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with emotional regulation and social intelligence including speech therapy, occupational therapy and specialised social groups run by psychologists. One particular therapy that we recently tried was equine therapy; Rein Changer Essence of Life Children’s Program at Ricinda Ranch on the Gold Coast. Charlotte, having an affinity with animals was drawn to the mares and foals immediately and watching her confidence sore when working with the horses through grooming, feeding and leading them around the arena was a magical experience. I would definitely recommend equine therapy for children to promote empathy, confidence and a sense of responsibility.” Jessica said, “The arena of racing has become an essential part of my life, as a stage for travel, creativity, comradery and championing. It is a world like no other that encourages people from all walks of life to come together for the love of fashion, frivolity and fielding a frontrunner. I know I am not alone in promoting the continuation of the trifecta of fashion, racing and educating our future generations about an exciting industry full of opportunity”

SPRING 2018 #31


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Ladies in RACING Spring 2018 Issue 31  

Ladies in RACING Spring 2018 Issue 31  

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