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Issue Two ----------------------------Music Numbing Music Video Director of our last cover girl Steph Hargreaves new music video talks about the experience. In the studio with singer Elena Hargreaves as she records her E.P -----------------------------Film Hunger Games Review Would You Watch? -----------------------------Cover Girl The stunning actress Sapphire Elia talks about taking on the marathon. ------------------------------

Issue Two ----------------------------Male Fashion Peacock Colour Highlighting Fashion Trends by Samuel Jing ------------------------------Female Fashion Inside the wardrobe with The Strawberry & Blonde ------------------------------Stunning Stunning photography capturing the unpredictable elements of the British Summer ------------------------------Beauty Becky is back with Beauty tips and that all important question. What should I pack? -------------------------------




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Sapphire Elia

For those who don’t know who Sapphire is tell us a little bit about yourself. I'm a British born actress. Probably most known for my role as Mia Macey in Emmerdale. What made you want to get into acting? Well it kind of just happened like it was always meant to be. I actually started out as a child model doing all sorts of shoots and commercials, at one point I was known as the McDonald's girl, I did a commercial for them when I as 7 and it was very popular at the time. (and no I did not get free food.. Still a question people ask me now). Nice to have moved on since then. As well as the modelling I was taking singing dance and drama lessons that I loved, So it seemed to make

sense to get me into a theatre school. I attended Sylvia young from aged 9-16 and I never looked back really. What made you want to run the marathon? The marathon was something I never thought I'd ever do. My dad has been running marathons since he was 21 getting very fast times under 3 hours. I , was always in awe of it because I never ran long distance. I really didn't enjoy it, it just felt too hard. 10 minutes on a treadmill was enough. Tell us a little bit about the charity you ran for and why you chose them. I recently became a supporter of a non profit organisation that help the homeless in London get their lives

back on track. They are called The Connection (at st Martin on the fields). What they do is awesome they are providing specialist services to over 200 homeless every day! I have always been so aware of it growing up in London and wondered how people from a city like London ended up in that situation and that's the thing. Every persons situation is different, no one chooses to be homeless, there will be a series of events that has led them to homelessness which then tends to lead to drugs and alcoholism as a result of living on the streets. By this point it's very hard to turn it all around when addiction and extreme low self esteem has taken over. That's when they need the connection, they really make a difference,

from something as simple as breakfast or lunch for someone to drug rehabilitation, teaching interview techniques for jobs and confidence building the list is endless. They aim to change people's perception of homelessness. I'm really proud to be able to help them make a difference and hopefully raise more awareness. I describe them as a huge hand reaching out to those that want the help. When we were discussing what ways I could help, I blurted out.. "I could run the marathon!" it came out of nowhere. After I had time to think about it I thought what a great way to raise awareness and also lots of money. So I decided to conquer

my fear of running with the encouragement of my mum and other family members. I started to believe I could do it. The race itself was the most physically and mentally challenging thing I'd ever done. But I recommend it to anyone. It's so rewarding, and what a great personal challenge. Getting that medal at the end was so emotional and I will treasure that moment forever. The mind is so strong, when your body wants to give up and the only thing keeping you going are strangers in the crowd and your own mind. You realise how powerful we are as humans. Want of will and a grain of faith can achieve great things. Thank you to everyone who goes out to support the runners, I really mean it when I say it makes the struggle 50% easier and

more enjoyable. Fantastic experience. Raised lots money for my cause. Would you recommend running the marathon to anyone else? Anyone reading this thinking about doing it, take the plunge. Find a cause you feel passionate about and go for it, I guarantee you won't regret it. I shared my victory with my brother and boyfriend who were my heroes on the day, cheering me up when I got tearful , so proud of them.

Will you be running next year? If I am in the country and have time to train harder, I will be doing it next year too. What does the future hold for you? "I am playing Cecily in a national tour of Oscar

wildes' Importance of Being Eanest' this summer, opening 3rd September at the Malvern theatre for Middle Ground theatre company. Will be performing across 8 different national theatres. It Will be my first play and I'm really looking forward to it" Jobs come and go and we should all strive for our dreams and perhaps find new ones on the way but ultimately I live to find happiness in the moment, I've learnt a few life lessons from the marathon, mainly not to put too much pressure on myself because as the song goes.. "it aint about how fast I get there, it ain't about what's waiting on the other side.. It's the climb"

You can still donate via Sapphires just giving page e-mario.

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Manish Bansal Autumn/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection: Consistent Outstanding Peacock Colour Highlighting Fashion Trends By Samuel Jing Showcasing the amazing Autumn/Winter 2012 collection to his guests last night in one of private clubs in Knightsbridge, Manish Bansal, the talented menswear designer graduated from London College of Fashion, regards the adoption of technology in designing and producing men’s fashion garments as the very important process in his modern men’s collection. With quite a fully rounded background of Manish himself, who have experience in managing fashion business, styling, designing, and producing, his work is not only punchy enough to distinguish himself in the massive world of fashion, but also close to his targeted consumers’ fashion expectation to adopt

something different and unique to make a stylish statement. After talking with Manish last night, I have learnt how he appreciates his more than 11 years experience in learning and absorbing men’s fashion design theories, styling practises, and the very differences between what he learnt about the fashion techniques in India where he comes from. He in person would not like to categorise his collection in a frame with a boxed boundaries, for example the label in high street, or high end; however, the starting point of new AW 2012 collection from him has described adequately as the new upcoming independent luxury fashion influencer and designer through made-toorder who has the market to label himself by his amazing consistent presentation, the understanding of fashion lines and ranges, the efforts in pushing his brand out there.


The new collection itself are inspired by the theory of gamekeeper as in protection and destruction, which ironically clashes the both parties of the theory itself, by using the main checked dark coloured base to set up the whole protection atmosphere, and by adding the technology finished peacock highlighting around the shoulder and neck as the destruction, in the whole to push the boundaries of conventional menswear styles. In the collection, you can find the most interesting details on every single piece of garment, from the feather patterns and layering's on the outerwear coat, the bright coloured check patches on that jumpsuit, the golden fabric studs on the yellow shirt, they are all with some sort of peacock effect to highlight the whole look, also to form the artwork deeper protection and destruction meaning of the collection itself.

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Photography Michael Sweeney MUA& Styling Alex Hardman Model Francesca Lever

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As our home grown British supermodel, and the current face of Rimmel, Kate Moss pouts and poses to the camera, finishing with the famous tag line “Get the London look”, it’s got me thinking about the unique fashion sense that us Brits have. What really is the ‘London look?’ Whether you’re sipping Pimms in Kensington or scoffing takeaway noodles from Camden, it’s undeniable that London ladies have a style to rival those of Paris or Milan. It seems us English girls like our fashion how we traditionally like our men, edgy and unpolished. So now down to my area of expertise, the face. If you wanna make an impression in the trendy parts of London (hipsters of Brick Lane, I’m looking at

you) you best start off with the basics, good skin, teamed with either a strong eye or strong lip combo, this isn’t Essex, so don’t go for both! The main rule to a getting the London look: keep it cool, like you totally don’t care your eye shadow has creased, or that the matte lipstick you’re wearing, is drying out those chapped lips of yours. You’re in London, being shabby has never been so chic. Recently I have gone back to an old love of mine, Revlon’s PhotoReady Foundation, big in the beauty blogging world a while ago, it has been said to be the cheaper and slightly glitterier cousin of Nars’s Sheer Glow foundation. Which would set you back a not so cool £29.50 for 30ml

of product. For less than half the price, for the same amount of foundation, I think I’ll stick to Revlon, sorry François! Glowing skin is always in, but if you have a little too much glow in the T-zone, powder it down lightly, but stay away from the cheeks, to keep yourself looking fresh and healthy. You wouldn’t believe it but we’re coming into the summer months, which means ditching those super thick, super matte finish foundations. What’s the BB Cream hype? Let me break it down for you... Originally designed for the Asian market, they were created for women who had laser treatment on their face. Until the skin had fully healed from the procedure, women were told not to wear any make up.

As a BB Cream combines a moisturizer, SPF protection, primer and a foundation in one, also with vitamins that keep the skin clear of blemishes (BB stands for blemish balm) it was gentle enough for the skin when it was still recovering. It became so popular, that it was re-packaged and sent around the globe, as the all-new BB Cream, promising to keep the skin healthy whilst still providing coverage. In my honest opinion, shared by the likes of make-up artist Wayne Goss, a BB Cream is a glorified tinted moisturizer. It gives a light coverage, whilst maintaining the skin’s ‘vitality’ and ‘glow’. Sound familiar?



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