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Dear Parents, March・April News Letter-Grade 3 TAMPOPO Class In our class, we are learning: 1. Describe items using adjectives 2. Identify clothing 3. Count objects 4. Identify food and drinks 5. Order food and drinks 6. Ask for second 7. Express preference

<Logbook> If your child had any opportunities to use Japanese during weekends or after school, please encourage them to write them in their logbook. <Hiragana> Students finish learning Hiragana. They are now studying Katakana. We will review Hiragana many times in our classes. Please check their notebook. We are starting from タチツテト this month. <Voice Thread> Tampopo class students presented their Yumeno machi poster and record their voice into Voice Thread. This is the website where you could listen to their presentation. <Information> In this month, students are going to learn how to order foods and drinks. Please give your child some opportunities to go to restaurants and order foods and drinks themselves. After they order, students could write their experiences in their logbook. <Homework> I will give students homework every Tuesday. Please help and encourage them to finish it. Homework will be Hiragana/Katakana and other materials. It will take 20 minutes. When they finish their homework, please write your signature in their planner. If they do not have time to do their homework, it would be very appreciated if one of parents can write Japanese teacher a short memo about it. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Thank you very much for your supports. Naoko Imada (

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