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Mercy Health has been part of Lorain County for 125 years. We proudly provide easy access to leading physicians, advanced technology, experienced and compassionate caregivers and a wide range of care. We are committed to strengthening our community by making lives better.

Quality care. Same day appointments.

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From checkups and preventative care to sick visits, Mercy Health Physicians offer same-day appointments when you need to see a provider. We have physician offices throughout Lorain County.

See a provider for minor illnesses or infections even when your regular doctor’s office is closed or can’t see you right away. Mercy Health — Walk-in Care offers extended evening and weekend hours with shorter wait times and the convenience you need to care for you and your family. Plus, the cost of care is lower compared to urgent care or an emergency room visit and we accept most insurance.

To schedule an appointment, call 877-930-DOCS.

Learn more by calling 844-462-3806.

A Catholic healthcare ministry serving Ohio and Kentucky

Quality hospital care Mercy Health Hospitals are recognized for their high-quality including being named among the top 5% in the nation for patient safety. From diagnostics and emergency services to inpatient and skilled nursing care, we’ve earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. That means you have access to high-quality care right here in your own backyard.

More than caring Our commitment to the community extends beyond the quality care we provide. We give nearly $1 million a day in community benefit to provide care for the underserved and support organizations that help to make the communities we serve a great place to live.

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Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

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Lorain County

Lorain County is a great place

to claim as your hometown, whether you were born here or chose to move here. We are situated perfectly with a world-famous amusement park to our west and major league sports teams and cultural amenities to our east. We have access to Lake Erie with nearly 35 miles of lakefront connecting our county and we act as part of the breadbasket of America with our agricultural bounty in our southern portion of the County. And while our community has changed over the past 200 years, what has remained constant is that Lorain County is a great place to raise a family and build a business. Our families have access to great public and private K-12 schools as well as our community college that is regularly honored with awards of excellence. We boast a world famous liberal arts college and a vocational school that thinks

outside of the box to educate both high school and adult students. We continually add to entertainment options with live music venues (both indoor and outdoor) while our ever-expanding Metro Parks system further connects our communities. We have sports venues and state-ofthe-art recreation facilities opening up new diversions for visitors and residents alike. Access to world class medical care is available in all parts of Lorain County as well. Our restaurant scene continues to evolve, making Lorain County a new foodie destination, along with our burgeoning breweries and wineries offering options during all seasons. Our municipalities pride themselves on being business friendly and Lorain County’s manufacturing companies can lay claim to 21st century practices that continue to make them profitable and great places to work. More often

than not, Lorain County can lay claim to established retail giants opening their first Northeast Ohio stores in our area. As President of the Lorain County Chamber, I can tell you there have been more groundbreaking and ribbon cuttings in the past couple of years than I can ever remember taking place. We continue to embrace our history while moving toward our future. Whether you plan on spending a day here or perhaps a lifetime, the residents and businesses that call Lorain County home are happy to welcome you. Anthony (Tony) Gallo President, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce


Living in Lorain County

Lorain County’s

s es c c u S f o s n ig S en ev S We Are Your Key to Homeownership

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Serving the following counties - Lorain - Erie Cuyahoga - Medina - Summit - Huron - Sandusky Ottawa - Seneca

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Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Photo: Jason Shaffer Photography

We all know that this is a great place to live, but the

Lorain County Commissioners aren’t about to stop at that. There are nine cities, seven villages and 18 townships in Lorain County — and more than 300,000 people living in these communities. We’re blessed with vineyards, orchards and acres of farmland. The county is home to Oberlin College, as well as Lorain County Community College. We have more than our share of hospitals, start-ups and law firms, as well as longtime companies like Ford, Invacare, Nordson, Beckett Corp. and Ridge Tool. For generations, the eastern suburbs sprouted grapes, sweet corn and tomatoes, but now the eastern I-90 corridor is better known for its new developments, as well as retailers like Cabela’s and hip new restaurants like the Avon Brewing Co. We have 23 miles of shoreline, scenic rivers and rural roads that’ll make you want to drive forever if you happen to be headed west while the sun sets. What holds us all together? What keeps us moving forward, working for a better future for everyone? It’s partnership. “I think we’ve demonstrated that on all fronts,” says County Commissioner Matt Lundy. “And I think that’s why we have so many success stories.”  Continued on page 6



Featuring: Outdoor Patios & Dining F 30 Acres of Award Winning Landscape Featuring:Walking Outdoor Patios & Dining F 30 Acres of Award Winning Landscape Paths F Community Gazebo and so much more! Walking Paths F Community Gazebo and so much more!


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Living in Lorain County  Continued from page 4

Indeed, the county has been making strides on issues both big and small, including emergency services, lakefront development, downtown revitalization and more. Ready to take a look? Keep reading to see seven ways Lorain County just keeps getting better.

Our Neighborhoods

Nobody wants to live next door to a blighted home. It not only brings down property values; it also takes its toll on neighborhood pride. That’s why the Lorain County Land Reutilization Corp. — commonly referred to as the Land Bank — has been so successful. Here’s how it works: The Land Bank takes control of tax-delinquent properties that have been abandoned and neglected, demolishes the houses and then encourages redevelopment of the land. “It gives us an opportunity to

clean up our neighborhoods and restore a better quality of life to our residents,” says Lorain County Commissioner Ted Kalo. “The benefit to residents is amazing. When you clean up the blighted property, you clean up the crime and these neighborhoods have an opportunity to restore or rebuild into what they once were.” Since 2013, the Land Bank has seen over $10 million dollars applied to the demolition and site restoration of 550 vacant, abandoned and blighted housing units across Lorain County. The funds have come from federal and state grant money, as well as delinquent real estate tax fees. The best part? “The residents come out and thank us,” Kalo says. “When we clean these areas up, it just makes a world of difference in these communities.”

Our History

It’s easy to take a trip back in time in Lorain County. You can explore Underground

Lorain Historical Society - Carnegie



Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Railroad stops in Elyria, Lorain, Oberlin and Sheffield Village. You can also stop by the Little Red Schoolhouse in Oberlin, which was built in 1837 and, from the very beginning, defied Ohio’s “Black Laws” by allowing all children to learn side-by-side. There’s a civil war museum — called the 103rd O.V.I. Museum — in Sheffield Lake, a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oberlin and the Benjamin Bacon Museum in Vermilion (he was an early settler and one of the first county commissioners). Add in all of the historical societies — plus the Lorain Lighthouse — and you’ve got plenty of exploring to do. The Lorain County Commissioners took another step in preserving our heritage when they passed a resolution to direct close to $6 million dollars toward the renovation of the old Lorain County Courthouse. Built in the 1880s, the structure will see upgrades on three floors. The building’s sandstone exterior will also be cleaned and sealed. “It’s not only a beautiful building worth  Continued on page 8

Take a New Look at the New

E LY R I A The tide is turning. The buzz is deafening. Our future is bright. And our storied past over 200 years has laid a strong foundation for our current renewal.

Be part of our $400 million transformation. We are: • Creating a thriving Arts District with 35 artists already in residence

• Building all new state-of-the-art public school buildings • Constructing new, modern library facilities • Refurbishing the entire park system, with new spray parks and improved amenities

• Renewing the Midway area with new destinations, new places to shop, new hotels and a new, easyaccess highway reconfiguration

• Improving infrastructure with new sewers and new and resurfaced streets and roads • Reviving our historic downtown with new streetscapes, renovated buildings, new businesses and the return of passenger rail

• Building over 350 new residential homes • Pioneering incentives that are attracting and expanding business and industry

To learn more about why you should grow your family or business in Elyria, please go to or call the Mayor’s Office on Economic Development at 440-326-1402.

• And so much more!


Living in Lorain County

Photo: Jason Shaffer Photography

 Continued from previous page

preserving,” Kalo says. “It’s also an important part of our history.”

Emergency Services

Collection Center located at: 540 South Abbe Road Elyria, OH 44035 Mon & Wed 12:00pm—6:00pm 

    


Sat 9:00am—6:00pm

Year-round disposal of household hazardous waste, e-scrap, fluorescent bulb & ballasts, scrap tires, and “end of life” books. Curbside recyclables Cardboard Personal document shredding Call 440-329-5440 with questions. Visit for a complete list of acceptable materials. Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

If you live in Lorain County and call 9-1-1, your call will soon be answered at the new Next Generation 9-1-1 call center on Burns Road in Elyria where trained dispatchers will quickly —and courteously — handle your emergency. In fact, five of the center’s dispatchers have been nominated for the prestigious Gold Star Award sponsored by the National Emergency Number Association. What exactly does “next generation” mean? Plans are underway that will give the call center the advanced capabilities to accept and send text messages — and more — in the future. While the county has always handled 9-1-1 calls, it recently expanded operations and now also handles calls to the sheriff’s department, as well as fire department and emergency medical services. “That was a big thing,” says Lorain County Commissioner Lori Kokoski, “because it takes some of the burden off the various fire departments. All those people who were doing dispatch are now able to be fighting fires. And we were able to put more deputies on the road. “The new system allows police, fire and sheriff departments in the county to easily share records. “We’re connecting the four corners of our county,” Kokoski says. “And we’re improving our efficiency and effectiveness.” The county has also implemented a GPS-tracking system for all first-responders. That means that, at any moment,  Continued on page 10

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11/10/17 3:30 PM 11/10/17 3:30 PM

Living in Lorain County

Photo: Jason Shaffer Photography

 Continued from page 8

officials can see exactly where a vehicle is. The result? More support for police and fire forces — and a safer community for everyone. Lastly, the county recently instituted an emergency notification system. If there’s a threat of any kind — from a boil alert to a blizzard — every resident with a landline receives a phone call (or a text if they sign up for the alert system online.)

The Lakefront

Sometimes, we don’t fully appreciate what we have — something Lundy learned firsthand when family came to visit from out of town last summer. “All they wanted to do was go down by the lake and just sit there,” he says. “They were blown away by the size of the lake.” Yes, we have 23


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

miles of shoreline and seven beaches, including Lakeview Park, which attracts one million visitors a year to its historic Rose Garden, many summer events and a playground right on the beach. Still, it’s hard to get too much of a good thing — and residents want more opportunities to dine, stroll and gather on the water. The problem, says Lundy, is that most businesses evaluate a potential location by drawing a circle with a 50-mile radius around it and doing a population count. When half of that circle is filled with water, the numbers don’t add up. In other words, fish don’t buy socks — or eat pizza or sip cocktails. What’s the solution? Again, the commissioners point to partnership. “There is real opportunity for us to work collectively with all four lakefront

communities to explore ways in which we can attract more economic activity to the lakefront,” Lundy says.”

downtowns. But with the proliferation of big box retailers, many of them need help.

Some examples of that include walking paths and bike lanes along the lake, a lakefront conference center and hotel (perhaps like the one in Geneva-on-the-Lake), restaurants, retail and townhomes. “People like to be around water,” Lundy says. “So, we’re going to look for those opportunities.”

Here’s just one example of how that’s done. The county’s community development department recently assisted Amherst in nailing down a $300,000 grant to support small businesses. “It’s amazing how you can change the look of a downtown area when people improve their storefronts,” Lundy says. But it’s more than just that. “A lot of people tend to think that tourism is just about drawing people in from the outside,” Lundy says. “We take a different approach.” Tourism, he explains, is also about showing your

Our Downtowns & Small Businesses From Elyria to Wellington, Lorain County certainly has its share of postcard-perfect village squares and historic

 Continued on page 12

Photo: Studio Q Photography

Photo: Jason Shaffer Photography

CERTAINTY MATTERS When real estate ownership is transferred, the stakes are high, and reputations are on the line. Old Republic Title products and services seek to protect our customers from financial loss and hardship arising from certain matters, such as unknown judgments and liens, forged transfers, inconsistencies with the property’s title, and matters involving the misapplication of fiduciary funds. This is what makes title examination and insurance policies — like those provided by Old Republic Title — invaluable. ORT minimizes risks involved in real estate transactions by providing insurance against certain issues involved with title and ownership. For orders contact 01/2018 l © Old Republic Title’s underwriters are Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and American Guaranty Title Insurance Company.


Living in Lorain County  Continued from previous page

own residents what the county has to offer. In Lorain County, that’s being done through events like Restaurant Week (March 2-11), and the Burger Battle and Cupcake Crawl (both held in October). As Kalo says, “We're looking for people to really enjoy what Lorain County has to offer.” And that’s not hard to do when you’re talking about blackberry-buttercream cupcakes from Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes in Avon Lake or bananapeanut-butter cupcakes from The Hive in Amherst.

The Environment

What do you do when you’re cleaning out your garage and find a bunch of old paint cans, propane tanks, car batteries or even pesticides? Or maybe you’ve got some old electronics, ink cartridges or video game consoles. You know you shouldn’t just throw them away, but you also aren’t exactly sure what to do with them. The Lorain County Collection Center, located on South Abbe Road in Elyria, was established in 2010 to deal with exactly that situation. “That stuff would all normally go into a landfill,” Kokoski says. “But now you just drive into the building, they unload your vehicle for you and you drive out. People love it.” So far, more than 50,000 residents have used the service. In


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

fact, Kokoski says the center is so successful that it’s often toured by other solid waste directors in the state.

Our Furry Friends

If you’re looking to see love in action, head to the Lorain County Dog Kennel. “That’s been my passion,” says Kokoski. “We’ve got a great staff and volunteers. They just do an outstanding job.” The evidence of that hard work is obvious — and heart-warming. In the last three years, not a single dog has been euthanized due to space limitations. “They used to have to put a lot of dogs down,” Kokoski adds. “It’s been a pretty impressive turn-around.” Now, if space at the kennel is getting full, the staff, along with a dedicated team of volunteers, gets to work. Facebook is used to promote the dogs — and the county commissioners even get in on the action by showcasing one dog at each of

their meetings. What’s more, every dog that’s adopted is first spayed or neutered and given its shots. “It’s so great,” Kokoski says. “I can’t brag enough about our dog kennel.”

Our Future

From up north in Lorain to down south in Rochester Township, we’re all on the same team. Sharing resources,

information and ideas is a way for everyone to get ahead, while keeping costs as low as possible. “Clearly, taxpayers want government to be working together and not being partisan, not being divisive,” Lundy says. “And that’s exactly what we’re doing in Lorain County.” For more information visit

Explore Lorain County

Whether you’ve lived in Lorain County your whole life or are new to the area, there is a new adventure waiting for you! Packed with something for everyone, Lorain County offers plenty of activities for the outdoor or indoor enthusiast. Activities such as fishing, birding, cycling, dining, theater, antiquing, ziplining and sipping local wines or craft beers can easily fill your weekend.

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Lorain County’s Excellent Schools Amherst Exempted Village S c h o o l s

Amherst Schools students are on a path

to success! Due to smart financial planning and our bright, caring staff, Comets have access to an ever-expanding set of hands-on programs and curricula. Whether programming robots, discovering new instruments, leading college-level projects, or making a difference in the community, our students are always working on the critical thinking and creative skills they need for the challenges of a 21st-century economy. We are grateful to our community for highquality programs, new and upgraded

buildings, and anticipated financial stability through at least 2021. In return, we work hard to build partnerships that expand student opportunities without adding costs. For example, through Comet College Campus, our partnership with LCCC, our students earn thousands of dollars of college credit annually at no cost to families or our district. In fact, Comets have earned the most Amherst Exempted college credits in Lorain County Village Schools through LCCC for several years 185 Forest St. in a row! Find Amherst Schools at Amherst, OH 44001 or on social 440-988-4406 media to stay updated on our progress!

Clearview Local S c h o o l s

The mission of

the Clearview Local Schools states: “Through the involvement of staff, parents, and the community, the Clearview Schools will provide a positive environment which enables students with various abilities, interests and cultures to learn life skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to reach their potential as citizens and to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society.” Our Academic Services Department is responsible for curriculum, instruction, assessment, and federal program grants, as well as other services related to those areas. Curriculum is the WHAT,


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

WHEN, and WHY of Clearview Schools. A curriculum map lays out what content a student and teacher are responsible for learning and teaching at each grade level. The purpose of a curriculum map is to allow everyone to see where in each subject area a Clearview Local Schools student was, where a student 4700 Broadway Ave. should be, and where the Lorain, OH 44052 student is going and ensures 440-233-5412 that Ohio Standards are met.

Avon Local S c h o o l s

The Avon Local School District

provides an outstanding educational experience for over 4,300 students. While we continually maintain a high academic rating with a performance index in the top three percent in Ohio, our students are also educated at a fiscally reasonable cost. Avon’s spending per pupil is one of the lowest in the state, ranking in the bottom ten percent of the 613 public school districts in spending. Providing excellent education for our students, while being fiscally responsible to the citizens of Avon,

continues to be our districts goal. Avon students excel both inside and outside the classroom. We offer a host of academic opportunities at all grade levels, as well as provide extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in music, art, drama, athletics, and student organizations that extend the classroom experience.

Avon Local Schools 36600 Detroit Rd. Avon, OH 44011 440-937-4680

The Avon School District is grateful for its dedicated staff, involved parents, and a supportive community who work together to provide an excellent education for our students and make Avon a great place to live.

Avon Lake City School District

The mission of

the Avon Lake City Schools, a district committed to personalized educational excellence, is to challenge all students Avon Lake City Schools and develop their individual goals through community partnerships, 175 Avon Belden Rd. resources, and technologies which will produce responsible and compassionate Avon Lake, OH 44012 citizens. We believe that all children have the desire and capacity to learn, each 440-933-6210 in a unique, individualized and sometimes special manner. We also believe that learning is best in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment marked by expectations, challenge, mutual in the nation among STEM schools. Avon Lake offers 18 respect and trust, risk-taking, connection to the real world, Advanced Placement and personal responsibility. (AP) courses and 14 dual credit (college and high Avon Lake City Schools serve approximately 3,800 students school) courses which in grades K-12. We also offer our LEAPS (Learning Early allow more than 60% of and Parenting Skills) program that provides instruction to Avon Lake students to preschool students with special needs and peer role model graduate with college students. credit without leaving our campus. The District Avon Lake’s rigorous curriculum and high expectations also offers a wide variety for all students is evident in its outstanding academic of opportunities in record. U.S. News & World Report issued a “Gold Medal” athletics, instrumental to Avon Lake High School in 2017 for being in the top music, choral music, 500 high schools in the nation, ranked #351 nationally, visual arts, drama, clubs, placing Avon Lake High School at #13 in Ohio and #3 in and community service. northeast Ohio. Also, Avon Lake High School ranked #168

15 15

Education Firelands Local S c h o o l s

Firelands Local Schools is a district that

continues to offer a wide variety of educational opportunities: Academics, Athletics, and the Arts are the foundation of our schools. Our High School is recognized as one of the Best High Schools in the nation! We are proud to offer nearly 60 dual credits, through a partnership with LCCC, on the campus of FHS! Our student athletes compete in 14 varsity sports on our newly designed athletic fields. In addition, our district is fortunate to have a nationally ranked FFA program, known as one of the finest in our country. A newly established, grant funded, Makers

Space provides an area for our middle schoolers to continue their exploration of 21st century learning. This lab provides opportunities to code, innovate, create, design and collaborate in an environment that encourages students to think differently. Our music education program continues to receive numerous awards and recognition. Our Mighty Falcon Marching Band and select choir have received numerous awards including being recognized as a Grammy Signature Semi-Finalist, one of only six schools in Ohio. Firelands Local School District is committed to providing Firelands Local Schools our students a premier 112 N. Lake St. educational experience. South Amherst, OH 44001 Open enrolled students are 440-965-5821 welcome at Firelands.

Keystone Local S c h o o l s

The Keystone School District provides

students with academically challenging and diverse educational opportunities generally found in schools much larger in size. We challenge students to achieve their maximum potential by offering upper level coursework as well as enrichment opportunities. Students can earn college credit on-site in Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, and College Composition. Advanced Placement Courses and our online Wildcat Academy are also offered.


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

KES Student Council sponsored toy drive for local families

Keystone Local Schools 531 Opportunity Way LaGrange, OH 44050 440-355-2424

Our cross country, track, volleyball, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and football teams have won Patriot Athletic Conference titles and athletes have earned local and state awards. Pairing athletic success with academic diligence, Keystone athletes earn scholarships to play at the college level. Within the vast academic opportunities, athletic teams, community investment programs, and up-to-date facilities, Keystone fosters small town values, ideals, and sense of community.

Elyria City S c h o o l s

The Elyria City School District is

chock-full of difference-makers who believe every child matters. With its array of academic, intervention, enrichment and co-curricular offerings, Elyria Schools is a vibrant school community with something for everyone. From the littlest learners in preschool to those preparing for college and careers, the district offers a versatile, comprehensive curriculum. Integrated preschool is available for general education 3 and 4-year-olds and for students with special needs. Full-day kindergarten is offered at no cost to parents and available in all neighborhood schools and at the Elyria Early Childhood Village. Gifted and college-level courses enrich learning for students with advanced skills. Smallgroup and one-on-one intensive teaching practices give students additional support when they need it, and in-house guidance counselors and specialists address students’ social and emotional needs. A highly acclaimed special-education program stresses inclusion in the Elyria Schools. Classrooms are brimming with advanced tools for high-tech learning. The district also offers a full complement of co-curricular and creative opportunities for athletes, artists, thespians,

Breaking ground at the new Northwood Campus, a PK-8 state-of-the-art school facility scheduled to open in 2019 on Abbe Road North in Elyria.

musicians and writers. Elyria’s flagship high school, a modern, state-of-the-art facility equipped for 21st Century learning, is a Division 1 school. And, the district is poised to build all NEW schools to serve its preschool- through gradeeight populations. It’s a new day in the Elyria Schools -- a district where excellence is the standard, and where every single child matters. Be an Elyria Schools Pioneer!

Elyria City Schools 42101 Griswold Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 440-284-8000

E LY R I A S C HO O L S Your Best Choice for Education

Be a Pioneer!

200 Years of

Building Character Opening Minds Shaping Futures

Authenticity • Diversity • Excellence

Wellington Exempted Village S c h o o l s

Wellington Village Schools offers excellent

opportunities in the arts, athletics and a solid academic curriculum fostering life-long learning for children in our district. This past year, Wellington Village Schools increased its Performance Index on the Ohio Department of Education State Report Card by 7%. The district received $2 million in grants from the Ohio Department of Education through the 21st Century Community Learning Center program funded through the U.S. Department of Education. One grant, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club in Lorain County,

will assist with after school programs supporting literacy and math skills in the early grades. A second grant will benefit high school students with college and career planning, enabling the district to Wellington Exempted offer free ACT/SAT tutoring and Village Schools increase students’ opportunities 305 Union Street, for college and beyond. Wellington OH 44090 440-647-4286 Go Dukes!


Education Lorain City S c h o o l s

The Lorain City School District is

proud to serve 6,700 students in grades PreK-12 residing in the “International City” of Lorain, including portions of Amherst and Sheffield Village. LCSD is committed to transforming the way our district educates its scholars and serves the greater community, in order to better meet the diverse needs of all our children. Lorain City School District is one of two districts in the state of Ohio who has been granted the authority to redream what is possible for Lorain’s young people with the passing of House Bill 70. The bill empowers the CEO to improve district practices and operate with a level of urgency and purpose that is unique in the traditional public school system.

The district’s academic improvement plan, The Lorain Promise, will not only change the way public education looks in Lorain, but also seeks to set the new standard for what is possible when this community puts its scholars first. When David Hardy, Jr. joined Lorain City Schools as CEO in July 2017, he set out to create opportunities to engage the community and, together, lay out a vision of success for Lorain’s scholars. Together, the District has established a set of core values, which are guiding the team’s efforts in improving the state of education throughout Lorain: > Support the whole child beginning at birth > Invest in our early scholars > Promote equity > Create schools where adults and scholars thrive > Prepare scholars for the world of tomorrow It is through these commitments to Lorain scholars and the Shared Values at the heart and soul of Lorain culture – Scholars First, One for All, Experience Joy, Expect Lorain City Schools Excellence, Collaborate with 2601 Pole Ave. Integrity, and Take Pride – that Lorain, OH 44052 the Lorain community will shape 440-233-2271 future endeavors and realize every scholar’s full potential.

Columbia Local School District

Columbia Local Schools provides students a rigorous curriculum while implementing the Ohio Department of Education State Standards using 21st century skills to create lifelong learners. We are committed to preparing our students for future success. Our motto: Achieving Excellence Together! Our Vision is to support students and staff members to grow both academically and socially and develop pride in our community and ourselves. Small class size allows teachers and students to build unique interpersonal relationships that foster student growth and learning. Beyond the classroom, students are engaged in numerous athletic, fine arts, and co-curricular organizations that enrich their school experience. Our students have strong ties with the Columbia


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

community and give back to the residents through a multitude of service and volunteer projects. #onceaRaider

Columbia Local Schools 25796 Royalton Rd. Columbia Station, OH 44028 440-236-5008

North Ridgeville City S c h o o l s

The North Ridgeville City Schools is home to over 4,400 students and is

comprised of five educational facilities - one that serves Pre-K-Kindergarten, grades 1-2, grades 3-8, a STEM facility for students grades 2-8, and the high school for grades 9-12. The 2017-2018 school year was full of excitement. NRCS opened its new Academic Center which houses grades 3-8. Classrooms are designed in studios which consist of a large collaborative classroom with a couple of more “traditional” classrooms, a technological rich learning lab for collaboration, a makers space, and a couple of small

group rooms. Also new to the District in 2017-2018 was the Ranger High-Tech Academy, which focuses on STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math. For the 2018-2019 school year, the school opened up the program to second and eighth graders. The District also implemented the use of 1:1 technology. Students in grades 3-12 received Chromebooks for educational use both at school and at home. An exhilarating change kicks off the 2018-2019 academic year. The Early Childhood Learning Community, which previously housed Kindergarten students, will also now serve preschool students after an addition was made to the building. The North Ridgeville City Schools are looking forward to increasing the achievement of students not only this year but for years to come.

North Ridgeville City Schools 34620 Bainbridge Rd. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440-327-4444

The Fourth Annual Lorain County Superintendent’s Summit, held this past May at LCCC. Pictured left to right: Steve Sayers, Amherst Schools; Graig Bansek, Columbia Schools; Dr. James Powell, North Ridgeville Schools; Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Lorain County JVS; Michael Cook, Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools: Mike VonGunten, Firelands Schools; Robert Scott, Avon Lake Schools; Franco Gallo, Keystone Schools; Greg Ring, Educational Service Center of Lorain County; Dr. Bruce Willingham, Midview Schools; Mike Laub, Avon Schools; Dr. David Hall, Oberlin Schools; Jerome Davis, Clearview Schools.


Education Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City S c h o o l s

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City Schools is nestled in between Avon, Avon Lake, and Lorain. We serve the communities of Sheffield Village and Sheffield Lake. Our student enrollment is approximately 1800 students. In 2015, we opened a 147,000-square foot facility that serves Brookside High School and Brookside Middle School. We offer a five-star state rated pre-school and an outstanding early literacy program. We are a world qualifier in Vex Robotics which begins at Elementary school and becomes more focused in high school. Our district is known for a state-of-the-art T.V. studio and an outstanding band program. Our state report card continues to show success and improvement with ratings as high as the top two school districts in Lorain County in 2015. For more information please visit our website at Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City Schools 1824 Harris Rd. Sheffield Village, OH 44054 440-949-6181 Photos: Studio Q Photography


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

School Choices... How is a Christian School different? Our society tends to think of education as preparation

for a job, as a means to make money in the future. Though vocational preparation and financial security are healthy

outcomes of the learning process, true education, especially a Christian one strives for far more than this. A Christian education seeks to shape a student’s understanding of God, the world He created, the brokenness we experience, and the way our faith guides us to participate in God’s work of redemption. In brief, Christian schools help students embrace a uniquely Christian worldview. Students embrace a truly Christian vision for the world in every facet of their life, academically, relationally, and in their future vocations. However, a Christian worldview is not meant to remain private. Christian school alumni are living out their faith as doctors, hair stylists, attorneys, machinists, business owners, pastors, and parents. Each of these are ministries, and all of them are ways to expand the Kingdom of God.

Preschool · Elementary School · Middle School · High School

EXCELLENT CHRISTCENTERED EDUCATION Make our premier, college preparatory school your first choice in education – where your student will thrive, develop their faith, and be prepared for life. • Small class sizes give students individual attention • 21st century classrooms and instruction • 95% of students move on to higher education • Strong music, theatre, and visual arts programs • 35 competitive sport teams • Affordable private-school education with scholarships and tuition assistance Discover the ODCS difference! Call (440) 326-2367 today to schedule a personal tour or a shadow day for your student.

8287 West Ridge Rd., Elyria, OH 44035 · (440) 322-6386 ·


Education Midview S c h o o l s

The Midview Local School District

is much more than ratings on a report card. Midview is full of hard working and talented students, teachers and staff who excel in the classroom, on the field and on the stage. At Midview, our vision is Expect More, Achieve More, and I see this happening every day in our district. The hard work and focus from our staff continues to help our students reach their full potential.

Expecting More, Achieving More

Midview is a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focused district. Our goal

is to engage all students in their own learning and prepare them for the 21st-century workforce by teaching them the skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. We are also committed to raising the whole child by focusing on social and emotional intelligence to support our students through their adolescent growth. We are fortunate to have a community that is committed to education, supporting us. Whether you are a parent or a community member, I encourage you to get involved in our schools.

Midview Local Schools 13050 Durkee Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 440-748-5353

Oberlin City S c h o o l s

The mission of

the Oberlin City Schools: To set the standard for excellence in public education by motivating students to be inquiring and knowledgeable world citizens. The Oberlin City School district serves a region of northeast Ohio that enjoys a remarkable tradition of high quality education, community participation, and commitment to the arts and sciences. The district lived up to this tradition by adding a major international focus that promises to help our student’s and the community secure an even stronger future. Oberlin City Schools was the first district in Ohio to offer the renowned International Baccalaureate Program


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

and world language in all grades, STEM instruction as well as the full tuition William Robinson scholarships to Oberlin College for resident graduates who qualify. Oberlin High School was selected by Newsweek magazine as one of the Top 500 High Schools in America for Excellence in Education for low income students. Recent US News and World Reports ranked Oberlin High School Oberlin City Schools 31st in the state. The district 153 North Main St. enjoys significant partnerships Oberlin, OH 44074 with the Oberlin College as 440-774-1458 well as the City of Oberlin.

Lorain County JVS The Lorain County JVS offers career-technical training for high school students from 13 Lorain County school districts in the following career areas: building trades, business & marketing, culinary, manufacturing &

pre-engineering, transportation, community service, and healthcare. Program options are also available for 9th and 10th grade students. Students receive individualized, hands-on learning experiences in over 23 programs. Programs offer advanced academics and college credit, industry certifications, and a connection to local employers. Annually, hundreds of adults receive comprehensive training and retraining for new jobs or advancement opportunities in the JVS Adult Career Center. The programs and services are designed to help adults obtain the confidence and skills they need to reach their career goals or just enjoy the experience of learning something new. Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent

Education that WORKS! A Lorain County JVS career-technical education gives students the skills they need for the workforce and prepares them for college. Over 23 high school programs are available. Check us out today! Apply for High School Programs at Connect With Us! 440-774-1051

Lorain County JVS 15181 State Route 58 Oberlin, OH 44074


Education Lorain County Community College

The Community’s College Lorain County Community College – established in 1963 – is the first community college in Ohio with a permanent campus serving the diverse needs of Lorain County and the region. LCCC provides affordable access to higher education – including at its University Partnership Ridge Campus in North Ridgeville, its Wellington Learning Center, Lorain City Center and Lorain High school locations. LCCC offers a progressive, diverse educational environment with more than 100 academic programs and majors. LCCC has emerged as an innovator in higher education through the success of its University Partnership – the first of its kind at an Ohio community college – where students are able to pursue more than 50 bachelor’s and 10 master’s degrees from 12 of Ohio’s leading universities on LCCC’s campus. LCCC

Education that WORKS! The Lorain County JVS Adult Career Center is an innovative career technical center that provides skills for the workplace and life. We offer comprehensive education and customized training programs to individuals entering the job market, seeking a new career, or looking to upgrade their skills. Register for Adult Career Courses at Connect With Us!


offers theater and arts opportunities at the Stocker Arts Center, men’s and women’s athletics and a variety of clubs to engage students and enhance their experience. Dr. Marcia Ballinger, President

For more info visit

Need a Hall for Your Special Day? Check out this Brand New Facility!

500 seat capacity with ability to split and have 2- 250 seat capacity events

To Make Reservations and For more information call

440-775-7782 New Russia Twp Complex

46300 Butternut Ridge Road Lorain County JVS 15181 State Route 58 Oberlin, OH 44074


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Oberlin, Ohio

The Business Community Leaders of Lorain County Profiling some of Lorain County’s most interesting and recognizable faces.

First Row (left to right): Scott Hughes, Regional Sales Manager, Image Builders Marketing; Edwin M. Oley, President and CEO, Mercy; Rebecca Keeney, Executive Director, Constellation Schools; Kevin Knight, Vice President & General Manager, Heidelberg Distributing; Kristi Sink, President, University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center; Michelle Williamson, Vice President & Ohio Operations Manager, Fidelity National Title; Brian Jankowski, Owner, BCT Alarm Services. Second Row: Dave Jezewski, President/CEO, CommStar Credit Union; Michael E. Brosky, President & CEO, First Federal Savings of Lorain; Cynthia Andrews, President & CEO, Community Foundation of Lorain County; Tyra Lehmann, Senior Account Executive, Old Republic Title; Anastasia Diamond-Ortiz, Director, Lorain Public Library System; Natalie Deem, Manager, Premier Toyota. Third Row: Tracy Green, Vice President Strategic & Institutional Development, LCCC; Tony Gallo, President & CEO, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce; Lori Kokoski, President, Lorain County Commissioners; Matt Lundy, Lorain County Commissioner; Ted Kalo, Vice President, Lorain County Commissioners. Missing from Photo: Denver Daniel, President, Open Door Christian School; Liz Concar, Manager, Howard Hanna Amherst; Kelly LaRosa, Director, Lorain County Habitat for Humanity; Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent, Lorain County Joint Vocational School. Cover Location: Lorain County Community College University Center.

Photographer: Jason Shaffer, Jason Shaffer Photography.


Front Row: John Radolec (Chief Financial Officer), Dave Jezewski (President/CEO), Heidi Matias (Chief Operations Officer), Rick Nock (Chief Lending Officer). Middle Row: Erin Beese (Marketing), Tesa Lutz (Branch Manager), Angel Wright (Branch Manager), Ellen Wilson (Branch Manager), Tara Rodriguez (Branch Manager). Back Row: Jeff Lowman (Director of Business Development), Mark Patterson (Mortgage Specialist).

CommStar Credit Union PROUDLY SERVING OUR MEMBERS FOR 80 YEARS AND COUNTING CommStar Credit Union is proud to celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2018. Since 1938 Lorain County has trusted CommStar Credit Union to provide its residents with dependable products and services with a uniquely personal touch. Member-owned, CommStar continues to offer new, competitive financial products and services for its members throughout Lorain County. CommStar was organized under the pledge “not for profit, but for service.” CommStar Credit Union continues to engage technology to bring more value and access to its members who bank with them, whether local or abroad. We believe in reinvesting locally to keep Lorain County a vibrant community as that is one of the core tenets of being a cooperative financial institution, and is proud to have a volunteer Board of Directors from its membership that shapes the policies and directions of future growth. Offering a locally-based alternative to the “one-size-fitsmost” mentality of banks, non-profit CommStar Credit Union boasts services tailored to its members’ needs, including personal checking and savings accounts, teen and youth programs, mortgages, home equity loans, Sallie Mae student loans, CDs, IRAs, and a full range of business products and services. CommStar does not pay shareholders or a board of directors, allowing it to offer the same types of services as banks but at generally lower costs. This also translates to lower interest rates on loans and for higher dividends paid to members. CommStar’s mortgage department helps homebuyers secure low cost, low down payment conventional home loan options that boast competitive interest rates. CommStar offers

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA and USDA mortgage loans as well as streamlined refinancing and construction loans. CommStar Credit Union is the only credit union in Lorain County that offers business lending, and it abides by the same member-focused service philosophy when navigating the business loan process, whether conventional or SBA. Its dedication to serving Lorain County’s business community includes strategic partnerships with several Lorain County economic development agencies as well as with the Small Business Development Center at LCCC. CommStar embraces a diverse group of membership, staff and volunteers. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, attends school or worships in Lorain County. As a nonprofit institution CommStar is active in the communities it serves, providing charitable donations, need-based outreach, and promoting youth financial literacy. “As a nearly lifelong resident of Lorain County I am humbled and honored to be the CEO of such a dynamic and caring organization,” said David Jezewski, President and CEO of CommStar Credit Union. “We could not have reached this point without the hard work and dedication from our past and present volunteers and staff. I appreciate the support of the community as they continue to put trust in CommStar to help them reach their financial goals. I ask you to consider CommStar as a better choice for your banking needs, and I look forward to continuing the great traditions of CommStar’s heritage as we focus on the future and strive to return value and success to our membership.”

CommStar Credit Union • 832 Cleveland St., Elyria • 440-365-7342 •

2 6 26

Lorain Lorain County County Magazine Magazine & & Community Community Guide Guide || 2018-2019 2018-2019



idelity National Title, in Sheffield Village, has been in Lorain County for over 65 years with two locations in Ohio and serving all counties. They have the products, staff, and service to help you with all your title insurance needs.

Fidelity National Title is a full service title company with a national reach and a local feel. They are well-known as an active member of the business community and as a proud member of many local organizations that sponsor events and support local charities.

Originally known as Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation, which is a brand of Fidelity National Title, they took the parent company name about 5 years ago to offer more products and services to their customers. They offer title & escrow services on both commercial & residential transactions. This company is highly respected and committed to giving their customers the service they deserve. The Fidelity family makes up the largest group of title companies and insurance underwriters, issuing more policies than any other title company in the U.S. They perform title exams, 1031 Tax Exchanges, new development, construction, refinances, short sales, bilingual closings, outside closings, escrow and more.

L to R: Michelle Williamson, Vice President l Ohio Manager l FNT Direct Operations Fidelity National Title; and Mary Felton, Senior Account Executive

Fidelity National Title is located at 5340 Meadow Lane Court in Sheffield Village 440-284-5100 • Visit



he Community Foundation of Lorain County works with individuals, nonprofits and corporations to establish permanent endowment funds to build a better community. The Community Foundation wisely invests the Funds’ assets and uses the interest earned to provide scholarships and grants to non-profit organizations in our community. Today the Community Foundation of Lorain County has more than 640 personalized endowment funds which support a wide variety of causes and organizations, including every school district in Lorain County. The assets of those endowment funds pooled together total $133 million, allowing us to distribute $5.8 million annually in grants and scholarships. Over our 38-year history we have invested more than $100 million back into our community! There are a number of ways to make a gift to a charity or cause you care about - now, later or through your estate. In many

cases the Community Foundation of Lorain County already has an endowment for your favorite school, church or nonprofit. Log on to funds to search organizations or causes you are about! A gift to the Community Foundation is unlike any other gift. It will continue to grow and have lasting impact on our community...forever. You can start a new Fund or donate to any Fund at the Community Foundation, today or in your estate plans. Connecting People Who Care with Causes that Matter. Cynthia Andrews, President & CEO

For more information go to • 440-984-7390




he Old Republic Title Elyria Office is the only direct operation in the State of Ohio for Old Republic Title Insurance. They employ 19 local residents with over 200 years of combined real estate title and escrow experience. Since 1992, no other title insurer has had higher ratings than Old Republic Title. Founded in 1907, Old Republic Title serves 49 states and the District of Columbia and has built a solid reputation protecting customers from financial loss and hardship with title insurance policies. They are an industry leader offering title insurance to individual consumers, mortgage lenders, businesses and government agencies. Old Republic Title’s corporate offices are located in Tampa, Florida. Old Republic Title in Elyria is an engaged member of the business community. They provide active support to these organizations: • The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce • Lorain County Association of Realtors

• North Coast Chamber of Commerce • Lake Erie Landlord Association

Old Republic Title has made a commitment to helping Lorain County grow and prosper. They sponsor many local events and support many local charities – the Blessing House, Salvation Army, Lorain County Kennel and Neighborhood L to R: Tyra Lehmann, Senior Account Executive; Alliance – to name John Daly, Senior Account Executive; Judy Glenn, Vice a few. President of ORTIC, Manager of Elyria Operations

For all of your residential and commercial title and escrow services, call Old Republic Title at 440-322-5300 or email operations manager Judy Glenn at



CT Alarm Services was founded by Brian Jankowski in 2007 after years of experience working for Forthofer Alarm Systems. Over the past 10 years they have grown exponentially and now encompass most of Northern Ohio. With over 25 years of experience in the alarm industry, their team consists of Brian Jankowski, Tim Szilvasy, Bernie Jankowski, Mark Evans and Sara Garwood. BCT Alarm Services takes pride in offering their customers the best service in the business and strive to make sure all their clients’ needs are met. BCT offers a comprehensive line of design services and installation of security systems for homes and commercial businesses including burglar alarms, fire alarms, access control, surveillance, emergency button systems, and environmental monitoring. They are your LOCAL alarm service provider, giving peace of mind to Northern Ohio homes and businesses. Brian Jankowski, Owner

For all of your security needs, contact BCT Alarm Services at 877-215-0763. 103 Milan Ave., Amherst •


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019



onstellation Schools celebrates its twentieth year of education excellence, offering parents a high quality choice when it comes to selecting a school that best meets the needs of their children, and provides a safe, nurturing learning environment. Built on a foundation of character education, and focused on academic excellence, Constellation’s small classes allow teachers to get to know the whole child and engages students through interactive lessons in technology rich classrooms. “Our highly qualified teachers are committed to ensuring that every student has an opportunity to experience academic success. We recognize it is a privilege to serve our families and have Your our parents as partners in the Photo from education of their child,” says Executive Director Rebecca cover photo Keeney. shoot goes Visit any of the school’s here 17 locations and see why Constellation Schools are The Melisa Shady, Lorain Community Principal; Right Choice for Parents and Rebecca Keeney, Executive Director; Brian Knight, a Real Chance for Children. Education Program Coordinator

For more information visit or call 216-712-7600



irst Federal Savings of Lorain recently appointed Michael E. Brosky as their new President. He assumed responsibilities on October 1, 2017, and succeeded John R. Malanowski, who retired after 44 years of service. Michael has been part of the First Federal Savings of Lorain team for 17 years, where he has provided legal expertise for the company and assisted in supervising day-to-day operations. In the company’s 96-year history, Michael becomes the 8th president of the company, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Edward A. Brosky, uncle, Frank S. Bailey and father, Robert E. Brosky. As a locally-owned institution, First Federal Savings of Lorain remains committed to the communities and customers it serves. First Federal Savings of Lorain’s mission is to continue its tradition of excellence as an outstanding provider of financial services at a reasonable cost to its customers.

Your Photo from cover photo shoot goes here Michael E. Brosky, President

First Federal Savings of Lorain • 3721 Oberlin Ave., Lorain 440-282-6188 •



orain County Habitat for Humanity, founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, decent, and affordable place to live in dignity and safety, builds simple, decent and affordable shelter by serving as the general contractor, financier, and mortgage company for its housing projects. Habitat provides this housing opportunity through the assistance of the local community through both volunteerism and financial donations. Habitat’s funding dollars have always come from local organizations, faith partners, corporations, individuals, grants and foundations and is not funded through the government or United Way. Habitat homeowners pay for their homes with a zero-interest mortgage. This program is a hand up Your not a hand out! Photo from Established in April 1988, through the efforts of four local churches located cover photo in Oberlin, Amherst, Elyria, and shoot goes Vermilion, Lorain County Habitat for here Humanity has constructed 45 homes in five different communities in the last 30 years. Kelly Larosa, Director

Lorain County Habitat for Humanity: 300 Rice Industrial Parkway in Amherst call 440-984-3343 or visit



eidelberg Lorain is located near the northern “shores” of Ohio with 170,000 square feet of warehouse and office space. Heidelberg Lorain markets and delivers beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages to retailers in 14 Ohio counties: Ashland, Crawford, Erie, Huron, Holmes, Lorain, Marion, Morrow, Ottawa, Richland, Sandusky, Seneca, Wayne and Wyandot. Products on Heidelberg trucks come from local suppliers as well as suppliers all over Your the U.S. and the world! Retail keg beer is also available for sale to the general public at the main entrance of their facility at 5901 Baumhart Road in Lorain. Call 440-7872255 for more information!

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Liz Concar HOWARD HANNA REAL ESTATE SERVICES oward Hanna is a full-service real estate company offering real estate, mortgage, title services, and insurance. Howard Hanna, Home of the Money Back Guarantee, provides the convenience of One Stop

“We strive every day, in every transaction, to reflect the pride we have in our company, each other, and in the people and communities that we serve,” states Liz Concar. Liz has managed the Amherst/Lorain office since 2004 and with more than 57 real estate agents, Liz and her team are prepared to help you through the home buying or selling process. Call today and ask about Howard Hanna’s guaranteed services provided to sellers and buyers. IF YOU LIST IT WE WILL SELL IT!

Kevin Knight, VP & GM

Heidelberg Distributing Lorain • 440-787-2255 • Hours: Mon. – Fri., 8am–5pm

Liz Concar, Sales Manager

The Howard Hanna Amherst/Lorain office is located at 1711 Cooper Foster Park Rd., Amherst, OH 44001 • 440-282-8002 •


Tony Gallo, President Lorain County Chamber of CommerCe CeLebrateS 30 yrS!


he Lorain County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to Connect-Promote-Grow business for our 600 members. 2018 marks our 30th Anniversary and we are proud to still provide top notch networking, cost savings programs and educational opportunities to the Lorain County business community. The County Chamber works with our local economic development organizations and has support from our local municipalities throughout northeast Ohio. We partner and collaborate with our educational partners to help provide our local employers with graduates ready to enter the workforce as well as retraining those in the transitional workforce. Our Annual Economic Summit spurs dialogue and strives to identify and stimulate current and future actions beneficial to all of Lorain County. The highlight of our year includes a Business-toBusiness EXPO each November that allows our members to showcase their businesses and work with other local companies. 30 years of working together on behalf of Lorain County! President Tony Gallo



s Vice President for Strategic and Institutional Development at LCCC, Tracy Green has primary responsibility for Community Strategic Engagement, Business Growth Services, GLIDE, Grants Development, Marketing and Outreach Initiatives, SMART Center, Spitzer Conference Center, Stocker Fine Arts Center, Workforce Development and the Office of Sustainability and Special Initiatives. She also serves as VP of the Lorain County Community College Foundation. Prior to her appointment to Vice President for Strategic and Institutional Development, Ms. Green served as Director of the Lorain County Community College Foundation. In this Your role, Ms. Green held responsibility for the development and implementation Photo from of the College’s comprehensive cover photo resource development program to shoot goes provide significant support to advance here the mission of LCCC. She joined LCCC in 1996 and has over 20 years of experience in resource development and non-profit Tracy Green, VP, Strategic and management. Institutional Development; VP LCCCFoundation

Join today and be a part of the largest Chamber of Commerce on the west side of Cleveland •

Lorain County Community College • 1005 N. Abbe Rd. in Elyria 440-366-4032 •

Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent LORAIN COUNTY JVS



r. Glenn Faircloth has been the Superintendent of the Lorain County JVS since 2012. Under his leadership, Lorain County JVS continues to offer effective, high-functioning programs that equip high school students with curriculum built on integrated academic and technical content and work-based learning opportunities. The JVS Adult Career Center connects motivated adults who want a new career, to improve current job skills or enhance their daily lives with short–term training that leads to certifications and skilled positions in the workforce. Dr. Faircloth is a U.S. Army veteran. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Master’s Degree in Urban Educational Leadership, both earned at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. He received Your his Doctoral degree in Educational Photo from Leadership from Miami University in cover photo Oxford, Ohio. shoot goes Dr. Faircloth ultimately believes here that education is the true key to unlocking poverty, erasing ignorance and revealing opportunities!

Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent

For more information about Lorain County JVS, call 440-774-1051 or visit


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019


he Lorain Public Library System is the largest, most comprehensive library system in Lorain County, serving more than a million visitors annually. The system encompasses five community branches, the Main library, as well as outreach and a book truck. LPLS is a member of CLEVNET, a consortium of 44 library systems across 12 counties, loaning more than 12 million items to patrons in Northern Ohio. Services include an eLibrary of premium databases, blood pressure kits, paintings, online public computers, wireless internet, books-by-mail, public meeting rooms, computer training, homework help, family programs and passport services. The system’s new director, Anastasia Diamond-Ortiz, who envisions the library as a valuable educational place Your for everyone, instituted coding and Photo from engineering programs to partner cover photo with local schools. She encourages shoot goes communities to think differently about how a library can deliver services and here invites you to become involved with our Friends of the Library, writers and teen board groups. Anastasia Diamond-Ortiz, Director For a wealth of information, please visit



dwin M. Oley, Senior Vice President for Mercy Health and President and CEO of Mercy Health — Lorain has dedicated nearly 40 years to improving the health of Lorain County residents. Always focused on community needs, Oley has built an impressive physician network within the Mercy Health system and expanded specialty services, giving Lorain County residents access to advanced care close to home. Under Oley’s leadership, Mercy Health has been regularly recognized for patient safety and quality including ranking in the top 5% in the nation for patient safety by Healthgrades. The health system is also a seven-time winner of the Northcoast 99 award, an honor that recognizes 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio. Active in the community, Oley has served on numerous boards including the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce, CommStar Credit Union, Lorain County Community College Foundation and United Way. Oley and his family are proud to call Lorain County home.

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Edwin M. Oley, S. VP Mercy Health, President & CEO Mercy Health -Lorain

The Administrative Team of Open Door Christian Schools


pen Door Christian Schools is a premier co-educational, college preparatory school whose mission is to equip disciples through exemplary education. The administrative team is excited to share the schools’ highlights: • Comprehensive Bible curriculum, daily Bible class, weekly chapel, weekly Connect, and every course and activity taught with a Biblical worldview. • 94% of 2017 graduates went on to higher education with each graduate earning an average of $100,000 scholarships. • 5,000+ collective community service hours performed yearly by students. • 98% of upper school students are involved in extracurricular activities. • 76% of middle school and high school students participate in athletics including 3 athletes competing at state level. • Girls basketball team ranked #1 in state for highest GPA of 4.0. • Technology upgrades across all grades to create 21st century classrooms. • ODCS Patriot Theatre received the 2017 Dazzle Award for Best Scenic Design.

To schedule an appointment with a Mercy Health physician, call 877-930-DOCS. For more information go to

Learn the difference and get more information about Open Door Christian Schools at

L. Robert Fisher Premier ToyoTa



xperience the Difference”, encompassing the core values of serving others with integrity, innovation and uncommon performance portray Premier Toyota’s vision of success. As owner and president of the company, Bob Fisher is proud to lead a team dedicated to make a difference in the community where they live, work and play. Fisher began his automotive career as a “student of the industry” in Dover, NH selling Chevrolet and Honda vehicles. In 1993, he took over a failing Toyota store in Richmond, VA as General Manager and operating partner, quickly achieving their successful turnaround. Bob’s experience, innovation and commitment to customer service earned his nomination to represent the Toyota brand in Lorain County, Ohio, establishing Premier Toyota Scion of Amherst. Bob serves several local organizations Your including Leadership Lorain County, the Photo from Lorain County Chamber of Commerce cover photo and Mercy Hospital’s Board of Trustees. Bob states, “Experience the Difference” shoot goes simply means serving others in a fun, here friendly atmosphere with uncommon performance and integrity! L. Robert Fisher, Owner and President

Visit Premier Toyota at 47190 Cooper Foster Park Rd. in Amherst 440-985-6100 •


risti Sink, MHA, FACHE serves as the President of University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center. Prior to coming to Elyria, Kristi served as the Chief Operating Officer and Interim President of University Hospitals Parma Medical Center. Relatively new to Northeast Ohio, Kristi and her family relocated to Ohio from Asheville, North Carolina, where Kristi served as the Vice President of Ambulatory & Ancillary Services for Mission Hospital, a 795-bed level 2 trauma center that is part of a regional system in western North Carolina. Kristi supports the concept of patients and families being cared for by their hometown hospital. At UH Elyria Medical Center, outstanding specialty, medical and surgical care can be attained right here in Elyria “close to home.” “Our ongoing focus is to ensure that our patients and their families have exceptional care and service provided by our outstanding physicians and compassionate staff”, Kristi said. “Caring for our neighbors and families fosters a healthy community and healthy lives. It is our honor to serve.”

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Kristi Sink, MHA, FACHE, President

UH Elyria Medical Center • 630 E. River St., Elyria • 440-329-7500


Health & Wellness

University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center First-class care, close to home For nearly 110 years, University Hospitals Elyria

Medical Center has been a cornerstone of the Lorain County community and the hospital families trust for their care. Part of the University Hospitals health system – a $3.5 billion enterprise with more than 26,000 employees across Northeast Ohio – UH Elyria Medical Center offers patients access to nationally renowned centers of excellence in cardiology, orthopedics, primary care and more, all while maintaining its hometown appeal. UH Elyria continues to be recognized for its cardiovascular services, including cardiac and vascular surgery. The hospital has heart catheterization and electrophysiology labs on site, along with protocols that enable our physicians and healthcare teams to exceed national guidelines for lifesaving


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

procedures for heart attack patients. Three full-service, 24/7 emergency departments are found in Elyria, Amherst and Avon – each offering UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital pediatric emergency services for the littlest members of your family. The Family Birth Center at UH Elyria offers mothers-to-be private rooms and bathrooms – some with hydrotherapy – as well as a Level II Nursery staffed with specially trained physicians and nurses should your baby need advanced care. Experience the difference at UH Elyria Medical Center, where our vision is “Advancing the Science of Health and the art of Compassion.” For more information, call 440-329-7500 or go to See our Ad on page 64.

Hospice can ease the Family Caregiver’s Burden By Gwen Rifici, Home Care Team Leader Hospice of the Western Reserve

Former hospice families often say, “I wish we called hospice sooner.” When a patient learns that treatment is no

longer an option, time with loved ones becomes a precious commodity. Hospice does its best work when life is measured in weeks or months. Assistance from the hospice care team can lessen stress and help make the most of every day. Here are a few of the ways hospice can help: 1. Hospice nurses teach you techniques to make caregiving easier and your loved one more comfortable. 2. The hospice care team arranges delivery of medical supplies to your loved one. 3. A hospice nurse provides instructions and support to help you organize and administer medications and change dressings. 4. A hospice nursing assistant assists with toileting, showering, grooming and other needs. 5. A social worker can assist in completing an Advance Directive—living will and medical power of attorney. 6. Sometimes, families are spread out across the country, or busy schedules may make communicating a challenge. The hospice communicates with the entire family if needed and can provide technology to help.

When mom’s doctor said her treatments were no longer working, I called Hospice of the Western Reserve. With their extraordinary medical care and around-the-clock support, she’s able to stay at home. I chose Hospice of the Western Reserve because hospice and palliative care is all they do; she deserves that.

Living with serious illness is hard. Deciding on a hospice care provider was easy.

Insist on Hospice of the Western Reserve. 800.707.8922 |



Health & Wellness

Cleveland Clinic

Caring for Lorain County “Lorain County is one of the most unique and

rewarding places to practice medicine,” says Chris Babiuch, MD, Medical Director of Cleveland Clinic Lorain Family Health and Surgery Center. “The people are diverse — including steel workers, college professors, immigrants, farmers and all the boaters. There’s also a lot of chronic disease, such as emphysema, diabetes and high blood pressure, which my group is working to manage in new ways.” Cleveland Clinic recently expanded in the community. There are now 10 Cleveland Clinic facilities throughout Lorain County, giving you local access to more than 500

providers in more than 50 specialties. Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital is a shining example. On its first anniversary in November 2017, the hospital and its president, Rebecca Starck, MD, celebrated their commitment to excellent care and compassion in your area. According to patient surveys, Avon Hospital ranks in the top 10 percent nationally in several categories, including patients’ likelihood to recommend the hospital. You no longer have to choose between convenience and world-class hospital care. At Avon Hospital, you can stay close to home yet within the Cleveland Clinic system. From primary care to medical specialties, and from emergency visits to hospital stays, Cleveland Clinic now offers a full range of care in Lorain County. “The future is bright for Cleveland Clinic and the Lorain community,” says Dr. Babiuch. “We will continue to expand services in the region and partner with the community to improve the health of all Lorain County residents. World class care is not just in Cleveland, it’s right in your backyard.”


Learn more at loraincounty. Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Chris Babiuch, MD

Many local chapters. One world class story. 10 locations are here for you in Lorain County.

Same-day appointments


Health & Wellness

Advanced Care delivered expertly with Mercy Health When you’re sick or injured, nothing is more

important than easy access to high-quality, compassionate medical care, experts who listen patiently and advanced technology for accurate diagnosis. From doctors’ offices, walk-in clinics for after-hours care to hospitals and specialized facilities, Mercy Health offers the community high-quality personalized care in over 50 locations throughout Lorain County. Mercy Health- Lorain is regularly recognized for their quality including ranking in the top 5% in the nation for patient safety. Mercy Health is a part of largest health system in Ohio. They are driven by their Mission. They combine advanced


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

technology and innovative procedures to treat, heal and bring comfort. At the heart of who they are is an exceptional team of doctors, nurses and caregivers — leaders in their field — whose expertise and talent help make a difference in patients’ lives every day For more information, visit See our Ad on the inside front cover.

Howard Hanna helps you to Stage for Success

Homes & Real Estate

Howard Hanna knows that staging your home is a key component in the selling process because it gives sellers the opportunity to highlight features of their home. While staging services can range in cost, they help increase home value by adding to the selling price. According to a poll by AOL Money and Finance, 87 percent of buyers indicated that presentation makes a world of difference in most sales. Make a difference in the sale of your home with these staging tips from Howard Hanna: • Add a bit of bling: let your home shine with a touch of  Continued on page 38


Homes & Real Estate  Continued from previous page

gold or silver. A few eye-catching items add an interesting visual element to any room. • De-clutter/de-personalize: buyers need to be able to see themselves in your home. Hide or remove personal items and then when you’re ready to move they’ll already be packed away! • Clean, clean, clean! A clean home is much more appealing to buyers. Dust light fixtures, vacuum carpets, polish hardwood floors, and clean countertops. • Give your kitchen a facelift with a new coat of paint, new towels, or new cabinetry pulls. Even the addition of under cabinet lighting can make a difference. • New lighting fixtures can create ambiance for cheap. The addition of a chrome or nickel finish will add a bit of class to your space. Staged homes sell faster, per Barb Schwarz, the president of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP). Homes staged by IAHSP are on the market for an average of 29 days or less, compared to 145 days for unstaged homes. Your Howard Hanna agent can help advise you on whether to invest in a stager, or do it yourself. When listing your home with Howard Hanna, consider making the extra investment in home staging! For all of your real estate needs, call Liz Concar, Manager of Howard Hanna’s Amherst Office at 440-282-8002,


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Chamber of Commerce

Here we Grow!

The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce

was founded in 1988 to promote and support the success and growth of the Lorain County business community. Many things have changed in the past 30 years, but the one constant has been the collaboration and partnerships we have made. Together, we work to Connect, Promote and Grow Lorain County. The many ways we do this include presenting the largest Business to Business EXPO in Lorain County, held every November. We host the Lorain County Economic Summit every spring and each October we promote Manufacturing Month, since manufacturing still is a major part of our local economy.

The Lorain County Chamber prides itself on our variety and types of networking, educational and social events we do each year. Our Business to Business EXPO, Chamber Night at the Crushers and Economic Summit all attract hundreds of attendees each year. As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we say thank you to all who belong to our organization and who strive to make Lorain County a great place to do business.

All year long we provide the best networking opportunities, access to your elected officials, partnerships with our local educational institutions while we advocate for a stronger workforce. Become a part of your Lorain County Chamber today and join the businesses and entrepreneurs that will be working Together for the next 30 years.

Tony Gallo, President, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce with Darryl Tucker from the Morning Journal at the Business Expo.


Parks & Recreation

Lorain County Metro Parks The Lorain County Metropolitan Park District was established for the responsible use, enjoyment, and accessibility of every citizen of Lorain County. The Park District acquires land to promote and demonstrate the wise use of our natural resources. The Park District strives to preserve and create a diversity of ecosystems while providing educational and recreational opportunities which

are compatible with and promote conservation of these resources.

Amherst Beaver Creek Reservation 913 North Lake St. Amherst, OH 44001 440-458-5121

Duck Pond Picnic Area 12550 Diagonal Rd.

Black River Reservation High Meadows 1750 Ford Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 Bur Oak 6150 Ford Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 Day’s Dam 2720 E. 31st St. Lorain, OH 44055 440-324-5481

Brighton Reservation A secondary growth forest that remains in its natural state. Caley Reservation 18207 West Rd. Pittsfield Township 440-458-5121 Carlisle Reservation Carlisle Visitor Center 12882 Diagonal Rd. LaGrange, OH 44050 440-459-5121

Lorain County Metro Parks offers something for everyone. Visit to learn more about the Park District’s offerings or pick up an Arrowhead publication at your local library.

Equestrian Center 13630 Diagonal Rd. Cascade Park 170 Cascade Dr. Elyria, OH 44035 440-458-5121 Cassell Reservation 155 acre wooded park located 2 miles east of Vermilion

Charlemont Reservation 757 acre undeveloped park located in Rochester & Huntington Townships 440-458-5121 Columbia Reservation 25145 Royalton Rd. Columbia Station, OH 440-236-3254 French Creek Reservation Nature & Art Center 4530 Colorado Ave. Sheffield Village, OH 440054 440-949-5200

Stocker Arts Center At LCCC’s Stocker Arts Center life meets art and drama. Stocker connects our diverse cultural community to LCCC by entertaining and inspiring audiences through performances, visual arts and educational events. Stocker Arts Center features the 988-seat Hoke Theatre, a 214-seat Lecture Hall, a 215-seat Cinema Hall, a flexible Cirigliano Studio Theatre, a Dance Studio, a Rehearsal Hall, and the Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery. The C. Paul Stocker Humanities and Fine Arts Center is also home to the LCCC Division


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

of Arts & Humanities, and is the performing home for the LCCC Civic Chorale, Collegiate Chorale, Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Theatre program. Visit or call 440-366-4040.

Pine Tree Picnic Area 4951 French Creek Rd. Sheffield Village, OH 44054 Forest Hills Golf Course 41971 Oberlin-Elyria Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 440-323-2632 Hollstein Reservation Mercy Health & Recreation Center & Inclusive Playground & Splash Pad 47160 Hollstein Dr. Amherst, OH 44001 440-984-3470 Indian Hollow Reservation Sheldon Woods 38744 Parsons Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 Royal Oaks 1057 Parsons Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 440-458-5121 Kipton Reservation Camden Township 440-458-5121 An undeveloped reservation once known as the Kipton Reservoir. Kopf Family Reservation 32649 Electric Blvd. Avon Lake, OH 44012 440-387-8107 Lakeview Park 1800 West Erie Ave, Lorain, OH 44052 440-245-1193

Martin’s Run Undeveloped federally protected Class III Wetland in Lorain. Miller Nature Preserve Conservatory & Orchid Cafe 2739 Center Rd. Avon, OH 44011 440-937-0764

Lorain County Community College John A. Spitzer Conference Center

Stocker Arts Center

North Coast Inland Trail Downtown Kipton to Downtown Elyria 1-800-LCM-PARK Sandy Ridge Reservation 6195 Otten Rd. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440-327-3626 Schoepfle Garden 11106 Market St. Birmingham, OH 44816 440-965-7237 Sheffield Lake Reservation Sections are federally protected Class III Wetlands.

• Performing Artists Series • Studio Sessions Series • Random Acts Series • Student Matinee Series • Friday Film Series • Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery

• Corporate meetings • Conferences & workshops • Social events, banquets, wedding receptions • Full-service catering

1-800-995-5222 Easily accessible from I-90, I-480 and the Ohio Turnpike. 1005 N. Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio

Tripphahn Reservation Currently undeveloped. Vermilion River Reservation Mill Hollow & Bacon Woods 51211 North Ridge Rd. Spitzer Stocker ad for 2018 Lorain County magazine.indd Vermilion, OH 44089 440-967-7310


12/14/17 2:43 PM

Wellington Reservation 535 Jones Rd. Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-2509

Spitzer Conference Center The John A. Spitzer Conference Center at LCCC is a multi-purpose venue for conferences, trade shows, weddings, seminars, social events, computer labs and workshops. Spitzer features the 360-person Reaser Grand Room, 25 variable conference spaces, stateof-the-art technology, on-site catering by award-winning chefs, complimentary event and wedding planning and free parking. Visit or call 440-366-4100.


Events & Attractions

Discover what’s happening in Lorain County! Year-Round Events Every Tues/Thurs/Sat Upstairs/Downstairs Guided Tour – Small Town, Big Stories Oberlin Heritage Center 440-774-1700 |

June – August Pools and Spray Parks Open Pools at North Park Recreation Center, 901 Duffy St., and East Park Recreation Center, 1101 Prospect St.; Spray Parks at West Park Recreation Center, 1200 Foster Ave., and South Park Recreation Center, 216 Sixteenth St.

Every Thurs/Fri/Sat Community Art Center and Gallery Elyria 30 artists display, teach, and sell original art in 16 mediums.

June – September Lorain Lighthouse Boat Tours Dock “A” by Jackalope Lakeside 440-984-1012 |

Every Weds Cupcake Decorating The Hive Cake Studio 440-467-1022 |

Ongoing Events

May – Mid October Seasonal Overnight RV and Tent Camping American Wilderness Campground 440-926-3700 | May – August Ely Square Summer Concert Series Ely Square every Thursday


June – September Lorain Lighthouse Sunset Wine Dinners Outside dinner catered by Jackalope Lakeside includes a glass of wine with each course and boat ride to and from the lighthouse starting at Spitzer Lakeside Marina. 440-984-1012 | June – September Walkin' on Wednesdays Main Street Amherst Second Wednesday of Jun – Sept. Enjoy family friendly entertainment while strolling the streets of the historic district. 440-984-6709 |

Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Photo: Jason Shaffer Photography

Mid June – Mid September Pioneer Plaza Outdoor Farmers and Markers Market Elyria Local farmers, craftspeople and artists sell Saturdays, 9 am to noon. July – Early September Butterfly House Miller Nature Preserve 440-937-0764 | Mid September – October U Pick Apples Miller’s Apple Hill, Amherst 440-965-7077 |


March 3 Easter Egg Hunt North Park Recreation Center, Elyria 440-365-4251 March 9 – 25 Children of Eden French Creek Theatre, Sheffield Village 440-949-5200 |

March 4 & 11 Sunday Object Talks Allen Memorial Art Museum Designed for the casual visitors, these studentled sessions focus on a work of art on view in the galleries. 440-774-8665 | March 13 Century of Asian Art at Oberlin: Japanese Prints Allen Memorial Art Museum Kevin Greenwood, the Joan L. Danforth Curator for Asian Art, discusses his exhibit with more than 100 woodblock prints spanning 270 years of Japanese culture. 440-775-8665 |


April 8 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Weltzheimer/ Johnson House Oberlin Brief guided tours on the hour from 12 pm - 4 pm 440-775-8665 | April 8, 15, 22, 29 Sunday Object Talks Allen Memorial Art Museum. Designed for the casual visitors, these student-led sessions focus on a work of art on view in the galleries. 440-774-8665 |

One More Step: A Walking Tour of Women’s History in Oberlin 440-774-1700 |

April 14 Community Day Allen Memorial Art Museum

March 31 Easter Pancake Breakfast and Egg Hunt Avon Isle

April 14 Road to Freedom Underground Railroad Experience French Creek Reservation 440-949-5200 |

April 27 – 28 Spring into Findley Campout Findley State Park 440-647-4490 April 28 Jamie’s Springfest Jamie’s Flea Market Spin and win prizes with Jamie’s Wheel 440-986-4402 |  Continued on page 44

Photo: City of Elyria

March 24 Jamie’s Annual Easter Celebration Jamie’s Flea Market Pictures with the Easter Bunny 440-986-4402 |

April 10 Vases and Virtue, Porcelain and Diplomacy: The Enlightenment Journey of HenriLéonard Bertin (1720-92) and Joseph Amiot (1718-93). 440-775-8665 |

April 21 – 23 Bag Lady Tour Country Tour Group


Events & Attractions

May 15 – 20 & 29 Lake Erie Crushers Home Games Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636 |

 Continued from previous page

May 19 North Ridgeville Pride Day South Central Park

April 28 – 30 Bag Lady Tour Country Tour Group


May 4 – 5 Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit Lorain May 4 – 20 The Elephant Man French Creek Theatre, Sheffield Village 440-949-5200 | May 5 Super Hero Day Ely Square Includes comic book give-away, games, entertainment and photos with real superheroes. North Ridgeville Fishing Derby South Central Park May 6 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Weltzheimer/ Johnson House Oberlin Brief guided tours on the hour from 12 pm - 4 pm 440-775-8665 | Sunday Object Talks Allen Memorial Art Museum Designed for the casual visitors, these studentled sessions focus on a work of art on view in the galleries. 440-774-8665 | May 12 The 20th Annual Gazebo Garden Walk Wellington May 13 Mother’s Day Dinner Bistro 83, North Ridgeville| 440-353-2828 | bistro

May 20 Wine & Chocolate Walk Stroll Downtown Amherst while being treated to a sample of wine and/or chocolate from our local businesses. 440-984-6709 | Pancake Breakfast 103rd OVI Museum, Sheffield Lake 440-949-2790 |

May 28 Memorial Day Parade Downtown Elyria Firemen’s Festival Willow Park, Grafton Memorial Day Parade Grafton


June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Freedom Friend’s Underground Railroad and Abolition History Walk Oberlin 440-774-1700 |

Paddle Pedal Fest Lakeview Park 440-458-5121 |

June 2 Youth Fishing Derby Findley State Park 440-647-5749

May 22 – 27 Mid-American Conference Tournament Sprenger Stadium

June 3 Avon Summerfest Avon Marketplace

May 26 – 27 Oberlin Origin Tours Oberlin Heritage Center 440-774-1700 |

Radical’s & Reformers History Walk at Westwood Cemetery 440-774-1700 |

May 26 – 27 Freedom Friend’s Underground Railroad and Abolition History Walk Oberlin 440-774-1700 | May 26 One More Step: A Walking Tour of Women’s History in Oberlin 440-774-1700 | Oberlin Architecture History Walk 440-774-1700 | May 27 Historically Inaccurate Oberlin Heritage Center 440-774-1700 | Scholars and Settlers History Walk 440-774-1700 |

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Weltzheimer/ Johnson House Oberlin Brief guided tours on the hour from 12 pm - 4 pm 440-775-8665 | June 8 – 10 Aunt Teak & Uncle Junque Citywide Yard Sale French Creek District Lake Erie Crushers Home Games Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636 | June 9 Trash-to-Treasures Village Wide Garage Sale Grafton June 10 Pancake Breakfast 103rd OVI Museum, Sheffield Lake 440-949-2790 |

Photo: Main Street Amherst


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019


Customer Appreciation Day Bistro 83, North Ridgeville 440-353-2828 | bistro

July 1 Radical’s & Reformers History Walk at Westwood Cemetery 440-774-1700 |

June 10 Music Under the Stars Lakeview Park 440-458-5121 |

July 1 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Weltzheimer/ Johnson House Oberlin Brief guided tours on the hour from 12 pm - 4 pm 440-775-8665 |

June 14 Flag Day Ceremony Ely Square June 15 – 17 Lake Erie Crushers Home Games Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636 |

July 2 Antique Car and Bicycle Festival Wellington

June 16 Youth Fishing Derby Findley State Park 440-647-5749

July 3 Patriot’s Band Concert and Ice Cream Social Wellington

6th Juneteenth Blues Fest at Lakeview Park 440-458-5121 |

Great American Picnic and Fireworks Show West Park, Elyria Fireworks, live bands, food trucks and games for the whole family. (Rain Date July 6)

Our Little World Alpacas Spring Open House Grafton 440-477-4300 |

Star Spangled Celebration North Ridgeville 440-353-0860

June 19 – 21 Lake Erie Crushers Home Games Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636 |

July 3 – 8, 20 – 22, 27 –29, 31 Lake Erie Crushers Home Games Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636 |

June 22 – 23 41st Annual Ohio Scottish Games Lorain County Fairgrounds, Wellington

July 7, 14, 21, 28 Freedom Friend’s Underground Railroad and Abolition History Walk Oberlin 440-774-1700 |

June 22 – 24 Lorain International Festival Black River Landing

Cleveland Sports Legends Games Sprenger Stadium

July 7 The Great Inflatable Race Victory Park, North Ridgeville This unique fun run has giant inflatable obstacles spread throughout the course that bounce, bump, and slide you all over the place! 440-954-8703 |

June 24 Car Show Findley State Park 440-647-5749

July 8 Music Under the Stars Lakeview Park 440-458-5121 |

June 23 13th Annual Oberlin Chalk Walk

July 13 – 14 Wine on the Rails Wellington 440-647-6660 | July 13 – 2 Anything Goes Lorain Performing Arts Center July 13 – 29 Lionel Bart’s Oliver! French Creek Theatre, Sheffield Village 440-949-5200 | July 27 – 28 The Summer Market Veterans Memorial Park, Avon Lake Unique outdoor festival and benefit held on the shore of Lake Erie. Enjoy live music, local food and a Lake Erie sunset.


Germanfest Amherst Historical Society 440-988-7255 | August 2 Lake Erie Crushers Home Game Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636 | August 4, 11, 18, 25 Freedom Friend’s Underground Railroad and Abolition History Walk Oberlin 440-774-1700 | August 4 Arts in the Park & Riverwalk Picnic and Concert Ely Square Jamie’s Annual Family Fun Day Jamie’s Flea Market Contests, prizes, music, school supply drive, free face painting, balloon art and much more. 440-986-4402 | Dancing on Main Street Downtown Amherst Rock-n-Roll to the sounds of great local bands during this free music festival. 440-984-6709 |

Photo: Main Street Amherst

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Photo: Ralph Lieberman


Events & Attractions

August 25 3rd Crushers Craft Beer & Wine Festival Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636

September 29 Apple Pickin’ Spree Miller’s Apple Hill, Amherst 440-965-7077 |

5k Run for Freedom Brookside High School, Sheffield Village 216-623-9933 |

September 29 – 30 Fall in Love with Wellington Festival

Art After Dark Homewood Suites, Sheffield Village Enjoy live bands, appetizers, wines/wine tastings, craft brew and a silent auction. 440-949-6325

National Alpaca Farms Day Our Little World Alpacas, Grafton 440-477-4300 |

September  Continued from previous page

September 1 Cleveland Pops Orchestra Concert Ely Square, (Rain Date Sept 2)

August 5 Radical’s & Reformers History Walk at Westwood Cemetery 440-774-1700 |

September 1 – 2 Lake Erie Crushers Home Game Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636 |

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Weltzheimer/ Johnson House Oberlin Brief guided tours on the hour from 12 pm - 4 pm 440-775-8665 |

September 2 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Weltzheimer/ Johnson House Oberlin Brief guided tours on the hour from 12 pm - 4 pm 440-775-8665 |

Photo: Lorain County Fair

August 10 – 12 North Ridgeville Corn Festival August 10 – 12, 14 – 16, 21 – 23, 28 – 31 Lake Erie Crushers Home Games Sprenger Stadium 440-934-3636 | August 11 Brewfest 2018 Black River Landing Lorain August 12 Music Under the Stars Lakeview Park 440-458-5121 | Annual Car Show Vermilion River Reservation 440-967-7310 | August 17 – 19 Romeo and Juliet Lakeview Park 440-949-5200 | August 20 – 26 173rd Lorain County Fair Wellington August 24 – 26 Lorain County Fair Trains Wellington 440-647-6660 |


September 8 Fall into Avon Festival French Creek District Superheroes Day in Avon Avon Aquatic Facility Adventure Fest Vermilion River Reservation 440-967-7310 | September 9 Pancake Breakfast 103rd OVI Museum, Sheffield Lake 440-949-2790 | Music Under the Stars Lakeview Park 440-458-5121 | September 15 Apple Pie Contest Jamie’s Flea Market Vendors and customers are welcome to bake their favorite apple pie recipes to win. 440-986-4402 | Wine Tasting in the Woods Findley State Park 440-647-5749 September 21 – 23 Apple Festival Ely Square Features food, live entertainment, crafts and other vendors, cornhole tournament, car show, art show, beauty pageant and much more!

Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019


By My Lantern’s Light Take a step back in time and learn a little spooky history with the Amherst Historical Society. Visitors are led by lantern carriers to hear the stories of Amherst's days gone by. 440-988-7255 | Weekend wagon rides through the pumpkin patch Pickering Hill Farms, Avon 440-937-5155 | October 5 Fall Fest Campout Findley State Park 440-647-4490 October 6 North Ridgeville Health and Safety Fair A free open house for the community including free blood pressure checks, information from different health agencies and fun for the kids. October 6 – 7 Fall Foliage Train Wellington 440-647-6660 | October 7 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Weltzheimer/ Johnson House Oberlin Brief guided tours on the hour from 12 pm - 4 pm 440-775-8665 | Pancake Breakfast 103rd OVI Museum, Sheffield Lake 440-949-2790 | October 12 – 13, 19 – 20, 26 – 27 Halloween Fair at Carlisle Reservation LaGrange 440-458-5121 | October 13 – 14, 20 – 22 Fall Foliage Train Wellington 440-647-6660 | October 13 – 15 Country Autumn Tour Country Tour Group

October 19 Halloween Campout Findley State Park 440-647-4490

November 23 – 24 & 30 Santa Train Wellington 440-647-6660 |

October 20 – 21 Fall Foliage Train Wellington 440-647-6660 |

November 23 – Dec 30 Holiday Lights at Carlisle Reservation LaGrange 440-458-5121 |

October 20 Lorain County Junior Vocational School Craft Show Oberlin 440-774-1051 |

November 24 – Dec 30 (Fri-Sun) 7th Annual International Tree & Model Train Display Black River Transportation Center, Lorain

Sweetest Day Train Wellington 440-647-6660 |

November 24 – Dec 16 (Sat & Sun) Santa’s Storyland Lorain

City of Avon Halloween Festival Avon Aquatic Facility October 26 Tots Trick-Or-Treat North Ridgeville City Hall October 27 Oberlin Halloween Parade

North Ridgeville Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony South Central Park

November 24 Christmas in the Alpaca Barn Grafton 440-477-4300 |

October 27 Venison Chili Cook Off Findley State Park 440-647-5749

November 30 Candlelight Walk Olde Avon Village

October 28 Elyria Kiwanis Halloween Parade Downtown Elyria


October 28 Grafton Halloween Parade

Photo: Zagg Studios

November 24 – 25 Lorain Waterfront Winterfest

Christmas Tree Lighting Olde Avon Village Festival of Lights Ely Square & Elyria City Hall December 2 Brunch with Santa Bistro 83, North Ridgeville 440-353-2828 | bistro

Christmas in the Village Come to the annual Christmas in the Village and step back in time to see how the holidays were celebrated in Amherst back in the late 1800’s. 440-988-7255 |


November 1 Ice Arena Opens North Park Recreation Elyria

December 1 – 23 Holiday at Finwood Estate 779 N. Abbe Rd. One of the best indoor/outdoor holiday displays in Ohio, nestled in a fabulous wooded setting.

November 3 Cleveland Stache Dash 5k North Ridgeville Parks and Recreation 440-353-0860

December 1, 7 – 8 Santa Train Wellington 440-647-6660 |

November 4 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Weltzheimer/ Johnson House Oberlin Brief guided tours on the hour from 12 pm - 4 pm 440-775-8665 |

December 1 Christmas in the Alpaca Barn Grafton 440-477-4300 |

December 3 Festival of Carols Lorain Community Music Theater December 7-9 Christmas Musicale First Baptist Church of Elyria Enjoy a large choir with spectacular sets, professional drama and over 50,000 lights. 440-458-5128 | December 7 Miracle on Main Street Downtown Amherst Kick off the holiday season with this free, familyfriendly event. Parade down Park Ave. followed by live music and a visit from Santa. 440-984-6709 |

Photo: Lorain County Metroparks

Old Fashioned Christmas Main St. Grafton December 12 Lolly the Trolley Light Tour Amherst Hop aboard Lolly the Trolley and take a ride through Amherst to visit the city's most beautiful light displays. 440-984-6709 | Events provided by Visit Lorain County. For more information, go to


Library Lorain County’s Public Libraries…

Something New! Your discovery begins the

moment you walk through the doors of a public library. Ohio is home to 251 libraries and their branches, 17 of which serve Lorain County. Residents make hundreds of thousands of visits to Lorain County’s libraries every year. Many say the book is better, but while libraries do offer books, they offer so much more…. • Books, large print books, magazines, newspapers • Movies and music

• Audiobooks and Playaways - digital audiobooks • eMedia downloads - books, movies, music

• Public computers with Internet access • Career and college information

• Programs for children, teens, adults and families

• Information help in-person, by phone and by email • Homebound delivery

• Practice tests for GED, ACT, SAT, Civil Service, Military, Nursing,

Real Estate, Law Enforcement, US Citizenship, and more • Adult literacy programs

• Outreach to day cares, preschools, and nursing homes • Meeting rooms for public use

• Computer and Internet training • Readers Advisory - reading recommendations

• Interlibrary loans - computer access to other libraries' collections • WiFi

• Book clubs

• Copying, faxing and scanning • Equal access for those with disabilities • Voter registration

• Golden Buckeye Cards • Notary service • Tax forms

It’s at your library, and it’s for you. Visit soon, and let your journey of discovery begin. Services vary at each library, so contact your local public library for those offered at yours.

Friends of the Lorain Public Library, Inc. The Friends of the Lorain

Public Library, Inc. is a non-profit organization of area residents. The purpose of the Friends group is to promote interest in the Lorain Public Library System locations in the city of Lorain - the Main Library, the South Lorain Branch Library, and the Bookmobile. Friends provide financial and volunteer help in sponsoring programs and activities within the Library. Friends encourage gifts and contributions to the Library and sponsor a scholarship fund for library employees. The Friends monitor and support adequate funding for Libraries at the state level, and actively participate in local library levy campaigns. Friends volunteer to help with the three book sales (January, May and September) held at the Main Library each year as well as with other fundraising events. If you are interested in joining, application forms can be obtained at the Main Library, at the South Lorain Branch and from the Bookmobile Librarian or visit for more information.

Avon Lake Public Library


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

lorain county’s public libraries books and so much more

Amherst Public Library

Grafton-Midview Public Library

221 Spring Street, Amherst

983 Main Street, Grafton

Avon Lake Public Library

Herrick Memorial Public Library

32649 Electric Boulevard, Avon Lake

101 Willard Memorial Square, Wellington

Elyria Public Library System

Lorain Public Library System

Central Library 320 Washington Avenue, Elyria

Main Library 351 West Sixth Street, Lorain Avon Branch Library 37485 Harvest Drive, Avon Columbia Branch 13824 West River Road, N, Columbia Station Domonkas Branch 4125 East Lake Road, Sheffield Lake North Ridgeville Branch 36700 Bainbridge Road, North Ridgeville South Lorain Branch 2121 Homewood Drive, Lorain

West River Library 1194 West River Road, N, Elyria North Branch 1005 North Abbe Road, Elyria South Branch 1215 Middle Avenue, Elyria Keystone-LaGrange Library 101 West Street, LaGrange Bookmobile – 440.324.9817


Community Connections Cities

Amherst 206 S. Main St. Amherst, OH 44001 440-988-4380 Avon 36080 Chester Rd. Avon, OH 44011 440-937-7800 Avon Lake 150 Avon Belden Rd. Avon Lake, OH 44012 440-933-6141


Photo: Jason Shaffer Photography

Elyria 131 Court St. Elyria, OH 44035 440- 326-1400

Sheffield Lake 609 Harris Rd. Sheffield Lake, OH 44054 440-949-7141

Village of Kipton 299 State Rd. Kipton, OH 44049 440-775-2181

Lorain 200 W. Erie Ave. Lorain, OH 44052 440-204-2002

Vermilion 5511 Liberty Ave. Vermilion OH 44089 440-204-2400

North Ridgeville 7307 Avon Belden Rd. N. Ridgeville 44039 440-353-0811

Village of LaGrange 355 South Center Rd. P.O. Box 597 LaGrange, 44050 440-355-5555


Village of Rochester State St. South Rochester, OH 440-647-9829

Oberlin 85 S. Main St. Oberlin 44074 440-775-1531

Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Village of Grafton 960 Main St. Grafton, OH 44044 440- 926-2401

Village of Sheffield 4820 Detroit Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 440-949-6325

Village of South Amherst 103 W. Main St. South Amherst, OH 44001 440- 986-2202 www.

Elyria Township 41416 Griswold Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 440-324-9462

Village of Wellington 115 Willard Memorial Square Wellington, OH 44090 440- 647-4626

Grafton Township 17109 Avon Belden Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 440-926-2166


Henrietta Township 12050 Vermilion Rd. Amherst, OH 44001 440-965-4214

Amherst Township 7530 Oberlin Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 440-988-5894 Brighton Township 19996 Baird Rd. Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-4757 Brownhelm Township 1940 North Ridge Rd. Vermilion, OH 44089 440-984-2243 Camden Township 42 Court St. PO Box 172 Kipton, OH 44049 440-775-2015 Carlisle Township 11969 LaGrange Rd. LaGrange, OH 44050 440-458-5667 Columbia Township 25496 Royalton Rd. Columbia Station, OH 44028 440-236-8802 Eaton Township 12043 Avon Belden Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 440-748-2236

Huntington Township 45955 State Route 162 Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-0040 LaGrange Township P.O. Box 565 LaGrange, OH 44050 440-355-5141 New Russia Township 46300 Butternut Ridge Rd. Oberlin, OH 44074 440-775-7782 Penfield Township 41012 St. Rt. 18 Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-5744

Avon Landscaping Inc. Celebrating 42 Years of Landscaping and Lawn Services

Pittsfield Township 16940 State Route 58 Oberlin, OH 44074 440-774-8503 Rochester Township 52185 Griggs Rd. Wellington, OH 44090 440-657-3731

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440-934-0230 Avon

Avon Lake

North Ridgeville

J. Craig Snodgrass, CPA, CGFM Lorain County Auditor

226 Middle Avenue, 2nd Floor • Elyria, Ohio 44035

Photos: Lorain County Fair

General ..................................... (440) 329-5207

Real Estate ............................. (440) 329-5212

Auditor Snodgrass ........ (440) 329-5170

Special Assessments ... (440) 329-5210

Appraisal ................................. (440) 329-5488

Tax Exemption .................. (440) 329-5739

Board of Revision ........... (440) 329-5269

Tax Map .................................... (440) 329-5757

Homestead ........................... (440) 329-5222

Owner Occupancy ........ (440) 329-5203

Licenses - Dog, Vendor, Junk Yard, Cigarette............................ (440) 329-5717

Weights & Measures.... (440) 329-5151 • auditor


Community Information  Continued from previous page

Avon Local School District 36600 Detroit Rd. Avon, OH 44011 440-937-4680

Sheffield Township 5166 Clinton Ave. Lorain, OH 44055 440-277-4215

Avon Lake City School District 175 Avon Belden Rd. Avon Lake, OH 44012 440-933-6210

Wellington Township 105 Maple St. Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-7194

Clearview Local School District 4700 Broadway Ave. Lorain, OH 44052 440-233-5412


Amherst Exempted Village School District 185 Forest St. Amherst, OH 44001 440-988-4406

Columbia Local School District 25796 Royalton Rd. Columbia Station, OH 44028 440-236-5008

Photo: Jason Shaffer Photography

Elyria City School District 42101 Griswold Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 440-284-8000 Firelands Local School District 112 N. Lake St. South Amherst, OH 44001 440-965-5821 Keystone Local School District 531 Opportunity Way LaGrange, OH 44050 440-355-2424

Lorain City School District 2601 Pole Ave. Lorain, OH 44052 440-233-2271 Midview Local School District 13050 Durkee Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 440-748-5353 North Ridgeville City School District 34620 Bainbridge Rd. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440-327-4444 Oberlin City School District 153 North Main St. Oberlin, OH 44074 440-774-1458 Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City School District 1824 Harris Rd. Sheffield Village, OH 44054 440-949-6181

Wellington Exempted Village School District 305 Union St. Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-7974 Lorain County Joint Vocational School 15181 State Route 58 Oberlin, OH 44074 440-774-1051 Lorain County Community College 1005 N. Abbe Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 1-800-995-5222

Chambers of Commerce

Lorain County Chamber of Commerce 226 Middle Ave 5th Floor Elyria, Ohio 44035 440-328-2550

Providing Hope and Healing to Residents in Lorain County Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. have a mental health condition, 24/7 Emergency/Crisis Hotline 1.800.888.6161


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

yet only about 20% of people receive professional help. Stigma remains one of the biggest barriers for seeking treatment. Yet the impact on society is enormous. Depression causes more in lost productivity than any other chronic disease, with an estimated global cost of $1 trillion annually. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., with a suicide occurring every 12 minutes. And for every completed suicide, an estimated 25 attempts are made. In addition to the pain and suffering to those left behind, suicide in the U.S. costs society over $56.9 billion a year in combined medical and work loss costs.

The Power and Simplicity of Endowed Giving By Danielle M. Locke, MPA, CAP ®

Imagine making one gift that keeps

North Coast Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 275 Avon Lake, OH 44012 440-933-9311 North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce 34845 Lorain Rd. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440-327-3737  Continued on page 6

organization. With a Donor Advised Fund, donors recommend grants. Your gift will grow and make grants annually in your name…forever.

on giving forever. THIS is the power of endowed giving. And it’s within reach for everyone. Donors simply make a permanent, taxdeductible donation to any endowment fund at the Community Foundation of Lorain County, now or at the time of passing. The principal is invested wisely and the interests earned is used to provide grants and scholarships. An endowment fund can support any charitable cause or

We are your Community Foundation. Providing sustainable funding for organizations that touch your life every day…

School Endowment Funds

Food Banks

Arts & Culture Programs

Founded in 1980, the Community Foundation of Lorain County is made up of more than 630 endowment funds valued at approximately $133 million dollars. We wisely invest the Funds’ assets and the interest earned provides $5.8 million annually in scholarships and grants to charities in Lorain County. A gift to the Community Foundation is unlike any other gift. It will continue to grow and have lasting impact on our community...forever.. We connect people who care with causes that matter.

Youth Leadership

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Log on to Create your own Fund today or with your estate. Find out how at 440.984.7390


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Oberlin Business Partnership 23 E. College St. Oberlin OH 44074 440-774-6262 Vermilion Chamber of Commerce 5495 Liberty Ave. Vermilion, OH 44089 440-967-4477

The Outsourced IT Department for Small to Medium Business Managed Services, Maintenance Programs, Network Design, VoIP, Virus Protection & Detection, IT Project Management, Hardware and Software Installation and more

Serving Northeast Ohio for 25 years

Jim Penttila

440-478-0102 ext.7004 No Minimums No Setup Fees No Artwork Fees No Kidding!


Store Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat 10am-2pm

35878 Detroit Rd (next to Payless) Avon, OH 44011 (440) 723-3393 email:

Wellington Chamber of Commerce 226 Wenner St. Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-2222 www.wellingtonchamberof

Main Street Associations Main Street Amherst 255 Park Ave. Amherst, OH 44001 440-984-6709 Main Street Elyria 104 Middle Ave. Elyria, OH 44035 440-322-5000 Oberlin Business Partnership 23 E. College St. Oberlin OH 44074 440-774-6262

Main Street Vermilion 685 Main St. Vermilion, OH 44089 440-963-0772 Main Street Wellington 118 West Herrick Ave. P.O. Box 1 Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-3987

US Post Office Locations Amherst 350 Leavitt Rd. 440-988-3421 Avon 36225 Detroit Rd. 440-934-7145 Avon Lake 33501 Lake Rd., Ste. B 440-933-4246 Columbia Station 26535 Royalton Rd. 440-236-5433 Elyria 345 E. Bridge St. 440-323-0263 Grafton 926 Main St. 440-926-9065

Main Street Beach in the heart of downtown Vermilion.


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

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Lorain County loves our Veterans!

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ Above: A morning shuttle is available to Wade Park & Parma. Home pick-ups are provided to the VA Clinic in Sheffield Village. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Wheelchair accessible service is available. Call 440-284-4624.


May be available to Vets or their widow, who show a need and meet eligibility requirements. Applications are by appointment only.


Service Officers advise/assist Vets & their family of their rights and/or obtaining possible benefits through the VA, the State of Ohio and Lorain County.


Vets have access to computers, printer, fax and notary services.


Is provided to and from VA medical appointments. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. A morning shuttle is available to Wade Park & Parma. Home pick-ups are provided to the VA Clinic in Sheffield Village.



Community Information  Continued from page 54

Kipton 206 State St. 440-774-8018 LaGrange 112 Public Square 440-355-4673 Lorain 439 W. 4th St. 440-288-8593 3190 Colorado Ave. 440-288-8593 South Lorain 1680 E. 28th St. 440-277-8182 North Ridgeville 34760 Center Ridge Rd. 440-327-8806 Oberlin 68 S. Main St. 440-776-9847

Vermilion 4325 Liberty Ave. 440-967-3767 Wellington 101 McCormick St. 440-647-2122


West River Branch 1194 West River Rd., Elyria 440-324-2270 North Branch 1005 N. Abbe Rd., Elyria 440-366-4919

Amherst Public Library 221 Spring St., Amherst 440-988-4230

South Branch 1611 Middle Ave., Elyria 440-323-7519

Avon Lake Public Library 32649 Electric Blvd., Avon Lake 440-933-8128

Keystone-Lagrange Branch 101 West St., LaGrange 440-355-6323

Elyria Public Library System

Bookmobile 440-324-9817

Central Branch 320 Washington Ave., Elyria 440-323-5747

Grafton-Midview Public Library 983 Main St., Grafton 440-926-3317

Lorain Lighthouse Shines Bright at 100 The Lorain West Breakwater Lighthouse

Photo: Ivan Soto


celebrated her 100th Birthday on June 30, 2017 and she’s never shone brighter! The lighthouse, lovingly referred to by locals as the Jewel of the Port®, has been a welcoming beacon in the Lorain Harbor for nearly a century, capturing the hearts of Northcoast residents and visitors alike. Her history is as dazzling as the light herself: construction on Lorain’s jewel began in 1917, and she was staffed by National Lighthouse Keepers until the US Coast Guard took over in 1939. When the lighthouse was scheduled for demolition in 1965, a campaign to save the lighthouse began. Eventually, the lighthouse became the property of the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation, whose dedicated volunteers continue to maintain her today. In June of 2017, the lighthouse was named as a Lorain County Landmark. More information on lighthouse events may be found at

Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Herrick Memorial Public Library 101 Willard Memorial Sq., Wellington 440-647-2120 Lorain Public Library Main Library 351 W. Sixth St. Lorain, OH 44052 440-244-1192 Avon 37485 Harvest Dr., Avon 440-934-4743 Columbia 13824 W. River Road North, Columbia Station 440-236-8751 Domonkas 4125 E. Lake Rd., Sheffield Lake 440-949-7410 North Ridgeville 35700 Bainbridge Rd. 440-327-8326 South Lorain 2121 Homewood Dr. 440-277-5672 Oberlin Public Library 65 S. Main ST., Oberlin 440-775-4790 Ritter Public Library 5680 Liberty Ave., Vermilion 440-967-3798 Lorain County Board of Elections General Information 440-326-5901

The Lorain County Transportation and Community Center If the romance of the past pulls you in, then you’ll want to check out the Lorain County Transportation and Community Center in Elyria, located at 40 East Ave., for your next event! Built in 1925 in the grand neoclassical style, the building originally served as a train station. These days, the remodeled space can host intimate gathering of less than 25 people or much larger affairs under the two-story rotunda. For more information visit

Rendering of the future Amtrak station at the Lorain County Transportation Center in Elyria.

Historic Charm, Modern Luxury Looking for the perfect venue for your special day or meeting? Consider the Lorain County Transportation Center. Show casing architecture from the grand 1920s, this former New York Central Railroad Station features a stunning two-story rotunda. Remodeled to accommodate any event, all of the multiple-size rooms are fully equipped with the modern audio, visual equipment.

Book your party today (440) 329-5760 Learn more at


Community Information

What is the Main Street Program? The Main Street program is administered by Heritage Ohio,

which has been working with committees across the state to revitalize their historic areas. Based upon historic preservation, the Main Street approach was developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation to save historic commercial architecture. Today the National Trust, Heritage Ohio and the Main Street program have all become a powerful economic tool as well. Main Street communities utilize a four-point approach to improve all aspects of the downtown business district – Organization, Economic, Design and Promotion.

Main Street Amherst In 2002, the Amherst Downtown Business Association was granted official Main Street status by Heritage Ohio. The former Post Office was dedicated and officially renamed the Main Street Community Center. Today, a group of committed citizens, government representatives and business owners work towards the mission of Main Street Amherst, which is to promote and maintain an economically vital historic downtown and business district that is attractive and accessible to people of all ages. For more information visit

Oberlin Business Partnership Oberlin Business Partnership is comprised of individuals, businesses, and community organizations working together to create a vibrant, resilient and prosperous community for all who live, learn, play, work, shop and invest in Oberlin. Their mission is to advance and promote the sustainable growth and prosperity of the Oberlin community, ensuring that Oberlin remains a desirable and vibrant community—one where families are respected and nourished; businesses are profitable and sustainable; people of every race and socio-economic status are welcomed and encouraged. For more information visit


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Main Street Vermilion Main Street Vermilion works toward growing, bettering, promoting and making Vermilion a wonderful place to visit, live and do business. They work to support downtown businesses through year-round marketing efforts and merchant-focused events. They host lively community-centered events including the Ice-A-Fair and the Vermilion Harbour Triathlon/Duatholon. They encourage historic preservation and keeping downtown beautiful through on-going projects organized by committees: Vermilion in Bloom, Lighthouse Preservation, the Vermilion Arts Guild and Bridge2Bridge. For more information, visit

Main Street Wellington The vision Main Street Wellington is to have Downtown Wellington be an attractive, economically healthy business district, as well as a safe, pedestrian-friendly gathering place for residents and visitors. The historic character of downtown architecture will be preserved and reflected in the mix of retail and other businesses to attract shoppers and encourage downtown trade and establish well-maintained, occupied upper-story housing. Main Street Wellington, in partnership with the downtown business community and local government, welcomes and supports new businesses and maintains an active and attractive downtown. For more information visit


Dining Destinations

Railroad Brewing.. Putting Lorain County Craft Beers on the Map Railroad Brewing opened

their doors in March of 2017 at 1010 Center Road in Avon, Ohio and thus began Lorain County’s first manufacturing and taproom brewery. The 4000-square foot building houses their 10-barrel brew system and taproom. Local, regional and national influences contribute to the selection of hand-crafted beers you’ll find in their unique pub. Flagship brews, including

Red Caboose and Coal Train Stout are served along with seasonal brews that change throughout the year. Beer is served on site and to-go growlers are also available during business hours.


Weddings Special Occasions Full Service Catering Corporate Events Carryout Catering Luncheons 3442 Stoney Ridge Road l Avon, Ohio 44011

440-934-4553 WWW.TOMSCOUNTRYPLACE.COM Satisfying Customer Since 1959



,O n o v

Along with Railroad 15 Brewing’s fresh T 20also enjoy one of their brews, youEScan friends’ guest beers and a full menu kitchen on Thursday through Saturday (outside food is prohibited on these days). But, on their other days of operation, when the kitchen is closed, feel free to order from local food trucks or nearby restaurants. Railroad Brewing’s tables are your tables! Pet and kid friendly, they

Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

offer an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone. The team at Railroad Brewing would also love to host your private events, reunions, corporate meetings, and fundraisers. Railroad Brewing’s goal is to put Lorain County craft beers on the map one pint at a time. They look forward to serving the community and growing as their crafts distribute throughout the state. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 3-9pm; Friday 3pm to Midnight; Saturday 11am-Midnight and Sunday 1-7pm. Cheers Neighbor! For more information, visit


Brewery & Taproom Located at: 1010 Center Rd. in Avon

Office: 440-723-8234 Sales: 330-284-7156

@railroadbrewingcompany @railroadbrewingco


Brickyard Bar & Grill features 12 beers on tap, including some of Ohio’s finest craft beers,

580 W. Lorain St., Oberlin


along with a menu that consists of classic American fare with an upscale twist, all freshly cooked to order. They only use the finest fresh, local ingredients to make your dining a true experience. Find your new favorite here!

Erie Burger Co. provides upscale burgers and a high-quality dining experience in a quick service environment, with a focus on allnatural, healthy ingredients. All of Erie Burger Co.’s menu items are prepared and cooked in-house, and they take pride in sourcing locally whenever possible.

Nino’s Fine Italian Restaurant is the area’s premier Italian destination, offering authentic homemade Italian cuisine served in an intimate setting. Nino’s sauces, straight from Nana’s Kitchen are served and are now available at many local retailers.


Advertiser Index

Ben Franklin Department Store in Downtown Oberlin. Photo: Jason Shaffer Photography

Alarm Systems/Residential


Chamber of Commerce

and Commercial

LCCC-Stocker Arts Center ........................ p 40, 41

Lorain County Chamber of Commerce.....p 30, 39

BCT Alarm Services................................... p 28, 37


Charitable Organizations



Stewart's TV & Appliance.............................. p 38

Lorain County Auditor................................... p 51

Community Foundation of Lorain County........................................... p 27, 53

Auto Dealership Premier Toyota......................................... p 31, 43

Banks & Credit Unions CommStar Credit Union..... p 26, Inside back cover First Federal Savings of Lorain................... p 4, 29 Northwest Bank................................................ p 9

Beer/Wine Distributing Heidelberg Distributing Co........................ p 8, 29

Boots, Clothing & Accessories Avon Boot Shop............................................. p 51

Breweries/Brew Pubs Railroad Brewing Company........................... p 60

Business Management IT Services Boutique IT Solutions..................................... p 54


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

Lorain County Habitat for Humanity...... p 29, 32

City Government City of Avon Lake........................................... p 10 City of Elyria..................................................... p 7 City of Oberlin................................................ p 10

Cleaning & Restoration Custom Cleaning Services.............................. p 37 Duraclean........................................................ p 38

Colleges & Universities Lorain County Community College....................................p 24, 30, Back cover

Conference Center LCCC-Spitzer Conference Center................... p 41

Economic Development Lorain County Community Development..... p 62


Lumber & Building Supplies


LCCC-Spitzer Conference Center................... p 41

Carter Lumber................................................ p 51

Amherst Exempted Village Schools............... p 14

Lorain County Transportation & Community Center......................................... p 57

Mental Health/Behavioral

Avon Lake City Schools.................................. p 15

The Lodge of New Russia Township.............. p 24 Tom's Country Place....................................... p 60

Counseling The Nord Center............................................. p 52

Avon Local Schools......................................... p 15


Elyria City Schools........................................... p 17

Jason Shaffer Photography........................... p 41

Facilities Management/ Maintenance Services

Real Estate Title Services

Simplified Facilities Group............................. p 54

Fidelity National Title............................... p 27, 36


Old Republic Title..................................... p 11, 28

A Secret Garden Florist.................................. p 62

Garden Centers/Greenhouses Pinehaven Garden Center.............................. p 38

Hearing Aids Miracle-Ear...................................................... p 34

Heating & Cooling JD Indoor Comfort......................................... p 38

Hospice Services Hospice of the Western Reserve.................... p 33

Hospitals & Medical Facilities Cleveland Clinic........................................ p 34, 35 Mercy Health................ Inside front cover, p 31, 36 UH - Elyria Medical Center................. p 31, 32, 64

Jewelers Vandemark Jewelers...................................... p 54

Firelands Local Schools................................... p 16 Keystone Local Schools.................................. p 16 Lorain City Schools......................................... p 18

Real Estate/Realtors

Midview Local Schools................................... p 22

Howard Hanna - Amherst.............. p 1, 29, 37, 38

North Ridgeville City Schools......................... p 19

Recycling/Collection Center

Oberlin City Schools....................................... p 22

Lorain County Solid Waste.............................. p 8 waste

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City Schools............ p 20

Restaurants Brickyard Bar & Grill....................................... p 61 Erie Burger Co................................................ p 61 Nino's.............................................................. p 61 Railroad Brewing Company........................... p 60

Schools/Career & Technical Lorain County JVS.............................. p 23, 24, 30

Schools/Private Constellation Schools............................... p 23, 28 Open Door Christian Schools................... p 21, 31

Shopping Centers/Malls Avon Commons........................................... p 5

Transportation Center Lorain County Transportation & Community Center......................................... p 57

T-shirts/Custom Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More....................... p 54

Veterans Services Lorain County Veterans Service Office............... p 55

Visitor Center Visit Lorain County......................................... p 13

Landscaping/Lawn Services Avon Landscaping.......................................... p 51

Libraries Lorain Public Libraries........................ p 30, 48, 49


Three locations in Lorain county to serve you. Be seen within 30 minutes.

In emergency situations, you need expert medical care fast and close to home. That’s why, at University Hospitals emergency room locations, you will be seen within 30 minutes of your arrival – so your treatment begins quickly, and you spend less time waiting. For life-threatening emergencies, always call 9-1-1. Most major insurance plans accepted, including Medical Mutual of Ohio SuperMed. UH Elyria Medical Center 630 East River Street, Elyria, Ohio 44035

UH Amherst Health Center 254 Cleveland Avenue, Amherst, Ohio 44001

UH Avon Health Center 1997 Healthway Drive, Avon, Ohio 44011


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2018-2019

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Lorain County OH 2018-19  
Lorain County OH 2018-19