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About Arena

Arena Animation is the Animation & Multimedia education brand of Aptech Ltd, the pioneer in the IT education. Through its wide network of centres, Arena Animation has successfully prepared more than 250,000 students for creative careers in these high-growth areas. Kesavadasapuram Arena Animation is the one of the Arena‟s prestigious centre with state –ofthe – art infrastructure. Kesavadasapuram Arena places great emphasis on providing worldclass education.

The Academy  Ensures that the curriculum for all courses fits the needs of the global animation industry.

 Provides high-quality learning aids - including books & CDs - to students & faculty. These are developed specially by Arena.

 Carries out regular training & certification of teachers to ensure that they are able to handle even advanced topics.

 Supports classroom teaching with assignments, workshops & guided projects.

 Conducts special events - such as Creative Minds - to encourage student-industry interaction. Experts from the animation industry are invited to speak to students & discuss their questions on a one-on-one basis.  Offers placement support to students.



Kesavadasapuram Arena assists students in getting job placements on successful completion of their courses. The Academy also provides recruitment assistance to studios & companies. Students are shortlisted based on the organization's requirement. Arena conducts regular Creative Minds events, thus ensuring that students get adequate exposure to the industry. Talks & discussions by industry experts are also organized from timeto-time. Job fairs & campus recruitments are conducted to help studios & companies find the best Arena students to fill their vacancies. All this helps students find appropriate jobs in the animation, multimedia & gaming industry while also helping save companiesâ€&#x; recruitment costs.

About Aptech Aptech Limited is a global retail & corporate training solutions provider headquartered in Mumbai, India, with a presence across 5 continents. The company commenced business in 1986. A pioneer in IT and animation education, over the years, Aptech Limited has trained over 6 million students. Arena Animation is one of the education brands of Aptech Limited. Arena Animation has a wide range of courses, maintains education standards & provides placement assistance. Aptech Limited has grown & diversified into various education-related businesses. It is listed on the BSE & NSE.

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About MOOIT (Mookambika InfoTech (P) Ltd.,) Mookambika Infotech (P) Ltd (MOOIT) is a trend-setting and innovative 2D & 3D Animation Consulting Company based in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. MOOIT affiliates are 3D production companies, post houses, advertising agencies, web design firms, technology companies, and corporations who need assistance with executing 2D/3D animation projects. MOOIT‟s strategic alliances include: APTECH LTD, ARENA ANIMATION, GO- ACADEMY, OWL’E ANIMATION, D- LABS and an array of leading big and small companies in the entertainment industry. MOOIT has got 2 divisions in its operational entity which is spread to Training & Production.




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Our Vision “To be the preferred edutainment solution provider”. Established in 2001, MOOIT has emerged as an edutainment solution provider in Kerala having built strong competencies through robust academic and research oriented process delivering superior customer oriented programs.

Our Mission “Building superior performance through Technology” We at MOOIT, place the highest value on Planning, Actual Implementation and Taking Action. Identifying and bridging gaps between planning and implementation is the only way for superior performance. Inspired by the spirit of such successful management principles, we endeavor to imbibe these aspects in our operations and mind set. This will empower us to redefine our capabilities and capacities. By leveraging our strengths to the maximum we will set higher bench marks and achieve greater success.

Our Values and Beliefs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Admiration for Individual Integrity and transparency with the team Creating value through consistent greater performance Exceed customer expectations Shared destiny approach

Our Quality Policy Deliver the BEST to the World & The World will give you the BEST

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Why Arena

Arena Animation is a pioneer in animation & multimedia education & has trained 250,000 students over the past 14 years.

Animation courses Animation refers to the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2D or 3D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. The animation industry in India is large & growing. Indian studios work on animation projects for both, the Indian market as well as for international markets in the US & Europe. NASSCOM, the apex body of IT software & services in India, predicts that the animation & gaming industries in India will grow at annual rates of 22% & 49% over the next few years. To sustain such a high rate of growth, the industry needs thousands of trained animation professionals. To meet this high market demand, Arena Animation offers 3 career courses focusing on various aspects of animation:

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Animation with portfolio development: AAIP 2D & advanced 3D animation course with a focus on portfolio development. Duration: 33 months with 4 semesters.

Comprehensive animation: Arena Animation Pro Comprehensive animation course with training in pre-production, production & post-production. Duration: 26 months with 4 semesters.

3D animation: AAASP 3D animation course with focus on software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Sound Forge, Adobe Premier, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, 3D Max & Maya. Duration: 31 months with 5 semesters.

2D & 3D animation film making: DAE Intensive 2D & 3D animation course with value additions in the form of photographic techniques, scriptwriting, concepts of animatic & clean-up and puppet-making. Duration: 23 months with 5 semesters. Arena Animation offers courses planned in consultation with the animation industry:

   

Animation Multimedia Web designing Gaming

Arena also offers University Diploma courses & quick short-term courses for those who wish to learn one or more software/ technology.

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Wide range of courses Arena offers hundreds of animation/ gaming/ web designing courses suited to students & working people. Career courses, university programs as well as short-term courses are offered.

World-Class Education Kesavadasapuram Arena works hard to provide quality education to students. For this, the company:

     

Offers hundreds of in-demand animation, gaming & web design courses Provides books & CDs that make it easy to learn Appoints trained & certified teachers to take classes Provides lots of lab time for practice Works to find good job placements for students

Animation industry is booming The animation industry is huge & growing. Arena fulfils the demand for trained professionals in animation, multimedia, gaming & web designing.

Thousands of jobs There are about 300 animation companies employing 12,000 people in India. Nearly 3,000 freelancers are working in this industry. A career in animation means being a part of one of the most „happening‟ industries of our time. Animation & Internet touch every facet of modern life.

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Managing Director

– Mr. N.C.R. Pillai

Director & Chief Executive

– Mr. K.M. Arun Kumar

Director & CFO

– Mrs. Renjitha Pillai

General Manager

– Mr. C.S. Hareesh

Centre Manager

– Mr. Shamshad. S

Academics Head

– Mr. Manojkumar. G.S

Business Development Manager

– Mr. Ravi Shankar.R





Technical Executives - Academics Deepu . B.S Mohammed Siddique Shibukumar

Placement Division ManojKumar

Career Guidance Krishnaveni – Student Relation Officer.

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Courses Arena offers industry-approved, career-oriented courses preparing you for jobs in animation, multimedia, gaming, web designing - and more!

Courses Arena Animation Pro Arena Animation International Program (AAIP) Arena Animation Academy Specialist Programme (AAASP) DAE - Animation Film Making Arena Multimedia Specialist Programme (AMSP) Graphics & Web Design (GWD) Game Art & Design B.Sc. Degree in Animation BBA Degree in Mass Media and Communication (BBA-MM) Bachelorâ€&#x;s Degree in Mass Media & Communication Diploma in Mass Media & Communication Diploma in Graphic Design Diploma in Web Design Short-term courses

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4 career courses to suit every skill level & requirement. Courses suited to students who wish to enter the industry. Courses for working professionals also offered.

   

Animation with portfolio development: Comprehensive animation: 3D animation: 2D & 3D animation film making:

AAIP Arena Animation Pro AAASP DAE

Multimedia Become skilled at using Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe PageMaker & more! Build a career in designing, print & publishing.

Arena Multimedia Specialist Program: AMSP

Mass Media & Communications   

BBA Degree in Mass Media and Communication (BBA-MM) Bachelor‟s Degree in Mass Media & Communication Diploma in Mass Media & Communication

Web designing Learn to create websites using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, HTML, Dreamweaver, and Flash & JavaScript.

Graphics & Web Design (GWD)

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University programs

    

B.Sc. Degree in Animation BBA Degree in Mass Media and Communication (BBA-MM) Bachelor‟s Degree in Mass Media & Communication Diploma in Graphic Design Diploma in Web Design


Gaming Learn pre-production & production. Create games as part of your project-work.

Game Art & Design

Arena‟s Game Art & Design course is a 4-module program designed to help students make a career in gaming. The total duration of the program is 15 months - or 576 hours*.

Classes are typically held 5 times a week for 2 hours per session. This course imparts skills required by the gaming industry for online, console, PC & mobile gaming.

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Eligibility HSC/ Class 12 in any discipline. Passion for gaming & having an art background is an added advantage.

Course covers… Visual storytelling, modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation, game audio & level design. All these prepare you to be a part of any game development team.

Overview The first module lays the foundation for learning the basics of design & development of games. Students will learn about the history of games, various game types, game terminologies & technologies, and hardware used in the industry.

Sub-modules Module

Duration (hours)

Introduction to Games


Introduction to Photoshop & Flash


Game Analysis: Centipede


Drawing & Composition


Total hours


Total months


Learning outcomes  

Develop conceptual knowledge of game designing. Developing a drawing portfolio for life drawing, gesture drawing, environmental drawing, still life study, perspective & composition, etc. along with series of digitally designed images using 2D manipulation software.

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Short-term courses Arena offers quick, short-term courses to students & working professionals who wish to sharpen their skills in one or more tools or software. Short-term courses cover software used in animation, multimedia, gaming, web designing - and more.

Course duration 16 hours to 160 hours, depending on what you choose to learn.

No. Course

Tools/ modules


Creating Illustrations - I

Adobe Illustrator CS 2


Creating Illustrations - II

CorelDraw X3


Image Magic

Photoshop CS 2 with Image ready


Media Publishing

Adobe InDesign CS 5


Creating Illustrations

Adobe Illustrator CS 5 CorelDraw X3


Working with Audio

Sound Forge 8


Video Streaming and Editing

Adobe Premier Pro 2


Interactive Multimedia Authoring & Programming

Director MX 2004

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Authoring TBT

Author ware


Basics of 3D Animation

3D max 9 & Character Studio


Digital Fx

Adobe After Effects 7.0


Web Animation with Flash

Macromedia Flash 8


Web weaver

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8


Print & Publishing

Adobe Illustrator CS 2 CorelDraw X3 Concepts of Graphics Photoshop CS 2 with Image ready Adobe InDesign CS 2


Audio - Video Editing

Sound Forge 8 Adobe Premier Pro 2


Basic Graphics & Sketching

Basic Art Concepts of Graphics & Illustration Sketching Practices


2D Animation

Anatomy Study Concepts of 2D Animation Concepts of Storyboarding


Drawing & Animation with ToonBoom

ToonBoom Studio v3.5


Visual Fx



3D Animation with Maya

Maya 8.5

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Advanced 3D Animation with Maya

Maya 8.6


Character Animation with Motion Builder

Motion Builder 7.5


Games Development

Concepts of games development A6 Game Engine - 6.5


Course in CAD



Course in Digital Architecture & Interior Design

AutoCAD & 3D Max 7.0


Course in Digital Design Visualisation & Walkthrough

3D Max 7.0


Web Graphics

Fundamentals of Computer, Multimedia and Internet Concepts of Graphics Photoshop CS 2 with Image ready HTML JavaScript Macromedia Flash 8 Macromedia Dreamweaver 8


Web Graphics and Animation

Fundamentals of Computer, Multimedia and Internet Concepts of Graphics Photoshop CS 2 with Image ready 3D max 9 Character Studio 4 HTML JavaScript Macromedia Flash 8 Macromedia Dreamweaver 8


Character Design and Animation

Fundamentals of Computer, Multimedia and Internet Photoshop CS 2 with Image ready 3D max 9

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Character Studio 4


Digital Graphics & Animation

Fundamentals of Computer, Multimedia and Internet Concepts of Graphics, Adobe Illustrator CS 2, CorelDraw X3, Photoshop CS 2 with Image ready, 3D max 9 Character Studio 4


Interactive Web Designing

HTML JavaScript


Web Designing


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MOOIT operates in two different campuses each of it having a built up area of 3500 sq.ft at prime location in the capital city of Kerala. It is situated very near to Technopark the IT hub of the State of Kerala, and based in Trivandrum which can rightfully claim to be the knowledge capital of the region. We are having the state – of- the -art infrastructure with high end computers, cameras, scanners, editing suits, high speed rendering machines. We have alliances with software giants like Alias wave front, Adobe, Autodesk etc.

Facilities Included

Drawing studio with industry light tables Wacom Tablet, replacing mouse and pencil Library with DVD for Animation study Galleries to showcase the students work Photography facility Preview theatre for movie studies Workshop area for clay modeling & sculpting

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Unique features

Hands on workshop learning Students learn best when they are actively involved in creating their learning. The course will cover workshops in: Clay modeling & Claymation Sculpting Puppetry Story telling Photography Music & sound effects Theatre Holistic Personality Enhancement Studio Visits Master classes with experts Understanding physics Communicative English Field trips Portfolio presentations Creative & lateral thinking

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Chaitree Basak

Sachin Singhi

Abhishek Kumar

Aryan Acharyya

Chaitree Basak Chaitree Basak is a US-based Multimedia Consultant who free-lances with various companies there. After her Bachelor‟s degree in commerce, Chaitree was looking for a long-term career path. So she joined Arena Multimedia at Kankurgachi, Kolkata, mainly because she wished to hone her skills in Graphic Designing. She enrolled for Arena‟s 12-month Professional Certificate in Web Designing (PCWD)* and passed out in August 2005. Then she went on to complete her Master‟s Degree in Media Designing from the US. (Note: Currently, Arena has replaced this course with the more intensive Graphics & Web Design course). Read the rest of her story, in Chaitree‟s own words: After my first semester with Arena, I got admission to Laroche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, for my Master‟s degree. Arena helped me a lot. I had joined the PCWD course to gain knowledge of multimedia to help me create my first portfolio. This portfolio helped me gain admission to a US University. After I came to the US, I changed my first college and switched to the Digital Media Arts College in Florida. Having completed my first semester here, I got selected to become a Teaching and Graduate Assistant - which was my first job as a Designer. Also, I received a good Scholarship from my college, again based on the first portfolio which I had created with Arena. Having completed my Master‟s Degree here in the US, I worked as a Multimedia Designer with Verizon IT, which is the best 3G network company in the USA. I got paid around US $3000 (approximately Rs. 1, 44,000) for a 15-day project. Currently, I work as a Consultant & Freelancer with various companies in the US. My whole career is dedicated to multimedia. A career in this field is exciting but it can also be rather demanding. To cite an example, there is one instance I would like to mention in particular. I was working with Verizon IT and was asked to make a film on their new products‟ presentation. For this project, I had to work from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next day! It was very challenging. I completed the project in time, using Flash & Premier software.

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For newcomers to this field, I have the following advice  First of all, try to understand which the best media is for you - Printing or Web or 

Audio or Visual. In multimedia, there are many different paths. Just be sure of what you are most comfortable with. Remember the 3 Ps: Practice, Patience & Presentation.

Practice working with various software as much as possible. I would practice for 7-9 hours daily. Patience means you have to go through loads of detailing, adjustments & better approaches for each project that you do. You should also be patient about your career as it picks up at a very slow speed. It‟s only after a few years that you will see your efforts paying off in the form of your bank balance. Presentation is very important for people like us. After a certain age, you need to showcase your own portfolio, have your own branding and also advertise your own skills.

About Placement Cell Kesavadasapuram Arena has its own Placements that help to prepare our students for placement. We organize seminars, workshops, industry visits and regular in-house activities like group discussions, debates and mock interviews. Prominent experts and specialists from the industry are invited to speak at the seminars and workshops. Campus recruitment and job fairs are also arranged.

Some of the regular programs:

Perspectives: These seminars bring together professionals from the animation community to share their knowledge, thoughts, views and experiences with our students. The most recent Perspectives seminar in Trivandrum held at five star Mascot Hotel in September 2007 was addressed by the gurus from the industry such as Mr. Yunus Bhukari of Artery Animation & FX, Mr. Indranil Malik from Crest Animation, and Vaibhav Studios‟ founder and animator Mr. Vaibhav Kumaresh. TechWize: These are workshops by industry people on technology/ opportunities in the field of multimedia and animation such as on special effects, gaming, media and broadcasting, post-production, etc. CareerWize: These are workshops to improve the students‟ personal and interpersonal skills, e.g. effective presentation skills, resume building, facing a group discussion, facing job interviews, how to set and achieve goals, importance of creativity in your job, making a demo reel, etc. Job fairs: From time to time, our students participate in job fairs. Various studios as well as other companies participate in these fairs and recruit professionals trained by us, straight from campus.

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Our students have been placed at over a thousand companies. Among these are blue-chip animation studios and entertainment companies like Prime Focus, Rhythm & Hues, Crest Animation Studios, EFX, UTV Toons, Toonz Animation, Nipuna Services, Prasad Studio, Color Chips, Ramoji Film City, Green Gold Animation, DQ Entertainment, Paprikaas Animation Studios, Usha Kiron TV, Sony TV, Google India, NDTV, TOI, DD Sports, Discovery Channel, Asianet Satellite Communications, ETV and Zee TV. Our students have been placed as graphic designers, web designers, 2D/ 3D animators, AV editors, technical trainers, 3D modelers, compositors, visualisers, content developers and pre- and postproduction executives.

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Achievements & Awards A year after its incorporation MOOIT became a forerunner in achieving many mile stones based on its performance. MOOIT bagged a dozen awards for the Best Performance in consecutive years from 2003 to 2007. The award has been presented on the basis of analysis conducted among the top multimedia centers in Kerala. The efforts taken by Mooit in giving industry oriented animation training and successfully placing the students in various companies both India and abroad was highly appreciated by the dignitaries.





Best Performance



Centre of Excellence



Best Sales Performance



Best Performance rolling trophy



Best Centre,



Highest Growth Achievement



Best Performance rolling trophy



Highest Growth Achievement



Excellence in Academic Delivery



Highest Sales in the Region



Best centre in Kerala awarded by Rotary International



Best Performance rolling trophy



Best Performance rolling trophy



Best Performance rolling trophy



Best Placement Award

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About IMAGO GLOBAL ANIMATION Studio Arena Kesavadasapuram has its own Animation production house under the banner of IMAGO GLOBAL Animation Studio. IMAGO GLOBAL Animations is built on passion and talent. We love what we do. The best result for us is achieving a great result for our client. We have a talented team of 3D Animators, Creative Directors and Storyboard Artists to create 3D content for corporate videos, films and presentations. Our experienced team of 3D animators and our vast pool of talented artists provide us the flexibility to undertake diverse projects of any size and complexity. We work in collaboration with corporate production companies and our creative directors and storyboard artists can assist right from the concept development and pre-production stage until the final rendering of the projects.

IMAGO GLOBAL Animation, partners with its affiliates to produce top-quality 3D content at the most competitive rates with the latest technology. THE CREW The crew is headed by the Creative Director Mr. Arun with a pool of talented & creative members. With them we are able to process the projects right from Story boarding to Final quality output. Our first project was KOKOMOKO – a 3d Animation project done for International Market. The IMAGO GLOBAL animation has now spread its wings to the other areas of Multimedia production.

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3D PROJECT CONSULTATION: IMAGO GLOBAL Animationâ€&#x;s highly-skilled consultants provide specialized on-site assistance with 3D content creation, planning, management, and technical support, and ensure that the project is completed within the given budget and deadline. For larger projects, or when cost is a primary concern, IMAGO GLOBAL can dramatically reduce the cost of 3D content creation.

BROADCAST MOOIT undertakes projects for broadcast and television, providing consistent high quality production work. We generally partner with other post production houses and provide them with our content creation services. Below is a partial list of the client projects completed by the production team Asianet , Czarina, Car palace, Arena Animation, Holiday Shop, Style Plus etc to name a few. For television serials and other long-format projects, IMAGO GLOBAL Animations has formed channel partnerships to its clients

Internet Mooit is one of the companies in Trivandrum, Kerala to be involved in the latest and hottest technological advances in animation technology today: Interactive 3D.

INTERACTIVE 3D TECHNOLOGY - ADVANTAGES: Interactive 3D provides the viewer the ability to zoom, rotate, pan and the see products from all angles in 3D space, bringing them closer to a real-life shopping experience on the web. Users can now interact with the products and see its various features, cross-sections and even disassemble the product model enabling them to better understand the product on the web. The product is presented in an innovative and engaging way, creating a lasting impression in the viewerâ€&#x;s mind and thereby facilitating a faster purchase decision and word of mouth recommendation. Once the interactive 3D model has been created for the web, the client can also incorporate the model in other formats such as Adobe Acrobat Documents and even Microsoft office Documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint Presentations. Web Designing & Animations. IMAGO GLOBAL Animations offers premium quality website design, re-design, web hosting, website maintenance, search engine optimization and complete, affordable e-commerce and e-Store

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solutions. We can provide everything you need to develop a successful website. Our experienced website designers will give simple, straightforward answers to all your questions, and solutions for your specific needs. We can develop a website for you that are eye-catching, fast loading, cost effective, and easy to find on the WWW. Our search engine optimization (SEO) services will help you draw the traffic you need to accomplish your goals. Web Services Offered

          

Premium Quality Web Hosting Complete Website Design Flash Intros, Headers, Animation Search Engine Optimization E-Stores Merchant Accounts Shopping Carts E-Commerce Packages Webpage Re-design Website Upgrade Domain Name Registration

Architectural MOOIT provides 3D content creation services, concept development and storyboard assistance for architectural renderings and walkthroughs. We generally work in collaboration with architects and designers to provide our 3D content creation services. The final output can be rendered for broadcast, video, print, CD, and the internet. MOOIT is one of the few companies that provide interactive 3D content. This new technology can be extremely useful to show the architectural layout in a more engaging manner. The final format can be a PowerPoint presentation or html page on a web-site, among other things.

Contact Us ARENA ANIMATION C/O. MOOIT (P) LTD TC. 13/ 1797 -2 1ST FLOOR, MOHAN BHAVAN COMPLEX KESAVADASAPURAM TRIVANDRUM – 695004 KERALA, INDIA Tel : +471 2442122| +471 6542122 | +919249 44 2122

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