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KYLIE JOHNSON Living Her Dream

Kylie Johnson is one of the people that as a little girl had a dream and her passion and enthusiasm allowed her to hold onto that childhood dream and since February 2018 she has been living out her dream of working in the Racing Industry, one that has captivated her since a young age.


s young children we are always asked what we want to do when we are older, the common responses out of vivid imaginations usually include: Fire Fighter, Police Officer, Doctor, Vet and many more. As we progress through adolescents and into adulthood, for most of us the dream occupation changes and we take a different path in life. While others hold onto those childhood dreams and pursue them, eventually achieving them (even if it takes longer than planned). We sat down with Kylie and find out more about her journey and passion for the industry, including the job that she has labelled her “dream job”. How and when did you get into racing? I was always the typical little girl- wanted a pony and wanted to do pony club. Unfortunately, coming from a family where money was extremely tight they were just dreams I had and I envied all those that had the ponies and were doing pony clubs on Saturdays. I was also the kid that would borrow every horse book from the library to educate myself about all the various breeds, so firstly the love of horses was always in my blood, not born into it from family traditions.


SPRING 2018 #31

Originally from Melbourne, one year in the late 80s my primary school had organised a school excursion to Caulfield Race Track and the Melbourne Museum as it was an anniversary of the mighty Phar Lap’s 1930 Melbourne Cup Win. My mum was not really a horse person and I didn’t think she would let me go on the trip so I forged her signature so that I could go. It was on this trip that I got to learn more about racing and I was first exposed to The Thoroughbred, I was just really taken by their beauty and regalness. On the tour we had a talk from a jockey and trainer, it was that moment that I decided that was what I wanted to do- I wanted to be a jockey! After that day everything was about racing: Watching it on the TV, stealing the form guide out of the paper to learn the names and how to read form, even to the point of riding my push bike like I was in a race- I was one obsessed little kid! Did you have the support of your family? Not really, as mum wasn’t really a horsey person. I also began to stop eating all my food because I wanted to stay thin so I could be light enough- they were also entertaining discussions because I would end

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Ladies in RACING Spring 2018 Issue 31  

Ladies in RACING Spring 2018 Issue 31  

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