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June 5 - 25, 2009

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Your guide to this island

Vol. XI, No. 13


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Ardha Candra, open stage at Bali Art Centre where the Bali Art Festival will be held

The 31st BAF Opened by President of the RI:

Promoting Balinese Culture:


The 31 BAF to Highlight Traditional Culinary There is something different in the Bali Arts Festival (31st BAF) in this year 2009. Other than consistently presenting the five main aspects of the BAF program such as the art parade, performance, parade/ race, exhibition and seminar, this annual event centralized at Denpasar Art Center, also displays a new attraction in the form of typical traditional culinary from each regency and city throughout Bali.

culinary arts that are no less interesting. A culinary booth will be centralized in the south of the Ksiraarnawa building that was previously used as booth for handicraft exhibition by the Bali Office of In-

dustrial and Trade Services. “In essence, this attraction is meant to introduce to the young generation that Bali is actually very rich in food heritages,” he said. (Cont. on page 17)

Route of the Arts Parade Relocated the past 30 years, event, Saturday (13/6) evening at W ithin the Bali Arts Festival the Ardha Candra amphitheater, (BAF) has always been opened by state’s officials ranging from minister, vice president up to the president. In addition, the opening ceremony usually coincided with the arts parade and then the officials watched it at the amphitheater of Denpasar Art Center. However, in the upcoming 31st BAF, the president will be scheduled to officially open the

Taman Budaya or Denpasar Art Center. Having opened the BAF, President will be proceeded to watch a drama-dance performance entitled Bima Swarga composed by the artists of Bali Provincial Government. It was said by the Subdivision Head of Arts and Film, Bali Office of Cultural Services, Made Santa, at his office recently. (Cont. on page 17)


Made Santa, Secretary of the Committee accompanied by Culinary Coordinator Pak Kakul said that the highlight of traditional culinary is intended to more promote Balinese culture to the external world. Balinese culture does not only consist of the art performances, but also

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Steamed Mushroom in Cacao Leaf I

n countryside, the rainy season becomes something like ‘endowment’ because many kinds of edible mushroom will appear in numbers, both growing on decayed woods, on the ground or straw. However, today they are easy to obtain because have been cultivated all the year round. There are some simple methods to cook this delicious ingredient. Steamed mushroom is one of them. By adding some basic local spices, it has become a mouthwatering food. Here is another item worth adding to foodie’s file. Ingredients: 250g (oyster) mushroom or similar one, cleansed and shredded. Spices: 6 cloves shallot, 4 cloves garlic, 2 pcs candlenut, 4 small chilies, 1 slice turmeric, 1 slice kencur, ½ tsp salt and 1 tbsp palm oil. Other: cocoa leaf for wrapping Method: • Drain the cleansed mushroom. All spices are finely ground. Afterwards, add salt and palm oil and mix them evenly. • Wrap one by one tbsp of the batter by cocoa leaf. When the entire batters have been wrapped, steam them for some 30 minutes. • Take out, and it is ready to serve. B N (BTN/punia)

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Balinese Foodscape:

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Assorted Crispy and Tempting Side Dishes



3 Your guide to this island


flect the diversity in traditions of cuisine. When you happen to have a morning market tour on the island, you will see at a glance their distinctive food. Other than its core delicious food employing flesh, the local delicacies also have some crispy side dishes that are able to boost the ‘enthusiasm’ of eating. Some of them are (1) grated coconut—added with ground spices consisting of garlic, chili, turmeric and palm sugar; (2) fried rooted-bean— raw bean is soaked for some 2 nights and the fried until crispy, (3) fried anchovy (ikan teri) with peanut in sweet sauce and (4) fried shallot. Fried grated-coconut and fried rooted-bean are regular© punia ly used to fill in the banten hough Bali only denotes saiban (after-cooking oblation) and yellow rice in a bijou island with some Kuningan festivity. Beyond ritual use, the fried rootsister islands, it can re- ed-bean becomes a crispy teaser in serombotan or hot-spiced assorted vegetables, jenggo rice and other local dishes. a tropical retreat... (BTN/punia)

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June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island

Your guide to this island

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From The Editor Bali Arts Festival


Balinese Making Arts Creativity Y

our holiday to Bali will be more special this month. Apart from enjoying the nature of Bali and interacting with its inhabitants, you can also watch the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) that takes place for a month. This annual event has been performed for the past 31 years. This activity, as the anthropologist Miguel Covarrubias says, can be evidence that all Balinese people are artists. In the morning and at noon they work in various sectors—civil officers, farmers, and worker in building or road construction— while in the evening they are pragina (artists) that are good at dancing and playing gamelan. Probably, some of them even entertain you at hotels or other tourist objects in the evening. How is the existence of Balinese arts in the past, its current development in keeping with the condition of Bali as a tourism destination can be seen at BAF? Of course, BAF does not only present art performances and exhibitions of arts articles, but there are also seminars or discussions that examines the past, present and future of Balinese art. Except for that, BAF involves artists and the Balinese community from the oldies, adults, youngsters and children as a reflection of circular movement of the Balinese culture from the past, present and future. The late cultural observer Ida Bagus Mantra initiated BAF when he was the governor of Bali. It aimed at preserving the Balinese arts and culture that is inspired by Hinduism. In addition, BAF constitutes a medium for the young generation to recognize and know more about Balinese arts and culture. As a world tourist destination, BAF activity in Bali is expected to have the capability of being one major tourist attraction. By tourist visits it’s expected that the creativity of Balinese community will flourish in creating various kinds of arts and eventually be able to improve their standard of life. The time of BAF execution is chosen June-July because it is a long school holiday and high season for foreign tourists. BAF 2009 takes place on 13 June-11 July 2009. Stiffened with Cultural Activity How can the Balinese be so stiffened with art creativity? This matter is inseparable from the existence of Balinese predecessors from time immemorial that had instinct to always improve their civilization. Various historical remains that today become tourist objects prove that Balinese arts and culture grows variously in accordance with the demand of Balinese human life that constitutes gratitude on God’s generosity. They also maintain their life harmony with nature and reinforce the menyama braya (brotherhood) relationship in the life of social community. As farmers for instance, in achieving spiritual and bodily balance, they venerate the Goddess Sri as the symbol of fecundity. Or a fisherman that relies on the sea will worship the Lord Varuna, Lord of wind and so forth that can ensure the safety of their life. Similarly, it is also accompanied with recital of mantra that can summon psychic spirit that has been believed to come true. Starting from the manifestation of such bhakti (gratitude) was born artistic paraphernalia as a ritual complement of Hindu like the art of painting, dancing, architecture, sculpture and so forth. Just have a look at the sanctum (temple and shrine) must have been full of artistic ornament. In the past, the function of arts was more emphasized on the interest of religious ceremonies, either at temples or royal palaces. The art of dancing, playing gamelan and painting for instance, indeed presented to accompany the ritual procession, painting for temple ornaments, royal residences and the house of punggawa (royal official of high rank). Thus, artists can understand the secret of work conception as presentation and work as medium to make them closer to the

Almighty God. Balinese artists, from time immemorial have implemented the essence of work as manifestation of yajna (holy sacrifice). Painting, dancing, playing gamelan, sculpting, carving, mekidung-mewirama (chanting a Hindu hymn or sacred text) is one form of sincere devotion to God, to their leader and to the community. By implementing the concept of this yajna, the artists of the past never mentioned their name personally in works of arts. They were more tolerant that put priority on togetherness or the Balinese express it in expression: asahasih-asuh, paras-paros-sarpanaya, sagilik-saguluksalunglung-sabayantaka that essentially puts forward the principles of togetherness and harmony as mandated in the tri hita karana concept. Therefore, it is found many anonymous works of art as Balinese traditional fine arts that was more communal and so are the art of dancing and playing gamelan that are presented on the occasion of rituals at temples or other sanctums. On the performance, the dancers experience trance as if they were penetrated by psychic powers. Today, the Balinese make art creativity not only intended for the needs of ritual at temple or sanctum but also for tourist entertainment. Dissimilar forms of Balinese arts grow and develop following the dynamic of the tourism industry. Several art items as mass products are made to cater the needs of tourism. Its price can be inexpensive at art shop or tourist objects provided that you are good at bargaining. Just as the making of a number of creation dances with movement and modern technological touch that are really inappropriate to be presented at temples or sacred place. Sometimes, the paileh (storyline) of the dance and gamelan that is presented at hotel or tourism objects are cut to adjust with the short time visits of tourist and hotel party’s can pay the artists cheaply. Do not be surprised if you see Balinese artists leaving for hotels transported by truck or some may ride motorbikes in ready-to-show costume as their art creativity is paid less so they cannot afford transport that is more convenient. Nowadays, the government of Bali Province has tried to make an effort in order for Balinese artists that make a show at hotel’s get reasonable honorarium and good facility of transport even though this endeavor has not indicated a pleasurable result yet. Three Functions of Arts Balinese arts are generally classified into three: (1) wali arts, special sacred arts that are earmarked for ritual purpose and may not be performed at any places like Wayang Lemah, Sidakarya Mask, Sang Hyang Dedari and so on; (2) bebali art, namely arts that are staged at jaba pura (outermost courtyard of the temple) in relation to complete the ritual procession and entertain the devotees that carry out the ceremony—the artists are totally ngayah (without honorarium), they are just provided with food and drink; (3) balih-balihan art, namely art that is staged that has not something to do with the ritual and merely intended for entertainment like art performed at hotels, village meeting halls or arenas of Bali Arts Festival. The artists received reasonable honorarium. Prior to the performance, they make an agreement on honorarium with the organizing committee. At the BAF arena, miscellaneous elements of Balinese arts and cultures can be found. Assuredly, it pertains to the theme of BAF that concerns with the history and existence of the current arts and its preservation in the future. Hopefully, your vacation will be pleasurable and memorable. Wishing you happy watching! BTN (BTN/*)

or a month-long (13 June—11 July) the city dwellers of Denpasar will get fresh extravagant entertainment namely the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) 2009. This festival indeed poses a routine agenda of the regional government of Bali organizing the BAF annually coinciding with schoolchildren holiday. This year is the 31st Bali Arts Festival. Since it was first organized in 1979, the BAF always showcased five events consisting of the art parade, exhibition, arts performance, art competition and art informal discussion/appreciation. Within this year, the art parade will take a start in front of the Puputan Badung public square, Jalan Surapati, Denpasar. In the meantime, governor and higher officials of Bali will watch the art parade from the Kayumas village meeting hall. According to the notes of Bali Travel News, the route of this year’s art parade is the same as the one when the BAF was first organized covering a distance of some 2 km (start in front of the Puputan Badung public square and finish at the courtyard of Denpasar Art Centre). This parade’s route was once relocated to Renon area (starting from Bajra Sandhi monument and finish in front of the Bali Office of Educational Services) since the administration of Governor Ida Bagus Oka (1988). To learn more, read Bali Travel News of this edition describing at length the subject matters on Bali Arts Festival 2009. BTN

Tourist Police Stations at Tourism Areas in Bali 1. Denpasar Area a. Tourist Assistance Centre (24 hours) WR Supratman Street, Ph : (0361) 224111 b. Denpasar City Police Station, Gunung Sanghyang Street, Denpasar. Phone (0361) 424346 – 422323 c. South Denpasar Police Sector, By Pass Ngurah Rai Sanur, Denpasar. Phone (0361) 288597 d. West Denpasar Police Sector, A Yani Street No 100, Denpasar. Phone (0361) 225456 e. East Denpasar Police Sector, Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra Street, Denpasar. Phone (0361) 464694 f. Kuta Police Sector, Kuta Street No. 141, Kuta Phone (0361) 751598 g. South Kuta Police Sector, By Pass Ngurah Rai, Bualu-Nusa Dua. Phone (0361) 772110 h. Tourist Police Post, Pantai Kuta Street, Kuta i. Bualu Tourist Police Station, Bundaran Tugu Mandala of BTDC, Nusa Dua j. Tourist Police Station (24 hours), Jl. Double Six Beach, Kuta. 2. Badung Area a. Badung Police Station, Gusti Ngurah Rai Street, Mengwi. Phone (0361) 829949 b. Mengwi Police Sector, Gusti Ngurah Rai Street, Mengwi. Phone (0361) 411270 c. Petang Police Sector, Majapahit Street, Petang. Phone (0361) 813975 d. Abiansemal Police Sector, Ciung Wanara Street No. 80352, Blahkiuh. Phone (0361) 813972 e. North Kuta Police Sector, Canggu Street. Kuta. 3. Gianyar Area a. Gianyar Police Resort, Jln Ngurah Rai,Gianyar. b. Ubud Sector Police Station, Andong Street, Ubud. Phone (0361) 975316 c. Sukawati Sector Police, Sukawati Street, Phone (0361) 298723 d. Tourist Police Station, Simpang Puri Ubud 4. Tabanan Area. a. Tabanan Police Resort, Pahlawan Street, Tabanan. Phone (0361) 814445 b. Alas Kedaton Tourist Police Station. c. Tanah Lot Tourist Police Station, Kediri. 5. Singaraja Area a. Buleleng Police Resort, Pramuka Street, Singaraja. b. Lovina Tourist Police Station at Lovina 6. Klungkung Area a. Klungkung Police Resort, Untung Surapati Street No. 28. Phone (0366) 21115 - 21110 b. Tourist Police Station at Goa Lawah tourism attraction 7. Bangli Area a. Bangli Police Resort, Merdeka Street No.98. Phone (0366) 91072 b. Tourist Police Station at Kintamani tourism attraction 8. Karangasem Area a. Karangasem Police Resort, Bhayangkara Street No. 1 Phone (0363) 21220 b. Tourist Police Station of Candidasa c. Tourist Police Station of Tulamben d. Tourist Police Station of Besakih 9. Jembrana Area a. Jembrana Police Resort, Pahlawan Street No. 27 Negara. Phone (0365) 41110 – 41198. b. Tourist Police Station at Rambut Siwi tourism area.







Balinese Life

Your guide to this island

BAF 2009: A Classical Art Rendezvous Widen your horizon on the treasures of Balinese arts and crafts by visiting Bali Arts Festival (BAF) 2009. Melodious sounds of gamelan music break the silence of night and keep away the fierce heat of midday. More and more sizzling crafts are exhibited and on sale here. It is a clue about the atmosphere of the event. On that account, you will always have a reason to keep on visiting the festival.


he annual BAF held on 13 June-11 July does not only become the heghlight event to Balinese artists, but also become the most sought moment by Balinese community. It will become a reunion of artists and their enjoyers. All will pamper their aesthetic sense through art performance and appreciation. Aside from contemporary or modern arts, this one-month long festival is not left behind to present some classical arts. Visitors and spectators will be taken to have a closer look at some classical arts existing in Bali. Probably, beyond such an event it would be rather difficult to find them. Some of classical arts performed in this festival are gambuh, legong kraton, selonding and genggong. Gambuh is a classical dramadance considered as the basic of some Balinese dance-dramas. Arja operetta, for instance, is considered to have been inspired by this art. Gambuh that is rich in movement combines some arts such as literature, dance-drama, vocal and fine arts. Its performance is

accompanied by gamelan music. In essence, its theme features the Prince Panji chronicle. This story originates in Java and composed around the fourteenth century. That is why most dialogues of figures in their acting use Old Javanese language (Kawi) and only few figures speak Balinese language to interpret the story line. Another one is Legong Kraton that is taken by two or more female dancers. It is named so because it was originally developed in the palace or keraton. Marked characteristic of this dance is the use of colorful prada fan, except for on the condong dancer. It is said that its movement is derived from that of gambuh. This dance is accompanied by special gamelan named Semar Pegulingan. Meanwhile, the classical gamelan music is selonding. The famous troupe is that originates in Tenganan Village, Karangasem. Tenganan is a traditional village inhabited by the native Balinese. Local people also give a nickname to the gamelan as Bhatara Bagus Salunding. It is considered as a holy

LOLEC Column

music of the gods (salu means holy place and nding means to purify). This music is usually used to accompany Abuang dance and Pandanus War ritual. Beyond Tenganan, it also exists at other areas like Bugbug, Timbrah, and Besakih. Other than previous areas, this gamelan music is also found at other regions across Bali. However, it gets less attention compared to other kinds of Balinese gamelan music. That is why its existence and development are less known. Probably, the rarest local music performed in public is genggong or Balinese jaw harp. This traditional music is made of a piece of string spread on a blade of dry palm trunk. To play it, the genggong is held by left hand, while the right hand pulls its string, and mouth chamber as its resonator is adjusted to produce different tones. Along with other instruments, it is used to accompany the Kodok Dance that is familiar to the farming community. Since it is rarely played, many young generations do not know much about this. Thanks to Bali Arts Festival so this rare traditional music can be seen today. As if, the Bali Arts Festival had become a rendezvous and brought new life to these Balinese classical arts. Along with the modern arts, they will go in harmony forever with the space and time of the supporting community. Therefore, the next generations can tell their children more than just a legend. Those arts will not let it disappear without a (BTN/punia) trace. BTN

Human Civilization Transformation and the Implementation of Tri Hita Karana Concept By: Dr. Wayan Windia


awongan or social aspect is assumed to play important role in the implementation of Tri Hita Karana (THK) context since wong (human) is assumed to become the most determining component. In other words, it is determining in the relation of human to Parhyangan (harmony with the Creator) or to Palemahan (harmony with natural environment at its surroundings). Often there is a public opinion saying that the damage of environment is caused by human manner that behaves greedilly towards the nature, and disrespectful to its Creator, namely the Almighty God. Probably because this reason in the context of THK assessment in the THK Awards and Accreditations (THK Awards), the Pawongan aspect is given the highest point, namely 40%. Meanwhile the other two aspects are given respectively 30%. Due to the influence of world globalization characterized by the existence of fierce competition, so human beings tend to be more pragmatic. This matter is assumed as the most natural part of human instinct, namely defending the existence as human in the global competition that is getting bitterer and bitterer. Ultimately, the transformation of human life is unavoidable due to the existence various trends as follows:

Universality becomes Particularity; Communality becomes Individuality; Sustainability becomes Productivity; Spirituality becomes Secularity; Benefit becomes Profit; Effective become Efficient; Outer direction becomes Inner direction; Synchronous time becomes Sequential time, et cetera. If this trend of social transformation keeps on taking place uncontrollably, the development carried out by humans will be more technologically oriented, namely the development process will be more explorative and exploitative or digging out and wasteful. Human beings will become greedier. At the end, social conflict spreads out everywhere. Meanwhile, various social oppositions will happen continuously. Related to the matters mentioned above, the social elite will attempt to develop various written regulations to guarantee the existence of social stability. However, social stability actually never gets materialized. It happens because the society is getting more pragmatic and individualistic. Furthermore, it is also driven by more complex needs of human. On that account, various written regulations will not be able to resolve the problems. For that purpose, it requires the implementation of various indigenous wisdoms. (Cont. on page 15)


June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island

Looking back at your activities

c tir

Still Rockin’

Declaration of Balinese Culture

KUTA - Hard Rock Hotel Bali, The Leading Entertainment Hotel in Bali celebrated its 11th Anniversary at Centerstage on Friday (15/5). Marking this special occasion, Hard Rock Hotel Bali and Centerstage rocked on in style with performances from Jogadanz Band, Bartender FIRE FLARING show, Dance Shows, Birthday Cake Show, Club spinners, and a collaboration by famed Indonesian DJ, a guitarist and a drummer. The celebration ended with Fire Finger Girls, Body Grinders and Shower Dancers. “We are extremely excited to be featuring such talented artists to commemorate our eleventh anniversary and hope our guests enjoy the party” said Darryl Marsden, General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Bali. (BTN/*)

Free-cycle Project KUTA - In the true spirit of Hard Rock’s spirit “Take Time To Be Kind” and in conjunction with “Earth Day”, Hard Rock Hotel Bali held a charity program named “Freecycle Project”, designed to collect and donate used clothes, sheets, books and toys. “It’s all about reuse to reduce waste, save precious resources and ease the burden on our landfills. Freecycle can educate people about how critical recycling and reducing waste are to make the world a better place”, said Ms. Aulianty Fellina Rizal, Marketing and Communications Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Bali. The program ran during the month of April, collecting 14 boxes of used clothes, sheets, books and toys which were donated to Graha Zakat DSM Bali on 19th May 2009, to help the needy children of Bali. “In line with Hard Rock International mantra “Love All Serve All”, Hard Rock Hotel Bali is totally committed to supporting social and charity events that benefit our local community. Our staff was encouraged by this great opportunity to assist by purging their wardrobes, making this donation possible”, said Mr. Leo Llambi, Director of Operations of Hard Rock Hotel Bali. (BTN/*)

c tir

Baleganjur Music Parade DENPASAR—To grace the commemoration of General Attack and National Awakening Day, the Denpasar City organized a Baleganjur Parade for two days. This competition was participated by sekaa taruna or village youth club throughout Denpasar City. All participants were obliged to follow the parade procession starting from the north of mayor’s office to Puputan Badung public square. Participants were then given a chance to show off their ability. Out of 21 participants taking part in the parade, six troupes were chosen as the best being entitled to receive a cash prize of IDR 5 million. The parade was opened by Denpasar Mayor, IB Rai Dharma Wijaya Mantra, Tuesday (19/5). (BTN/ 015)

DENPASAR-Approximately 6000 students of state and private Senior High School (SMA) throughout Denpasar City coalesced into an internal-school student organization (OSIS) forum declared the Awakening of Balinese Culture in a program entitled “the Resurrection of Identity in Facing the Globalization Era.” The students committed to preserve and develop the Balinese culture inspired by Hinduism. Denpasar Mayor IB Rai Dharma Wijaya Mantra then symbolically handed over a Kayonan (symbol of universe in puppet shadow) to the representative of OSIS of SMAN 1 Denpasar as sign to begin the activity of sustaining Balinese culture in relay-race manner. The program organized coincidently with the commemoration of the 101 st National Awakening Year on last Wednesday (20/5) taking place merrily by presenting the collaboration of modern and traditional art and resumed with the serving of various traditional foods. (BTN/015)

Free Eye Treatment BANGLI—A number of 175 villagers of Songan, Kintamani thronged the free eyes examination organized by the Bali Post Media Group in cooperation with the Indonesian Humanity Foundation. Eye examination and free glasses donation constituted one of the activities showing the care of Bali Post Media Group towards Balinese community. Other than eye treatment and free glasses was also related to delivery of book contribution to SD 3 Songan. The activity carried out at the village meeting hall of Songan Kintamani, Tuesday (19/5) became a happiness of the local community’s own considering that Songan Village itself is located far from reliable health facilities. (BTN/008)

c tir

Establishing Cooperation

Beach Conservation and Protection TANJUNG BENOA- Bali Tropic Resort & Spa undertake beach conservation and protection program regularly every 6 months. The program is use a bulldozer to make the beach surface flat, nice and comfortable for laying and walking. Shown in the picture the bulldozer in action. (BTN/*)

DENPASAR – Denpasar City and Haikou City of China will establish cooperation in tourism sector, culture, information technology, trade, industry, investment, education, youth and sport, health and social welfare. The intention was revealed when seven delegates of Haikou party, Thursday (21/5) met the Deputy Mayor of Denpasar, IGN Jaya Negara in Denpasar. Han Bin, Director General of Foreign Affairs of Haikou City said that such MoU draft was the result of discussion held six years ago by both mayors. In the meantime, Putu Budiasa, the Head of Denpasar Government Tourism Office said the signature of MoU that has been prepared would be made into reference in realizing the sister city between Denpasar and Haikou. (BTN/015)



Who’s Who

7 Your guide to this island

Executive Chef DARREN LAUDER:

“Respect to Balinese Culture” Darren Lauder, Executive Chef of the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa, brings a wealth of worldwide culinary experience to the hotel’s food and beverage operations. Chef Darren has over 15 years of culinary experience from around the globe including, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Chile, and most recently the Hilton Nagoya in Japan. “I have worked in four very different parts of the globe over the last eight years, lastly in Bali. In my opinion, Bali has the strongest and well preserved cultural values,” he said.


ccording to him, The Balinese culture is very much based on family ties and about working together in a safe and friendly environment. “I enjoy working side by side with the Balinese people. When you build a

relationship with them, they will instantly take you in as their family, and consider you a part of there community,” said the Vice President of the Bali Culinary Professionals (BCP), a non-profitable organization that supports chefs in

Bali. Chef Darren is known throughout the industry as a culinary innovator with cutting edge creativity and quality. Possessing a solid combination of strong background in the hospitality industry and superior public relations skills, Chef Darren contributes his culinary talents for improvements in the property food and beverage department. In addition he is also very understanding with the Balinese community culture. “I feel it is important as an outsider to show your willingness to understand your surrounding culture. You need to really understand about Bali’s history and where they are heading in future years, in order to fully optimize the team work and provide guidance for them,” he utters. One thing that he done to prove it is by joining Besakih cleaning campaign event with the Paguyuban Pelaku dan Pemerhati Tri Hita Karana. “The main reason I joined this Cleaning Campaign, as well as many others ceremonies like that in Bali, is my effort to give back something to the community. The community has warmly embraced my presence, offering a great life, interesting work and security here in Bali. These are evident in small daily things, but I truly enjoy working side by side with my team and to have fun and get to know them though events, similar to this one. It is not just a cleaning campaign activity; it is about showing respect and gratitude to the community Bali, my local (BTN/*/008) family,” he said. B N

Putu Tastra Wijaya:

Tourism Should be Developed Integrally


ourism should be developed integrally, not p a r t i a l l y . Optimization of destination development can only be done by paying attention to multicultural asset and sustainable natural resources. Thereby, what would like to be achieved in the tourism development can get materialized, while formulation for the goal achievement is more focused on market-driven and resources-based approach that in general the approach of tourism development is always based on the market demand and resource availability. Such a matter was told by the Head of Buleleng Office of Cultural and Tourism Services, Putu Tastra Wijaya, following the inaugural oath of in the ceremony held on last Friday (17/4). The official head initiated his career path from lower position, furthermore said that Buleleng Regency has potential and complete tourism resources. There are 45 tourist objects consisting of lake, waterfall, seapark, temples, traditional arts and a very long coastline for snorkeling and diving

activities (146 km). Meanwhile, for star hotel facilities, Buleleng Regency has 11 hotels with 104 jasmine category and 97 cottages, 97 inns, so that totally it has 212 accommodations. It was said that Buleleng with strong cultural base will become a barometer of Bali tourism development. “We just need to make steady the master plan to attain the quality tourism, where during this time the government has developed ecotourism, agrotourism and marine tourism as icon product,” Tastra (BTN/*) Wijaya said. B N



June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island


Mangrove Information Center of Denpasar DENPASAR In the City

The southern part of Denpasar is naturally protected by green belt of mangrove forest. Such a well maintained forest is open to visitors. While having a stroll, visitors can get additional knowledge on the use of these coastal plants with respect to the local ecosystem. Further details about the program can be obtained at the Mangrove Information Center located on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Suwung Kauh or between Kuta and Sanur. The Mangrove forest extends across some 1,373.05 hectares of land, while the one intended for recreation is 200 hectares and managed by Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park or Tahura. Its office lies in the middle of this area. For educational and conservational purposes, it has established nursery plots of approximately 7,700 square-meters, wooden trails, huts to rest and floating decks. According to research on the distribution of mangrove species and availability of seed collecting forests on the islands of Bali and Lombok, in the mangrove forests was found: (1) 13 types of major mangrove in Benoa Bay including Rhizophora, Sonneratia, Bruguiera, Avicennia and Ceriops; (2) 9 types of minor mangrove such as Xylocarpus, Aegiceras and Heritiera; (3) 28 types of

associated mangrove including Acanthus, Ipomea, Barringtonia and Clerodendoron; (4) 62 types of bird; (5) 32 types of crustaceans; and (6) 10 types of reptile. These species appear in showcases at the mangrove center. Condition of the mangrove forest has declined through the years because of alteration of its function as shown by layers of shrimp embankments, and the excessive falling of trees. Department of Indonesian Forestry took measures to improve the condition of the Suwung Kauh mangrove forest through the Development Project of Sustainable Mangrove Forest Management aided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), resulting in a model sustainable management. Other results of the project are the issuance of the Guidebook on Planting and Seabed and a booklet on the mangroves in this country, and the rehabilitation of 253 hectares of mangrove forest. Though action has been taken to improve the condition, the deterioration of mangroves has worsened as the efforts have not been sufficient. The budget has also been limited due to the economic crisis, which meant that the project was only continued from 15 May 2001 by means of informative action of clarification on sustainable mangrove forestry management. The Mangrove Information Center Project had a support action to increase the awareness and actions by related parties projected to end

on 14 May 2004. There have been two main sub-programs and three supporting sub-programs, targeted at developing the training activities and realizing the training tests to formulate a training program and the execution of a range of surveys as well as case studies. The sub-program consists of ecotourism towards the development of a mangrove park at the project site by establishing a visitors’ information center, museum, touch pool and trail, and conducting tour guide training with an aim to disseminate information useful to the general public. On the other hand, the environmental education subprogram aims to provide the public with the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge about the mangrove ecosystem through various activities.

Places of Interest in Denpasar Benoa Karangsari Denpasar Padang Galak Sanur Serangan Ubung Udayana

Harbor for tankers, fishing vessels and pleasure craft Known for its 200-meter long limestone cave, open for exploring The capital province of Bali with its Bali Museum, Art Center, Badung Market and Shopping Center Monument erected in memory of victims of an air crash in 1974 Tourist resort with international hotels and white sandy beach Known for its turtle nursery, diving area and the Sakenan Temple nearby Bus terminal to Northern and Western part of the island The only State University in Bali.

Denpasar Government Tourism Office Address; Jl. Surapati No. 7 Denpasar Ph. (0361) 234569, 223602, 231422 Fax. (0361) 223602 C12-191/081.1/358/Humas/2008


Since the beginning of last August the exotic Bali Bird Park has expanded its wings to become the Bali Bird & Reptile Park, Singapadu. This venue, embracing well combined collections of attractive birds and reptile life, is offered at an affordable price. Today, the Bali Bird & Reptile Park is one of the most favorite destinations on Bali Island. Appropriate not only for family recreation; this park also provides business meeting room. Meanwhile, its function as the center for study and conservation of birds and reptiles is consistently maintained as evidenced in the stunning collections of highly endangered endemic Bali starlings, South American macaws and Australian cockatoos and many more. Rare birds have been successfully proliferated like the Greater Bird of Paradise (categorized as rare in West Papua) hatching some eggs at the park. Birds aren’t the only exciting creatures at the park. Rare Komodo Dragons also make their home here. Gardens at this park offer more than just a glorious myriad of bird and reptile life, a backdrop of ponds and waterfalls creates a perfect environment. As you stroll throughout the park, your eyes will continually alight on a multitude of

Getting to Know Birds at Bali Bird Park Batubulan Bone Celuk Gumicik Gianyar Goa Gajah Gunung Kawi

diverse palms and rich tropical flora. Wander through our mist-shrouded Walk-In Aviary - home to free-flying birds in a dense rainforest setting. With our advanced nursery, fully trained staff and park’s veterinarian, Bali Bird Park is a caring home for the birds and an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. At the restaurant our talented chefs combine the freshest

ingredients in a variety of Indonesian and Western dishes, served for your pleasure in an impressive setting while watching flamingos and listening to the song of rare birds. It can be a perfect way to relax and enjoy a gourmet meal. Then, breakfast with the birds at the Bali Bird Park tempts you to linger and enjoy our fascinating living world a little longer!

Bali Safari & Marine Park Your holiday adventures can also be spent at the Bali Safari and Marine Park, Gianyar. It provides in full measure, as well as a more profound and enduring mission of conservation. Taman Safari Indonesia is an institution oriented to build tourist attractions that are attractive to visit, environmentally friendly and that helps spread the conservation endeavor. It has been appointed by government as the Indonesian Centre for the Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife and to operate the Sumatran Tiger Rescue Team relocating them when they come into conflict with humans.

Gunung Kawi Kemenuh Lebih Mas Payangan Pejeng

Pujung Sayan Sukawati Tampaksiring Ubud Yeh Pulu

Places of Interest in Gianyar Stone carving center and Barong dance performance; Bus terminal Farming center. Home industry in leaves and bamboo Center of gold and silversmiths producing jewelry for sale; art shops Beach The old residence of the King of Gianyar Ancient hermitage with a Ganesha statue inside Ancient royal memorial tower, carved from solid rock for a Balinese King. One should traverse hundreds of stairs to reach the sanctuary Temple with public bathing Wood-carving village Beach Well known for high quality of woodcarving Lychee plantation center in Bali Famous for its ‘Penataran Sasih’ temple in which a bronze kettle-drum is kept which is believed by the villagers to be the ‘Moon of Pejeng’ Famous for its woodcarving Scenic valley and river views Art market with wide selection of handicrafts and paintings available Well known for the Tirta Empul Temple (Holy Spring Temple) said to have magic power for healing. The state Palace is nearby The artists’ village in countryside; renowned for the Art Museum ‘Puri Lukisan’ with the monkey forest nearby Ancient reliefs on rock walls.

Gianyar Government Tourism Office Address; Jl. Ngurah Rai No. 9 Gianyar Ph. (0361) 943401 Fax. (0361) 943554 email: , C12-193/481.1/06/B.PEM/II/2008


June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island

WHIRLWIND TOUR AROUND BALI Flying Colors at Butterfly Park of Tabanan



Places of Interest in Tabanan

Rainbow over ricefields

Alas Kedaton A temple surrounded by monkey forest with families of monkeys Batukaru Temple surrounded by lush tropical vegetation Bedugul Beautiful temple by Lake Beratan with harmonious mountain panorama Belayu Traditional village and traditional weaving Jatiluwih The most fantastic viewing spot for ricefield terraces in Bali Kebun Raya The Botanical Garden with its wide selection of vegetation and fresh mountain air Klanting Beach Kerambitan Royal Palace with spacious ‘Bale Gong’ (Gamelan Hall) in front Margarana Memorial court for honoring the national Hero, Ngurah Rai with his troops Pancasari The best golf course in Bali complete with accommodation Pujungan Dam and waterfall with peaceful surroundings Soka Beach Tabanan The capital of Tabanan regency Tanah Lot Temple in the sea; long renowned as the best place to view sunset Yeh Panas Hot spring bathing-place by the river of Jeha

Bali has a wide variety of attractions. One of these is the Butterfly Park in Tabanan. It is located northwest of Denpasar along the main road to the port of Gilimanuk. This Butterfly Park is situated within the heart of tranquil Wanasari Village, approximately 5 km north of Tabanan. It is easy to find, just look for the massive sign outside and it is only 50 meters off the road. After entering and after passing through a couple of doors and a set of hanging chains visitors come into the net-covered garden. Here is the newly created butterfly habitat. Various colorful butterflies can be seen here, sometimes flying overhead. Having flown from one beautiful flower to another, right at midday, they also rest a while and then they resume their activity. Souvenir hunters will not be disappointed because there is a souvenir shop located within where various articles like key rings with a bug attached, can be purchased for your memorabilia.

Ancient Kingdoms

Kertha Gosa at Semarapura, Klungkung represents one of the famous tourist destinations on the island. It is located in the heart of Semarapura town and its name is derived from Sanskrit words, namely kertha meaning peaceful and gosa from the word gosita meaning announcement. On that account, the phrase kertha gosa conveys a building of jurisdiction in the form of pavilion used by the kings to announce the legislation, jurisdiction, penalization and so forth. The building of Kertha Gosa is unique and fully embellished with high art value. Therefore, this place is worth visiting. Here also is Taman Gili, a floating pavilion (it seems to float because it is indeed deliberately founded in the middle of a fish pond). Decorative paintings on the ceiling of Kertha Gosa are painted with narrative motifs, starting from the panel set up at east side with the plot rotating clockwise and ending at the panel at north side. Kertha Gosa was founded in 18th century and its ceiling is dotted with the famous style of Kamasan painting from the year 1930. During the Dutch administration (19081942), Kertha Gosa was used as a court of justice for alleged criminals and lawbreakers. Along with colonial legislation, the punishment system in Indonesia also changed from the

Tabanan Government Tourism, Art and Cultural Office Address; Jl. Gunung Agung No. 1 Tabanan Ph/Fax. (0361) 811602

BANGLI Peace and harmony

A pleasant, cool village with breathtaking views is located not far from the road to Bangli from Kintamani. It is only some 700 meters above sea level. There is a traditional village called Penglipuran that belongs to the administrative regency of Kubu. There are different versions of the meaning of Penglipuran. One version says that the word Penglipuran is philologically derived from two words, pengeling literally means remembrance and pura means temple. The villagers formerly migrated from the village of Bayung Gede near Kintamani. To remember their original village and beloved ancestors, they then built the same temple as their own at Bayung Gede village. The layout of this completely unique village is like a ‘housing complex’ where the space arrangement is neat and carefully designed. It is quite different from other villages in general. This village stretches from the north to the south following the direction of the mountain. The village temple is located on the highest point and at the end of the village. Nearly all the main houses still use the traditional roof of artistic bamboo blades with walls painted in natural colors like that of soil. And each compound consistently maintains the original design of the versatile bale (pavilion).

Traditional Penglipuran Walking along the spacious paved street in the middle of the traditional village and small garden along the telajakan (the space between the compound and the street) will give you the impression of a beautiful park. The village looks neat as there are no high-rise buildings. It is the harmonious combination of a traditional concept with modern techniques. When you see the uniform kori (entrance gate) with a bamboo roof you will be reminded that it is a traditional village. This kind of structure is now widely adopted for tourist accommodation.Punia Places of Interest in Bali Bangli The capital of Bangli regency with the Kehen nearby Batur Gracious Ulun Danau Temple (Lake Temple) often covered by fog Bukit Demulih Amazing rice terraces to be seen when one walks over the hill Penelokan Literally meaning ‘place for looking’ it is here that the wonderful scenes of the volcano and the lake are said to be the most fascinating panorama in Bali Penulisan Old temple on high ground (has hundreds of stairs) which has ancient remains inside Toya Bungkah Hot spring bathing by the lake Batur Trunyan Ancient village of original Balinese with specific way of dealing with their deceased’s funerals. One should cross the lake to reach the village. Bangli Government Tourism Office Address; Jl. Sriwijaya No. 23 Bangli 80613 Ph. (0366) 91537 C12-192

Majapahit-style into continental punishment system brought by the Dutch. Rather than retaliation the ‘Exile’ system aims to improve the perpetrator so that he becomes acceptable to society. Paintings decorating the ceiling of conference hall aim at awakening the conscience of all trespassers to remind them not to repeat the badness. At the same complex, there is also a museum called Semarajaya. This museum is set in a building which was formerly the Dutch High School. Its architectural design represents the Dutch style in combination with the Balinese traditional. Here we can see various ancient objects, historical objects including photos of documentation of the royal family of Klungkung Kingdom. Places of Interest in Klungkung Goa Lawah

A cave inhabited by thousands of bats, situated in the temple courtyard Jungut Batu White sandy beach as special area with accommodation for surfers and divers Kamasan Famous for its typical traditional painting, gold, silver and brass works Klungkung The capital of Klungkung regency well known for its ‘Kertagosa’ old Hall of Justice with ceiling covered by traditional paintings. Kusamba Banjar Bias Fishermen village with salting ground Pesut Beach Ped Temple on Nusa Penida Islands. TOURISM of KLUNGKUNG REGENCY KLUNGKUNG GOVERNMENT TOURISM OFFICE Jl.Surapati No.3 Semarapura Bali, Indonesia C12-194



Kertha Gosa: An Ancient Court of Justice Hall


Sukasada Park: A Royal Heritage of Karangasem Kingdom The Sukasada or Ujung Park is located at the southern end of Karangasem Regency some 2 hours drive (85 km) from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It lies right on the costal side and has exalted ancient architectural buildings. Of course, it would become the right place to visit during your vacation in Bali. As a unique park with its old buildings and beautiful fish pond surrounding the area, the highly valued relic makes the site of the Karangasem Empire grow as a famous tourist destination in East Bali. It is undeniable that this royal heritage can present an impression of antiquity with serene atmosphere. Exquisite tropical gardens decorated with big fish pond surrounds the old Karangasem Empire. Formerly, the building was used for day relaxation or meeting place. However, the pool area once functioned as an exile for men who allegedly practiced black magic

during the administration of King I Gusti Gede Putu (1849-1893) together with his brother Gde Oka (1849-1890). Places of Interest in Karangasem Amlapura The capital of Karangasem regency Besakih The largest temple, known as the Mother Temple, situated on the slope of Mt. Agung, the highest and most sacred mountain in Bali Bukit Jambul Marvelous scenic rice terraces Candidasa Peaceful white sandy beach complete with accommodation Labuan Lalang Boat anchorage to Menjangan Island. Rental boats available Padangbai Ferry to Lombok Putung Scenic point from which marvelous panorama stretches to the valleys with the sparkling sea in the distance Sibetan Salak or dragon fruit (scale-skinned fruit) plantation center and the main production of Salak in Bali Tenganan Ancient village of the original Balinese with their unique way of living and known for hand weaving called ‘Gringsing’ Tulamben Fascinating diving area around the wreck of a ship; colorful underwater scenery Tirta Gangga Old royal Water Palace bathing pools Ujung Old resting palace of the royal family of Karangasem, surrounded by ponds and gardens Yeh Gangga Beach with specific panorama. Karangasem Government Cultural and Tourism, Jalan Diponogoro, Amlapura, Bali- 80811, Phone and Fax: (0363) 21196, E-mail: C12-195

June 5 - 25, 2009

10 Your guide to this island

1. Barong: - Suwung


Everyday 09.30 – 10.30

- Kesiman


Everyday 09.30 – 10.30

- Batubulan Village


Everyday 09.30 – 10.30

- Br. Abasan Singapadu


Everyday 09.30 – 10.30

- Padanggalak



2. Kecak Dance : - Uluwatu Temple

: :

Every Sunday 18.00 – 19.30

- Desa Baha


On Request

- Bona Kangin Gianyar


Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 18.30 – 19.30

- Batubulan


Everyday 18.30 – 20.00


Every Friday 18.30 – 19.30

Consulate Agency France, Jl. Merta Sari Gang II No. 8 Sanur, Denpasar, Ph. 0361 – 285 485, Fax. 0361 – 286 406

3. Kecak & Fire Dance:

Honorary Consulate of The Federal Republic of Germany, Jl. Pantai Karang 17 Sanur, Po Box 3100 Denpasar 80228, Ph. 0361 – 288 535, Fax. 0361 – 288 826

4. Legong Dance: :

Every Saturday 18.30 – 19.30

- Puri Peliatan, Ubud


Every Sunday 19.30 – 21.00

- Puri Saren, Ubud


Every Sunday 19.30 – 21.00

5. Shadow Puppet Show (Wayang Kulit) : - Oka Kartini Tebesaya Peliatan


- Puri Anyar Kerambitan Tabanan


- Puri Anyar Kerambitan Tabanan


On Request


Every Thursday 20.00

8. Bimayu Dance Drama: - Panca Arta, ubud 9. Gabor Dance: :

Every Thursday 19.30 – 20.30


Every Thursday 18.30 – 20.00

Desa Tenganan Dauh Tukad, Manggis District Karangasem - 15 June, Dehe Nyambah ritual is procession of teen celebration for boy and girl start at 09.00 am. - 16 June, Metekrok ritual is unique and sacral ritual which presenting a tree fulfil by various fruit, snack and meal then to be eaten together start 10.00 am. - 17 June, Mekare – kare ceremony is ritual by fighting used thorny pandanous leaves as the Indra Deva’s army symbol in fight agains the evil (the same with Mekare-kare Tenganan) accompanied by Selonding orchestra, held at 01.00 pm.

10. Mahabrata The Epic: - Br. Teges, Peliatan 11. Raja Pala Dance: - Ubud Kelod Ubud


Every Tuesday 19.30 – 20.00


Every Friday 20.00

12. Calonarang Dance: - Hotel Menara Ubud 13. Ramayana:

- Penjor Restaurant Sanur


Every Wednesday 19.30.21 00


Every Sunday 19.00

15. Parwa Ramayana; - Hotel Menara, Ubud


Every Tuesday, Wednesday 20.00


Every Wednesday 20.15


Every Friday 20.15

16. Joged Dance: - Penjor Restaurant Sanur 17. Janger Dance: - Penjor Restaurant Sanur 18. Topeng Dance: - Penjor Restaurant - Sangeh Village

Every Saturday 20.15 On Request

20 . Debus and Reptile Demonstration: - Br. Werdhi Buana Mengwi


On Request

The Top Six Arrival by Nationality (Dec. 2008)





Honorary Consulate of Sweden & Finland, C/O Hotel Segara Village, Jl. Segara Ayu Sanur, Ph. 0361 – 282 223, Fax. 0361 – 282 211












140000 120000


100000 0 JAN.













ARR. 125.562 124.829 135.551 140.406 144.415 160.599 179.051 164.300

DEP. 132.024 120.775 136.722 135.710 146.533 158.621 173.622 171.986

TRS. 1.472 1.348 1.382 1.402 1.143 1.716 1.459 3.292

Month January February March April May June July August

ARR. 150.614 157.300 163.980 153.961 166.693 181.911 196.165 200.485

DEP. 162.363 163.701 163.573 154.579 173.711 175.923 189.087 213.028

TRS. 2.658 2.646 1.198 4.131 0 3.350 4.440 3.329

September October

167.856 158.037

163.352 162.547

2.541 2.700

September October

192.442 196.065

191.865 204.001

2.943 2.710

November December

146.658 155.848

154.702 140.888

1.911 6.277

November December

151.660 183.204

165.471 151.526

3.276 5.521









Month January February March April May June July August



80000 60000 40000 20000 0









TOTAL : 1.664.854

160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0




TOTAL : 1.968.892









1.816 2.842

Issued by Weather Forecast centre, Department of Communication, Meterorological and Geophysical Agency Regional Office III


3.252 328

122.562 118.286

meters meters meters meters meters meters meters


132.929 135.740

127.596 135.734

1.75 2.0 2.0 2.5 1.75 1.25 2.0


138.604 135.403

November December



September October

0.5 0.5 0.75 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.75


TRS. 1.381 885 780 598 7.016 8.120 9.381 7.675


Kuta Nusa Dua Suluban (Uluwatu) Padang Bai Menjangan Island Lovina Tulamben


DEP. 90.043 87.314 95.400 95.890 114.821 122.569 132.823 148.067

(June 5 - 25, 2009) AREA


ARR. 90.010 78.824 92.280 106.896 113.648 125.603 142.923 139.584



ARR, DEP, TRS INTERNATIONAL PASSENGERS 2006 Month January February March April May June July August


16th – Temple Festival at: - Pr. Hyanghaluh/Jenggala, Besakih - Pr. Bukitbuluh, Gunaksa, Klungkung - Pr. Tirta Sudamala, Bebalang, Bangli - Pr. Juuk, Tegalasah, Bangli - Pr. Gunung Pengsong, Lombok - Pr. Dalem Benawah, Gianyar - Pr. Dalem Bitra, Gianyar - Pr. Tengkulat, Br. Siyut, Tulikup, Gianyar - Pr. Dalem Banyuning Timur, Buleleng - Pr. Dalem Pauman Batan Getas, Titih, Denpasar - Pr. Tengah Padang, Tegalalang - Pr. Mr. Pasek Gelgel, Batudawa Kangin - Pr. Mr. Pasek Munggu, Munggu - Pr. Panti Ki Pasek Gelgel Goblek Sanda, Pupuan - Mr. Pasek Gelgel Selulung - Mr. Pasek Subrata Medahan - Pr. Paibon Pasek Bendesa, Sangsit, Sawan, Buleleng - Pr. Pasek Gelgel Pangi, Dawan, Klungkung 17th – Temple Festival at: - Pr. Rambut Siwi, Jembrana - Pr. Srijong, Tabanan - Pr. Pucak Mundi, Nusa Penida - Pr. Batu Bolong, Cangu, Kuta - Pr. Tirta Anom Padangsigi, Sanding, Tampak Siring - Pr. Desa, Banyuning, Buleleng - Pr. Dalem Tarukan, Pejeng, Gianyar - Pr. Pasek Klaci, Marga Tabanan - Pr. Mr. Pasek Gelgel Kendran - Pr. Mr. Pasek Gelgel, Patemon - Pr. Mr. Pasek Toh Jiwa Buduk - Pr. Dadya Pasek Gelgel, Manuaba Tengah, Tegalalang - Pr. Dadya Pasek Gelgel, Kedisan Kaja, Tegalalang - Pr. Agung Pasek, Dauhwaru, Jembrana - Pr. Pasek Tangkas Darma Reang Gede, Tabanan - Mr. Pasek Gelgel, Lebahpangkung. - Pr. Padharman Batur Sari, Ngiis, Jegu, Penebel, Tabanan


Honorary Consulate of Republic of Poland Jl. Petitenget II/1C, Kerobokan 80361 Kuta Bali Ph. 082 361 4329, Fax. : 0361 732165


Honorary Consul of Malaysia, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Legian, Ph. 0361 – 752 520, Fax. 0361 – 766 373

Honorary Consul of The Slovak Republic Jl. Gunung Agung No. 93, Denpasar - 80118 Ph. (0361) 426171, Fax. : (0361) 426477, e-mail:




Honorary Consul of Chile Jl. Pengembak Gang I No. 3 Sanur - Bali Ph. (0361) 756781/281503, Facs. (0361) 756783, Hp. 081 139 4045



Indian Cultural Centre (Embassy of India, Jakarta), Jl.Raya Puputan Renon No.42-44 Denpasar - Bali, Ph. 0361 – 241 978, Fax. 0361 – 241 980





Honorary Consulate Thailand, Jl. Raya Puputan Renon 81, Denpasar, Ph. 0361 – 263 310, Fax. 0361 – 238 044


Honorary Consulate Brazil, Jl. Legian 186, Badung, Ph. 0361 – 757 775, Fax. 0361 – 751 005

: :

19. Genjekan:


Swiss and Austria Consulate, Jl. Patih Jelantik Kompleks Istana Kuta Galeria Blok Valet 2 No. 12 Kuta, Ph. 0361 – 751 735, Fax. 0361 – 754 457


British Honorary Consulate, Jl. Tirta Nadi No 20 Sanur, Ph. 0361 – 270 601, Fax. 0361-287 804


Consulate General of Japan at Denpasar, Jl Raya Puputan No. 170 Renon Po Box 3432 Denpasar, Ph. 0361 – 227 628, Fax. 0361 – 265 066. e-mail :

- Ubud Kelod, Ubud 14. Frog Dance:


Consulate Agency of USA, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 310 Denpasar 80235, Ph. 0361 – 233 605, Fax. 0361 – 222 426


Honorary Consulate of Spain, Komplek Istana Kuta Galeria Blok Vallet 2 No 11, Jl. Patih Jelantik, Kuta Bali, Ph. 0361 – 769 286, Fax. 0361 – 769 186

On Request

7. Leko & Janger Dance:

- Ubud Kelod, Ubud

Honorary Consulate of The Netherland, Jl. Raya Kuta 127 Kuta 80361, Po Box 3337 Denpasar 81001, Ph. 0361 – 761506, Fax. 0361 – 752 777 / 757 586

Every Friday 18.30 – 19.30

6. Tektekan Dance (Puri Night: Dance and Traditional Dinner):


Honorary Consulate of Mexico, Puri Astina Putra Building, Jl. Moh Yamin 1 A Renon – Denpasar Po Box 3150 Denpasar, Ph. 0361 – 223 266, Fax. 0361 – 244 568

- Puri Dalem Puri Peliatan


Consulate Italy, Lotus Enterprise Building Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Ph./Fax. 0361 – 701 005

- Peliatan Stage Peliatan


Honorary Consulate of The Republic of Hungary, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No 219 Sanur, Ph. 0361-287 701, Fax. 0361 – 735 232

Everyday 18.00 – 19.00

- Padang Tegal Ubud


Honorary Consulate of The Czech Republic, Jl. Pengembak 17 Sanur, Denpasar Ph. 0361 – 286 465, Fax. 0361 – 286 408

6th – “Tumpek kandang” day, special day devoted to worship “Sanghyang Rare Angon “ the lord of cattle and livestock, for good breed and products. Temple festival at: - Pr. Puseh Desa di Kota Gianyar - Pr. Luhur Dalem Segening, Kediri, Tabanan - Pr. Puseh, Bangli. - Mr. Pasek Gelgel, Tegal Gede, Badung 10th – Temple Festival at: - Pr. Puseh Manikaji, Peninjaoan, Bangli - Pr. Dalem Tarukan, Camenggaon, Sukawati - Mr. Pasek Dangka, Bangbang, Bangli - Pr. Penataran Dalem Ketut, Pejeng Kaja, Tampaksiring. - Mr. Agung Blang Singa, Blahbatuh, Gianyar Tenganan Pegringsingan (The Ancient Village Of Bali).Districk Manggis Karangasem, Usaba Kelima/ Sambah ceremony ; - 20 June, “Nyajah” the closing ceremony of Usaba Sambah attended by awhole villagers according to their respective social functions in the community of Tenganan Pegringsingan.


Royal Danish & Norwegian Honorary, Mimpi Resort Hotel Jimbaran, Ph. 0361 – 701 070 ext. 32, Fax. 0361 – 701 073/4

Calendar of Events Vol. XI/13 (June 5 - 25, 2009)

Regular Cultural Performances


Consulates in Bali Australian Consulate General Bali (Incl. Canada, New Zealand), Jl. Tantular 32 Renon – Denpasar Ph. (0361) – 241118. Fax (0361) 241120

June 5 - 25, 2009

11 Your guide to this island


Travel Agent Gathering

First Aid Training KUTA—Human Resources Department of Bali Rani Hotel in cooperation with Kasih Ibu Hospital arranged first aid training for accidents, Tuesday (19/5). Such activity is a threemonthly program intended for hotel employees in order they could provide first aid assistance for an accident, prior to obtaining any treatment from professional medical officer. The program chaired by Adi Putra as Human Resources Manager of Bali Rani Hotel and The Rani Hotel & Spa, obliged every staff and employee of the hotel to actively participate in the program to enable them to have capability in first aid assistance that is useful for hotel guests, fellow staff, employees and their life. (BTN/008)

PECATU—To mark the soft opening Best Western New Kuta Condotel on last April, the management invited travel agent, mass media and airlines in a program entitled travel agent gathering at Pecatu Graha tourist Resort. The program was commenced by press conference for print and electronic media as well as foreign tourism writers. Before the program was begun, all invitees were taken to look around for a site inspection at the resort located at the beautiful Pecatu Indah Resort. The Best Western New Kuta has 278 rooms with facilities like pool, spa & health club, meeting rooms, business center, rest and bar and international class 18-hole golf course. Seen on the picture are the invitees who are enjoying cocktail party. (image/013)

Featuring 278 Comfortable Design Rooms with Ocean View A walk from the most white sandy surf beach and surrounded by 18 holes golf course. Our friendly and helpful staff is ready to assist you during your stay with us. Wherever life takes you, Best Western is there… • 24 hours Room service • Mini Bar • Private Balcony • Kitchenette and Living Room (Super Deluxe and Junior Suite) • TV Cable with 60 cannels • IDD Phone • Safe Deposit Box • Tea and Coffee Maker • Shower • Hair Dryer (Super Deluxe and Junior Suite)

Kayu Manis restaurant provides huge range of menus from local favourites, Pizza, Pasta, to famous western cuisine. From local deep fried Crispy Duck to Marinated Norwegian Salmon Find the dinning experience with special food accompany with selection of wines

Get the memorable your sunny day by relaxing, feel the ocean breeze, and beautiful view from our Swimming Pool. Kawasan Pecantu Indah Resort, Jl. New Kuta Condotel, Pecatu – Kuta Selatan 80364 T : +62 361 8484 555 – F : +62 361 8484 545 Email : Website : C-91


June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island


Menjangan Island

A Famed Site for World Divers BULELENG Northern Lights

Do you want to leave the hustle and bustle of town? If yes, this one may be your right choice. Want to escape from daily routines and enjoy the tranquility at the other side of the island? Think about blue seas and forests on a remote small island. Bali island has all this criteria. Bali island actually has fivesister islands, one of them stands at the southwest corner of Bali, and is called Menjangan Island, or the island of deer. The island includes the area of the Bali Barat National Park the home to the rare

species of the colourful paradise bird named the Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi), belonging to the Buleleng regency. As this area is a part of the National Park, all species are under control of the park’s authority. Nobody is allowed to take out the ‘content’ of the park in any form, or in any way. As soon as you arrive at the wooden jetty at Labuan Lalang, a small harbor connecting Bali to Menjangan Island, small fish in the shallow clear water will welcome you. Around you, to the right and left you will see stretching mangrove trees on the white sandy beach. Tens of motorized boats are ready to take you across the sea to explore the Island. To reach Menjangan Island it will

take you some thirty minutes by boat. During the dry season from April-October, you will see only brown light views all around you as nearly the whole island is covered with dry grass. Some trees in the bush are experiencing their ‘fall season’. Only a few trees still have green leaves on their branches. Menjangan Island is best known for its magnificent underwater world. Its endless beauty has attracted so many divers to explore. Exotic coral reefs and colorful fish have proclaimed the area as the most visited diving spot on the island. From the sea, you will see small caves at the edge of the island and the raised padma shrine at the temple complex. A few minutes later, you will arrive at the harbor at Menjangan Island. If you visit the island at midday, you will encounter divers who are just sitting relaxingly on the wooden jetty after exploring the underwater paradise, while others are absorbed in enjoying light meals on their boats. Be careful when you step up the steep steps. Go slowly and hold on to the pipe rail along the side. Here you will find the unique temple with it’s newly sandstoned-walled temple. The temple is called Segara Giri Kencana. Down here, you will also see a temple with altar shrines that is dedicated to the Great Warrior Kebo Iwa from Bedahulu Kingdom,

and at a separate place is the pendopo (Javanese style pavilion) of the Great Warrior Gajah Mada of Majapahit Kingdom in East Java. As its name implies, Menjangan Island is still inhgibited by limited

numbers of deer. If you are lucky, you will encounter young deer in the temple yard or in the surroundings. Pilgrims constantly visit this remote uninhabited island to pay homage.

Places of Interest in Buleleng Air Sanih Banjar Banyuwedang Banyupoh Celukan Bawang Gitgit

Quiet beach with pools and accommodation Hot spring with pool Sulfuric hot spring Grape cultivation center as prosperous commodity Sea port especially for cargo ships Breathtaking waterfall - one should walk about 500 meters through rice fields and vegetation Jayaprana Tomb The tomb of a legendary figure of North Bali who died in defence of the truth Kubu Tambahan ‘Medwe Karang’ temple with typical ornamental style of North Bali Lovina Beach Quiet and restful beach complete with accommodation and restaurants Pulaki Temple on the North Coast with families of monkeys Pupuan Coffee plantations center as the main export commodity Menjangan IslandA tiny island where one can see herds of deer; also known for its underwater beauty Sangsit Known for its ‘Beji’ temple enriched with typical style carving of North Bali Singaraja The capital of Buleleng Regency with the museum of Lontar (Old manuscript on palm leaf) called ‘Gedong Kertya’ Sudaji Center for domestic fruit, especially ‘Rambutan’ (hairy fruit) plantation in North Bali. Buleleng Government Tourism, Art and Cultural Office Address; Jl. Ngurah Rai No. 2 Singaraja Ph. (0362) 25141 - 23120 Fax. (0362) 32050 C12-196

BALIBali-it’s HOTELS ASSOCIATION got everything to make a holiday perfect Address : C/O Conrad Bali Resort & Spa, Jl. Pratama Raya 168, Tanjung Benoa, Bali 80363 Indonesia Tel : +62361 778788, Fax: +62361 773888 E-mail : Website :, Chairman : Robert Lagerwey



The 5-star diamond resort with 390 rooms, provide a discreet gateway destination for relaxing and rejuvenating, with amazing panoramic iew Jl.Raya Nusa Dua SelatanP.O.Box 18 Nusa Dua 80363 Bali- Indonesia Ph.(62-361) 773377, Fx.(62-361) 773388 Email : Website :

MELIA BALI VILLAS & SPA RESORT Each of 364 gues rooms is luxuriously appointed with new contemporary Balinese look, and also has 110 split level suites, 3 family suites, 6 deluxe suites, 2 executive suites and 10 private villas P.O.Box 88, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia Tel: (62-361) 771510 Fax:(62-361) 776880 Email: Website:




All inclusive resort Beautiful Balinese architecture featuring ornate wooden carving and stunning tropical gardens create this exotic beachfront retreat. Experience the authentic Balinese hospitality. PO Box 41, Jl Pratama 34A Nusa Dua Bali 80363 Ph: 62 361 772130, Fax: 62 361 772131 Website:

NOVOTEL BENOA BALI Novotel Coralia Benoa Bali is nestled on the fringe of Nusa Dua, Bali’s southern Peninsula, embracing the golden sands of Tanjung Benoa beach.

Regally appointed guest rooms celebrate the richness of Balinese culture in tapestry of classical decor and unmatched comfort. Full modern amenities harmonized with artistic tradition 352 guestrooms, and 27 exclusive palace club suites

Jl.Tanjung Benoa Bali-Indonesia Ph: (62-361) 772239 Fax:(62-361) 772237 Email: Website:

BTDC Nusa Dua-Bali-Indonesia Ph: (62-361) 771210 Fax:(62-361) 771229 Email : Website:

Inna Putri Bali

GRAND ISTANA RAMA HOTEL Jl. Pantai Kuta P.O.Box 3292. Denpasar 80032-Bali- Indonesia Ph:(62-361)752208, Fax:(62361)752210

Hotel, Cottages & Spa

Hotel with unique cordiality PO. Box 1 Nusa Dua, Denpasar 80363 Bali - Indonesia

Phone : +62 361 771020 Fax : +62 361 771139



Kuta Paradiso is a luxury 5 star hotel, offering excellent access to the heart of this lush holiday island. A combination of 243 deluxe and superior rooms. Jl. Kartika Plaza P.O.Box 1133,Tuban Bali- Indonesia Ph: (62-361) 761414 Fax: (62-361) 756944 Email:



Hotel has 312 rooms & Suites, occupies three levels 3 swimming pools, spa villa 5 restaurants Jl. Dewi Sartika, P.O Box 2047 Tuban 80361 Kuta, Bali- Indonesia Ph :(62-361)752403, Fax : (62361)752402 Toll Free :0800-1191919 Website : http.//

RAMADA BINTANG BALI RESORT Hotel has 404 newly renovated guest rooms, set in an exotic lush tropical garden.


Jl. Kartika Plaza, Tuban, Bali-Indonesia Ph: (62-361) 753292 Fax: (62-361) 753288 Email:

The semi-boutique Hotel Santika Beach is set in delightful tropical gardens on the shores of the quiet southern end of Kuta beach.

Bali Hyatt A classical and timeless appeal resort located in the serene village of Sanur with its signature 36-acre lush tropical garden and 500-metre span of pristine beach. Jl. Danau Tamblingan Sanur Bali 80228 Indonesia Phone: +62 361 28 1234 Fax: +62 361 28 7826 E-mail: Website:

Jl. Kartika Plaza P.O.Bx 1008,Tuban, Bali-Indonesia Phone : (62-361) 751267 Fax : (62-361) 761889 Email: Website:



Nestling againt the shores of Kuta’s famed surf beach, lies a holiday resort that lays testament to the glories of the rock culture Jl. Pantai Kuta Banjar Pande Mas, Kuta, Bali-Indonesia Phone (62-361) 761869 Fax: (62-361) 761868 Email: Website:

Sofitel Seminyak Bali, is also alluring, incredible indulgence, Magical moments. Pure luxury inspiring surroundings, so many enticing reason to choose. Jl. Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak Beach P.O. Box 3384 Denpasar 80033 Bali, Indonesia Tel. +62 361 730730 Fax. + 62 361 730545

THE OBEROI BALI 75 villas and lanai rooms, two restaurants, one bar and an amphitheather for cultural performances, are set within 15 acre of grounds, recreating the atmosphere of a Balinese village Jl. Laksamana, Seminyak BaliIndonesia Ph:(62-361)730361.Fx: (62361)730790 Email: Website:

Bali Hotels Association is a professional association of star-rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include general managers from 66 hotels and resorts, representing 13,186 hotel rooms and 20,388 employees in the Bali hotel sector.





June 5 - 25, 2009

13 Your guide to this island


Nungnung, Fresh Falls BADUNG The Center of Tourism

Nungnung waterfalls have increased in popularity for French and German visitors to Bali. The waterfalls are located near the village of Plaga in the area of Petang, Northern Badung. The way down to the source of the water is about 50 meters and used to be very difficult and steep. But now it can be easily reached through hundreds of concrete stairs. The idea to build these stairs was initiated by the people who live in the neighborhood in cooperation with the government. It takes about 60 minutes (40 km) from Denpasar to get to the location of the waterfalls by bus. Walking up and down the stairs is not as tiring as it sounds, thanks to the cool air in the mountain which makes the body fresh, as does the surrounding panorama.

While having a rest we can breath the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which soon drives away all feelings of fatigue. Not far from the waterfalls, visitors can see the process of making wooden statues in Banjar Kerta, and in Banjar Sekarmukti, Plaga. They can observe traditional and modern painters in Banjar Batulantang or gold and silver handicraft artists and songket weavers in Carangsari Village. If visitors want to take a rest or spend a night, they can make use of the bungalows in the village of Plaga. The weather in Plaga village is cold. It is geographically similar to Kintamani and Bedugul since the village is located next to the two resorts, which have been famous for a lot longer. Food, drink and bathing are not a problem in the Plaga bungalows since everything is available. After having a rest visitors may continue the trip from Plaga village to Kintamani in the east or Bedugul in the west.

Trekking in Badung The local government of Badung has made several attempts to attract tourists to visit northern Badung. In fact, the mountainous atmosphere in northern Badung is worth seeing and is of no less beauty than Bedugul or Kintamani. In the Petang district of northern Badung which includes Pelaga and Belok Sidan villages, the weather is cool. There is also Nungnung waterfall and thriving vegetable and flower plantation in Banjar Lawak. The interesting and attractive attraction, nature trekking, has been developed for the last three years in Petang village. It starts from Banjar Kerta, then four kilometers of undulating hills with fantastic views culminating at a hill-top 700 meters above sea level. The view from Pucak Tedung temple on the summit is marvelous. If the sky is clear, the Indian Ocean can be seen in the distance. At the top of the hill, tourists can enjoy rice or breads prepared by the committee. There are also masseurs to help

relax those suffering from muscular pain. Each participant is charged Rp. 400.000. Equipment is available, such as raincoats, mineral water and walking sticks. On route, the participant is requested not to use any indecent words, such as curses and obscenities, or negative thoughts. Made Sukanta accompanied by the Director of Badung Tourism Office, Ngurah Oka Darmawan, said that this stroll could be regarded as spiritual trip since it passes by a number of temples: Taman, Marga Tiga and Puncak Tedung temples. According to I Made Sukanta, the owner of Waka Gangga Trekking, Badung Tourism Office welcomes his trekking enterprise and promises to promote it. Since the establishment of this strolling activity in July 1997, an average of 70 tourists, mostly Europeans, come to Petang to indulge in the trekking. From Denpasar to the north, to the Waka Gangga Trekking center in Petang village, it is about 30 kilometers away or 45 minutes on bus. On route, tourists can be

Splashes and Rides at Waterbom Park Located on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, the Waterbom Park is on the doorstep of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel. All transport modes in Bali will know its location. Spending your happy day here can become a great day out and a ‘must do’ with kids of all ages. It provides a lot of pool lounges and umbrellas and also much natural shade. Therefore, it is a pleasurable haven amid the hustle and bustle of Kuta. A number of rides will keep us going back and the price offered is affordable for a full day’s entertainment. Ladies, if you wear bikinis, hang on to them on your way down the slides! Similarly, a special slide is available for smaller children, a shallow pool with a fountain, and the lazy river.... a long slow ride where you can really relax. You can hire towels in the Park and get lockers to safeguard your valuables. Meanwhile, food outlets are available where you can indulge your taste after the delights of splashing about. You can also get ‘pass outs’ if you wish to go somewhere else for lunch and return later in the day. Waterbom has a few rules you need to bear in mind children under 12 years old

must be accompanied by an adult; guests using the slides are not permitted to wear jewelry, cut-off jeans, sunglasses, eye glasses or masks, shirts or bathing suits with metal studs or decorations. Then, waterslides are not recommended for people suffering from any kind of chronic conditions or conditions that could place them or others at risk by using the

slides. It is always good to get to Waterbom right on the opening at 09.00 to get seats near the slides. By doing so, you can keep an eye on the kids. It can get slippery so they need to be reminded not to run. Ultimately, have a nice day splashing and riding!

Places of Interest in Badung Canggu Delodberawah Kuta Legian Mengwi Ngurah Rai Nusa Dua Pelaga Sangeh Suluban Tanjung

Beach area for avid surfers Quiet and restful beach Marvelous beach renown all over the world especially for sunsets, hotels, shopping centers and restaurants The beach is popular and famous among surfers the world over, with accommodation and restaurants The Royal Temple with spacious courtyard surrounded by moat The International and Domestic airport in Bali With a magnificent white sandy beach the newly opened tourist resort has a number of 5-stars hotels Graceful ‘Puncak Tinggan’ temple and the scenic point ‘Pesangrahan’. From this point an amazing scene stretches across a large area of the lowlands The temple named ‘Bukit Sari’ sits in the middle of nutmeg trees. There are numerous monkey inhabitants Considered to be one of the best areas for surfing located about 1 km from the main road Buddhist Temple.

Badung Government Tourism Office Address; Jl. Raya Kuta No. 2 Badung Ph. (0361) 756175 Fax. (0361) 756176 C12-199/09 Th. 2008


Though Bali has undergone a rapid growth in tourism industry, it also pays great attention to the conservation of its nature. Many forest complexes scattered throughout the island are well maintained as the ‘lungs’ of the island. One of the ‘lungs’ located in

western part of the island is the Bali Barat National Park established in 1941. This verdant forest extends on 77,000 hectares of land and spreads along the 150 km road connecting Gilimanuk to Denpasar or Gilimanuk to Singaraja. It is located right between the Grokgak district of Buleleng and Melaya district of Jembrana regency. The park is accessed from Gilimanuk as the main entrance to West Bali, and from Denpasar. This tropical forest grows on Bali’s southern and western slopes. Bali Barat National Park covers 50,000 hectares on the western tip of the island. Similarly, it includes another 7,000 hectares of coral reef and coastal water. Considering the small size of the island as a whole, the National Park is a major

Bali Barat National Park commitment towards attempting to preserve the wildlife found on Bali. The forest in this area has been determined as Nature Reserve—later on known as Nature Reserve of Bali’s Nature based on the stipulation of Kings of Bali dated 13 August 1917 No.E-1/4/5. This regulation is intended to preserve the rich heritage of flora and fauna within this area. The region is watered by crystal clear streams and traversed by footpaths offering steep but relatively easy walking. Simply explore the forested hills, scrub acacia near the coast, and the pristine reefs and dense mangrove swamps along the Teluk Terima and the bays to the East. A wide variety of fauna lives here, including the Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi), bull (Bos javanicus), antelope (Muntiacus muntjak), deer (Cervus timorensis), monkey (Presbytis cristata, Macaca sp.), scaly anteater (Manis javanica), boar (Sus scrofa), hedgehog (Hystrix javanica), Sturnus melanotenus, Sturnus contra, Acridotenis fuscus, Picoides mucet, Orialus chinensis, Haliastur sp. and Galus sp.

Places of Interest in Jembrana Clove plantation center as export commodity Blimbing Sari The biggest church in Bali is here as most inhabitants are Christian Gilimanuk Ferry to Java Medewi Surfing beach with simple accommodation available Negara The capital of Jembrana Regency Palasari A Catholic Church and a Dam Pengambengan Fishermen’s village on the west coast Perancak Beach with wide estuary Rambut Siwi Temple on the cliff known as the biggest in west Bali West Bali National Park covers about 70,000 hectares and is famous for its preservation of starlings (Leucapar Rotchidli) and Bul (Boss Javanicus). Asah Duren

Jembrana Government Education, Cultural and Tourism Office Address; Jl. Surapati no. 1 Negara Ph. (0365) 41210, Fax. (0365) 41010 C12-198


June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island

Exhibition in Tanah Lot Arts Festival Other than jazzed up by a wide varieties of cultural activity, in the Tanah Lot Arts Festival was also be organized a small-medium enterprise exhibition of Tabanan Regency. The event was under supervision of Tabanan Office of Cooperatives and SmallMedium Enterprise Services, Cooperative Services, Agricultural Services, Fisheries and Maritime Services as well as Forestry and Plantation Services.

he exhibition showcased many kinds of art craft produced by Tabanan community starting from handicraft, garment, iron craft, various bamboo plaits, jewelry, statue, silver works and many more. In the meantime, painters of Tabanan also got an opportunity to exhibit their paintings and demonstrate how they made a painting. Of course, it became an intriguing attraction. Other


demonstration was performed by local carvers and sculptors. As a matter of fact, the painters and sculptors of Tabanan had great potential as well. However, they remain to find difficulties in marketing their product and obtaining capital to make their business grow. On seeing this, the Tanah Lot Arts Festival gave the opportunity to promote their works through the event. The event denoted one of the endeavors undertaken by Tabanan government in helping the community including the craftsman and artists. As a matter of fact, the Tanah Lot Arts Festival could extend a real impact. It was also expected that the event could introduce the potential of Tabanan Regency to national and international market. The First in the World Kelepon is one of the snacks that have been familiar with Indonesian c tir people, especially in Bali. By and large, the snack is green and black. As though the image of this snack has embedded to the name of Tanah Lot, so it is not surprising if people or foreign tourists later on know it as “Kelepon of Tanah Lot”. This snack can be found elsewhere at Tanah Lot tourist object. The snack itself is made from the mixture of rice flour, sticky rice flour, and starch flour and naturalbase color, made into a hollow spherical shape, pointed in one side

and then filled with brown sugar. Because this snack has already become an icon of Tanah Lot, so that in the Tanah Lot Arts Festival was also graced by “Kelepon Festival” in the effort to enhance the quality of Kelepon itself. This Kelepon

Festival becomes the first Kelepon Festival in the world because there was no other similar event held before. Certainly it was very attractive because visitors are invited to enjoy the snacks free of charge and it performed on 7 June 2009 on

last day of Tanah Lot Arts Festival 2009. There were thirty (30) stands of Kelepon in the festival and on the evening visitors was nicely entertained by the performance of contemporary Cenk Blonk puppet (BTN/*) shadow play. B N

Hotel, Cottages & Spa Po. Box 1 Nusa Dua, Denpasar 80363 Bali, Indonesia Phone : (0361) 771020. Fax: (0361) 771139 E-mail: Homepage:http//

Hotel with unique cordiality

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa:

Donates for Critical Head Tumor Surgery


s part of their corporate social responsibility program, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa jointly with Melia Benoa All Inclusive Resort, Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort and Prima Medika Hospital has donated cash for a surgery process to remove the head tumor of Mr. Wayan Pecok Sudana. The complicated surgery was completed on Thursday (14/5) at Prima Medika Hospital, Denpasar. The 50-year old driver after suffering from this tumor for 46 years has a chance of normal life. Fortunately for Wayan, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa jointly with Melia Benoa All Inclusive Resort, Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort and Prima Medika Hospital have come together to have the complicated surgery performed free of charge. The three hotels came together to rise funding in the amount of Rp 12,000,000 through their PROGRAM PEDULI SESAMA (Care for the Community Program)

for surgery and hospital costs. Mr. I Wayan Pecok Sudana, a Balinese residing in Banjar Kelod, Desa Antiga, Kecamatan Manggis, Karangasem despite his illness had maintained a job as a driver. However, since he was involved in an accident, which caused him to loose one of his feet, he could no longer be the breadwinner for his family. This operation was significantly giving a positive impact for the rest of his life with his family. “We are very pleased that we could donate funds for supplies, operating room time, hospital stay time and physical therapy to help Mr. Wayan Pecok Sudana,” said Reto V.Torriani, General Manager of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa, “It is our social responsibility as the hospitality industry to aid people who less fortunate than ourselves.” The surgery took about six to seven hours to complete and will drastically improve his condition and health. Mr. I Wayan Pecok Sudana is currently in recovery. B N (BTN/*)




June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island

Looking back at your activities Human Civilization Transformation........................... (Cont. from page 5)

Motorcycle Hand Over

c tir

Cake Cutting

c doc

BADUNG—Celebration of the third anniversary of Bali Villa Association (BVA) was marked with cake cutting undertaken by BVA’s Chairman, Ismoyo Soemarlan. At the beginning of the event, Ismoyo said in 2006 the licensed villas amounted to only 50 villas, but today it has increased to 500 villas. The event attended by Mrs. Ratna Gde Agung, Prof. LK Suryani, members of the Badung House, Chairman of BTB, members of IHRA Bali and members of BVA was carried out at Kendran Gallery, Uma Sapna Villa Kuta, Tuesday (19/5). (BTN/015)

BADUNG—To motivate the Village Heads in carrying out the administrative, development and social tasks, the government of Badung Regency handed over motorcycle aid to 46 perbekel (locally appointed officer) and 16 lurah (state appointed officer) throughout Badung Regency. The motorcycles were handed over in person by Badung Regent A. A Gde Agung accompanied by the Head of Badung House of Representatives, I Gede Adnyana, on the morning ceremony at the Training Center Square of Sempidi, Tuesday (19/5). (BTN/015)

The 15th Graduation Day of STP Bali NUSA DUA—The STP Nusa Dua Bali (Bali Tourism College) inaugurated its 378 graduates, where 220 students from regular program and 158 extension program. According to Director of STP Bali, I Made Sudjana, to meet the growing demand of qualified human resources, his party has opened new programs like undergraduate program in Hospitality Business Management and Diploma IV in Convention and Meeting Management. Even, in the academic year of 2009 his party will open another undergraduate program in Tourism Destination Management. In the endeavor to improve the quality of its graduates, the STP Bali performed accreditation to the Higher Education Accreditation Board. Under coordination of Human Resources Development of Department of Cultural and Tourism Affairs, STP Bali is under final preparation to obtain internal Recognition from Tedqual, an international accreditation for tourism education institution under UNWTO. The activity carried out on last Saturday (23/5) at BICC Nusa Dua was attended by the Head of Cultural and tourism Resources Development, Department of Culture and Tourism, I Putu Laksaguna. (BTN/008)


c tir

CSR of Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort

DENPASAR—Blissful appearance emanated from the Sukaranteg’s family from Kanginan hamlet, Menyali Village, Sawan—Buleleng. Their second son, Kadek Ady Prastya, suffering from paralysis for six years got assistance from Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort in the form of therapy and treatment at Sanglah Central Hospital, Denpasar. The assistance was handed over as one of the social activity manifestations (Corporate Social Responsibility—CSR) of the five star plus hotel. Seen on the picture is the ambience of assistance handover held at Emergency Unit of Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, last Friday (15/5). (image/008/015)

By doing so, human will be able to control his desire, mind and feeling. Then, he will turn away and recognize his conscience. Human having a capability of turning away to his conscience, putting aside his mind and feeling will be able to engender social stability. In this context, it is required a drive of all social-economic system, in order human could turn away and begin to identify the indigenous wisdom of the society. In the context of Bali, the philosophical concept of THK is important to apply because it contains the values of harmony and togetherness. When all social elements (especially in Bali) are ready to begin to turn away into the implementation of THK, it is expected that such social conflict could be avoided. It is admitted that the essence of THK denotes a global concept. However, it is only found in Bali the social system that consciously applying the THK concept, namely in the subak system and customary village system. Meanwhile, the Vision of Bali Development up to year 2026 implies that the Bali development must be based on THK concept. For the reason, it requires the existence of social drives so that the entire socioeconomic systems in Bali can implement the THK. It has been well understood that tourism sector in Bali replaces the portion of agricultural sector part in dominating the contribution for the economy of Bali. Over the past 30 years, since the rapid growth of tourism sector in Bali (1971), the

contribution of tertiary sector (dominated by tourism sector) has achieved the value amounting to 70%. The value of this contribution is in inverse ratio to the portion of primary sector (dominated by agricultural sector). In other words, in 1971 it was the primary sector contributing as much as 70% to the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) of Bali. This matter means that no matter how little fluctuation occurred to tourism sector in Bali will causes a shake to the economy of Bali as a whole. For the reason, human (wong) laboring in tourism sector must be driven to appreciate and carry out the THK concept, chiefly the wong belonging to top level management. On that account, their thinking pattern should put forward the values of harmony and togetherness. When this thinking pattern works, all elements will look for harmony and togetherness. The existing indicators in the implementation of THK among others are justice, tolerance, openness and honesty in the process of management. Of course, it is implemented without decreasing the various standards that must be carried out by the wong laboring in the tourism sector. Execution of THK in a particular economic system may be not efficient. However, it would be able to push the existence of effectiveness. For the reason, by implementing the THK concept well, it will ascertain the existence of sustainability. B N Dr. Wayan Windia. The author is a lecturer staff in Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University.

Tanah Lot Festival 2009 t was really cheerful and lively. The Tanah Lot Festival 2009 organized various traditional and modern arts. Such nine-day event gave an opportunity to local artists originating in 10 sub districts in Tabanan Regency and also 22 customary villages throughout Kediri sub district to show off their distinctive arts. The following are some photos capturing the moment of Tanah Lot Festival: (1) Barong dance, (2) Gebogan or fruits and flowers arrangement in parade, (3) Baleganjur gamelan music by the troupe of PKK household mother, and (4) Official opening ceremony by the Governor (Photo & text by budarsana) of Bali, Mangku Pastika. B N







June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island

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June 5 - 25, 2009

17 Your guide to this island

Hotel Devotional Services


KARANGASEM—it was very zestful. Hundreds of employee from 39 hotels in Bali happily coalesced into the Society of Tri Hita Karana Performer and Observer carried out a social program, devotional service en masse at Besakih Temple, Saturday (23/5). Such clean up activity coordinated by Bali Travel News was focused on four temples having problems with rubbish namely at kitchen area, Penataran Agung Temple, Sasana Budaya Hall and Bangun Sakti temple that will conduct an aci penyabran ritual. The participants were from Villa Kubu, Griya Santrian, Ramayana Hotel, Puri Santrian, Hotel Padma, Santika Premiere, Karma Jimbaran, Alila Ubud, Alila Manggis, Discovery Kartika Plaza, Alam Kulkul Resort, Bali Tropic Resort, Four Seasons (Sayan), Four Seasons (Jimbaran), Harris Resort Kuta, Maya Ubud, Mercure Kuta Bali, Amandari, Sanur Paradise Plaza, White Rose, Patra Bali, Inna Putri Bali, Nusa Dua Beach, The Jayakarta, Bali Dynasty, Sofitel Seminyak Bali, Waka di Ume, All Seasons, The Breezes Resort & Spa, Melia Bali Villas and Spa, Matahari Beach Resort, The Ayana Jimbaran, The Elysian Villas, Grand Istana Rama,

© tir

Kamandalu Resort & Spa, Melia Benoa, dan Ramada Bintang Bali. Apart from hotels, the activity also engaged PT Jimbaran Lestari. This rubbish processing company provided cleaning device, insecticide or repellant of fly that spread out lately at the temple area. Some hotels also brought along with vacuum cleaner to chase away the dog’s plumes scattered about the temple (BTN/008/015) area. BTN

The 31st BAF............................................................. (Cont. from page 1)

President of the RI opened the Bali Arts Festival last years

In the meantime, the 31st arts parade is only released by Governor of Bali in front of the Kayumas Kaja Village Hall (east of Puputan Badung public square), moving from the previous location that was usually organized in front of the Bajra Sandhi monument, Renon. The arts parade features to the theme “Bhawa Chakra” meaning the wheel of life. This concept is

interpreted into the form of arts representing three aspects of human life, namely utpatti (creation), stiti (preservation) and pralina (dissolution). These three human aspects of life are described by each artist from city and regency across Bali. It is started from the world of children that like playing, of adolescent (showcasing a mapeed procession and creation dance) and finally the world of the


PURI SARON HOTEL SEMINYAK KUTA Jl. Pantai Kuta, P.O.Box 2073 Kuta Bali 80361, Indonesia t. +62 361 753 868 f. +62 361 753 875 easy booking at SA12-26

JL. CAMPLUNG TANDUK (EX. JL. ABIMANYU ) SEMINYAK KUTA – BALI – INDONESIA TEL. +62 361 731 007 (hunting) FAX. +62 361 730 492 E-MAIL : WEBSITE : SA12-55


old. President and Balinese community will be entertained with a drama-dance featuring the Mahabharata epic that was ever favorite in previous BAFs. Characters and players invited to show their performance are such as Nyoman Sujena (as Bima), Nyoman Mundra (as Sekuni) and Dewa Ngakan Sayang and Ketut Kodi (puppeteer). “We want to regain the glorious period of drama-dance at the BAFs in the 1980s. Hopefully, the community would favor the drama-dance as in Promoting ......... (Cont. from page 1) Each regency and city will not display the same menu, considering the region has superiority of its own. For example, Karangasem Regency will present tipat blayag mekuah (rice bag served with broth); Buleleng: siobak and tipat blayag; Bangli: chicken betutu (steamed chicken enriched with complete Balinese spices); Klungkung: serombotan (assorted vegetables served in hot spices); Denpasar: sate kakul (all-snail based menus); Tabanan: lawar kuwir (delicacy of manila duck); Jembrana: lawar klungah (delicacy of young coconut shell); and Badung: seaweed vegetable served fish broth. Aside from food, it will also be displayed various kinds of snack, cake and drink belonging to each region. “Balinese culture comprises many elements. It does not only contain performing arts. This traditional culinary is expected to have a capability of giving a brief description to public that Balinese people actually pay great attention to their distinctive food,” affirmed Santa.

ACROSS: 1 Fiesta; 4 Collection of lines rather than patterns of pixels; 7 Used for decorative or protective coating; 9 Tiny island; 11 Relating to the earth; 13 Award, honor (sing.); 14 Gold (French); 15 Five and Five; 17 Gad; 21 North East; 23 Mister; 24 Desk, bench; 26 Yes; 27 Napping; 29 You (German); 30 Schedule of a show; 34 Monster; 36 37 A Prince in Ramayana epic; 39 Stamped addressed envelope; 40 Talk; 41 Framework; 43 Eaten as snack; 44 Doings. DOWN: 1 Perfumed; 2 Non-alcoholic drink; 3 Expression of creative skill and imagination; 4 Illustration; 5 Anton …. (Russian dramatist); 6 Tourist center; 7 Writer of verse; 8 Symbol; 10 You (French); 12 Age; 16 Snakelike fish; 17 Clean up; 18 The sixth note in music; 19 Badge, emblem; 20 Necessity; 22 Every; 25 Consume; 28 One who plays puppet show; 30 Smaller than lobster; 31 Used to defend oneself; 32 Effect; 33 Emergency bed service; 34 Twin alphabets; 35 Make easier; 38 Master of Science; 41 (BTN/punia) Complimentary; 42 Multi purposes van. BTN

the beginning of BAF organized,” Santa said. At that time, the magnet of drama-dance was so strong to draw the onlookers. Now, his party would like to re-showcase whether

its magnet stays strong or not. If it does, in the BAF 2010, dancedrama highlighting the serial Mahabharata epic would be successively performed every (BTN/015) Saturday night. BTN

One of the Balinese special foods that will displayed in the 31st BAF. Each participant of culinary exhibition will not be charged any leasing fee of the booth. They are just obliged to decorate the booth in use. This traditional culinary is attributed to general public, including tourists and will be open during the BAF takes place. Then, how about its price? Any food present-

ed will not be sold at too expensive price because this is a promotional activity. For one package it will only be set at IDR 10,000. All kinds of food are ascertained to be very hygienic because they have undergone pre-examination by Bali Office of Health Services. BTN

Pasuruan.................................................................. (Cont. from page 2)

attraction there,” he demanded. One of the attractive tourist objects in that area is Wisata Tirta. It is known as Banyubiru natural swimming pool located at Sumberejo Village. Formerly this object was named Wilis Pond. Uniquely, this natural swimming pool has clear and fresh natural water source. More than that, the swimming pool is also inhabited by a group Sengkaring fishes sanctified by local (image/008/013) community. BTN

Vice Chairman of ASITA of Bali Chapter, Soetrisno Hadi, the measures of Pasuruan Regency to promote its tourist object and attraction in Bali constituted an excellent breakthrough. “It is the right breakthrough and choice. All products promoted through Bali obtained good response from foreign tourists because Bali has become an international market,” Hadi said

who is also the Chairman Cinta Bali Domestic Market Society. To see the potential of Pasuruan comprehensively, Hadi Soetrisno suggested in order the Regency Government and stakeholder of Pasuruan invited travel agents and media of Bali to make familiarization trip to Pasuruan. “It is very important so that we can have a closer look at the tourist object and



June 5 - 25, 2009 Your guide to this island




Your guide to this island

June 5 - 25, 2009

Rp 5000

Your guide to this island

Vol. XI, No. 13

Page 20

General Information Foreign Exchange Most major countries, either bank notes or traveler’s checks are easily converted into rupiah (Indonesian currency) Bank and Money Changers can easily be found in the largest towns in Bali, but it is advisable to carry sufficient rupiah (RP) when traveling to the less popular areas of Bali. Almost all hotels and other business will accept foreign currency, but usually at lower rate of exchange than offered by Bank’s Money Changers. For your convenience a bank is located at the Ngurah Rai International Airport

“Good Accommodation” T

Tourist Information The Department of Tourism (Bali) has six Information Centers where booklets and brochures can be obtained free of charge. Addresses: Ngurah Rai International Airport, Tuban, Phone: (0361) 751011; Bina Wisata Ubud, next to the village Head’s in Ubud ; Government Tourist Information Center, Jl. Raya Kuta No. 2, Kuta Badung, Kuta; Government Tourist Office, Jl. S. Parman Niti Mandala, Denpasar, Phone (0361) 222387, Buleleng Governmemt Tourist Office , Jl. Veteran 23, Singaraja, Phone: (0361) 25141 Immigration Visitors coming to Bali by air from outside Indonesia must be in possession of passport that is valid for at least 6 months and have with them upon arrival either a return or onward ticket. Visitor’s requirement to pay VoA (Visa on Arrival) to the Bank, Ten dollars for seven days and twenty-five for thirty days. If you deny the agreement you must pay a fine of twenty-dollars. For more information please contact immigration office (0361) 764993. Tips for Taking Taxis in Bali 1. It is always best to order a taxi by phone especially at night. 2. If you hail a taxi on the street, be sure that the name of the taxi company is clearly marked on it. 3. Insist on using the meter. Don’t fall for a driver who bargains or claims that his meter is broken. 4. In the taxi, note the taxi’s number and the driver’s ID. This may be handy if you want to register a complaint or trace belongings left behind. 5. In places such as Ubud, Sanur, and Kuta there are many people who offer you transportation services. If you must take any of their services, make sure you establish the price up front. 6. There are licensed taxis at Bali’s Airport. Avoid taking services from “brokers” who offer you transportation.

huruf jepang nempel di repro

Airlines EVA AIR: Wisti Shaba Administration Building, Ground floor, Room No. 4, Ngurah Rai Airport. Ph. 759773 ext 5308; Fax. 756488; GARUDA INDONESIA: Garuda Indonesia Building Jln. Sugianyar No. 5 Denpasar 80112 Ph.232780; LAUDA AIR; Gedung PAJ Jln. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 12 – Tuban, Ph. 758686; MALAYSIA AIRLINES: Ngurah Rai Airport. Ph. 757294; MERPATI NUSANTARA: Jln. Melati No. 51, Denpasar. Ph 235358; QANTAS: The Grand Bali Beach, Sanur. Ph. 288331 (hunting) Or at Ngurah Rai Airport. Ph. 751472; SINGAPORE AIRLINE: GOI Building, 2nd floor. Ngurah Rai International Airport Ph. 768388 (hunting) Fax. 768383: THAI AIRLINES: Wisti Shaba Building, 2nd Floor Room 19, Ngurah Rai International Airport. Ph. 751011, ext 5301; ROYAL BRUNEI AIRLINES: Wast Shaba Building, Ngurah Rai Airport .Ph. 757292, Fax. 755748; CHINA AIRLINES: Wisti Shaba Building, 2nd Floor Room 19, Ngurah Rai Airport. Ph. 754856, 757298, Fax. 757275; JAPAN AIRLINES, Jln. Raya Kuta 100X Tuban, Ph. 764733 & 757077. Fax. 757082.

G u e s t

Mr. Junichi ITO:

Telephone Service Bali is linked via satellite to all major countries of the world. International calls can be made (via the operator or IDD-001/008) from any private / business or hotel telephone. Important Telephone Numbers Fire: 113; Police 110; Ambulance 118; Indonesian Red Cross 225-465; Rescue Coordination Office 751111; Directory Enquiries 108 International Operator 101; Telemarketing Service Information 162; Post Service Information 161; Time 103; Immigration Officer 227828, 7510388; Public Hospital 227-911

O u r

his man is a Japanese tourist from Nagoya who first visited Bali 20 years ago. According to him, in general Bali really is a safe tourist destination to visit and he felt satisfied with the service extended. “As a whole, I am satisfied and enjoying what are on offer by Bali. As other destinations, Bali provides an access for Japanese tourists by using Kanji characters at tourist objects and at the accommodations. Of course, this makes us easier for us during the stay in Bali,” he said when he was met at Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort. “My first visit was twenty years ago and the first hotel I visited was Meliá Bali Villas & Spa Resort. Balinese has got all facilities especially the resort has lots good facilities. We have no intention to look further more activities outside the resort. Everything you need for a perfect getaway has been available here at the resort,” he said. In terms of the price of accommodation, he admitted there is always an increase from year to year. In comparison to Thailand, they even decrease their room rate this year. However, here lies the attraction of Bali, he admitted. “Although, the room rate keeps on increasing, in my opinion, Bali has

adequately good accommodations, along with unique culture and tasteful food,” he said. B N (BTN/008)

Mr and Mrs. Van Der Jagt

“Mr. Five Hundred”


or this couple from the Netherlands, Balinese society has become an integrated part of their family. This has been proved by helping indigent people in Bali that has been known familiarly and considered them as their family. “We like the affability of its people, culture and the weather. But no less important, we also love the food,” said the couple that has visited Bali for 16 times and stayed at Inna Grand Bali Beach, Sanur. Every year they stay at Inna Grand Bali Beach and always at the same room (room 500), so Mr. Van Der Jagt is often called in-

timately, Mr. Five Hundred. “We like the weather in Bali, particularly during March— April because during this period the rainfall is very rare so that we can enjoy the sunshine all day long,” they said. In addition, they did not forget to look for their favorite food like fried rice, curry and grilled prawn that remains very fresh apart from various fresh fruits. During their holiday in Bali, this couple loved massage and went around Kintamani, Lake Beratan and also had sightseeing to beautiful terraced rice field at Tegalalang. The unique rice field scenery encountered in Bali also tempted their heart because such scenery is rarely found in other countries. Though they often make such trip as to Austria, Italy and Venice and some islands in Indonesia like Sumatra, Java and Celebes, they remain to feel more at home during the stay in Bali. “We do expect that the local government genuinely pays serious attention so that the uniqueness of Bali is always preserved. And the flight for the route Amsterdam-Denpasar should operate as formerly,” they said who always spend two months on every visit to Bali. B N (BTN/008)

Mr. Tony Sardjono:

Bali with “Tri Hita Karana” M

r. Tony Sardjono is a domestic tourist form Jakarta (Indonesia) who has traveled to Bali 75 times back and forth to find out self-relaxation. To him, Bali is a ‘showcase’ that always draws the sight to ‘taste it’. Moreover, Bali always has something new to explore in the form of new promotion. It always teases him to explore every single corner of the uniqueness owned by Bali, without leaving the originality, amicability and existing culture. “In my mind, Bali denotes an island having a great and incredible potential, especially in the matters of the culture. Moreover, the life

philosophy promoting the harmony in what the so-called Tri Hita Karana,” he said. In addition, its nature especially the agricultural system along with its subak organization becomes a distinctive magnet for all tourists. It is time to well preserve this treasure, both inspired by neighboring countries that also have spreading rice field where the communication of farmers and governments runs flourishingly. “It is important to remember that the rice field area poses a valuable asset,” said the managing director of a Personality Development when met in the midst of his holiday at The Rani Hotel & Spa. B N (BTN/008)

Bali Travel News  
Bali Travel News  

Bali travel News Volume XI No. 13 - June 5-25 2009