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“I have to ride the pony, hang onto the microphone, keep my earpiece in, sidle up with the bouncing jockey on their horse and think quickly on my saddle! And… each jockey has a different persona and emotion after a race. I have to read the play and know what to ask and how hard to push”. She explained. “Hey, it’s not easy for the jockey either, on top of a feisty beast, having to be grilled by me in front of hundreds of thousands via TV”, she added with a grin. Bernie is as happy go lucky as you’ll ever see, and her personality sparkles naturally on TV. She is an outstanding advocate for racing and ambassador for all females, not only in the sport but also in life. She performs many and varied roles without beating the gender drum. She takes every stride with style and a smile, and in her own words “ I love what I do and feel so privileged to be given a second opportunity for a career in racing. Despite the challenges of being a carer, a mother and a full time employee, I’m just doing every day, what millions of others do.”

Bernie as a Sky Racing ambassador; networker (with Rachel Laing and Jenny McAlpine); and MC.


SPRING 2018 #31


Profile for Ladies in RACING Magazine

Ladies in RACING Spring 2018 Issue 31  

Ladies in RACING Spring 2018 Issue 31  

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