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Hello Cathryn, Unlike Deborah Hutton I probably don’t add class or glamour to the game of golf. But we do have something in common. I always thought golf wasn’t for me. Although I didn’t come from a runway I had chased a little ball fast and furiously around the squash court for many years and asked why or how could I dawdle over hill and dale following a little ball around. Well that changed when my dad talked me into buying a $50 set of clubs from a pawn shop and we had a game and another game and so on. Well I, like Deborah Hutton am, “displaying all the normal traits of the typical golfing stereotype – obsession and passion for the game”. Thanks Dad. P.S. I have since upgraded my clubs and am looking at doing it again soon. But have you got some tips on what to look for when choosing clubs to suit? Helen Steele Bilambil, NSW Editor: We will run a story in the March Issue Love your magazine – great to have a ‘local’ magazine for women. Just thought I’d send you a funny story that still has my friends laughing. About five years ago (before I had taken up golf) we went to watch my nephew play in a Golf Pro Am at Lorne, Victoria. I had walked around a golf course with my husband a few times, but had no idea of the fundamentals of golf. On one particular hole at this Pro Am I noticed about four circles with the words ‘Drop Zone’. I said to my husband “Why are the parachutists landing on the golf course – gee they must be good to land in those circles”. A few people in the crowd overheard my comment and started giggling and nudging each other. My husband just looked at me in shock – “you are joking, aren’t you?” he said. I was quite serious because on the way to Lorne we drove past a Skydiving airfield and I’d noticed a number of parachutes slowly spiralling downwards and was amazed at how clever they were to be landing inside or very close to this large circle marked ‘Drop Zone’. So, now that I have taken up golf, every time we see a sign saying ‘Drop Zone’ everybody calls out “Wendy, watch out, the parachutists are dropping in”. Wendy Hayes Mt Eliza, Victoria Dear Cathryn, Congratulations on an interesting and timely publication that caters for the niche of young golfing women like myself! I only started playing golf in March and have since successfully convinced my husband to play. Prior to golf, he was an indoor-(computer) gaming fanatic. My failed attempts to introducing him to the sport had been met with a response such as: “I know a great Playstation2 game that comes with a golf club!” Edwin now appreciates the benefits of being outdoors and discovering he has an innate ability for the sport. I feel after years of knowing each other we finally have something in common. We are now planning our first anniversary holiday, which will likely be at a golf resort somewhere). Thanks for continuing to fuel my passion for golf! Joanne Chua Eastwood, NSW Congratulations on a great Golf Magazine, the ladies at our club think that it is great and caters for all our lady golfers! They think that the only thing missing is a spunky male pin-up occasionally to spice up our ladies room – 80% would like Ernie or Adam Scott! Jackie Wall Pennant Captain – Pinjarra Golf Club WA 6

Hello Cathryn, Congratulations on a great magazine. I am impressed with all your promotional products especially the revlon colorstay make up. It is simply wonderful especially in summer, Also the vision golf balls are sensational. My husband loves the mag too, practice tips and drills are his favourite and mind games are mine, so keep it all coming we really enjoy every page. Margaret Godsmark Hunter Valley, NSW Love your new Womens Golf magazine, I am an avid subscriber. I particularly like the Tips Hints and Training segments as they really make me stop and think and it really helps my game. I also enjoy the articles on Women Golfers and the History of Womens Golf. It was really good to meet you at the PGA Golf Show at Darling Harbour last week which was really fantastic. My husband and I had a great day. I was pleased to see the Vison golf balls and tees there, which I love using, having received the first as gifts with my first subscription. I have noticed articles and advertisements in the last two issues about golf on Norfolk Island. My husband and I visited the Island in May and had a great few rounds of golf there. It is a stunningly beautiful Island and the course has a unique and special feel in a picturesque location. We loved it! Thanks for the good work! Ann Aafjes – Tumbi Umbi (Central Coast NSW) I recently acquired a copy of the third edition of your wonderful magazine from your friend Ann Wilson from the Gold Coast. She was on duty at the Atherton Juniors three day clinic and was helping organise the juniors. I hadn’t seen the mag before and was pleasantly surprised to be able to read from cover to cover, and be well informed, and entertained. Normally you pick up a mag and turn the first six to ten pages before you get an article to read and then move more pages before the next piece of interest. I am vice captain at the El Arish Country Club (Golf) in Far North Queensland and a qualified level 2 coach, trying to encourage others to join in the fun and exercise of this wonderful sport. I am in my 61st year and am one of the “younger” ladies in our really small club of 59 members in total, men, women and six juniors. One of our distinguished ladies, Alice Warren of Tully is in her 91st year and still plays regularly and only recently resorted to riding on her trusty “gophire”.Can you suggest any new ways of attracting new membership? We hold social days, four ball ambrosias, four or five times a year, but it appears most players, although they enjoy the day, prefer to do that, play, enjoy and not join the club. 1We have procession for social membership but no actual participants. Congratulations and thanks. Caryl from Mission Beach Congratulations on a faboulous magazine. First seen in the newsagents yesterday. Fabulous past scratch golfer in the late 60’s early 70’s at the Metuofo City Golf Club Melbourne. Pamela Hall (Tomkins) Bowral, NSW I have just found your magazine at the newsagent. On starting to read the June issue I realised its No three. How can I get copies of issue one and two. Just love having a mag on womens golf. Keep up the good work. Many thanks Doreen Hayes Womens GOLF December 2006

Dear Cathryn My name is Ron Howe and I am a member of Rockingham Golf Club in WA. I have retired recently and have introduced my grand daughter to the game of golf. Alannah is now 12 years old. After about two years of golf she is on a 44 handicap. I bought your second issue of Australasian Womens GOLF, I read it before I gave it to her, the article on Mind Games attracted my attention, especially “Planning your way to reduce your HCP.” We sat down together and discussed “goal setting”, she had heard about it and I explained that here was a opportunity to put it into action on the golf course. Alannah’s first competition, WA School Golf, 68 Net, three days later, Medley Stableford Rockingham, 41 points. Jenny Sevil, we thank you. Ron Howe Baldivis WA Dear Cathryn I returned from the Gold Coast last Saturday after taking up my prize. The day spent at The Villa was quite exceptional. Craig Cork looked after us from the moment we arrived and made the start of our day great. The course itself was picturesque and beautifully looked after. It was also interesting to play. I actually managed 38 points. The view of the clubhouse from the holes away from it was spectaular. I don’t think the promotional brochure actually does it justice. We were well looked after with our lunch which the four of us thoroughly enjoyed. The Sofitel also looked after us very well. The view from our room of the moon over the water was a bonus. We had arranged to stay there for three extra nights. Because of other arrangements we had made, we were not able to take up the dinner which was part of the prize on the nights stayed as part of the prize. The hotel were kind enough to let us do that later in the week. Thank you for your help with the arrangements and thank you very much to Womens GOLF magazine for the prize. Shan Tennent Image-On wishes to thank the many “Women’s Golf ” readers who visited our exhibition stand at the 2006 PGA Golf Show at Darling Harbour, Sydney, last month. It was wonderful to meet so many enthusiastic golfers (both male and female) and hear first hand your individual compliments on the quality of the products and the service we provide. How Vision+TM Golf Balls, with their large numbers and bright fluoro yellow colour, has enabled you to both see the ball in the air and up the fairway. Ensure you don’t hit the wrong ball again as you now play personalised Vision+TM golf balls. Don’t lose so many balls as the fluoro yellow is easy to find in the light rough and in the tree line. How the white and bright yellow Jumbo LongLife Tees® are so easy to find. Yes, we are now working on a simple instruction sheet showing how to use our Australian-made Jumbo LongLife Tees®, as so many of you have requested – so ”Tee it hi and watch it fly.” Our new “Swing Thoughts” and “Reality Saying” tees seemed to have added considerably to many players’ enjoyment of their game. To keep up with new product releases or obtain a copy of “Tee it hi and watch it fly” instructions visit or telephone Alex at Image-On – 02 9938 6066. Once again thank you all for your kind thoughts, suggestions and compliments. Till we speak again “Good Golfing” Kind regards, Alex Haran Managing Director IMAGE-ON PTY LTD Womens GOLF December 2006

Cathryn Meredith Editor

Welcome to the December Issue of Womens GOLF. With the ANZ Ladies Masters coming up on the 15th to 18th of February 2007 we are pleased to present you with a special colour supplement containing the Program for the 2007 ANZ Ladies Masters. This prestigious event will be held at Royal Pines Resort, situated on the fabulous Gold Coast. To purchase tickets, please contact Ticketmaster on 1300 136 122 or visit their website on www. We have some great stories in this issue including Ann Wilson’s “Playing Out Of Fairway Bunkers” tips. We have also introduced several new features. “Ask Jenny” has been created so you can get an answer to some of those difficult questions. If you have a query, please write to Jenny Sevil care of us, and she will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible. Jenny will still produce the very popular “Mind Games” article. Andrea Furst a prominent sports psychologist has worked with many golfers over the years, is also now contributing a story on “Mental Notes” which will help you train your mind to play a more effective and better game. If you are unsure of any rules and etiquette please purchase the book “Do I Get A Drop”. This book is a fabulous companion to keep with you in your golf bag that will give you a quick instant answer to all the rules. To purchase please visit their website www.doigetadrop. com or call 07 3821 1879. I would like to say thank you to all the lovely ladies who stopped by to congratulate us at the PGA Golf Show in July. It was great meeting you all and hearing all about your escapades and anecdotes. It was interesting to note that at least 80% of the women we spoke to and who attended the show, were keen golfers. We have some fabulous Christmas gift ideas for the golfer who has everything in both our Christmas Gift section and Product Review section. Please let everyone know that you saw the product in Womens GOLF as some of our advertisers are offering some special deals for readers. This issue every subscriber both current and new will go into the draw to win two fabulous prizes. The first draw will give you a chance to win a custom set of Henry Griffiths Golf Clubs, valued at nearly $4,000. The second draw a chance to win a fabulous fashion golf wardrobe of clothes from Birdee Golf valued at $600. Every subscriber will also receive two free Vison golf balls and a packet of swing thoughts tees. If your subscription expires for the December issue, our 4th magazine produced, you need to subscribe again by Tuesday February 22nd to be eligible to go into the draw. Please write and let me know what other topics you would like us to cover.

Enjoy your summer

Cathryn Meredith

Back issues are available by calling Valerie on 07 5528 2222 or Email:



by Bruce Young


As Karla Gilbert emerged from the water for the final time at the Australian Ironwoman Championship at Kurrawa Beach on the Gold Coast in 2003, the realisation that this would be her final event began to hit her.


ust a few months earlier, Gilbert had chosen that particular event as the finale to her illustrious and hugely successful career in Ironwoman and other surf-related competition, and what a swansong it was, coming from behind in that race to win.

“At that event, when I crossed the line in first place, I became aware that the victory had brought my whole career together, so while there was sadness to some extent there was also the realisation that there was no better way to go out.”

“I had announced at the start of that season that I would be retiring. I had a few niggling injuries that were beginning to make the management of my training very difficult and other priorities were beginning to creep into my life. I had never been a person to do things by halves and in the previous seven years had never missed a training session. It was pretty much a case of if I wasn’t going to be able to do it properly I wasn’t going to do it at all.

It was an emotional moment for the then 28-year-old, but Gilbert was going out on top. Not only had she added yet another Australian title to her name, but she was departing the sport as the reigning Queensland, Australian, World and Kellogg’s Ironwoman Series Champion.

I still work hard on my fitness by going to the gym, going for bike rides and I try to do something every morning and evening, but clearly not at the level I once was.

Gilbert is a genuine Gold Coaster, born, raised and educated in the Palm Beach area where she attended high school at Palm Beach Currumbin. She has recently returned to the Currumbin area where she now lives with her husband, Andrew, a radiographer at the nearby John Flynn Hospital, who she met at an Indy Car function while working for one of the sponsors of that event. Gilbert’s interest in the surf began by being encouraged by her brother, Jay, three and a half years her senior, to the Palm Beach Surf Club on the Gold Coast as a ‘Nipper’ before she later joined the Surfers Paradise Surf Club as a 12year-old. She retained her membership at Surfers Paradise throughout her career and in recognition of her achievements, and the accolades they had brought to the club, Gilbert was recently made a life member at Surfers Paradise Surf Club.

Gilbert won her very first Ironwoman contest as a 15-year-old in 1990 at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast in what would be the very first professional Ironwoman event in the world, the Ella Bache. In more than 10 years competing amongst the elite Ironwoman of the world since, Gilbert won back-to-back World titles at Manly in 2000, and in Daytona Florida in 2002, but earnt almost countless other titles. She won seven consecutive Ironwoman series (three Kellogg’s, three Meadow Lea and one Devondale), 15 Australian 8

Womens GOLF December 2006


A ‘Sea Change’ In Reverse

Championships (including three Open Ironwoman titles and three Competitor of Carnival Titles), eight Queensland Ironwoman titles and numerous State and Australian Nipper titles among many other career achievements. Last year Karla was inducted into the Sport Australia Sporting Hall of Fame, which is regarded among the pinnacles of sporting accolades in Australia. Recognising that that there would be life after ‘Ironwoman’, Gilbert began a diploma in marketing at Gold Coast TAFE not long after leaving school that took her nearly eight years to complete. Her sponsorship and prizemoney had been enough to sustain her while she trained and travelled the world, but there was always going to be an end to it all. The lengthy process of the marketing diploma would, however, yield results eventually. Immediately on retiring from the sport Gilbert was engaged by one of the sponsors of the V8 Super Car Series and Indy in a Public Relations role, but while she enjoyed the introduction to life away from the surf, her heart and interest did not lie in that area. “It was a good opportunity, but in reality I was travelling more than ever, with too many weekends away from the beach.” As a high-profile sportswoman based on the Gold Coast, Gilbert was often invited to the many golf-related functions held at some of the golfing facilities there. She had attended several such events at The Villa, a corporate and golfing function centre on the Gold Coast, which had opened in 2004 to much fanfare. It was at one such function that Gilbert approached Ian Mclean, the Managing Director of the company that owned The Villa, Nifsan, enquiring as to the possibility of a role at the unique facility. “I had begun to play a little golf with the encouragement of my father a few years earlier,” said Gilbert. “When attending functions at The Villa I had often thought about the possibility of being involved there and so when I spoke with Ian early in 2005, he offered me a chance and I love it here.” Womens GOLF December 2006


SPECIAL FEATURE Gilbert’s role is essentially in guest relations but, with The Villa about to enter a new Membership phase, she will also be playing a role in attending to the needs of the select group of members at the Villa. “At this stage, in my current role, I coordinate a booking once it is confirmed, either in the Conference or Day Functions side of things, but once we have our membership up and running then I will also be involved there.” Gilbert’s first exposure to golf came, as is so often the case, via her father. “Dad would practise his putting on the carpet at night and I had no option but to be exposed to it. I guess being involved in professional sport I was certainly aware of the game and appreciated the disciplines that it no doubt takes to achieve at a high level, and also the highs and lows the game created. I began to get a few lessons on the basics, but it was not until about four or five years ago that I actually played a game of golf. “Now I play two or three times a month and occasionally play in charity/corporate days as an invited guest or when The Villa is entering a team. I enjoy the Ambrose format and am getting to the point now where I feel I can contribute to the combined effort.” Gilbert’s growing interest in the game and the profile she developed as an elite athlete created another interesting golf-related opportunity in that she is now one of the Ambassadors engaged by Callaway in Australia to promote their goods. “I was approached by Frank McCarthy (Callaway’s head in Australia) when he was here at The Villa for Callaway’s launch last year and asked if I was interested in being one of their Ambassadors. Callaway have several involved in this role and it is nice, I think, that they target virtual beginners like myself to help promote their equipment in addition to the many high-class professionals they have playing their product.” Gilbert’s life has changed considerably from the hurlyburly days of travelling the world and the constant pressure of retaining the absolute peak fitness so necessary to compete and succeed in her chosen sport. “I still work hard on my fitness by going to the gym, going for bike rides and I try to do something every morning and evening, but clearly not at the level I once was.” As was the case with her other life, Gilbert’s enthusiasm and passion for everything she does is evident in her new role in life. While still relatively new to the game of golf, she has the sporting background, and now the working environment, to allow her to progress as much as she is prepared to.


Womens GOLF December 2006

Womens GOLF December 2006


SPECIAL FEATURE Bruce Young Award-winning Golf Journalist and Commentator

Like many other quality Australian amateur golfers who have looked to develop their game via the collegiate golf system in the United States, 25-year-old South Australian Anna Rawson has escaped much of the media and other attention afforded to those who have Golf is my number followed the more traditional one priority road to golfing success here and always in Australia. has been.



hat she is an unfamiliar name in this part of the world however should not be interpreted as her being hidden from the public eye elsewhere. Rawson walks not only the fairways of this world but several of the fashion runways and in doing so walks the tightrope between a successful foray into fashion modelling and the development of her considerable golfing talents. Rawson however is quick to point out which comes first. “Golf is my number one priority and always has been”, said Rawson from a Ladies European Tour event she was preparing for in Sweden. “My purpose in modelling now is not so much for fashion but rather modelling for golf in order to help lift the profile of the women’s game. Anytime I get an opportunity with a magazine which is golf related I will do it as I see that bringing further attention to what we (women golfers) are doing as a whole and that can only help the Tour. I am also still doing work where necessary for my sponsors and occasionally other assignments when the scheduling fits but golf is my focus.”

When asked if there were still many modelling opportunities coming her way, Rawson was quick to respond. “Yes living in Los Angeles and Hollywood, all sorts of crazy offers come along but we (Rawson and her manager Anthony Rodriguez) have taken a very conservative approach to it all. Much of that is because I realise only too well that my golf is not yet where I want it to be and it is not smart to be doing that kind of stuff until you have proven yourself on the golf course.” Wise words indeed.


Rawson began the golfing side of her life as a 13 year old when she joined the nearby Glenelg Golf Club in Adelaide. “My family were all members there and when the opportunity came along I joined as well. I had tried a lot of other sports including tennis, gymnastics, basketball and plenty of others.” Rawson’s mother passed away when she was just five but she clearly has a great relationship with her father (Jim) and brother (Willie).


Womens GOLF December 2006

“Within four months or so of joining Glenelg I went to a clinic at Royal Adelaide which had been put on by Women’s Golf South Australia. I didn’t really want to go but my Dad encouraged me go to what was a three day clinic and that was where I learnt most of my early fundamentals.” Rawson was a quick learner and in the competitive environment she was now in with other girls, her interest grew. “From that initial clinic I was selected in a team which essentially meant that I would get ongoing coaching every month or so through Women’s Golf South Australia and although I had no one coach at that time I was getting regular instruction. I began to get selected in teams for South Australia and we would fly to Victoria. It wasn’t however until I was 17 that I really started to develop. I won the South Australian and Victorian Junior Championships and the Jack Newton Classic at Cessnock that year.” She still rates her 1999 Jack Newton win over Katherine Hull as her most significant success prior to leaving Australia for the University of Southern California in 2000 where she had secured a golf scholarship and where she would begin a Degree in Communications. The scholarship came about, in part, through her friendship with another South Australian, Wade Ormsby, now successfully playing on the European Tour. “Wade and I were really good friends and we would often practice together before he left to go to the University of Houston. He said to me to make sure that if that was the way I wanted to go then I should consider the West Coast and a Pac Ten School (Pac Ten is the collective term for colleges on the West Coast). I initially dealt through the same recruiting consultant as Wade and was getting quite a few offers but in the end my father and I came to the conclusion that California was the place to be. None of the offers had come from California and so my dad got on the phone and called every one of the top thirty schools in California.” The University of Southern California coach came out to see Rawson play at the Australian Open in early 2000 which indicated some serious interest by the college in Rawson and the then 19 year old began a Degree in Communications and a golf scholarship at USC in August of that year.

Rawson Has Game And Glamour ... Womens GOLF December 2006

Prior to all that happening and because of her photogenic good looks there were other opportunities developing for Rawson away from the golf course. “I’d always loved fashion and I guess because I had the model type build, being tall and thin, I was interested in the industry. I was keen on fashion magazines and when there was a competition in the Dolly Magazine in Australia, I entered and won. I got some work from that but quite honestly I didn’t really enjoy it as it was often boring and there was a lot of waiting around and you were prodded and touched. The money was good however and I did love the fashion that’s for sure.” After arriving at the USC in Los Angeles, Rawson not only began to shine on the golf course but she was also doing well scholastically. Her Degree was, in the main, focused on Interpersonal and Business Communications and she thrived on it and excelled. In fact just to get into the course at USC she had been required to prove herself in the classroom. “I loved the USC lifestyle”, stated Rawson enthusiastically. “I managed to develop a great balance between my golf, my studies and my social network. I have always loved doing a lot of things at the one time and so the pace and variety of life suited me.” Although she was enjoying it she now realises she might not have taken her golf as seriously as perhaps she should have. “I was not a terribly focused college golfer. I enjoyed the big events we played in but looking back I now wish I had taken it just that more seriously as everything was made available to us and it was a great opportunity that I could have utilised better. I found it hard to get motivated in the regular college events but always looked forward to the big end of season events.”


SPECIAL FEATURE One of those big events was the 2003 NCAA Championship at Purdue University in Indiana where the USC Team became the National Champions for the first time. Rawson played a key role in that victory, more especially in the final round where she was forced to dig deep. “Anna was amazing out there,” said Andrea Gaston the USC coach. “She’s such a fighter and a tremendous team player and in the important championships, she really knows how to play smart golf. She made it happen today.” The team’s performance was one that provided Rawson with what she describes as her greatest moment in the game to date. During her time at USC there was little opportunity for modelling. “In my first summer break I returned to Australia and did some but while at college my schedule was just too demanding to pursue that. We basically golfed all morning and then it was school all afternoon so it did not leave much time for anything else. There were also restrictions on how much a student athlete could work. In my third year and after we won the NCAA, USC public relations suggested that I get back into modelling so they could use the pictures for the promotion of the College. I flew back to Australia and got so many fantastic pictures that week. The pictures were both golf and fashion and were first used in Inside Sport in January 2004. That exposure led to offers for further work after leaving college.” Rawson eventually left USC in mid 2004 after captaining the Women’s team in her final year and found her way to the final stage of the USLPGA Tour. She missed the cut there but just a few weeks earlier had provided insurance for herself by qualifying for the US Futures Tour, a secondary tour and a feeder tour for the USLPGA. Rawson therefore had somewhere to ply her trade and develop her skills in 2005. Rawson played 17 Futures Tour events that year recording two top tens, one of which was when fifth at an event in Texas. She returned to the LPGA Tour School late in 2005 but again struggled and had reached a low point in her game. “I lost enthusiasm for the game and I was beginning to question myself as to whether I really wanted to do this and it was then it suddenly dawned on me that Europe might just be a great option.” Some friends were going to the Ladies European Tour in Costa del Sol in Spain and Rawson decided to join them. She finished fourth at the first stage and then third at the final stage and then had a place to play and more money to play for in 2006. “I am enjoying playing in Europe,” she said. “The quality and presentation of courses is great, the money is far greater and we travel to some really interesting places. The places I have seen this year already have been both incredible and unforgettable.” Those places include Austria, Spain, Canary Islands, which she loved, Switzerland, France, Italy, Britain, and Portugal to name but a few. Her best finish to date has been when 10th at the Ladies Swiss Open. “I started the season quite well but have been inconsistent of late. There have been some very good rounds mixed with the occasional bad round and that is what I need to work on.” On a personal note there is a love in Rawson’s life but she was a little coy on that issue. “He will kill me if I mention his name,” she joked. I guess there is nothing like a little mystery to add to the story. We did find out that he lives in the US and someone who she met during her days at USC. Anna Rawson still has some way to go before being able to truly call herself the successful professional golfer she aims to be and the road ahead is long and windy. She is though on the right road. If and when she takes her game to the next level, not only will she reap the rewards, but she has the added bonus of being an eminently marketable commodity on which potential sponsors and the women’s game generally could well capitalise. 14

Womens GOLF December 2006

Womens GOLF December 2006


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TIPS, HINTS & TRAINING Jenny Sevil Golf Professional


Jenny Sevil is one of Australia’s most successful lady professional golfers. A winner on both the Australian and Japanese golf circuits in the ‘90s, Jenny became a well-known personality in the sporting public. As well as competing on the Australian and Japanese golf tours, Jenny is now busy with corporate golf, motivational speaking and the media. Most recently, and her most passionate venture, is to help the up-and-coming players of Australia reach their potential.

In previous articles, Womens GOLF writer and professional golfer Jenny Sevil has discussed the importance of the MIND in helping to become a better golfer. Jenny has touched on such subjects as the effects of negative self-talk, having a good attitude, goal setting, preparing for the first tee and dealing with hitting a bad shot. The dominating theme in each of these articles has been the importance of controlling your mind and your thought processes in order to achieve the most out of your game.


enny attributes many of these MIND Techniques as a major contributing factor in her own successful career on the international golf circuit and hopes they can help you to improve and enjoy your own golf more.

In every area of the game there are two key components: The physical side (swing) and the mental side (positive thinking and planning). 1. Having a golf lesson: To get ultimate results from your golf lesson you must combine the actual physical instructions with a good mental attitude and the correct thinking. Many golfers pay good money for a golf lesson and receive sound advice from their local professional, but complain that it doesn’t work or that they are not getting better results. Where do they go wrong? Well, any small changes to your swing or even just your grip will feel strange initially. So it will take some time and patience for these changes to feel as if they are a natural part of your technique. Most importantly, it takes perseverance in order to stick with these changes and achieve the desired results. Too many golfers take a lesson, listen to the advice and instruction of the professional, try it one or two times and then say “Oh, it’s not working” and revert to their old habits. They do this because it

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is easier and feels better, because mistakes that had been grooved into your swing feel more comfortable than the changes you have to make. We are creatures of habit at times. So here a few keys to getting the best results from your golf lesson: 1. Persevere with the new changes. 2. Don’t be tempted to fall back on what feels most comfortable. 3. Don’t be negative by allowing yourself to think “I can’t do this” or “It feels awkward so it must not be right”. 4. Write things down. It is very important to write down the few key points you are told in your lesson. It is surprising how easy it is to forget from one game to the next what you are supposed to be working on. Put the piece of paper with those points in your golf bag and refer to them each time you get to the golf course. It could be as simple as: 1. Take time to line up correctly or, 2. Check my grip or, 3. Finish my back swing before I start my down swing. If you don’t do this you will often find that you will forget what you have been told and only remember the next time you go for a lesson and are told exactly the same thing you were at your previous lesson. Save both time and money by writing down these key points, refer to them often, persevere with them and have faith that they will work! 2. Most golfers have that one hole on their course that they always play badly and dread getting to. Why does this happen? It usually is a result of having played that hole very badly the first time you played it, or it could have been when you were having a good round and that one hole ruined an otherwise great score. You have convinced yourself this is a hole you despise and one you always play badly. How to rectify this problem? First of all, you need to plan how you are going to play the hole. It’s a little like a game of chess. You have to have a strategy and you make one move (shot) at a time. Your first shot is your drive, so pick a spot where you want to hit your drive and focus on that. Do not focus on where you don’t want the drive to go, i.e. a water hazard or an out of bounds, but Womens GOLF December 2006

rather where you do want it to go. If you always go out of bounds, try changing your club and maybe hit a 3 or 5 wood instead of your driver. Maybe play safe on your second shot, setting yourself up for an easy approach to the green. If, when you are near the green and there is a water carry, play to the middle of the green, or if there is a bunker that you find difficult getting out of, play around it. It is better to have one more shot around the bunker then having three or four shots in it. You will definitely improve your score on the hole if you concentrate on playing one shot at a time and not be intimidated by the hole itself. If the hole is a par 4 and you regularly score say seven or eight then work on having a five or six, taking off only one or two shots. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself expecting to par it straight away. If you have been having an eight and walk away with a six then that’s great improvement. In a few weeks you will be having five or sixconsistently and all of a sudden you will par it without that pressure of “Oh, not this hole!” ringing in your ears. So remember it’s just a drive, just a 5 iron and just a chip, the same as you would do on your favourite hole. Most importantly, if you are to overcome the belief that you can’t play a certain hole well, you need to change your attitude about the hole. You have to convince yourself you can play it well. Do this by following the plan you have made yourself of how you want to play the hole. Keep telling yourself you like the hole and will have a good score on it. STOP telling yourself those negative things, otherwise the hole will have you beaten before you start. Remember, by putting a little effort into thinking more about your golf, you will achieve greater results. Hope it works for you, Jenny.

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Karrie Webb, photographer Anthony Powter



By award-winning cartoonist Alan Moir $275




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Karrie Webb – a different person off the golf course!


Laura Davies – not ready for retirement!

This new feature will become a regular article in Womens GOLF. It will allow readers to either email or write to Jenny Sevil, Womens GOLF writer and professional golfer, with a question that Jenny will research or give her opinion on. If you have a question on a rule, etiquette or any general question pertaining to golf or the golfing world, contact Jenny! Question: Are you allowed to use your golf club to help you line up while playing in a competition? (Lyn, Grand Golf Club) Reply: A player is permitted to place a club on the ground to assist in aligning his/her feet properly provided the player removes the club before playing his/her stroke, otherwise a breach of Rule 8/2a would occur. It is similar to having your caddy line you up. The caddy is allowed to check your alignment, but must move away before you play the shot. Question: Is it true that Laura Davies is about to retire from professional golf? (Lea, Newcastle) Reply: Laura is currently playing on both the USLPGA tour and LET (Ladies European Tour), and has no immediate plan to retire. She thrives on competition and says that until she feels she genuinely cannot win, or compete at the highest level, she will continue to play the game she loves so much. Laura needs to accomplish one major win, or two regular LPGA tournament wins to qualify for the Hall of Fame. Question: During a competition, if a three ball is in front of a two ball and the three ball is holding up the two ball, does the two ball have priority to play through. (Carol, Royal Pines)


. . . y n Jen Reply: If the three ball is keeping up with the groups ahead they can offer to let the two ball play through. However, it maybe fruitless as the two ball will continue to be held up. If the three ball is loosing ground to the group in front they should out of courtesy and etiquette allow the two ball to play through. Question: What is Karrie Webb really like? She seems very serious on the golf course. (anomonyous) Reply: Yes, Karrie has often been critised for her serious, sullen demeanour on the golf course. I believe she has been misunderstood. Her serious nature on the golf course reflects an intense focus, which Karrie says is the the way she has to be to perform at her best. Karrie expects a lot from herself, therefore if things don’t go her way she does not hide her dissappointment. Off the golf course Karrie is a happy, relaxed, good humoured girl who enjoys socialising and sharing time with friends. Karrie is very close to her family and deep down is still a shy country girl. Question: What is the rule for slow play in a regular competition? Recently I played with a lady who took so much time on every shot, and even just getting to her ball, that it spoilt the day for our group. (Pat, Southport) Reply: Players should be aware of the pace of play as part of the etiquette of the game. The Rules of golf state the player shall play without undue delay. If pace of play is an issue at a club the pace of play guidelines maybe laid down by the committe eg: maximum periods of time allowed to complete a round, a hole or a stroke. Question: What’s happened to American professional golfer Kellie Robbins? (Bob, Emerald Lakes Golf Club) Reply: Kellie experienced serious back problems which caused her to miss the entire 2005 season after the opening tournament in Hawaii. After operations, rehabilitation Kelly is back on Tour in 2006 and easing her way back to full time tournament play. Kelly is renowned as one of the best ball strikers in women’s golf and it is great to see her back on Tour. Please write to Jenny at: Womens GOLF Australia PO Box 221, Ashmore City QLD 4214. Email:

Womens GOLF December 2006



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SPECIAL FEATURE Bruce Young Award-winning Golf Journalist and Commentator

Like Father Like Daughter West Australian amateur Kristie Smith’s golfing career is already stacked full of experience and achievements. She will soon head to college in the US but, before she does so, there is some unattended business to see to.


he may not yet be the professional golfer she eventually wants to be, but, given the amount of time she is now spending playing tournaments around the world, Smith’s life currently resembles that of many of professional stars she hopes to contend against and beat before too long. As I spoke to her earlier this year during the US Girls Junior Championship in Charlotte in North Carolina, Smith looked back over the previous month or so, a period that had been somewhat of a whirlwind and one that had seen her elevate her status in junior golf to an even higher level. Just over a month earlier Smith had arrived in the US and had finished eighth in her first event, the Ping Junior Mirasol event in Florida. From there she headed to North Carolina where she won the first of two consecutive junior events, a Callaway PGA Junior series, event at Duke University, by 13 shots. A week later she won an American Junior Golf Association event at the famed Oak Tree Country Club in Oklahoma by five shots. In between the two victories Smith had managed to earn a place at the USGA Girls Junior Championship via final qualifying, and then a week after her win in Oklahoma she teed up in the final qualifying for the US Women’s Amateur where she topped the list of qualifiers at her venue. That performance earned her the right to play the most significant event in women’s amateur golf in Oregon in August. On the day that event started Smith would turn 18. Before the US Amateur Smith played in the Callaway World Junior Championship near San Diego where she struggled early in the event but played her back nine in the final round over the North Course at Torrey Pines in five under to finish eighth. 20

Kristie and father Wayne

On the surface, the campaign appears to be extensive and demanding for one so young and relatively inexperienced in tournament golf, but on closer analysis her capacity to handle whatever comes her way is perhaps easy to understand. Smith’s background in golf has already been significant, even away from playing the game. Her father, Wayne, was a relatively successful golfer, having gone to college in the USA and experienced success on both the Japan and Australasian Golf Tours. He won the Victorian PGA and the South Australian Open and as a result the younger Smith has been exposed to the game from a very early age and been safely guided through the early stages of her career. Born in Perth, Smith moved with her family to Margaret River at the age of 12 and it was at that time that she became serious about her golf. “I joined the Margaret River Golf Club then, but had been hitting balls at the range with my dad from about the age of 10 and joined the junior golf clinics at Wembley Golf Club in Perth before we headed down south. I really started to focus on practising and working hard on my game when we moved down there.” Smith was into sport of any type, but it would eventually come down to a choice between hockey and golf. She had played hockey in country Western Australia, but it became clear at about the age of 15 that she had a tremendous golfing talent and it was at that time that golf became the main focus. Womens GOLF December 2006

“Last year (2005) we decided that it would be good to spend a year at Como College, which have a great golf program and so Dad and I moved back to Perth and got a townhouse near Joondalup where I am a member, while Mum and my brother Ryan stayed down in Margaret River and came up at the weekends.” Under the influence of her coach, David Milne, and no doubt with help and advice from her dad, Kristie continued to develop as a player and the milestones, too numerous to mention here, were reached and passed. In what she described as one of her most significant achievements in the game to date, Smith won her State Amateur in 2005 when beating Bree Turnbull in the final. In doing so she became the youngest winner of that event, but that was really only the beginning and things were about to get even better in 2006. After being named in the Australian Junior Tasman Cup side, Smith received an invitation to play the Malaysian Ladies Open, a professional event, where she finished in fifth place. “I consider that (the Malaysian Open) as probably my best performance to date as I finished just three shots from the winner and was the leading amateur in what was my first professional event.” The Junior Tasman Cup side won against New Zealand, adding yet another achievement, this time in a team environment, to her growing resume. Being a team player will become a significant part of Smith’s immediate golfing future as she was earlier this year offered a scholarship to attend college in the US at Oklahoma State University, a college with a fine golfing reputation, program and facilities. “The Oklahoma State ladies coach, Laura Matthews, contacted my dad and at that point I was not really even thinking about college in the US, but rather was planning on staying in Australia to play amateur events and try to get into Espirito Santo and Commonwealth teams. When it was suggested that my boyfriend, Matt Jager, might also get a scholarship I became more interested. Then when Laura came to Australia in February she made me aware of the tremendous facilities that Oklahoma could offer and convinced me of the benefits they would provide.” Smith will start her time at Oklahoma in January of 2007.

Jager, a fellow West Australian, who has now also signed to join the Oklahoma Cowboys, is not only Smith’s boyfriend, but he was her team-mate in the Como College team’s success at the Nissan Trans Tasman Secondary Schools’ Championship in May of this year when Smith, the only female in any of the four teams, produced a last round 68 at the demanding Moonah Links to lead her team to a resounding victory. Smith had many family and friends watching her progress during the US Junior Girls event. Her mother, Kelli, is from Georgia in the US and many of her family had come across to South Carolina to see Smith play. “I’ve had a lot of support, which has been great. Even though I have been here a few times before, this is the first season that I have played competitively in the US, so it has been great to have had them here.” At the completion of the US Women’s Amateur Championship where she qualified but was beaten early in the match play phase, Smith’s schedule suggested there would be little time to rest. “I fly home to Perth for just three days and then head to Britain straight away to play two big events there,” said Smith at the time. “I will be travelling with Clare Choi from Victoria who is also playing those events, but dad will fly on to Britain after he has spent time at the US Amateur with me. He will actually caddy for me there and in the UK which will be awesome and then he will also be our chaperone.” As it was to turn out Smith made a late decision not to travel to Britain as she had been upset by the concerns around air travel at that time. There had been multiple arrests in Britain involving plots to blow up planes and Smith, who is a nervous traveller at the best of times, decided to stay back in Perth. Smith is gifted with tremendous length from the tee, a natural gift that will be a great asset in the years ahead. By the time Smith has played in the events she has planned over the next few months and spent however long at Oklahoma State, she will be well and truly prepared for life on the road that is professional golf. It might be that she already is but, under the guidance of the significant support mechanism she has around her, the time she spends in preparation and grooming over the next two or three years could well see her burst on to the professional scene when that moment arrives.

Ph: (03) 9388 8988 Web: Womens GOLF December 2006


INSTRUCTIONS Ann Wilson Golf Professional Ann has been named in the Best Top 50 Instructors List.

Playing out of

Fairway Bunkers by Ann Wilson


olf courses are designed to challenge all those who play this great game. Bunkers are just one of the hazardous areas set in place to disrupt a good game of golf. However, with some helpful tips, you will have more conďŹ dence about playing out of them. I hope you were able to put the Greenside Bunker tips from the last issue into practice and improve your bunker play. Modern-day golf courses are built with more bunkers guarding the greens and fairways. So it is important to have a good understanding on how to play out of Fairway Bunkers. What club do I use? How do I stand? How long do I swing the club?

22 22

Womens Womens GOLF GOLF December December 2006 2006

Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Playing Out Of Fairway Bunkers

Club Selection For Fairway Bunkers Firstly, check the lie, and how far the ball is from the bunker edge or lip. (I will be explaining later what to do if the ball is plugged or under the lip.) The closer to the bunker edge the more lofted the club has to be. So use a pitching wedge or sand wedge. (See insert pic) If the ball is five to 10 metres from the bunker face with a low face or lip then you can use a less lofted club, like a five or seven Iron. It is possible to use lofted woods out of fairway bunkers, (See main pic) such as five, seven or nine woods. Or for those who have hybrid clubs use five or six. But the ball should be sitting well and you should have plenty of room to clear the lip. I would strongly recommend practising these before you attempt them in a competition round. Always take a more lofted club if you have the slightest doubt of carrying the ball over the bunker edge. It is better to be out of the bunker with an eight than up the lip by using a six.

Womens GOLF December 2006



Setting Up In Fairway Bunkers Shorten your grip for better control. Dig the toes and feet into the sand. (Feet, shoulder width apart) Lean slightly on your left side. (Righthand golfers) Position the ball just back of the middle of your stance for

Ball position just forward of centre for lofted woods and hybrids. Hands and club shaft should lean just forward of the ball to the left.

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Womens GOLF December 2006

Key Swing Thought Playing Fairway Bunkers Imagine the sand is grass. Play your ball as if it was on the fairway. Shorten the swing a little for better balance and control. Limit the leg movement and ďŹ nish on your left side. Feel the right hand descending under the ball, don’t try and lift it out. Keep your swinging motion even tempo.

Womens GOLF December 2006



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Womens GOLF December 2006

Plugged Ball In The Bunker If the ball is buried take your medicine and use a sand wedge or pitching wedge to get it over the lowest part of the bunker. (That may mean you have to go out sideways or backwards) Just remember to play the ball back in your stance, close the club face and have your hands forward of the ball. Pick the club up more steeply and punch down just behind the ball. It should pop out, but you won’t get much distance, but at least it will be out of the bunker.

Biggest Mistakes And How To Correct Them Hard sand in fairway bunkers is easier to play out of than soft sand. So if the sand is deep and soft, stand taller and maintain your height through contact. Don’t expect as good a result out of soft sand. But this tip will improve your shot. Fairway bunkers are usually strategically placed up the fairways to capture those who cut the corners on the dog legs. So try not to be too greedy. Take a longer, safer route.

Unplayable lie in a bunker

you may bury it deeper and have an even tougher shot to play next. So you’ll end up having to take an unplayable lie and thus adding an extra shot on to your score. Then realistically, you only have two options for you penalty drop. So be smart, if it looks too difficult take a penalty drop. It will save you shots and unwanted frustration. To gain confidence in fairway bunkers, put these tips into practise. You could even drop a few balls in a fairway bunker at your home course and try using different clubs to see what results you get. Just remember to do this when the course is not busy, or I’ll be in trouble. I look forward to helping you at Lakelands Golf Club on the Gold Coast. Happy swinging.

“It’s a par five. I need to get more distance, so I’ll use my three wood.” Wrong. Always take the club that has enough loft to get you clearly over the lip. Overswinging and trying to hit the ball too hard. Maintain a firm base to swing and play your shot. Balance is the key. “Oh NO, not in the bunker again”. Now that you have a better understanding of what to do, just pretend it’s on grass and put a good swing on it. Your confidence will grow the more you practise these shots. Then you won’t be so worried about going into them. When the ball is plugged up the lip and almost impossible to get out. Take an unplayable lie and add one penalty stroke. You have three options for an unplayable lie in a bunker.

Unplayable Lies In Bunkers Mark the ball and drop it in the bunker within two club lengths, no closer to the hole. Drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay, keeping the pin in line with the marked spot. You can go back as far as you like on this line as long as you drop in the bunker. (See pic) Play the ball as close as possible from where you last played the shot. The penalty for taking relief from an unplayable lie is one stroke. This is usually the smarter way to go when faced with unplayable lies. Remember, once you attempt to hit the ball from a difficult lie Womens GOLF December 2006



Thousands Compete For Their Dream On The Green By Louise Osborne Women’s golf in Australia is now, more than ever, making a significant mark on Australia’s sporting agenda. Under the direction of the newly amalgamated Golf Australia, opportunities have increased for women’s golf, including the development of new tournaments and further sponsorship dollars.


ocal club tournaments have a strong appeal to women golfers; one example is the Peugeot Women’s Classic. This tournament has made its mark on golf club calendars nationwide, with final registration numbers reaching almost 17,000 and 400 clubs participating. Not only are women of all ages and skill enjoying the game and competitiveness but they’re also taking advantage of the additional benefits of improving their health and making time for friends. It is well documented that golf is a game that burns up calories, reduces cholesterol and can reduce stress. It is also widely acknowledged that a general chinwag with the girls is as good as seeing a counsellor, providing the ultimate support network. Timing couldn’t be better for women’s golf, with more tournaments such as the Peugeot Women’s Classic encouraging female club golfers to ‘walk and talk.’ Certain perceptions of women’s golf such as age and style are fast disappearing with many younger players taking to the tee. Those encouraging the fashion barriers to break are our young Australian stars, sporting tattoos and wearing short shorts, portraying a new image which is attracting all ages. Taking a proactive approach in appealing to the stylish and social female club golfer is Peugeot Automobiles Australia creation of the Peugeot Women’s Classic. The new

three ball tournament has taken women’s golf to new level, reaching out to women of all ages and all playing abilities, from metropolitan to regional areas across the country. Face of the Classic, newly married, Nadina Light (Taylor), said, “This tournament encourages a healthy lifestyle and is a celebration of style and swing which is breaking down the fashion barriers. It has captured the attention of thousands of female golfers, whether it is businesswomen, students or mothers.” Local clubs around the nation embraced this biggest amateur event in Australia with enthusiasm, some to the extent of creating a Parisian theme for their local tournament. The ladies appeared in their red, white and blue outfits to celebrate their own style, enjoy the game and more importantly to win a myriad of prizes. “The Classic was an exciting tournament for the ladies at Surfers Paradise Golf Club (SPGC), with many of our members arriving on the green, head to toe in French colours. The only thing about our tournament is Peugeot didn’t leave behind the red cabriolet they had on display!” light-heartedly said, Jenny Johansen, Women’s Associate President, at the SPGC, QLD. Rockingham Golf Club (RGC), WA, also had a successful day with over 63 starters. Lyn Vandergiezen, Ladies Captain of RGC said, “Women are always looking for something different in golf and this was a great outlet. We believe our club champions will qualify for the national final.” The next step in the Classic is the state finals, which will be held in the first two weeks of December. State finalists will compete for the chance to be flown to Sydney during the 2007 MFS Women’s Australian Open for the national final, with the ultimate dream to win an all expenses paid trip to the Peugeot International Pro AM in Paris. “We encourage local communities to get behind their club champions, and support them through their finals journey,” stated Nadina. Rob Dommerson, Managing Director of Peugeot Automobiles Australia, said, “The classic has enjoyed great success. The response from local clubs has been overwhelming. We’ve received numerous letters from female club golfers telling us how much fun they had with the girls. We’re very proud to be a part of this exciting tournament.” For further info visit:

Nadina Taylor


Womens GOLF December 2006

Bonnie Doon Golf Club, NSW From left to right: Kay Couldwell Doerte Rose Trish Barron Fran Smith

A Myriad Of Prizes To Be Won

Gretel Killeen – Peugeot Automobiles Australia ambassador, Nadina Taylor – Face of the Peugeot Women’s Classic 2006 and Jane Ferguson

All Participants Every participant in the Peugeot Women’s Classic will receive a special commemorative pin courtesy of Peugeot and Golf Australia. And if you take a Peugeot for a test drive you will also receive a beautiful gift from Peugeot and Callaway Golf (Callaway valuables pouch, 3 Warbird balls and tees).

Nadina Taylor with Peugeot Automobiles Australia Managing Director – Rod Dommerson

Club Level Winners Each winning team at the club level will receive a pearl keyring from Peugeot. In addition, the top teams from each State (maximum of 40 teams per State) will be invited to play in the State Finals. All State Finalists Every participant in the State Finals will receive a gift, plus additional on-course prizes will be available, such as nearest the pin, longest drive, etc.

PEUGEOT WOMEN’S CLASSIC STATE FINALS: NSW Date: Friday 8 December Venue: Cumberland Golf Club Address: 248 Old Prospect Road Greystanes NSW 2145

State Final Winners Winners of the State Finals will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to compete in the National Final, which will be held during the week of the 2007 MFS Women’s Australian Open (January 2007).

QLD Date: Tuesday 5 December Venue: Caloundra Golf Club Address: 1 Charles Woodward Drive Caloundra QLD 4551

National Final Winners The grand prize for the overall winning team of the 2006 Peugeot Women’s Classic will be an allexpenses-paid trip to France. The prize includes an invitation to compete in the Peugeot International Pro-Am as guests of Peugeot Automobiles Australia.

SA Date: Monday 4 December Venue: Mount Osmond Golf Club Address: 60 Mount Osmond Road Mount Osmond SA 5064 TAS Date: Friday 8 December Venue: Devonport Golf Club Address: 66 Woodrising Avenue Devonport TAS 7310 VIC Date: Monday 4 December Venue: Woodlands Golf Club Address: White Street Mordialloc VIC 3195 WA Date: Monday 4 December Venue: Hartfield Country Club Address: 90 Hartfield Road Forrestfield WA 6058 Womens GOLF December 2006

Caloundra Golf Club, QLD *note not the winners

From left to right: Barb Saville Joan Kalwig Liz Donaldson Judith Keill Meg Peel Merle Rowe


CELEBRITY MALE GOLFER Bruce Young Award-winning Golf Journalist and Commentator

Scott At the age of just 32, Queenslander Scott Draper has probably crammed more into those years than most could even dream of experiencing in a full lifetime.


ot all of that experience has been good, in fact there have been very tough times mixed amongst some great moments amongst the elite of his original sport of choice, tennis.Talking to Draper in recent times, however, it is clear there are many more chapters remaining in the life of this multi talented sportsman. From personal triumph to personal tragedy and back again, Draper’s life makes for interesting reading. From the highs of wins against some of the world’s best tennis players, a win at one of the world’s most prestigious tournament on grass, representing his country at the ultimate level in tennis and winning a Grand Slam title, to overcoming, at the age of 18, the anxiety disorder Obsessive Compulsive Syndrome and the depths of losing his first wife, Kellie, to Cystic Fibrosis, Draper has had it all – and more. Draper’s relatively recent venture into the field of professional golf has already provided glimpses of what he could well achieve in the game and his progress has highlighted that many of the skills required for success in any one sport are portable. Draper has taken with him, from tennis to golf, the disciplines and application that have seen him win events such as the Wimbledon Junior Doubles title, the 1998 Queens Club tournament in London and the 2005 Australian Open Mixed Doubles. He has also played an important role as an Australian Davis Cup Team member. Looking back on his tennis career, Draper pinpoints three specific performances or events that were the highlights. Beating Thomas Muster in the second round of the Italian Open might not necessarily sound all that impressive, but Draper explains why he places it high on his list of personal achievements. “It was 1997 and in that era, Muster was the ‘king of clay’, number two in the world and the defending champion. It was incredibly hot, in fact so much so that after our three close sets he was taken to hospital. Getting past him in that situation in what was then known as the fifth major in the world was certainly a personal highlight and a real buzz for me. The win at Queens and playing Davis Cup were other highlights of my career.” 30

Another tennis highlight, although Draper is reluctant to place it at the same level as some of his other performances, ironically came just two months after turning to professional golf. After spending much of 2004 away from tennis with an injury and surgery to his knee, he teamed up with Gold Coaster, Samantha Stosur, to win the Mixed Doubles title at the Australian Open in January of 2005. Stosur’s original choice of partner had not been able to make it and when Draper was asked, he jumped at the chance. “I was excited when Sam asked me as I knew she was a great player and it was too good an opportunity to turn down.” While it might not register in his own mind as one of his great performances, there was a lot to admire about the achievement from afar. “It was great to get a Grand Slam title next to my name but to a large extent it was a bonus. I had only eight days of practice to prepare for that event as I had the golf tournament that same week and had been reluctant to place too much pressure on my knee in the lead up to the Australian Open.” The golf tournament to which Draper refers was the Von Nida Tour’s Victorian Open at the Woodlands Golf Club in the suburbs of Melbourne. Having gained his Australasian Tour card at the Tour School two months earlier, which had given him the opportunity to play in events such as this, Draper was reluctant to give up the opportunity. The week would therefore require a lot of juggling in order to play both a professional golf tournament and the Mixed Doubles at a Grand Slam tennis event virtually simultaneously. “I spoke to both Paul McNamee and the PGA Tour and, in the end, I was able to get a morning tee time on the Thursday which allowed me to head back to the Melbourne Tennis Centre after playing at Woodlands in the morning, warm up with Sam and away we went. As it turned out I didn’t make the cut at Woodlands so the weekend was not an issue. I was perhaps more tired mentally than physically at the end of it all.” Womens GOLF December 2006

Scott and Jessica Draper


was a tennis player good enough to represent her State and Scott decided he would introduce himself and the rest, as they say, is history. “Jessica has a natural gift for sport, is a good athlete, has a good golf swing and very importantly for me she enjoys golf and will probably get into a little more before long. She came with me to the US this year when I went to do some commentary for Fox Sports at the US Tennis Open and to play a few Nationwide Tour and Mini Tour events. We stopped in Hawaii for a friend’s wedding on the way to the US and we did play some golf there and had a great time.”

Photo courtesy of Anthony Powter

These are clearly a few of the high points in the life to date of Scott Draper but in 1999 came his lowest point when he lost his first wife Kellie to Cystic Fibrosis, a recessive genetic disorder which attacks the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems and more especially the lungs. It was at that time, when Draper was coming to terms with such a devastating loss, that he turned to golf. “I had played golf for some time but it was in that period, after losing Kellie, when I used golf as somewhat of an escape and I began to appreciate the game even more. I would take my clubs with me on the tennis tour and in doing so managed to get to play some of the really great courses.” Draper’s golf improved to the point where the possibility of turning professional was becoming more of a reality.The Australasian Tour School in 2004 would be a litmus test of sorts to establish just where he was at with his game. He managed to secure one of the cards to play the Australasian Tour by finishing in 12th place there. That status would not afford him starts in the bigger events over the summer of 2004/2005 but the unique story of Scott Draper, offered tournament organisers yet another angle to promote their events. As a result, Draper managed to gain starts in events such as the New Zealand Open and the Jacobs Creek Open but he was not able to make the cut in either and has yet to do so in events on the main tour.

For Scott Draper who has overcome the highs and lows of sport and life, things are very much looking up. “I have played Nationwide Tour events where I can get a start and several mini tour events to hopefully develop my game even further. I will then look to tackle the USPGA Tour School and see where it all goes.” When asked where he is at with his game eighteen months down the professional road, Draper is quick to respond. “I am a way better golfer now. Technically and mentally I’m better and I am a lot more experienced now. Earlier on when I went to Tour School I did not have a lot of game but now with a far greater array of shots, I have a lot more options. The big thing now is picking the right one so it continues to be a huge learning curve.” Scott Draper is one of Australia’s most gifted sportsmen. Whether he goes on to a successful career in professional golf or not, there is little doubt that what Draper has already achieved in making the transition, at a professional level, from one individual sport to another has offered us all an insight into what is possible, not only with raw talent, but with self belief, hard work and commitment. Draper’s life is the sort of story that would make a great movie and in fact there are discussions currently under way with interested parties which may result in the Draper story being seen on the big screen in the future.

On the Von Nida Tour, however, Draper was developing his tournament skills. He finished inside the top ten (7th) at the South Australian PGA in 2005 and earlier this year finished a very impressive fourth at the Bega Cheese NSW PGA Championship. While his golfing career was beginning to take shape, so too was his personal life. In November of 2004 he married Jessica Kersten. Draper had lived a few doors from Jessica and her family at Robina on the Gold Coast and was aware of their interest in tennis. Jessica Womens GOLF December 2006



BSc. Grad.Dip.Soc.Sc. (Psych.) MPsych. (Sport & Exercise) PhD (Psych.) Candidate

Andrea completed a Master of Sport & Exercise Psychology in 2001 at The University of Qld and has been in private practice since 2001. Andrea runs her own psychology consultancy, Mental Notes Consulting, and is dedicated to providing “solutions for optimistic thinking”, specifically focusing on the psychological needs of sportspeople. She consults to athletes of various ages, ability levels and sports. Mental Notes Consulting services South East Qld’s athletes and organisations. Andrea is currently the sport psychologist for the Qld Academy of Sport (QAS) tennis, canoeing and golf programs. Outside of the QAS Andrea consults to national and State sporting organisations, schools and colleges, and private academies. The work involved with each of the various population groups includes individual consults, workshops, presentations, as well as high-performance planning. In addition to private practice Andrea is completing a PhD at Griffith University on optimism training and golf performance. She also continues to lecture and tutor sport and exercise psychology at Griffith University. The similarities between the characteristics of elite athletic performance and corporate performance have led Andrea to adapt her professional skills to the corporate sector.

Mental Welcome to the first “mental notes for golf” article for Womens GOLF! As a sport psychologist active in both the professional and amateur sector throughout Australia and Asia Pacific, I am delighted to be involved with a magazine dedicated to the specific needs of female golfers throughout Australasia.


y favourite saying or piece of advice to players of all levels is that golf is typically about knowing what to think about and when to think about it. Similar to many other words of wisdom, these words often sound good in theory, but are more difficult in practice. Essentially, golfers want to be able to know where to direct their thoughts during the various parts of a round, and hopefully through understanding more about the mind and more specifically how to train the mind, readers will be able to practise my little pieces of advice along the way ... For this first article I have gathered information from a group of avid women golfers at a club in South Australia, Westward Ho Golf Club. They kindly discussed some of their common questions about which they would like further information and compiled them for me to include in this article. The following questions or concerns are extremely common areas of work in my field as a sport psychologist working on players’ golf performance. I will refer to the term “mentally tough” throughout this article and future articles, because despite the fact that often players cannot become as technically or physically skilled as many professional tour players, I can assure you that mental toughness is something that players of all levels can achieve. Most of my work aims to train players’ ability to manage their thoughts and behaviours in a similar way to how we train our bodies physically and technically. The philosophy behind Mental Notes Consulting (MNC) is that if we can train our bodies to become fitter, more skilled, and tougher ... mental training with MNC can do the same for your mind! MNC believes that by using your mind more effectively you can ensure you are performing at your optimal level and enjoying the trimmings of your achievements. Your thoughts and actions are skills that can be learnt, practised, changed, trained and maintained! These are all examples of potential topics for future articles. I will briefly give some “tips” for each of these situations in this article, however, I could write an entire article on each of these topics and thus they demonstrate the types of questions that we would like you to email to us!

Feeling nervous initially about playing with unknown people at another club (it gets better once you’ve “sussed them out”) In an individual game like golf it is extremely important to keep the attention focused on what you are doing ... playing partners and unfamiliar circumstances are often a point of concern. However if


Womens GOLF December 2006

Notes you have a set, consistent approach to each shot, the environment is not something that has to have the impact that we allow it to at times. This means that players should aim to have a set procedure (of thoughts and behaviours) for starting and finishing shots.

Hitting off the first tee First-tee nerves are a part of golf like no other mental process. Players of all levels experience first-tee nerves, and so rather than give you ways to eliminate them, I encourage you to embrace them. Performance anxiety is riddled through any performance where there is the opportunity to be judged by others. Mental-tough athletes accept that anxiety is inevitable and part of what they do. It is in the way that you interpret the “nerves” or the feelings of anxiety that is the key!

Playing with new clubs The best advice here is to ensure that you practise with your clubs on a variety of shots and lies (ideally on the course rather than just on the range) BEFORE you go out on to the course to play competitively. There is nothing worse that not feeling prepared ... new clubs will certainly provide some “new” experiences on the course but please don’t make those experiences all for the first time in a competition!

Composing yourself after a bad shot All of the players I work with have a “post-shot routine” that consists of a set of thoughts and behaviours that you teach yourself to go through after each shot regardless of the swing, shot, or result quality. It is your way to switch “off ” from each shot. Devise exactly what you’d like to do and think after “good” and “bad” shots and start practising it on the range and on the course. It will become easier over time and you will not have to be so deliberate about adhering to the process, it will come naturally!

Getting the “yips” over a very short putt (despite knowing it really should go in) There are several theories about the “yips” and there are many degrees of severity of the “yips”. For the occasional “yipper”, it is generally to do with the massive change in the way you think and act before the putt. Pay attention to the way that you think about the upcoming putt ... is it different to other putts? In most cases, the thinking is the “what if this doesn’t go in?” type of thinking, when “this putt should really go in because it is so close and so easy” type of thinking ... Decide on an approach of thinking and behaviour for each putt and stick to it regardless of circumstance, or distance of putt!

Refocusing after a delay when you have been waiting for a group in front If you have set processes you go through before and after each shot it will minimise the impact of any delays (or even some speediness) between shots. The tendency to get caught up in conversations about “how slow is this group...?” is something that I recommend you avoid. These types of negative talk between playing partners dampens everyone’s mood and that’s not conducive to optimal performance.

Womens GOLF December 2006

Coping with someone telling you how well you’re playing In many other cultures this would not be a problem, but for many strange reasons it is in Australia! We don’t compliment people enough when they do something well and therefore it is often uncomfortable when we get complimented. Ideally, you are complimenting yourself along the way and enjoying the round when you are playing well. You should already know that you are playing well because you are the one giving yourself positive encouragement. When we do things well we need to acknowledge this so that we know what we want to keep doing. Avoid looking at the “gaps” so much, develop a strong, positive relationship with the aspects of your game that you are doing well. So, simply put, enjoy compliments and say, “I know”, or at the very least say, “Thank you, I am enjoying today’s round”.

Standing in front of a sand trap, thinking I must hit over this and landing it in it Any hazard is information. That is the key to my advice here. Rather than taking the “don’t think of the hazard” approach that many players adopt, commit to seeing all hazards as information that helps you to decide exactly where you want your ball to land and finish, and where you’d like your ball flight to pass through on its way there. You should have a target for all shots and this should be your main focus as you set up, and definitely your main focus once you are set up and ready to fire. Keep your eyes on where you want to go and let your body follow. I hope that these questions and brief “tips” stimulate questions that you have regarding the “mind games” of competitive golf. For future articles please email your questions to andrea@mentalnot and I will aim to provide specific answers in “mental notes for golf ” to assist in becoming mentally tough on the golf course!

Dear Andrea, My husband and I were fortunate enough to play the beautiful Paradise Palms course several times while on our honeymoon a few weeks ago.The first two rounds were wonderful; we played together and enjoyed the rounds immensely. The third and final round on the last day of our honeymoon we were partnered with members of the club, a husband and wife and it was not as much fun. They made it very clear that they would rather have played alone not observing even the most basic of courtesies. Being relatively new to the game this made the round very uncomfortable for me and begs the question what is golf etiquette when it comes to members playing with visitors? Marita Supplee (nee Dullard) A: Generally all golf clubs will have golf etiquette which should apply for ANYONE who plays on the course. There may be specific etiquette for members at each club, but it appears like Marita is referring to simply golf etiquette which really should be adhered to by everyone for every round. Essentially, to make her disappointment known, all that she can do is make mention of it to the playing partners or if she wants to take it further, mention it to the Captain of the club. It may be worth asking the club what the process is asthere may be a difference between clubs and what they expect of their members. In saying all of this, playing partners’ behaviour is one thing that all golfers must learn to deal with as there are ‘good’ playing partners and ‘bad’ playing partners...It really means that each player should aim to focus on their game and aim to minimise other people’s behaviour from interfering their round!

33 33

SPECIAL FEATURE Do you think you have the best ladies team in Australia & New Zealand? Would you like to attend the Masters at Augusta?

Bob Hawke Keeps Grass Green On His Roof

Would you like to spend a week in the Apple Isle? Would you like to support cancer? Team event of four individual aggregate stableford If you answer yes to all of the questions above then you are ready for the Australian & New Zealand Club Challenge. More information will be sent to your club or contact GBs Corporate Promotions Gary 0421 504 932 or Patty 0402 090 511 Visit web:

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke recently installed a no-water, no-mow synthetic lawn and putting green on the roof of his five-storey house in Northbridge.


r Hawke decided to optimise his roof space for pleasure and relaxation by practicing golf at home whilst overlooking Middle Harbour. He opted for a 60 square metre Pro-tech putting green and 60 square metre Eco Logical lawn. “Since I’ve had the Pro-tech putting green on the roof, it’s been marvellous fun and it’s certainly improved my putting,” Mr Hawke said. The Australian and New Zealand Club Challenge is open to any lady who has a golf Australia or Nz ga handicap.

The high quality synthetic putting greens have also been installed for champion golfers including Peter O’Malley, Nick O’Hern and Wayne Grady. The synthetic greens play as true as a championship green, yet require no maintenance or watering.

The event which donates $5 from every entry fee to cancer research is in its fourth year of operation, the event is played as a four person individual aggregate stableford with teams made up of four players, the handicap limit is 45.

The Eco Logical synthetic lawn system is based on a unique European concept, brought to Australia by Pro-tech Corp, which uses the process of ‘fibrillation’ to split the fibres and give the lawn a grass-like look and feel.

It is designed to give golf clubs some much needed extra funds as $15 of the $30 entry fee is returned to the club to cover trophies and green fees for the day, the players have a chance to win the trip of a lifetime to the Masters at Augusta for two valued at $25,000.

As part of the lawn system, Pro-tech has developed a water capturing system which people can choose to install beneath the Eco Logical lawn. It makes the collection of fresh rain water easy with the help of a sub-turf membrane or water run-off matt which collects the water and stores it in a subterranean water tank. The modular tank, which can sit beneath or adjacent to the lawn, can then have its water pumped to a garden tap.

2005 defending Champions – Thurgoona Golf Club NSW Australia

If you think that you or your club would like to be involved contact or telephone Gary on 0421 504 932 or Patty 0402 090 511. 34

Pro-tech can be contacted on 1300 554 334 or visit Womens GOLF December 2006



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Golf – The Billion (And The Women Who Fuel It!) By Jeni Bone An independent report into the Australian golf industry estimates that for the year 2004 the value of the Australian Golf economy was a massive $2.71 billion, or around $2000 per golfer per annum.


unded by the PGA of Australia, the first-ever, comprehensive study of the Australian Golf Industry was undertaken by Ernst & Young. The PGA Report has also found that an estimated 23,000 people are employed directly in the golf industry and many thousands more are employed in associated industries. Not only does The PGA Report cover the players, equipment and events traditionally associated with the sport of golf, it also highlights other important economic aspects of the golf industry, including golf course investment, the value of golf related charity, construction and maintenance, golf related real estate, and the value of hospitality and tourism associated with golf. Golf is the most popular sport played in Australia followed by netball and tennis, according to an Australian Bureau of Statistics. There are approximately 1,750 golf courses and driving ranges spread across Australia and the major economic contribution to the Australian economy was found to be their direct operational costs. The Report has concluded that total course, range and lesson revenues generated in 2004 were approximately $1.45 billion. And when you consider that Roy Morgan figures state that women influence up to 85% of all purchasing decisions – from grocery and automotive to international travel and investments – their power should not be underestimated in golfing circles. Paula Creamer USA – Photographer Anthony Powter

The Value of Golf: Golf equipment sales .........................................................$295.3 million Golf related real estate .....................................................$83.6 million Golf related hospitality and tourism .........................$425.5 million Golf lessons and coaching by PGA members (at clubs and ranges).......................$31.1 million National and state golf industry associations revenues ........................................................$31.4 million Charities ....................................................................................$20.9 million Australian golfers’ prize money and endorsements ..............................................................$84.2 million Source: PGA

It is estimated that around 219,000 women play golf in Australia – about 19% of the golfing population. But while women still lag behind men in their takeup of the game, there is no doubt that they punch above their weight in terms of spending, says Jeff Blunden, researcher for Golf Australia. “Women certainly are avid consumers of all the consumables associated with golf, but because they generally take it up later in life, that does equate to fewer years of spending.” And they undoubtedly influence the purchasing decisions of their significant others. Unburdening themselves from the label “main FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) buyer”, women are controlling the purse and wallet strings and marketers are finally catching on that it’s not just cosmetics and cookware that are the domain of women. Statistics reveal women make 65% of car purchasing decisions, they own or use half of all mobile phones and nearly 60% of iPods; 40% of women own a power tool and 48% a brush cutter. Roy Morgan says women make up 56% of the workforce. They account for 34% of management positions and more than half the number of undergraduates, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Catherine Heath, strategic planner at Young & Rubicam and author of a paper entitled The Feminine Misstake, says that more than ever before, women are either calling the shots or wielding greater influence when it comes to buying big-ticket items. Heath, who has spent months talking to women, says that if companies want to get a woman’s attention, let alone get her to buy their products, then they must be more attentive to her needs. Australian businesses can no longer afford to speak solely to a husband, boyfriend or father, the researchers say. They must speak to the woman, “engage” with her. That means they have to do more than just run ads that feature a house-bound female waxing lyrical about the virtues of margarine, mouth wash or household cleaning products.


Womens GOLF December 2006

Dollar Game generally won’t sign a contract on the course, but it certainly helps to put a face to a name and foster the cameraderie so valuable in the competitive business realm. Says Matt Vagg from Golf Australia: “There are great moments you share on a golf course for business or pleasure. It’s about sharing time, creating bonds, there can be magical moments that turn into ‘remember when . . .’ – inspirational moments that people remember for years to come.”

Natalie Gulbis USA – Photographer Anthony Powter

Heath, who spent months in bars, lounge rooms and offices talking to women, says that if companies want to get a woman’s attention, let alone get her to buy their products, then they must be more attentive to her needs. “There is still that close network of girlfriends that women rely on but that greater support they used to get through community and clubs is not there,” Heath says. “But that need has not gone away. This is going to be a huge opportunity for brands.” What could be a better place for networking, socialising, chewing the fat, gossipping and doing the deals their male counterparts have been savvy to for generations? The golf course of course. But Heath warns, women do not intend to break down the traditional preserves of males and take on their contructs, habits, customs and costumes. Instead, she says, they want products and services that play up the feminine. “Five years ago marketers were running a million miles away from anything feminine or girly as it was seen as condescending to the power woman,” Heath says. Now it’s all about “thinking pink”. Robert Kaw, co-founder of the Women In Golf website, says women are definitely interested in “what’s new and shiny” regardless of their skill level. “They’re not really into the technology, but their equipment can’t be shabby.They wouldn’t play with a 20 year-old set of clubs and they like to look great on the course.”

At the front line, serving both sexes at the retail level, Heath Brown from Golf World on the Gold Coast says women feel that “what’s good for hubby is good for them” when it comes to gearing up. “Their standards are high. They want good equipment, even though their game may not reflect it.” They are big spenders too on fashion. “For men, a name-brand shirt and cap may be enough. If they play with Calloway, Tailor Made or Ping, they like to have the shirt. But for women, everything has to be colour-coordinated from top to toe.” The ordinary resort or course wear emblazoned with logos and usually expensive, is not quite what women have in mind. And while there are some stylish additions to the usual fare of knee-length shorts and polo shirts, women have to seek out the options. “There used to be a shop at Robina we’d refer ladies to. Now it’s gone, we’re not really sure where to send them.” Marketers promoting golf shows, golfing tours, golf course property and all the paraphernalia that goes along with golf, should keep in mind that the $2000 per golfer that is spent in Australia each year is a drop in the proverbial ocean compared to fashion, cosmetics, cars and other consumerables that have already recognised the persuasive power of pink. After a hard day on the course, relax in the fastest growing footwear brand in the world ... crocs!

While it’s accepted that women are higher value consumers than men in most arenas, golf press and marketers have no strategy to address them, observes Robert. “For mainstream golf magazines, women only make up about 5% readership, compared to the 20% of the golf market playing the game.” According to Robert, “it’s like car magazines compared to The Women’s Weekly – most women aren’t that interested in the technical aspects, they’re after the lifestyle factors” – travel, fashion, health, spas, socialising and more frequently these days, the business networking opportunities. Of course, businesses acquaintances Womens GOLF December 2006

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Blossoms understands the importance of performance products that allow today’s woman to look and feel good. Blossoms is a unique and complete ladies line of golf equipment that accessorises from start to finish. Our focus is to bring back the fun the game of golf represents. Equipment includes – Putters, Umbrella’s, Golf Balls, Golf Towels, Designer Gloves, Bags, Caps and Visors. Available Colours – Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Red, Blue and Orange.

Team Tees The perfect gift, these tees are designed down to the smallest detail. The tees have an extra long length stem of 3 1⁄2-inches to accommodate oversized drivers. The stems are made of high impact pc material with the heads being made of synthetic rubber to allow the clubhead to simply bounce off the tees. This makes the tees durable and long lasting. Available in Pink Ribbon, Baboon Butt, Gopher, Cow Butt, Frustrated Golfer and John Daly Lion Head ...

Butthead Headcovers For golfers who enjoy the funny side of life, Butthead covers feature furry, functional and funny club covers, turned on their head! Rather than the animal head sticking out of the golf bag, they have designed the other half, so it looks like the animal jumped into bag. The covers have a specially designed insert that fits the latest 460cc drivers as well as the smaller fairway woods and have the wool stock to protect the club shaft. Now also available in smaller version with magnetic closure to suit hybrids, 5 woods and some putters.

Ladies Designer Golf Gloves With Pouch And Matching Visors Our designer golf gloves and visors are available in many patterns to best fit your style ... On the course ... At the practice range ... or At the 19th hole. You gotta GloveIt!

The Volvik Crystal Ball Features a unique semi-transparent two-piece construction to provide outstanding distance, exceptional soft feel and extreme durability. The true 70 low compression enhanced core produces substantially better spin and feel creating extra long and straighter shots. Available in dozen packs of White, Yellow, Sky Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Lavender, Lemon Squash and Rainbow (consisting of a sleeve of Yellow, Orange, Pink & Lavender.)

Frankly Golf Putters A lightweight totally machined aluminium putterhead features two heavy tungsten weights positioned low and behind the face for perfect balance and an extremely high moment of inertia.

For more information or stockists, please contact Birdie Golf Products 07 5455 5590 Mobile 0402 860 777 Womens GOLF December 2006




• 23 years old • Study abroad student from Germany • Currently studying journalism at Bond University, Gold Coast • Playing golf for me means to get relaxed at a place outside the busy world, so I am, a just for fun, hobby player.

Amy Yang, Michelle Wie and Annika Sorenstam hit the ball like men, long and strong. So, they use men’s drivers. If you are a beginner or a middle handicap, as I am, you probably hit like a lady, nice and easy.


couple of years ago the few females who played golf had no choice other than to use men’s equipment since nothing else existed. Now, these times are over. If your driver is more than 4 years old you should definitely go out and see what the industry has produced to suit the ladies’ way of hitting the ball. But also those of you who want to stick at their men drivers should see what has changed over the last few years. For over a hundred years drivers came in the size of not more than 300cc. Then, at a certain point in the 1970s, the golf industry realised that the only way to improve a driver’s forgiveness would be to create a bigger head. But a wooden driver that would be bigger than 300cc could have been used to cut wood, maybe, but definitely not to play golf. So, they moved the production to steel headed drivers. Obviously steel is not as heavy as wood, but also not light enough to create a driver that would have completely met the golf industry’s goal. So, they kept looking for another material and 10 years later, discovered that there actually was something that could meet their expectations: Titanium.

Taylormade: R7 460 This driver is a real fashion product with its cute pink Paula Creamer shaft. But it also performs very well. R7 460 comes with one 2gram cartridge and one 14-gram cartridge, which makes it easy to get it individually right. The only negative part is the price. Available lofts: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°

Callaway: X 460 The first good thing about this driver is its Xsole design. It makes the head rest on two points of the sole, which prevents rocking back and forth. The second special thing about Callaway is the so called S2H2 (Short Straight Hollow Hosel). This is an intelligent weight repositioning from the hosel to the clubhead , which allows you to hit the ball harder without swinging harder. All in all, a great product, but again on a high price. Available lofts: right hand: 10°, 11°, High Trajectory; left hand: 10°

Ping: G5 driver Ping is the only company that provides professional fitting on all their products to set up the equipment individually for you. And to even personalise the look of your club they can put your name on it.The special thing about this driver is that its head includes a really thin moon-graphic alignment aid, which ensures high ball speed. So, if you have the feeling that no driver really fits to you, Ping will make it fit. Available lofts: 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°, 12°, 13.5°

So, the new drivers’ heads started to get bigger. Nowadays, they weigh not more than an apple and come in sizes up to 460cc. The saved grams are repositioned in different areas, normally toward the back of the head and low down, to produce a driver that launches at a high trajectory and putting less spin on the ball through the air. When they hit the ground they actually create their own forward top spin.These higher lofts allows you to get the ball up in the air where it will stay for a lot longer, then hit the ground and run out the rest of the way. Most of your high end international brand companies have this technology now. The bad news is that you have to be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of money on such a driver. The good news is that investing in a new driver now won’t see you needed to replace this any time in the near future, because the governing bodies of golf have placed some pretty stringent rules stopping the further introduction of bigger drivers. But what do you really need? And what can you expect for your money? Former touring golf professional Gemma Hobbs and I went out to our local demo day to test the latest ladies’ products for you. We picked six drivers as our favourite ones. Each of them is 40

designed up to the USGA limit of 460cc. Do not be scared of this huge head. You might need to get used to it, but after a couple of tries you will experience a maximum forgiveness. So, convinced that you need a new driver? Then one last tip: Be wary of fake clubs, they are everywhere at the moment. You might impress your friends with a 50 dollar fake Gucci bag, but definitely not with a fake golf club.The products often look real but the loads of money spent to create this product are not included nor is the high end material used. So, if the price seems too good to be true, then be alarmed. And if you are unsure about the quality of a product, you can always do the simple magnet test. If your magnet sticks on the driver, it is produced out of cheap steel. If it does not, you can be assured that you are getting a Titanium head and when it comes to drivers this is the sign of quality. So, if you want to make sure you get the right product give the one that suits your style a go, at your local demo day! Good golfing – Janina Langer Womens GOLF December 2006


Joo Mi Kim, Korea – Photograher Anthony Powter

Tour Edge: Exotics Tour Edge is a relatively new company to Australia but continues to have great success on the US and European tours. They use a special process, called “Combo-Brazing”, to bond the crown and the head of this driver, which creates pure energy transfer. Even if you have never heard of this brand before, this driver is definitely worth having a hit of. Available lofts: 8°, 9°, 10,5°, 12°

Nickent: 3DX This is a great product on a middle ranged price. When you buy this driver you can immediately go out and play without the need to fiddle around with removable weights. So, just enjoy all the work Nickent has done for you. To suit different needs two different versions are available: The Draw Spec is designed to make the ball have the perfect draw.The Tour Spec suits you when you prefer a flatter trajectory and a more workable ball flight. Available lofts Draw Spec: 9°, 10°, 11°, 12° Available lofts Tour Spec: 8°, 9°, 10°

Nicklaus: That is the right driver for those of you who want to spend a little money on a great product. Its DPT (Dual Point Technology) aligns the Center of Gravity (that is the center of the drivers’ head) with its Optimal Face Flex point (that is the point at the face where you should hit the ball). That brings you a maximum trampoline effect, producing unparalleled ball velocity. Available lofts: 8°, 9°, 10.5°, 12°, 15°

LADIES GOLFWEAR ON-LINE @ or when in Sydney visit:

Ladies Golf Boutiques 20 Tralee Avenue Killarney Heights 02 9452 6046

1/16 Railway Avenue Wahroonga 02 9489 7900




16th MFS Australian

Main pic Cristie Kerr, USA – Photographer Anthony Powter

Laura Davies, ENG

MFS Women’s Australian Open in Sydney and ANZ Ladies Masters at Royal Pines on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Nikki Campbell, AUS

Natalie Gulbis, USA


irst held in 1974, the 2007 MFS Women’s Australian Open will mark the 16th Championship and a first for The Royal Sydney Golf Club. The Women’s Australian Open has had an integral place in Australian women’s golf history. The first Australian Ladies Open Championship was played at Victoria Golf Club in Melbourne in February 1974 and in the following four years and then not held for 16 years. It was resurrected in 1994 and annual events were held for the next 10 years until the last tournament in 2004. The Women’s Australian Open has provided a vehicle in which to showcase our elite golfers, emerging golfers and to inspire Australians to take up the game of golf. As our leading young players develop and grow from outstanding amateur players to elite professionals, women’s golf in Australia has grown and adapted and the re-emergence of the Women’s Australian Open for 2007 is a sign of the times that professional women’s golf in Australia is back and here to stay. In 2003 there were nine Australian women turning professional, in 2005 there were 19 and currently 44 Australian women play professionally on the international circuits.The event is co-sanctioned with Australian Ladies Professional Golf and the Ladies European Tour. The MFS Women’s Australian Open will be held in 2007 at The Royal Sydney Golf Club from 1st – 4th February 2007 with a prize fund of $550,000.

Australian Great Returns In 2007 For The MFS Women’s Australian Open And The ANZ Ladies Masters Paul McNamee, Executive Chairman of the Australian Opens, Golf Australia and ANZ Ladies Masters Chairman, Bob Tuohy has announced that Karrie Webb, has been confirmed in the field for next February’s 42

Webb, a dual Australian Open champion, was the 2005 winner at Royal Pines when she overtook the Japanese star Ai Miyazato in the final round, has had an outstanding year in 2006 winning four times on the LPGA Tour.The first of those victories was her dramatic win at the first major of the year, the Kraft Nabisco Championship when she holed her approach at the 72nd hole and then went on to defeat Lorena Ochoa at the first extra hole. Webb also collected the lucrative Evian Masters title in France in addition to two other LPGA Tour titles to date, bringing her number of Karrie Webb, AUS career victories on the LPGA Tour to 34, including seven majors. Karrie also finished runner-up to Se-Ri Pak at the second major of the year and has recorded 11 top 10 finishes from 19 starts this year. She is still in the hunt to finish on top of the 2006 LPGA Money List. “Karrie has had an incredible year and I urge all Sydneysiders to giver her a rousing welcome when she returns to Australian soil in 2007,” said Paul McNamee. “The 2007 MFS Australian Women’s Open is about sill, talent and glamour and with our number one star Karrie joining fellow Australian and number two player in Australia, Nikki Campbell as well as international golfing favourites Laura Davies and Natalie Gulbis we are well on track to deliver an outstanding event,” stated McNamee. Bob Tuohy commented, “Karrie has been a key figure in the tremendous success the ANZ Ladies Masters has experienced over the years and it is great to have her confirm her involvement again in 2007. “Coming on top of the recent announcements involving the inclusion of Cristie Kerr and Natalie Gulbis in the field gives every indication that next year’s event will be one of the best ever.” “It’s a great thrill to once again be playing in Australia at two such prestigious events,” said Webb today. “To be able to return to Australia in 2007 after such an improved season on the LPGA Tour is something that I am looking forward to very much.” 2006 has seen also seen a huge leap by Webb in the recently introduced Rolex Women’s World Golf rankings. She has moved into the number three position in the world after starting the year well outside the top 10. Womens GOLF December 2006

Women’s Open National Breast Cancer Foundation Named Official Charity For 2006 MFS Australian Open & The 2007 MFS Australian Womens Open Golf Australia has signed the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) as the official charity for the 2006 MFS Australian Open and the 2007 MFS Australian Womens Open. The National Breast Cancer Foundation and Golf Australia identified great benefits in the partnership including the opportunity to raise funds for the NBCF through the auction of three places in the Pro Am, selling Pink Ribbons and an SMS donation. It will also introduce both organisations to new audiences as well as create broader interest and participation in their activities. The new partnership with Golf Australia is the first the National Breast Cancer Foundation has established with the sporting sector. Sue Murray, General Manager, National Breast Cancer Foundation said, “The Foundation is excited

to be a part of such an iconic Australian sporting event. The Open provides a great platform to raise awareness of the impact of the disease on the whole community and generate funds for vital research.” Breast cancer not only affects women but also their family and friends. The affects on men in particular as fathers, husbands, brothers and sons are often forgotten or overlooked. “The NBCF will use this association to highlight the benefits of lifelong physical activity in reducing the risk of breast cancer and encourage more young people to take up golf as an activity.” Another positive benefit for golf is the exposure of the game to a much wider audience through the NBCF’s network. The partnership is in line with Golf Australia’s new positioning for the game where “golf is a game for life”.Tony Hallam, Chief Executive Officer of Golf Australia stated, “There are many aspects to the golf industry but one of our fundamental focuses is about promoting the lifestyle and health benefits the game delivers. “We see the Open’s association with the National Breast Cancer Foundation as a vehicle to influence new and existing audiences on a number of levels. It will assist in educating people about the rewards of an active lifestyle, such as playing golf, in counteracting health issues, it will reinforce that breast cancer is not gender specific and in some way has touched everyone and importantly raise funds for the Foundation to ensure ongoing research. “We are very proud of the association with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and look forward to actively supporting such a worthy cause,” Hallam added. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women in Australia as well as the leading cause of cancer death with 2,600 deaths each year. It is projected that in 2007 there will be 13,300 women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Golf Australia is committed to actively educating and communicating that golf is a game for life and that participation contributes to a healthy Australian community.

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Women’s Golf


A Centennial For Elvie Whitesides (1882-1971)


orn on March 12th 1882, Elvie Whitesides became the first Tasmanian to win an Australian Ladies Amateur Championship at the age of 24 in 1906. This feat was accomplished in a frilly afternoon dress as Elvie’s luggage was lost while crossing Bass Strait by ship. She won her first of five Tasmanian Championships in 1906 and was successful again in 1907, 1910, 1913 and 1925. She was runnerup five times with playing her last State major event in 1930. Elvie went on to play one more Australian championship in 1935. After beginning her golfing career at Royal Hobart Golf Club, Elvie became a founding member at The Kingston Beach Golf Club and a member of the first committee at her new club. Elvie captained the club for 10 years. A tremendous accomplishment for a dedicated lady who was totally deaf at the age of 25. She was an exceptional lip reader who maintained a wonderful rapport with fellow administrators, golfers and her friends. Her niece, Joan Graney, who is a Life Member of the Kingston Beach Golf Club, was a constant companion for her aunt and has wonderful memories of Elvie’s interest in golf that took them all over the world. To celebrate the 100th year of Elvie’s history making feat, WGT held The Inaugural Centennial Club Trophy, a 2 Ball aggregate Stableford open to all Affiliated Clubs. The event was fittingly won by Gaye Dobson and Kay Nesbitt of Kingston Brach followed closely by Jenny Brumby and Olga Mc.Guire of Claremont.

CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEE The Women’s Golf Tasmania Junior Championships were held at The Devonport Golf Club on June 4th and 5th. The icy conditions held up play on both days, but beautiful clear skies and sunshine were ideal for the excellent golf played. Eighteen girls participated in the championship with Ashlee Dewhurst winning by four strokes from Laura Richards with Ellie Reeves in third place. The standard of golf was very high, Ashlee being three under for the tournament. A 14-year-old, Sam Haas of Bridport, won the second division, breaking her handicap on both days, while Sarah Filtness won “The Encouragement Award” (donated by Susan Clark of Ulverstone). Following the championship 14 of the girls were joined by the more senior members of the State Squad and had an excellent three days at Camp Boomerang, Port Sorell. Chris Crocker, our State Coach, joined us and worked extensively on short game skills and shot shaping. We played at Port Sorell, with the more senior team members assisting the less experienced with match play, etiquette and rules. On our last day we joined the lady members of the Port Sorell Golf Club and their guests from Greens Beach, participating in their weekly competition. We enjoyed a magnificent lunch before heading home. A sincere thank you to the Port Sorell resident professional and to Judy Thorne and Colleen Stainer for their organisation. Libby Brown President.

The 72 Hole Championship attracted a small but quality field including, Lauren Sinclair (Vic), Sunny Park, Julie Swanson and Jenny Lee (NSW), Ashlee Dewhurst,Tammy Hall, Laurie Chew and several of our State Junior Team Members.

Championship Champion:

Jenny Lee


Lauren Sinclair c/b Laurie Chew

Leading Tasmanian:

Laurie Chew

72 hole nett:

Laurie Chew

72 hole runner-up:

Kalynda Cowen

36 hole gross:

Julie Swanson

36 hole net:

Laurie Chew

18 hole events Deidre Panton, Lauren Sinclair, Lauren Sinclair and Kalynda Cowen Congratulations to Lauren Sinclair on gaining a Laurel Wreath for a 1 under par 70. 44

Womens GOLF December 2006

STATE PENNANT FINALS IN LAUNCESTON The State Pennant Finals were held at Riverside on June 25th. and at The Launceston Golf Club on June 26th. In the semi-final of the Division 1 semi-final, Royal Hobart Golf Club defeated The Launceston Golf Club and earnt the right to play Ulverstone Golf Club in the final. Ulverstone defeated Royal Hobart 3 and 2. Sharon Crowden and Anne Medlycott displayed some wonderful sportsmanship. Ulverstone won the pennant when Anne won the 17th, so Sharon conceded the next hole.

Ulvertsone Pennant Team

Final Results: (Ulverstone first) Geraldine Lavender lt. Ashlee Dewhurst 3/2 Sharon Crowden lt. Anne Medlycott (conceded) Rosemary Paton def. Sarah Griffi ths 5/4 Sarah Johnstone def. Karen Bannister 2 up Debbie Legue def. Wendy Davidson 2/1 In the Division 2 Semi-Final Royal Hobart Golf Club were too strong for Launceston defeating them 3/2 and going on to win the final against Ulverstone Golf Club 3/2. Final Results: (Royal Hobart first) Jan King def. Maureen Ansell 1 up Susan Kenny def. Susan Clark 5/4 Karen Barwick lt. Jennifer Thorne 3/2 Helen O’Conor lt. Marleen Willmott 1 down Tini Drysdale def. Jan Stokes 1 up

In the Division 4 Semi-final (Handicap Section) Tasmania Golf Club defeated Penguin 3.5/1.5 at Riverside and went on to win the final against Southern Country’s Richmond Golf Club 4/1 at the Launceston Golf Club. Final Results (Tasmania first) Margaret Leary def. Pauline Corney 1 up Gill Gregory def. Jill Mayne 2 up Jo Aschman def. Di Harwood 3/2 Di Farmer lt. Frances Harriss 3/1 Betty Clennett def. Bev Goodman 2 up Ulvertsone Pennant Team


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The strong Royal Hobart Golf Club contingent defeated Mowbray Golf Club 4/1 in the Semi-final in Division 3 and were successful against Wynyard Golf Club in the final 3/2. Final Results: (Royal Hobart first) Norma Hammond def. Wilma Flint 4/2 Kaye Pridgett lt. Jean Viney 5/4 Mary McDermott lt. Beverley Jones 2/1 Bernadette Walsh def. Lorna Chettle 2/1 Barbara Elwood def. Margaret Shires 4/2

Program of Events DATE



JANUARY 2007 11-13

Australian Junior Girls Championship


Australian Junior Interstate Series


15-16 Womens GOLF December 2006



Shan Tennent Our Readers Prize Winner


Dear Cathr yn I returned from the Gold Coast after taking up last Saturday my prize. The day spent Craig Cor k lo at The Villa was quite exceptio na oked after us from the mom l. we arrived and ent made the star t The cour se its elf was pictures of our day great. que and beautif looked after. It was also intere ul sting to play. I ac ly managed 38 po tually ints. The view from the holes of the clubhou aw se think the prom ay from it was spectaular. I do n’t otional brochu re actually does justice. We wer e well looked it after with our which the four lunch of us thorough ly enjoyed. The SoďŹ tel also lo ok ed af ter view from our room of the m us very well. The oon was a bonus. W e had arranged over the water 3 extra nights. to stay there fo Beca r had made, we w use of other arrangements we ere not able to take up the dinn which was part of er part of the prize the prize on the nights stayed as .The hotel were us do that later kind enough to let in the week. Thank you for yo ur help with the and thank yo arrangements u magazine for th very much to Womens G e prize. olf Shan Tennent Tasmania

Womens GOLF December 2006


it takes a stroke of

genius. In golf, it always pays to keep your playing partner guessing. What they call a spot of bother, you should view as an opportunity to shine. It’s this kind of positive thinking and willingness to innovate under pressure that really sorts the birdies from the bogeys and the champs from the chumps. The same applies in financial services. At MFS, we have a proven ability to create innovative investment solutions on behalf of our clients. Needless to say, we consider all the angles and visualize every possibility. The end result? A portfolio of investment products that aim to deliver.

Call 131 MFS This information has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. An investment in any product may only be made on a valid application form attached to theGOLF relevant PDS. All investments involve risk, before making an investment decision you should obtain and read a Product Disclosure Statement (‘PDS’) and consider Womens December 2006 47 whether the investment/s is/are appropriate for you, and if necessary consult an adviser. MFS Limited (ABN 90 107 863 436).



Victorian Crown To Keating Twenty-year-old Stacey Keating from Victoria Golf Club won the Victorian Amateur Championship at Huntingdale on 14th July defeating Western Australian Bree Turnbull in the 36 hole final 6/4.


tacey came down from the country (Lismore) at the beginning of last year to live and study golf in Melbourne and is now completing her second year of Study at Victoria University in The Bachelor of Applied Science – Sport Science (Golf Degree). She has taken her handicap from seven to scratch in just 18 months based at Sanctuary Lakes and Victoria Golf Club. Along with her success in the Vic Amateur Stacey has also been selected for the Victorian State Team, which will compete against the rest of the country in September. Stacey shows a raw talent for the game and has a work ethic un-matched by her peers. Her dedication and love for her sport, combined with her bright, outgoing, and down-toearth personality, is great for women’s golf. Stacey led all the way, albeit narrowly, taking a one-hole advantage at the halfway mark. After lunch she jumped out of the blocks with two birdies to lead by three. Three consecutive bogies by Bree extended Stacey’s lead to six. The pair halved the next two holes before another bogey by Bree on the par four eighth hole put Stacey in an almost unassailable position, but Bree had other ideas.


a metre from the hole, while Stacey’s tee shot found the pot and she was unable to get up and down and conceded the hole. A massive drive by Bree on the 13th opened up the green. Stacey played for safety with a four iron off the tee and was just long with her approach shot. Bree played a magnificent pitch and run to 30cm. Stacey could only concede the putt and hope to sink her chip. This was not to be and the pair headed off around the lake to the 14th hole. Their drives finished less than a metre apart and shots to the green had mixed results, with Bree finding an awkward lie in the green-side bunker and Stacey pulling up short. Stacey put her approach to a metre while Bree could only extricate her ball from the pot leaving her a 12-metre putt, which sailed past the hole. She missed the return putt and handed Stacey the biggest win of her career.

On the par five 11th and sitting at seven down Bree sank a three-metre putt to put the match into a dormie situation.

Stacey admitted to being extremely nervous before hitting off, but after lunch felt more relaxed, which showed with her strong start to the afternoon round.

With nothing to lose Bree went for it with birdies on the next two holes. Her tee shot on the 124-metre 12th hole finished about

Thank you to Steven Guiliano (Stacey’s coach since the beginning of 2005) for bringing Stacey to our attention. Womens GOLF December 2006

nce Experie t a e r G A ryone for Eve Barwon Heads Clubhouse

Barwon Heads Golf Club


he Barwon Heads Golf Club – what more need we say! Rated among the top 20 Australian golf courses consistently for decades, it retains the traditional environment and style that new golf courses strive for. Widely recognised as a private golf club, guests are welcome to visit and stay at Barwon Heads, situated on Victoria’s beautiful Bellarine Peninsula. Only one and half hours drive south-west of Melbourne, Stay and Play at this stunning establishment. A Stay and Play package at the Club also offers golfers the opportunity to experience fine dining with an extensive wine list. Private dining areas are also available for that special get-together. The course is in spectacular condition and frequently hosts major events. Barwon Head’s own event, The Marrum Cup, first staged in 1925, was described in May of this year by Women’s Golf Australia President Vivien Beer as the most significant (women’s) amateur handicap teams

Phone (03) 5978 6215 • Fax (03) 5978 7511 125 • Tyabb/Tooradin Road, Somerville

event in Australia. A Professional shop is also on site, housing not only an array of stylish apparel and accessories, but the professionals can provide some invaluable tips on how to manage Barwon Heads First Hole the 5312-metre women’s course. Take some well-earnt time off and experience the enchantment of yesteryear, while receiving first-class service – we promise you’ll have trouble leaving. Phone (03) 5255 6255 or email

Where the green meets the sea

Ph: 03 5255 6255 Email:


Womens GOLF December 2006



Program of Events DATE


VENUE Ulverstone, Tas Ulverstone, Tas

23-26 26 29

Australian Junior Championships Burtta Cheney Junior Interstate Cup Junior Vic vs SA Nell Smithett Victorian 72 Hole S’play event Australia Day – Public Holiday Victorian School Term 1 commences


Australian Women’s Open

JANUARY 2007 10-12 14-16

MARCH 5-7 9 12 16 18-21 19 23 24-25 26-29 30

Queensland 72 Hole Strokeplay Metropolitan Pennant commences (all sections) Labour Day - Public Holiday Metropolitan Pennant Rd 2 (all sections) Queen Sirikit Cup Bronze Teams’ Stableford Event Metropolitan Pennant - Rd 3 (Sections 8 & 9) Qual Rds Australian Amateur Championship Australian Amateur Championship Metropolitan Pennant - Rd 3, Rd 4 (Sections 8 & 9) Victorian School Term 1 finishes

A Quick Nine With ... Alison Whitaker 1.

Ranked 10 in US Amateur Rankings.


Victorian State Team member since 2004.


Recorded a career-best round of seven under 67 at Victoria GC in April 2006. Low score of 65 shot at Sorrento GC, January ’06.


Biggest achievement so far is making the Semi-Finals of the US Amateur, 2005.


Experienced her funniest moment on the golf course during a US tournament when a squirrel started playing with her opponent’s golf ball and a ruling was required.


Aspires to succeed in sport and life.

women into golf Provides a comprehensive program of golf events for beginners through to accomplished players. The company of women of all ages, employment and golf skills is the most attractive part. Beginners continue to find great support to become confident, capable and comfortable on the golf course.

Our aim is to make your first golf experience as easy as possible! For more information call Kay on 03 9580 4583 or visit the website 50

Royal Melbourne

North Lakes Resort, Qld

Phillipines Rosanna Terrey Hills, NSW New South Wales, NSW


Prefers to play with Titleist golf equipment.


Dream sponsor is Coles Supermarkets. While most girls dream of spending a night in a department store, Alison dreams of a week in Coles – she can’t get enough food!


Believes that if her big toes were cut off, her shoe size would drop from size 11 to 9. Alison says, “At least I will never fall over!”

Alison is a member of Victoria Golf Club, Melbourne. She commences a golf scholarship with Duke University, USA in August.

A Quick Nine With ... Kate Combes 1.

Ranked three in Australia.


Victorian State Team member for five years.


Recorded a career-best round of seven under at Lake Karrinup GC (Perth) in 2006.


Won Pleasington Putter, England, UK 2006.


Aims to be a consistent winner on the Ladies European Tour.


Prefers to play with Titleist and TaylorMade golf equipment.


Dream sponsor is Oakley and a car company – “I am desperate for a new car!”


Kate has naturally curly hair.


Classic hit is Mr Big’s “To be with you”.

Kate is a member of Long Island Golf Club and has recently returned from playing in the UK. Womens GOLF December 2006

Victorian Amateur Foursomes Championship ... Combes and Bennett – Back to Back In cold and windy conditions, Emma Bennett and Kate Combes showed the capacity field why they are Australia’s number two and three ranked amateurs in Australia by claiming their second Victorian Amateur Foursomes title in as many years. Starting on the 10th hole, Emma and Kate completed their first nine holes one over the card, then embarked on an impressive back nine that included an eagle and a birdie on the first two holes. Their firstround score of one under 73 opened up a seven-shot lead from the rest of the field as conditions deteriorated heading into the afternoon round. With such a large lead, Emma and Kate relaxed as they began their final round in conditions that were less than ideal. However,

Victorian Amateur Foursomes Champions Kate Combes and Emma Bennett with former winner Sandy McCaw

the pair managed to hold it together and closed with a seven over par 81 to win by eight shots from Bree Laughlin and Elissa Orr from Commonwealth GC, who shot 80 in the afternoon to add to their 82 from the morning. The pair edged out Stacey Keating and Alisha Fowler on a countback for the runner-up position.


Thirteenth Beach Golf Links Have you visited the superb Thirteenth Beach Golf Links? Located only one hour from the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne or 30 minutes from Jetstar’s Avalon Airport on the spectacular coastline at Barwon Heads, it really is worth a visit. Thirteenth Beach Golf Links has two brilliant 18 hole courses to choose from. The Beach Course has evolved beautifully in the past few years and is highly regarded amongst critics and golfers alike ... or you might prefer a parkland experience on the Faldo designed Creek Course. Why not stay the night in the brand new luxury self contained accommodation on course at The Ocean Golf Resort? Attractive opening Stay and Play packages available from as little as $100pp per day for golf and accommodation (based on quad share). For enquiries, please call 0352 541 777 or visit Womens GOLF December 2006

Spoil yourselves with a luxury golfing holiday at Thirteenth Beach Golf Resort on Victoria’s stunning Bellarine Peninsula. Stay on course and enjoy two superb 18 hole championship courses, pool, spa and lounge bar. Enjoy the tastes of the region and indulge in local wineries, day spas, restaurants and pristine beaches.


0352 541 777

From $100*pp per day for golf & accommodation (*based on quad share)



Yarrawonga & Border Golf Club


arrawonga and Border Golf Club’s 72 accommodation units offer superb views of the golf course, Lake Mulwala and natural bushland, providing the perfectly tranquil and serene environment for your next getaway. Situated in easy reach of the mighty Murray River and beautiful Lake Mulwala, the club also offers a style of accommodation to suit every individual, from the well-appointed cabins to the more luxurious spa apartments. The spacious units take the hassle out of holiday accommodation, with all units containing bed linen, bath towels, etc., as well as cooking facilities for your convenience. There are various activities for the whole family to enjoy, and make the most of your short break or extended holiday. In addition to the magnificent 45 holes of golf, try your hand at lawn bowls, tennis, croquet, or relax by the swimming pool. Enjoy the clubhouse as a great place to stay and play for all ages. With stunning views of the golf course and the natural surrounds, the clubhouse offers many delights. Enjoy fine wine supplied by one of many local wineries or choose from an extensive selection of beverages at the bar, while soaking up the unique beauty and ambience. Each evening the Border Bistro offers a variety of dining options, including seafood, steaks and mouth-watering daily specials.

IT’S MORE THAN JUST 45 HOLES Take a break on the Murray River at Yarrawonga and Border Golf Club, Australia’s largest public access golf resort.

Great Value Stay and Play Packages Available Resort facilities include: 45 Holes of Golf 72 On-course accommodation units Tennis Court Swimming Pool Lawn Bowls Relax, dine and be entertained in our 1st class clubhouse Discover for yourself the best kept secret on the Murray River, Yarrawonga and Border Golf Club, The Total River Resort

The chefs carvery operates each Friday and Saturday evening, providing a selection for the whole family. If you are simply looking for a light meal after your round of golf, visit the Sand Wedge bar, which operates from 10am-6pm daily. For your next group event, take full advantage of the indoor/outdoor facilities, with our professional staff catering for your individual equirements. An additional benefit to all Members and guests is the operation of the courtesy bus, available from 5pm daily until closing within the local area. Opening Hours: Clubhouse Sunday to Thursday 10am-11pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-midnight / Reception Sunday to Monday 7am-8pm. Located alongside the Murray River,Yarrawonga and Border Golf Club is a golfer’s paradise with perfect blue skies and immaculate greens. It has 45 holes of some of the finest golf in Australia, winning rave reviews for its design, great condition and spectacular settings. Every time you visit Yarrawonga and Border Golf Club you are assured of a great golfing experience. Designed by the renowned Thomson and Wolveridge, the Murray Course meanders through towering river gums and lagoons that border many of its fairways. The opening four holes wind their way back to the bank of the Murray River, providing a setting that will make this round of golf one you will remember for a long time. Also designed by Thomson and Wolveridge, the Lake Course provides a more open layout than the Murray, boasting exquisite natural gums, various challenging water hazards and an array of strategically placed bunkers, proving many a challenge for the avid golfer. Alongside the Murray and the Lake layouts lies the Executive Course. This ninehole layout is much kinder to the golfer, providing the perfect game for the beginner while still maintaining a worthy challenge for the more advanced.

Contact us on (03) 57 44 1911 or

For enthusiasts,Yarrawonga and Border offers additional sporting facilities, including two immaculately groomed floodlit bowling greens and spacious quality croquet lawns, both providing an extra challenge during your visit.


If its golfing apparel or equipment you are after, or simply a couple of tips on the course, visit the fully stocked pro-shop and say hello to the resident professionals and friendly staff, equipped to service your golfing requirements.

On the



Contact our friendly reservations team on (03) 5744 1911 or visit our website on for details of our facilities, and great value mid-week or weekend stay and play packages. Womens GOLF December 2006

Golfing The Murray This Summer


f you like to golf some of Australia’s finest courses but the budget is a bit tight – then read on because this is for you. The Murray River is often acknowledged as offering the best golfing destination for choice and value for money. Australia’s golfing magazines have regularly profiled the region’s many courses, either as a feature or in the form of a course review. A common favourite is Cobram Barooga, and one motel right on the course is offering packages at the moment that are hard to beat. At Cobram Barooga you get the ideal golfing climate – of that you are probably aware, and at the 36 holes of Cobram Barooga you get the 27th Best Course in Victoria (as voted by Australian Golf Digest’s ‘Australia’s Top 100 Courses’) You can stay there and play, or travel short distances to play on Tocumwal, Yarrawonga, Corowa, Rich River, Howlong or even Shepparton. El Sierra Motel has a large heated swimming pool, tennis court, and BBQ facilities, all on 31⁄2 acres of magnificent gardens. 44 large ground floor units have been extensively refurbished with 24 transformed into two bedroom units ... lodgings that will comfortably sleep four – five golfers. Some with spas, others with all amenities you’d want. Now golfing groups or families from two up to 200 can be catered for in the one great location – and for a laughable price.The buffet style breakfast room is open early. El Sierra offers a genuine all-inclusive golf package from only $55 per person per day. You get a selfserve, all you can eat continental breakfast, club evening dinner (as all part of the package), green fees at Cobram-Barooga, plus entertainment, including pokies and complimentary bottle of champagne. We even pay for your bus to come to us. If you don’t believe us then just listen to what some recent visitors had to say about their stay at El Sierra Motel. “We’d been planning our golfing holiday to the Murray for about eight or nine months. We are all mad keen golfers and we wanted the best Murray had to offer, without breaking



QUAD SHARE MULTI-COURSE PACKAGES the bank! Just one phone call to El Sierra and we had everything organised. What we got was five great golf courses, great weather, and all excellent accommodation and facilities. Great value! Why we even won heaps on the pokies. Michael, the 12 of us had a talk as soon as we got back, put us down for another trip this year!” – John Steiger, Secretary Renown Hackers Social Golf Club.



Genuine All Inclusive:

• FREE bus ex Melbourne metro area* OR $30 per room petrol rebate. NB. *Only applies to groups of 12 or more (Not available with Summer Madness Offer) • On Course accommodation all on ground level. Central to all Murray Courses - complimentary drink at some clubs • Self-serve, eat as much as you like, Buffet Continental Breakfast. • Club evening dinners – complimentary drink at some clubs. • Complimentary bottle of champagne. • Unlimited golf each day (conditions apply at some clubs). • For $59 a day, play a different course each day along the Mighty Murray River. Minimum package 3 days / 2 nights, Quad Share. Total $177. (Twin share $69 per day) • Non golfers deduct $20 $15 per day. • Single Supplement $20 extra per day. • Upgrade to Spa Room or Cooked Breakfast Only $6.00 per person per day! • FREE Golf Prizes – min. group of 12 • WEEKENDS & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS $10 extra per person per day • FREE Internet Access




at Cobram-Barooga Only Dec*, Jan*, Feb* *(to Feb 20th)







$165 .00

Per Person 3 Days / 2 Nights All Inclusive Cobram Barooga

STAY IN 2007 WIN IN 2008

(Not available with any other promotion (Conditions Apply)

RING NOW 1800 631 082 (Phone between 9am-9pm 7 Days)

El Sierra Motel Book your Golfing Holiday with Murray River Golf for 2007 and you will be automatically entered into a draw to win your next years holiday. Terms and conditions apply.

Contact Michael or visit our website

W I N YO U R N E X T Y E A R S H O L I DAY ! N OW T H AT ’ S U N B E L I E VA B L E ! Book your Golfing Holiday with Murray River Golf for 2007 and you will be automatically entered into a draw to win your next years holiday. No group is too small or too large, whether you stay only the minimum 3 day/2 nights or the entire week. When you are drawn you will win the equivalent free trip for your next visit. There will be a draw for Group of : (2 - 4), (5 - 12), (13 - 24). If your group is larger than 24 then you simply get 2 chances to enter. Upon arrival for your holiday the leader of the group will place a coupon into a drum stating the name of the Group, number of guests and length of stay. Womens GOLF December 2006

Name: ................................................................................................................................................ Contact No: ................................................................................................................................... Address:............................................................................................................................................ Size of Group: ..................... Length of Stay: ........................................................................ Womens GOLF Magazine Issue 4 Summer 06/07 Promotion runs from the 1st of January 2007 to the 31st of December 2007. Draw will take place on the 1st of January 2008 and the winners for all group sizes will be published in the next issue of the participating Golf Magazines TPL06/13631.



Women’s Golf



omen’s Golf NSW, in partnership with LG/Bing Lee, Oatlands Golf Club and Australian Ladies Professional Golf, will stage the $100,000 LG/Bing Lee Women’s New South Wales Open at Oatlands Golf Club in the west of Sydney. Following the successful staging of the Bing Lee/LG Oatlands Trophy in late 2005 the parties involved in that event have joined forces with Women’s Golf NSW in upgrading the event to a State Open Championship to be played from 8-10 December. In a joint announcement, Frances Crampton, CEO of WGNSW, stated, “We are delighted to finally get a Women’s Open for NSW up and running. The event has been deliberately positioned at the end of the already established series of events that make up the highly popular South Coast Pro Am series. This event will provide the players with a significant boost to that series’ overall prizemoney and provide an even greater incentive to bring their games to NSW. WGNSW recognise and applaud LG and Bing Lee for their generosity in making such an event a reality.” A field of at least 60 professionals and 40 top amateurs is expected to participate. Last year’s South Coast series, which included the Bing Lee/LG Pro Am at Oatlands, saw the arrival on the professional scene of players such as Sarah Kemp and Nikki Garrett to name but a few and they, along with many of Australia’s more established women golfers, are expected to support the event. Rebecca Stevenson, winner of the 2006 ALPG Players Championship, Lynnette Brooky, recent winner of the 2006 Ladies Spanish Open, Wendy Doolan, former US LPGA tour player and numerous other winners on the Ladies European, ALPG and LPGA Tours are playing. Amy Yang, the brilliant winner of the 2006 ANZ Ladies Masters, is a likely starter, as are the recently crowned 2006 Australian Amateur Champion, Helen Oh, and the highly successful amateur Sarah Oh. 54

Rebecca Flood – 2006 Rexona NSW Junior Open Amateur Champion

Cheryl Gorham Wins National Left-handed Title Congratulations to Cheryl Gorham, Women’s Captain of Yowani Counry Club Canberra, who last week successfully defended her National Left-handed title for the fourth consecutive year. The 72 hole tournament was held in Port Stephens and Cheryl won with a gross score of 335, 29 shots clear of second place-getter Megan Auston from Morriset NSW. Cheryl has entered the tournament seven times, winning six times and coming in 2nd once. Womens GOLF December 2006

Bonville International Golf Resort The natural choice!


hink of Augusta National and everyone immediately thinks of golf, for that is the permanent home of the world’s most famous tournament, the U.S Masters.

Think of Bonville International near Coffs Harbour and everyone thinks of Augusta National, for the similarity between the two golfing destinations is striking. Wander the fairways carved out of the flooded gums and native rainforest and one could well imagine Tiger Woods and friends appearing around the very next bend. The breathtaking setting at Bonville has seen it described by Peter McWhinney, a respected and much travelled Australian Professional Golfer, as “the most beautiful golf course in Australia, if not the world”. But the beauty of Bonville is not confined to Nature’s own exquisite handiwork. Voted “Australia’s Favourite Golfing Resort” in 2005 & 2006 by the Golf Australia Readers Choice Awards, this Par 72 championship course rises and dips through elegant strands of rainforest, each fairway isolated and private from the next. Its great appeal lies in the fact it will stimulate and challenge golfers of every standard. Bonville International Golf Resort 15th Hole

Womens GOLF December 2006

Story continues page 57


STATE WOMENS GOLF ASSOCIATION NEWS The Sweet Scent Of Success At The Rexona Junior

massive 20 strokes under the course rating. Monique Howard from Cumberland Golf Club also played well under her handicap for the week to take second place on 175.

NSW Team Member Rebecca Flood from Coonabarabran Golf Club in the State’s west has finished her WGNSW junior championship career in style by winning the 2006 Rexona NSW Junior Open Amateur Championship by a massive six strokes.

The Sub-Junior Medallion for the best 54 holes scratch score for players aged 15 years and under went to Jessica Noh, with Justine Lee from Bankstown Golf Club runner up with 212.

Rebecca appeared ready for more golf to follow the three days at Bexley. Her comment: “see you all at Cessnock” during her acceptance speech was seen as a subtle challenge to her opponents for the event to follow two days later. She also won a trip to compete in the Handa Australia Cup to be held at Nedlands Golf Club in Perth from 3-5 November 2006. Rebecca was eager to take up the opportunity for an additional and unanticipated final event as a Junior only days after she is due to complete her final Higher School Certificate examination. On the tight Bexley Golf Club layout, Rebecca returned scores of 66, 63 and 65 for a two over 54 total of 194. Jessica Noh from RydeParramatta Golf Club finished in second place on 202 with South Australian Junior Champion Stephanie Na from Royal Adelaide Golf Club in third place on 205. Following her course record one under par during the second round, Rebecca was never troubled in the final round to claim her first NSW Junior Championship title. Chandini Meka from Pennant Hills Golf Club took out the Golf in Australia Cup for the 54 holes nett with a total of 172 nett – a

Program of Events DATE

Womens GOLF

A magazine dedicated to the Australian woman golfer Special offer: Subscribe to Womens GOLF before 31st January 2007 and take advantage of the special rate of $20 for four issues (normal rate is $26). This national publication is a glossy, lifestyle, coffee table presentation and is produced quarterly with a circulation of 30,000. The magazine is distributed by newsagencies Australia wide, by subscription, pro shops, selected sports and golf stores and State Women’s Golf Organisations.



Details: JANUARY 2007 18-19

Summer Foursomes

Long Reef Golf Club


Lake Macquarie Women’s Amateur C’ship

Belmont Golf Club

MFS Women’s Australian Open Captain’s Meeting

Royal Sydney Golf Club WGNSW Office


Summer Meeting

Bowral, Bowral Country, Highlands & Moss Vale Golf Clubs


Australian Amateur Championship

NSW Golf Club, NSW


FSC & TGA Annual Tournament

Narooma Golf Club




30-2 Apr

WGNI Annual Tournament

Penrith Golf Club


BMDLGA Annual Tournament

Oberon Golf Club


Autumn Vacation


WGNSW Weekend Tournament

Kangaroo Valley Golf Club


NSW Seniors Crest Championship

Manly Golf Club

MAY 1-3

NEDGA Annual Tournament

Uralla Golf Club


Autumn Meeting

Royal Canberra, Yowani, Gold Creek, Queanbeyan, Gungahlin Lakes, Belconnen & Murrumbidgee Golf Clubs


WDLGA Annual Tournament

Bathurst & Wentworth Golf Clubs


N-HDLGA Annual Tournament

Charlestown, Belmont & Merewether Golf Clubs Womens GOLF December 2006

The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of Bonville makes it particularly attractive for those guests who enjoy group activities and the company of friends. Stay in one of the resort suites overlooking the first fairway and take advantage of the superb leisure facilities, both indoor in the federation style clubhouse which houses the award winning Flooded Gums Restaurant where you can have a relaxing meal while taking in the magnificent panorama of the 18th fairway, and outdoor at the Country Club with three flood lit all weather tennis courts, billabong style swimming pool and rainforest walks. Bonville International is a place where the visitor returns over and over again. It is within 10 minutes drive of the Coffs Harbour airport, and half way between Brisbane and Sydney. It has a magnificent subtropical climate and close access to stimulating activities ranging from shopping at nearby Sawtell, restaurants, deep sea fishing, diving and marlin fishing, white water rafting, horse riding and bush walking. Bonville International Golf Resort are again hosting the popular Qantaslink Ladies Amateur Golf Classic from Friday the 16th until Sunday the 18th of February 2007. The event, now in its 11th year attracts over 180 players each year and has been hosted by Kerrie Ann Kennerly since 2001. This event is a great chance to play ‘Australia’s Most Beautiful Golf Course’ (As voted by the 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005 Golf Course Guides) and is open to all amateur Lady golfers with an official AGU handicap. The event includes a 9 hole ‘Warm Up’ round, a Welcome Cocktail Party on the Terrace Lawn overlooking the picturesque 18th green & fairway, 2 x 18 hole competition rounds of golf on the Saturday & Sunday and a presentation cocktail party upon the competition of the event all for only $230 (per person). The event is a great opportunity to play this fantastic course and to meet new people in a social setting and the chance to win $1,000 in prizes. For more information and to enter the 2007 Qantaslink Ladies Amateur Golf Classic please contact the event organiser Taryna Mackie on (02) 6653 4002 or by email on or by visiting

Bonville International Golf Resort 6th Hole

Join the club where there is always something for everyone!

Come and play golf on our picturesque 18 hole course! All golf enquiries Ph: 02 4443 0836

Have a relaxing game of lawn bowls on one of our three greens! Ace your way through either tennis or squash, or play some indoor sports! Try a meal at the Po Loy Chinese Restaurant or The Fishermans Hut! WEEKLY EVENTS: Monday Bingo – Tuesday Day & Night Bingo, Smoothmoves dance lessons with Phil Lowder– Wednesday Mega Meat Market – Thursday Good Guys Good Stuff Raffle 6pm – Friday/Saturday/Sunday LIVE MUSIC! – Sunday Meat Market.

11 Paradise Beach Road, Sanctuary Point 2540 Ph: 02 4443 0666 F O R T H E I N F O R M AT I O N O F M E M B E R S A N D T H E I R G U E S T S

SCENIC, CHALLENGING & WELCOMING A golfer’s paradise in the Southern Highlands, the Moss Vale Golf Course is regarded as one of the prettiest in NSW, with avenues of pines, elms, gums and vividly coloured claret ash flanking the winding layout. The 100 year old par 71 course is 5995m long and its golfers will experience a number of twists and turns, in addition to small elevated greens. The Club House offers special golf & lunch packages for groups and is the ideal venue for weddings, conferences & functions of any kind. Play & Stay packages are available with elegant guest accommodation at The Dormie House located on the Moss Vale Golf Course. Social group bookings are always welcomed.


� �� � � � � � � � � �� � � � � � �

Arthur Street Moss Vale P: 02 4868 1811 F: 02 4868 1904 E: �

� � � � � � � � � � � �

Information for Members & their guests. The Dormie House is owned and operated by Moss Vale Golf Club Ltd ABN 31 000 128 656

STAY FOR THREE NIGHTS PAY FOR ONLY TWO! $200pp twin share* 1800 334 288 *Conditions apply

Bonville International Golf Resort 2nd Hole Womens GOLF December 2006

Hume Street Corowa NSW 2646 Ph: 02 6033 1466 Fax: 02 6033 3607 Web:



Driving range practise, Futures Camp Program.

Women’s Golf


Futures Camp Program


oyal Queensland Golf Club on the river and framed by the majestic Gateway Bridge was the venue for the recent Women’s Golf Queensland “Futures Camp Program”.

An initiative of Women’s Golf Queensland for junior girls with a handicap range between 10 and 18, it was a live-in camp over the three days where the girls were exposed to a range of experiences relating to their personal and golfing development. Eight young girls from all over Queensland were involved in the program. The sessions included a talk from a sports psychologist on the “golfing mind”, discussing issues such as mental toughness, pre and post routines and annual planning. They were left with the task of completing a periodisation chart, which had to be submitted in the following fortnight.

All girls were expected to take adequate notes during sessions where appropriate, to behave according to the code of behaviour by respecting and supporting each other as well as the coaches and supervisors, and to be self-reliant. They report they also had a lot of fun together and learnt a lot. The girls were issued with the task of setting short, medium and long-term goals within the next two weeks and then came together for another camp at the end of October to reassess their goals and test their new-found skills against their previous set of results.

Another session was conducted by a sports physiotherapist who spoke to them on the “golfing body” and also on the need for strength training, nutrition and stretching. Quite a bit of time was spent on skill training ... chipping, bunker shots, pitching skills and full swing analysis. Each girl had the experience of video analysis of their full swing, which was a great opportunity for them to learn about their individual swing types. There was also a putting skills test, evaluation and instruction. Two professional coaches spent all three days with the girls and their supervisors and imparted a wealth of information to the girls. The supervisors were also very impressed with the ideas they gained from the sessions. Chipping practise, Futures Camp Program.


Womens GOLF December 2006

Golfing Opportunities for Country Areas of Queensland I thought it would be a good idea to let you know about the golfing opportunities that could be available to those interested golf clubs in the country areas of Queensland. If your club is looking to increase its membership by introducing golf to juniors or any interested new players, then here is a chance to support your cause. Bunker practise, Futures Camp Program.

There are opportunities for golf clubs to apply for government funding through Queensland Sport and Recreation, to attract more players to the game of golf, and their golf clubs. I travel to many areas of Queensland, to as far north as Atherton, and Central Yeppon and as far west as Roma and Isisford. If your club is interested in having qualified ALPG Teaching Professionals to help assist your juniors or introduce more ladies to the game of golf at your golf club, why not contact Queensland Sport and Recreation to see if they can assist you?

Womens GOLF December 2006



Program of Events DATE



Greg Norman Junior Masters 72 Hole

By Invitation Only (Cool/Tweed)

10-12 14-16

Australian Girls Amateur Burtta Cheney Cup

Ulverstone Golf Club (Tas) Ulverstone Golf Club (Tas)


Lake Macquarie Amateur Women’s C’Ship

Belmont Golf Club (NSW)

1-4 8-11 12-15

MFS Women’s Australan Open ANZ Ladies Masters Australian 72 Hole Strokeplay C’ships

Royal Sydney Golf Club Royal Pines Golf Club Indooroopilly Golf Club


Joan Irving Memorial Junior Day

Mt Warren Park Golf Club

5-7 10-11 18-21 24-25

Qld 72 Hole Strokeplay C’ships Sunshine Coast Open Queen Sirikit Cup Australian Women’s Amateur “Qualifying” 36 Holes

North Lakes Golf Club Headland Golf Club Canlubang CC (Phi) NSW (TBD)


Australian Women’s Amateur

NSW Golf Club




Wynnum Golf Club is an easy walking course measuring 5,135 metres Par 72 AWCR 71. We hold ladies competitions on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Open mixed events on Wednesdays and Sundays. So now is the time to join and you too can start enjoying the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of Wynnum Golf Club. Ladies Membership: $440 joining fee and the current yearly fee of $536. You can download an application form from or phone the office on 07 3396 9000 for more information.

Wynnum Golf Club – PO Box 707, Wynnum Qld 4178 – 64 Stradbroke Avenue, Wynnum P ( 0 7 ) 3 3 9 6 9 0 0 0 F ( 0 7 ) 3 3 9 6 2 1 7 6 E a d m i n @ w y n n u m g o l f . c o m W w w w. w y n n u m g o l f . c o m

Mention this Ad and receive two for one green fees!

✓ Only 55 minutes from Brisbane and the Gold Coast ✓ Country hospitality ✓ Tee times available 7 days a week ✓ Well stocked golf shop ✓ Social / corporate / visitors welcome ✓ Great venue for weddings, parties and trade days

18 HOLE PAR 72 Putting practise, Futures Camp Program.


Womens GOLF December 2006



he absolute determination of one man, his family and his golfing background has seen the formation of an amputee golf association in Queensland.

my hard work and determination all worth it” Darren goes on to say “The QAGA currently has three lady golfers, but it would be fantastic to find more woman amputees who we would strongly encourage to contact us at the QAGA so we can assist in getting them out playing and involved in Australian and Queensland womens golf.

The Queensland Amputee Golf Association, with legendary golfing coach Charlie Earp as its patron, has been established through the outstanding efforts of Brisbane amputee Darren Woodrow. Darren lost his right arm in a work related accident in 1990 at 26 years of age. Having completed a traineeship as a professional golfer at the age of 16 he was playing off a handicap of 2 at the time of his accident. After such a traumatic accident and lengthy rehabilitation process, without any real professional amputee peer support assistance along the way, Darren continued to battle onward to get his life back into some sort of normal routine. However it was a life without golf.

The QAGA is a non for profit fully registered charity and as such relies heavily on corporate support and sponsorship as well as volunteer support. They need you to spread the word about the association and offer your professional support or sponsorship to assist them with fulfilling their missions and reaching their goals.

It was only three years ago in 2003 after 13 years away from the game that he loved so much that Woodrow decided to pick up the golf clubs again. After experiencing the frustration of trying to play golf one-handed and being made feel uncomfortable on a golf course in the presence of able-bodied golfers, he was reminded about the lack of peer support he faced during his rehabilitation and Darren decided it was time to do something about it all. Woodrow says “I am very proud to be able to boast some wonderful QAGA members both male and female who are now State, National and International amputee golf champions and 15 of our members including two female amputee golfers are currently ranked in the top 25 players in the world”. He says “That just makes

In April 2007 the QAGA along with the PGA are hosting the Inaugural QAGA Charity Pro-Am tournament at Palm Meadows Golf Course. They would dearly love to hear from anyone who either wants to come and play on the day or can assist the event in anyway with sponsorship or prizes. You really won’t be disappointed by the level of golf you will see these amputee golfers play on the day.

Darren Woodrow

To either join the QAGA, offer your sponsorship support or just discuss anything in more detail you can contact the founding president Darren Woodrow direct on 0417 052 056 Email: or visit the official QAGA website

The Golfing Boutique is owned and operated by women … for women! Swing into style today and visit The Golfing Boutique in person or on-line. We will ensure you look your absolute best on and off the course!


Shop 2/214 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt Cairns, Queensland 4870 P: (07) 4051 1881 F: (07) 4051 1882 E:

If you are unable to visit the boutique in person our website shopping cart features a large range of items. Our instore range is a lot more extensive than featured on our website so contact us if you are after a specific item as we may stock instore or will do our best to source for you. Brands instore include Greg Norman, Ralsport, Turtle Creek, Cross, Ecco Golf Shoes, Glove It, Izod Bennington Golf Bag and Volvik Crystal Golf Balls.

Womens GOLF December 2006



Women’s Golf

South Australia

“Try Golf” One of the major challenges facing many golf clubs in South Australia is declining women’s membership. However, several of these clubs have instigated “Try Golf” recruitment programmes, which have been fully supported by Women’s Golf South Australia and these programmes have received strong responses from interested women.


istorically golf clubs have not needed to be a “seller”, however social patterns have changed and with a few exceptions golf club membership has entered a new era. Golf club regulations for attracting new members may need to be more flexible. For example, nine hole membership.

less, with two hours of quality coaching per week, and the number of weekly sessions depends on the number of applicants. To date, five golf clubs (four metropolitan, one country) have participated in these programmes, with excellent results. A further three clubs are in the process of developing a programme.

The perceived culture of elitism and attitudes to junior members has improved, however women must be encouraged to participate in decision making processes. This may require a review of club constitutions. Other matters that should be considered are working hours which are today more flexible, fashion is more relaxed and alfresco dining is more popular.

Most importantly the golf clubs conducting these “Try Golf ” recruitment programmes have recognised that there is a need to continue building a relationship with these players, at the conclusion of the coaching period. Complimentary course play for several weeks is usually available, with assistance from experienced club members. Following this, an extended period of a special club membership category is offered. Essentially, a club is not confronting a player with higher membership fees before the player has had the opportunity to engage with the game and the club. And it is particularly pleasing younger women are joining the more mature to “Try Golf ”.

The success of “Try Golf ” recruitment programmes very much depends on a club’s willingness to build a relationship with beginners who join their coaching clinics. These clinics are designed, at minimal cost to the player, to introduce women to all facets of the game of golf and introduce rules and in-house etiquette, with the assistance of existing club members. The recruitment programme uses specifically designed “Try Golf ” flyers which are delivered in local newspapers, to areas surrounding the golf club. One club, for example, delivered 70,000 flyers and was overwhelmed with applications. Each programme runs for five-six weeks and the participants are coached by the club’s professional together with former touring professional Fiona Pike and current member of the European tour Anne-Marie Knight. Fiona is the current SA women’s coach and a national selector. These professionals provide each participant in a group of 15 or 62

There is no doubt that direct advertising and a “hands on” approach is bringing the results for which the “Try Golf ’” programme has been designed. As a State Association we have moved from conducting “Try Golf ” coaching clinics independently of golf clubs without a defined pathway to a club for participants, to directly assisting golf clubs with their recruitment operations. This current approach of working with golf clubs is providing participants with the opportunity of experiencing a club environment, with a group of other interested women of a similar golf standard, for the mutual benefit of the player and the club. Womens GOLF December 2006

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Australian Junior Championship Burtta Cheney Interstate Series Cudmore-Cheney Challenge Matches

Ulverstone (Tas) Ulverstone (Tas) Naracoorte

Tea Tree Gully Vardon

Tea Tree Gully

JANUARY 2007 10-12 14-16 15-17



Glenelg Vardon



Grade 2 pennant (red division)



Grade 2 pennant (red division)

Mount Osmond


Australian Amateur



Grade 1 pennant

The Grange


Grade 2 pennant (blue division)

The Grange


Grade 2 pennant (red division)

The Vines



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Womens GOLF December 2006



Women’s Golf

Western Australia Stacey Shanahan Takes Out Double

17 year old Stacey Shanahan took out the “double” this year when she won both the Phoenix Holden State Amateur Championships and the State Junior Championships. Stacey follows the footsteps of Kristie Smith who won both championships in 2005. The Phoenix Holden State Amateur Championships was held at the Wanneroo Golf Club from 24 – 28 July and Stacey played Rochelle Miles an ex AIS athlete now residing in Queensland in the final. The game was one of the best seen in the West in some time. Over the 33 holes played they had 16 birdies and 1 eagle between them. Stacey won on the 33rd hole and finished 7 under the card.

Stacey Shanahan (left) and Rochelle Miles (right)

Stacey retained her good form to win the State Junior Championships played at the Cut by defeating 15 year old Whitney Hillier. Whitney has been playing extremely well this year and won the Junior Ladies’ Open at St Andrews Golf Course in Scotland in July. Both of these girls were members of the Gladys Hay team and are members of the WA team that will play in the Burtta Cheney Interstate Series in January 2007.

Strong Junior State Team WGWA has selected a strong team to compete in the 2007 Interstate Series to win back the Burtta Cheney Cup we won in 2005. The tournament is being played in Ulverstone, Tasmania which will see 2 of the players (Stacey and Whitney) returning to Tasmania in the same year. The team is spearheaded by Stacey Shanahan and Whitney Hillier and well supported by Tanya Kilfoil, Raychel Ray, Aimee Woosnam and Rhianna Davies. The team’s coach is Ritchie Smith and the Manager Wendy Chidgey.


Womens GOLF December 2006

Rural Bronze The Rural Bronze Women’s Golf event (handicap 23-36) is scheduled annually to be run in a regional town in WA. This year it was held at Hannans Golf Club in Kalgoorlie.

Dianne Tomlin (President) with Dorothy Collett (Dunsborough)

A field of 70 women travelled from all over WA to compete – some travelling more than 800 kilometres to join in the fun and games. The eventual winner was Dorothy Collett (Dunsborough) 83pts.

The two representatives from WGWA were our President, Dianne Tomlin and our Director of Match, Jan Plaisted. Both Dianne and Jan ran the tournament operations with support from the Hannans Club members. Whilst in Kalgoorlie, Dianne and Jan took the opportunity to discuss with the local members the issues facing them in the next 24 months with the building of the new resort. Dianne and Jan also addressed the group on other golf specific issues such as the new handicap system, course rating, opportunity for funding assistance for country coaching and the status of the amalgamation with men’s golf. Next year the Rural Bronze will be held in Corrigin.

Whitney Wins St Andrews Junior Ladies Open The Junior Ladies’ Open title has gone to the other side of the world with 15-year-old Whitney Hillier of Joondalup GC near Perth in Western Australia. Whitney beat Pamela Prestwell of Bothwell Castle, who is two years her senior, on the third extra hole to claim the Golf Monthly Salver. Ms Prestwell took a two-shot lead after wins at the nineth and 10th but Whitney rallied to take three in a row from the 14th. Pamela took the 17th to draw level again and the ladies tied 18 to take their match into extra time, when Whitney won the day after Pamela’s putt for a half lipped out. Both

girls impressed onlookers with their high quality performances in the final. Whitney had earlier defeated top qualifier Holly Aitchison of Bedfordshire GC in her semi final, also at the 21st hole, and she came out on top one up against England international Faye Sanderson (Heworth) in the last eight. Her victim in round one was Donna O’Connell (Burnham and Berrow), whom she beat by four and two.

Women’s Golf WA Network Women’s Golf WA has revamped the women’s golf network in a bid to encourage more women to take up the sport. Affiliation fees have reduced from $120 per year to just $40 per year. The affiliation will provide players with: Discounts prices on ALL Network “Development” Events (Gala Days, 9 Hole Golf Days, Opening and Closing Days) at Private and Public Courses • Invites to Specialty Coaching Events and Seminars • Weekly E-newsletters & WGWA TEETALK magazines • Golf insurance at WGNWA Events • A local handicap for use at WGNWA Events

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Newman Brooks Tournament of Champions (Jnr)

Royal Fremantle


Junior Presentation Day

Melville Glades


Bunbury Junior Open



Capel Junior Open



Royal Perth Junior Open

Royal Perth


Burtta Cheney Interstate Series

Ulverstone, Tas


The Vines Junior Classic

The Vines


GMJGF Smarter than Smoking Sub Junior

Royal Fremantle


WA Golf Club Junior Cup




Womens GOLF December 2006


NEW ZEALAND NEWS Emma Keeling Started playing golf at the age of 13. Was a NZ jnr golf rep before quitting and following my dream of working in the media. I have worked in print, radio and I’m currently working for TV3 in NZ as a sports reporter. For the last three years I’ve also worked as a commentator for TV3 during the NZ Open and PGA Championships. I spent a couple of years overseas travelling, which is still a favourite but expensive past time.


I’m not sure if Cherry Kingham is an Abba fan. But when we’re discussing her role as convenor of selectors for the women’s teams of New Zealand Golf, the song ‘Money, Money, Money’ immediately popped into my head. I guess it’s the theme song of a lot of amateur sports and always has been. The on going hair pulling, nail biting battle to find funding to turn potential into proven.


ew Zealand’s top amateur women golfers have struggled to succeed overseas for around ten years. But after a lot of hard work the results they are getting are gaining respectability. Now Kingham is worried it could all disappear faster than you can say, “Where did all our funding go?” In October New Zealand finished seventh at the World Espirito Santo amateur championships. Kingham was over the moon. “I’m always a bit nervous about where we’ll finish but to me that seventh place is brilliant.” You may be wondering what’s so great about seventh but we need to go back in time to see just what an improvement that is and just how far New Zealand golf has come. Kingham has

The Espirito team from left to right, Sharon Ahn, Sarah Nicolson and Natasha Krishna. Photo courtesy of Photosport.


Selector Cherry Kingham when she was playing and what she looks like today.

been very up close and personal with the results for the last three decades. The 52 year old’s been a selector since 2001 and convenor since 2003. Before that she was the manager of travelling national teams for several years and before that represented New Zealand from 1975-81. But more recently there’s been one worrying thought going round and round in her head. “As far as results and scoring I don’t think we have moved forward.” It’s a surprising thought when the young club swinging stars of today have so much more support, help and technology available to them. When Kingham was playing she had to work for a living as well as practice. Now many players are able to concentrate solely on golf and sometimes school work without having to work part or fulltime. So how could results be worse? The Queen Sirikit Cup, played for by countries in the Asia/ Pacific region is held annually. “In the ‘90’s we were finishing second or third and we won the odd one. Finishing fourth was absolutely disgusting.” If Kingham and her team thought fourth was bad I’m not sure how they would have coped with the results from 2000 onwards. Three fifths, a sixth and two eighth placings. However New Zealand bucked the trend this year. The three woman team of Sarah Nicholson, Natasha Krishna and Sharon Ahn had a five shot lead going into the final round but lost in a playoff to Chinese Taipei. Apart from the failure to hold their lead, it was an improvement in quality considering the lack of players. There were fairways of riches in Kingham’s playing days. “Back then there were far more players capable of making international sides than there are now. The depth is not here. And possibly that is because of the numbers playing in the States right now.” She’s talking about the increasing number of young women going to America on golf scholarships. “If those eight to ten players were here playing golf I think New Zealand golf would be a lot stronger.” In the past lack of overseas opportunities kept players at home, strengthening the competition and improving the scoring. “You see what Brenda Ormsby and Liz Douglas and before her Jean Whitehead, those eras, and what scores were winning the stroke play events. They’re no different from what they are now.” The Espirito Santo World Championships are held every two years and show the same trend as the Sirikit Cup. From ’82 til ’94 the national team finished in the top 10 six out of seven times. After that they placed 14th, 17th, 20th and 20th. But maybe the tide of mediocrity is starting to turn. In 2004 New Zealand finally crept back into the top 10 at number nine and this year the team of Nicolson, Krishna and Ahn improved another two places finishing only four shots behind winners South Africa. Nicolson was nine under for her last two rounds to finish fifth in the individual rankings. So they improved not only in rankings but also scoring averages. Womens GOLF December 2006


Rather than giving herself a little pat on the back, Kingham is breathing a sigh of relief. “To finish in the top 10 in the world for two years running is brilliant. It’s letting us know that what we’ve got in place here is actually working. And we need to continue on the way we have been to get these results. If our funding let’s us, we’ll definitely continue on. But if we don’t, we’ll probably go back to the 90’s and 2000 results and that’s really disappointing. We’ve had some fantastic results this year, especially Sarah (Nicolson) winning the Australian stroke play, fourth in the British strokeplay and now fifth in the world as an amateur. That’s what dreams are made of. I really keep my fingers crossed we can keep moving forward because otherwise the next few years are going to look bleak for us.” But the dark clouds are already gathering.

SPARC or Sports and Recreation New Zealand, has recently had a review of their funding and many of the high participation sports like golf, basketball and hockey have missed out on the money. SPARC’s controversial new High Performance strategy is a blueprint for it’s approach to investing in high performance sport in New Zealand and kicks in next year. SPARC Chief Executive Nick Hill is quoted on their website as saying, “The overall goal of these strategies is to increase the international competitiveness of New Zealand’s athletes and teams; to foster a “performance focussed” culture in high performance sport; and to ensure SPARC invests for the long term in results capable sports in order to develop their depth of talent to ensure they can win in events that matter to New Zealand.” CEO of New Zealand Golf Larry Graham is understandably upset at golf ’s exclusion and but isn’t just going to let it so. “We understand SPARC have new philosophy but it’s not going to change our way of doing things. We’re going to be pretty stubborn

Womens GOLF December 2006

As far as results and scoring I don’t think we have moved forward.

about our High Performance programme. What we’ve established is important and we’re very keen to drive it forward.” NZG has now had to apply for special funding with a two year proposal geared towards the 2008 World Cup in Adelaide. Says Graham, “We are struggling to understand why golf is not important to SPARC.We’ll have to wait and see how they respond to our proposal. Whether we’re part of their top eight or elite is totally immaterial to us. It’s whether they fund our high performance programmes to a level we need. That’s more important.” If the funding doesn’t come through, Graham is not sure what the outcome would be. “We have to then sit down with them and see what the next steps are. Obviously that requires a whole new discussion. We could argue that there’s some hypocrisy going on if it’s important to have more people more active more often. If there’s no funding for high performance the arguments have got to be how are we going to encourage our young people if we don’t have a high performance programme?” A lack of funding could quickly undo years of work ... “It’s huge,” says Kingham, “because we’ve been able to put a programme together to develop our players and let them play internationally. And without the funding from SPARC those players are not going to continue on to the degree we’ve been able to in the past.” Espirito star Sarah Nicolson is now trying to secure her European tour card. She’s a huge loss to the amateur game but if she succeeds it can only help attract more young women to the game. However, if the funding isn’t there, NZG will struggle to help them follow in her golfing foot steps.


e l fi o r P r e


y a l P

General Manager Australian Ladies Professional Golf

Lynn Brooky Date of Birth/Born: Resides: Turned Professional: Tours: Career Best Finish: Interests: Personal: Amateur: 1994: 1993:


25 January 1968, Wellington NZ Lower Hutt, NZ November 1994 Ladies European Tour, ALPG Tour Seven wins (3 ALPG, 4 LET) Music, shopping, cooking, German Shepherds. 164cm tall with brown hair and hazel eyes.

2nd Australian Strokeplay Championships; Australian Strokeplay Champion; NSW Strokeplay Champion; Queen Sirikit Cup individual Champion; New Zealand Matchplay Champion; 2nd British Amateur; and New Zealand Strokeplay Champion.

Professional: ALPG: Finished 9th on the 2005/06 Order of Merit with AU$16,332. Has three victories on the ALPG Tour as well as numerous top 10 finishes. Has earnings of $128,341 to sit 31st on the all time ALPG Tour Money List. Winner: 2004 – Peugeot Australian Rotarians ALPG Charity Classic; 2004 – Sapphire Coast Ladies Classic; and 2003 – Aristocrat Mollymook Women’s Classic; European Tour: Has won four events on the LET (with 34 top 10’s) and has Euro 729,737.32 in career earnings. Her best finish on the Order of Merit was in 2003 when she finished 5th with Euro104,367.80. Her lowest round on tour is 64 (twice). Winner: 2006 – Open de Espana Femenino; 2003 – Arras Open de France Dames; 2002 – Arras Open de France Dames; and 1998 – Ladies Austrian Open. Lynn currently sits 14th on the 2006 Order of Merit with Euro 66,479.24. Represented New Zealand (alongside Gina Scott) at the 2004 & 2005 Women’s World Cup in South Africa.


Lynn Brooky Questions and Answers: PM: What is your favourite food? – Cantonese Roast Duck. Beverage? – Rum & diet coke with lots of ice. Movie/Actor? – Any Whoopi Goldberg movie. Car? – BMW. Way to spend your money? – On friends, manager and family. Country and/or city? – New Zealand/Wellington. Golf course/s? – Ngamotu and West Town, New Plymouth, NZ. Golf club? – Putter. Playing partner on tour? – I don’t really have a favourite, but I have always admired Laura Davies. She has attracted a lot of people to the sport by always being herself and the way she plays the game. PM: Who is the best golfer/ball striker (male or female) you have had the pleasure of sharing a round with? – Tiger, on the Playstation! PM: If you could tailor make a day of golf and lunch for four, which course would you choose, and who would be your three playing partners? – Marta Prieto (Spain), Ana B. Sanchez (Spain) and Gwladys Nocera (France) at West Town, New Plymouth, NZ. PM: If you hadn’t become a Professional golfer what do you think you would be doing right now? – Landscaping/Gardening PM: What are your aspirations in golf? Where would you like to be in 5 years? – To be still playing competitively in Europe and in Australia. PM: What are the strengths of your game? What are the weaknesses? – Strengths: My tempo, it is slow enough to know what I am doing and my short game; Weaknesses: Long golf courses where length off the tee is required. PM: Did you follow golf when you were younger, and if so, who was/were your favourite player/s? – I was never able to watch golf on TV. I started playing when I was two and my father was my favourite player. PM: Given one wish, in what way would you change the world of Ladies Professional Golf? – The money! Prize funds to get closer to the men’s. PM: What one rule in golf would you most like to see eradicated or changed? – No Hazards! PM: What is the most common mistake you see your Pro-Am partners make? – They swing too fast, thinking that it is required to hit the ball a long way. PM: How do you enjoy yourself while away from the golf course? I love fishing – any chance I get and gardening. PM: Do the airline terrorism scares play on your mind being a frequent traveller? – Absolutely, it freaks me out every time I have to fly. I am an innocent, innocent person. Womens GOLF December 2006

PM: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on the golf course? – In the US Open this year, my back was playing up in the last two rounds and I played the last nine holes in 11 over. PM: Is there a camaraderie on the overseas tours as there seems to be amongst the girls during the Australian tournaments? – Yes, in Europe it is great! PM: Is there much communication/interaction between the women’s and men’s Professionals while on tour overseas? – We never actually see them. PM: Golf in America is so different to golf in Europe. Why do you stay in Europe even though your talent indicates you could succeed in America? – Because I love the great food, good wine and beautiful scenery. I’m also set up in the UK and have a great “family” that I base myself with. PM: How many hole-in-one’s have you had and have any gained you a decent prize? – I had one as an amateur and had to shout the bar, so it cost ME! PM: Will you be coming to Australia to play in the Pro-Am series which for the first time includes the $100,000 NSW Open at Oatlands in Sydney? – Yes, of course. I love the ALPG Tour, especially the Pro-Am series on the South Coast. PM: Why did you change your name from Lynnette back to Lynn? – The new name is just a change; it allows me the opportunity to walk a new path. PM: Is there any other “special” talent you have or something others wouldn’t necessarily know about you? – I’m single, I take life as it is and I like being me. I love motorbikes (not Harley’s). I used to ride a Kawasaki Z650 and loved it. It was a brilliant bike and I had it up to 210km’s. Awesome! All photos courtesy of European Ladies Tour

Womens GOLF December 2006

Paul Melville (Operations Manager – ALPG Tour)



The Girls Behind The Scene Julie Gregson I guess I owe my interest and involvement in the golf industry to my daughter Erin who started playing golf as a student with Royal Pines Resort Junior Golf Development in 1994. I started in the golf industry in 1997 making shoe bags for corporate golf days as well as being employed by Richard Miller of Ralsport as the Gold Coast’s sales merchandiser visiting different resorts and clubs, changing window displays, etc. and as I used to call it “fluffing up the store”. At the 1999 PGA Golf Show at Sanctuary Cove I was approached by Sportproof P/L who in turn introduced me to more contacts, which led to more agencies such as Tantis Marketing, Precious Cargo, Wolf, Jamka Visors, M & M Hat Co, Quality Golf, System Golf, and the most recent, TCHAK! (Apparel which has become very popular with lady golfers.) My agency was flying with many sales supported by clubs and resorts by the end of 2003 but ... I took an unexpected break on the road in Feb 2004 yet still managed to keep in contact with most of my accounts whilst fighting breast cancer. My sincere thanks to all that supported me throughout my ordeal.

Suzanne Roberts Joondalup Resort’s Proshop Manager, Suzanne Roberts, has given her shop that feminine touch that most pro shops seem to be lacking. Suzanne has been with Joondalup for eight years and with previous experience in fashion design and manufacturing has added a much needed element in Pro Shop design. “I’ve always had a passion for fashion and enjoy buying clothing and accessories for both women and men.” Suzanne believes there is a strong market for ladies golf fashion, if you give women what they want. “It’s important to provide ladies with variety in styles, price and sizing and also to keep the fashion up-to-date.” Suzanne looks forward to providing her customers with quality golf attire in this ever changing market. “I have enjoyed seeing golf fashion change for the better with more style being worn by both women and men.”

Diane Trouchet Cottesloe Cargo Boutique was the well-known business of Diane Trouchet in Perth promoting “Resort Wear all Year Round”. In 1995, the success of imported sun visors with very wide brims triggered a “seachange” from retail to wholesale, with her inspiration for a new visor design. A large protection brim was incorporated with a comfort headband and included a soft wire for twist fastening and finish. Rain-hat development quickly followed, and as with the Twisty Visor, special elements of construction and fashion fabrics have ensured Precious Cargo products remain practical and unique. Trade Marks, copyrights and Madrid Protocol patent have all been applied being all Australian made. Access to family factory facilities has enabled Diane to develop Precious Cargo into a business recognised throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand. Participating in trade shows, making personal tours and visits overseas, consistent publicity and now the Internet is all part of Diane’s winning business plan. 70

Amanda Taylor So many golfers I talk to say they wish they had taken up golf when they were younger – I only starting playing this addictive sport 18 months ago and definitely wish I had started playing earlier. Women’s golf in Australia seems to be getting more popular each year which means there is a greater need for ladies golf clothing which is both practical and fashionable and available in more colours than beige, brown and black. It was these points as well as my love of the game that inspired me to leave my secure job and embark on my own business venture in a growing niche market. Selecting the clothing and accessories to stock in the shop is probably the hardest decision, as my own personal taste can’t influence every style decision as clients coming into the shop have so many different tastes. The Golfing Boutique will have been open one year in September. I am looking forward to the next 12 months and hope to achieve revenue growth in the boutique as well as internet website shopping cart sales, and of course lower my golf handicap!

Nerida Williams Golf can be hard work – especially when you own a golf company! But put hard work hand-in-hand with sales trips to Australia’s best golf destinations and Nerida Williams wouldn’t have it any other way! “I just love golf and the lifestyle that goes with it. I want my brand to help attract a wider level of participation in golf, particularly for women and the younger demographic. “Whenever we can, my partner and I spend time following his little brother, Soren Hansen, on the European Tour. We just love the atmosphere of the tour matches in Europe, particularly as many of them dress with such sophistication.” Golf retail is a tough business, but as the owner of her own company, Nerida is able to listen to buyers and react quickly to market needs. “I really think that golfers in Australia and New Zealand are developing a much greater sense of style and buyers are becoming more astute. It’s great to be part of the shift from traditional golf apparel towards providing a brand that young golfers can relate to. I owe a lot to those loyal buyers who have been with me from the start and who continue to buy from our ranges. It is great to see those clubs supporting a young Australian business.” It is certainly exciting times for Five Under. With one of Sydney’s hottest designers recently enlisted and a fantastic production support team, Nerida is promising the golf industry some head-turning collections in 2007.

Nikki Martin offers a wide range of golf accessories and gifts for women (and men, and women buying for men), aiming particularly to service the golfing needs for golfers in rural regions. Nikki Martin is in charge of the marketing concepts for the website, and works alongside her clever mum, Leonie Martin, who developed and manages the website. Womens GOLF December 2006

The Girls Behind The Scene Marilyn Robinson Marilyn Robinson co-founded Birdee Golf Apparel in 2005, and hasn’t stopped since. As a stylist for television commercials, she was having to find clothing to dress a group of women on a golf course for a UK shoot, this was hard – there was nothing stylish or fashionable available, and this was how the idea for Birdee first came about. With a background in fashion design, Marilyn and business partner Michelle O’Brien researched the golfing world for a year before launching Summer 2005, it was small to start but was successful. Both women have huge amounts of energy when it comes to hard work, which led to a much larger Winter 2006 range. Recently Birdee exhibited at the PGA Show at Darling Harbour in Sydney, where they spent four very busy days, meeting existing clients and making new contacts in all aspects of the Golfing Business. A great success.

Sue Fredrickson Sue Fredrickson has a passion for golf. Part of the passion was satisfied by opening The Ladies Tee on the Sunshine Coast two years ago. The shop caters for all lady golfers from the conservative to the outrageous, in all colours and styles ranging from size 2 (USA) to 24 (AUS). Sue, when buying for her store, concentrates on fit for comfort and style for looks and has achieved just that, boasting customers from the Sunshine Coast to Dubai. Once ladies have visited the shop, with their permission, they are placed on a database for size and style so that purchasing over the phone or internet is a breeze. Sue also does personal catalogues for those who do not have internet access. Always passionate for the game Sue, with the help of Cynthia Howland, started a social golfing group on the Sunshine Coast for ladies to play nine holes on Friday afternoons at various courses in the area. This started last November and now boasts over 40 on the database. Many of these girls have not played golf before and now have become firmly addicted. “The group has proved so popular”, says Sue, “that we now have a social Sunday once a month where the members can bring a partner to either play or caddie and usually involves lunch.”

Editors Note: All women are not placed in any particular order but for graphic presentation only.

For any queries on either The Ladies Tee on the Sunshine Coast or The 9 Holers, please contact Sue Fredrickson on 0409 615685.

Maui Jim Sunglasses Australia Toll Free: 1800 010 244

Womens GOLF December 2006



Professional Pathway... Neil McLean

Is a freelance journalist based on the Gold Coast who writes for a number of publications in professional golf, travel and business, and is a corporate trainer, professional public speaker, university lecturer and author. If you have a story, you can contact Neil on nmc20290@bigpond.

By Neil McLean


n the last Womens GOLF issue, Neil McLean discovered how an innovative alliance between the PGA and Griffith University on the Gold Coast is helping to guide young, aspiring golfers and administrators to new heights in professional golf in Australia. The story continues with two more female students of the PGA International Golf Institute who have major ambitions of leaving a large footprint on the golfing world. One has made a substantial start with a US university scholarship prior to joining the PGA IGI and has the lucrative professional playing circuit in her sights. The other is a new player on the scene who took up the sport just five years ago and is headed for the professional coaching ranks. First-year PGA IGI student Emily Tankey’s thirst for playing golf originally led her to a scholarship at a leading U.S. university. “I was lucky enough to live in the US and attend the scholarship program at Florida Southern,

Golf/Sports Scholarships Apply to be assessed today and follow in the footsteps of Lorena Ochoa, Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer and many of the best sports professionals. First point USA has a proven 100% record in securing coveted scholarships in America. With contacts to over 2000 U.S. Coaches all over the country, you will be exposed to the best career and playing options at your “doorstep”. To apply, call our Chief Sports Consultant, George Lambeski on 0425 707 068 or 03 9311 6630. Call George today and get your academic and sporting goals on the right track.


which has the number one position in the nation in the Division Two program,” Emily said. “I was on both a golf and academic scholarship, so life was about studying during the day and then going out and practising for four hours; it was outstanding training,” she enthused. Now, partway through the first year at the PGA IGI, the Brisbanebased player commutes 50 minutes to the Gold Coast to study while working in bars at night to pay her way. “It is a hectic schedule of working, studying, playing and enjoying golf,” Emily told AWG. Playing off a handicap of three, Emily is involved in a business program that combines the PGA Golf Certificate. Emily has aspirations of making it as a professional player and tackling the women’s circuit, however, she is realistic about the work ethic it takes to make it as a successful player. Thanks to the PGA IGI, there is a plan B. “I would love to teach golf because I am a genuine people person and I love guiding others when we are playing” she said. Emily enjoys the challenge of working with people who are committed to improving their game at every level. As for the PGA IGI course, Emily would highly recommend that any person who has aspirations of professional golf take the course. “It gives you a lot of opportunity to practice and play with other high-level golfers,” Emily said. “Everyone there wants to improve and not everyone of them wants to be a professional player, so there is a great atmosphere that is very supportive and positive ... I love it.” One of those who has chosen another direction is Gold Coastbased Amy Dobbins. A relatively late starter at 26 years old, Amy works part-time at Royal Pines Resort’s pro shop while studying at the PGA IGI. The famous Gold Coast resort course has been the home to Australia’s LPGA tournament for a number of years now and gives young, aspiring, female golfers great exposure to the world’s top women players. “The tournament also gives the opportunity to get to know these players and find out how they rose through the ranks to actually make it on to the circuit,” Amy said. Unlike many of her fellow students, Amy did not take up playing golf until she was about 21 years old. In five years she has already carved out a single-figure handicap and intends to go to scratch in the next 12 months. This university course has given her direction and focus. “Originally I wanted to become a tour player or a teaching professional, depending how my game shaped up, she said. “I have always liked teaching. Before I took up golf I was a scuba-diving instructor, so I was into the teaching thing and enjoyed it a great deal.” Amy was led to the PGA IGI by professional golf coach Mark Gibson, one of two coaches involved with the course. Amy started at Griffith this year specialising in the Golf Management certificate and her focus is to become a coach for female golfers and juniors. “There is not a lot of female golf coaches around, so I wanted to give women a way to feel comfortable while learning. Our golfing future is clearly with the younger players, so I want to concentrate on guiding them into the sport as well,” she said. Amy is a big fan of the professional pathway the PGA IGI alliance allows young people to follow. Womens GOLF December 2006

“The course is good,” she said. “You are surrounded by people who have the same competitive passion and the camaraderie is very supportive, so it’s a great be atmosphere to be around.” Like all the others in the course, Amy is realistic when it comes to getting results. She says it all comes down to how much work you are prepared to put into it. “For both men and women who want to do traineeships, you have to get down to a three handicap. This course provides a broader focus. Having a degree behind us gets you very well prepared and gives you a big edge over people simply doing a traineeship. “Life is challenging in the professional ranks and formal study helps you to raise the bar for yourself and it’s been really good so far,” she added. Amy says she definitely recommends this course to anyone who wants a professional pathway into the sport. “It gives you insights into the competition and prepares you well for what else is out there when you leave.”

Greg Norman Golf Foundation

For further information on the PGA IGI course at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, contact Tracey Howley, CEO of the PGA IGI, on 61 7 5552 8800.

The Foundation’s annual tournament, the Two Day Titleist Winter Classic, was a great display of golf, with Haeji Kang becoming the female champion to beat Queensland State player Cecilia Nha by five strokes. Being on the winning pedestal is becoming a frequent occurrence for Haeji in past months. Taking out the Australian Women’s Foursomes with Amy Yang, she also competed individually at the Australian Amateur and at the age of 15 became the Australian Women’s Amateur Runner-up, being beaten by Helen Oh in the matchplay sector two up. Along with her golfing profile she also adds the Qld 54-hole junior strokeplay Gross Runner-up title as well as coming Runner up to 2005 ANZ Ladies Masters Champion Amy Yang at the Greg Norman Golf Foundation Junior Master in December 2005 by one shot.


he Greg Norman Golf Foundation has a wide range of talent through the girls sector, and this year is no different, with the majority of the tournaments having at least 10 girls on single figure handicaps.

This young junior certainly has a future ahead as she is currently leading the Queensland stroke-play averages and is coming fourth in the Australian Stroke Play averages. This young talent will certainly have her name up in lights.

Our State Age Champions for 2006: 12 years and under

Jake Higginbottom and Chantal Hodson

13 years

Aaron Keevers and Dana Barriball

14 years (joint winners)

Cameron Baguley, Peter Lamaris and Justine Lee

15 years

Dimitrios Papadatos and Jade Deane

16 years

Lincoln Tighe and Elle Sandak

17 years

Lindsay Wilson and Rebecca Flood

July Under 12’s Forty six under 12’s arrived at Sefton for the July Under 12’s tournament. With a few clouds in the sky, it looked as though the rain would grace us with it’s prescence, but thankfully it wasn’t to be. Some brilliant scores were had in all age groups. In the boys seven years and under Charlie Pilon shot 82. Mitchell Norbis had a brilliant round of 75 in the nine years and under age group with his closest rival Blake Robertson three shots behind on 78. The boys 10 years went to a playoff, with Jack McLeod and Daniel Gale. The boys played the 18th hole and were all square, they then headed down the 10th with Daniel prevailing in the end. Yogan Rajayogan again shot a brilliant round of 69 to win the 11 years boys. In the girls, Kimberley Goodwin, playing in her last under 12’s tournament took out the only girls division shooting 77. Womens GOLF December 2006

The Greg Norman Golf Foundation have some great tournaments coming up with many members competing for a spot in the Greg Norman Junior Masters being held in December at the lovely Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Club. We have some 18-hole tournaments during the September school holidays to keep the children occupied as well as the Hills International 54-hole tournament in conjunction with the Hills International Golf Camp. To have a look at the 2006 tournament calendar browse our website:

Folding Bag and Buggy – in one

Easy Golf! Pizzey Sport Ph: 03 98186269 Email: 73

2006 State Age Champions


2006 State Age Championships


unshine and clear skies greeted the 308 competitors at the 2006 State Age Championships at Murwillumbah and Mullumbimby Golf Courses. This is the second of the two year cycle in the Northern Rivers district.

With a chill in the air, groups at both courses teed off bright and early at 6:52am on Tuesday. Mullumbimby produced many brilliant rounds, with Lindsay Wilson from Dubbo, playing in his last major JNJGF event shooting three under par 67 to win the 17 years daily scratch. Tim Hart from Tamworth also shooting one under par.

2006 Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation

Murwillumbah saw Nick Cochrane and Matthew Gleeson both have an even par round of 71 for the best round of the day in the 16 years age group. Day two saw everyone swap courses and try to have a good round to make the cut for Thursday and Friday at Murwillumbah. The Plate event will be contested at Mullumbimby on Thursday and Friday for all those that do not make the cut. After the cut was official on Wednesday night, Lindsay and Patrick Wilson were leading the boys ahead of Lincoln Tighe and Alex Edge. Rebecca Flood led by 11 shots going into day three. The final day saw the sun hide away and the rain start to fall. Jack was around to introduce the final groups for the tournament with Lindsay Wilson, Lincoln Tighe, Rebecca Flood and Cassie Oliver the last group off for the tournament. In one of the most exciting playoffs the Foundation has seen, Cameron Baguley and Peter Lamaris, both finishing on 302 started their play off on the first hole. All square after one they then proceeded to the second. This continued for six and a half holes until Rules Official Max Madgwick called the boys joint winners as it was too dark to continue play.


Womens GOLF December 2006

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Experience sheer driving pleasure at a great rate on a great range of vehicles With 260 locations nationwide and one of Australia’s largest and most dynamic car rental companies we are recognised for value, great service and a great range of vehicles. Plus, only we can boast stylish BMW 3 and 5 series sedans and the fashionable MINI Cooper as part of our fleet.

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Womens GOLF December 2006



Golf on Australia’s


About the Gold Coast Very Gold Coast, VeryGC, it’s a lifestyle and a feeling that is enjoyed year-round in Australia’s favourite holiday destination. From urban sophistication to rural ease and natural inspiration, take this opportunity to explore every possibility. Forget the mundane and leave your expectations in the past, arrive on the vibrant Gold Coast and live out your imagination. There’s a whole coast of activities to explore.

GOLD COAST STAY & PLAY PACKAGES • 2 bedroom, • Custom packages • Number of games spacious, to suit all golfing can be adjusted to self-contained holidays. All top suit requirements. apartment, walking golf courses at the distance to all best rates.4/5/7 Surfers Paradise or longer stays activities available • 4 share, 7 nights accommodation, 5 games of golf, starting price Contact: Jon & Kim Jeffrey Tel: 07 5592 3520 per person

Surfers Mayfair


• 1 bedroom, self-contained apartments on Chevron Island, quiet, central location

• Custom packages • Number of games to suit all golfing can be adjusted to holidays. All top suit requirements. golf courses at the best rates.4/5/7 or longer stays available • Only 2 share, 7 nights, 5 games of golf, starting price

Paradise Isles

Contact: Tel: 07 5539 9907

• 2 bedroom, self-contained absolute beachfront accommodation at Broadbeach

• Custom packages to suit all golfing holidays. Airport & golf course transfers also available.

The Breakers

Contact: Mike & Lyn Stephens Tel: 07 5538 5311

$500 per person

For those who need to or want to bring a laptop – HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS is available in each apartment.

Take part in a fresh Gold Coast adventure that stretches from historic rural communities in the north to border towns and coastal centres in the south, with the alluring tranquil sounds of the hinterland always at the beckon. It is the destination of preference for celebrities, travellers, families and the fashionable; in fact, everyone comes to the Gold Coast, that’s part of the charisma.

Dining Out And Entertainment When it comes to restaurants and bars there’s a whole coast to choose from. Caviar and champagne in Main Beach? Very tasty. Or snapper and chips washed down with a cheeky Sauvignon Blanc at the surf club. The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most surprising, interesting and delectable destinations. Spoilt for choice? Absolutely! Choose Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Indian and French, among others. Savour wine from some of the 11 local wineries with award-winning releases. What’s your style? Lazy lunches at Sanctuary Cove, chic little cafés or the fever of Fisherman’s Wharf or Mariner’s Cove at Main Beach, Jazz on the Broadwater, international fare in Surfers Paradise or alfresco dining with new-found friends at Broadbeach. When the sun sets you can dance, sing and socialise the night away in Surfers Paradise or find quiet lounges, piano bars, karaoke clubs, live music and comedy at Broadbeach, Main Beach and Surfers Paradise.

Shopping The Gold Coast features some of Queensland’s largest shopping centres and duty-free megastores, as well as quality Australian designers and galleries. Stress free! Take a shopping tour, peruse the ultra-trendy boutiques, wander through the piazzas and pay particular attention to the factory outlet precincts like Harbour Town. For truly unique local arts and crafts, plan a day or half-day tour to the Gold Coast country villages of Tamborine Mountain or Springbrook, or to one of the regular beachfront, weekend or night artisan markets.



Womens GOLF December 2006


Getting Around Reach the Gold Coast by air, rail, road and sea, there are no excuses. The Gold Coast is less then one hour’s drive south of the State capital Brisbane. By air, the Gold Coast is an hour north of Sydney and less than two hours from Melbourne. The world-famous Great Barrier Reef is within easy reach, being just an hour’s flight north. Gold Coast Airport, located 30 minutes south of Surfers Paradise, offers international and domestic flights. Carriers include Pacific Blue, Freedom Air, Qantas, Australian Airlines, Jetstar and Virgin Blue. www. or Airtrain and Queensland Rail connect Brisbane Airport and the Brisbane CBD to key Gold Coast railway stations. Local operators can get you around quickly, easily and with no fuss.

Photos courtesy of the Gold Coast Tourism Bureau

Extensive public transport, theme-park transfers, private coach, helicopters, water taxis, rental cars, bikes, limousine and taxi transfers are easily arranged. Or you could do-it-yourself on foot or cycle.

Weather Main Beach is famous for its one-off local boutiques, with nearby Marina Mirage featuring top Australian and international designer clothing. It’s shopping until 9.00 every night in Surfers Paradise with hundreds of domestic stores to choose from. Tree-lined boulevards shade international names like Cartier, Fendi and Gucci. Broadbeach is at the forefront of Gold Coast style. Vibrant. Cosmopolitan. Fresh. It is the home to funky fashion boutiques and world-renowned Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

Womens GOLF December 2006

Here the seasons are reflected in the earth’s mysterious cycles – the annual migration of whales, big surf swells, and the weave of fish schools, which sees pelicans and cormorants dive to the water. The Gold Coast enjoys a subtropical climate with around 300 days of sunshine a year, and has over 70km of beaches with an average water temperature of 22C. Pack your swimwear year round, as even the winter months offer pleasant warm weather during the day. Average summer temperatures range from 19 to 29C, and average winter temperatures range from 9 to 21C.


GOLFING DESTINATIONS Golf enthusiasts who visit Australia’s Gold Coast are spoilt for choice – the biggest decision is arranging a holiday schedule to select which golf courses to play. A common predicament is finding too little time to enjoy the numerous options. A balmy year-round climate means summer is an ideal time to hit the fairways, choosing between some of the region’s championship, resort, public and private courses. There’s freedom to be as serious or easy-going as you want – take a beginners’ class, bring your own clubs or hire equipment. Be challenged by courses designed by the world’s champions or equate golf with relaxation at a luxurious property with spas and massage.

Photo courtesy of the Gold Coast Tourism Bureau

Attractions What makes Australia’s Gold Coast really stand out as a holiday destination are the array of tours, activities, attractions and events that can be experienced in the region. There are over 500 day-tour options to choose from, so the choice is endless. National attractions, famous beaches and a multitude of waterways provide an idyllic backdrop for sailing and cruising, watersports, scenic flights and surf-based activities. The Gold Coast’s man-made attractions are just as diverse and impressive as its natural wonders. Experience exciting thrill rides or get up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, Bengal tigers, polar bears, dolphins, sharks and shales. Theme parks operate year round and make the Gold Coast Australia’s undisputed theme-park capital. And it’s no wonder why the Gold Coast is also known as “Australia’s Golf Coast”, boasting more than 40 champion courses to suit any and every handicap. For decades, Australia’s Gold Coast has welcomed thousands of golf enthusiasts a year, building the emerging business tourism market to further cement the region’s designation as the golf epicentre of the country.

Golfing Round-up Your Very Gold Coast golf getaway can be Very Relaxing, Very Active or just Very Rewarding. Start a golf odyssey around 45 minutes north of central Gold Coast. Brookwater Golf Club is nestled among rolling hills in a natural bushland setting, making it apparent long before you ever swing a club why Brookwater’s magnificent golf course is up among Australia’s best. The Greg Norman-designed championship course has won accolades, including consistent top five ratings by publications such as Golf Australia and Australian Golf Digest. See if you agree with the experts when you conquer the par 72 layout over 6505m. From the first tee to the 18th green, Greg Norman and his expert team have endeavoured to seamlessly integrate the course with its stunning natural surrounds. Recognise the classic hallmarks of design with signature bunkering and a thoughtful integration of existing flora over the course, which has two nine-hole loops. Make no mistake, this isn’t golf for the faint-hearted. It will challenge your nerve, test your mettle, yet, when you’ve sunk that final putt, it will have inspired you to take it on all over again. www. You could meet some of Australia’s most famous faces at Gainsborough Greens, set in 230 hectares of natural beauty. Here you may well catch a glimpse of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, the Purple Swamphen or even the harmless south-east Queensland Carpet Snake. The course has been open since 1990, and having hosted the Queensland PGA in 1991, 1992 and 1993, is recognised among the elite courses in South-East Queensland. Despite its lofty status, Gainsborough is the type of course social players can enjoy. The course is not so difficult that it deters high-handicappers, but the exacting layout makes for a challenging day out for even the more experienced golfer. Prestigious northern Gold Coast suburbs showcase a feast of courses at upmarket resorts and properties. What’s on the menu? Sanctuary Cove’s award-winning course,The Palms, is open daily. Use global positioning satellite carts to pinpoint your shots as you drive the ball across the 5833m course with a par 71 and a rating of 70.


Womens GOLF December 2006

Sanctuary Cove’s private course, The Pines, is Australia’s only Arnold Palmer signature course, and rated as one of the nations most challenging. Home to two SKINS tournaments, The Pines course is carved through 101 hectares of pine forest over 6681 metres with an AGU rating of 76. Sanctuary Cove Golf Academy offers a range of tuition packages. Director Steve Darmody is one of only a handful of master club fitters in the world. Current packages include golf coaching, computer analysis, accommodation and a soothing remedial massage. Nearby Hope Island Resort’s links-style course was designed by five-time British Open champion Peter Thomson through the team of Thomson, Wolveridge and Perrett. The course has an AGU rating of 74 with an extensive practice facility of putting greens, a driving range and chipping green with bunkers. Resident golf professional Peter Coté has an AAA ranking by the Australian PGA – the highest ranking attainable, so you’d better listen to what he has to say! Leafy suburb Parkwood’s 18-hole par 72 course welcomes all levels of play. Take a beginners’ class or book children to the kids’ classes. There’s also a pool and tennis court. A visit to the Gold Coast may just entice you to become a permanent resident or frequent visitor. If so, then premier private

course Arundel Hills Country Club may beckon. The state-of-the-art Recreation Centre near the Clubhouse is open daily for members and visitors – relax with yoga, saunas and spas, aerobics or Microfit fitness assessments. www.arundelhillscc. Located in Tweed Heads on the New South Wales side of the border and about 5km from Coolangatta, the Coolangatta & Tweed Heads Golf Club is situated on the edge of the beautiful Tweed River on a 101-hectare wildlife reserve. This club offers two Championship golf courses; both the River and West course are good golfing challenges, with the River Courses being “Voted in the Top 25 Public Courses in Australia” by Golf Australia Magazine. Central areas of the Gold Coast encompass a plethora of golf courses. Play a different course every day. Luxury is assured – operators offer helicopter connections, golf tours or limousine transfers between facilities. Be pampered at golf resort spas, and stay in luxurious accommodation such as The Lodge @ The Glades with 19 luxurious, self-contained executive apartments. Whatever style of Glades accommodation you choose, you’ll enjoy the backdrop of one of the Coast’s most desirable fairways and greens. Enjoy the convenience of staying in the very heart of Queensland’s Gold Coast in Australia’s most centrally located golf-course community.

Telephone: 07 5575 8500 Fax: 07 5575 8753 Email: Web: golfOZ Tours and Tourism. Office location: Suite 1, Robina Woods Golf Club, Ron Penhaligan Way Robina QLD 4226. Postal Address: P.O. Box 760, Labrador QLD 4215. Womens GOLF December 2006


GOLFING DESTINATIONS Lakelands – 10th green

Royal Pines is one of the largest resorts in Queensland and home to the region’s only 27-hole composite course. The course has been central to women’s golf as home to the ANZ Ladies Masters. This year’s event pitted veteran Karrie Webb against 19-year-old Japanese sensation Ai Miyazato and the teenager came out the winner. Variety is the spice of life. So you’ll feel refreshed with the everchanging combination of course profiles – Aroona (Running Water) framed by the flowing waters of the Nerang River; Binnowee (Green Place) with lush native vegetation and the manicured gardens of the Eastside residential precinct; and Wangara (West Wind) shaped around natural land formations with undulating greens and lessforgiving waterways. Golf is only the beginning at this Ashmore property. Play one

of seven tennis courts, embrace the inner – and fitter you – on the jogging track, stretch out in the large outdoor pool or 25m heated lap pool or flex your muscles on the driving range. www.royalpines. Jack Nicklaus is a legend and Lakelands Golf Club is legendary. Australia’s only Jack Nicklaus signature course (par 72) has five tee markers from 6492m (black) through to 4685m (yellow). The ClubCorp property offers the Pinehurst Advantage School with PGA Teacher of the Year (1999 and 2003) Mark Gibson. www. Another leading player, Graham Marsh, is behind the design of Palm Meadows Golf Course close to the Nerang River. Here’s a course to challenge your golfing prowess with water impacts on 14 holes and 82 sand bunkers over the par 72, 18-hole course. Dine at The Lakeview Restaurant or head to the Japanese-style bathhouse. Marsh and Watson are behind Robina Woods’ design over 65 hectares of fairways and lakes while The Colonial Golf Course (previously Paradise Springs) offers an international standard on this par 72 course of 6424m.

Golf Holidays & Tournaments for Ladies & Men 2007 DATES Feb 10-17 New Zealand Classic May 14-20

Sunshine Coast Classic

May 23-26

State Of Origin Classic

June 16-23

Gold Coast Winter Classic

September 8-15 Gold Coast Spring Classic

Ph: 1800 074 329 New Zealand 0 800 447 089

For the golf-obsessed, sunset doesn’t spell the end of that extra drive. Emerald Lakes Golf Club is the only 36-hole golf course on the Gold Coast with golf under lights – play until 9.30pm seven days a week. Host to the annual Queensland PGA Championship, the course is the centrepiece of the $750m Emerald Lakes residential development. The Graham Marsh championship course is characterised by expansive fairways, pristine waterways and scenic hinterland backdrops. Floodlights are installed on the back nine holes creating a par 36 floodlit game. More than 30 drive-range bays and two chipping and putting short game areas mean you’re not jostling too close to neighbouring golfers. And for golf widows – or widowers – there’s plenty of inducements to have fun with some of Australia’s largest and most exciting shopping precincts, wineries, spas and luxurious health clubs and of course, kilometres of sandy, open beaches. The Gold Coast’s diverse ecology means you can visit World Heritage-listed rainforest, play golf and be back to ocean views and nightlife all in the one day. Resistance is useless – you’ll have to book your Gold Coast visit once you view Gold Coast Tourism’s VeryGC website: www. or the Gold Coast Golf Group’s website: www.


Womens GOLF December 2006



adies, don’t let your golf go into hibernation this winter, the sun is shining on the Gold Coast, and Royal Pines Resort is sure to warm your spirits with one of their great value Winter Golf packages!

Tailored to meet your every need, Royal Pines’ specialty golf packages offer a number of options to keep you moving, and are available from as little as $165* per person, per night. Choose from the flexible ‘Pamper and Play’ package, the ‘Unlimited Golf ’ package for serious golfers, or the crème de la crème of golfing packages, ‘Royal Selection’, a package that enables you to play at any of the region’s leading courses. Set in the heart of the Gold Coast, between the pristine beaches of Surfers Paradise and the subtropical rainforests of the Hinterland, Royal Pines Resort is the region’s only 27-hole composite golf course, with three separate 18-hole combinations. With the newest nine holes, Wangara, proving more challenging by the day, Royal Pines Resort promises to test your every stroke.

Womens GOLF December 2006

Undulating terrain, magnificent greens and tight fairways that demand respect characterise the golfing encounter you’ve been waiting for. Continuing to inspire, motivate, and challenge the very best in golfers, Royal Pines Resort is the ultimate golfing destination. The Resort’s championship composite course, Aroona, has been home to the Australian Ladies Masters for the past 13 years, as well as host to many other prestigious golf tournaments, so you can play where the champions play, see what the champions see, feel what the champions feel … Winter doesn’t need to be a time of hibernation for your golf. Royal Pines Resort presents great value Winter Golf accommodation packages in five-star surrounds. Along with three terrific golf-course combinations, warm sunshine and great hospitality, there is no better place to stay to enjoy the game you love.

For more information or to make a booking contact Reservations on +61 7 5597 1111 or visit *Conditions apply.



Val Gets A Hole-in One, Not Once But Twice!

For most golfers, scoring a hole-in-one is as good as it gets and many may never achieve the feat. But Toowoomba golfer Val Tame, 69, scored not one, but two holes-in-one during her weekend competition round at the Toowoomba Golf Club. Mrs Tame recorded the aces on the 148-metre 9th hole and the 96-metre 16th. She said she has not scored a hole-in-one before in her 24 years on the golf course and was left shocked by the first, let alone the second. “The first one I didn’t actually see because the sun was in my eyes, but the other ladies said it had gone in the hole. “I thought it might have hit the pin and gone a few feet past, but my daughter ran down and had a look and said it was in the hole.” Mrs Tame said she decided to “have a go” at the 16th, after daughter Julie Zerner had made a safe approach to the green.“I hit a nine iron straight in the hole and I definitely saw this one,” she said. By Cameron Leslie The Chronicle

The Odds On Making A Hole-in-one Golf Digest has been a source for acer odds since the 1950s. To update them for the 21st century, it has the latest number for rounds played each year and estimated aces to Frances Scheid, retired chairman of the mathematics department at Boston University. “It’s simple arithmetic,” Scheid says for the following scenarios, which assume four par 3s of varying lengths in an 18-hole round. A player making an ace in a given round:

5,000 to 1

Acing a designated hole in a single round:

20,000 to 1

Acing the same hole more than once in 1,000 rounds: 1 in 200 Getting an ace in a 5,000 round career: Almost a sure thing Two players, same foursome, acing same hole: 17 million to 1 Two players, in a field of 200 acing same hole:


5,000 to 1

Two aces in a single round, same player:

67 million to 1

Three aces in a single round same player:

2 trillion to 1

Ladybirds from the Mornington Peninsula

Val Tame beats the odds of 67 million to one

1 in 5

Getting an ace in a 1,000 round career:

golfOZ Tours And Tourism

Associated with a fully accredited and IATA licensed retail travel group, golfOZ provides a level of quality and servicing unparalleled on the Gold Coast. As we are in alliance with a corporation with over $15 million dollar turnover in the last calendar year, golfOZ offers the total solution golf service. We can provide in house, air ticketing, hotel reservations, ground transfers and of course, the most competitive golfing rates around. If its golf you want ... golfOZ can provide it, any course, anywhere, anyhow, anytime! Our speciality is tailor making golf packages to suit your group requirements – what we can offer is various golf and accommodation options, personalised golf and airport transfers, optional day activities outside of golf – a day at the races, shopping, taking in a footy game or fishing on a reef. While most of our golf tourers are men, couples and ladies groups are slowly becoming more popular. Take the Ladybirds from the Mornington Peninsula that recently toured the Gold Coast and enjoyed their annual golf tour. So come on ladies, email/fax/telephone us for a quote today and grab your golf clubs for a golf, shopping, dining and relaxing holiday away, without the boys. Womens GOLF December 2006

Schoolgirl Helen Oh Wins Australian Womens Amateur Title Helen, a Year 12 student at Marsden High in Sydney, recently clinched the Australian Women’s Amateur Open Golf Championship at Lake Karrinyup in Perth. Held in May, the event was hotly contested by leading amateurs from Australia and New Zealand. To win the title, Helen first had to qualify by playing 72 holes of stroke play, then she defeated Cassie Oliver (NSW), New Zealand stroke play champion Yeon-Seon Kim, West Australian Kristie Smith and the number one qualifier, Frances Bondad (NSW). Helen’s victory has ensured a start in the 2007 Australian Women’s Open at Royal Sydney and the ANZ Ladies Masters at Royal Pines in February 2007. Coached by top professional Glenn Phillips, Helen is based at Concord Golf Club. This year she assisted the Concord Associates Grade Team to remain in the WGNSW Metropolitan Grade competition in Concord’s rookie year in the top grade. Helen, 18, will sit for her HSC later this year. She excels academically and across all levels of sport, having represented her school in swimming, athletics, soccer and netball. She aspires to become a top professional golfer, but is also considering attending university and has even received scholarship offers from the USA.

Until then, she continues to study hard and spends long hours on the practice range. “I need to work really hard and be well organised to achieve my goals,” Helen said. With that level of commitment and dedication Helen has shown she is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Penny Griffith Photographer Anthony Powter

Sensation Series Golf Collection

Tennis Golf Sports Leisurewear �

� (02) 9523 3545 Fax (02) 9523 8283 Agent & Trade Enquiries(02) 9523 3545 �

Womens GOLF December 2006



The current and new subscribers go into the draw to win one of these two great prizes!

Five Under prize includes plaid pants, shorts with ribbon belt, short sleeve Meryl shirt, half sleeve Meryl shirt, cap sleeve pique shirt, diamond print pique shirt, adjustable shorts, stripe t-back polo, visor and cap. Valued at over $600. See golf fashion page 86 for more details.


“Henry-Griffitts Custom-Fitted Golf Clubs Henry-Griffitts, Inc. believes that players of all abilities tangibly benefit from custom-fitted golf equipment. H-G believes that equipment affects motion. Equipment that fits improves the golf swing. H-G believes that balance is fundamental. Balance in the body and club are intrinsically connected – at address, during take-away at the top of the swing, through impact, at the finish. Without equipment that is finely crafted and configured to your unique swing motion, balance cannot be achieved in a repeatable, reliable form. H-G believes that precision makes perfect. HG certified teachers strive to find the single best equipment configuration for their students. H-G provides our certified teachers with an unprecedented 6,500 different club combinations. Alternative systems typically feature 20 to 30 demonstration clubs of various lies, shafts, lengths and flexes. Each golf swing is like a fingerprint in that it is totally unique to every student. The precision involved during the lesson is continued through production with each club component weighted and measured to the gram, the tightest tolerances in the industry. By delivering more than the world’s premier fitted clubs, H-G has continually delivered the confidence that golfers of all abilities seek.” Henry-Griffitts Clubs valued at over $4,000. See product review page 99 for more details. Subscriptions must be current as of 22nd February 2007 Womens GOLF December 2006


Position and timing ... two words important in golf and also very important words when it comes to investing in golf real estate.


SG Lifestyle Properties have taken both of these factors into account in both developing and releasing their latest real estate offering at Links Lady Bay on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula.

Position, in that they have chosen one of Australia’s top 50 golf courses and also secured the prime location home sites/pieces of land on this beautiful coastal links course. Absolute golf course frontage land with sea views, close to the clubhouse, dayspa and hotel resort facilities. Position because Links Lady Bay is located just one hour from Adelaide in the middle of the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.The Region boasts one of Australia’s premier wine regions the McLaren Vale, the internationally acclaimed Kangaroo Island and some of Australia’s most beautiful coastline, fishing and boating, set in a four season mediterranean climate. Timing because having seen the growth of the golfing residential communities in the eastern states, DSG Lifestyle Properties knew that it was only a matter of time before this baby boomer driven phenomenon arrived in South Australia. Timing because buying real estate before the boom occurs is how you guarantee great capital growth and with prices of these prime home sites ranging from $165,000 to $250,000 now is the time to secure your piece of this great opportunity before prices skyrocket. Make no mistake about it, the golfing residential community is about to go off in South Australia. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to secure your slice of the action. Opportunities are now available for investors with lease back options, retirees or for those who are in the position to purchase a second dwelling for family holidays. Ring us on 08 8100 3333 or check out the website on or better still discover it for yourself.

Womens GOLF December 2006





Five Under Euro Styling Without The European Price Tag! Five Under clothing is a young, Australian brand making its mark on the golf scene. Our apparel aims to provide a style and level of comfort for men and women who love dressing for golf, as much as they love playing it! Five Under recognises the attraction of the golfing lifestyle, and provides a brand that fits. Golfer girls will love the styling of our new flat-fronted long shorts, which are tailored to look slim on all body types. A stunning soft plaid mixes well with our slim-fit pique polo’s and soft, breathable Meryl Polo’s. These breathable shirts are available for the first time in a flattering half-sleeve in girly powder pink and pale blue. Our sexy t-back polo is featured this summer in a pretty stripe, with a cap-sleeve version available for the notso-daring. Gorgeous stripe woven belts are again included with every short purchase this spring/summer. The striking colours match back to every shirt in our range, making it effortless to look great! Golfer guys will also shine to our funky plaid pants. Funky retro detailing is highlighted on our mercerised cotton polo’s, and can be teamed with our signature belts in white, chocolate and black. Striped and diamond print polo’s also feature this spring, matching back with plaid or plain flat-fronted men’s shorts. Five Under looks expensive, but is competitively priced under most of the major brands. To get European style clothing, without the European price tag. For more information check our website at for your nearest stockist.

Five Under Concept Store To Open Dec 1st 2006 The team at Five Under are thrilled to announce the opening of their first concept store, on December 1st, 2006. The shop will be located in the idyllic village of Barwon Heads in Victoria. Beautiful beaches and three of Australia’s great golf courses are within minutes of the new store, which will hope to attract a wide range of golf visitors who regularly frequent the coast. Nerida Williams from Five Under describes how the store will also benefit their current wholesale customers: “We have developed a really exciting range of stock service products, including the most colourful selection of cotton polo shirts for every age, size and fit. We really needed to find a premise where we could operate our growing wholesale golf fashion business, and just happened to find a space with a gorgeous shop front, in the heart of Victoria’s most stunning golf regions”.


Womens GOLF December 2006

o f b e i n

the as

With the store opening, existing and new wholesale customers will be able to choose from a wide range fashionable golf apparel without the need to wait for overseas indent orders. Team and Club shirts will also able to be ordered through the store, from anywhere Australia. “Golfers are traditionally kitted out in the most boring team and pennant shirts, particularly the junior teams” says Nerida. “It is my goal to make burgundy and navy polyester team shirts a thing of past. I want to ensure all golfers can look fantastic, which is so necessary if we want the sport to develop a sport of choice for young people”.

In addition VF will be offering Golfing Etiquette workshops to help ladies cope with the endless range of rules and helping them to know what to do on a golf course. Many ladies in business are invited to attend corporate golf days but very rarely attend because they don’t know how to play golf or are afraid of making a fool of themselves in front of their male counterparts.

Golf enthusiasts who are visiting the Bellarine region will be able to buy direct from this exciting golf fashion outlet. If you are there on the right day, you might even meet one of the product designers from this locally owned and operated business. The shop décor also hopes to surprise, and set the benchmark for golf fashion retail in Australia.

Owner, Deborah Marsland has tried to source golf apparel that is a little bit different from what is generally available and is catering to all sizes ranging from XS to XXL – shorts, skirts, skorts, tops, jackets and vests – the ranges coming in are very exciting and colourful as can be seen from the photos of the Tchak range featured – these are just a couple of outfits that will be available in store.

All Enquires, please phone Nerida Williams on 03 5254 2232 or 0417 389 355

Vanity Fairways A boutique specialising in the latest golf apparel and accessories like shoes, hats and gloves for the lady golfer. In addition to offering a retail range VF will also be offering ladies who have never played golf the opportunity to learn with other ladies at special beginners classes with a local Golf Professional.

Ladies Welcome! One of the goals of Joondalup Resort Proshop manager Suzanne Roberts is to supply a quality range of clothing to suit women and men, both on and off the golf course. Our ladies collection is without doubt one of the best in Western Australia. With brands such as Cutter and Buck, Annika, Addidas, Sporte Leisure, Turtle Creek and Cross, quality garments and competitive prices are always assured. To guarantee the best service the Proshop provides plenty of choice and ensures that all types of ladies garments are available. Shirts (long, short & sleeveless), Shorts, Skorts, Skirts, Pants (full & 3/4), winter wear and rain wear are always available. Also there are a variety of accessories available; hats, visors, gloves, shoes, belts etc. Our garments come with and without a logo, therefore giving ladies more choice, enabling them to wear their quality garments to more venues. Joondalup Resort Proshop welcomes all ladies to browse through our exclusive ladies section and we are sure you’ll find a new addition to your wardrobe. For more information call +61 8 9400 8811or visit our website at

Deborah’s background in the travel industry will also see VF offering ladies and couples trips away (Deborah’s husband Peter is also a keen golfer) – one trip already planned for 2007 is a Golf & Shopping Tour to Vietnam and Malaysia. Opening at 620 Moggill Road , Chapel Hill on Wednesday 1st November – Vanity Fairways will be happy to accept golf club trophy vouchers (by prior arrangement) and gift vouchers are available and a great idea with Christmas just around the corner. Deborah would like to assist local ladies clubs with sponsoring one of your competitions with a parade of fashions from VF and would also like to hear from any Ladies Committees with regard to advertising in any 2007 Fixture Books – just contact Deborah on 0418754717 or why not call into the shop for a chat.


Joondalup Resort Proshop

Our slogan is “Look Good – Feel Good – Play Better” – the philosophy is if you look good, you feel good and you play better and we will be catering to all aspects of golf for ladies. The numbers of lady golfers is on the increase and there are very few places where a lady can go and deal with ladies that are golfers themselves and know all about the game and are willing to help them learn more about it.

FASHION Womens GOLF December 2006


FASHION Golf Gifts For Summer The Miracle Lace Sun Visors broke new ground for women’s head wear. The Miracle Lace Sun Visor is made of soft rubber, topped with fashion fabric and holds to the head with a spiral adjustable elastic lace. The product addresses all of the concerns of women when it comes to a headwear product – no pressure, no sweating, no headaches and plenty of fashionable colours to choose from. It is water proof, and is 100% re-usable. You wouldn’t believe it, but you can pop it in the dishwasher to give it a clean! Also, are you sick of the plain old black & silver umbrellas? Looking for sun protection with style? The addition of a great new range of golf umbrellas for females has been extremely popular. Ranges from Clifton Umbrellas, Blossoms, Shelta. Low freight costs and an easy to use website. Find it on au – aiming to offer variety and style to female golfers all over Australia this summer.

The Golfing Boutique The Golfing Boutique is an exclusive women’s golf wear boutique offering the latest classic golf clothing styles, accessories and golf themed gift items for fashionable golfing women. Our clothing range is designed to be stylish enough to wear on and off the course from the 1st to the 19th hole. The Golfing Boutique is women owned and operated; so you can be assured that your golfing needs will be cared for by women who understand the importance of style, comfort and effortless movement allowing you to relax and play the game and focus on your swing – and of course we are also avid golf players so have first hand experience with selecting the best clothing and accessories which are both practical and excellent quality. Brands instore include Ralsport, Greg Norman, Cross, Turtle Creek, Izod, Ecco golf shoes, Bennington Golf Bags, Glove It and many more. If you are unable to visit us in store you can purchase online via our website which features a large selection of items – our instore range is a lot more extensive than the website so if you are after a specific item not featured online contact us via email or telephone as we may have available instore or will do our best to source for you. Swing into style and visit The Golfing Boutique Address: Shop 2 / 214 Mulgrave Road, Cairns Qld 4870 Phone: 07 4051 1881 Facsimile: 07 4051 1882 Website: For more information contact 8888

Australasian Womens GOLF June 2006 Womens GOLF December

Ladies Golf Boutique It has been reported that Susan Lawrence has become the queen of ladies golffashion in Australia with her range “Susan Lawrence Golf Collection”. This has previously only been available in select pro-shops or in her own Ladies Golf Boutiques in Sydney. Now, due to the many requests Australia wide, Susan has compiled a collection that is available on-line. Here you will find the variety, classic styling and comfortable fit that has made this such a popular Sydney label. New colour stories will be added to ensure as large a variety as possible. As well as co-ordinating the designer look with visors, polos, skirts, shirts and shorts there is a unique accessories range that is sourced from around the world and now available through her on-line catalogue. Susan looks forward to establishing a similar rapport with her on-line customers as those that pop into her boutiques. When you are ready for a classic and stylish golf outfit visit www. ladiesgolfboutique .

Precious Cargo Spotted On The Fairway Keeping in touch with fabric forecasts, Precious Cargo *spotted* the early trend for summer and rushed into production these new black and white models. Also in black and navy NEW gingham check. The new smaller brim Rain hat in black showerproof with spot (or check) under and the reversible Twisty Visor in smart black or navy and white will lift your game. Order any two hats of your choice using the secure on-line shopping cart and benefit from the free gift as shown on our website For more information phone 1300 309 299.

Toronto Golf The Toronto Australia label, with a history of dressing Australian women for over 50 years, has launched a new Toronto Golf range, catering specially for the lady who loves to have a hit on the golf course and still look stylish and classic. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a coordinated and fashionable collection of pants, skirts, tops and knits with fuss-free, practical, sporty styling, from the golf course to lunch afterwards. Our fantastic Summer range features sporty checks, jersey polo’s in fresh colours and all over prints which are complemented with functional coordinates in a colour palette of pistachio, candy, bluebell, navy and black. Ensuring comfort and easy care fabrics with good-valued, consistent, classic garments, which stand the test of time. Toronto Golf offers an extensive size range for ladies from 8 to 20. For stockists contact 1800 807 276.

Australasian Womens GOLF June 2006 Womens GOLF December 2006

89 89


Club Hart Club Hart, a dynamic new player on the golf fashion circuit, recently launched their ‘Sensations Series’ golf range. They have combined all the elements of good design, practicality and beautiful fabrics, added a touch of flair and individuality resulting in styles which are fresh and vibrant. Club Hart’s philosophy is to improve the image of the female player, no matter her age, body shape or playing skill. ‘look good, feel good, play good®’ is the company slogan and embodies this philosophy. The ‘Sensations Series’ is designed to look good on or off the course and is also very versatile as the pieces can be interchanged creating a multitude of ‘looks’. Club Hart’s use of ‘Meryl’, a fabulous performance fabric, is ideal for the harsh Australian climate. It is also so easy care and can be washed each evening and hung to dry without the need to iron! So the avid golfer could wear the one outfit day in day out! However, given all the beautiful styles in the range this would hardly be a wise move for the stylish golfer! Club Hart actively supports promising young golfers and recently welcomed the beautiful and talented Skye Choueiri-Solly into its ‘family’. It is important for the game that female golfers are encouraged to ‘look good, feel good, play good®’. This shows the versatility of the range and the scope of its appeal as Skye is a teenager and yet they have stylish grandmother’s wearing their designs. Club Hart launched onto the sportswear scene last year with a range of tennis wear. They are stocked nationally and gaining a reputation for their quality and style. For the latest Club Hart range and your closest stockist check out Agents and Stockist enquiries Australia and New Zealand call +61 2 9523 3545 or fax + 61 2 9523 8283.

Crocs Why are they called Crocs? Crocodiles are tough and strong, with no natural predators, and are as comfortable on land as they are in the water. With this in mind, then the shoe company’s owners thought Crocs was a pretty apt title for such an amazing bit of footwear. Wear a pair and you’ll soon agree. Why do people love them so much? They’re comfortable, easy to clean, durable, funky, great for your feet and they grab people’s attention. Crocs come in such a broad range of colours, one is pretty well guaranteed to match the rest of your wardrobe. A word of warning, though; wear Crocs long enough and you’ll find it hard to go back to any other type of shoe. Contact Danielle Lee Agencies for your nearest QLD / NTH NSW Crocs Stockist – 07 3368 3918

90 90

Australasian Womens GOLF June 2006 Womens GOLF December 2006

Birdee Golf Summer 2006 offers a stylish and extensive range of well-cut skirts instripes and plains, shorts and 7/8 pants. The fabrics once again have the stretch you need for a great swing. All styles are available in sizes 8 – 18 with co-ordinated tops in cotton spandex with contrasting stripes available in sleeveless, cap or 3⁄4 sleeve. Fashionable colours include royal blue, orange, taupe and white, reds and greens, and the ever popular Birdee black and cream. Add to this, an extensive range of UVees. Birdee has introduced new styles for the sun conscious woman, the Barbie UVee has a raglan sleeve with contrast piping, and the Smart Uvee in black and white this would have to be the most stylish look on the course. A soft light SPF 50 fabric is perfect for the summer months. Visit BIRDEE’s website for a look at this exciting summer range, and find a stockist near you For telephone enquiries please call Marilyn 0417 099 919 or Michelle 0438 004 309 or email

Greg Norman Patchwork, checks and crisp colours – the latest Greg Norman Women’s Collection moves forward with its technical PlaydDry foundations while encouraging fun femininity. Designed to move moisture away from the body and keep you cool, Playdry fabrication is the leading technology for performance apparel around the world. Tonal and multicolour floral prints play up to the high-tech style, and intricate details create an element of interest in pieces such as the performance sleeveless polo. A body contouring polo differentiates itself with a jacquard design, and a double striped polo in a high luster polyester or double cotton blend is also a great option. Light synthetic cable knits are presented in a pocketed polo, and this season’s bright range of prints emerge through signature trim details, which will be a must have around the greens. The floral print definitely dominate this season’s collection, whether is be in a cap sleeves constructed polo, or in subtle details, such as the interior collar of one of the signature polos. Florals teamed back with bold stripes and strong block colours are defiantly the look for summer!

Australasian Womens GOLF June 2006 Womens GOLF December 2006



Heritage Healers ECHO2 Oxygen Facial Get Your Dose Today! By Cathryn Meredith


amous faces like Kirstie Alley, Kim Basinger, Demi Moore, Uma Thurman and Winona Ryder are lapping up the ECHO2 Oxygen Facial. Now you to can say goodbye to wrinkles, revive every cell and hydrate for movie star skin, and a completely new look and feel to your complexion! Hot news in the beauty world, the ECHO2 Oxygen Facial is a powerful restorative treatment that banishes fatigue, smooths out lines and wrinkles, revitalises and freshens up dull, lack lustre complexions, so the skin glows with absolute health. So what is all the hype all about? I called Caroline Nelson at the Javana Day Spa, Benowa Gardens Shopping Centre to book an appointment. Caroline is an experienced therapist in the art of the ECH02 Oxygen Facial and explained the process of the facial. Firstly, this nutrient rich and ultra luxe facial, begins with several deep cleansers, followed by a cold towel exfoliation and an application of a power plus oxidant mix of Vitamins A, C and E – infused into the skin with warmed towels.The crème de la crème of this facial are the sprays of the pure ECHO2 Oxygen gas which saturate every pore for instant cell revival! Over 180 million particles of nutrients per second are infused into your skin, pore by pore, and Caroline made sure every pore and skin cell was completely covered. The nutrients adhere to the oxygen molecule and go deep down into the dermis where collagen formation takes place. Effectively, what happens is that my skin was being re-built from the inside out, naturally. This is why this treatment is called a natural face-lift. This treatment is so effective, it not only produces more collagen, it actually heals your skin cells and restores them to a fresh new glowing appearance. The ECHO2 Oxygen Therapy takes 45 minutes to one hour and is a bonus beauty flash! Have it before a special event, after a long haul flight or to simply de-stress and indulge ... the instant boost for stressed out skins, perfect even, for the most sensitive types! Any skin type of any age will benefit, and the on going treatments will actually improve not only the appearance of your skin, bringing it to a dewy, moist fresh look , but also the health of your skin, over the course of the subsequent treatments. As maintenance between treatments Caroline recommended I use the Heritage Healers Eupuo2ria Cream – The Star in the AntiAgeing Field.

92 92

Eupho2ria Cream is a powerful skin rescuer with a sophisticated formula of high performance encapsulated micro-spheres in a naturally enriched botanical base of native Australian Wildflower essences. A refreshingly light cream with vibrant booster capsules to actively deliver their superior anti-ageing formula immediately on contact with the skin. A nutrient cocktail for the skin with each micro-sphere delivering a pure and potent dose of Vitamins A, C and E and Co-Enzyme Q10. Eupho2ria Cream renews texture, leaves skin refined, rejuvenated, protected and intensely hydrated and a more youthful skin. Providing the essential and most active ingredients in the fight against ageing – CoEnzyme Q10, a supreme anti-wrinkle ingredient, Vitamins A, C and E and Green Tea extract are powerful anti-oxidants for state of the art results in the cell strengthening, repairing and the renewal process. These actives are combined in a skin smoothing herbal base of Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Thyme, Hawthorne and the unique Heritage Healers Wildflower essences. If you live on the Gold Coast you can get your dose of 02 at Javana Day Spa, Benowa Gardens Shopping Centre, Cnr Ashmore and Benowa Roads, Benowa. Ph: 5597 2500. For national stockist details for Heritage Healers ECHO2 Oxygen, please call 1 800 685 050. ECHO2 is a registered trademark of the ECHO2 Corporation, USA Patent #5,516,517. This complete skin reviver is the perfect remedy to drive out the effects of jet travel and lack of fresh air due to confined spaces. Take a breather with pure oxygen.

WomensGOLF GOLFDecember December2006 2006 Womens


“There is life after breast cancer!” The Marjory McWilliam Bowl 2006


arjory McWilliam, a neat, trim lady of indeterminate age, has a very firm handshake. I discovered this when meeting Ms McWilliam during the NSW State Championship Match Play finals held at Sydney’s Pymble Golf Course recently. It was a topsy old week, with heavy rain on the first qualifying day, Monday, ensuring many of the girls’ scores were well above their handicaps. Virginia Bevan, my dear wife, was no exception. With a 101 gross score (handicap out to 17), the ever-elusive chance to qualify for the Marjory McWilliam Bowl matchplay had appeared to depart with a few wayward drives and missed putts. The rain continued. Avondale, the qualifying course, was muddy and wet, again ready to test the skill and patience of the competitors. Virginia thought lunch a more attractive option on Tuesday. A short burst of sunlight changed all that. “Look at the weather now, I’m not going to dog it, I’ll play the second round,” she said determinedly. Lunch cancelled, she set off for Avondale. Her attitude did not surprise me, for at Easter in 1997, upon discovering a large lump in her left breast, her determination showed through. A full mastectomy was performed, and total removal of the culprit breast appeared to finalise the problem. Back to Avondale. Virginia slogged her way through the day returning a respectable score of 94, which allowed her to sneak into seventh position of the eight qualifiers for match play. “Will you caddy for me?” she asked late on Wednesday after hearing of her surprising qualifying position. I replied firmly, “Win your morning match and I’ll pull the buggy for you in the afternoon round”. A surprising win over Penny Kelly in the morning had me at Pymble, ready for the afternoon semi-final round as caddy. Valesca Thompson, a strong competitor, and Virginia were the second semi-finalists. Valesca was not quite on her game, allowing an ever-improving Virginia to proceed forward to Friday’s final. Virginia was contemplative. “Patricia McIntosh is tearing the course up, I think I’m in for a big fight in the final!” Virginia was no stranger to adversity, tough times and determination, for following her mastectomy in 1997, a subsequent lump was diagnosed in her right breast. Medical opinion was that the lump, although benign at this stage, could turn nasty over a period of time. The family meeting was short and to the point. Off with the other offending breast! Let us not have years of worry about the lump turning malignant. With the operation successfully completed, Virginia rang me from the Mater Private Hospital on the North Shore in Sydney the next morning. “How do you feel?” I asked. “I’m OK, I suppose.” Then the pensive question. “Darling, do you remember that movie with Tom Hanks, Sleepless ...” “Yes, Sleepless in Seattle,” I responded. “Well, here I am, breastless in North Sydney!” But that is Virginia, making light of adversity and disaster and determined to press on. Friday morning saw heavy southerly weather with rain clouds persisting over Pymble Golf Course. With play delayed for 45 minutes, the wait did produce some nervous moments. Patricia McIntosh, Virginia’s opponent, nailed her drive off the first tee. Virginia looked at me. “What did you think of that?” she asked with a half smile. I smiled in return. “Go for it!” Virginia, tall at Womens GOLF December 2006

1.8m, positioned her drive centre fairway, some 20 metres behind Patricia’s. I had observed with interest Patricia’s swing. Nice full takeaway, good turn, good top position and a fluid downswing with super hand action ensured the green would be reachable in two. Virginia looked to me. “You’ve a game on your hands here!” I said quietly. This final turned into a fantastic match. A couple of birdies, some duffed chips in the mud, horrendous bunkers, most with casual water, ensured this would be a hard game. The match, all square at the 12th hole, saw Virginia slip away, allowing Patricia to jump to dormie three. Wins at 16 and 17 had Virgina standing on the 18th one down and needing a win to progress down the 19th. As most true champions do under pressure Patricia chipped to within a short tap-in putt that assured a par and a well-deserved two-up win. The match had been followed by an attentive Margery McWilliam, who walked the tough Pymble layout with ease. Virginia spoke. “A friend of mine, Sue Ross, an ex-President of Women’s Golf N.S.W., who had instigated the Margery McWilliam Bowl Championship, and myself, hunted out the trophy for the Bowl in Moss Vale in 1999. This is the first time I have qualified for the match play!” Keep going, Virginia, for while Women’s Golf has the luxury of competitors such as yourself and the upcoming talent of young women such as Patricia McIntosh, Women’s Golf will progress, for after all, there is life after breast cancer! By George Bevan

Be ‘breast aware’

It is important that all women know the normal look and feel of their breasts. More than half of all new cases of breast cancer are found by a woman or her doctor noticing a change in the look or feel of the breast. Finding and treating breast cancer early provides the best chance of effective treatment. It’s vital, whatever age you are, to get to know the normal look and feel of your breasts. You don’t have to use any special method, just check your breasts while you’re showering or getting dressed and you’ll soon learn what’s normal for you. Changes to look for include: A new lump or lumpiness, especially if it’s only in one breast A change in the size or shape of your breast A change to the nipple such as crusting, ulcer, redness or inversion A nipple discharge A change in the skin of your breast such as redness or dimpling An unusual pain that doesn’t go away. Women should see their GP without delay if they notice any new or unusual changes. Being aware of breast changes is important even if you are having regular mammograms. If you notice any unusual change in your breasts, see your GP without delay. If you are unsure about what is ‘normal’ for you, ask your GP to check your breasts. 93

TIPS, HINTS & TRAINING Matt Farley Excerise Therapist

Matt Farley founded Golffit in 2004 out of a desire to see golfers of all abilities reach new levels of performance and physical well being by combining his two passions, fitness and golf. Golffit aims to achieve this by optimising functional fitness and balance through specialised training techniques and equipment. Golffit utilises the services of multiple therapists under it’s banner with golf specific exercise, physiotherapy and nutritional expertise. • Founder of Golffit • Registered Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer • Integrative Corrective Exercise Practitioner (ICE) Australian Graduate School Of Health and Sports Science. • 17 years competition golf experience – seven years Scratch or better handicap. • Club Champion Newcastle Golf Club ( top 10 rated course) NSW Australia

A Body For Golf We all want to play better golf. This is a common goal shared by all, whether you’re a 45 handicap beginner who rarely plays each week, or a student of the Vijay Singh school of eight hours a day grinding.


his desire to improve created the common trend of booking in for some lessons with your PGA pro, followed by some hard work spending time on the range beating balls trying to emulate that textbook perfect position “Tiger” or “Annika” was in which you saw during your lesson (let us assume it was a video lesson!). This approach seems logical enough surely? Well maybe, but it is also the very reason why so many of us fail to actually improve (sound familiar?) and end up either injured or feeling genuinely “ordinary” from head to toe. How can I change this pattern? By simply understanding the need to improve the function of your body (the way you move) in order to improve your golfing performance. Think about it, we are all instructed or trying to swing like someone or copy a certain position of a “great player”, but what chance do we have if our body just can’t get there? Zero! So we push on because we don’t give in that easily ... so we hit yet another bucket of balls, book in for another lesson and wonder why after several weeks our performance hasn’t changed, the only addition being some lower back pain and a touch of golfer’s elbow! Up until the recent media coverage of Annika Sorenstam and Tiger Woods, golf and exercising were rarely used in the same sentence. The game has always been viewed by golfers as technical skill rather than an athletic or physical event. This is a false understanding arising from a lack of physical contact or exhaustion associated with sports like Rugby and AFL. A misperception that is the driving force behind golf-related injuries, the lack of any real measurable improvement and prolonged poor performance. An example of this is the constant changing of equipment, especially “Drivers” that golfers go through searching for those extra yards. The fact is, your clubs only do what your body allows them to do. If you have muscle imbalances, are restricted and tight and functioning poorly, your brand, new-super, light, oversize, shiny driver can’t help you any more than your old one! Now consider that during a drive a golfer achieves 90% of their peak muscle activity. This high intensity is comparable to one of the Wallabies lifting a weight during a strength session less than six times until total muscle fatigue! Yet golfers will perform at least 30 swings with comparable intensity during a round of golf! This level of exertion is now comparable to Ruby, AFL and other “physical” sports. The main difference is that these other sports dedicate a vast majority of their preparation time towards physical conditioning, something most of us golfers have never done. In addition to this, golf is a sport where large amounts of recovery time walking between full swings wrongly alludes to a feeling that golf doesn’t require any real physical conditioning. For those people who have hit six or more drivers in a row at 100% game pace you will appreciate just how demanding and repetitive the movement pattern of a golf swing really is. Any wonder we are a little tired and sore after a day at golf ... In the next edition of Australasian Womens GOLF, Golffit will cover the Pyramid of Performance and reveal How to Train The Body For Golf.


Womens GOLF December 2006

HEALTH & FITNESS Catherine Zeta-Jones


Berry Is The Latest Super Food


wyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Liz Hurley swear by it. Now Goji, the Himalayan berry loved by the stars, is becoming available. It contains more than 20 trace minerals and antioxidants and a US skin specialist has dubbed it the ‘cellulite assassin’. The big question, of course, is whether the berries loved by Catherine and her A-list pals really deliver everything its supporters claim. With 500 times more vitamin C than oranges, they could bring about a snifflefree winter and young-looking complexion. No mean feat for a berry that looks like a cross between a cranberry and a raisin and grown on vines in China, Tibet and Mongolia. However, what we really want to know is if its cellulite-busting promises the holy grail of the beauty industry are true. Can we really munch on berries to beat those dimples on thighs and bums? The berries contain dark red/orange pigments that have been linked to strengthening blood vessels in the skin. They have more betacarotene than carrots, are also rich in iron, supplying 11mg per 100g, five times more than the same serving of steak. Along with heart-and-skinprotecting vitamins, the powerful berries contain polysaccharides that fortify the immune system. Oh, and they’re also said to boost men’s sex drive and fertility.

Gwyneth Paltrow Womens GOLF December 2006

Liz Hurley





LPG has announced the Australia team to play the Women’s World Cup of Golf at the Gary Player course at Sun City in South Africa from 19 – 21st January 2007.

Albury’s Lindsey Wright will join forces with the Central Coast of New South Wales golfer, Nikki Garrett, to represent Australia in the event. With Australian number one and world number three, Karrie Webb, making herself unavailable for the event, Nikki Garrett became the first selected courtesy of her position on the Ladies European Tour money list and it then became Garrett’s call as to who she would select as her playing partner. Both Wright and Garrett have come off outstanding seasons on their respective Tours. Garret finished her debut season in the professional ranks as the Ladies European Tour’s “Wales Ryder Cup Rookie of the Year” while Wright, with just one event to play on the 2006 LPGA Tour, is currently in 43rd place on the ADT money list with nearly US$300,000. Wright is in just her second season on the LPGA Tour and has emerged as one of Australia’s best female golfers. Both players successfully represented Australia in their amateur careers. Wright was a member of the Espirito Santo winning team in Malaysia in 2002. She finished runner up in the individual that year also. Wright played collegiate golf at Pepperdine University in California prior to turning professional in 2003. Twenty two-year-old Garrett played for Australia on several occasions at both Junior and Senior level and turned professional in late 2005, gaining her European Ladies Tour card at her first attempt. She finished 12th on the LET’s 2006 Order of Merit earning nearly A$170,000. General Manager of Australian Ladies Professional Golf, Warren Sevil, was very pleased with the selection and optimistic about the Australian team’s chances. “Nikki and Lindsey are two of Australia’s young guns who have earned this representative honour through outstanding performances this year. Not only are their games similar, with consistency and putting being their strengths, but they are very much alike in personality. Both are easy going and fun girls, yet very determined competitors, which should see the pair combine well and gel as a team. Nikki and Lindsey will prove to be wonderful ambassadors for Australian golf and there is no doubt the Australian flag will feature high on the Women’s World Cup leaderboard.”

Rolex Women’s Golf Rankings Rank Change Name Country 1 -- Annika Sorenstam SWE 2 -- Lorena Ochoa MEX 3 -- Karrie Webb AUS 4 -- Cristie Kerr USA 5 -- Juli Inkster USA 6 -- Ai Miyazato JPN 7 +1 Paula Creamer USA 8 -1 Jeong Jang KOR 9 -- Shiho Ohyama JPN 10 +1 Michelle Wie USA 11 -1 Pat Hurst USA 12 -- Se-Ri Pak KOR 13 -- Hee-Won Han KOR 14 -- Yuri Fudoh JPN 15 -- Mi Hyun Kim KOR 16 -- Seon-Hwa Lee KOR 17 +1 Natalie Gulbis USA 18 -1 Akiko Fukushima JPN 19 -- Jee Young Lee KOR 20 -- Morgan Pressel USA 21 +1 Sophie Gustafson SWE 22 +1 Sherri Steinhauer USA 23 -2 Ji-Hee Lee KOR 24 +3 Hyun-Ju Shin KOR 25 -- Sakura Yokomine JPN 26 -2 Brittany Lang USA 27 -1 Mi-Jeong Jeon KOR 28 -- Julieta Granada PRY 29 +1 Stacy Prammanasudh USA 30 -1 Meena Lee KOR 31 -- Brittany Lincicome USA 32 -- Miho Koga JPN 33 -- Shi-Hyun Ahn KOR 34 +1 Laura Davies ENG 35 -1 Gloria Hee Jung Park KOR 36 +4 Joo Mi kim KOR 37 -1 Young Kim KOR 38 -1 Michele Redman USA 39 +3 Ji-Jay Shin 40 -2 Candi Kung TWN 41 -2 Gwladys Nocera FRA 42 +1 Catroina Matthew SCO 43 -2 Wendy Ward USA 44 -- Karine Icher FRA 45 +1 Shinobu Moromizato JPN 46 -1 Liselotte Neumann SWE 47 +3 Momoko Ueda JPN 48 -- Mie Nakata JPN 49 +4 Marisa Baena COL 50 -3 Heather Joung USA Other Australasians Outside Top 50 52 -1 Nikki Campbell AUS 63 -- Rachel Hetherington AUS 97 -- Lindsay Wright AUS 111 +4 Tamie Durdin AUS 147 +11 Wendy Doolan AUS 181 -9 Michelle Ellis AUS 188 -1 Nadina Light AUS 189 +2 Nikki Garrett AUS 202 +1 Rebecca Stevenson AUS 219 -6 Katherine Hull AUS 231 -3 Shani Waugh AUS

Events 43 50 46 49 41 53 56 58 67 16 48 35 56 50 58 52 53 51 38 30 52 51 56 61 65 33 61 41 51 58 43 64 45 58 56 51 50 44 15 52 40 48 49 53 43 44 34 57 42 52 56 53 51 54 33 37 48 22 30 51 47

Total Ave 731.77 17.02 614.58 12.29 514.01 11.17 420.00 8.57 311.01 7.59 373.41 7.05 382.92 6.84 393.73 6.79 414.28 6.18 198.67 5.68 267.46 5.57 192.66 5.50 304.29 5.43 270.23 5.40 299.77 5.17 228.89 4.40 222.82 4.20 213.97 4.20 152.21 4.01 138.04 3.94 202.77 3.90 197.04 3.86 216.35 3.86 234.42 3.84 239.62 3.69 128.84 3.68 218.80 3.59 135.01 3.29 166.99 3.27 187.52 3.23 136.82 3.18 196.81 3.08 126.94 2.82 157.92 2.72 151.94 2.71 133.93 2.63 128.96 2.58 113.13 2.57 89.77 2.56 130.12 2.50 99.40 2.49 119.22 2.48 121.62 2.48 129.34 2.44 104.06 2.42 105.44 2.40 83.61 2.39 132.26 2.32 96.28 2.29 118.44 2.28 126.96 107.95 70.24 64.33 27.92 25.76 30.59 21.85 19.90 25.08 21.47

2.27 2.04 1.38 1.19 0.80 0.70 0.64 0.62 0.57 0.49 0.46

Rolex Rankings Are Sanctioned By:

The Women’s World Cup of Golf is a co-sanctioned event with the LPGA and Ladies European Tour. 96

Womens GOLF December 2006


Golfing Essentials A G I R L M U S T H AV E

AUGUSTA GOLF CARS E-Z-GO on its Way to Number One! In August ’04 E-Z-GO USA, a division of Textron Inc USA, announced the appointment of Augusta Golf Cars Pty Ltd (“AGC”) as the sole Master distributors of all E-Z-GO golf car, utility and shuttle vehicles for Australia nationwide and the surrounding Pacific Islands. E-Z-GO Golf Cars currently holds the enviable position of being the world’s leading provider of motorised golf cars worldwide. A year has now passed since AGC’s appointment and if the last 12 months’ performance is anything to go by it won’t be long before AGC will be challenging their competitors for this position in Australia and the Pacific Islands. According to a spokesman of Augusta Golf Cars Pty Ltd, sales over the last 12 months have far exceeded forecasts and expectations and the pipeline of prospects and future sales is building at a rapid rate. “We have made tremendous inroads into restoring E-Z-GO as the preferred supplier of motorised vehicles at all golf clubs and resorts in Australia and the surrounding Pacific Islands. We are confident that we can build on and extrapolate the success we have achieved over the last year. We have no doubt that we will achieve our goals well within the five-year timeframe we set ourselves when we started this venture.” One of Augusta Golf Cars’ previously stated objectives is to achieve its goals and objectives by increasing its dealer and sub-agency network nationwide. State Dealers have now been appointed for all the States throughout Australia, namely: WA & NT – Golf Car World, NSW – Augusta Golf Cars in association with Golf Cart World,

Qld – Augusta Golf Cars, Vic – Scanoz Trading Pty Ltd, SA – Mowers Plus. Several new Regional dealers and sub-agency appointments have been made in areas such as Canberra, Mackay, Tumut, Parkes, Moree, Coffs Harbour, Sunshine Coast and Hamilton Island to name a few, with negotiations in progress for other key areas around the country. Another area Augusta Golf Cars intends concentrating on is providing unrivalled after sales service, maintenance and back-up support. To achieve this goal significant investments have been made in resources, stocks of vehicles, parts and whole goods and infrastructure, which has provided assurance to its dealer base as well that of its target market that the E-Z-GO brand is here to stay and that the medium-term goal of recapturing some of the ground it has lost over the last couple of years will be achieved. Augusta Golf Cars has also recently purchased a block of land in Yatala, South Brisbane, on which they intend building their new head office and custom-designed warehouse and showroom, from where they will support their dealers and clients. In addition some warehouse, retail and workshop space has been secured in the Brookvale suburb of Sydney as part of the company’s expansion program to meet the demands of the growing customer base in NSW. Strategic alliances and building long-term relationships with key players in the industry are now being concentrated on. “As golf courses and related activities will always comprise a large part of our target market, we want to support and build long-term relationships with all the organisations and institutions who have as their goal the development and growth of the golf industry. This includes golf course designers, property developers and buying groups, all of whom contribute to the wellbeing and longevity of the golf industry.” Augusta Golf Cars has with effect 1 July ’05 signed a sponsorship agreement with the NSW PGA in terms of which sponsorship, holein-one and other incentives will be made available to the NSW Region of the PGA as well as to the participants of the 2006 NSW PGA Pro Series season. Contact Augusta Golf Cars for your local stockist. Check out our website, email or phone us on (07) 3800 9955.

MGI Golf Buggies MGI has cruised further ahead with fantastic advancements in motorised golf buggies. Women enjoy the style, practicality and intelligence of a MGI motorised buggy, and with the release of four new models this is set to continue. The Superlite SL100i, SL300i and SL500i along with the Navigator NVR700i are all sleek, stylish and will improve your game. The light weight, all aluminium oval shaped frame comes in four fantastic metallic colours. You can now select the colour that is you.

making it lighter and easier to turn. The cruise control might sound technical, but what it really means is no more runaway buggies on down hill terrain. Cruise control gives you automatic braking down hill and extra power up hills when you need it most.

All new models unfold in two quick and easy clicks so you’re out of the car park and onto the course faster. The new frame also features an ergonomically designed, multi positional handle, so women golfers of all heights can focus on the perfect round.

Owning a motorised buggy has never been easier now that MGI offers four unique models designed to suit your individual needs. Starting from as low as $995 or $9.60 per week* call MGI for friendly advice and information on which buggy will improve your game today.

Not all motorised buggies are the same and many women are experiencing the unique benefits of the Superlite SL500i. The differential gearbox gives optimum manoeuvrability,

Phone 1300 644 523 or you can visit our website at *Conditions apply

Womens GOLF December 2006



Pinnacle CLR The latest in clear cover golf ball technology has arrived with the New Pinnacle CLR Pink golf ball. Excellent playability into and around the green and cut-proof durability, combined with Clearly Long Results make the New Pinnacle CLR the clear choice for your game. Pinnacle CLR is available in clear white and pearlescent/pink. Visit your golf shop for more details or call Pinnacle on 1800 660 535. SRP $45/dz.

Tom Wishon

Kinbag – Easy Golf

The 730CL by Tom Wishon Golf Technology, is an entirely new system of clubs – complete from Driver to Wedges, specifically designed for women and other golfers with slower swing speeds. Higher loft increments between the clubs, which better suit swing speeds of 80mph and lower, ensure a steadier distance increase throughout the set; replacing traditional long irons with easy to hit Fairway Woods and Hybrids. Lightweight, graphite shafts are designed for an easy launch and colour matched with heads and grips in a classic burgundy.

The Swedish KinBag has always enjoyed a strong following amongst women golfers looking for an easy answer to transporting and assembling golf bags and buggies. As a practical piece of equipment it can’t be beaten. Now KinBag has gone sexy - with a new range of luxury leather bags in designer colours. The new KinBags also have increased storage and drink holders. KinBag is available from selected retailers throughout the country and is supported by a full range of accessories and spares.

For more information and to find a clubmaker near you call Clubmate Golf: 02 6685 4900

For further information call Pizzey Sport on (03) 9818 6269. Email: or visit our website

Eagle Compac Australian Owned Eagle Compac continues to enjoy success in the world wide market place with its patent protected electric golf bag caddy. Eagle Compac is the most compact single piece electric golf caddy in the world designed for ease of traveling convenience. The change in petrol price dynamics have forced most regular golfers to smaller cars and the Eagle Compac has come into its own for these customers by making it easy for two to four golfers to travel together with golf bags and eagle carts in shared transport. Since manufacturing and distribution responsibility was transferred to Australian Management 12 months ago the company has grown from strength to strength. New models of the cart are released annually and maintenance releases address any issue found with the cart immediately. Australian management are focused on making the Eagle Compac the most reliable golf cart on the market today at an affordable price with unquestionable service and warranty support. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the companies success and management has a motto of always doing what is right for the customer.” 98

The 2006 Ladies Collection from Bennington Golf Bags has proven to be a major success. The new, and bold colour range, has certainly captivated many of us. Retro colours of pinks, orange, lime and reds are tastefully co-ordinated to follow current fashion trends in Australia and abroad (Bennington is available in 20 countries). Bennington Golf has a history associated with quality, innovative and functional product for over 20 years, and the 2006 range is worth inspecting. From the Ladies Collection; LADIES COUTURE: 9” cart bag with 4 x matching headcovers retails at $279. Optional matching duffle bag at $99. The lightweight MISS BENNINGTON, in six fruity flavours, retails under $200! These two models feature a 14-way top with full length nylon dividers, large cooler pocket, outer putter pit and access to all pockets. The QUIET ORGANISER offers full length protection and organisation. No need for iron head covers with this one! Retails at $329. Enquiries Greg 0417 884299 E:

See the Eagle website for all models at The buggy is unique in that it telescopes internally to fold down to the smallest footprint of any electric buggy in the world. The Eagle Compac is constructed using aircraft-quality powder-coated aluminium, high-grade bolts and fasteners. The company claims this buggy to be the most compact electric golf buggy in the world. The new and improved flotation rubber tyres ensure a smooth path on even the roughest of courses. The Eagle Compac is fully adjustable to enable golfers of all shapes and sizes a comfortable fit. The sleek 2006 Eagle Compac is bound to make you the envy of your playing partners.

Contact Eagle Compac for your local stockist on 1300 787 924 Web: Email: Womens GOLF December 2006

Bounce Balls

Longlife Golf Tees®

• 100% Natural

Jumbo LongLife Golf Tees® are manufactured in Australia by Image-On, and have traditionally only been available via the corporate market, either at their golf or charity days.

• 100% Good for you • 100% Great taste • Tested on Golf Pro’s not animals Bounce balls are currently sold in most health food stores in Australia, the Premium Protein ball has been a top 10 seller at Macro Wholefoods for two years, and they are currently making their way onto the shelves of Caltex service stations. Concentration, Energy and Focus are essential on the golf course! The right Nutrition help’s you achieve this. Try our balls in your golf bag!

Henry-Griffitts HG is responding to a call for a deeper faced fairway wood. Soon to be coming your way is the new RDH Deep Fairway. This new fairway is really good. Preliminary player testing has resulted in comments like: “Real solid” “Easy to hit” “Great trajectory” and a couple of “It goes farther”. It is a classic shape with a deep green finish. We think you will like this new wood! Here are the specs for this new model: Non-offset Offset Lofts 15°, 19°, 24° 15°, 19°, 24°, 28° Lie Both are adjustable 3° up to 3° flat Face angle Square (adjustable) Square (adjustable) Weight Both are adjustable depending on shaft length and material Face CN-1 CN-1 Body 17-4 Stainless 17-4 Stainless Bulge 11 10 Roll 11 10 The CN-1 face is high tech Cobalt Nickel Hyper Steel Alloy normally used in aircraft bodies. It is cold-rolled and put through a special heat treatment to attain tensile and yield strengths 11⁄2 higher than current fairway wood face materials that are available in the market.

Due to the many requests for additional Jumbo Tees from subscribers to the “Australasian Womens Golf ” magazine, ImageOn has signed a distribution agreement with Bozgolf Australia to make these tees available from all on-course Pro-shops where Vision+TM and Fantom Golf Balls are sold. For special LongLife Tee® Golf Packs or Personalised Jumbo LongLife Tees® Please contact: or Telephone: 61 2 9938 6066 for samples and prices.

Bosgolf Australia The future of golf is bright with the revolutionary VISION+™ ball Australian golf specialists Bosgolf Australia and the number one Korean golf ball manufacturer, Fantom Golf Co. Ltd, have joined forces to launch the world’s first high-performance coloured golf ball designed especially for the average club player. VISION+™ is a ball that will dramatically improve the club player’s game. With its bright yellow colour and large numbers, the VISION+™ reduces time wasted by unexpected ball loss or confused ball identification.The packaging also features basic icons that simplify the ball selection process. Bosgolf Australia and Fantom Golf have distilled a huge amount of technical information into a single visual imprint that effectively conveys key performance characteristics. Sold exclusively through club pro shops, the VISION+™ golf ball is for players who are keen to improve their game quickly and easily. Already, in testing, the ball has proven exceptionally popular with the over-40s, the under-21s and women golfers. Make no mistake, the VISION+™ is a high-performance golf ball in terms of feel, distance and accuracy. It is an all-round capable ball that is straight and long for most swing speeds. This is unique in a ball designed for average players. Most manufacturers don’t allow their mass-market balls to outperform their premium-priced models, so they fail to employ cutting-edge technology in the design and production. In contrast, the VISION+™ ball represents the best that current technology and design rules allow for club golfers, who do not currently enjoy the full benefits available to tour players. Everything about the VISION+™ (including the colour, the large numbers and the icons) has been developed through years of player research at all levels. For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact Wayne Bosley at Bosgolf on 0419 489 104 or you can send an email to

For more details, call Henry-Griffitts on 1800 809 325 or visit Womens GOLF December 2006


PRODUCT REVIEW TaylorMade Introduces r7® TP Iron Engineered to Promote Great Feel, Workability and “Constant Distance” from Shot to Shot OCTOBER 2006:TaylorMade Golf Company Inc. has introduced a new tour-caliber player’s iron, the r7® TP, a club targeted at tour pros and low handicappers. With its compact head, thin topline and thin sole, the r7 TP iron is designed to promote blade-like feel and workability along with “constant distance,” meaning the same, consistent yardage from shot to shot to shot – even on mis-hits. The r7 TP iron also features a large cavity for an iron of this type, the design of which promotes a higher MOI for a surprising degree of forgiveness. The r7 TP iron also features TaylorMade’s next-generation Inverted Cone Technology, in the form of the ovalshaped “cone” in the cavity, which increases the size of the COR zone. The result is consistent ball speed and distance on hits away from the sweetspot. The r7 TP iron’s excellent stability and forgiveness, in conjunction with the positive affect of the Inverted Cone, together promote the r7 TP iron’s ability to deliver extraordinary distance consistency from shot to shot – constant distance. The r7 TP iron’s great feel and sound arise from TaylorMade’s new shock-absorption web, which is positioned in the cavity. The web, made of a thin layer of soft aluminum that reaches out to each corner of the clubhead, is bonded to the cavity with 3M® VHBTM Tape. VHB Tape is a double-sided, closed cell acrylic foam tape with viscoelastic properties that absorb shock and soften sound. The combination of the web and the tape, plus the precise manner in which the web is shaped and positioned, delivers tour-caliber feel. Additional performance features include minimal offset, a slightly flatter lie angle and a tour-configured sole. The minimal offset and a flatter lie angle together give players with tour-caliber hand action what they need to work the ball and play “shots.” The higher CG, which is made possible by the shallow cavity, promotes a controllable, tour-type trajectory. The tour-configured sole was developed by the team that mans the TaylorMade Tour Trailer week in and week out on the PGA Tour®, and incorporates a specially ground leading edge and softened trailing edge that discourage digging and instead glides smoothly through and clear of the turf. The r7 TP iron comes equipped with the tour-proven True Temper® Dynamic Gold steel shaft in R3, S3 and X1; and the tourproven Tour Velvet® grip with TaylorMade logo, which delivers an unparalleled combination of traction, comfort and feel.

Bottom line, the r7 TP iron is a terrific “player’s” cavityback iron which combines the proven shaping and beauty that TaylorMade has become famous for in previous winners like the racTM irons, including the rac MB, rac TP and rac MB TP irons, with advanced performance technologies like the Inverted Cone Technology and our new shockabsorption web. “Tour professionals put a premium on distancecontrol with their irons,” said Sean Toulon, TaylorMade executive vice president of product and brand development. “When they hit a shot, they need to be confident that the ball will travel the chosen yardage, every time. We created the r7 TP to deliver constant distance from one swing to the next, thanks in part to its Inverted Cone Technology. And, like all Tour Preferred® irons that TaylorMade creates, the r7 TP irons look beautiful, feel great and offer tour-caliber workability. We expect them to generate an enthusiastic following among tour pros and low handicappers alike.” r7 TP irons, including 3-iron thru PW, carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $159 with steel shafts and $209 for graphite shafts. Shaft flexes include X, S, and R. Right-handed and left-handed available. Availability will begin in October at TaylorMade registered stockists. About TaylorMade Golf Company, Inc. dba TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company TaylorMade Golf Company has led the golf industry’s technological revolution since the company was founded in 1979. TaylorMade metalwoods, irons and putters have been used to win hundreds of professional golf tournaments around the world. In 1998, TaylorMade became a wholly owned subsidiary of the adidas Group. adidas Golf footwear and apparel is the choice of hundreds of professional golfers around the world. Learn more about TaylorMade-adidas Golf and its brands at 1800 700 011 or / .

TaylorMade Balls For The Best In The World –The Proof Is Already On Tour TaylorMade - adidas Golf is synonymous with the most technically advanced golfing hardware and apparel in the world and will shortly launch golf balls with the same exacting science and revolutionary technology.

2 1 3

1. Record your scores hole by hole 2. Download into your PC using CaddyLinker 3. Analyse using eCaddyLyzer up to 20 rounds on up to 10 courses per file or Email: Order and pay via our website – eCaddy, CaddyLINKER and eCaddyLYZER. Only $110 incl. GST and registered mail.


The TP Black and TP Red have been created to launch faster and travel higher and longer than any competitor. Both are constructed in three parts – NdV4 core, multi-blend ionomer mantle and ultra thin, thermoset urethane cover. NdV4 is a unique core compound that produces a rubber core with superior elasticity, giving extraordinarily high COR and low compression for distance and speed. The mantle regulates the balls launch angle and boosts its velocity, while the urethane cover delivers a combination of spin, soft feel and durability. TP Red and TP Black will be available from all registered TaylorMade stockists from Sept 2006. Womens GOLF December 2006


Golfing Gifts A G I R L O R G U Y M U S T H AV E

Birdie Golf

Frankly Golf Putters Designed by Golf Digest Chief Technical Advisor Frank Thomas, the lightweight totally machined aluminium putterhead features two heavy tungsten weights positioned low and behind the face for perfect balance and an extremely high moment of inertia. It features bold white sight lines to allow for east alignment of the “frog” head. For more information or stockists, please contact Birdie Golf Products (07) 5455 5590, Mobile 0402 860 777,

“Do I Get A Drop?”

‘Do I Get A Drop?’, Australia’s contribution to making sense of the rules of golf has arrived on the world scene. Written by Brisbane accountant Doug Anderson (14 handicap), the book was initially ridiculed by most of his colleagues as a wasted effort because “nobody cares about the rules.” Thankfully some people are interested in the rules and in fact most of them are women. As a result, ‘Do I Get A Drop?’ has sold in excess of 40,000 copies, a number to be proud of but one that is soon to pale into insignificance. As a result of approaches, instigated from overseas, the ‘Do I Get A Drop?’ team (Doug and son Mike) have granted USA distribution rights to “The Booklegger”, the number one distributor to the golf trade in the USA and approaches from distributors in China, Japan & Korea have also recently been received and those markets are expected to become key markets in the near future. In Las Vegas (13 September 2006) the Personalised Pocket edition, which dedicates the front and back cover for promotional purposes, was launched. This is expected to produce interest from resort courses and the promotional products industry as a souvenir gift and/or sale item. Doug and son (with help from two other sons) have done a remarkably significant job.

Skechers Skechers puts a spring in your step this season. As the weather warms up and winter hibernation comes to an end, Skechers entices you into the outdoors with their latest casual footwear selection. Spice up your shoe wardrobe with scrumptious cocoa, cinnamon, berry and vanilla or luscious licks of gelati pastels. For Women: Skechers’ latest offering of delectable styles satisfies every spring craving. The women’s range is a mouthwatering mixture of comfortable open or closed-back lace-up runners, elegant round-toe slipons or mary-janes, and fun flipflops to suit almost every mood or occasion. Designs show sprinkles of soft suede and seductive hints of lace and mesh, each complemented by tasteful trimmings or a subtle touch of shine. Skechers’ feminine fashions combined with comfort create fantastic feet!

Clifton Umbrellas Australia CLIFTON UMBRELLAS AUSTRALIA is a fourthgeneration Australian family company. It is a major wholesaler of umbrellas in Australia. We have the largest range of GOLF umbrellas in Australia and our quality is second to none. Our company policy is “The quality goes in before the name goes on”. Robert Sharpe, the company’s Australian Sales Manager and the fourth generation of the business, says, “it is exciting to see how the golf umbrella has changed over the 20 years I have been in the family business”. He goes on to say, “We believe that the golfer pays a great deal of money for their clubs and bags and that we like to offer wonderful quality at affordable prices”. He also said, “We have made the umbrella lightweight yet stronger by introducing flexible fibreglass ribs and have the greatest range of vented golf umbrellas in the market. Silver-coated umbrellas are great for reflecting the sun.” He gives advice to the keen golfer that when choosing a golf umbrella be sure it has a brand name you can trust and carries a guarantee on the frame, All CLIFTON umbrellas do. Robert and his team thank all the great retailers and pro shops that support his brand and wishes the golf fraternity happy golfing for many years to come. Phone (03) 9388 8988

Womens GOLF December 2006


GIFTS REVIEW T5H071 – Timex Ironman Triathlon 30 Lap Shock Magnum – RRP $199 Features: - Shock-resistant to I.S.O standards

- 3 alarms

- INDIGLO night-light

- 100 hour chronograph with either lap/split in large digits

- 3 time zones

- All day INDIGLO display

- 30 lap memory recall

- 2 mode countdown timer

- NIGHT-MODE feature

- 24 hour countdown timer

- 2.5 year battery life

- Forward/backward setting

- Water resistant 200 metres

- One top pusher for easy lap/split - Customisable features - Golf score keeper

- Built-in setting reminders

- Occasion mode Stockists no: 1800 800 030

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Could this be nature’s answer to perfect skin? We think so and we’re not alone. Respected and endorsed by dermatologists and therapists worldwide, this unique oil contains the nutrients and essential fatty acids that are vital for perfect skin health and a glowing complexion. Trilogy Rosehip Oil contains no less that 80% essential fatty acids, the building blocks for healthy cell-membrane development, renewal and repair, plus vitamins vital for optimum skin health. Trilogy Rosehip Oil can be used on the face and body and is suitable for all ages. Rosehip Oil may assist the body in minimising scarring while intensively moisturising the skin and restoring elasticity and suppleness, smoothing fine lines and fighting free radical damage. A nourishing treatment to help even out skin tone and revitalise skin. For stockists go to

BVLGARI BZ30BSS_M-B .zero1watch, with stainless steel case (30mm) and déployante buckle. Blackmotherof-pearl dial set with 12 diamonds indexes with the double logo engraved on the bezel. Stainless steel bracelet. Swiss made, this watch is equipped with a quartz movement. Water resistant up to 30 metres. AU $3,600

Stockist: Bulgari Sydney, 75 Castlereagh Street, 02 9233 3611 Bulgari Melbourne, 119 Collins Street, 03 9663 8100 Golf Gifts For Your Game Improve your game with all of the gadgets. Some great golf tool sets available on are an excellent way to help yourself or loved one on the golf course.This particular set is an electronic stroke counter for four players, along with a pocket watch to clip on to your golf bag. Also available are divot tools, Aero Spark Tees will get the ball spinning up to 2,400 times more ... and more spins = more distance. Available in long and normal sizes, this simple golf tool can lengthen your drive by up to nine metres. Low freight costs and an easy to use website.


Golf Gifts For Your Office There’s no denying it, Christmas is just around the corner! Visit for some great gift ideas. Business card holders, paper weights, letter openers, pens all designed for use in the office and to inspire the golfer stuck behind the desk. Don’t spend an arm and a leg or days on end looking for simple, small gifts that will trigger a grin. Low freight costs and an easy to use website. Womens GOLF December 2006

Birdie Golf Ladies Designer Golf Gloves with Pouch and Matching Visor Our designer golf gloves and visors are available in many patterns to best fit your style … on the course … at the practice range … or at the 19th hole. You gotta GloveIt! Great as a present or tee prizes for tournaments 100% Cabretta Leather/Lycra and Member/Guest events! Washable and available in small, medium and large For more information or stockists, please contact Birdie Golf Products (07) 5455 5590, Mobile 0402 860 777,

Sundog Eyewear Sundog Eyewear, unveiled the new Paula Creamer Collection of sunglasses today during LPGA’s Samsung World Championship at Bighorn Golf Club’s Canyons Course in Palm Desert, California. The Paula Creamer Collection features three distinct glasses all personally designed to Paula’s approval. Each sunglass compliments Paula Creamer’s winning image, style, and presence. While all glasses deliver exacting performance for all golf course conditions, they each reflect a unique aspect of Paula’s personality: Fierce has competitive sport styling, Mysterious compliments her exceptional sense of fashion, and Kharisma embodies Paula’s positive outlook for use in all leisure related activities. “Following the signing of Paula Creamer to Sundog Eyewear in January 2006, the past ten months have been an extremely exciting period for Sundog’s Product Development and Marketing Departments, with incredible early market support from our retail customers”, said Mike Boyles, Sundog Eyewear Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are thrilled to have benefited from Paula’s personal involvement in the development of the collection, representing the perfect blend of golf performance and off course fashion”. Paula Creamer is a phenomenal addition to Sundog Eyewear’s team of Genuine Performers with a truly impressive list of accomplishments including youngest woman in LPGA history to win a multi-round official LPGA event, 2005 LPGA Rookie of the Year, two LPGA and two Japan LPGA wins, Solheim Cup Team member in 2005 and 12 top 10 finishes in 2006 (at time of writing).

John Plunkett Australia’s leading cosmoceutical company, John Plunkett has created the next generation of anti-ageing formulations. In a breakthrough development, John Plunkett has discovered an effective delivery system for active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin matrix at a cellular level to promote the regeneration of the skin’s own collagen. Cancel your appoinment with your cosmetic surgeon, the extreme makeover range with its cutting edge technology has harnessed the powers of collagen to actively regenerate your skin, without having to inject it! The EXTREME MAKEOVER range consists of three revolutionary, collagen enhanced products, that when used in conjunction with one another, not only immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the surface, but also work deeply within the skin to produce dramatic, longer lasting results. Your EXTREME MAKEOVER begins with COLLAGEN LIFT, a daily facial moisturizer that uses highly advanced microinjected collagen spheres to fill and diminish even the finest lines. Collagen spheres are tiny spheres of dehydrated collagen. When the spheres come into contact with water in our skin, they swell up and thus “inflate” wrinkles, rendering an immediate firmness and smoothness to the skin. Womens GOLF December 2006

“I am very pleased that Sundog Eyewear was able to capture the balance between performance and fashion in all three glasses in my collection, and I hope people enjoy wearing them as much as I did contributing to their development”, said Paula when asked to provide perspective. The Collection features a custom “Paula Creamer” wordmark and logo, as well as a new design element for Sundog Eyewear. All sunglass sales include a micro-fibre cloth case and specially designed handbag as a gift with purchase. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the sunglasses starts at $79.95. The glasses will be marketed on a custom Point of Sale Display stand developed especially for Paula, featuring images of her wearing the glasses. About Sundog Eyewear: Sundog Eyewear is available in over 6300 Golf Shops Worldwide and growing. It is the Recommended Eyewear of the PGA of Europe and honoured to be Suppliers of Official Merchandise to The Open Championships since 2002. The company has grown into a global operation with nineteen distributor groups that take our Sundog brand into forty-nine countries. SCORE Golf magazine recently awarded Sundog product, its highest honour as Golf Product of the Year. For more information about Sundog Eyewear please visit the corporate web site at 103

GIFTS REVIEW Bang & Olufsen – A Wish Come True Looking for something special this festive season? Look no further than Bang & Olufsen. Offering a wide selection of magical gifts, from a portable MP3 player to entire audio and video systems. All beautifully designed and built to give lasting pleasure. Treat someone you care about to a gift from Bang & Olufsen ... or simply have something special wrapped for yourself for under the tree! Go on .... make a wish. For your nearest store go to or call 1800 818238.

Manicare Manicare Nail Essentials Pamper Pack: 1 x Cuticle Oil 1 x All-in-One Polish 1 x Nail Shaper 1 x Hand & Nail Nourish 1 x 4-Way Buffer Transform your hands and nails this summer with Manicare’s nail essentials kit. What better way to wile away a relaxing hot summer afternoon than with a DIY manicure. RRP: $19.95 Valued at over $29 Manicare Stockists: Myer, Priceline, Kmart, Target and leading pharmacies. Manicare Stockists No: 1800 65 11 46.

Maui Jim Sunglasses Australia Toll Free: 1800 010 244

Footjoy For lady golfers looking for a lightweight, customised, cool fit, StaCooler gloves provide soft feel and breathable performance. The StaCooler features Aloe Vera softness, Coolmax Lycra mesh for breathable comfort, and is available in assorted colours to appeal to fashion conscious golfers. Visit your golf shop for more details or call FootJoy on 1800 660 535. SRP $21.95. 104

Womens GOLF December 2006

Birdie Golf Butthead Covers Butthead Covers is turning the golf world upside down with its furry, functional and funny club covers! Rather than the animal head sticking out of the golf bag, they have designed the other half, so it looks like the animal jumped into the bag. The covers have a specially designed insert that snuggly fit the latest 460cc driver as well as the smaller fairway woods and have the wool sock to protect the club shaft. They are especially made for the serious golfer who wants to kick butt on the golf course, or the occasional duffer who wants nothing but(t) fun. Available designs include: Tiger, Baboon, Cow, Chicken, Pink Flamingo, Ostrich, Pig, Hare, Kangaroo, Lion, Duck, Frog and many more. For more information or stockists, please contact Birdie Golf Products (07) 5455 5590, Mobile 0402 860 777,

Alan Moir Alan Moir is the award-winning editorial cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald, and has been caricaturing the famous, and infamous, for many years. But he also offers caricatures based on photos for us normal folks, a very individual and lasting gift. There have been requests for a hundred topics – fishing, football, cooking, bridge – but by far the most popular is golf! What is it about golf fanatics? Not satisfied with the frustration and exasperation at the course, they get given a caricature of their most hilarious golfing moments, and they love it! Gluttons for punishment! The caricatures are based on recent photos, are about A3 size and can be colour or black & white, unframed or framed. Send them to Alan Moir, PO Box 1629, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, or visit for more information.

Make Christmas shopping a Cinch! True to form, Manicare offers handy solutions for Christmas shopping. Whether it be a gift for your friend, mother, daughter, aunt, grandmother, granddaughter, colleague or neighbour, Manicare has something for everyone. All Manicare Christmas packs are packed in cute cosmetic bags, all that is left for you to do is just wrap them up! Manicare Travel Essentials Pack: 2 x Cosmetic Jars 3 x Travel Bottles Spatula 1 set of ID Labels Manicare’s Travel Bottles and Cosmetic Jars are the perfect travel accessory for the modern woman. Liquid tight, the bottles are ideal for storing your favourite creams, lotions and hair products or any other product that a girl just can’t live without. Lightweight and compact, Manicare’s Travel Bottles and Cosmetic Jars ensure you’ll never be caught without! RRP: $12.95 Valued at over $22.00 Manicare Stockists: Myer, Priceline, Kmart, Target and leading pharmacies. Manicare Stockists No: 1800 65 11 46.

Birdie Golf Explosive distance with hyper soft feel 446 dimple – pattern for extra distance 1 cover + 1 core structure (highest CIS content core). The colourful semitrans ball with true 70 low compression. The VOLVIK CRYSTAL BALL features a unique semi-transparent two-piece construction to provide both outstanding distance and exceptional soft feel and extreme durability. It is specially designed with a soft compression and high velocity core to create a combination of high spin rate for control, and high levels of maximum distance. The true 70 low compression enhanced core produces substantially better spin and feel creating extra long and straighter shots. For more information or stockists, please contact Birdie Golf Products (07) 5455 5590, Mobile 0402 860 777, Womens GOLF December 2006




Hey Good Looking Time To Kick Off The Winter Drabs!

Summer’s here! So get yourself into the latest Euro outfit to show your style.

the steel roof keeps you safe. Talking of safety, it comes with ABS brakes and ESP, traction control as standard.

The latest in designer garb is the PEUGEOT 307cc – That’s a coupe and a convertible, and comes in an outlandish colour range – Mulberry Purple all the way through to Fire Engine Red.

After all, we know the French know how to do things in style, Champagne, Perfume and Cars. Peugeot have been here since the 1800’s. And they don’t do things by half. Inside you can have your temperature and he can have his with the dual climate controlled air conditioning. And you get 5 real wheels, alloys, no silly dinky wheels here. Your Pug comes with 24 hour roadside assist so don’t worry about breaking your nails.

Pick your accessories to match, Off White Leather, Blue tooth and more. This is the one for you Girl! Put the roof down with the press of a button in 22 secs, and go cruising in the manual or tiptronic auto. This little PUG will do it all for you – turn your lights on when it’s dark, automatically wipe your windscreen when it rains and even tells you how close you are when parking.You can leave it anywhere, 106

The sleek feline looking 307CC will make you the suave and sophisticated leader. Come and drive one today. Womens GOLF December 2006




By Narelle Bouveng

Heeding the call from retired Professional Jenny Sevil, some of our country’s leading ladies of professional golf are about to reveal all in a supremely glamorous effort to raise the profile of Australian Women’s Golf and Sarah Jane Kenyon support a cause close to the hearts of all women.


Kristie Newton


he Australian Ladies Professional Golf Association has 170 members yet most Australians would struggle to name more than five leading women players let alone recognise some of our countries most exciting and emerging talents. And while it is often discussed that something should be done about this lack of public profile it has taken a stalwart of the game to step up to the plate and accept the challenge. Jenny Sevil is a leading authority on the challenges faced by our emerging professional players having faced them first hand in a successful career that spanned 10 years. “It is difficult as a golfer, especially when you have just turned pro, to work on the type of profile you need to attract sponsorship and recognition which in turn allows you to focus more on your golf. We have some very exciting young golfers in Australian and I felt that through my experience, contacts and genuine desire to give something back to the game I could actually do something to help these players. My aim is to see them playing well but also gaining exposure to the reward of recognition and corporate sponsorship opportunities that they so readily deserve” says Jenny. Coming up with the idea to launch a calendar was based on the success of other sports calendars to profile their players and while the girls are bit more covered than some previous incarnations it is still expected to raise quite a few eyebrows. Cast a thought back to the playing days of Jan Stephenson with her sporty sexiness and daring wardrobe, but also remember the impact she made for Australian women’s golf. The young guard are comfortable exploring a sassy take on traditional golf themes and with the stunning private golf estate of the Villa on the Gold Coast providing the lush scenery Nikki Garrett the end result is a gorgeous tribute to the abundance of femininity, beauty and talent that these young players exude. Nadina Light

Enlisting the services of award winning designer, stylist and photographer Richard DeChazal and teaming with a savvy media and marketing company – InCompany Media, Jenny believes that the response is going to be nothing but positive for the players, the sport -which is possibly set to benefit through a proposed founding scholarship program, and the charity that the calendar has chosen to support, The National Breast Cancer Foundation. “It has been a very rewarding project so far and we have had a great response from the players involved. It was difficult to choose who to ask for this first one as there are so many who deserve the chance, but I think the girls selected represent some of the most exciting talent our game has to offer right now” says Jenny Using a wardrobe that was more traditional than modern and in most cases Jenny’s own golf memorabilia fashioned into avant garde pieces by the masterful Richard DeChazal who cut up sweaters to cover bras and shorts to cover hats while also doing the girls hair, makeup and taking the photos! The whole project has been a buzzing hive of creativity. The girls enjoyed dressing up and were comfortable to leave themselves in Richard’s capable hands and were often amazed by how good they can actually look with a bit of extra effort. “We don’t often get to see these girls outside of their golf wardrobe, so I am certain there are some surprises in store for everyone when they see the calendar. I am also confident the publicity will further enhance the sports image in terms of it being a fashionable consideration for young women” says Jenny. Perfectly timed for Christmas wish lists, the calendar would make the ideal personal or corporate gift. Available from mid November and retailing for $25.00 (plus postage and handling) the calendar can be ordered online at and will also be available from select golf pro shops and golf events. To order your copy contact Jeni Bone at jeni@incompanymedia.

Womens GOLF December 2006


FINANCE Ingrid Middleton Authorised Representative

Ingrid has been in the financial services industry since 1971, where she worked in the back office and as an assistant to operators with Wilson & Co. She has been a private client adviser since 1985, firstly with Wilson & Co in Southport, where she was also the manager, and since 1988 with ABN AMRO. Morgans.

Planning For Retirement Planning for your future lifestyle and financial security is paramount in today’s complex and ever-changing financial environment. Whether starting out, building wealth or in retirement, it is important to choose an advisor who can provide you with personalised investment advice and services designed to form a long-term relationship built on trust.


he issues affecting women in retirement particularly are vastly different to those affecting men, and the financial outlook for many females in their later years may be less than comfortable if they do not plan ahead. Factors such as higher divorce rates, widowhood and the fact that women live longer than men mean that a lot of women are single for part of their retirement. It is therefore important to plan your financial future and formulate an investment strategy much earlier than previous generations had to. You should know how to maximise your savings, reduce your risk and get the entitlements you deserve to reach your financial goals and maximise your income in retirement. Where do you start? The first thing you should do is determine your investment objectives, which will vary depending on your time frameage and relevant personal circumstances. Ask yourself the following questions before formulating a strategy. How much money do I have available to invest? What do I want to achieve from the investments and over what period? What risks am I prepared to take? What rate of return do I require? Do I want a return in the form of income or capital growth? Do I need additional security? Investment is a personal issue and individual needs will vary greatly. The balance between investment risk and investment return is particularly important. Your risk/return profile needs to be determined, in conjunction with your advisor, before considering an appropriate investment strategy to meet your objectives. Your financial advisor, after due consideration of your circumstances, can then answer the following questions, which are particularly relevant for people who are thinking of retirement. When can I stop working full-time – or retire? How much should I have in superannuation and where should I be investing now? What is the life expectancy of my assets? Will my assets sustain the lifestyle I want in retirement? Will my family survive financially if I suffer a medical trauma? How will I ensure my estate is distributed to the right people? Whatever your stage of life, you will have hopes and plans for your future. Your goals may be long term and include financial well being for you and your family or a comfortable retirement that doesn’t rely on a government pension. Alternately, you may have more immediate goals such as saving for a home deposit, setting up you own business or planning for a child’s education. 108

It is never too late to establish a regular savings plan and develop an investment portfolio. The share market provides one of the best opportunities to achieve your long-term financial goals, and a significant advantage is that you can start with small amounts, although we do recommend starting with at least $2,000.00. Forty-five per cent of people who own shares are women – 56% of these are married, 27% are widowed and 17% single. Statistics have shown us that in direct share investment, women make better investors than men because they investigate more and risk less. Most investors realise the importance of spreading risk across a range of investment categories such as shares, property, cash and fixed-interest deposits. Diversification in relation to shares is achieved by investing in a number of different companies within different industries. Fixed-interest securities provide a fixed return on your investment with a lower level of risk than shares. It is important to spread your risk across different categories in different sectors to ensure your portfolio is fully diversified. Well-established companies with historically stable results are commonly called “blue chip” companies. Conservative investors tend to choose “blue chip” companies in the expectation of greater reliability and security. Investors with higher risk profiles consider shares in more speculative stocks in the hope of making greater returns. It is important to remember that as a general rule, the higher the potential return, the higher the risk. Share prices of any company, including a blue chip, are always subject to change because of various domestic and international influences. Two obvious advantages of direct share investing are choice and flexibility. Your selection is usually based on your needs for income, capital growth, managing your tax position and of course your risk tolerance. Flexibility comes from liquidity in the market. There are usually buyers and sellers for shares in most major companies, which means you can buy shares when it suits you and sell them again when you want to alter your investments or raise cash to meet any financial requirements. It is important to review your portfolio on a regular basis as market prices and investment strategies change. ABN AMRO Morgans is recognised as one of Australia’s largest regional financial service providers, with 53 offices spanning all States and Territories, with affiliations in New Zealand. We provide comprehensive investment services and products tailored to your specific needs. Services include investment planning, portfolio reviews, retirement planning, portfolio management and administration. This has been written for general information only. You should obtain advice from a licensed professional advisor prior to making any financial decisions. Ingrid Middleton is an Authorised Representative (no 259245) of ABN AMRO Morgans AFSL 235410.

Womens GOLF December 2006

People At The Centre Of Everything We Do


evum pride’s itself on providing residents with a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle in an environment which allows them to feel safe and secure. We bring more than 30 years’ experience in successfully managing retirement villages. As part of our continuous improvement program, we recently surveyed our residents to ascertain whether we were meeting their expectations and to identify improvements in regards to our village management. An independent researcher was engaged to conduct a detailed Post Occupancy Evaluation survey across all villages. Our residents told us that their key expectations before moving into a retirement village were to have an easier lifestyle, with less ongoing maintenance and responsibilities. Their requirement for a peaceful, friendly and secure environment figured strongly in their responses. A continuum of care was also identified as being very important. The research found almost 90% of our residents said their experience in our villages matched their expectations. Even more pleasing, was that 96% of residents surveyed said they would recommend their Aevum village to other people. Our residents are our brand ambassadors.

result of the survey, in addition to our regular day-to-day maintenance activities. Safety audits were also conducted to ensure we exceeded the required standards in regards to these areas. “We aim to foster a sense of community in our villages through many Aevum sponsored events. Welcome packages and morning teas ensure new residents are introduced to existing residents and friendships are formed. Common areas are created, such as a new cafe at Lourdes, where people can meet and socialise, said Simon Owen, Chief Executive Officer. With age comes wisdom. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve our communities and we will keep asking residents for feedback to remain an industry leader. Aevum now owns 14 retirement villages and two aged care facilities in Australia. They are located in the Sydney metropolitan area, mid north coast, southern highlands and in Western Australia. We are now the largest for-profit retirement village and aged care provider in NSW. We manage a total of 1,402 retirement units and 202 aged care beds.

Aevum Living, the carefree retirement you deserve. We look after things so that you can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. Residents identified that maintenance of facilities was a high priority, especially protecting theirWomens safety and security. For more information 32383 Womens Golf for Mag Ad:32383 Golf Mag Upgrade Insert 10/11/06 10:07 Page on 1 Aevum Villages contact Marisa Piombo, programs were instigated to improve all areas of the facilities as a Sales & Marketing Manager, Aevum Limited, T: (02) 8467 4500.

Retirement Villages and Aged Care Facilities

...the carefree retirement you deserve Aevum Living is synonymous with high quality accommodation, together with a professional and caring approach.

The key benefits we offer to our residents are: • Villages set in tranquil, peaceful locations, close to transport, shopping, health and community amenities • Villages have a mix of manicured gardens, parklands and bushland • Emergency call services at each site provide peace of mind • Surrounded by a caring community of their peers and friendly staff • Plenty of social activities to engage the mind and body • Garden and home maintenance are handled by the helpful site staff • On-site facilities that can include swimming pools, BBQ areas, health care professionals, bus services and more* • Aevum Living offers 5 levels of care from Independent Living accommodation to aged care facilities* *On-site facilities and levels of care vary at each site.

For more information call our friendly villiage staff to inspect, visit the website ( or email us at Womens GOLF December 2006

SYDNEY Bexley Gardens Retirement Village Bexley North, NSW T 02 9799 6177 Cardinal Freeman Village Ashfield, NSW T 02 9799 6177 Cardinal Freeman Aged Care Ashfield, NSW T 02 9799 1711 Castle Ridge Resort Castle Hill, NSW T 02 9899 1100

Lincoln Gardens Port Macquarie, NSW T 02 6581 3370 Parklands Village Port Macquarie NSW T 02 6581 1377 Queens Lake Village Laurieton, NSW T 02 6559 7089 SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS Macquarie Grove Tahmoor, NSW T 02 4683 3021

Lourdes Retirement Village Killara, NSW T 02 8467 4500

Waratah Highlands Bargo, NSW T 02 4684 1465

Lourdes Aged Care Killara, NSW T 02 8467 4550

WESTERN AUSTRALIA Leschenault Village Bunbury, WA T 08 9791 2705

MID NORTH COAST Bellevue Gardens Port Macquarie, NSW T 02 6584 1400

Halls Head Gardens Halls Head, WA T 08 9535 3981

Golden Ponds Resort Forster, NSW T 02 6555 4444

Murray River Village Mandurah, WA T 08 9581 3770


TIPS, HINTS & TRAINING Ann Wilson Golf Professional Ann has been named in the Best Top 50 Instructors List.

Roma Golf T

he ďŹ rst Honour Board event for Roma Golf Club was in 1924. In 1962 the club moved to its current location with Sand Greens. In 1982 the club converted to grass greens and today the membership is 160. There are approximately 40 lady members at Roma Golf Club and they are on a mission to promote golf and welcome new players to their club. There is no gender issues at Roma Golf Club. The membership have equal rights, and in fact their President is Tanya Beck. I had the pleasure of playing with Tanya on a recent visit to Roma Golf Club and must say they really know how to enjoy themselves on the golf course, even in adverse playing conditions. I had so much fun, I nearly missed the plane. Noela Clohessy is the social director for Roma Golf Club and has been the reason for our involvement with the Come and Try Ladies Golf Clinics for the past six years. Noela, coordinates


Womens GOLF December 2006


Come And Try Ladies Golf Clinics By Ann Wilson

and promotes this two-day golf program with the help of a few members. The clinic’s attract up to 30 players, not just from Roma, but from surrounding areas like Injune, Surat and St George. Along with my good golfing buddy and teaching professional Carmen Railton, we have had good response to our Come and Try Ladies Golf Clinics, and Junior Clinics in Roma. Carmen and I like to teach the basics, giving the players a simple and easy way to help them hit the golf ball. We cover the learning skills for woods and irons, approach shots, and how to chip and putt. We finish up by taking them on the golf course for a few holes, and usually an ambrose game, as it promotes a fun team spirit and is less intimidating for new players. With the help of the members they are able to learn a few rules and etiquette. Oh course there is always the social side to the game, so we do enjoy a presentation luncheon, and a glass of champagne, to rap up the program. Carmen and I sincerely thank out hosts the Clohessys, for the hospitality that is always extended to us. With the busy lifestyles and commitments to families it’s not always easy to get a game of golf in because it’s a four to five hour experience. Like many golf clubs Roma is looking at promoting ninehole competitions for Ladies to fit in with the daily routine. Carmen and I will be returning to Roma soon for another week end of Come and Try Golf Clinics.

Womens GOLF December 2006






with David Ellis

Take Note Of New Pitchfork Label


argaret River Hay Shed Hill winemaker, Nigel Kinsman believes wine is akin to music: its role should be to complement and add richness to life.

And he should know. Before going into the wine industry Nigel studied music at the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide, and he’s applied his philosophy about music and wine to a range just released under the new Pitchfork label. “Margaret River is an awesome place to live and work with its beaches, climate and lifestyle, and I’ve striven to capture that lifestyle in the Pitchfork range ... wines that are fresh, fruit-driven and lively,” he says.

The cabernet shiraz merlot is a great easydrinking red with loads of fruit that almost explodes out of the glass, and fine tannins. Bake a hearty winter-time steak and kidney pie to share with this one. ONE FOR THE CELLAR: Nearly 30 years ago Hungerford Hill introduced a Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon that for various reasons disappeared from the shelves in the mid ’80s. Now under Hungerford Hill’s new ownership it’s back, a 2004 whose fruit was sourced from a very low-yielding vineyard that’s given it intense and full-bodied varietal fruit character and typical Coonawarra elegance and complexity. Pay $38 and think about unscrewing it around 2015, or if you’re tempted now, consider it with a warming, cold-weather osso bucco.


Many happy returns ... Hungerford Hill’s first Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon in 30 years.

Our white preference was the lightly oaked chardonnay that has a delightful palate of custard apple, ripe citrus, honey, freshly-cut hay and mouth-watering acidity; an ideal wine with most seafoods – it was a ripper with oysters mornay.

Pitch some of this into a glass and share with friends over a seafood spread.

There’s a 2005 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, 2005 Chardonnay, 2005 Pink Cabernet and a 2004 Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, all made from fruit drawn from vineyards in the heart of Margaret River, a region that enjoys a consistent climate and has excellent gravely soils. Recommended price is $15.99 a bottle.

Womens GOLF December 2006

Many Chances In High Quality ANZ Ladies Masters Field The 2007 ANZ Ladies Masters brings together one of the best fields ever assembled for the event with the five time winner and number three player in the world, Karrie Webb, once again the golfer to beat.


ebb returns to Royal Pines after an outstanding year in 2006 when she re-emerged as a genuine contender for the number one position in the female game. Less than two months after an indifferent performance at Royal Pines in February, Webb won her first major in nearly four years and won four further events prior to the last event of the season at the ADT Tour Championship. Webb adopted a new attitude to the game in 2006 and has reaped the rewards of a decision to enjoy rather than just endure her role as a professional. Webb has just finished 2nd on the official LPGA Money List for 2006 to Lorena Ochoa (Webb $US2,090,113 Ochoa $US2,592,872). Defending champion, 17 year old Amy Yang, returns to Royal Pines now as a professional after having beaten American Catherine Cartwright in a playoff in February as an amateur. Yang missed the chance to earn the A$120,000 first prize cheque then but at her recent professional debut in Dubai she finished in 4th place behind Annika Sorenstam, Karrie Webb and Helen Alfredsson at the Dubai Ladies Masters suggesting that a repeat of her heroics of 12 months ago is not out of the question.

History The Australian Ladies Masters was introduced to the Australian golfing calendar in 1990 and sponsored by Daikyo Australia. The 1990 and 1991 Daikyo Australian Ladies Masters was played at the Palm Meadows course on Queensland’s Gold Coast and enjoyed instant success and US Champion Jane Geddes won back to back titles. In 1992 with sponsorship from Philip Morris Limited the Ladies Masters moved to its permanent home the Royal Pines Resort. The Philip Morris sponsorship ended in the year 2000 and ANZ secured the title rights in 2001. ANZ’s ongoing commitment has enabled the ANZ Ladies Masters to grow in stature and gain the support of profile players annually. Co-sanctioned by the Ladies European Tour and the Australian Ladies Professional Golf the ANZ Ladies Masters is the corner stone of Ladies Professional Golf in Australia with some 20 countries represented. The event is promoted by Tuohy Associates with an ongoing commitment from ANZ, Queensland Events Corporation, Royal Pines Resort and television partner Network Ten Australia. Womens GOLF December 2006

Natalie Gulbis



Australian Great Returns

Cristie Kerr World Number Four Confirmed For ANZ Ladies Masters Announcing Kerr’s commitment to play the event,Tuohy outlined the class professional that Kerr has become in recent seasons on the LPGA Tour. “Cristie has developed into one of the game’s best players over the last few years and her current position as the number four player in the world bears testament to that,” said Tuohy. “Since joining the LPGA in 1997 she has won nine tournaments with eight of those coming in the last three years, but that she is so often in contention in recent seasons is an equally impressive reflection on her outstanding career to date.”


arrie Webb, a dual Australian Open champion, was the 2005 winner at Royal Pines when she overtook the Japanese star Ai Miyazato in the final round, has had an outstanding year in 2006 winning four times on the LPGA Tour. The first of those victories was her dramatic win at the first major of the year, the Kraft Nabisco Championship when she holed her approach at the 72nd hole and then went on to defeat Lorena Ochoa at the first extra hole. Webb also collected the lucrative Evian Masters title in France in addition to two other LPGA Tour titles to date, bringing her number of career victories on the LPGA Tour to 34, including seven majors. Karrie also finished runner-up to Se-Ri Pak at the second major of the year and has recorded 11 top 10 finishes from 19 starts this year. Bob Tuohy commented, “Karrie has been a key figure in the tremendous success the ANZ Ladies Masters has experienced over the years and it is great to have her confirm her involvement again in 2007. “Coming on top of the recent announcements involving the inclusion of Cristie Kerr and Natalie Gulbis in the field gives every indication that next year’s event will be one of the best ever.” “It’s a great thrill to once again be playing in Australia at two such prestigious events,” said Webb today. “To be able to return to Australia in 2007 after such an improved season on the LPGA Tour is something that I am looking forward to very much.” 2006 has also seen a huge leap by Webb in the recently introduced Rolex Women’s World Golf rankings. She has moved into the number three position in the world after starting the year well outside the top ten.


“Cristie has had a breakthrough year in 2006 in many ways with three wins and fifteen top ten finishes to date and seems to be in contention in nearly every event she plays now,” added Tuohy. Kerr is now one of the most sought after marketing commodities on the LPGA Tour and is an outstanding role model for her profession and will no doubt be amongst the leaders on the final day at Royal Pines Resort next February. Cristie is also well known for her charity work, particularly her own “Birdies for Breast Cancer” program, where she donates US$50 for every birdie she makes (currently 350) to raise funds for Breast Cancer research. Her charity work compliments the chosen not for profit partner of the ANZ Ladies Masters, the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Gulbis Adds Further Luster To ANZ Ladies Masters 23 year old Natalie Gulbis from Lake Las Vegas in Nevada will join the growing list of world class players committed to the event. “Natalie has often shown an interest in returning to Australia since her first visit here three years ago and this season provided the opportunity for her to do just that. Her presence in what is shaping as one of our strongest fields ever is a great bonus for the event.”

Womens GOLF December 2006

In 2007 ANZ Ladies Masters This will be Gulbis’ second visit to Royal Pines. She first played in 2003 but since that time has gone onto become one of the leading players in the USA. She is currently 14th on the 2006 LPGA Tour money list, her best finish of the season to date when runner up to Mi Hyun Kim after a playoff at the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic in Ohio. Not only has Gulbis been successful on the golf course but off the golf course she has created quite a stir with her model like good looks securing her calendar and other photographic and promotional assignments.

Brittany Lincicome Joins ANZ Ladies Masters Field The 2007 ANZ Ladies Masters has been given a further boost by the announcement that long hitting 21 year old American World Match Play Champion, Brittany Lincicome, will play at Royal Pines Resort. Lincicome was the longest hitter on the LPGA Tour in her rookie season in 2005 and in 2006 only Swede Karin Sjodin is ahead of her in terms of average distance from the tee. There is little doubt that her length will be an attraction for fans at Royal Pines but in 2006 Lincicome has proven that her game consists of more than just long hitting skills. In just her second season she won The World Match Play Championship in July and has finished in 13th place on the LPGA Tour with earnings of US$845,000. It was perhaps her performance in the US Women’s Open in June that first brought the attention of the golfing world to Lincicome however. Through three rounds of the event at the Newport Country Club in Rhode Island she shared the third round lead with Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie before fading over the closing 18 holes with a final round of 78 to finish in 7th place. That she was able to bounce back the very next week to win The World Match Play Championship in nearby New Jersey, beating Michelle Wie in the quarter final, Lorena Ochoa in the semi final and veteran and seven time major winner, Juli Inkster, in the final spoke volumes for the constitution of the then 20 year old. A professional for just two years, Brittany Lincicome appears destined for a significant future of the LPGA Tour and her appearance at Royal Pines offers a great opportunity to see one of the most attractive and powerful, yet promising players in the female game today.

Womens GOLF December 2006

Yang To Defend ANZ Ladies Masters “Amy’s sensational win at the ANZ Ladies Masters in 2006 as a 16 year old amateur has been followed up with impressive performances at the recent Evian Masters and at the Weetabix Women’s British Open”, said Tuohy today. “While she may well have been a last minute wildcard entry in 2006 she will be among the favourites in next year’s event. Her stunning victory last year provided a tremendous story for the event and created worldwide interest.” Resulting from her Masters triumph over Catherine Cartwright earlier in the year, Yang who turned 17 in July, gained a start at the lucrative Evian Masters in France and the Weetabix Women’s British Open at Royal Lytham and St Annes. At Royal Lytham and St Annes, Yang finished as the leading amateur by six shots and won the Smyth Salver. It was an impressive debut for the Queensland based South Korean who had virtually no exposure to British links golf prior to that event. Australia’s emerging stars Nikki Campbell, Lyndsey Wright, Nikki Garret, Nikki Campbell and Sarah Kemp will create much interest with each completing very good seasons in 2006 and will be joined by Rachel Hetherington who despite a disappointing season in 2006 appears to be improving of late. As the Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG) flagship event, the 2007 ANZ Ladies Masters will again boast a world class field which will be further enhanced with the return of the MFS Australian Women’s Open the week prior. “With both events being co-sanctioned by ALPG and the Ladies European Tour and played back to back, we are certain to attract a great field of Australasian and International stars as the Open and Masters kick start the ladies world golf calendar in 2007”, said Warren Sevil, General Manager of ALPG.



Karrie Webb


Annika Sorenstam



Amy Yang # (A) (KOR) –

RPR (Par 72)



Karrie Webb (AUS) -

RPR (Par 72)



Annika Sorenstam (SWE) –

RPR (Par 72)



Laura Davies ** (ENG) –

RPR (Par 72)



Annika Sorenstam # (SWE) – RPR (Par 72)



Karrie Webb (AUS) –

RPR (Par 72)



Karrie Webb (AUS) –

RPR (Par 72)



Karrie Webb ^ (AUS) –

RPR (Par 72)



Karrie Webb (AUS) –

RPR (Par 72)



Gail Graham (CAN) –

RPR (Par 72)



Jane Crafter (AUS) –

RPR (Par 73)



Annika Sorenstam (SWE) –

RPR (Par 73)



Laura Davies (ENG) –

RPR (Par 73)



Laura Davies * (ENG) –

RPR (Par 73)



Jane Crafter * (AUS) –

RPR (Par 74)



Jane Geddes * (USA) –

Palm Meadows



Jane Geddes * (USA) –

Palm Meadows

(A) Denotes Amateur, ** Tournament shortened to 54 Holes, * 54 Hole Tournament, # Winner in Playoff, RPR – Royal Pines Resort, ^ Tournament Record

Laura Davies 116

Amy Yang

Womens GOLF December 2006


How The Pros Will Play It Hole 1, 332m, Par 4 Good opening hole with fairway bunkers left and right. A good tee shot right of centre will leave a short iron to a large but accessible green. Difficult to pick the right club as the green is at eye level. A large flat green to start but don’t be fooled into thinking the greens will all be this easy. Hole 2, 363m, Par 4 Long dogleg par 4 that normally plays into the prevailing wind. The drive should be as close to the left bunker as possible which will leave a long iron or possibly a fairway wood to a green that is well bunkered. Par is always a good score. Hole 3, 441m, Par 5 Medium length par 5 with no real trouble from the tee. A solid tee shot will set up a risk reward situation for the longer hitters, otherwise a second shot that has to be played to the left. The fairway bunker hides the water hazard that awaits any shot hit to the right. A very good test if attempting to hit this green in 2. Hole 4, 341m, Par 4 Slight dogleg right with a large fairway bunker on the right. Driving as close to the bunker as possible might get you a few more metres run off the shoulder of the bunker. Water on the left but doesn’t generally come into play. Short to mid iron second shot to a green which has a small tier running across it from right to left. Hole 5, 146m, Par 3 Mid iron par 3 with a very wide green. Difficult to get close when the flag is on the right side behind the bunker. Anything right of the green will almost certainly find the water. Doesn’t look much but can jump up and bite the unwary. Hole 6, 341m, Par 4 Tight driving hole with plenty of trees on the left and a lone bunker on the right. Usually played with a wind pushing from the left can leave anything from a mid to long iron second shot to one of the smaller targets on the course. A water hazard dangerously positioned will catch anything dragged left of the green. Hole 7, 334m, Par 4 The only hole on the course where you actually have a water carry. Well bunkered on the left and water also if you happen to overhook one trying to do too much with the tee shot. If you miss the fairway then you’d better forget trying to reach this green in 2. Good shots and good strategy is required to finish this hole unscathed. Hole 8, 328m, Par 4 Three trees and a fairway bunker together are the big feature of this hole. Very narrow driving area for all but the straightest hitters. Second shot should be a short iron to a large green which is very difficult to judge to get the ball close. Hole 9, 450m, Par 5 Good par 5 that the longer hitters will have a chance to reach in 2. First of all they will have to avoid a large fairway bunker on the right but if they’re too careful there is water on the left. Second shot will need to avoid another bunker on the right side about 60 metres from the green. Pitching to the green is made a little more difficult to judge because the green is raised to eye level. Hole 10, 335m, Par 4 Good driving hole with water down the left side and bunker on the right. Once in the fairway though a very straight forward shot with a short iron. Relatively easy opening to the back nine. Hole 11, 137m, Par 3 Normally plays into the wind and can be anything up to a 4 iron. Bunkers everywhere and if you miss the one on the left the water awaits. Take extra time and make a good swing. Womens GOLF December 2006

Hole 12, 501m, Par 5 Accuracy and distance combined is necessary on this monster par 5 if you are going to walk away with a par or better. Second shot needs to avoid a well placed fairway bunker on the right where you will be left with a mid iron to a large green with water on the left. Hole 13, 358m, Par 4 Toughest par 4 on the course. Water all down the right side from the tee but the fairway is also protected by a well placed bunker on the left side. Length and accuracy is a must. Second shot is to a well bunkered green.This hole always plays longer than its metreage. Hole14, 154m, Par 3 Take a deep breath. This is the toughest par 3 with water down the right and a large bunker guarding the left front. Club selection is crucial as this hole normally plays downwind and the green can be hard to hold. A left side pin position can be almost inaccessible. Hole 15, 480m, Par 5 Fantastic driving hole which has Out Of Bounds on the left and a large 200 year old Moreton Bay Fig tree on the right. Just when you think you have missed these obstacles there is a water hazard hiding on the left side in the driving area. The second shot should be played to the left to avoid a large fairway bunker approx 70 metres from the green. An accurate pitch from between 30 and 100 metres pitch will create a good birdie chance. Hole 16, 144m, Par 3 Mid length par 3. Well bunkered short left and a water hazard on the right for anything missing the green to the right. Tough to get the tee shot close on this hole, usually downwind to a firm green. Hole 17, 331m, Par 4 Shortest par 4 on this nine. Driver or even a 3 wood depending on the wind to lay up short of fairway bunker on right. You need to be close to the bunker to give you the best angle for your second shot. Looking for a birdie here. Hole 18, 376m, Par 4 Long straight away par 4 which demands two solid shots. Fairway bunkers left and right are in play, so a must to be in the fairway to have any chance of reaching this green in 2. Long iron or fairway wood for your second to a large green guarded by bunkers all around. Birdies on this finishing hole are rare. With Public grandstands at the 1st tee, 10th tee,16th green, 17th green tee and the 18th green there will be great viewing from these vantage points. Tune into Network 10 to see all the action of the ANZ Ladies Masters 12noon til 5pm ESST.




As the home of the ANZ Ladies Masters Royal Pines Resort on Queensland’s Gold Coast is one of Australia’s largest fully integrated business lifestyle and sporting resorts, offering an unparalleled choice of accommodation, dining, golfing, conferencing, and leisure facilities.


et on 200 hectares of beautifully manicured gardens and emerald golfing greens, Royal Pines Resort is located in the heart of the Gold Coast, between the magnificent beaches of Surfers Paradise and the sub-tropical rainforests of the Hinterland. A short 12 minute drive from Surfers Paradise, Jupiter’s Casino and Queensland’s largest shopping centre, Pacific Fair, the Resort is also a convenient 24 km north of Gold Coast Airport and 80 km south of Brisbane International Airport. In addition to 330 guest rooms, international standard championship golf course, a multi award winning convention centre, and four individual restaurants, the resort is also home to a full compliment of health and fitness facilities and is the perfect venue for quality rest and recreation. Considered one of the finest golf and sporting resorts in the country Royal Pines Resort provides all levels of sportsperson with a unique opportunity to experience conditions usually reserved for champions.


Womens GOLF December 2006



World-class sporting facilities include seven tennis courts, a large outdoor pool and spa, massage service, walking and jogging tracks, health club with fully equipped gymnasium, and a 25m indoor heated lap pool. Also renowned for its culinary vision and outstanding service, Royal Pines Resort’s four superb dining venues offer a taste sensation for every occasion.

Due for completion in the latter part of 2007, the refurbishment will create an atmosphere of style, sophistication and tranquillity. For bookings and enquiries telephone (07) 5597 1111 email: or visit

Parkview Restaurant offers a delightful seafood buffet, Arakawa Restaurant presents modern Japanese cuisine, Tee’s Clubhouse is perfect for casual snack, and the fine dining RPR’s Restaurant provides a unique and luxurious five-star culinary experience. Adjoining the 330-room hotel is a purpose built Convention Centre with glorious views across the gardens and golf course. Royal Pines Resort’s multi-faceted Convention Centre has its own conference reception area and registration facility. The centre features a foyer area capable of catering for 1,000 people, while the main ballroom can cater up to 1,800. From small executive retreats and private functions through to world class conventions and tradeshows, Royal Pines Resort can cover any event. Currently undergoing a multi-million dollar refurbishment, Royal Pines Resort, is soon to have a brand new face. The transformation of all guest rooms, reception, the external entry area of the hotel, lobby lounge, resort spa and Parkview Restaurant, will modernise all facilities and reflect a more contemporary resort feel. The existing pool area will be fully renovated and will be divided into two areas. It will comprise a Kids’ zone and the main recreational pool area. A new Kids’ adventure play area will also be introduced. The current Lobby Lounge will be developed into a Coffee Shop featuring Vittoria Coffee, and a sophisticated new look Lobby Bar, complete with stylish leather seating will create a new ‘destination’ within the resort.

Womens GOLF December 2006



Amy Yang

ANZ – Supporting The ANZ Ladies Masters Since 1997 ANZ has been supporting the ANZ Ladies Masters since 1997, and in 2007 continues to be a part of the team that has allowed this event to secure its position on the Australian golfing calendar. The 2007 event will see the best of Australia’s female golfers challenge players from an outstanding international field, including four of the top 15 players. In addition, viewers will get to see the continued progress of the 2006 winner, Amy Yang, and watch this talented young golfer defend her title. With an incredible line up of leading players, ANZ and tournament organisers are confident the 2007 event will be the best yet. ANZ’s Group Managing Director of Personal Banking, Brian Hartzer, believes the ANZ Ladies Masters is an important event for the local community, and explains that ANZ takes its involvement within the Gold Coast area seriously. “The ANZ Ladies Masters brings many visitors to the area, providing both economic and tourism benefits. But more importantly, the pride that the Gold Coast residents show in their event is displayed by the hundreds of volunteers that take part during the tournament week, including our local branch staff and their families. We are pleased to help facilitate an event which provides such positive impacts within the local community and helps show why ANZ is a very different bank”.

community to support this very worthwhile cause. It’s fantastic that our relationship with the ANZ Ladies Masters can provide a chance to help others”. 2007 will be the seventh consecutive year of ANZ’s support as naming rights sponsor of the ANZ Ladies Masters.

Looking Forward To 2007 Tuohy Associates and Tourism Queensland have forged a relationship with J-Golf Korea to promote Queensland via a “Watch and Win” promotion leading into the 2007 ANZ Ladies Masters. Tourism Queensland together with J-Golf will host their media representatives and their competition winners at the ANZ Ladies Masters and on the Gold Coast. The J-Golf on air promotion will profile Queensland and reach an estimated two million viewers pre-event. Other new initiatives will involve the inclusion of several young Australia’s leading female amateurs (in total eight) who will have the opportunity to experience the big time along side their role models in the same way Karrie Webb made her debut in 1994 (as an amateur invited player). The inclusion of Australian youth has been well received and will certainly inject further community support and interest in the ANZ Ladies Masters. Sarah Kemp

As part of ANZ’s sponsorship of the tournament, it also provides an opportunity for junior golfers in the region to participate in the ANZ Junior Golf Clinic with a number of the event’s players. “We’re always excited to host the children’s clinic, and see the enthusiasm these juniors have for the game of golf, you never know when we may discover a future champion of the game” Brian Hartzer said. In 2007, for the second consecutive year, the ANZ Ladies Masters will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Brian Hartzer added “ANZ is proud of the integration of fundraising activities throughout the ANZ Ladies Masters, as it provides convenient opportunities for sponsors, players, spectators and the local 120

Womens GOLF December 2006

Womens Golf Magazine December 2006 Issue 4  

Womens GOLF Magazine was the first, and remains the only magazine dedicated to women golfers in Australia. Launched in December 2005, our g...

Womens Golf Magazine December 2006 Issue 4  

Womens GOLF Magazine was the first, and remains the only magazine dedicated to women golfers in Australia. Launched in December 2005, our g...