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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: For our Newzealander friends: Isaac & Fiona Cortés, Joe, Madison & Debbie Wilson, Jim & Beryl Lunan, Eric & Judy Livingstone, Alan & April Harper and “The Photographic Society of New Zealand”. For all the staff of the “Excel English College”, specially David Zehms and Heather Kiesanowsky. For our Asian friends: Kanako, Ivy, Monda and Wanyu. For Ricardo Macián who told me where New Zealand is. For the people who have made this project possible: Ima Ferri, Mario Rabasco, Koldo Chamorro, Paco Caparrós, Eduardo Pardo, Ana Casado, Àlex Berenguer, Paloma Versal, Ana Cabasa, Geoff Ward, Eva Pastor, Antoni Aguilella, Ángela Barceló, Llorenç Cervera, Marisol Lleras, Francesc Sempere, Julio Camacho, Magdalena Rigual and Pau Cordoba. Thanks to our families and all our friends for giving us a reason to come back to Spain.

NEW ZEALAND, LANDSCAPES FROM THE ANTIPODES New Zealanders are very proud of –and very protective of– our country’s natural beauty. And we like other people to enjoy it too. I am delighted that the New Zealand Embassy, together with Tourism New Zealand, has been able to support this exhibition of Jaume Fuster’s photographs which opens, here in Spain, a window on this natural beauty. The exhibition is Jaume’s idea. It grew out of his experiences and the images he so brilliantly captured during his time in New Zealand. The quality of his images speaks for itself. But they are also imbued with the originality and sense of discovery that Jaume’s perspective brings from New Zealand’s antipodes – Spain. I would like to add a personal word of thanks to the other parties we have worked with to make this exhibition possible, especially the management of the Valencia Botanical Gardens which is a wonderfully appropriate venue for an exhibition that highlights New Zealand’s flora and fauna, and also the Mayors of Benidorm and La Nucía, as well as CAM, who have all made it possible for the exhibition to reach a wider audience. Since Valencia won the right to host the 32nd America’s Cup, New Zealand has had a very strong presence in Valencia and we have seen a strengthening of links between the people of New Zealand and the Autonomia of Valencia and between those of Valencia city and Auckland through their common experience as hosts of the Cup. This exhibition adds another element to New Zealand’s presence in Valencia and I am sure it will inspire even more interaction and exchanges.

New Zealand Ambassador

Nova Zelanda, paisatges de les AntĂ­podes

Cova de gel, Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

Terminal del Franz Josef Glacier

Aigua de glacera

Bots d’aigua i rius a Fiorland

Catarata prop del Homer Tunnel

Takahe, Porphyrio mantelli hochstetteri Ànec del paradís, Tadorna variegata

Milford Sound, amb el Mitre Peak reflectit

Waitangi River

Haruru Falls

Kea, Nestor notabilis


alcier G

Falagueres a Westland National Park

El Kauri, Agathis australis, Te Matua Ngahere (el pare del bosc). Nova Zelanda posseeix unes 200 espècies de falagueres

Pingßins d’ulls grocs, Megadyptes antipodes

Bellbird, Anthornis melanura

Espirals a les falagueres i a la talla d’un marae a Okains Bay

Pancake Rocks a Dolomite Point Moerakis Ulva Island Whatanui Rocks, North Head, prop d’Omapere

Wai-o-tapu, Champagne Pool, amb or, plata, mercuri, sofre, arsènic, tal·li i antimoni The craters of the moon, prop de Taupo Wai-o-tapu, Bridal Veil Falls. Wai-o-tapu, Devil’s Bath, piscina verda amb sofre i arsènic

Farewell Spit

Albatros reial, Diomedea epomophora Petrells gegants, Macronectes halli Ă“ssos marins de Nova Zelanda, Arctocephalus forsteri Albatros de front blanc, Thalassarche cauta

Albatros reial, Diomedea epomophora Llop marĂ­ de hooker, Phocarctos hookeri

Catxalot, Physeter macrocephalus

Mascarells, Morus serrator, al Cape Kidnappers, Hastings

Thalassarche cauta

Garsa de mar Haematopus ostralegus i Cigne negre

Cape Farewell

Fotografies i text: Jaume Fuster Disseny: Ima Ferri Il·lustració contraportada: David Esteban Traducció Anglès: Ana Cabasa Traducció valencià: Eva Pastor Assessorament lingüístic: Servei de Política Lingüística de la Universitat de València Impressió: Gràfiques Litolema Fotomecànica: B/N Profesional, S.L. Tipografía text: Amasis light Paper interior: Job Parilux ISBN: 978-84-370-6712-4 DL: V-1604-2007

Letters from antipodes  
Letters from antipodes  

Book of photographies from New Zealand