Rd. 330-725-1111 www.antoniospizza.net Applebee’s 4115 Pearl Rd. 330-723-2311 www.applebees.com

Medina Medina Area Area Magazine Magazine & & Community Community Guide Guide || 2020 2020

The Bar & Grille at Bunker Hill 3060 Pearl Rd. 330-725-1400 www.bunkerhillgolf.com Candyapple & Co. 23 Public Square, #11 330-635-0132 www.candyappleco.com

The Corkscrew Saloon 811 W. Liberty St. 330-725-0220 www.corkscrewsaloon.com Courthouse Pizzeria 2 Public Square 330-952-1743 www.courthousepizzeria.com Cups Café 126 N. Court Street 330-241-5990 www.cupscafe.org Dairy Queen Grill & Chill 133 Northland Dr. 330-722-0514 www.dairyqueen.com

2895 Medina Rd. 330-723-2252 The Original Dan’s Dogs Diner 111 W. Liberty St. 330-952-2925 Dave’s Cosmic Subs 1176 N.Court St. 330-722-7000 www.davescosmicsubs.com Denny’s 3105 Medina Rd. 330-722-1600 Dickey’s BBQ Pit 960 N. Court St. 330-723-2300 www.order.dickeys.com Diner 42 665 Lafayette Rd. 330-725-2777 www.diner-42.com Dominic’s Italian Restaurant 221 S. Jefferson St. 330-725-8424 www.dominicspizzamedina.com Don Tequila Mexican Restaurant 1158 N. Court St. 330-723-7917 Dragon Buffet 1201 N. Court St. 330-725-6155 www.medinadragon.com Dunkin Donuts 2739 Medina Rd. 330-721-8271 www.dunkindonuts.com 1209 N. Court Street 330-722-4040

East of Chicago Pizza 307 S. Court St. 330-723-0510 www.eastofchicago.com Emi’s Taqueria 249 Lafayette Rd. 330-722-7528 Exchange Market 320 South Court St. Fiesta Jalapenos 4136 Pearl Rd. 330-723-9896 www.fiestajalapenos-medina.com Foundry Social/MAD Brewing Company 333 Foundry Street 330-333-9000 www.thefoundrysocial.com Fresh Food Deli 2860 Medina Rd. 330-722-3660 www.freshfooddelimedina.com

duckpin bowling, billiards, bocce, ping pong, video games

Frosted Cake Shoppe 503 South Court St. 330-952-2253 www.frostedcakeshoppe.com Geppetto’s Pizza & Ribs 1038 N. Court St. 330-225-4100 www.geppettos.com Gionino’s Pizza 203 Lafayette Rd. 330-722-2727 www.gioninos.com Granite Grill at Shale Creek 5420 Wolff Rd. 330-723-8774 www.shalecreekgolfclubggp.com  Continued on page 54

Photos courtesy of 17 Public Square




333 FOUNDRY STREET MEDINA - 330.333.9000 www.thefoundrysocial.com www.highvoltagekarting.com www.medinaoh.org


Photo courtesy of Corkscrew Saloon

Photo courtesy of 17 Public Square

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Guy’s Pizza Co. 800 Lafayette Rd. 330-723-7600 www.guyspizza.com H2 Huth & Harris Wine Merchants 221 S. Court St. 330-805-3212 www.h2winemerchants.com Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream 1050 S. Court 330-952-2313 www.handelsicecream.com Happy Garden 3725 Medina Rd., #103 330-725-7099 www.happygardenmedina.com Honey Bee Bakery 23 Public Square 330-725-0912 www.honeybeebakerymedina.com Hop Hing Chinese Restaurant 891 N. Court St. 330-722-6135 www.hophingmedina.com

House of Hunan 18 Public Sq. 330-722-1899 www.thehouseofhunan.com

Marco’s 244 N. Court St. 330-725-0101 www.marcos.com

Panera Bread 4065 Pearl Rd. 330-721-4728 www.locations.panerabread.com

Jimmy John’s 240 North Court Street 330-721-7700

Marie’s Café 117 Public Sq. 330-725-3322 www.mariescafe.net

Papa John’s Pizza 500 S. Court St. 330-725-7575 www.papajohns.com

Master Pizza 2736 Medina Rd 330-723-9700 www.masterpizza.com

Pickle Mamas Market & Eatery 7249 Wooster Pike 330-662-4024 www.picklemamas.com

Medina Brewing Company 320 South Court Street

Pizza Hut 2777 Medina Rd. 330-722-9009 www.pizzahut.com

Johnny J's Pub & Grill 925 N. Court St. 330-721-0082 www.johnnyjspub.com Johnny Malloy's Sports Pub 1038 N. Court St. 330-723-4100 www.johnnymalloysmedina.com Jo Jo’s Sports Bar & Grill 221 S. Jefferson St. 330-722-5656 www.dominicspizzamedina.com Lagerheads BBQ Smokehouse 2832 Abbeyville Rd. 330-725-1947 www.lagerheads.us Lager Heads Brewing Company 325 W. Smith Road 330-721-2337 www.lagerheads.us Lemonberry Frozen Yogurt 201 S. Court St. 330-721-0793 www.lemonberryfrozenyogurt.com Little Caesars 1174 N. Court St. 330-723-2012 www.littlecaesars.com Longhorn Steakhouse 4907 Grande Blvd. 330-721-4585 www.longhornsteakhouse.com

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Medina Area Magazine & Community Guide | 2020

Michelle’s Place 144 N. Court St. 330-722-7198 www.michellesplace.business.site Miss Molly’s Tea Room 140 W. Washington St. #6 330-725-6830 www.missmollys.net Mr. Hero 1029 N. Court St. 330-722-4376 www.mrhero.com NY Bagel Deli 3725 Medina Rd., Ste. 115 330-952-0985 www.mybageldelis.com On Tap 2736 Medina Rd. 330-725-1972 www.ontapgrille.com Original Steaks & Hoagies 947 North Court Street 330-952-0878 www.steakand hoagies.com Panda Kitchen 503 S. Court St. 330-725-2989

P.J. Marley's 119 Public Sq. 330-722-6328 www.pjmarleys.com Project Sushi 3579 Medina Rd. 330-661-0017 www.project-sushi.com Pulp Juice & Smoothie Bar 1122 North Court Street 330-952-0888 www.pulpjuiceandsmoothie.com Quaker Steak & Lube 4094 Pearl Rd. 330-723-5823 www.thelube.com Romeo's Pizza 1100 N. Court St. 330-723-6111 www.romeospizza.com Ruby Tuesday 1001 N. Court St. 330-723-6206 www.rubytuesday.com

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Sérénité Restaurant 538 West Liberty Street 330-952-2611 www.sereniterestaurant.com Something’s Popping 47 Public Square 330-722-3088 www.somethingspopping.net Spoke’s Café’ & Bike Rental 406 South Broadway 330-725-1298 Sully’s Irish Pub 117 W. Liberty St. 330-764-3333 www.sullysmedina.com Thyme2 113 W. Smith Rd. 330-764-4114 www.thymetherestaurant.com Timber Lodge 2809 Pearl Rd. 330-725-6288 www.timberlodgemedina.com

Tokyo Hibachi & Sushi 1132 N. Court St. 330-952-2818 www.medinatokyo.com Tres Potrillos 3175 Medina Rd. 330-723-5600 www.trespotrillosmexican restaurant.com

Sérénité Restaurant While dining at

Sérénité Restaurant, you can witness the power of a second chance and help change the perspective of what successful recovery looks like. Sérénité participants prepare a menu of world-class French cuisine, under the guidance of French Chef, Gilbert Brenot. The traditional fare is complete with a selection of appetizers and raw bar, as well as delicious entrees including duck, lamb, rabbit, vegan selections, lobster, and CAB steaks.

Twiisted Burgers & Sushi 985 Boardman Alley 330-661-0606 www.twiisted.com

Sérénité Restaurant is located at 538 W. Liberty St. in Medina. For more information on the restaurant and its mission, go to www.sereniterestaurant.com.

Waffle House 3190 Medina Rd. 330-725-1538 www.locations.wafflehouse.com Waffle O Waffle 799 North Court Street, #17 330-722-8689 Yours Truly 3725 Medina Rd. 330-722-5800 www.ytr.com Every effort has been made to provide a complete and accurate restaurant listing. Please contact us in reference to corrections or additions for future publications.

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Santosuosso’s Pizza, Pasta & Vino 3725 Medina Rd. 330-764-9888 www.santosuossos.com



City Government


City of Medina............................. p 5 www.medinaoh.org

Candyapple & Co....................... p 38 www.candyappleco.com

Colleges & Universities

Inspired Designs by Elizabeth Anne.......................... p 38 www.ideaonlinecatalog.com

Cuyahoga Community College........................... p 14, 15, 25 www.tri-c.edu

Advertiser Index

The University of Akron Medina....................................... p 16 www.medina.uakron.edu

PSE Credit Union................... p 6, 27 www.psecreditunion.org

South Court Dental................... p 24 www.southcourtdental.com

Adoption Service Building Blocks Adoption Service.................................... p 7, 44 www.bbas.org

Frosted Cake Shoppe................ p 38 www.frostedcakeshoppe.com

Smooth Transitions.................... p 39 www.smoothtransitions4u.com

Book Store


The Book Store.......................... p 39 www.thebookstoreinmedina.com

The Foundry Social.............. p 17, 53 www.thefoundrysocial.com


Eye Care

Armstrong.................................... p 6 www.armstrongonewire.com

Medina Vision and Laser Centre............................... p 39 www.medinavisionandslaser.com

Candles & Gifts

Ohio Eye Care Consultants.......................... p 26, 28 www.ohioeyecareconsultants.com

Assessments/Appraisals/ Licenses/Taxes Medina County Auditor............ p 41 www.medinacountyauditor.org

Auto Dealership Medina Auto Mall...................Inside front cover, 26 www.medinaautomall.net

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Root Candles.............................. p 12 www.rootcandles.com

Cocoa......................................... p 37 www.cocoamedinaohio.com

Medina Medina Area Area Magazine Magazine & & Community Community Guide Guide || 2020 2020

Salon Evangelene...................... p 21 www.salonevangelene.com

Health Services Medina County Health Department............................... p 47 www.medinahealth.org

Hospitals & Medical Facilities Southwest General Health Center.................................. p 28, 29 www.swgeneral.com Summa Health Medical Center................p 27, 30, Back cover www.summahealth.org

Hotel Holiday Inn Express................... p 45 www.hiexpress.com/medinaoh

Indoor Go Karts High Voltage Karting................ p 53 www.highvoltagekarting.com

Farmers Market Chocolate Boutique

Hair Salon & Spa Services


Downsizing & Estate Dispersals

Spray Products........................... p 12 www.sprayproducts.com

Fox Meadow & Weymouth Country Clubs............................ p 33 www.foxmeadowcc.com

Credit Union


Aerosol Packaging Manufacturer

Golf/Country Clubs

Medina Farmers Market........... p 37 www.medinafarmersmarket.com

Insurance Homestead Insurance............ p 7, 26 www.homesteadins.com Hunter Insurance Agency, Inc.... p 38 www.hunterins.com Wichert Insurance..................... p 39 www.wichert.com

Massage/Health & Wellness Nature’s Touch Wellness Center........................................ p 38 www.ntwellnesscenter.com

Mortgage Loan Services Crossroads Home Loans............ p 18 www.crossroadsloans.com

Interior Design The Interior Design Studio............................. p 27, 31, 32 www.interiordesignstudiooh.com

Newspaper/Print/Online Medina Gazette......................... p 45 www.medina-gazette.com

Jewelry Medina Gem Co......................... p 39 www.medinagemco.com

Landscaping Sweet Melissa Landscaping...... p 38 www.sweetmelissalandscaping.com

Organizations Habitat for Humanity................ p 48 www.medinahabitat.org Main Street Medina.............p 36-39 www.mainstreetmedina.com

Orthodontists Library Medina County District Library........................................ p 43 www.mcdl.info



Beverly David Photography...... p 11 www.beverlydavidphoto.com

St. Francis Xavier School........... p 16 www.sfxmedina.com


Screen Printing/ Embroidery/Graphic Design

Antonio’s Pizzeria LoSchiavo...... p 1 www.antoniospizza.net

Printing Minuteman Press....................... p 38 www.medina.minutemanpress.com

Real Estate/Realtors Emily Duncan-Keller Williams............................... p 26, 32 www.soldbyemilyduncan.com Janet Gommel - Howard Hanna................................... p 25, 31 www.howardhanna.com Marathon Group at eXp Realty.................................. p 23 www.samsonfire.com

Mellion Orthodontics................ p 22 www.mellionortho.com Pfister Orthodontics.................. p 20 www.pfisterorthodontics.com


Pet Food Manufacturer

Sandridge Food Corporation.... p 13 www.sandridge.com

Bil-Jac......................................... p 12 www.bil-jac.com

Martial Arts

Pet Store

Combat CFMA..................... p 19, 28 www.combatcfma.com

Heartland Pet Center................ p 46 www.heartlandpetstore.com

Icandi Graphics.......................... p 47 www.icandigraphics.com

Senior Services Altenheim Senior Living........... p 25 www.altenheim.com Medina Meadows...................... p 45 www.embassyhealthcare.net Western Reserve Masonic Community................................ p 30 www.wrmcohio.org

Signs and Lighting North Coast Sign and Lighting...................................... p 45 www.signandlight.com

Real Estate/Title Services Transfer Title/Skidmore & Hall......................................... p 39 www.transfertitle.com

Tent, Table & Chair Rental Medina Tent Company.............. p 39 www.medinatentco.com


Veterans Services

Corkscrew Saloon...................... p 39 www.thecorkscrewsaloon.com

Medina County Veterans Service Office............................. p 10 www.medinacountyveterans.org

17 Public Square........................ p 38 www.17publicsquare.com Serenite Restaurant............. p 27, 55 www.sereniterestaurant.com

Visitor’s Bureau Medina County Convention & Visitors Bureau......................... p 9 www.visitmedinacounty.com

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