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Photos: Jason Shaffer Photos: Jason Shaffer

Preserving, Protecting and Displaying Amherst History The Amherst Historical Society, a nonprofit

501c(3) organization, was founded in April of 1973 and currently boasts about 350 members. The Society became accredited in 1990 by the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums. They proudly preserve, protect, and display Amherst’s history for future generations. The Society maintains the Sandstone Center on Milan Avenue, a wellkept group of century-old buildings including the Quigley Museum on the corner of Milan Avenue and South Lake Street, where artifacts and historical displays are located. Other buildings include the Greek Rival House, St. George Chapel, Harris-Dute House, Octagonal Barn and Carriage House, Farrier Shop and Hickory Tree Grange, which is a one-room school house built in 1882. Historical classes for Amherst school children are held once a year in the Grange. St. George Chapel has been used or weddings, baptisms, Christmas and Good Friday services. These buildings were dismantled stone by stone and moved to their current site. Tours of the Quigley Museum and other buildings are available by calling the Historical Society. For news and events information, visit Amherst Historical Society and Sandstone Museum Center 113 South Lake St. 440-988-7255


Amherst 2017-18  
Amherst 2017-18