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Issue Seven

Issue Seven

"Karma will definitely take care of things, so keep your eyes forward. Don't even glance in the rear-view mirror It'll all work out." .

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Cherrelle Over one year ago you featured on the cover of issue three. Did you picture yourself in this position this time last year? No, not at all! I knew I was still going to be writing music and performing, but I never dreamed that in a years time I would be about to release my first debut album ‘A Different Life’ along side my producers Point 4 Music. It is all very overwhelming. You have just recorded your debut album. How does that feel? It feels amazing! We started it 6 months ago and since then we have finished and mastered a 10 track album, as well as 3 extended mixes, along with the

album art work that we shot in Spain, two short behind the scenes videos and the ability to shoot my first music video from the album. Its all happened so quickly, but I am so grateful to everyone involved.

What can people expect from your new album? My new album is very different from what people are expecting. In my last interview I spoke about people stereotyping, and I think once they hear my new material they will be surprised with how wrong they were. People assume I just sing and stand for pictures to look pretty. Behind this I have worked incredibly hard to

reach this far within my musical achievements. My album has taken me as a pop artist and the genre of trance to created ‘Pop Trance’ extending the target audience allowing it to be listened to by more people! I’m really looking forward to getting it out to the public. How different is your style of music now? My style of singing as an artist hasn’t changed at all and never will. I am confident to remain myself throughout this process, however the genre as I stated before is a lot different to what people are expecting. The music from my debut album could be heard in clubs, raves, radio, in the pop charts as well as the trance charts! Its fun, upbeat, and it is sure to get people dancing. To know people are enjoying themselves whilst listening to my music is something that I hope to achieve.

What was it like recording with point 4? Recording with Point 4 Music has been my first experience recording in a professional studio for an album. They were great to work with, and really helpful. They made the process fun and enjoyable. They constantly kept me update with musical changes, and this gained my studio experience. I was able to watch the process of my album coming together and taking shape, which as an artist is incredibly exciting. Point 4 Music have shown a lot of faith and confidence in me and I am very grateful to be apart of their signings. You flew to sunny Spain to shoot the album cover. Why was that? Yes, it was a great experience! I was really lucky to have to opportunity to do that! It was very short notice to go, but

the crew and myself managed to pull It off, it was hard work, but we got the out come I’d hoped for! I suppose the most obvious reason for us to shoot in Spain would be for the weather! Living in England we can never trust the sunshine, we were lucky with our visit to Spain as we were graced with sunshine throughout the duration of our stay! In a years time you have left your blonde locks behind. Any reason? No reason really. I had been blonde for so long and I thought it was about time I had a change! A new image for a new artist! I’m really glad I went brunette now! Looking back at old pictures of myself, I can’t believe I was blonde for so long haha! I definitely prefer the brunette look on me! Where do you see yourself in another years time?

It is really hard to say where I will be! I didn’t expect to be this far into succeeding in something I love! So who knows what next year has to offer! Like I said I am currently in the middle of releasing my new album! Point 4 Music and myself are working extremely hard to get the album heard by the right people and so far we are succeeding and heading in the right direction! So whether my album is released in the UK, Europe, or the Far East, I am extremely confident to say it will be signed somewhere world wide within the near future! Any last shout-outs? I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been supporting me throughout my music career. It is incredibly uplifting to read positive comments from people. A more personal thank you to my team who joined me on my Spain shoot

for my debut album cover; Michael Sweeney, JustineEmma, Joshua White and David Charlie Brackley all of which are credited within the album cover, this opportunity would not of been possibly without all of you. Finally again a massive thank you to my family and close friends who believe in me 100%, and support every decision I make as an artist. Cherrelle’s Album ‘A Different Life’ is still waiting for a release date, so stay tuned for further information!

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