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MAGAZINE & COMMUNITY GUIDE This is an Image Builders Marketing Inc.™ Trademark Publication created and produced for the City of Lorain. City of Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer Lorain City Hall 200 West Erie Ave. Lorain, Ohio 44052 440-204-2002 • Copyright © 2014, All rights reserved. Image Builders Marketing, Inc. 9780 Beechwood Drive North Royalton, Ohio 44133 440-346-4482

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ON THE COVER: The Faces of Lorain. See special insert section on page 13. First Row (left to right): Christine Tubbs, Manager, Premier Toyota; Dr. Julie Corbin, Owner, Whispering Pines Dental; Dr. Erica Roesch, Cleveland Clinic Lorain Family Health & Surgery Center; Courtney Prost, Director of Marketing/Communications, Community Star Credit Union; Valerie Smith, Manager, Lorain Public Library; Liz Concar, Manager, Howard Hanna Amherst/Lorain Office. Second Row: Elizabeth Guzman, CHPNA & Joel Martin, Provider Relations Manager, Hospice of the Western Reserve; Chase Ritenauer, Mayor, City of Lorain; Thomas Tucker, Superintendent, Lorain City Schools; Ernie Jackson, President/CEO, Community Star Credit Union. Third Row: Gary Fisher, President of the Board of Directors, Lorain Palace Theater; Tony Gallo, President, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce; David Malanowski, Lorain Branch Manager, First Federal Savings of Lorain; Stephanie Wiersma, CEO, Lorain County Health & Dentistry; Tim Williams, President of the Board of Education, Lorain City Schools; Jose Matias, VP & Branch Manager, Lorain National Bank. Missing from Photo: Bob Fisher, Owner, Premier Toyota; Joanne Eldridge, Director, Lorain Public Library. Photo Location: Lorain Palace Theater. Photographer: Jason Shaffer.

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As Mayor of Lorain, I would like to welcome you to our

great city. This year, I began my third year as Mayor. In the past two years, we have taken steps in order to restore the image of Lorain and to rebuild Lorain. With an energized Council and a dedicated team of city employees, we are making strides in keeping Lorain safe, improving the infrastructure and improving our housing stock. In November 2012, the citizens of Lorain passed an income tax increase, which allowed the City to oversee $20 million dollars in road improvements over three years. With this program, the City is able to repair our main thoroughfares as well as repair some of our worst roads and also purchase a Durapatcher to patch potholes more effectively. We are constantly finding ways to improve our roads, our infrastructure, our residential neighborhoods and our community as a whole. The summer of 2013 proved to be very significant in getting Lorain ready for development on our lakefront. With a teamwork approach with the City of Lorain, Lorain Port Authority and First Energy, the power towers along the lake came down. This obstacle was one several developers cited as an impediment to potential development. The excitement and the enthusiasm surrounding this success was felt throughout the City, as Lorain showed progress towards economic development along the lakefront. Lorain and its community partners hope you take part in the various recreational and entertainment venues available for all to enjoy. On the City’s lakefront, beautiful Lakeview Park, fantastically

maintained by the Lorain County Metroparks, features the premiere spot in town to view a sunset, to touch the Lake Erie shoreline and to enjoy the ever-cherished family picnic. In addition, the treasured Lorain International Festival celebrates the diverse nationalities and cultures whose rich pasts and ever-strong presence and pride continue to positively define our community through civic and social involvement, innovations and contributions. Come and join the thousands of people who flock to Black River Landing at the end of June each year to be entertained by music, ethnic dancing, outstanding food offerings and numerous other wellknown Lorain International Festival activities. This Lorain Magazine & Community Guide, made possible by generous sponsorships and the publishing partnership with Image Builders Marketing, provides important details about events, community highlights and the businesses that anchor our community, and also gives some insight on the revitalization efforts, which have and will reinvigorate and redefine the City of Lorain, Ohio. Please stop by for a visit --- there is much to see, there is much to do and there is much to enjoy! Best regards, Chase Ritenauer, Mayor w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g


 City Overview

A City on the Rise In the past two years, the City of Lorain has witnessed

significant changes to create a better foundation to move the City forward. Several studies were conducted to understand the obstacles facing Lorain in hopes of bringing development to its waterfront. Most, if not all, of the studies centered on four key areas, vital to potential development: roads, infrastructure, housing, and power towers along the lakefront. Elected officials, business leaders, community leaders and citizens all worked together to overcome these obstacles. Lorain fell behind by more than $40 million dollars in roadway rehabilitation over the past few decades. In order to radically improve the roads of Lorain, the City of Lorain asked its citizens for an income tax increase to invest significant dollars for its roads. Understanding the importance of the issue, the citizens passed the levy, allowing the City to invest about $20 million dollars over the next three years to rehab roads throughout Lorain. Additionally, the City invested in a machine called the Durapatcher to help extend the life of many of roadways. Along with new roads, the City is investing in new waterlines with these new roads to improve our infrastructure. Roads and infrastructure are vital to the continued success of Lorain. The housing stock within the City of Lorain, as well as surrounding areas, was in deplorable condition with no improvement in sight. The City worked together with other cities and Lorain County to establish a County Land Bank, similar to those in existence in

Photos Courtesy Jason Shaffer



Cuyahoga and Summit Counties. A small percentage from delinquent property taxes is reserved to fund the operations of a land bank. Ohio Revised Code provides certain powers to a land bank to aid in the demolition of dilapidated houses. By ridding Lorain of dilapidated houses, several areas have seen a boost from decreased crime to an improvement in aesthetics of the neighborhood. With the land bank and other resources, Lorain has been able to demolish over 140 homes in recent years. One of the more symbolic efforts was the removal of the power towers along the lakefront. First Energy, Lorain Port Authority and the City of Lorain were able to work together on a huge, public/ private project to remove those towers. In 2013, the first tower was removed during a special ceremony signifying the continued vision of the community to see development along Lorain’s lakefront. By working with public and private entities, the City is trying to find resources and funds to continue to improve Lorain. Since 2012, significant progress has been achieved to show developers and business leaders Lorain is a destination for them to invest. Although more needs to be done, the dedication and desire to invest the hard work needed to continue improving the City is apparent throughout Lorain.

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2014 - 2 015 L ora i n, O hi o M a g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e 2015

w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g




 City Overview

Reaching Out to the Community The Lorain Police Department has implemented

new programs to help fight crime and you can help! Anonymous tips can be sent to the Lorain Police Department from your cell phone. Citizens can text anonymous tips to the Police Department at by clicking on the “Communities” tab at the top of the page. There is also an app for iPhone/Android and residents can have text conversations with dispatch and sign up for alerts to be sent to a cell phone or email account. Residents can also file a report for minor crimes with no suspects at the police station or online at Look for the blue box titled “Online Police Reporting” and follow the prompts to submit your information. The “Report It” Citizen Property Inventory System software program is also available to residents. Report It is a free, secure, online record of valuable property, accessible from anywhere. It lets you securely store serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures and scans of receipts so that your items may be more easily identified in the event of theft

or loss. You can find the Report It program online at Residents also have access to accident reports online. Go to www. and click on yellow box to print a copy of an accident report. Reports are generally uploaded within 3-5 business days. After 5 days, if the report is not present, call the Records & Information Section at 440-204-2114, M-F 10am to 6pm. You can report drug activity by calling the Narcotics Tip Line at 440-204-2108. All citizens are welcome to have "Coffee with a Cop" and talk about problems in the community. Check the website for future locations. The sessions are very informal so drop by to say "Hello."

Protecting the Residents of Lorain The Lorain Fire Department continues to serve

its residents by always staying true to its Mission Statement “To protect the lives, property, and environment of the citizens of the City of Lorain from fire and other emergencies.” Since 1883 the Lorain Fire Department has remained true to that mission and will continue to look for new ways to continue to operate both effectively and efficiently. In the last year the Lorain Fire Department has taken delivery of two new fire apparatus which greatly improve the delivery of service. The first new truck for Station #4 since 1988, Pumper #4 is a Smeal Commercial Cab Pumper. It serves the City’s east side and supports all four districts during structure fires or full responses. Pumper #1 is a 75’ Heavy Duty Aerial truck that will serve the Central Fire District and greatly


2015 LLora oraiin, n, O Ohi hioo M Maaggaazzin inee && CCoom mm muunnitityy Gu Guid idee 22001144 -- 2015

improves the City of Lorain’s aerial capabilities. These new additions to the fleet and continued training will keep the Lorain Fire Department ready and able to handle all emergencies in the years to come.

 Chamber of Commerce



Lorain County Chamber of Commerce

Helping Business Grow The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce

mission is to support and promote the Lorain County Business community, something we have prided ourselves on since 1988. With a change in leadership for the first time, new President Anthony (Tony) Gallo has been working diligently to expand the diversity of our chamber members while keeping relationships with long-time members strong. The Chamber has added programs and educational seminars to continually keep the return on investment high - which has kept our membership high, as we are still THE largest Chamber in the surrounding area. The County Chamber has always forged relationships with our local partners and we have expanded these relationships this year - partnering with business, educational and economic development organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. Our Safety Council was recently recognized for quality programming from the State BWC. It's always the right time to get involved with the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce - so join today and let your company or organization take advantage of what we offer our members. The Lorain County Chamber - Together since 1988.

Scheduled chamber events allow members to socialize while possibly conducting a little business as well. w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g




 Financial

Loan Options to Fit Your Needs Looking for a loan? Several options are available, including a consumer loan that offers a choice between variable rate and fixed rate financing for automobiles or any other significant retail purchase. Loans are also available for second mortgages, home improvements, recreational vehicles and watercraft. A Fixed Rate Loan is when the original payment amount and rate remain fixed for entire term. A Variable Rate Loan is when a monthly payment amount remains the same but the number of payments may change depending on rate fluctuation. Use a preferred line of revolving home equity line of credit for whatever important purpose you desire – home improvements, college education, debt consolidation, a new car. Plus, interest paid on home equity may be up to 100% tax deductible – consult your tax advisor to be sure. A preferred line may be established for up to 90% of the appraised value of your home.

A refinance loan offers flexibility and low interest rates, with many options to meet your needs. Lorain National Bank offers a complete line of borrowing products and services designated to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. As a locally-owned, independent bank, we make lending decisions locally, which means you will receive an answer on your loan request quickly. To learn more about various loan options, contact the Main Office of Lorain National Bank at 440-244-7312 or go to Stop in or call today!

We Have Money to Lend

Equity Loans | Auto Loans | Mortgage Loans

Call us at

440-244-7185 Jose Matias,

branch manager Main Office 457 Broadway, Lorain 8

2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o M a g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Celebrate all that you are at the Lorain International Festival

Your Community Lender

The Lorain International Festival and Bazaar is the premier event of the summer for Lorain, Ohio. The week-long festival begins the last full week of June every year, with numerous separate events taking place mainly in downtown Lorain. Various nationalities, cultures and our community are celebrated with the sharing of gifts from our many homelands through food, music, costume and tradition.

SAFE - SOUND - SECURE ply Ap Line! On

The three-day bazaar takes place along the scenic Black River, and features a multitude of foods with a wide variety of ethnic cuisine to sample. There is wonderful entertainment throughout the weekend including on-going live performances. Stop by the different cultural booths that feature crafts and items from many homelands. There are covered dining areas, paved walkways and free parking.

Serving the following counties - Lorain Erie - Cuyahoga - Medina - Summit - Huron - Sandusky - Ottawa - Seneca NMLS#596593

For more information on events, applications or sponsors of the Lorain International Festival, go to

Why Choose

a Credit Union?

• Local Management: Community Star’s management team operates from our local offices. Our “headquarters” are here in Lorain County. • Community Star’s day to day operations positively impact the local community. • Community Star is committed to financial education of our membership and all Lorain County residents. This includes introduction to responsible money management in local schools. • Community Star supports dozens of community charities and organizations. • Community Star has a member based lending committee to review and consider amendments of lending decisions. • Community Star has a political mission to interact and advocate on behalf of the needs of our membership to Local, State and National level elected officials.

Credit Union



• Non-profit co-operative

• For profit institution

• Each member is a local owner

• Shareholder controlled

• Members pool resources for the common good

• Stock holders dictate profit for products

• Volunteer, member-elected board of directors

• Stockholder controlled paid board of directors

• Surplus earnings returned by lowering loan rates or paying higher dividends

• Profits returned only to investors

By member’s choice, your deposits are insured up to $250,000 per account by American Share Insurance. This institution is not federally insured. MEMBERS’ ACCOUNTS ARE NOT INSURED OR GUARANTEED BY ANY GOVERNMENT OR GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED AGENCY.

w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g




 Education

Lorain City Schools

Evolving to Meet the Needs of our Changing World Looking for an academic environment where

your children will thrive? For a diverse academic environment that mirrors the adult world your children will someday enter? Looking for an academic institution whose graduates have gone on to lead successful and meaningful lives while making our world a better place in which to live? Lorain City Schools offers an academic environment where modern technologies are blended with the knowledge and values necessary for your children to become successful in life. After all, we have been successfully educating children for over 150 years. Multiple academic and extracurricular opportunities provide a well-balanced curriculum to a unique and diverse student population.

Educational Opportunities Abound! Lorain City Schools proudly offers a varied array of educational opportunities not found in many schools districts. There are two tracks available for high school students to earn a college associates degree while attending Lorain High School. Titan College offers a rigorous coursework leading students to a college degree while attending at the Lorain High School campus and the Early

Lorain City Schools has a Gifted Program for kindergarten through eighth grade students that offers a challenging and supportive environment beyond the regular curriculum. Lorain City Schools is one the few Ohio school districts which offers an expansive selection of vocational educational opportunities. From Automotive Technology to Interactive MultiMedia Technology to Welding, these two-year programs teach skills to prepare students to step out into the workforce and become active members of our community. An after-school program offering academic enrichment and recreation programming is available at no charge to students attending all district elementary and middle schools, and Lorain High School. These programs offer students additional academic

Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

TomTucker, Superintendent, Lorain City Schools

College Program allows students to do their coursework fully on the campus of Lorain County Community College while still being able to participate in Lorain High School extracurricular activities. At the 2014 Lorain High School Commencement, of the 398 high school diplomas awarded, there were 47 students who graduated with an LCCC associates degree.


2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

support, as well as character education, health and fitness activities, and mentoring.

Please call 440-233-2274 for more information on how you can get involved. The call is free, but the education is priceless!

Lorain City Schools IS Lorain; Home, Tradition, Community Lorain City Schools is committed to engaging the community. The district is reaching out to businesses, community organizations, civic organizations and social agencies to work together for the betterment of all. The key to our success is having all partners collaborating and working together for the children. We invite and encourage everyone to be part of the process and the ultimate success of our students.

GEMS at Longfellow Middle School (Above): GEMS stands for Growing Exploring Moving Students and is an outdoor classroom environment at Longfellow Middle School which is used as an outdoor alternative where classes can be held to enhance the learning experience. Whether it’s math, english or science, the GEMS environment entices students to think beyond the normal classroom. Meetings and receptions are also held in the GEMS area. The design and set up of GEMS involved student input and handson implementation.

Lorain County Community College

The University Partnership and Lorain Learning Center Established in 1963, Lorain County Community College is the first community college in Ohio with a permanent campus. For more than 50 years LCCC has served the diverse needs of Lorain County and the region by providing affordable access to high quality higher education. LCCC also serves the residents of the City of Lorain with its Lorain Learning Center on the first floor of the St. Joseph Community Center. LCCC has emerged as an innovator in higher education through the success of its University Partnership – the first of its kind at an Ohio community college – where more than 3,000 students are able to pursue 38 bachelors and 11 masters degrees from 12 of Ohio’s leading universities on LCCC’s campus. LCCC also offers theater, arts, men’s and women’s athletics and many clubs to engage students. For more information, go to or call 440-233-7240. w ww w w. w. cc ii tt yy oo ff ll oo rr aa ii nn .. oo rr gg



2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

First Row (left to right): Christine Tubbs, Manager at Premier Toyota; Dr. Julie Corbin, Owner of Whispering Pines Dental; Dr. Erica Roesch, Cleveland

The Faces of


Clinic’s Lorain Family Health & Surgery Center; Courtney Prost, Director of Marketing/Communications, Community Star Credit Union; Valerie Smith, Manager of Lorain Public Library; Liz Concar, Manager of Howard Hanna Amherst/Lorain Office. Second Row: Elizabeth Guzman, CHPNA & Joel Martin, Provider Relations Manager, Hospice of the Western Reserve; Chase Ritenauer, Mayor, City of Lorain; Thomas Tucker, Superintendent, Lorain City Schools; Ernie Jackson, President/CEO, Community Star Credit Union. Third Row: Gary Fisher, President of the Board of Directors, Lorain Palace Theater; Tony Gallo, President, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce; David Malanowski, Lorain Branch Manager, First Federal Savings of Lorain; Stephanie Wiersma, CEO, Lorain County Health & Dentistry; Tim Williams, President of the Board of Education, Lorain City Schools; Jose Matias, VP & Branch Manager, Lorain National Bank. Missing from Photo: Bob Fisher, Owner, Premier Toyota; Joanne Eldridge, Director, Lorain Public Library. Photo Location: Lorain Palace Theater. Photographer: Jason Shaffer. w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g


CommStar Credit Union



ith over 76 years in business, CommStar Credit Union continues to expand, offering new products and presenting an alternative to a “one-size-fits-all” banking experience. CommStar offers services that are beneficial to members, and tailored to an individual’s needs. Services range from checking and savings products, youth and teen programs, Mortgages, Home Equity Loans and Sallie Mae Student Loans, which can all be acquired through CommStar Credit Union. Members of the community are all eligible to hold accounts with CommStar when you live, work, worship, or attend school in Lorain County. CommStar offers the same types of accounts as banks, but generally at lower costs. Because a Credit Union is owned by its members (anyone with an account), we do not pay a board of directors or shareholders, therefore return profit to our members in the form of dividends. This also allows us to offer lower rates on loans. The competitive mortgage department at CommStar was developed to help home-buyers with low cost, low down payment, conventional home loan options, that boast competitive interest rates. We offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA,

VA and USDA Mortgage Loans. Streamline refinancing enforces our Credit Union “people helping people” philosophy by helping members capture today’s great rates even if you owe more than your current property value. For people interested in building a new home, we offer one of the most competitive construction loan programs in the area. Open and fixed Equity Lines of Credit top off our line of Mortgage Services. Coming in 2014 will be our enhanced line of Business Products, Services and Member Business Loans. CommStar wants to be your one-stop for financial needs. At CommStar we know our members by name and will help you find the products you need, not the ones you don’t. CommStar is a banking experience, and our staff is waiting to serve you. We want you to love where L to R: Dave Jezewski, Director of Business Development; Ernie Jackson, President & CEO; Courtney Prost, Director of Marketing & Communications; you bank. Rick Nock, Chief Lending Officer

Call or visit CommStar today to experience a better way to bank! • 866-365-7345 • Avon, Elyria & Lorain


American Share Insurance

Cleveland Clinic Lorain Family Health & Surgery Center WORLD CLASS CARE CLOSE TO HOME OR WORK


leveland Clinic Lorain Family Health and Surgery Center is conveniently located close to your home or work for routine or urgent health problems. Our patient-friendly facility offers primary care physicians, including internal medicine and family medicine specialists, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists. We also offer a wide array of specialty care services, including orthopaedics, ophthalmology, cancer, general surgery and heart care. In addition, our Ambulatory Surgery Center offers advanced outpatient surgery that allows patients to return home soon after their procedures without the need for overnight stays.

Dr. Erica Roesch, Family Medicine

For a same-day appointment, please call 440-204-7400 or 800-272-2676 or visit 14

2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Tony Gallo, President Lorain County Chamber of CommerCe


he Lorain County Chamber of Commerce has promoted and supported the success and growth of the Lorain County business community since 1988. This year, the chamber’s goal is to engage more with the small business community. One way to show value in membership to small businesses is via the Chamber’s newest Value Added Benefit – Save Local Now. $LN is a Digital Marketing Platform that is “free” for all 615 County Chamber Members and allows member companies to do E-Mail Marketing, Event Marketing & Deal of the Day Publishing. Save Local Now comes with iPhone and Android Apps, SEO Services, Facebook/Twitter/Google+ media sharing and Analytics that let you know who is getting your message and how! It’s never been a better time to join the Lorain County Chamber, especially for small businesses, so join today and let the chamber help support your success and growth in Lorain County.

President Tony Gallo

Give the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce a call at 440-328-2554 or visit them at

Lorain National Bank

Large enough to serve yet smaLL enough to care


orain National Bank has been dedicated to providing quality service since 1905. Over a century later and their commitment to their customers and the communities they serve is still top priority.

“We are proud to say our high standard of service is what has made us the leading independent bank in the region,” states Jose Matias, Branch Manager. LNB is locally-owned and managed and serves customers through 20 retail-banking locations and 28 ATMs in Lorain, eastern Erie, western Cuyahoga and Summit counties. They are a full-service bank providing lending, deposit, and investment and trust services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. Their knowledgeable team of associates takes the time to provide personalized service to satisfy each customer’s banking needs. Lorain National Bank’s associates and management team not only provide financial guidance customers can trust, but they

serve their communities. LNB employees work together to give back to the community through a host of local lending, charitable contributions and volunteer activities. In 2013, their employees volunteered over 1,500 hours with several neighborhood organizations including Second Harvest Food Bank, Neighborhood Alliance, Catholic Charities, the Special Olympics, Lorain City Schools and many more. Giving back through community service is LNB’s way of showing appreciation for the past century of business, and it’s a continued assurance to their valued customers for the next hundred years. Jose Matias, Branch Manager

Visit one of LNB’s many branches today • For more information, call 440-244-6000 or visit



Liz Concar HOWARD HAnnA ReAl estAte seRvices oward Hanna is a full-service real estate company offering real estate, mortgage, title services, and insurance. Howard Hanna, home of the Money Back Guarantee, provides the convenience of One Stop

“We strive every day, in every transaction, to reflect the pride we have in our company, each other, and in the people and communities that we serve,” states Liz Concar. Liz has managed the Amherst/Lorain office since 2004 and with more than 57 real estate agents, Liz and her team are prepared to help you through the home buying or selling process. Call today and ask about Howard Hanna’s guaranteed services provided to sellers and buyers. IF YOU LIST IT WE WILL SELL IT!

Your Photo Here

Liz Concar, Sales Manager

The Howard Hanna Amherst/Lorain office is located at 1711 Cooper Foster Park Rd., Amherst, OH 44001 Call 440-282-8002 or visit

Member FDIC

Dr. Julie Corbin StreSS Free, BeautiFul SmileS


r. Julie A. Corbin is the dentist and owner of Whispering Pines Dental in Lorain. At Whispering Pines Dental, Dr. Corbin and the experienced staff provide high tech, gentle family and cosmetic dentistry in state-of-the-art facilities. Born and raised in Cambridge, Ohio, Dr. Julie A. Corbin grew to love northeastern Ohio through her years of undergraduate studies at John Carroll University where she graduated cum laude with a dual biology and chemistry degree. She went on to earn her dental degree from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, graduating cum laude. Following graduation, Dr. Corbin was accepted as one of three teaching interns at Ohio State’s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department. During this year long program, Dr. Corbin gained experience with advanced oral surgery procedures. She is a current member of the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association, the Lorain County Dental Society, and the American Academy of Julie Corbin, DDS Facial Esthetics. Dr. Corbin will be happy to care for all your dental needs at 690 Cooper Foster Park Rd. in Lorain • 440-282-2023 • w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g




s Chief Executive Officer of Hospice of the Western Reserve, Bill Finn leads Ohio’s largest hospice and palliative care organization, including two residential care facilities, a research/education institute, a community bereavement center, and hospice and palliative care services offered throughout the region. In 2012, Hospice of the Western Reserve opened a 40,000-square-foot Ames Family Hospice House in Westlake, making care more accessible for patients and families in Western Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties. The non-profit agency has a “four-star rating” from We Honor Veterans, a program recognizing the highest available level of Veterans’ care. Hospice of the Western Reserve is the first hospice in Northeast Ohio to earn the rating, one of four in the state and one of 25 nationally. Finn is a member and board chair of the National Hospice Work Group and a member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. He and his wife, Rachel Martinez-Finn, have two Bill Finn, CEO sons. For more information, visit or call 800-707-8922.

First Federal Savings of Lorain Providing financial solutions for our friends & neighbors since 1921


irst Federal Savings of Lorain has been committed to providing the best possible service to our customers since 1921. Our mission has always been to provide home ownership and a safe harbor for our customers’ life savings. We are locally-owned and managed with seven branches along Ohio’s north coast. With fewer than 150 employees, we know our customers and they know us. Sound financial decisions are made by our management team who live and work in your community. We offer specialized loan products to meet almost any mortgage need and we retain servicing on all of our mortgage loans. As an added convenience to our customers, we now offer online mortgage applications. Our employees and management belong to and volunteer their time to over 100 different local and community organizations. Giving back to the community is just one way First Federal Savings of Lorain shows appreciation to our customers for their many years of business.

David Malanowski Branch Manager & Loan Specialist

Lorain Main Branch Office: 3721 Oberlin Avenue in Lorain 440-282-6188 •

Member FDIC

Stephanie Wiersma Lorain County HeaLtH & Dentistry


orain County Health & Dentistry (LCH&D) is an independent, private, non-profit Community Health Center that provides medical and dental care to persons of all ages throughout Lorain County. LCH&D has four locations in Lorain and Elyria and is the largest safety-net provider of primary health care in Lorain County. With a mission to remove barriers and improve access to affordable health care, LCH&D offers prenatal/women’s health, pediatrics, adult and family medicine, asthma/allergy, podiatry, dentistry, laboratory and optometry services. The Health Center also provides outreach, interpretation/translation and assistance with transportation. LCH&D patients who fill prescriptions at participating Walgreens receive significantly discounted pricing through the federal 340B Program. Recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a Level III Patient Centered Medical Home, LCH&D proudly serves about 11,000 unduplicated patients in 34,000 annual visits. The Health Center accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial insurances. Fees are discounted for qualifying uninsured patients. Stephanie Wiersma, CEO Visit their Lorain location at 1205 Broadway Avenue or call them at 440-240-1655 •


2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e


L. Robert Fisher Premier ToyoTa

xperience the Difference”, encompassing the core values of serving others with integrity, innovation and uncommon performance portray Premier Toyota’s vision of success. As owner and president of the company, Bob Fisher is proud to lead a team dedicated to make a difference in the community where they live, work and play. Fisher began his automotive career as a “student of the industry” in Dover, NH selling Chevrolet and Honda vehicles. In 1993, he took over a failing Toyota store in Richmond, VA as General Manager and operating partner, quickly achieving their successful turnaround. Bob’s experience, innovation and commitment to customer service earned his nomination to represent the Toyota brand in Lorain County, Ohio, establishing Premier Toyota Scion of Amherst. Bob serves several local organizations Your including Leadership Lorain County, the Photo from Lorain County Chamber of Commerce cover photo and Mercy Hospital’s Board of Trustees. Bob states, “Experience the Difference” shoot goes simply means serving others in a fun, here friendly atmosphere with uncommon performance and integrity!

L. Robert Fisher, Owner and President

Visit Premier Toyota at 47190 Cooper Foster Park Rd. in Amherst 440-985-6100 •

Care For Your Entire Family, Close To Home

 Health & Wellness



At Lorain Family Health and Surgery Center, we have Cleveland Clinic primary care physicians that can provide world-class care for your entire family, from kids to parents to grandparents. The primary care services available at our family health center include: Internal Medicine: Our internal medicine physicians focus on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases. They take pride in caring for their patients for life -- in the office or clinic, during hospitalization and intensive care, and in nursing homes.

Family Medicine: Family Physicians are uniquely trained to care for you as a whole person, regardless of your age or sex. In addition to diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses, your family physician provides routine health screenings and will counsel you on lifestyle changes to prevent illnesses before they develop.

Pediatrics: Our pediatric primary care physicians serve children from birth to young adulthood. With access to leading-edge diagnostic and treatment resources, as well as a total commitment to familycentered care, our pediatric professionals are well equipped to diagnose and treat common, everyday illnesses, as well as serious childhood diseases and conditions like cancer, diabetes and congenital heart disease.

Geriatrics: Cleveland Clinic geriatricians specialize in diagnosing and treating elderly patients with complex medical conditions and social problems. Our goal is to create comprehensive geriatric care plans designed to preserve independence and improve quality of life for geriatric patients. For an appointment with one of our primary care physicians, please call 440-204-7400 or 800-272-2676, or visit lorain. See ad on back cover.

A LIFETIME OF CHOICE DOESN’T END HERE. Choose the hospice of choice. Most people think you call hospice when you’re all out of options. That’s not true if you call Hospice of the Western Reserve. As Northern Ohio’s most experienced and most referred hospice provider, we offer more options to personalize care. We focus on helping patients and their families live their lives where they choose – at our unique facilities, at home, at a hospital, at a nursing home or at an assisted living residence. Discover why the hospice of choice is Hospice of the Western Reserve. Visit


w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g




 Health & Wellness

The “Choice” is Yours Choosing a senior living residence for yourself or a loved one is one of the biggest decisions of your life. It involves the sobering realization that living alone in a home full of love and memories may no longer be the best setting for your loved one's life. Fortunately, many more assisted living and senior living options are available today than there were decades ago. There is no clear-cut, step-by-step template that tells people exactly when it is time to consider a senior living community, whether that is an independent living, assisted living or nursing home. However, there are numerous signs that a new living arrangement is needed, such as inability to manage a home's upkeep, assistance with meals, medication management, loneliness, and other issues. Here are a few tips for choosing a quality residence and the important factors in the decisionmaking process.

Lorain Community Seniors Inc. The Lorain Community Seniors has been in existence since 1980 as a private non-profit organization serving the elderly and handicapped citizens in the City of Lorain and surrounding areas. Our service includes socialization, education, and transportation. Our organization operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes that are beneficial to the elderly. We provide activities and services to assist senior citizens in coping with retirement living and utilizing their leisure to a satisfying and fruitful end. Ask about our membership, transportation, lunches and activities! Call or visit our Lorain Community Seniors Center, 3361 Garfield Blvd., Lorain • 440-288-4040


2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Senior living offers choice about where your loved one wants to live, the services provided, and the level of care and type of environment that bests matches your loved one's physical and emotional needs. Each senior living resident is a unique individual, so high-quality senior living residences offer a wide array of choices, including: • Housekeeping services • Transportation • Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and walking • Access to health and medical services • Alzheimer's and memory care • 24-hour security • Medication management

• Staff available to respond to both scheduled and unscheduled needs • Emergency call systems for each resident' apartment • Exercise and wellness programs • Personal laundry services • Social and recreational activities

Top Quality Eye Care at Lorain County Health & Dentistry Lorain County Health & Dentistry now offers

full-time vision care, thanks to fund-raising efforts by Lions Clubs of Ohio District 13B, whose mission to improve sight and prevent blindness is shared by the health center. The state-of-theart LCH&D optometry clinic on Broadway serves children and adults regardless of income or insurance status. Fees are reduced for uninsured persons who qualify. LCH&D is especially pleased to offer comprehensive eye exams to children from birth to age 18. The comprehensive exam replaces the vision screening, which is typically done at a well-child visit; the exam more readily detects vision problems leading to timely treatment. Ohio Medicaid and the federal Marketplace (Affordable Care Act) include a benefit for children’s comprehensive eye exams, treatment, and eyeglasses.  At LCH&D, the comprehensive eye exam is performed by an experienced optometrist. Testing, prescription eye glasses and specialty referrals are all available at LCH&D. For more information call 440-240-1655 or go to

w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g




 Library

The Lorain Public Library The Lorain Public Library System (LPLS) has

proudly served the Lorain community for more than a century. The estimated population in the library system’s district is over 135,000. School districts in the library system’s service district include: Lorain City Schools, Clearview Schools, Firelands Schools, Avon Schools, Columbia Schools, North Ridgeville Schools, and Sheffield/Sheffield Lake Schools.

Dazzle your mind!

The Main Library downtown features numerous computer workstations, free Wi-Fi, large public meeting rooms, comfortable reading areas and amazing programs for all ages.

It’s more than a library – it’s a destination! We offer family programming, a gathering place for the community, a wide range of technology, digital eMedia resources and more than 10 million items through CLEVNET.

Main Library Hours

351 W. Sixth Street • Lorain • 440-244-1192


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. Friday & Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sunday* 1 – 4 p.m. *Closed Sundays from May through September.

2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Books, CDs, DVDs – you name it. They’re all waiting for you to enjoy. Plus access more than 10 million items through the shared CLEVNET consortium. Joanne Eldridge, Director Check out the ever-expanding eLibrary at for digital services: eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies, TV shows, magazines and more!

So connect with your Main Library soon. With countless resources, it’s more than a library – it’s a destination!

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 Parks & Recreation



Enjoy Lorain’s 800+ Acres of Parks The natural beauty of Northeast Ohio is showcased in the City of Lorain’s vast parks system that encompasses fifty-six parks covering more than eight hundred acres. This extensive system is carefully maintained by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department in an effort to provide Lorain neighborhoods with a convenient and tranquil retreat. Neighbors and families have an opportunity to enjoy a number of diverse activities, or simply relax and commune with nature. The community may enjoy any of our twentytwo playgrounds, nine baseball/softball fields, three soccer fields or two outdoor swimming pools. In addition, rental of our eleven pavilions and two gazebos is available for picnics, graduations, reunions, weddings, or other special events. Some of the many

activities being offered at our parks by local organizations include: youth baseball, men’s slow pitch softball, girls’ softball, youth soccer, fall tackle football, flag football, and swimming lessons. In addition, those seeking exercise in the great outdoors will find it by shooting baskets at one of our fifteen basketball courts, or playing a spirited game of tennis on the courts at Lakeview. If walking, jogging, or biking are activities you enjoy, be sure to take advantage of the newly resurfaced sidewalks at Central, Longfellow, and Oakwood Parks. Boaters will also appreciate the convenience of the boat launching ramps at Lorain’s Municipal Pier and Black River Wharf Boat Launch. Our parks are an integral part of Lorain’s past, present, and future. We invite everyone to experience all that our parks have to offer. The best is yet to come!

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 Community Information

Photo Courtesy Lorain Port Authority


Important Phone Numbers Emergency 911

Fire Department....440-204-2220

The City of Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer Lorain City Hall 200 West Erie Ave. Lorain, OH 44052 440-204-2002

Health Department...........440-204-2315 Law Director..........440-204-2250 Mayor’s Office.......440-204-2002

Utilities Department...........440-204-2500

Community Resources Direct Action for Central Lorain........440-244-3150

Lorain City Schools Board of Education ...............................440-233-2271 Superintendent.....440-233-2232 Charleston Administration Center....................440-233-2271

Municipal Court.....440-204-2140

El Centro de Servicios Sociales, Inc...........440-277-5327


Parks & Recreation Department...........440-244-4294

Lorain County Chamber of Commerce.........440-328-2550


Building, Housing & Planning.................440-204-2020

Police Department non-emergency........440-204-2103

Lorain County Community Action Agency.......440-245-2009

College & Career Pathways...............440-233-2247

City Council............440-204-2050

Prosecutor's Office.....................440-204-2230

Lorain Head Start.......................440-246-0480

Food Services.........440-233-2250

Safety/Service Department...........440-204-2011

Lorain Public Library....................440-244-1192

Street Department ...............................440-244-4294

City of Lorain Post Office.............440-288-8593

Treasurer/Income Tax Department...........440-204-1000

Visit Lorain County...................440-984-5282

Lorain City Offices

Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

Engineering Department...........440-204-2003


Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

Treasurer’s Office...440-233-2239

Human Resources...............440-233-2262 Magnet Hotline.....440-233-2200 Magnet Program...440-233-2346 Operations.............440-233-2367 Print Shop..............440-233-2221

Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

Purchasing.............440-233-2266 Registration...........440-233-2254 Teaching & Learning.................440-233-2274 Technology............440-233-2246 Television Studio...440-282-8400 Transportation.......440-233-2273

School Buildings Admiral Ernest J. King Elementary............440-245-6315 Frank Jacinto Elementary............440-960-5800 Garfield Elementary............440-246-1116 General Johnnie Wilson Middle.......440-246-1020 Hawthorne Elementary............440-246-1080 Helen Steiner Rice Elementary............440-240-1220

Larkmoor Elementary............440-288-3203

St. Anthony of Padua Elementary............440-288-1752

Longfellow Middle....................440-288-1002

St. Peter Elementary............440-282-9909

Lorain High............440-277-1176 Credit Recovery Academy................440-277-7261 New Beginnings Academy................440-277-8157 Palm Elementary...440-277-1240 Steven Dohanos Elementary............440-277-1008 Toni Morrison Elementary............440-960-7008 Washington Elementary............440-246-2187 Digital Academy....440-282-4087

Private Schools Open Door Christian School....................440-322-6386

Klingshirn Winery 33050 Webber Rd., Avon Lake 440-933-6666

Area Attractions

Lake Erie Crushers All Pro Freight Stadium 2009 Baseball Blvd., Avon 440-934-3636

Allen Memorial Art MuseumOberlin College 87 North Main St., Oberlin 440-775-8665

Lorain County Ironmen Baseball The Pipe Yard Stadium 2840 Meister Rd., Lorain 440-452-0372

Fligner's Market 1854 Broadway Ave., Lorain 440-244-5173

LCCC Stocker Arts Center 1005 Abbe Rd. N., Elyria 800-995-5222

Jet Express – Lorain 319 Black River Ln. 440-204-2269 800-245-1538 John Christ Winery 32421 Walker Rd. 440-933-9672

Lorain Port Authority 319 Black River Ln. Lorain, OH 44052 440-204-2269 Lorain Sports Hall of Fame St Joseph Community Center 20th St. & Livingston Ave., Lorain

Photo Courtesy Ivan Soto

w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g




Lorain Palace Theatre 617 Broadway, Lorain 440-245-2323 Northcoast Grapevine Tours 1319 W. 35th St., Lorain 440-282-6598 Paper Moon Vineyards 2008 State Route 60, Vermilion 440-967-2500

Golf Courses Brentwood Golf Club 12415 Grafton Rd., Grafton 440-322-9254

 Community Information County Parks

Carlisle Golf Club 39709 Slife Rd., Grafton 440-458-8011

Forest Hills Golf Course 41971 Oberlin Elyria Rd., Elyria 440-323-2632

Cherry Ridge Country Club 1211 W. River Rd., Elyria 440-324-3713

Fox Creek Golf & Racquet Club 5445 Beavercrest Dr., Lorain 440-282-9106

Lorain County Metro Parks 12882 Diagonal Rd. LaGrange, OH 44050 1-800-LCM-PARK

Deer Track Golf Club 9488 Leavitt Rd., Elyria 440-986-5881

Indian Hollow Lake Golf Course 16525 Indian Hollow Rd., Grafton 440-355-5344

Lakeview Park & Beach 1800 W. Erie Ave., Lorain 440-245-1193

Echo Valley Golf Club 21056 Quarry Rd., Wellington 440-647-2065

Oberlin Golf Club 200 Pyle Rd., Oberlin 440-774-3923

Miller Nature Preserve 2739 Center Rd., Avon 440-937-0764

Emerald Valley Country Club 4397 Leavitt Rd., Lorain 440-282-5663

Pheasant Run Golf Course 711 Pheasant Run Dr., Lagrange 440-355-5035

True North Cultural Arts at the French Creek Nature Center 4530 Colorado Ave., Sheffield Village 440-949-5200

Pine Brook Golf Club 11043 Durkee Rd., Grafton 440-748-2939

Building Educational Facilities for the Future

Royal Oaks Golf Club 1057 Parsons Rd., Grafton 440-926-2959 Spring Valley Country Club 1100 Gulf Rd., Elyria 440-365-1411

Lorain Rotary Club The Lorain Rotary Club

Lorain was one of the first communities to approve a building program in conjunction with the Ohio School Facilities Commission. Over the past decade, the Lorain City School District has replaced all elementary and middle schools with state-of-the-art, technology- rich, and environment-friendly buildings. Lorain City Schools is proud to be currently constructing one of the most unique high school designs in the country at the site of the former Admiral King High School on Lorain’s West Side. This is the last leg of the complete rebuilding of our entire district. The New Lorain High School, Home of the Titans, is a beautiful three building campus which will house facilities destined to become a magnet for community activities. With all elementary and middle school buildings already built and the current high school project under way, Lorain can be proud of this project which has been on time and on budget throughout the construction process. 24

2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o M a g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e Ma

was organized and admitted to membership in Rotary International in 1926. Though Rotary originated as a men’s service club, women were officially admitted to Rotary Clubs worldwide in 1989. Today men and women make up over 1.2 million Rotarians in over 200 countries on six continents. Since its inception, the Lorain Rotary Club has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to local and international projects including: worldwide Polio eradication, Lakeview Rose Garden, Lakeview Park Gazebo, Palace Civic Center renovations, college scholarships, dictionaries for third grade

students, Lorain youth baseball team sponsor and concession stand, Children’s Developmental Center playground, Camp I.D.E.A.S. playground & programs, books for Lorain Public Library, international clean water projects, M.E.S.A. (medical equipment & supplies abroad), and Shelter Boxes to sites around the world. Our motto, “Service Above Self,” is something that every Rotarian works to live by, here in Lorain and around the world. The Lorain Rotary Club meets Thursdays at noon at DeLuca’s Place in the Park. If you are interested in becoming a Rotarian please visit our website for more information.

Lorain Port Authority Events 2014 Labatt Blue Black River Concert Series

Free concerts at Black River Landing with concessions No outside food, drink or coolers. Service animals only. June 7........... 8-11pm .... Jersey: Springsteen tribute June 21......... 8-11pm..... Almost Queen: Queen tribute July 4............ 5-11pm..... Port 7pm........... Recess 8:30pm...... Nostalgia Cleveland 10pm......... Fireworks August 23..... 8-11pm..... Vicious Cycle: Lynard Skynard tribute, Veterans night

Ribs on the River July 31 – August 3.......... Black River Landing, 421 Black River Ln., Lorain Award-winning National Rib Vendors on site. Plus craft, t-shirt & other vendors, children’s games and bounce houses. Live music throughout the event.

July 31 Hours 5-10pm ............... Free admission 6-10pm.......................... Juke Hounds: Blues, Rock and Soul

August 1 Hours 4-11pm................ $5.00 12 and up 6pm................................ Red Sun Rising 8-11pm.......................... Dirty Deeds: AC/DC tribute

August 2 Hours 11am-11pm.......... $5.00 12 and up 2:30............................... LaGrange: ZZ Top tribute 5:30............................... Joe Vitale Jr. 8:30-11pm..................... Escape: Journey tribute 10pm.............................. Fireworks

August 3 Hours 11am-7pm............ $5.00 1pm................................ Don “Elvis” Wright 4pm................................ Hard Day’s Night: Beatles tribute

w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g






Lorain Ohio


Lorain Lighthouse

Spitzers Marina

Ala b

H City

am aA v Lorain Yacht Club

Washington Ave

Oberlin Ave

Ashland Ave

Utica Ave

Pole Ave

Hamilton Ave

Brownell Ave

Mildred Ave Osborn Ave Allison Ave

Parkview Ave

Lakeview Dr

King Ave

Archwood Ave


Briarwood Dr

Tanglewood Dr

tral D

Tressa Ave

Regina Ave

Chris Ave

Washington Ave

Kay Ave

Evelyn Ave

Estelle Ave

Hickory Hill A ve



Douglas Ct Parkway Dr Westwood Dr


Narragansett Blvd Shaffer Dr


er Blv d

Frances Dr

Kimberly Ct Laura Dr

Victoria Dr

Edgewood Dr

Queen Anne Ave

Jude Ct

Princess Anne Ct

Carr Pl

Edgewood Dr

Marie Ave

Ash land Ave

Utica Ave

Pole Ave

Palm Springs Dr Forest Hill Dr

Timberview Dr

Gargasz Dr


Reeves Ave

Marshall Ave


Independence Dr

Williamsburg Dr


Re s e

W 45th Pl


Herbert Dr

Cooper Foster Park Rd W

Amherst B




Lem onw



Hawthorne Ave

N Leavitt Rd

Hillsdale Ave

Temple Ave

Rd Le avi tt xw oo dD r

Te rra Ln


St James Blvd

Fie l Crossi n gds W Tr a

Camden Blvd

Santina W d

Mills Dr

Wallace Ln

Brookview Dr

Pickett Rd

Kneirim Dr

Oxford Dr Winger Dr


W Park Dr

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Sher wood Dr


Forest Ln

York Dr

Surf Ave

Fulmer Dr Brenner Dr Franke Dr Ln

owfa rm

Lindenwood Ct

Red Hill

t Dr

Oak Point Rd

e ad

Lon gb ro ok R

est Dr lN

W 38th St

en Clem

Rosecliff Dr

La ke Rd

Deer Run


Poplar Dr

W 37th St

Washington Ave

C ir



e Av Lovett Pl ll Pl Cornengton Ave Washi

id Re

Falbo Lorain Plaza Park Shopping Center

Oberlin Ave

Chestnut Ct

W 37th St W 38th St W 39th St W 40th St Blvd Tower

Redbud Pl

Westwood Dr


Walnut Ct

n t u cket Dr Na Dr rg bu ys

Ge tt



2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e

W 41st St

W 43rd St W 44th St

Grenoble Dr

Gloucester Dr

W 30th St Meister Rd

W 35th St

Birch Ct



W 29th St

W 34th St

Rosecrest Dr Emerald Valley Golf Course vere Pl Emerald Dr


Cooper Foster Park Rd

dW Cooper Foster Park R

Dr brook Meadow

W 42nd St

Westminster Dr


a n Dr


ree er C eav

W 41st St

Marshall Ave

Miami Ave

Stanford Ave ve Kenyon A

Coopers Trl

Park Sq

W 38th St W 39th St W 40th St

Shelly Dr

rve Cir

ve lton A Hami

r W 37th St

e e

s Wicken Pl


Cambr id ge Av

S Mayflower Dr

Vassar Av



Province Ct


Kneirum Park

W 27th St W 28th St Highland Park Blvd

W 33rd St

W 36th St

W 37th St

Ja eger Rd

Plymouth Dr

Colony Ct


y l



ark Dr N Mayflower Dr




Kennedy Park

Manhattan Dr

Oak Point Estates

rF inte oe Tr l

W 38th St W 39th St W 40th St

Yorktown Rd Normandy Dr Hillgrove Dr

Oak Tree Dr

o ck H rn Blv Bu


lvd ll B


W 37th St Rita Dr

rd D rt y a






ing uld pa


W 19th St W 20th St Harrison Cultural Comm. Ctr. W 21st St 611 W 22nd St W 24th St

W 25th St

W 30th St

Meister Rd Willow Park E Skyline Dr

W Skyline Dr

W 18th St

W 26th St

29 th St 30 Mar t hS kD t r W


av er Creek

lbe Ko



Eagles Nest Dr

Hidden Creek

r Church D

D Jones r

Oa k crest Dr


ek Run Mallard Cre


W 14th St W 16th St

W 23rd St W 24th St

Collins D r

Martin’s Run Metro Park

Jenee Dr


FoxCreek Golf & Racquet Club

's R

Perry Ct

rcrest Dr

Greenwood Dr

k Lar adow Me

t oin kP Oa


Heron Dr

Reserve Trl

ve ea


Ivanhoe Dr

M ar t i n

Hawk Ln

at Club eek Bo er Cr ttle Marina Beav Copper Ke B

Beaver Park Marina

r dD

Kolbe Rd

rie WE

Beaver Park North Marina

W 24th St

Campana Valleyview Dr The Pipe Yard Park Stadium Woodstock Dr

Meister Rd



Windsor Ct

ho o

12th St

W 22nd St

West Park Industrial Park

6th Libra Ct t C W 7th

W 10th St

W 23rd St




ri WE St age t n o Fr



Westgate Shopping Center

st St W 21

Hogan Cir Didrickson Dr


e Pu

Dr blo

Black River Hist. Soc.

11th St

W 17th St

19th Lorai Ct

St Edith

W 8th St W 9th St

W 14th St

Stone Path Arrowhead St

Lakeview Ave Madison Ave Nichols Ave Tait St



Grace St

Dr re



ll A we

1 mile


eview ak Rose L 6 Garden Beach Blvd Farmers’ Lakeview Market Park W 8th St d Blv W 9th St w e rvi r bo W 10th St a H 11th St ve 12th St eA W 13th St Eri W 13th St




dA la n



rie E ke La

Oberlin Ave

all P

St W 1st d St n W 2 City Hall e e Av Eri W t 4th S St 5 W th St h t 6 W W 7th St

Lorain Arts Council

H St

Root Rd

Blossom Dr Dakota Ave

Vermont Dr Root Rd

Day Dr

Haddam Dr

Euclid Ave Pennsylvania Ave

Ohio Ave

Root Rd


Norfolk Ave

r aD

Packard Dr

North Dr




ad wa y



Ct 57





Bla ck R ive r

Baldwin Blvd



Riverside Dr

Ch e l s e




Lowell Ave Albany Ave

Oakdale Ave

Maple Dr


Ada Ave Wood Ave Texas Ave

Caroline Ave Denver Ave Toledo Ave Clifton Ave Canton Ave Omaha Ave Denver Ave Toledo Ave Clifton Ave Canton Ave Omaha Ave Dallas Ave

tonwood Dr Cherrywood Dr

Clinton Ave

th 45

Fairless Dr Pearl Avenue Industrial Park

Meadow Ln Gary Ave


Pearl Ave

Debra Dr

Seneca Ave


c k R iv Cir

Rd e R d pl Ma

Orch ard Hill Blvd





Norfolk Ave Camden Ave

Meadow Ln

h St 38t Riverside Dr 3 9 th St St Rive r v i e E 40th w Homewood Dr E 41st St

Ln Columbo Ln Talbot Ln Norfolk Ave Camden Ave Camden Ave Tacoma Ave Tacoma Ave Willow Ave Willow Ave Charleston Ave Andover Ave

E 42nd St

4 1st St

E 37th St

Ave Charleston ver Ave Ando

Gary Ave

Meadow Ln

E 42nd St

Gregus Ave

40th St

E 41st St

E 39th St E 40th St E 41st St

Yale Dr

Oakwood Shopping Center

Shawnee Dr

Woodward Ave

Homewood Dr E 39th St

57 Library Homewood Dr



Dorwood Dr

wo od

Tacoma Ave

Charleston Ave

E 37th St

E 39th St

Sheffield Twp,

Palm Ave

E 33rd St E 34th St E 36th St

E 36th St



E 35th St

Lorain Ave Dale Ave Globe Ave

od Basswo

Dannie Dr Ap pleseed Dr

Gary Ave

E 33rd St

E 34th St

Pine Ave Pike Ave d

Ashbolt Dr

Clearview Dr

Whispering Pines Dr

Sherrie Ln

Belmont Dr

Grove Ave

Oakwood Park

3rd E4

North Dr

E 31 s t S t

E 32nd St

E 32nd St

nR lto Fu

Reid Ave

W 39th St Lincoln E 39th St Dewitt St Ave E Harriet St Jefferson St

E 30th St

Oakwood Ave


Seneca Ave


ry S cto

Pearl Ave

t rial S

Vine Ave

t Indus

E 29th St

E 31st St

ve yA e v tor Vic gle A Ea

E 36th St

Globe Ave





E 35th St

nR l to Fu


Clinton Ave

E 28th St

E 29th St

Elyria Ave

Livingston Reid Ave


Dayton Ave

E 33rd St E 34th St

E 28th St

Ct Fir h Ct Hig

Elmwood Cem. W Rd ge Rid Calvary Cemetery

Dakota Ave

Leroy St


River f

East Ave

Apple Ave Broadway


W 37th St W 38th St E 38th St

lmwood Park

New Jersey Ave New Mexico Ave

Missouri Ave Monroe Ct Nebraska Ave Nevada Ave New Hampshire Ave

Maine Ave Maryland Ave Fillmore Ave Fillmore Cir Massachusetts Ave Michigan Ave Dorado St

Henderson Dr


t Braman C


E 23rd St

W 36th St

W 38th St

ur e

lac k River

E 26th St E 27th St E 28th St W 28th St E 29th St W 29th St E 30th St W 30th St E 31st St W 31st St W 32nd St E 32nd St

W 36th St W 37th St


E 21st St E 22nd St

W 25th St W 26th St W 27th St

Park Dr Falbo Ave



Oakdale A

W 22nd St W 23rd St

W 32nd St


nt Park ro )

W 21st St

W 25th St

Amherst Ave

Cromwell Dr

Riverbend Commerce Park

w Pk

Ave Livingston Reid Ave A ve Lexington e Garden Av

W 18th St

24th St

Sheffield Village


th 13 St th 14 St W St th th 15 16 W W 17th St

e Av ton i ng Lex Long Ave W

Wilson St


Sterling Rd

River Industrial Park Rd

er Riv


McKinley St


Pin Oak Dr

Mohawk Dr

ck Bla

Boat Launch

Sterling Rd

Sheffield Lake



y dwa t hS

Grant St

Lincoln St

Colorado Ave

Bridge D r

a Bro t 12

Iowa Ave Augusta Ave Kansas Ave

Idaho Ave

Georgia Ave


Hancock St Randall St

rd Dr

t FS



Crehore St

t GS



Atlas D

Black River r Landing

E St

e o Av

z Ari

Dr cule Bas on a Av e

Danley Sq


lvd on B d ffers v N Je son Bl t ffer GS S Je d Blvd fiel r a G Lincoln Dr Wilson St Adams St Larkmoor St Jackson St Eastlawn St

Av e an ve hig ts A Mic uset sach M as


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C St

Ave ida e Flor Av ware Dela e t Av ticu nec Con oA rad Colo rnia Ave if o Cal

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D St



Ave side Ave e i E Er

ve ne A Mai a Ave Ave isian xander ve Lo u e l A A y tuck ve Ken A e s as KanAugusta Av e a Av e Io w Av ana Indi ve ois A

Ave rgia Ct Geondress A e e Av war



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Blvd and level

a Av e rask Ne b Ave tana Mon

ipp siss Mis

Lake Erie Lake

ve ie A E Er

Cedar Dr


Euclid Ave



Bay berry Rd


w w w. c i t y o f l o r a i n . o r g




 Community Information Rose Café at Lakeview Beach 1800 W. Erie Ave. 440-233-7277 Scorcher’s 900 Broadway Ave. 440-244-0556 Selenti’s Pizza 808 Oberlin Ave. 440-245-1125 Subway 301 E. Erie Ave. 440-288-9171

Dining Guide

Jackalope Lakeside

Yala’s & Eliseo’s Pizza 3352 Oberlin Ave. 440-282-5169 440-282-8234

Applebee’s 4320 Leavitt Rd. 440-282-4442

Club Copa Nightclub 939 Broadway Ave. 440-282-0965

Hunan King 3317 Oberlin Ave. 440-960-2162

Boathouse Sports Pub 573 Broadway Ave. 440-245-2628

Diso’s Bistro 4286 Oberlin Ave. 440-282-1195

Jackalope Lakeside 301 Lakeside Ave. 440-288-2051

Bootlegger’s Den 538 Broadway Ave. 440-246-2668

East of Chicago Pizza 1980 Cooper Foster Park Rd. 440-989-8448

K-Cream Korner 1207 W. Erie Ave. 440-245-2631

Castillo Mexicano 2532 W. Erie Ave. 440-240-8707

El Kefon 1836 Broadway Ave. 440-246-6396

Mutt & Jeff’s 3700 Oberlin Ave. 440-282-4080

Charleston Coffee House 610 Broadway Ave. 440-288-1010

Giovanni’s Pizza 2936 Grove Ave. 440-277-5141

Pete’s Family Restaurant 2405 W. Erie Ave. 440-244-2030

Chris’ Restaurant 2812 W. Erie Ave. 440-245-5822

Gyros & More 1515 Broadway Ave. 440-244-6120

Pine Garden Restaurant 2519 W. 21st St. 440-282-4220

Subway 3360 Oberlin Ave. 440-282-3111

Charleston Coffee House

K-C K O  C  W E  O A

F: C S F S

B S H C H D

O D  28

2 0 1 4 - 2015 L ora i n, O hi o Ma g a z in e & C o m m u n it y Gu id e


C   R    S       O   S    T 

 Community Information



Marina/Dockage Beaver Park North.................... p 21

Museum/Historical Lorain Historical Society.............. p 5

Photographer Jason Shaffer Photography......... Inside Front Cover

Port Authority/Events Lorain Port Authority/ Jet Express.................................... p 5

Real Estate/Realtors

Advertisers Index

Howard HannaAmherst/Lorain...................... p 1, 15


Auto Dealership

Cleaning & Restoration

Funeral Home

Premier Toyota...........Inside Front Cover, p 16

Duraclean..................................... p 7

Gluvna-Shimo-Hromada.......... p 25

Colleges & Universities

Funeral Home &

Lorain County Community College................................. p 11, 12

Cremation Center

RV Service/Rentals

Dovin & Reber Jones Funeral & Cremation Center....... p 7

Neff Brothers RV....................... p 21

Banks/Credit Unions Comm Star Credit Union....... p 9, 14 First Federal Savings of Lorain................................ p 9, 16 Lorain National Bank............ p 8, 15

Baseball Lake Erie Crushers..................... p 20

Bowling Center Rebman Recreation................... p 21

Cemetery Ridge Hill Memorial Park.......... p 25

Chamber of Commerce Lorain County Chamber of Commerce......................... p 7, 14

Jackalope Lakeside.................... p 28 K-Cream Korner......................... p 28

Concrete Manufacturing Terminal Ready Mix Inc............... p 5


Senior Center Hospice Services

Lorain Community Seniors........ p 18

Hospice of the Western Reserve.................. p 16, 17

Theater/Performing Arts Lorain Palace Theater................. p 5

Lorain County Health & Dentistry........................... p 16, 19

HospitalS/Medical Facilities


Whispering Pines Dental/ Julie Corbin DDS................. p 15, 19

Cleveland Clinic..................p 14, 17, Back Cover

Footprint Tours, Inc..................... p 5

Education/Public Schools

Lorain County Health & Dentistry........................... p 16, 19

Lorain City Schools.................... p 10

Library Educational Supplies Sun Novelty.................................. p 5

Lorain Public Library System..... p 20

Main Street Lorain Florist/Gifts Bonaminio's Lorain Flower Shop & Greenhouse.................. p 18

Lorain Growth Corporation........ p 5

Lorain 2014-15  
Lorain 2014-15