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Summer 2016/17 Issue #26


MICHELLE PAYNE Wins ‘The Don’ Award



BrookMeadows. For when only the finest will do.

BrookMeadows. A thoroughbred training facility set on 66 acres offering you 35 unsurpassed stables, water walker, excellent fencing and water rights and a 2600m sand race track located to the southeast of Melbourne, Victoria. Our facilities and property are fit to provide comfortable amenities for 100+ horses. BrookMeadows includes access to expansive grazing fields, on site staff residence and offices, veterinary facilities, feeding rooms, day yards, round yard, and large storage barns. If you are an experienced operator, BrookMeadows is available for lease. Please contact to express your leasing interest.

Contact Malcolm: +61 4 1833 8444 | Ryan: +61 4 1485 7661 | E: W: | Available for Lease

CONTENTS 2 From the Editor 51 Birdsville Fashion 3 Letters to the Editor 52 Alannah Fancourt’s Career Comeback 4 Contributor Profiles 54 2016 Australian Horse of the Year Awards 6 Michelle Payne Rides off with The Don Sharon Lee Chapman Photography 57 8 Michelle Payne is a Winning Promotor 59 Winx the Peoples Horse Caulfield’s Charity Race Day 10 60 Patricia Tighe - One Happy Owner of Superstar Winx Melbourne Racing Club Style Stakes 11 12 Olivia Nunn has Many Passions 63 Ladies in RACING Subscription 13 Ngaere Donald Equestrian Art 64 Ladies GOLF Subscription 14 Charlotte Littlefield Hayfields Racing 65 Girls ‘Glammed’ up at Royal Randwick 16 Jacinta Jenkins – An Unsung Hero 66 Chelsea’s Beginning to Roar 18 A Well Brewed Coffey 67 Abbie’s Royal Background 20 Saving Grace - Liz Andriske 68 Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival Pictorial 22 AAMI Derby Day Fashions 70 ATC Fashion Emirates Melbourne Cup Day Fashions 23 72 La Fleur D’Alyse Cosmetic Laser & Medispa Crown Oaks Day Fashions 24 26 Emirates Stakes Day Fashions 74 Paula Duncan Raceday Charity Event 28 Three Lady Trainers Achieve their First 75 The Longines Irish Champions Metropolitan Win 78 Ladies in Racing Tour Australian Racing Museum Showcase 2017 Royal Ascot Carnival 30 Launched 82 Brooke Strahan’s Unique Sense of Style Racing Victoria and Tabcorp Unite to 32 Back Female Talent 84 Breeze and Buttons - a Lifelong Friendship 34 2017 Jeep Magic Millions Carnival 86 Racing NSW Paid Parental Leave 36 Magic Millions Polo to be Unveiled 87 Welcome to Thoroughbred Racing in the Alice An Inexpensive Way of Owning a 38 Racehorse 88 Gannon’s Ladies Cup Day Fashions Racing Bodies Combine Forces 40 for Riding for the Disabled 90 Millinery Showcase 41 Yarramalong Racing Club 92 Melbourne International Millinery Competition 42 Don’t be a Credit Card for Your Clients 93 We Love Faraway Town Wins Magic Millions 43 Women’s Racing Bonus 94 Book Reviews 44 Cairns Amateurs 2016 Fashion 96 Advertisers Index 46 Birdsville 2016 Blondes on Tour Melbourne Office PO Box 451, Chadstone Centre VIC 3148 Brisbane Office PO Box 170, Scarborough QLD 4020 Telephone: 1300 783 112 Facsimile: 1300 799 332 Email: Managing Director/Editor Editor PA/Subscriptions Graphic Designers Accounts Manager

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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Mark Brassel, Bruce Clark – G1X Racing Julian Cook – Melbourne Racing Club Tim Guille, Michael Howard Dale Olsson, Caitrin O’Rourke Greg Tobin, Ron Williams CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Bradley Photographers Sharon Lee Chapman, Bronwyn Healy Geo Hills, Getty Images, Tasia Jenkins Wes Nel, Caitrin O’Rourke Ross Stevenson, Patricia Tighe Western Racepix, Steve White $11.95 Summer 2016/17

Issue #26

FRONT COVER: Michelle Payne has won the most prestigious 2016 ‘The Don’ Award.

NE MICHELLE PAY Award Wins ‘The Don’




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From from the Editor From the Editor The Editor


elcome to the Summer Issue of Ladies in RACING elcome to to the Summer Summer elcome Magazine, whichthe we are sure Issue of Ladies in RACING elcomeyou to the Summer Issue of Ladies in Issue Ladies in RACING will of enjoy. Magazine, which we are sure RACINGMagazine, Magazine,which whichwe weare are sure sure you will enjoy. From the enjoy. moment, you will you Michelle will enjoy.Payne crossed the finish line of the 2015 Melbourne Cup From the moment, Michelle Payne crossed crossed From the moment, Michelle From the moment, Michelle Payne crossed aboard Prince of Penzance, Australia rose thefinish finishline line of of the the 2015 Melbourne Cup the the 2015 Melbourne Melbourne Cup Cup finish line to the salute the firstofof female jockeyAustralia to win the aboard Prince Penzance, rose aboard Prince of Penzance, Australia rose to aboard Prince of Penzance, Australia rose Race That Stops the female Nation.jockey This to year shethe to salute salute the first first win salute the first female jockey toagain, win Race to the female jockey to the win the was judged first past the post riding Race That That Stops Stops the the Nation. Nation. This This year she she Race Stops Nation. This Award. year year sheWe was offThat with the the 2016 Thethe Don was judged first past post again, riding wasagain judged firstthe past the postriding again,off riding judged firstcongratulate past again, once Michelle. off with with the 2016post The Don Award. Award. with We off the 2016 The Don We the 2016 The Don Award. We once again once again congratulate Michelle. once again congratulate Michelle. A picture tells a thousand words and what a selection of pictorials we have for congratulate Michelle. you.AOnce again, award winningwords Photographer Sharon Lee Chapman haswe delivered picture tells a thousand and what a selection of pictorials have for for picture tells aathousand thousand words andwhat what a selection of pictorials we have picture tells words and a selection of pictorials have for you. an A array of fantastic photographs, including some magnificent shotswe ofhas Australia’s you. Once again, award winning Photographer Sharon Lee Chapman delivered you. Once again, award winning Photographer Sharon Lee Chapman has delivered Once again, award winning Photographer Sharon Lee magnificent Chapman hasshots delivered an array Racehorse ofofthe Year, Winx. an array array fantastic photographs, including some of Australia’s Australia’s an of fantastic photographs, including some magnificent shots of fantastic of photographs, including some magnificent shots of Australia’sofRacehorse of Racehorse the Year, Winx. Racehorse of the some magnificent shots of the Birdsville Racing Sharon Lee Winx. has alsoYear, bought the Year, Carnival, to capture unique vastness colour ofRacing the Sharonand Leehas hasmanaged also bought bought us some some the magnificent shots of of and the Birdsville Birdsville Sharon Lee has also us magnificent shots the Racing Sharon Lee has also bought us some magnificent shots of the Birdsville Racing Carnival, Australian Outback. Carnival, and has managed to capture the unique vastness and colour of the Carnival, and has managed to capture the unique vastness and colour of the Australian Outback. and has managed to capture the unique vastness and colour of the Australian Outback. Australian Outback. Dale Olsson has written us a story on Patricia Tighe, a partner in Magic Bloodstock Dale Olsson written us aa story story on Patricia Patricia Tighe, partner in Magic MagicPartner Bloodstock Racing, which ishas managed husband Peter,Tighe, who aais partner the Managing of Dale Olsson has writtenby us aher on in Bloodstock Dale Olsson has written us story on Patricia Tighe, a partner in Magic Bloodstock the Racing, mighty mare Winx. Together they part-own 34 racehorses among them with two Racing, which which is managed by her husband Peter, who is the Managing Partner of Racing, is managed by her husband Peter, who is the Managing Partner of which is managed by her husband Peter, who is the Managing Partner the of theone mighty mare Winx. Together they part-own 34 racehorses racehorses among themtwo withgroup two group winners, Preferment andthey Winx. mighty mare Winx. Together they part-own 34 racehorses among them them with the mighty mare Winx. Together part-own 34 among with two group one winners, winners, Preferment and Winx. Winx. one winners, Preferment and Winx. group one Preferment and We also bring you over twelve great Fashion Pages including the Melbourne Racing We alsoStakes, bringyou you over twelve great Fashion Pages including the Melbourne Melbourne Racing Club Style The Victorian Racing Club’s Derby Day, Melbourne CupRacing DayRacing and We also bring over twelve great Fashion Pages including the the Melbourne Club We also bring you over twelve great Fashion Pages including Club Style Stakes, The Victorian Racing Club’s Derby Day, Melbourne Cup Day and Emirates Stakes Day. Images for the 2016 Cairns Amateurs, Birdsville Fashion, The Style Stakes, The Victorian RacingRacing Club’s Club’s Derby Day, Melbourne Cup DayCup andDay Emirates Club Style Stakes, The Victorian Derby Day, Melbourne and Emirates Stakes Day. Images for the the 2016 2016 Cairns Amateurs, Birdsville Fashion, The Australian Turf ClubDay. Celebrity Marquees, Paula Duncan’s Charity Race Day at Coffs Emirates Stakes Images for Cairns Amateurs, Birdsville Fashion, The Stakes Day.Turf Images the 2016 Cairns Amateurs, Birdsville Fashion, Australian Clubfor Celebrity Marquees, Paula Duncan’s Charity RaceThe DayAustralian at Coffs Coffs Harbour and the LadiesMarquees, Cup DayPaula at Northam, Western Australia. Australian TurfGannon’s Club Celebrity Duncan’s Day at Turf Club and Celebrity Marquees, PaulaCup Duncan’s Charity RaceCharity Day at Race Coffs Harbour and Harbour the Gannon’s Ladies Day at Northam, Western Australia. Harbour and the Gannon’s Ladies Cup Day at Northam, Western Australia. theagain, Gannon’s Ladies Cup Day atGraham Northam, Westernand Australia. Once I must congratulate Thornton Christina Buddle, who are Once again, II must must congratulate Graham Thornton Thornton and Christina Christina Buddle, who are are suchOnce a hardworking team, on the hospitality they showed me at thisBuddle, year’s who Cairns again, congratulate Graham and Once I must congratulate Graham Thornton Christina who are such such aaagain, hardworking team, on on2015, the hospitality theyand showed meBuddle, atand thisgetting year’s Cairns Amateurs Carnival. It surpassed and this event keeps growing even such hardworking team, the hospitality they showed me at this year’s Cairns aAmateurs hardworking team, the hospitality they showed me this year’sand Cairns Amateurs Carnival. surpassed 2015, and this event keeps growing and getting even bigger and better. I willItIton bring you2015, a story ofthis theevent event inat our next issue, Autumn Amateurs Carnival. surpassed and keeps growing getting even bigger and better. will bring you story ofathe the eventofin in our nexteven issue,bigger Autumn Carnival. Itwill surpassed 2015, andyou this2016 keeps growing and getting and 2017, which feature highlights of and glimpse what they have inAutumn store bigger and better. II will bring aaevent story of event our next issue, 2017, which which will feature feature highlights of 2016inand and glimpse ofAutumn what they they have in store store for 2017, 2017. better. I will bring you a story of theof event ouraanext issue,of 2017, which will will highlights 2016 glimpse what have in for 2017. 2017. for feature highlights of 2016 and a glimpse of what they have in store for 2017. With the 2017 Jeep Magic Millions Carnival fast approaching, it may be time to With thepurchasing 2017Jeep JeepMagic Magic Millions Carnival fast approaching, may be time time to the 2017 Carnival fast approaching, it may be time to think think about aMagic shareMillions in a racehorse. There are so many options now and With the 2017 Jeep Millions Carnival fast approaching, itit may be to think about purchasing a share in a racehorse. There are so many options now and youthink don’tabout necessarily lot ofinmoney. Richard Foster Yarramalong Racing purchasing aainshare a racehorse. There arefrom so many options and about purchasing a need share aaracehorse. There are so many options now and now you don’t you don’t necessarily need lotto of get money. Richard Foster from Yarramalong Racing Club has structured alotgreat way youFoster involved in the wonderful world of you don’t necessarily need a lot of money. Richard Foster from Yarramalong Racing necessarily need a of money. Richard from Yarramalong Racing Club Club has has structured structured aa great great way way to to get get you you involved involved in in the the wonderful wonderful world world has of Club of horseracing. structured a great way to get you involved in the wonderful world of horseracing. horseracing. horseracing. Tickets are are nownow on on salesale for for thethe Victorian Wakeful Club’s 2016/2017 Lady of of Racing Tickets Victorian Wakeful Club’s 2016/2017 Lady Racing Tickets are are now now on on sale sale for for the the Victorian Victorian Wakeful Wakeful Club’s Club’s 2016/2017 2016/2017 Lady Lady of Racing Racing Tickets of Awards so purchase yours soon and diarise the date. Awards so purchase yours soon and diarise thethe date. Awards so purchase yours soon and diarise date. Awards so purchase yours soon and diarise the date. Please feelfeel free to to send ususyour thoughts for for your racing stories publishing, as as allall Please free your thoughts your racing stories forforpublishing, as all story Please feel free tosend send us your thoughts your racing stories for publishing, Please feel free to send us your thoughts forforward your racing stories for publishing, as all story suggestions most welcome. WeWe look to to catching with you over suggestions are are most welcome. We look forward to catching up withup you over the Magic story suggestions are most welcome. look forward catching up with you over suggestions are mostinwelcome. look forward to catching up with you over the story Magic Millions Carnival ifWe you areare attending. the Magic Millions CarnivalifJanuary in January you attending. Millions Carnival in Carnival January you are attending. the Magic Millions in January ifif you are attending.

From all members of our team at Ladies in RACING Magazine, wewe wish you a very From all members of our team at Ladies RACING Magazine, wish very From all members members of our our team in RACING RACING Magazine, we you very From all of team at Ladies in Magazine, we wish you aa very Merry Christmas, a prosperous New Year and happy and safe Holidays. Merry Christmas, a prosperous New Year and happy and safe Holidays. Merry Christmas, a prosperous New Year and happy and safe Holidays. Merry Christmas, a prosperous New Year and happy and safe Holidays.


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MELBOURNE CUP 2015 MELBOURNE CUP 2015 2015 MELBOURNE CUP Michelle Payne Michelle Payne Payne Michelle To appreciate the outcome we To should understand the task appreciate the outcome outcome To appreciate the wewhat’s shouldnot understand thebefore task to do been done we should understand the task

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Not since Eighteen Sixty Not since since Eighteen Sixty Sixty Not first year theEighteen cup was run first year year the cup cup was run run hasfirst a femalethe “hoop”was saluted has a female “hoop” saluted has a female “hoop” saluted Michelle would be the one Michelle would be the one Michelle would be the one Defying odds and history Defying odds odds and history history Defying takes victory inand her stride takes victory in her stride victory in her stride hertakes brother Stevie strapper her brother brother Stevie strapper strapper her on this mostStevie historic ride on this this most most historic historic ride ride on Her planning and her timing Her planning planning and and her her timing timing Her executed with precision executed with with precision precision executed first to reach the winning post first to reach the winning post first to reach the winning post reward for smart decisions reward for for smart smart decisions decisions reward No quarter asked or given No quarter quarter asked asked or or given given No nonoway she would be bluffed way she would be bluffed no way she would be bluffed suggesting that suggesting thatthe thedoubters doubtersshould should suggesting that the doubters should “Go and all get stuffed” “Go and and all all get get stuffed” stuffed” “Go AAmassive massivewin winfor forwomen women A massive win for women and the uninitiated and the the uninitiated uninitiated and promoting this “The sport promoting this “The sportof ofKings” Kings” promoting this “The sport of Kings” forever forevercelebrated celebrated forever celebrated with female infiltration with female female infiltration infiltrationof of with of what was, a amale domain what was, male domain what was, a male domain that’s now that’s nowaaadistant distantmemory memory that’s now distant memory because becauseof, of,Michelle MichellePayne. Payne. because of, Michelle Payne. JohnSullivan. Sullivan.July, July,2016. 2016. John John Sullivan. July, 2016.

Letters to the Editor Hello Cathryn, My Husband Ron, met your husband, a couple of weekends ago when we were up in Redcliffe. Of course they got talking as they do, and your hubby gave Ron a couple of the Ladies in RACING Magazines . (Love them! and am now a subscriber) Your husband said that I should send you an email with some photo’s of a special room we have at home filled with lots of Racehorse memorabilia goodies in case you may perhaps like to do a story for the magazine sometime. We are just normal people (not rich !) who have been collecting bits and pieces over the years adding to my collection here and there which I love! It has been a labour of love starting off with just one item and steadily growing since then. Sorry for the poor quality photos but with so much glass and no professional camera it’s the best I could do ! At least you get an idea anyway. We could tell you a few good stories about how we obtained a few of these items . Phar Lap is my most favourite! Kind regards, Jenny Murray

Hi Cathi My name is Hayley Rodgers; my husband Scott is a local horse trainer in Roma. We won the biggest race in SW Qld last year, the XXXX Gold Roma Cup, with our own horse Oggie, he then went on to win the Mackay cup the following month. With this year’s Roma cup on this weekend and my daughter graduating Friday as well, she decided to have her formal photos taken in no other spot rather than at our local race track, Bassett Park. Everybody that has seen this photo has told me how beautiful it is and a friend of mine today gave me your website, as she buys your great magazine. This is a picture of my beautiful daughter Maddison, and our race horse Madam Auberge on her formal day 2016. Thank you for taking the time to read my email, much appreciated,

Hi Cathi, Thank you for sending through the digital version. I’m really happy with how it translated in the magazine. I’m hopeful we will get a few new members joining the Club! Appreciate your help as always and I hope to see you during the spring. I love the content of Ladies in RACING Magazine particularly from Tim Guille. He is fantastic for racing content.

Hayley Rodgers Roma Hi Cathi, This year’s Cairns Amateurs was fabulous. Thank you for your company at the events. It was the best event of the year.

Kind Regards, Nick Ristovic

We returned home yesterday and my copy of Ladies in RACING Magazine was waiting for me. I enjoyed reading it in bed. The article about syndications was particularly interesting. I would love to catch up soon.

Membership Manager Melbourne Racing Club

Alanna Loveless Gold Coast xx



ladies in racing Magazine

Contributor Profiles VICTORIA SHAW



As the only woman in Australia to actively broadcast live racing trackside and on TV and radio, Victoria Shaw is the first woman to go beyond the typical roles for women within racing and the media.

In 2011 Sharon Lee Chapman shot to world-wide photographic prominence with her headline imagery of Banna Strand leaping into an unsuspecting audience at the Warrnambool Grand Annual.

Ross got involved in photography when he started racing horses with his brother. Now he is one of the leading racing photographers in Australia and has had much of his work published in some of the leading horse racing publications in Australia - such as Racetrack, Best Bets, Winning Post and of course the Ladies in RACING Magazine.

With former television and live radio work to her credit, Victoria continually strives to push boundaries for women within Australian racing and around the world as a race caller. The diversity of her broadcasting opportunities have taken her from ‘off the beaten track’ to working for Arabic royalty and meeting unique and hardworking industry participants that aren't mainstream, but constantly revealing many ‘racing gems’ as a part of her quest.

Receiving the prestigious ‘Quill Award’ for her work that has graced many newspaper and magazine covers including the New York Times, Sharon Lee captures so many emotional and intriguing moments that really tell a story and best summarise for so many the continual allure and romance of racing.

Ross is a popular photographer for many Fashion on the Field competitions.

Sharon is the Managing Director of Fast Track Photography




Catching the thoroughbred bug from a very young age, Tim Guille has always had a passion for racing. Be it as an spectator, owner, or punter, he is never far away from the racetrack with form guide and binoculars in hand.

Caitrin has been an active horse woman from an early age from the hunting fields of Co. Meath in Ireland, the racecourses of Ireland, and the UK as an amateur jockey. Caitrin’s journalistic career spans 3 countries; Ireland and London before continuing in Australia following a move here in 2012. She is a Paediatric Intensive Care nurse at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, an amateur milliner and also acts as Practice Manager for Racetrack Veterinary Services in Mornington.

As Racing Victoria's Workforce Development Officer, Lisa designs and delivers innovative training programs to introduce new workers and upskill current workers in the racing industry across all job roles.

His writing has featured in a wide variety of publications in the thoroughbred and sporting industry over the last 7 years. He has always had a passion for people, and this has led him to focussing his writing on sharing the stories of the the people and characters that work tirelessly to make the magic happen in the sport of kings. You can tweet or follow him on twitter

In 2014/15 Caitrin was Melbourne Racing Club’s ‘Face of Mornington Racecourse’.

With a strong jumps racing and equestrian background from Ireland, Lisa has over 20yrs experience in the racing industry. Lisa is currently a Director of the Board of the Australian Jumps Racing Association and Member of the Victorian Wakeful Club. Follow her on twitter @ lisacoffey01

@timbguille or his Facebook page Behind the Barrier




A member of Racing Victoria’s Media and Communicationsteam, James grew up attending race meetings at tracksaround Victoria where he developed a strong passion forthe sport and the animal. James regularly produces content to promote Racing Victoria-led initiatives including the Off the Track program, the Apprentice Jockey Training Program and the Community Education Program. Also apart-owner of two thoroughbred racehorses, his dream is to capture an elusive Group 1 win.

Tamaryn is an incredibly talented horsewoman in her own right, and has been part of the racing industry for over 20 years. “I was maybe 5 when I sat on a horse for the first time. My older brother and I had stumbled upon a paddock which contained a fluffy, black Shetland pony which was grazing peacefully. “I dare you to jump on!” my brother taunted. Not one to back out of a dare, I shot straight back “give me a leg up!” The moment I swung my leg over, the pony transformed into Kingston Town. Tamaryn is now a regular contributor to Ladies in RACING Magazine.

Having designed jewellery for the Waterhouse Ladies, designer and owner of Le Dain Designs, Carole is passionate about styling and designing for ladies, especially within the racing world. Carole has always been involved in writing, photography, fashion and design and currently writes for three publications including Ladies in RACING Magazine.

"Some of our struggles involve making decisions, while others are a result of life decisions we have made. Some of our struggles result from choices others make that affect our lives. We cannot always control everything that happens to us in this life, but we can control how we respond."





Named after the inaugural Legend elevated in the Sport Australia Hall of Fame – Sir Donald Bradman AC – ‘The Don’ Award is regarded as the highest individual honour that can be bestowed on a current Australian athlete, and is awarded to a sportsperson who, through their achievements and example over the last 12 months, is considered to have most inspired the Nation.



Michelle Payne rides off with ‘The Don’ F

rom the moment Michelle Payne crossed the finish line of the 2015 Melbourne Cup aboard Prince of Penzance, Australia rose to salute the first female jockey to win the race that stops the Nation. And when Michelle told the doubters to “get stuffed” in her post-race interviews – a Nation cheered. Whilst all the nominees produced incredible feats, becoming the first female jockey in the Melbourne Cup’s 155-year history to win the race, she was judged first past the post in most inspiring a Nation and with it the 2016 ‘The Don’ Award. Michelle said it was an “incredible honour, unbelievable really” to win the award, adding that everything that’s taken place since she crossed the line on the first Tuesday in November has been amazing. “I could never have believed everything that has happened since the race, absolutely not in my wildest dreams. It was very much a life changing race,” Michelle said It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though, with a heavy race fall in Mildura in May providing a significant reality check and the “toughest challenge of her life”. Michelle said, “It’s definitely changed my views on life since winning the Melbourne Cup and then going through what I did with the fall.” “I've always been grateful for any luck I've had but I think now, more than ever, I am just happy to be healthy and doing what I love. Anything from now is a bonus.”

In a sport renowned for its male dominance, Michelle overcame numerous barriers to become a leading jockey and with it a role model for females within the racing fraternity and the broader community. Her brother Steven, who has Down syndrome, was the strapper and played a big role in Prince of Penzance’s preparation for the race. Together they touched the hearts of all Australians. Michelle said Stevie, who shared the winning moment on Cup Day and during the recent AFL Grand Final parade, continues to enjoy the experiences that winning the Melbourne Cup has provided. “Stevie is happy whatever happens. He has handled the change to his life well.” Former winners of the award which commenced in 1998 include: Kerryn McCann


The Socceroos



Grant Hackett OAM




Petria Thomas


Sally Pearson OAM



Damien Oliver

Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Cadel Evans



Alisa Camplin

Aerial Skiing

Steven Bradbury OAM

Short Track Speed Skating


Patrick Rafter



Catherine Freeman OAM



Ian Thorpe OAM



Jason Day



Sally Pearson OAM



Adam Scott

2012 2011



Lydia Lassila

Aerial Skiing


Steven Hooker



Steven Hooker


Matthew Mitcham


Glenn McGrath AM



Heather Turland


Shane Warne



Mark Taylor AO





Michelle Payne is a winning Promoter

By Bruce Clark – G1X Racing • Image from Sharon Lee Chapman

Michelle Payne is used to it now. That’s being asked for photo opportunities with the ground breaking Melbourne Cup winning queen by well-wishers, fans, punters, kids and families.


nd she is polite and demure as always and accommodating as ever after Husson Eagle gave her a sixth winner, but only her second in the city from lean opportunities this Spring, after that injury enforced break at Ladbrokes Park. Sitting with Michelle after the win she expands her thoughts on her role as a jockey, a trainer, and more importantly as a promoter of racing and an Ambassador for the sport as well as its stars, the horses. She’s in the Robert Hunter winner’s room at the Sandown course with Joe O’Neill’s eclectic and naturally excited bunch of owners sharing the win that took Husson’s Eagle prize money to $910,000, a healthy return on the $50,000 purchase price. And of course she is having her photo taken with kids and all sorts. “They are a huge bunch of owners having fun, that’s what racing is about, everybody having fun and more of this should be promoted rather than the bad stuff,” Michelle said. And with that you can sense the real passion and desire from Michelle to use her Cup generated “fame’ to push racing. “It something I am really keen to do in the future, especially now I have my (trainer’s) licence, racing is fun, you can own one percent of a horse and get the biggest buzz that you could ever imagine. “If you have just one percent, that's your horse, that is what I really think we need to promote in racing. When you are in it (racing) you realise that, but when you’re not, you don’t get the message,” Michelle said. Whilst her first training effort with Queen of Zealand didn’t reach its VRC Oaks target, she said the ownership group and the experience with them, has steeled her for a future blueprint when she gives riding away and concentrates on preparing horses from Ballarat at her “Nottingham” property. “I think we have to promote the sport as a great industry and it doesn’t get promoted the right way because all the bad stuff gets the easy headlines. “I am really going to focus on that, the fun and the experience. Having been successful in that race, (the Melbourne Cup) I feel like I can give something back to the industry,” she said. But Michelle has some more sermons on how racing can promote itself, and “The Cup Queen” with a movie waiting in the wings, is only too happy to play the leading role here. “It’s not even just about the industry, it's the people who stop you and say they were inspired by the win, people say that all the time, I feel like I have a responsibility to keep that going and I am proud to be that person,” Michelle said. And with that she wants those outside of racing’s bubble to know how the equine leading actors and actresses are treated.



“I am loving training and I am really excited about the future, with my stables and farm nearly finished being set up and it will be a really beautiful place to train horses. “And I think it would be a great advertisement for horse racing and the environment and the beautiful life these horses have in training is the message I want to spread. I think we need to focus on that in this sport. “Behind the scenes, horses are treated like Kings and Queens in the stable and I don’t think people realise that or racing tells them that is what is happening and that’s another message I want to share,” she continued. Michelle has lived a whirlwind life since last year’s Melbourne Cup and that “get stuffed” moment, not that opportunities for herself and other female riders have been free flowing, but her exposure for racing to the mainstream has been something she has had to deal with. She says the time enforced off in hospital after that Mildura race fall has helped her prepare for the spring. “Before the fall I didn't know how I was going to cope at all (with this Spring), that’s why perhaps that was a blessing in disguise. I stopped and it gave me a chance to start again, think about things and really put things into order,” she said. And with that came management group Saxtons, who have handled all her off track affairs. “They (Saxtons) have been unbelievable, without them I would have struggled, they make things so easy for me. But racing comes first and they know that. It does upset people who want me to do a lot more things, but you can only do so much. “Sometimes it does get hard with the photos and stopping to talk and doing autographs when I have my job to do first, that's been a bit difficult. I am trying to balance all that, it gets a bit much when you are trying to do a job and I don't want to let people down." Miche believes she has another one, maybe two years left as a jockey and she will know the time is right when she can’t give 100% to the saddle, but her focus is well and truly a committed future to training and promoting the sport that has taken her from the racetrack into the Australian psyche.



THE LADY OF RACING AWARD Friday 10th March 2017

2015/2016 Lady of Racing

Winner Cheryl McCarthy

The Lady of Racing Award was founded in 1993 and recognises the achievements and contributions of women within the thoroughbred industry.

The Victorian Wakeful Club is now inviting

nominations for the 2016/2017 Lady of Racing Award. Past winners include Michelle Payne (2011) – 1st lady jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, more recently Gaye Gauci Marchant (2014) – a true trailer blazer for women in the racing industry and ensuring horses worldwide are cared for at the highest possible

standards and 2016 winner Cheryl McCarthy, racing syndicate manager who encourages women to participate in racehorse ownership. For nomination forms and judging criteria please visit Nominations close on Friday, 10th February 2017 and can be sent to Fay Stokes, 6 Station Lane, Williamstown, 3016 or email

Tickets for the Victorian Wakeful Club’s 2016/2017 Lady of Racing Award are $170 per person and tickets are available by contacting Lisa Johnson on 0431 748 411 or email #26 N O M I N A T I O N S N O W O P ESUMMER N


Generosity Was A Sure Bet From

Caulfield’s Charity Race Day Local Community Groups, an RSL, Health Support Services and other Charities were the winners on the track on September 17th, 2016, collectively raising in the order of $100,000 at the Bendigo Bank East Malvern MRC Foundation Cup Day.


lue skies and the opportunity to support some very worthy causes lured close to 6,000 punters to the track, with the proceeds from ticket sales and hospitality packages being donated back to the 14 participating Charities. Fight Cancer Foundation were big winners on the day, with the Nicholas Hall ridden Jameka taking out the Group 3 Bendigo Bank East Malvern MRC Foundation Cup (Naturalism Stakes). As a result, the Ciaron Maher mare, which is trained on the course, earned $20,000 for the Fight Cancer Foundation and an automatic entry into the BMW Caulfield Cup, in which she was subsequently successful. Damien Oliver rode Gallante into second place, with Chris Parnham third on Berisha. The $15,000 runners-up prize pool was distributed evenly to the other participating charities on the day. Ciaron Maher was thrilled to see his mare claim the $150,000 feature. “It’s great to get Jemeka back in the winner’s stall. It’s great for the owners,” he said. “She has a lovely action. She has always been a really forward type horse, we knew that she was a bit more mature than other four-year-olds.” MRC Foundation Manager Olivia Nunn said the club’s expectations were well and truly exceeded by the day’s results. “The size and generosity of the crowd and the quality of the racing all contributed to making the event a verifiable success in the eyes of the MRC Foundation,” Ms Nunn said.



“The ongoing support from our naming partner Bendigo Bank East Malvern and the continued backing from the Victorian Government, has been invaluable in ensuring that we can continue to raise the profile of and raise funds for our charity partners through events like this and the work of the MRC Foundation.” The day was rounded out by an exhibition gallop by crowd-pleasing mare Miss Vista and visited by Living Legend Apache Cat. The Melbourne Racing Club, is a not for profit members Club with in excess of 25,000 members across their racing and venue businesses. The Club conducts more than 70 race meetings annually across their three premier racetracks in Victoria at Caulfield, Mornington and Ladbrokes Park, Sandown. The MRC Foundation is the charitable arm of the Melbourne Racing Club and their Pegasus Leisure Group. The Foundation supports a diverse range of charity and community organisations, with a focus on those that operate within the localities of their three racecourses and their 13 Pegasus Leisure Group venues located across Victoria. Pegasus Leisure Group operates a portfolio of Thirteen Hotel and Club venues located across greater Melbourne, which offer a diverse array of hospitality options ranging from state of the art Sports Bars with full wagering facilities, Bistros and Restaurants, many with relaxing outdoor offerings, café areas, private function facilities and retail liquor outlets.

St yle St akes

Melbourne Racing Club 1







1. Felicity Northeast Millinery - Professional Millinery category winner, Caulfield Cup Carnival 2. Lads Michael McAlpine – Lads category winner, Caulfield Cup Carnival 3. Crystal Kimber - Ladies category winner, Caulfield Cup Carnival 4. Kris Mcevoy - Squad category winners, Caulfield Cup Carnival 5. Blanch Milford - Ladies category winner, Peninsula Cup 6. Kyle Piscapo and friend – Squad category winners, Peninsula Cup



Samara Johnson gives From the Bible a well-deserved pat after he had scored at Tomingley picnics – the first leg of a winning double for her.

Olivia Nunn

has Many Passions Story by Julian Cook – Melbourne Racing Club

From the country to the city, combining her love of horse racing with a passion for charitable work is a dream come true for new MRC Foundation Manager Olivia Nunn…


rowing up on the largest cattle station in the world, Anna Creek, Olivia grew up surrounded by animals. Living on the far North South Australian property until the age of 10, Olivia gained a valuable early introduction into the world of wildlife.

Australian racing go on and on. In November 2012, Olivia was elected to the SAJC Board of Directors and served on the Strategic Initiatives, Master Plan, Investment and Finance committees until November 2015.

Her passion for horse racing would begin in her home State where she and her family were actively involved in the rural Gymkhana and race meeting circuit. From their Adelaide property, Olivia’s family would also make trips to the races, where her love of horses would continue to blossom.

Olivia’s impressive list of achievements have been inspired in part by several role models.

Olivia’s father Stuart, would go on to own and race several horses, so having the opportunity to see her Dad’s horses run was always a fun activity for Olivia. After studying several Degrees at University that included a Masters of Project Management, Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Arts, Olivia’s interests led her to become an active ambassador for racing in South Australia. She represented South Australia in the National Melbourne Cup Myer ‘Fashions on the Field’ competition in 2009 and also created Ladies on Track, an initiative of the South Australian Jockey Club (SAJC) Board, to help promote female horse racing attendance and awareness. An SAJC young member since 2003, Olivia’s contributions to South



“Fundamentally my parents have been my inspiration,” Olivia said. “Within the industry, Gai Waterhouse has led the way and I love that she does it with style and grace and more recently I would say that Ann Peacock has had a very successful career with Crown and I find her intriguing and motivating.” However, Olivia believes that women are underrepresented across many industries, horse racing included. She believes that there needs to be a greater effort to help get more women into prominent positions. “I recall many saying at my appointment to the SAJC Board that to aspire to be in these positions, we need more women to be visible in such roles,” Olivia said. “Further to visibility, I think that we have a responsibility to support other women to have the self-belief and confidence to strive to be Managers, Chief Executive Officers and Board Directors.

“I believe that no matter whether you are a male or female, you really can be anything you want to be.”

Racecourse primarily for the use of Riding for the Disabled (RDA) Mornington.

This year, Olivia took up the opportunity to become the Manager of the Melbourne Racing Club Foundation (MRC Foundation). The role provided the perfect opportunity for Olivia to combine her love of horse racing with a passion for community support and managing social impact.

Olivia admits that her new role is a dream come true. When she’s not putting time into the MRC Foundation, much of Olivia’s time goes toward enjoying racing as a fan, with trips to Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin joined by visits to several International racecourses.

“We have three key pillars that we focus on at the MRC Foundation,” Olivia said.

“I try to make an International racing trip every year,” Olivia said.

“The first is charitable support, where we leverage the Club’s assets to partner with Charities. The second is the way that we develop these partnerships with Charities to address the broad societal issues that exist within our industries. “Finally, we provide support to local organisations within 3-5km of our three racecourses as well as our 13 Pegasus Leisure Group venues.” Olivia’s brief time with the MRC Foundation has proved fruitful. Implementing a $50,000 Female Track Rider Scholarship to help female riders accurately and safely learn to ride trackwork. Olivia also oversaw the planning and running of the Bendigo Bank East Malvern MRC Foundation Race Day at Caulfield, $129,000 being donated to 13 Charities and the MRC Foundation. Most recently, the Foundation announced that it would partner with the Committee of Management for the Mornington Racecourse and Racing Victoria to build a $150,000 facility at Mornington

“Dancing is another hobby of mine. I signed up to learn to dance properly when my brother got married and one year later I was performing Dirty Dancing’s mambo in the Dance Studio’s Ball. “And yes, I did do the lift.” The MRC Foundation will continue its work on February 23rd next year, when Olivia oversees the hosting of the Blue Diamond Gala Dinner at Caulfield Racecourse. The night will provide a chance for interested parties to become involved in the MRC Foundation. Those in attendance will receive progress updates on all the Foundation’s current projects, as well as hearing about what’s in store for 2017. It’s this combination of passion for what she does and commitment to the cause that is helping to drive Olivia as the MRC Foundation increases its positive influence right across Victoria. Further information about the MRC Foundation can be found at

Ngaere Donald was born in Sydney, NSW and was encouraged to paint and draw from an early age. Ngaere always intended to go to art school, but upon the family’s move to Queensland, she followed her other passion of wanting to work with horses. Working as a jillaroo throughout QLD, NSW & VIC, she continued painting and drawing, capturing the movement of horses in action. Settling in East Gippsland, Ngaere’s passion for painting and drawing has won her many awards at art shows and competitions including 1st place at AGRA (Australian Guild of Realist Artists) for her drawing ‘Wine and Action’.


phone: (03) 5154 1253

Ngaere has exhibited her work in group and solo exhibitions at East Gippsland Art Gallery, Feastonart Gallery and AGRA Galleries. She is a long-standing member and President of the Wilderness Coast Artists. She is also a founding member of the Town and Country Painters, who meet annually for an intensive fortnight of talking, eating, drinking and making art. More recently, she has undertaken artist in residencies in Beverly and Westonia, WA. Ngaere also displayed a major solo exhibition, ‘Drawn from Horses’ at AGRA Galleries in Camberwell. The exhibition showcased her latest expressive paintings and drawings of horses in action.

To view Ngaere’s extensive biography, see:

“The movement, colour and sound of racehorses thundering down the straight has always been a favourite subject. I love the mark making and the texture of oil paint. When I see or get a feel for a subject, I just have to work on it, push it around, to draw and paint what I feel, not what I see”.



Charlotte Littlefield and Shampers

Charlotte Littlefield Hayfields Racing

Story by Caitrin O’Rourke • Images from Sharon Lee Chapman Fast Track

Growing up in Somerset, England, Charlotte Littlefield has fond memories of Summer evenings spent at Goodwood Racecourse with her parents when she was a small child. Little did she know then as she watched on mesmerised by the galloping horses that ultimately she would end up a Thoroughbred Trainer in her own right and living in Australia?


he always had a keen interest in horses and having ridden ponies since before she could remember, at the age of 14 Charlotte began Eventing. She went on to compete Internationally as a member of the British Young Rider Eventing Team. Amongst many accolades along the way, Charlotte was the highest placed British rider at the Bially B’or International Event in Poland. Charlotte’s horsemanship skills were honed under the watchful eye of Jennifer Lauriston Clarke, a four time British Olympian as she trained at Catherston Stud, England. Then in her late teenage years, alongside eventing, Charlotte helped break in and prepare horses for both Point to Pointing and National Hunt Jumps Racing. Charlotte enjoyed working with the young horses, which she worked and schooled at former British Champion Trainer, Philip Hobb’s Minehead property. In 2005, together with a friend, Charlotte embarked on a travel adventure. Soon after arriving in Australia, Charlotte developed a keen interest in flat racing and was a regular attendee at Caulfield and Flemington. Once bitten by the horse bug, it is hard to escape it! Deciding to stay in Australia, she began studying a Marketing Degree, graduating with distinction from Deakin University. A chance meeting with Gary Mudgway of Grange Thoroughbreds, led to a change in direction for the recently graduated student. Charlotte began pre-training for Gary at a property in Clyde, Victoria, which is located near the Cranbourne Training Centre. As she followed the career progression of her former pupils, Charlotte realised that horses she pre-trained were going on to successful racing careers with the likes of Leon Corstens, Andrew Noblet, John McArdle and Jason Warren. Charlotte continued to Event in



her spare time and was a runner up in the Off the Track Eventing showcase at Caulfield in 2015. Deciding a career as a Trainer was for her, Charlotte put the wheels in motion by working as Assistant Trainer to Pat Trotter at Cranbourne. Under Pat’s guidance, Charlotte learned the tasks in being a Trainer. Charlotte also worked for the Cranbourne Turf Club in their office as a Marketing Coordinator, where she played a role in promoting the Cranbourne Cup into the very successful event that attracts many top class horses, as well as being a highlight fixture of many a social calendar. Through this role, Charlotte worked with and met lots of very interesting people from within the racing industry. As well as a very successful racing and events venue, Cranbourne is one of the largest racehorse training bases in the Southern Hemisphere. After serving her apprenticeship with Pat, Charlotte decided to take the leap and apply for her Trainer’s licence in her own right in 2015. With the encouragement and support of her partner Julian Hay, Hayfield Racing was established. Despite obtaining her Trainer’s licence in July, Charlotte was patient and waited until December 1st before Bergerac Rose was sent out at Kilmore as her first runner. Thirteen days later, again back at Kilmore, Bergerac Rose saluted and Charlotte celebrated her first winner. Although Charlotte’s home training track is at Cranbourne, the majority of her exercise work is done away from that facility. Charlotte is based further down the Mornington Peninsula at the picturesque Denistoun Park, a 70 acre purpose built farm, whose facilities include 1700 metre sand and grass training tracks, a 60 metre swimming pool, treadmill, sand arena and large paddocks.

Charlotte at Balnarring Beach

One of the main attractions for Charlotte is the close proximity of Denistoun Park to the beautiful Balnarring Beach. A short 10 minute trip in the float allows the horses to work along the deep beach sand and wade in the water, providing both exercise and recovery options. Recently Hayfield Racing became an internet sensation after some local friendly dolphins came along to swim with the horses while they were out in the water. Filmed by Charlotte, the video has had nearly six million views from right around the world!

Charlotte with Shampers

At Denistoun Park

Having all these facilities close at hand allows Charlotte to train her horses using a more holistic approach. No two days are the same for her horses as she takes them on trail rides, to the beach, for groundwork schooling sessions in the arena or for hill walks. Many of the horses are paddock-trained leading to well-rounded happy horses. This approach has proven itself for her horse Shampers in particular. Becoming tired of being trained at a busy city facility, a move to the country with a varied regime has sparked a new lease of life into the horse, winning at neighbouring Mornington and running well as Charlotte’s first city runner at Moonee Valley. After a successful shopping trip to the Magic Millions Gold Coast Sales last January, where she picked up a beautiful Not A Single Doubt filly, Charlotte will be returning in the New Year, hoping to add to her growing stable again. If you would be interested in getting involved, or for any further information please contact Charlotte on 0431316096 or check out her website www. You can also find Charlotte on Facebook - Hayfields Racing, Twitter @hayfieldsracing or Instagram: @hayfieldsracing

Charlotte with Irish Ivy



Jacinta with Red Bomber

The Unsung Heroes of Racing Stables

Jacinta Jenkins By Ron Williams • Images from Tasia Jenkins and Geo Hills

They say that behind every great man is a great woman. This is a very old adage and it is generally true. However, when we say that behind every racing stable there is a great staff, this is always true. There are a multitude of employees behind all stables; be they assistant trainers, administrators, office staff, strappers, general stable hands and the very important track riders. Jenkins is a 21 year old track rider currently employed by Mick Jacinta Price at his Caulfield stables and has been since 2014.

It was this experience that enabled her to become accustomed to riding in a track saddle and adapting her riding position to ride track work. Jacinta is the daughter of Tasia and Anthony who are keen race From then on she started to take a track saddle home from work to attendees and she has a twin sister, Isabelle and a younger brother allow her to continue refining her track riding skills on her own horse. Harry, who all live in Melbourne. As a young child aged as early as At the time she was still working on the ground for Ciaron. He allowed five, she accompanied her father and/or her mother to the races as her to start riding a few selected horses from his stable, which he felt they were members of the Melbourne and Victoria Racing Clubs. She were quiet enough for her to learn to get used to riding around a busy alone of her siblings showed the greater interest in the horses and this track like Caulfield. However Jacinta knew that Caulfield Racecourse gradually strengthened as she grew older. was not the ideal place for her to learn to ride track work from scratch. In her words, she comes from a ’non-horsey’ background. She said that Midway through 2013 she applied for and was accepted to work for almost everything she has learned to date, has been from an on the David Hayes at Lindsay Park in Euroa. It was here that she continued job experience. to improve her riding skills, as her daily workload rose from four to as In 2011, a friend, Adrienne Bicknell, started working on weekends at Jim many as twelve horses a morning. In her words, “The fact that it was Mason's stable at Caulfield. Jacinta accompanied her to the Mason stable a private training facility, meant I was able to learn without the hustle and started to learn some of the ways and duties of a racing stable. This and bustle of a busy city track. I was able to slip or fall off a horse eventually led to her being offered an opportunity to work on Sundays without causing too much trouble for other riders.” for Jim, picking up boxes and walking horses. At this time she only In 2014, Jacinta travelled overseas to the United Kingdom and worked worked once a fortnight, as neither of her parents were enamoured in for Luca Cumani at Newmarket, which was another great experience. rising at 5am on a Sunday morning to drop her off at the stable. While there she was able to attend the Royal Ascot Carnival, which Jacinta graduated from Wesley College in 2012 and decided to take she said was memorable with the racing atmosphere and seeing Queen a year off from studies, with her first full time job working at Ciaron Elizabeth II. In addition, she was able to visit other European countries. Maher’s stable at Caulfield in 2013. She also purchased her first She suggested Royal Ascot should be on every race-goers ‘bucket list’. horse and commenced having fortnightly riding lessons on him, to On her return to Melbourne, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Science assist her in developing her riding skills. In the middle of the year she Degree at Monash University, where she has now completed her completed the Racing Victoria Track Rider Course, which was held at second year, majoring in Biochemistry. She is hopeful that this will Glenormiston College and conducted by Lisa Coffey. allow her to progress onto Veterinary Science. Her aim is to enrol in



a Veterinary Science Postgraduate Degree, to become an Equine Veterinary. She firmly believes that her experiences working with and riding Thoroughbreds will provide her with a good foundation for a future career. Jacinta finds juggling her University studies and her track riding duties a challenge she enjoys. She attends University Monday to Friday and rides track work six mornings a week. She has nothing but praise and appreciation for the assistance she receives from Mick Price Racing. She considers that she’s very fortunate in Mick’s support when she needs to take time off when needed for exams or due to a heavy workload. A good sleep is a must for her busy days of an early morning riding track work, then home and off to University. She looks forward to her ‘Uni’ breaks so that she can catch up with family and friends. She had her first foray into racehorse ownership in a small way with a horse called Lime Rock Light trained by Mick Sell, who won one race from 18 starts. She is currently involved with two more horses, a four year old with Darren Weir named Silver Stratum, who has shown some ability by winning two races to date and an unraced three year old with Ciaron Maher. Her family also appreciate her Summer ‘Uni’ breaks as they are passionate snow skiers, travelling in recent years to Canada, Japan, Switzerland and France. Jacinta attends race meetings when time allows as she is a member of the VRC, or if she is strapping. She is also conscious of the lifestyle of the participants in the racing industry have due to the extra-ordinary times that they have to experience and is amazed by their passion and commitment. She considers that some things have to change to encourage more young people to embrace racing, such as training times and working hours, as there are so many other alternatives to people of all ages to engage in. She is very pleased to see the involvement of more females being successful in the industry and taking larger responsibilities to ensure the future and continued success of all participants. There are many ‘Unsung Heroes’ like Jacinta in racing and they all deserve many plaudits from all racegoers for their continuing dedication, enthusiasm and plain old-fashioned hard work behind the scenes.

Luca Cumani at Newmarket

Mick Price Racing



A Well Brewed Coffey With over 20 years’ experience as both a competitor and educator in the racing and equestrian industries, both nationally and internationally, Lisa Coffey has educated thousands of horses and humans and focused on developing their career pathways. After some years working at Racing Victoria in various roles, Lisa has taken the giant plunge to go out on her own and set up the Victorian Racing Academy.

By Tim Guille • Images by Sharon Lee Chapman Fast Track Photography


hen you ask Lisa how it came about that an Irishwoman ended up in Australia working the in the racing industry, it doesn’t take long to see how her passion for racing drew her out here. “I landed in Australia the week before Melbourne Cup in 2009. My only real understanding of the racing industry in Australia was of this glamorous race called the Melbourne Cup and I wanted to be in Melbourne for it,” she said. While the Cup was the major draw card, the accomplished horsewoman also had another motive. “I had actually been offered a job as a rider with a trainer in Seymour but I made sure it came with one big condition. That I had the day off to go to the Cup,” she said. And with that the journey of one of the most influential women in Victorian racing began. Prior to coming to Australia, Lisa had established an impressive background. “I worked in the racing industry in Ireland for several years riding work for National Hunt (jumps) trainers, schooling horses and retraining retired race horses,” she said. Lisa had also built up quite an operation with her parents also. “We built an equestrian centre in Kildare that had about 50 horses and ponies as part of the school for performance horses there. We did a lot of hunting, eventing and show

jumping, but a lot of our income was generated by retraining retired national hunt horses,” she recalls. But that wasn’t all for the busy Lisa. “I also flew horses to race meetings all over the world for Adain O'Brien and Coolmore which was an outstanding experience,” she said. Things didn’t always go to plan though during her journey. “When I was running the Equestrian Centre I had to have emergency abdominal surgery and after I recovered from that I struggled to get riding fit again, even with the workload of riding I was doing,” she said. A chance coffee turned out to be almost a life changing experience. “A friend of mine told me about a National Hunt trainer who was looking for someone to ride. Even though I had never ridden ‘short’ the trainer gave me a chance anyway. It turned out to be such a great experience as both he and his son, a Grand National winning jockey, coached me on how to change my technique,” Lisa said. With a great deal of newly acquired skills under her belt a new opportunity beckoned for Lisa. “I was offered a role at the Racing Academy and Centre for Education (RACE) teaching adult education classes. Looking back this was one of the most important roles career-wise I did in Ireland.

1300 366 811

For all of your Local & Interstate travel requirements call us for a Free Quote today EMAIL – Australia Wide


condostransport.indd 1


I still work with them today and I’m still learning something new off them all the time,” she said. The Global Financial Crisis hit a lot of European industries hard and Racing wasn’t immune. For Lisa, this meant a whole new world was about to open. “We had to close the riding school due to the recession. After riding work one morning and getting soaked yet again, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I was offered a job riding for trainers in Seymour so I thought why not,” she said. “I actually had only intended to come out for 6 months like most backpackers and because my father had not long been diagnosed with terminal cancer.” After some time in Australia, and a good stint riding work for John Symons and Shelia Laxon in Seymour, Lisa found herself with a new offer on the table. “I was offered a great role at Racing Victoria that came with Visa sponsorship. I was thrilled to get it, but it was bittersweet as it meant not being able to see my father very often. I think a few people back home were upset that I accepted it, but he sat me down and told me that there was nothing to come back home for and gave me his full support,” she said. “I tried to fly back as often as I could and afford to.” Sadly, Lisa’s father passed away in 2011. “I was lucky enough to make it home in time to say goodbye.” Even with the new job providing a great opportunity and income for Lisa, she never stopped riding work. “I absolutely loved riding work so I still made sure I did it when I moved into the city and I started to ride work for Tony Vasil,” she said. But another setback was unfortunately just around the corner. “I actually had a stroke due to migraine issues, which resulted in some nerve damage in my left arm. I was told that I would never ride work again but as stubborn as I am, I was determined to prove them wrong. I spent months getting myself as strong as I could and I was lucky that Peter Moody gave me a chance to ride again. I didn't need to ride, I was earning a full-time wage, but I loved it so much I just wanted to get back.” She also had built up a very supportive new network. And as for who her adopted Aussie parents are now? “John and Eileen Maher (Ciaron’s parents) have just been incredible for me, so supportive and helpful throughout my time in Australia” she says smiling. The move to the corporate environment that Racing Victoria provided was initially quite a challenge for a girl used to the open air. “That kind of environment was an eye opener. The level of professionalism that was instilled in me in those early years was so helpful,” she recalls. Her initial role was not unfamiliar territory. “I developed educational riding programs for those beginning, or working in racing, mainly track riders. The programs were quite introductory as I had limitations. It made it challenging to train someone in a limited timeframe, however many that graduated found jobs and some even went onto the Apprentice Jockey Program,” she said. Racing Victoria knew they had a talented person on their hands and Lisa was soon called upon to set up several other initiatives. “I also got to set up the Ride to Time program which introduced Pony Club members to track riding techniques and how to ride to a set time. It surprised me that there was nothing in place like this initially but now, 5 years later, it is still going strong and now has linkage to the Off The Track Program as one complimented the other given many pony club riders were on retired racehorses. Not content with only a couple of things on her plate, Lisa also became heavily involved in Jumps Racing. “There were several recommendations made back in 2008 to improve the sport, including an increase in education and accreditation of those involved. I was asked to design and deliver those programs and helped with other recommendations such as race day vetting and qualification rules. All of which have made the sport more successful and much safer,” she says. Her efforts were widely lauded. “Because of my input I actually ended up being elected as a Director on

Racing Victoria's Speed to Safety Program at Moonee Valley

the Australian Jumps Racing Association, a role I still have today,” she said. Her work in Jumps racing spread globally. “Through my work with jumps jockeys and the Irish Racing School, I established an International Jumps Jockey Scholarship which saw Victorian based jockeys travel to Ireland, have coaching sessions at RACE and ride for top national hunt trainers like Willie Mullins. The experiences they had are just not available anywhere in Australia,” she said. Over time, regretfully, Lisa knew that she didn’t have enough time to ride work based on her commitments. “I miss it. Riding out of the end of the tunnel at Caulfield into the sharp 4am air, the mist from the horse, the stillness when you're first on the track, unless you've done it, that feeling is hard to beat. It was a great stress release for me. I haven't ridden work for 2 years now but I may have found my new rush, skiing,” she says smiling. Now having moved on from Racing Victoria, Lisa has taken yet another giant leap, setting up the Victorian Racing Academy on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. “I felt that a centre for racing education is vital for the safety of the workforce. Our focus is mainly on producing skilled track riders as there is a critical shortage in the industry. There are many TAFEs delivering great racing training but only one delivering an on -campus, practical track rider course. Hopefully with two operations for training riders, we can help trainers secure skilled staff.” There is also a silver lining for the industry. “I have a team of retired racehorses to train students on and a lot are ex-jumpers that have all been given a great new chance. So, that’s another part of the school now, retraining exracehorses.” Somehow amongst all this Lisa also completed a Psychology degree. “Next year I will also be delivering a Cert II in Racing (Stablehand) qualification through VCAL for several Peninsula-based secondary schools in 2017. The students we will focus on are students that may be disengaged from school or have some mental health or behavioral issues. Working with horses will be hugely beneficial for them,” she said. It doesn’t ever seem to stop for Lisa, she is a very active member of the Victorian Wakeful Club and recently was voted as one of the most influential people in racing (under 40 years of age) by the Melbourne Racing Club. It’s not hard to understand why when you see what Lisa has achieved so far, and is sure to achieve for many more years to come. The VRA provides a number of services including Mandatory Training for stable employee licensing, track rider and stable hand skills courses, training and assessment of trainers, jumps trainers and jumps jockeys. In 2017 the VRA will also be delivering VCAL in Racing skills to secondary school pupils and equine facilitated learning and therapy to youth groups. One of the main activities of the Moorooduc-based centre is the retraining of racehorses. Horses are accommodated for on a week by week basis. Adult equestrian riding lessons are also available To get in touch for further details contact Lisa Coffey. Ph 0400 519483 or by email Website live in January



16/03/11 12:00 PM


The Saving Grace

Liz Andriske Story by Tim Guille

On the racetrack, the racehorse is a public figure, often revered and doted over for their feats. But after their career has finished, their destiny can often be unknown. Some quickly find a new ‘forever home’, some find a new career and some move into the breeding game. Even though Industry bodies are doing more than ever before to ensure retired racehorses are given great new opportunities, some still unfortunately fall through the cracks. One such person that knows all to well what can happen, is Liz Andriske. 20



rowing up in the Victorian Country town of Maryborough, 36yo Liz was just about on horseback from day one. “I was pretty much born on a horse to be honest,” she said laughing. “My parents competed and showed Quarter horses/Paints so most of my weekends were spent at Shows or travelling around. It wasn’t long before I soon started attending Pony Club and competing and I have been pretty much involved with horses ever since,” Liz said. Although it may seem there would be a natural progression to move into the racing industry as many with a love of the horse did in small Victorian country towns, Liz was quite the opposite. “In hindsight, it’s quite funny when I think about it. I’ve never really been into racing as such to be honest. I’ve actually only ever been to the races twice in my life. I really don’t even know how to place a bet,” Liz said laughing. Liz married her now husband, Gary and was working in Retail Management. After the arrival of their two boys, aged four and five, Liz transitioned into the role of full time Mum. But it was that career change that opened up a whole new door for Liz. “I hadn’t had a riding horse for quite a few years at that stage. I still had my old pony club Thoroughbred who was 29yo, but was well passed being ridden,” she said. “I then took on a lease of a horse, but that one didn’t turn out to be so nice so it didn’t really work out. So I had go back to the drawing board.” Almost on a whim, Liz decided to head off to Echuca, located in Northern Victoria, for the horse sales run up there. “When I got to the Sales that day, I was lucky enough to see a nice little recently retired Gelding racehorse. He was a bit knocked up, but I took him home anyway,” she said smiling. “I ended up being able to send the leased horse back at the time also, so I decided to head back to the sales and buy another horse. This time around I managed to get a lovely 17hh chestnut Gelding that was so well tempered,” she said. It was also at the same time that Liz and Gary discovered a little more about the sales. “When I went to collect the chestnut gelding, the selling group said to me that he was one of the lucky ones,” she said. Not being really certain of what they meant, she probed a little further. “They then told my Husband and I that a lot of the other retired horses and older Thoroughbreds were likely to be heading off to the Knackery and we had outbid them on this occasion. It was quite confronting and sad,” she said.

And with that, Saleyard Thoroughbreds Rescue & Rehoming was born. “We actually started out wanting to save one or two at the time, but that quickly escalated,” she said. “We saved a horse we called Abba and another called Big in December 2014. But while we were still trying to work out what we were going to do we weren’t able to commit to another rescue until March 2015,” she continued. Even though the cause is incredible, Liz and Gary are still funding the operation. “We are a self funded rescue group, so all of the horses are purchased out of our own pocket. We are able to recoup a lot of the

cost by on-selling them once they are rehabilitated and rehomed. At this stage we aren’t taking monetary donations, but we are very open to good people donating to help us with the up keep of the horses, like Rugs, Veterinarian costs and Gift Vouchers. Every little bit has helped,” Liz said. For Liz, this passion has certainly had its ups and downs. “It’s really heartbreaking when we have to turn horses away. Unfortunately we have a maximum capacity we can manage based on our land size. We do have some access to some short term spots at various friends places and we are currently looking for secure land locally that we can spell recently retired racehorses on for them to be able to let down from racing,” she said. But it doesn’t stop there. “We also have to prioritise a lot of what we do because we get a lot of requests from the general public to help home horses or take them in. Our main priority at the moment is rescuing horses from the Sales or directly from racing stables. We do the latter to try and avoid them going to the Sales in the first place or to inappropriate homes and ending up at the Sales anyway. We try our absolute best and are really proactive trying to home horses that are ready and make room for more. But we have to remind ourselves unfortunately there is only so much we can do,” she said. A couple of Liz’s purchases have actually turned out to be very well performed racehorses. “One of the biggest surprises we had was finding out more about what one of our early rescues had achieved. The 10yo Gelding we bought had actually won over $450,000 on the track under the race name Brad Star.” As Liz soon discovered, it seemed a few people were surprised the horse had ended up there. “Racing Victoria actually contacted the trainer to let them know where he had ended up. The trainer was quite shocked and actually requested to be put in contact with me so she could follow his process after the sale,” she said. A more recent acquisition has also uncovered a decorated career. “We recently received a nice type as a surrender from a Trainer. He turned out to be a horse that raced under the name Leveraction, who was a Victorian Country Racehorse of the Year that had won $433,580. He certainly got a lot of attention once I shared with people that I had him and a number contacted me to find out more about him,” she recalled. Before being re-homed Liz puts hours of work into each rescue Thoroughbred. “The horses we have range from the very young straight off the track to the older ones that have had a post racing life and everything in between. Most are rider assessed and are all assessed on temperament and what they would be suited to in their new life, whether it be for pleasure, sporting and so on. It make it easier to place them,” she said. Liz is a truly inspiring horsewoman doing amazing things. To find out more about the amazing work Liz is doing, or to organize a purchase or a donation, head to her Facebook page titled “Saleyard Thoroughbreds - Rescue & Rehoming” to find out more.




AAMI Victoria Derby 1

October 29th, 2016

Images courtesy VRC Getty Images

Victoria Racing Club





6 22


1. Trainer James Cummings and Glyn Schofield pose with trophy after Prized Icon won Race 7 2. Jodi Gordon and Nicole Trunfio 3. Myer Fashions on the Field Women’s Racewear winner Gunita Kenina 4. Glyn Schofield riding Prized Icon wins Race 7, AAMI Victoria 5. Racegoers pose for a photo in The Park Precinct on Victoria Derby Day at Flemington 6. Myer Fashions on the Field Men’s Racewear competition winner Shayne Tino (C) and Runners Up Chico Seaton Trotman and Alexander Jordan

y a D Cup

Emirates Melbourne Victoria Racing Club 1

November 1st, 2016 Images courtesy VRC Getty Images





1. Dami Im performs the National Anthem ahead of the Melbourne Cup 2. Jennifer Hawkins 3. Patrons arrive at The Park on Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse 4. Racewear competition Olivia Moor and Runners Up Yvette Hardy and Charlotte Moor 5. Myer Fashions on the Field Women’s Racewear competition Olivia Moor



Crown Oaks 1

y a D 2

November 3rd, 2016 Images courtesy VRC Getty Images

Victoria Racing Club 3


4 6

1. Colourful Millinery 2. Usain Bolt 3. Winner of the Millinery Design Awards - Ian Bennett with his winning design 4. Stephanie Smith at the Fashion on the Field Marquee 5. & 6 Myer Fashions on the Field National Final winner Courtney Moore



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Emirates Stakes 1

November 5th, 2016

Images courtesy VRC Getty Images

Victoria Racing Club 2


4 7

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.



6 8

Young racegoers enjoy the atmosphere Damian Lane riding Rageese wins race 6, the L’Oreal Paris Stakes Michelle Payne brings in the Melbourne Cup trophy on Emirates Melbourne Cup Senior Girls competition winner Annika Wilson Emirates Fashions on the Field Junior Girls winner Gracie Noble Emirates Fashions on the Field Junior Boys winner Billy White Young racegoers enjoy Emirates Stakes Day at Flemington VRC members & dignitaries pose on the Old Members Stand steps Racegoers enjoy the atmosphere










Cheyenne King-Davies celebrates her maiden win with Alex Ashwood.

Three Lady Trainers

achieve their first Metropolitan Wins Story by Michael Howard

Their post-race photos boast broad winning smiles, exhilaration that releases the endless mornings of chilled fingers and nights of muddy boots being kicked from tired feet at back doors.


ady Trainers Kylie Sugars, Sonya Smith and Cheyenne KingDavies, all residents of Melton’s outskirts, were among those to receive reward for effort throughout Victoria’s winter harness season, when these three trainers achieved their first metropolitan grade wins. For Kylie Sugars, the daughter of a well-known harness family, her moment came on July 29 when Lord Monaloo won the $30,575 Group 3 Hygain Tabcorp Park Cup, the third of three metropolitan class victories (stakes of more than $15,000) the now eight-year-old gelding won for the month. It was a crowning moment that came more than 15 years after 33-yearold Kylie obtained her trainers’ licence. “It was certainly a thrill,” she said. “I’ve had a few horses who have won half a dozen races in the country, but to take one to Tabcorp Park, Melton and win a Group 3 was hugely satisfying. “It was even more so because of the career threatening injury (Lord Monaloo) suffered beforehand to his suspensory and he was only given a 60 per cent chance of returning to race. All credit goes to his owners for persisting and it made the effort of putting him in cotton wool and nursing him back to health all the more worthwhile.” Sonya Smith’s moment came a couple of months earlier when Mister Hairy Maclary claimed the DNR Logistics Pace by a short half-head. Like Kylie, it featured a special horse with an underdog story. “Mister Hairy Maclary wasn’t wanted anymore and I just love him,” she said. “He was my first metro winner, which is amazing for a free horse that no one wanted. It was great. I was so excited, especially for him because he was trying so hard. Any win is amazing to me, I just get so much pleasure out of them.” More recent to the sport, Cheyenne King-Davies’ moment in the limelight came on September 3 also at Tabcorp Park, Melton when Four Needed won his $7000 race in her fourth start as a trainer.



“(Four Needed)’s had a few issues. I’ve tried my hardest to get him right and just to see him come out and do that is amazing – the hard work and all the hours you put in, it’s unreal.” They’re winning feelings cut a few different ways. Kylie Sugars’ is a training career that spans 243 starts at last count, having trained since 2000-01 and amassed 26 wins, 54 placings and more than $160,000 in stakes. Indeed, the 2015-16 season was her most prolific for starts (38), wins (7) and stakes ($71,837). They are rewards for a career that has never deviated from the trots path.

Kylie Sugars celebrates Lord Monaloo's metro win with brother and driver Greg Sugars.

“My grandfather was a trainer-driver, then my dad took over and my brother Greg and I stepped straight into it out of school,” she said. “I started in South Australia, where I received my driver’s licence when I was just 17 and my trainer’s licence two years after that, then we moved to Victoria about 10 years ago. “I had friends who were worrying about which University courses they would go into, but I never worried too much about that stuff. It was all heading in (the trots) direction, because it’s so all consuming. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Dad (Ross) was always a trainer-driver, mum (Kerry) was always a stablehand. It’s a lot of work, but when the horses are running well it is very rewarding. Seeing them perform to the best of their abilities, it makes everything worthwhile, and when a plan comes together it’s an enormous sense of satisfaction.” Kylie is focused on further establishing her team, overseeing a oneyear-old who she bred and solely owns in addition to Lord Monaloo and two recent additions with Roll On Jack returning from South Australia and prolific owner Dr Martin Hartnett, long a backer of her dad, placing unraced three-year-old Illawong Spartan in her care.

Kylie Sugars gets ready to hit the track

“I want to get a team of my own. I have a couple of horses and will continue to look at opportunities to breed and buy more and will just keep whacking away.”

When Sonya’s partner, Kiwi driver Anthony Butt, made the move to Australia about two years ago, it was an opportunity for her to also make the jump and go out on her own.

While she builds her stable at her dad’s Hopetoun Park property, just 10km west of Tabcorp Park Melton, not far away in Coburn Rd Sonya Smith is creating her own path.

“I’m not that confident. I always worry if I can do it,” she said. “I’ve had a lot of help from Anthony, who said I should (go out on my own). Now that I have, I really don’t want to work for anyone else anymore and want to give it a crack.”

The 41-year-old has begun her third season as a trainer in her own right, having produced one win from her 10 starts in 2014-15 and 15 wins from her 91 starts in 2015-16. She has already added a further five wins to that tally in the fresh 2016-17 season. It’s an exciting return for the former Kiwi, who was forewoman for renowned Christchurch trainer Tim Butt, travelling extensively for him, including many trips across the Tasman.

It is in every way a labour of love. “I love the horses. I love caring for them and I can’t imagine being without them,” she said. “I’m still a small stable with only three horses in work at the moment and I want to limit it to six or seven. “I love it all. Keeping a small stable is what I love because I know my horses so well. I get nervous every start because I invest so much into them.”

Feel the thrill of owning a racehorse from as little as $10 a week You could share in $40 million in prizemoney on offer across 460 Trots meetings throughout Victoria.

Contact Tori Glenister on 0488 038 080 or



Australian Racing Museum Showcase Launched Two exhibitions celebrating the significant achievements made by women in racing over the past century have been launched at the National Sports Museum (NSM), curated by the Australian Racing Museum (ARM).


n the eve of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, a new showcase highlighting Prince of Penzance’s historic 2015 Emirates Melbourne Cup win will be featured in the NSM’s main space, where patrons can re-live the moment Michelle Payne became the first female jockey to win the ‘Race that Stops a Nation’. The 2015 Emirates Melbourne Cup trophy takes pride of place in the showcase entitled ‘Racing into History’, which celebrates Prince of Penzance as only the fourth horse in the history of the race to claim victory at odds of 100-1. Black Caviar’s focus showcase in 2013 was the only other racing exhibition to be featured in the main area of the National Sports Museum. Housed in the Champions Gallery is a new permanent exhibit, paying tribute to the women in racing who challenged convention and the social mores of their time to follow their passion in Thoroughbred horse racing. Michelle said she was thrilled to be able to share her Cup victory with sporting fans via the Racing into History showcase. She was also excited about the Women in Racing Exhibition, which she believes will shine a spotlight on some of the racing industry’s pioneering females. "The last 12 months have been phenomenal since winning the Melbourne Cup,” Michelle said. “I have been so humbled by the world's reaction to the win and I am really excited to be able share the moment in such a special way with the launch of the Racing into History showcase at the National Sports Museum. "I have been honoured to be seen as a trailblazer for women and the Women in Racing Exhibition is a great way of recognising the achievements of all those before me who have collectively paved the way for all women who are part of this great sport." ARM Chief Executive Nicole Coughlan said the feature showcases were on display throughout the Spring Racing Carnival and beyond for all to enjoy. “These showcases highlight the wonderful stories in racing with a focus on the remarkable achievements made by women to the sport over the last century,” Ms Coughlan said.



“With less than a week to go until the 2016 Emirates Melbourne Cup, it was fitting that we celebrated the against-all-odds win of last year’s Champion Prince of Penzance, his trainer Darren Weir, jockey Michelle Payne and all connections.” Following are a list of items for each showcase on display at the National Sports Museum: FEATURED EXHIBITIONS RACING INTO HISTORY The 2015 Emirates Melbourne Cup trophy (on loan from Prince of Penzance’s 24 owners) Upstaging a strong field of International contenders, the Ballarat-trained gelding Prince of Penzance’s win in the 2015 Melbourne Cup captured Australia’s attention. Prince of Penzance’s racing colours registered to owner Sandy McGregor, 2015 Jockey Michelle Payne won the Emirates Melbourne Cup wearing green, white and purple. These colours were also associated with the feminists of the 20th century suffragette movement. Michelle was quoted after the race as saying “they think women aren’t strong enough, but we just beat the world”. Safety vest, worn by Michelle Payne, 2015 As the youngest of ten children (and one of eight to become a jockey), Michelle began her career on Victorian country tracks aged fifteen. Her first win was aboard a horse owned and trained by her father Paddy. He had recognised her potential for greatness long before, stating in 1996 that Michelle, out of all of his children, was “likely to end up better than the lot of them”. Strapper’s bib, worn by Stephen Payne, 2015 (on loan from Stephen Payne) Stephen Payne, the brother of Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne, was thrown into the spotlight as strapper of the winning horse. Despite 10 years’ experience at Darren Weir’s Forest Lodge stable in Ballarat, it was his first time working at a Melbourne Cup. Saddle used on Prince of Penzance, 2015 (on loan from Forest Lodge (Darren Weir))

Prince of Penzance was trained in Ballarat by Darren Weir. Training saddles are designed with a focus on comfort for both the horse and jockey alike. WOMEN IN RACING Jockey Michelle Payne On Display: Helmet and riding boots worn by Michelle Payne in the Emirates Melbourne Cup, 2015

Michelle made history in 2015 when she became the first female jockey to win the Emirates Melbourne Cup. Bookmaker Marita Lillie (nee Hurry) On Display: Bookie’s bag used by Marita Hurry, 1985 (on loan)

Marita was Australia’s first woman to be licensed as a thoroughbred racing bookmaker. Founding president of the Victoria Lady Jockey’s Association Pam Baker On Display: Scrapbook, badge, poster badge, 1973. This was the number one

badge for the Victorian Lady Jockey’s Association, held by jockey and founding president Pam Baker. On Display: Poster displayed in the Victorian Lady Jockey’s Association caravan,

Marita Hurry and Pam Baker

Fiona Hamilton /Racing Photos

c.1970s Clare Lindop On Display: Silks (breeches) and whip used by Clare Lindop in the Melbourne

Cup, 2003 Riding Debben, Clare was the first Australian lady to ride in a Melbourne Cup. Victoria Shaw On Display: Binoculars used by race caller Victoria Shaw, 1998

Australia’s only female race caller, Shaw’s distinctive voice has been heard at race meetings around the country and overseas.. June Lossius On Display: Trophy for the Dame Merlyn Myer Transition Handicap, presented to June Lossius, 1973

Riding Some Attraction at Brisbane’s Eagle Farm Racecourse, June became the first lady jockey to win at a metropolitan meeting. Dame Merlyn Myer On Display: Racebook for the Transition Handicap, 1973

Mrs A. (Granny) McDonald On Display: Catalogue, winner of the Melbourne Cup, 1938

Darren Weir Racing Darren Weir Racing

On Display: Cover of The Australasian showing Catalogue and his owner, Mrs

A. Jamieson, 1938 Reproduction kindly reproduced from the National Library of Australia Catalogue was both owned and trained by ladies. However, New Zealandregistered trainer Mrs A. McDonald was not credited for the win, as the Victorian Rules of Racing at the time prohibited lady trainers. Dorothy Sheil On Display: Racebook, Victoria Racing Club Grand National Steeplechase

Meeting, Third Day, 1932 Dorothy Sheil is named as the owner and trainer of Precocious. This was the last time a lady trainer would be named in a race book for several decades. Following her win, the VRC barred ladies from registering as trainers. Edith Widdis On Display: Racing colours of Edith Widdis, c.1915

Edith was the first lady to own a Melbourne Cup winner. Her selection of pink for her colours marked her out as one of the few lady racehorse owners. On Display: Photograph of Mrs Widdis and Patrobas, 1915

Patrobas won the 1915 Melbourne Cup, just days after winning the Victoria Racing Club Derby. In this photograph, the horse wears the Derby winner’s sash. GENERAL On Display: Lady’s tickets from a selection of Australian racing clubs, 1950s-90s

Until recent decades, ladies were excluded from full membership of many racing clubs.

Darren Weir congratulates Lee Purchase on the tremendous job she does rehoming so many retired racehorses. Proud to be associated with Ladies in RACING Magazine

Phone (03) 5334 9888

Proud to be associated Ladies in RACING Magazine Faxwith (03) 5334 6408 Victoria Shaw Phone (03) 5334 9888

Darren’s Mobile 0407 860 023 Jeremy’s Mobile 0417 638 911 Fax (03) 5334 6408

Darren’s Mobile 0407 860 023 Jeremy’s Mobile 0417 638 911



Racing Victoria & Tabcorp HQ Bloodstock Unite To Back Insurance Female Talent HQ has over a century of experience in every aspect of Thoroughbred Insurance.

Owners of Dainty Miss at Flemington

Racing Victoria (RV) and Tabcorp have celebrated the commencement of a new program fostering the growth and development of women in racing.


he joint Women’s Mentoring Program was launched at Tabcorp’s Melbourne office by RV People and Culture Manager Anita Blokkeerus, RV Chief Executive Bernard Saundry, Tabcorp Executive General Manager People, Culture and Communications Merryl Dooley and Tabcorp Chief Financial Officer Damien Johnston. The 12-week program will see executives from Tabcorp and RV mentor 18 women from both organisations. The mentees include a Media Presenter, a Senior Corporate Lawyer, a Veterinary Services Manager and a Cadet Steward. Executives from both organisations are committed to increasing female representation in all roles in the racing industry. Tabcorp established a Diversity Council in 2012 and has since increased the percentage of women in its senior leadership team from 25 per cent to 38 per cent. In 2015 RV launched its Diversity and Inclusion strategy which has seen a handful of positive initiatives introduced to the business in the last 12 months, including the doubling of women in key management positions from 10 per cent to 20 per cent and the rise of women on the Board now at 30 per cent. RV also has a representation on the Elite Sport Male Champions of Change group, convened by former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, which aims to achieve gender equality in organisations.

“Previously racing was seen as ‘The Sport of Kings’ but we are focussed on changing this perception to be more representative of the community in which we operate by encouraging more people, more often to engage in our sport with a new strategic vision to represent ‘Racing for all’ ,” RV People and Culture Manager Anita Blokkeerus said. “We strongly believe everyone should have equal opportunity and are thrilled to extend our commitment to this philosophy by partnering with Tabcorp today to rollout this exciting mentoring program for women.” Tabcorp’s Merryl Dooley said Tabcorp first adopted a formalised Women’s Mentoring Program in 2014 as part of a group wide gender diversity program. “We have seen great success with the program at Tabcorp and we recognise the value of having a diverse workforce. We are thrilled to partner with Racing Victoria on the joint program and hope to enhance opportunities for women in racing.” The RV and Tabcorp joint Women’s Mentoring Program is intended to extend beyond racing administration to also include racing participants. Tabcorp is the only company in the gambling sector, and one of only 90 in Australia to be recognised by the Federal Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.

Broadcasting to Australia’s Racing Heartland

RSN 927am



i a b Du


s r u o T g n i c a R e d i

g n o K g n Ho

t o c As

y k c tu

n Ke

Longines Hong Kong Int’l Racing Tour Dec 2017 Kentucky Derby Racing Tour April 2017 Royal Ascot Racing Tour June 2017 Dubai World Cup Racing Tour March 2018

Suite 15, Level 1, Silverton Place, 101 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, QLD 4000 Ph | (07) 3229 6555 Fax | (07) 3839 5122 Toll FREE | 1800 777 989 (outside Brisbane) SUMMER #26 WWW.AMBASSADORTRAVEL.COM.AU


2017 Jeep


The Jeep Magic Millions Carnival and Raceday is a unique world class, Thoroughbred racing and carnival experience celebrated each year in January on Queensland’s Gold Coast.


n 2016, the Jeep Magic Millions Raceday celebrated Australia’s richest raceday with $10million in prizemoney on offer, with a staggering seven races worth $1million or more. The Jeep Magic Millions Raceday is now one of the world’s 10 richest race meetings. Magic Millions is a multi-dimensional entity, which is underpinned by the Magic Millions Yearling Sales, but includes; • Magic Millions Racing Women; an initiative to encourage female ownership in Thoroughbred racing (see below) • The Barrier Draw on the beach innovation; the Thoroughbred horserace on the iconic Gold Coast beach.

MAGIC MILLIONS RACING WOMEN Magic Millions Co-Owner, Katie Page-Harvey, with Zara Phillips MBE as the inaugural Magic Millions Racing Women Ambassador and now Patron, launched Magic Millions Racing Women in 2012, an initiative that champions the participation, recognition and development of women in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. Katie’s vision is to continue to increase the profile of women in the sports industry; this has been her personal and professional passion for over 30 years.

• In 2017, Magic Millions will add a new event to the calendar, The Pacific Fair Magic Millions Polo (see below) From small beginnings, with a sale of 200 yearlings in 1986, to cataloguing over 5,700 horses for auction across Australia each year – Magic Millions has become a fundamental part of the breeding and racing economy in Australia. All these achievements and industry innovations have two people in common – Katie Page-Harvey and Gerry Harvey, Magic Millions CoOwners. What is even more remarkable is that Katie and Gerry have created this Thoroughbred racing blue-print for success in their “spare time.” Gerry co-founded Harvey Norman with Ian Norman in 1982 and he remains Executive Chairman. Since 1999, Katie’s full-time role has been as Managing Director and CEO of the retailing giant – with a turn-over of $6 billion.



Zara Phillips MBE - Magic Millions Racing Women Ambassador

The renowned Jeep Magic Millions 2YO Classic offers a prizemoney bonus of AU$500,000, which is distributed between the first four ‘all female owned or leased’ horses in finishing order of the race. The bonus is paid in addition to race prizemoney of AU$2,000,000. PACIFIC FAIR MAGIC MILLIONS POLO The 2017 Carnival will include the addition of the Pacific Fair Magic Millions Polo Tournament, which will be held on Sunday January 8th 2017. The event will attract a new crowd to Australia’s first $10 Million raceday and largest thoroughbred auction house in the Southern Hemisphere There will be two games, the first including the World Cup Polo team, and the second will include the Magic Millions ambassadors alongside an international line up of polo players Joining the Ambassador team will be:

• Zara Phillips, MBE Patron of MMRW

• Francesca Cumani, International Racing Commentator and Jeep Magic Millions Spokesperson

• Nic Roldan, Magic Millions Polo Representative

• Alejandro Novillo Astrada, Magic Millions Polo Representative

• Rob Archibald, Magic Millions Polo Representative • Jack Archibald, brother of Rob, who are both world-class players.

Jeep Magic Millions Ambassadors Kathy O'Hara and Amanda Abate with Magic Millions Managing Director Vin Cox

Daniel McPhearson and Kate Waterhouse



Zara Phillips MBE, Katie Page-Harvey, Francesca Cumani

Magic Millions Polo

to be unveiled on Queensland’s Gold Coast Sunday January 8th, 2017 The Magic Millions January Sales and Raceday Carnival is a week-long celebration of Equine sports. Magic Millions is the largest Thoroughbred auction house in the Southern Hemisphere and is host to Australia’s first $10 Million raceday. The next jewel to be added to the Magic Millions Carnival crown was clear - Polo.


ith true Magic Millions’ aplomb, the events of the 2017 Jeep Magic Millions Carnival are unique and cater for everyone.

around Australia, and recently our Ben Culham, volunteered for and attended the Rio Olympics.

Commencing with the inaugural Pacific Fair Magic Millions Polo Event to be held on Sunday January 8th 2017, the newest event to the calendar will include eminent personalities such as Francesca Cumani and Zara Phillips MBE, alongside USA Polo Captain Nic Roldan and Argentinian Polo Royalty Alejandro Novilla Astrada, both eight-goal players. This event, a Group 1 of Polo, blends with the magic of the yearling sales and a raceday that offers the highest prize money in Australia – making it a spectacular week to be at the Gold Coast and to revel in its captivating atmosphere.

Magic Millions Insurance are thrilled to see the addition of this polo event to the calendar of a week of Magic Millions activities. Inevitably, it will create a greater awareness of the disciplines in which horses participate.

But when feet are firmly back on the ground, there is a realisation that at the core of these magical moments in time, is a majestic, graceful, intelligent and adored animal, the Horse. For our team at Magic Millions Insurance, our passion for and love of horses has become our business and way of life. How lucky can we be? Our insurance team need no prompting when it comes to volunteering at Equestrian events



At Magic Millions Insurance, we are fortunate that our market superior insurance product with various extensions, offers protection to those horses and riders who engage in the vast spectrum of competition and show horse events around the world. Our knowledge, experience and participation mean that we are can structure insurance packages to specifically suit your needs, embracing life-saving surgery, third party liability, loss of use etc. Should you be interested in obtaining further details about insuring your horse, or would like a quote, Caitlin Agnew is available to help you. Caitlin’s mobile no. is 0419 283 330.




Wayne Aldridge 0412 333 808 | Sara Ryman 0417 277 464 | Ben Culham 0419 646 860 For an obligation-free appraisal of your current thoroughbred insurance cover, or to discuss a new policy call 02 8746 9904. Alternatively, you’ll find our staff at all the Magic Millions Sales. E: insurance Magic Millions Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd., PO Box 1329, North Sydney NSW 2059 A Subsidiary Company of HQ Insurance Pty Ltd, ASF Licence 235666 ABN 12 107 459 290 | AFS Licence Nº 305391



An inexpensive way to become a part-owner of a Racehorse Story by Ron Williams

Purchasing a horse from a Registered Syndicate or establishing your own Syndicate is an inexpensive way for everyone to share in the ownership of a horse and enjoy the many benefits offered by the racing authorities across Australia to Owners.


ou will also experience the unique thrill of seeing your horse race, as it’s galloping towards the Winning Post, whether it be in at a Metropolitan, Provincial, Country or Picnic Racecourse. My first venture into purchasing a share of a Thoroughbred was to invest in a 20% share of Stalwart in 1995 with four other like-minded individuals, one of whom was a very good friend, Ron Russ. Stalwart was trained at Epsom Victoria, by the late Jack Besanko, the father of current Cranbourne trainer, Ray. Stalwart only won two races, with six placings, but he gave us a lot of happy moments. His most memorable win was at the old Pakenham track, when he paid 40/1 on the TAB, with his official Starting Price being 14/1. Over the next few years, I dabbled in a few horses, one at a time, with limited success. Around this time, the number of Owners listed in the Race Books and racing newspapers like Winning Post was changed from six to 10. Today the number of Owners now listed in the publications has risen to 20. When the number rose to 10, I thought I would alter my strategy and



instead of racing one horse at a time, I could have a smaller percentage in three horses. My next thought was that it could be too expensive. However, upon investigation I was to find that there was a way to invest without stretching my budget, by investing with one of the many Syndicators (Promoters) available who advertise in Winning Post, which is published weekly and available every Friday all over Australia. A list of Registered Syndicators in each State should be also available from your relevant State Racing Authority. In Victoria they are now listed in Inside Racing as Register of Approved Promoters. If you have a particular Trainer who you admire and you would like the Thoroughbred you purchase a share of trained by him, you could ring the Trainer or his Racing Manager directly to see if they have any shares available. Trainers generally don’t advertise their horses in Publications. Any investment runs the risk of being unsuccessful. You have to think of it as a hobby or buying shares. When the number of Owners was 10, the minimum purchase to have your name in the Race Book was 10%. Now that the number of Owners is 20, the minimum purchase to have your name or your Syndicate name in the Race Book is 5%.

Again my strategy would change when I decided to form my own Syndicate, which I named Bungy Racing after my Royal Australian Navy nickname. It is registered annually through Racing Victoria at a nominal fee and includes some of my family members. This means that if you purchase a 5% share and you have five members in your family Syndicate you each have a 1% share, again sharing the cost in accordance with each member’s needs.

races in the Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. We haven’t had any runners in Western Australia, Darwin or the Australian Capital Territory. Magic Millions Racing Womens Bonus

In 2012 Magic Millions proudly introduced a world first for women. Now in its fifth year, the ground-breaking Magic Millions Racing Women initiative is not only promoting racehorse ownership amongst This also allows you spread your wings and maybe race horses in females – it is increasing it. different States, although some of the horses trained by the various Established by Magic Millions of owners Katie Page-Harvey and Gerry Trainers travel to different States to look for the best races in which Harvey, the Racing Women’s Bonus of $500,000 which is on offer to their horses can have a chance of being successful. the first four all-female owned or leased horses in finishing order in You could also start a Syndicate with close friends, but this sometimes the Jeep Magic Millions 2YO Classic, is in addition to race prizemoney can cause problems, as one person has to be nominated as the Manager of $2,000,000. A key aim of  the initiative is to highlight and promote of the Syndicate. Sometimes you could find that a friend disagrees with the important roles played by women in the thoroughbred racing and the Managers decision and a friendship could be put at risk. breeding industry. I don’t want to give anyone the impression that anybody can make money Whether you’re new into the horse-owning game or already a horse by investing in a Thoroughbred. You have the monthly training fees to owner you could win BIG, just like the lucky female connections of consider as well as your initial purchase price. There are horses that have Real Surreal who collected $1,465,000 for winning the 2013 Jeep cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even several million Magic Millions 2YO Classic plus the inaugural Racing Women’s Bonus. and some have only returned a very small percentage of their purchase Incredibly in the 2013 edition of the Magic Millions 2YO Classic, Racing price, while others such as Belle Esprit, Black Caviar, Winx and Buffering Women eligible horses finished first, third and fourth past the post. have returned their owners very healthy returns on their investment. For entrants into the $2,000,000 Jeep Magic Millions 2YO Classic in I normally prefer Fillies, because they generally have a better Residual 2017, a $500,000 bonus will be distributed to the connections of the Value, unless you are lucky enough to have a good Colt that doesn’t first four ‘all female owned or leased horses’ past the post. need to be gelded.  Bonus Distribution We have enjoyed a good success with three Fillies who graduated to 1st – $325,000 (65%) Open Class, who then went on to run in Group 1 races; they were Dai Ichi (Victorian Oaks), Maha Chakri (Schweppes Australasian 2nd – $100,000 (20%) Oaks) and Believe ‘n Achieve (Myer Classic). Maha Chakri won the 3rd – $50,000 (10%) Listed PFD Tasmanian Oaks in Launceston, Dai Ichi ran second in the 4th – $25,000 (5%) Group 3 South Australian Sires Produce and Believe ‘n Achieve won The horse must be an eligible Magic Millions Yearling Sale graduate eight races and ran fourth in the Myer Classic behind Sacred Choice, and be nominated for the Magic Millions Race Series as the Bonus Typhoon Tracy and Hot Danish. forms part of the Magic Millions Race Series for 2016 Yearling Sale When Stimuli, now a five-year-old Gelding who is trained at Newcastle graduates. by Kris Lees; won at Warwick Farm in June, 2015, we completed our The horse must be 100% owned or leased by female connections to bucket list of winning races in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart. Since then he has had another win, so we have now won 39 be eligible for the Bonus.



Racing Bodies Combine Forces To Support Riding For Disabled $150,000 facility upgrade to support community groups A three part donation equating to $150,000 in funds was announced on October 8th by the Melbourne Racing Club (MRC) and Racing Victoria (RV) that will see a brand new custom built viewing facility installed at Mornington Racecourse, for the use of local community and charity groups.


he donation is a result of a $50,000 commitment from the Committee of Management for the Mornington Racecourse and $50,000 from the MRC Foundation, with the remaining $50,000 to be donated by RV from unpaid prize money for the Group 1 Ladbrokes Stakes at Caulfield Racecourse on the same day. The primary beneficiary of the infrastructure upgrade will be local community charity Riding for Disabled (RDA) Mornington, who have used the members’ carpark and current makeshift shelter for their twiceweekly program for close to 30 years. The program, which sees those with a disability or in a wheelchair ride in horse-led carriages, is a vast support for the 32 participants who take part throughout the year, providing physical and emotional therapy, exercise and social interaction for participants, carers and volunteers alike. The much-needed new facility will see the RDA members and volunteers enjoy electricity, toilets and air conditioning, ideally resulting in an expansion of the current program. “This kind of investment will make a world of difference to our programs and the people involved,” said Lesley Hewitt, RDA Victoria President. “The generosity and commitment shown by these organisations in creating a space for the benefit of community organisations like ours is wonderful, and will make it possible to improve our program.” RV’s donation comes from funds that had been allocated for prize money in the Ladbrokes Stakes – which will not be distributed due to the race attracting only three horses, including newly crowned Australian Racehorse of the Year Winx. Racing Victoria Chief Executive, Bernard Saundry, said the industry was delighted to donate unpaid prize money from the Ladbrokes

Stakes to such a worthy community cause. “With a select field of three horses contesting the Group 1 Ladbrokes Stakes, we were left with advertised prize money that wasn’t going to be paid out on the day,” Mr Saundry said. “We are delighted to partner with the Committee of Management for the Mornington Racecourse and the MRC Foundation to support an initiative that will directly benefit the riders and volunteers at Riding for the Disabled Mornington.” Mornington Racecourse Committee of Management Chairman Tony Hancy said the Committee had received backing from the Mornington Peninsula Shire on the proposed facility and potentially opening up its use to other community groups. “This is an outstanding opportunity for us to better utilise the existing horse racing facilities at Mornington, expanding the use to a fantastic community cause. “We hope to open up the space to other community groups who might make use of the space.” The facility is scheduled to begin construction in early 2017 and be finalised later in the year. MRC Foundation is the charitable arm of the Melbourne Racing Club and Pegasus Leisure Group. The Foundation supports a diverse range of charity and community organisations with a focus on those that operate within the localities of our three racecourses and our 13 Pegasus Leisure Group venues located across Victoria. Mornington Racecourse Committee of Management is the custodian of the Crown Land that the Mornington Racecourse resides on.

For those who say it can’t be done, move out of the way for those who are doing it. You cannot discover new horizons, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.



Richard and Joanie Foster

Yarramalong Racing Club “I am thrilled to be joining you and sincerely believe the Yarramalong Racing Club is a terrific way to get more people involved in our sport” - Jo McKinnon, well known racing personality TV Presenter and Journalist


o many people have commented to Richard and Joanie Foster over the years, that they would really love to be involved in racing a horse, but they realised they could not afford to even join one of the many syndicates that are available let alone buy one themselves. The structure of Yarramalong Racing Club is unique in providing exciting, affordable racing for everyone, especially combining with the breeders and their professional knowledge. Owners can enjoy young horses growing up and becoming winners, maybe even stakes winners.

‘Winning is fantastic, even better when it is shared with friends and new acquaintances.’ The company has diversity in numbers, with 12 young horses already in training. Numbers minimise some of the risks of racing horses and provide a regular stream of starters. All expenses for their careers are included in the share price. Therefore any residual value of the stock at career end and any prize-money earned becomes an asset of the CLUB and all owner shareholders.

So you thought it was a dream……. Not any longer.

Let’s be clear from the start, the CLUB is a public company with an ongoing business model and is offering shares to raise the capital to purchase and race the horses. If you join you will own part of the company. The CLUB is not like a much more expensive traditional syndicate where you have a percentage of one or two horses and it rides and ends on that horse.

Imagine being a part owner in a big stakes winning horse. The thrill, the emotion, the glamour, and your winnings……

Yarramalong Racing Club is designed to provide an affordable ongoing interest in the fabulous sport of kings.

Minimum shareholding is $2000 NO MORE TO PAY! (larger shareholders welcome) Total expenses for the horses careers are included in the share price.

The twelve 2yo’s are now preparing to race with Bjorn Baker, James Cummings, Mick Price, Mick Kent, John Thompson, David Pfieffer, Kelly Schweida and David Vandyke. YRCLUB horses are by successful sires and champions including Sebring, So You Think, Statum, Hinchinbrook and Shamus Award

Join with Jo McKinnon and you too can be part of the excitement of racing What a great way to all get together, so why don’t you invite your friends!

For information and the latest News go to



Don’t be a credit card for your clients. Thoroughbred Legal Director, Annette English

When providing services to your clients who are on account you’re actually providing them with ‘credit’ for your services. In order to ensure you are going to get paid in a timely manner it is important that you have procedures in place to ensure that you actually receive payment for your services.




erms of Conditions or a Credit Agreement should define your terms of providing credit and your rights, such as the right to claim interest and costs, if a client does not pay. It is important to understand that small unpaid amounts on several invoices can quickly add up and effect the financial success of your business. When a client doesn’t pay you in a timely manner you are actually letting them use your business account as their credit card. To ensure that you have the best chance of recovering funds from a client, you need to obtain personal information from them including: their full name, date of birth, street address, employment information and bank account details prior to providing account credit. If the client is a company, you should also obtain the details of the directors and have the directors sign a personal guarantee, to ensure you still get paid in the event the company becomes insolvent. You should ensure that you monitor your debtors to ensure you do not continue to do work whilst a client is not paying. If invoices remain unpaid by your required date, there are options available to you. Once all avenues internally have been pursued, a lawyer can draft a Letter of Demand on your behalf, demanding that your client make payment of the money owed to you or alternatively face legal action. Often, a legal letter is all it takes to encourage your client to prioritise your payment. However, if the Letter of Demand is not successful you can commence recovery through the courts. The information you obtained from your client can be used to garnishee their wages, salary or bank accounts. This substantially increases your chances of successfully recovering the money owed to you. Our firm specialises in Debt Recovery in the thoroughbred industry. We understand the process of delicately recovering your costs whilst maintaining an ongoing working relationship with your client. Often, removing yourself from the debt recovery process can help facilitate a continuing smooth working relationship. Remember however, that no client relationship is worthwhile if you do not get paid. Your business success ultimately depends on debt recovery.


araway Town made one group of women extremely happy when she won the $325,000 women’s racing bonus in the 2YO Magic Millions Classic. This was possible due to the exciting and unique initiative introduced by Katie Paige Harvey in 2013 whereby in addition to the $2 Million prize money on offer there is also a $500,000 bonus for the first four 100% female owned horses across the finish line. As the first all-female runner across the line, despite finishing a very unlucky sixth place, Faraway Town earnt her lady connections a whopping total of $335,000. In addition to the women’s bonus she won $10,000 for sixth place. Where in the world can you do this….. only at the Magic Millions. Congratulations Ladies!!

The Magic of Matthew Smith Racing Will you and your girlfriends be the next recipient of the $500,000 Magic Millions Racing Women’s Bonus? We invite you to race with us and share the ultimate experience of ownership and the opportunity to form friendships that will last a lifetime. Treat yourself to a unique racehorse ownership experience offering unrivaled stable communication and social events, including international travel, regular stable visits, up close and personal stud farm tours and much more. Please call Mel on

0417 673 336 to find out how easy and affordable ownership is when you race with Matt and Mel Smith.



CAIRNS s r u e t a m A

Friday, September 9th 2016


Images from Cairns Amateurs





4 6


1. Fashions on the Field winners - L-R Winner of Millinery Award Breanna De Maria, Winner of Open Ladies - Gracyn Masterton and winner of Gold Class, Jenny Bombardieri 2. Cairns ladies enjoying the Garden Party 3. & 6. Ladies waiting to parade their fashions 4. Fun Entertainment 5. Breanna De Maria 7. The Jockey’s area



Saturday, September 10th 2016


2 4





1. Winner of 30 & Under Ladies Race Fashion - Chloe Fegatilli 2. Ladies on the Cat Walk 3. From left, Jacqueline Woodward, Margaret Dewhurst and 4. Winner of Men’s Fashion, Tim Marsh 5. Winner of Open Ladies Race Fashion, Tamara Ortiz 6. Graham Kliese jumps for joy 7. Winner of Millinery Award, Kate Griffiths




Story and Images from Sharon Lee Chapman Fast Track Photography


his year’s adventure was a little different with the brainchild titled All Roads to Birdsville, designed to encourage like-minded souls to jump on board, get on the road and have the adventure of a lifetime, all to assist in raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the National Jockeys Trust.

So I dragged current Victorian Wakeful Club Ladies in Racing Award Winner, Cheryl McCarthy, along for the journey. Cheryl who doesn’t do camping, as she aptly put it, and I set off into the wilderness in our sponsored vehicle kindly donated by Richard Anderson of Quilly Park/Media Banc. As you can imagine on a three week journey in the outback, highlights were aplenty, some of which included: Getting on the Hume Highway instead of the Calder and after a day on the road making it only as far as Bendigo. This is where the “Blondes On Tour” hashtag was born. While photographing a Media Banc sign just outside of Mildura in long wet grass, I managed to get my pants saturated, which I then proceeded to hang out the window to dry and wearing only my underwear, we were then stopped by a road crew, with my pants hanging out the window. Photographing a Wild Brumby Stallion and his herd for an hour saw my pants being covered with burrs. Upon getting back into the car, I noticed a spider crawling inside my tracksuit pants. A screeching stop, combined with me ripping my pants off on the side of the road to remove said parasites, unfortunately saw me remove my underwear as well. Poor Cheryl was confronted with my bare ass with me screaming “Get them off me”. The removal of six Blue Bottle Jumping Jacks, plus many other ants and burrs, but no sign of the mysterious spider.



Birdsville 2016 Birdsville is one place that should be on everyone’s must do Bucket List. For those who haven’t yet experienced the wonders of this outback adventure, do yourselves a favour and add it to your yearly racing calendar. Forget Royal Ascot, Hong Kong etc and add Birdsville instead.



We visited a 1.9 million acre cattle station and photographed the cowboys/cowgirls surrounded by outback wildflowers.

Staying at Mt Leonard Cattle Station, at just under 2 million acres and from across the road to the Betoota Racecourse, where we experienced our first leg of the Simpson Desert Triple Crown. A storm delivered 48mm of rain, wind gusts up to 100kmph and the racetrack under water the day before Day 1 of the Racing Carnival. Our All Roads to Birdsville turned into No Roads to Birdsville as the town became isolated with all roads in and out closed. There were 11 teams joining our All Roads to Birdsville adventure and we welcomed them with a beer or two at the famous Birdsville Pub, each team regaling highlights of their journey with road closures, floods, in addition to punctured tyres. Grooming the track The starting gate at Betoota


The outback spirit of the Birdsville and surrounding communities miraculously turning a lake into a functioning race track less than 72 hours later. The sight of bulldozers levelling out the mounting yard an hour before the first race after working tirelessly through the night to prepare the track. The roar of the crowd as the starter let them go for the first, the same crowd who’d braved some horrendous conditions throughout the week, just to be here for this very moment. Everyone was in awe at what the Birdsville Race Club had achieved and showed their appreciation with their enthusiasm throughout the entire race day.

Birdsville Volunteers

Birdsville 2016, Race 11, Peritus and Kody Nestor

Kayla Cross and Heather Lehmann created history by being the first female jockey and trainer combination to win the Birdsville Cup. Winning on Moore Alpha, they added to their Betoota Cup win a week earlier


Birdsville 2016, Race 5, Moore Alpha and Kayla Cross

Residents along The Birdsville Track


With all roads still closed on Monday, and the only way out via Bedourie on the Tuesday, we joined the long convoy of vehicles for an 800km detour, just to get out. Everyone had tales of their amazing week, with smiles on their faces and a quick trip to the Birdsville Bakery for a final famous Curried Camel pie. It truly was the adventure of a lifetime and this year provided another amazing personal highlight. You wouldn’t imagine finding your soulmate 2,500 kms from home, especially one who lives 10 minutes up the road from me in Melbourne, but that’s exactly what happened to me. Not only did I bring home a lifetime of memories, but the most amazing partner a girl could ever dream of, Mark Lee.

Birdsville 2016, Race 10, from above.


So if you’re even wondering what racing trip to do next year, I assure you that your life will be enriched by the entire Birdsville experience. There is something special about the outback, true salt of the earth folk whose resilience, courage and communal spirit will inspire and touch your soul and have you counting down the days until the next Birdsville trip.

n o i h s Fa


Friday 2nd September & Saturday 3rd September, 2016

Images by Sharon Lee Chapman Fast Track Photography



Alannah Fancourt’s Career Comeback Compiled by Cathryn Meredith

Former leading apprentice Alannah Fancourt made a perfect comeback from a near career-threatening injury when she was successful aboard My Girl Hayley at Doomben on Saturday November 5th, one week after commencing her comeback.


lannah was all smiles crossing the line, when she downed Brooklyn Storm by 1-1/2 lengths in the Superior Food Class Three Plate (1200m). After a horrific fall at Toowoomba when riding Yeezy on New Year's Eve last year, the determined 24yo jockey, who has also been described as a lovely person, fractured her neck and was initially told she may never ride again. The best diagnosis was recovery after six months which was the target she clung to, as her motivation to get her back in the saddle.

At Doomben on Saturday, November 12th, Alannah had her second win for Tony on I'm A Rippa in the National Storage QTIS 3YO Handicap by a healthy two lengths. After this brilliant win, we can safely say she's a champion in more ways than one. Tony intends to give Alannah more support in the future. “She rides light and has a really good future,” he said. “She was riding well before the injury and the stable will continue to support her for the rest of the season.”

Alannah was running second on the apprentices’ premiership behind Jim Orman when she was injured. She worked hard, determined to make a brilliant comeback and she did just that with her first comeback win. “The win means a lot and it’s good to be back,” Alannah said. “To be honest I was freaking out at the 400 metres. I thought she might get run down, but she had a few deep breaths throughout. I wanted to have a winner as soon as possible, just so I could get my confidence back and I think the big girl did it just for us."

Tony Gollan was delighted to provide Alannah with her first winner in only her sixth ride since making her comeback. “She’s been out for a long time and so too has the horse for that matter,” Tony said. “She’s the only jockey to have won on My Girl Hayley so it’s a match made in heaven.”



Harness your potential. Marcus Oldham Equine Management Program Scholarship

We are looking for ambitious and determined students with a passion for the equine industry to apply for our Virbac Animal Health Equine Management Scholarship valued at $7,500. SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM


The Marcus Oldham intensive one-year Diploma of Equine Management equips students with the business skills, equine science, horse husbandry and practical knowledge to enter the equine industry as professionals.

If you love the equine industry, apply for a scholarship to start your dream career. Our Scholarship Program is open to those planning to study the one-year Equine Management Program in 2017. There is no need to be enrolled in the course before applying for a scholarship. Applications close 6 January 2017. Interviews on 19 January 2017.

For more information on our Scholarship Sponsor Virbac or any information regarding the Course and Scholarship program, visit You can also Free Call 1800 623 500 or email




2016 Australian Horse of the Year Another jewel was added to the tiara of superstar, Winx, after she was announced as 2016 Australian Racehorse of the Year in Sydney Story by Mark Brassel • Images by Steve White & Sharon Lee Chapman


Another accolade to the Darling of the Turf C

hampion performer Winx took out the major honour at the 2016 Australian Racehorse of the Year Awards, with the Chris Wallertrained mare polling 59 of the 60 votes from a National media group to take the honour in a glittering ceremony held for the first time in the harbour city at the Four Seasons Hotel. “Winx is not just one of the greatest mares we have seen for many years, she is now adored by the public and has become the ‘people’s horse’,” said Mr Peter V’landys AM, Racing NSW’s Chief Executive. “We have seen crowd figures swell whenever and wherever she races and she’s now taken on a ‘Black Caviar’ type status. Our warm congratulations go to Winx’s owners, her trainer Chris Waller and his staff, and jockey Hugh Bowman; they have all done a remarkable job continuing Winx’s winning streak. “Also congratulations go to Chris Waller and Hugh Bowman on their stellar racing seasons, capturing a long list of Group 1 wins between them. We also recognise connections of the other category winners; there are some outstanding racehorses among them.” Winx took all before her during the 2015/16 racing season, winning each of her seven starts and having maintained an unbeaten sequence that has now stretched to 11 straight. Winx’s seven 2015/16 wins ($5.62 million in prizemoney) comprised:Group 1 Doncaster Mile (1600m) at Royal Randwick Group 1 W.S. Cox Plate (2040m) at Moonee Valley Group 1 Epsom Handicap (1600m) at Royal Randwick Group 1 George Ryder Stakes (1500m) at Rosehill Gardens Group 1 Chipping Norton Stakes (1600m) at Royal Randwick Group 2 Apollo Stakes (1400m) at Royal Randwick Group 2 Theo Mark Stakes (1300m) at Rosehill Gardens



Artist Brad Blaze with the Hon. Troy Grant MP (Minister for Racing)

The subjects inspect artist Brad Blaze’s portraits of Chris Waller and Hugh Bowman

Racing NSW Board member, Kevin Greene, presents the Group 1 Jockey of the Year Award to Hugh Bowman

Connections of Champion Two-Year-Old of the Year, Capitalist

OTHER CATEGORY WINNERS IN 2015/16 BART CUMMINGS AWARD (recognises trainer with most Group 1 wins across the season): CHRIS WALLER (15 Group 1 victories) GROUP 1 JOCKEY OF THE YEAR AWARD: HUGH BOWMAN (12 Group 1 victories – including two in Hong Kong) 2016 CHAMPION TWO-YEAR-OLD OF THE YEAR: CAPITALIST (trained by Peter & Paul Snowden - won Gr 1 Golden Slipper, LR Breeders’ Plate, Magic Millions 2yo Classic) 2016 NEW ZEALAND BLOODSTOCK CHAMPION THREE-YEAR-OLD FILLY OF THE YEAR: ENGLISH (trained by Gai Waterhouse - won Gr 1 All Aged Stakes, Gr 2 Challenge Stakes) 2016 CHAMPION THREE-YEAR-OLD COLT OR GELDING OF THE YEAR: TARZINO (trained by Mick Price - won Gr 1 Victoria Derby, Gr 1 Rosehill Guineas) 2016 INGLIS CHAMPION SPRINTER OF THE YEAR: CHAUTAUQUA (trained by Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes - won Gr 1 T.J. Smith Stakes, Gr 1 Manikato Stakes, Gr 1 Chairmans Sprint (Hong Kong), Gr 1 Lightning Stakes, Gr 2 Gilgai Stakes, Gr 2 McEwen Stakes) 2016 CHAMPION MIDDLE-DISTANCE RACEHORSE OF THE YEAR: WINX (trained by Chris Waller) 2016 CHAMPION STAYER OF THE YEAR: PREFERMENT (trained by Chris Waller - won Gr 1 The BMW, Gr 1 Australian Cup, Gr 1 Turnbull Stakes, Gr 2 Hill Stakes) SIRE OF THE YEAR AWARD: STREET CRY (Ire) (Champion Australian Sire for 2015/16) 2016 CHAMPION JUMPER OF THE YEAR: ZANTECO (trained by Darren Weir - won Grand National Hurdle & J.J. Houlahan Hurdle)



Sharon Lee Chapman from fast track photography

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Visit the website at or contact Sharon at



Winx winning the Cox Plate at Moonee Valley

Hugh Bowman and Winx after the win




The Peoples' Horse Images from Sharon Lee Chapman Fast Track Photography

Winx at Altona beach

Winx with Eddie Fanning

Happy Royal Randwick fans

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Patricia Tighe

One Happy Owner of Superstar Winx Story by Dale Olsson • Images supplied by Patricia Tighe and Ross Stephenson

Patricia Tighe is a partner in Magic Bloodstock Racing, which is managed by her husband Peter, who is the Managing Partner of Winx. Together they part-own 34 racehorses, among them two Group 1 winners, Preferment and the mighty mare Winx.


s a young girl growing up in rural Victoria, little Patty Payne never imagined that she would be part of Australia’s most influential racing fraternity. For the first few years of her life, she lived in Wangaratta where her father Norman was a salesman for Fiat and her mother Claire a housewife. The youngest of seven children, three girls and four boys, neither she nor her siblings had any particular interest in horses. At the age of 16, she moved to Brisbane to live with one of her brother’s, John, where she became friends with the Tighe family, who lived nearby. By the age of 17 she had caught the eye of the young Peter Tighe and the two started dating. Peter’s father Kevin was the Chairman of the Rocklea Trotting Club at the time and thus a lot of their romancing was conducted amongst the Trotters. “We had no experience with Thoroughbred racing back then, we enjoyed the Trots and the Woolloongabba Dogs on a Thursday evening.” said Patricia, affectionately known as Patty to family and friends. Their teenage romance blossomed and became a lifetime partnership which produced their three much loved children: Nicole 31, Andrew 28 and James 20. The young couple built their first home at Calamvale, a suburb of Brisbane and they ran the family business at the fruit markets after Peter’s father passed away. It was recently sold after 37 years. During



their early years at the markets that they were persuaded by a friend there to buy a half-share in a Thoroughbred. “It was trained by Allan and June Bailey, well known trainers at the Gold Coast”, Patty recalled. That was the beginning of the couple’s ownership in more than 200 Thoroughbred racehorses over the last 25 years, Preferment and Winx being the best performed. Owned in partnership with Debbie Kepitis and Richard Treweeke, Winx was bought at the Magic Millions Gold Coast Sale in 2013 and is trained by Chris Waller at his Sydney stables. In her three-year racing career Winx has proven herself a true Aussie champion. Making her competitive debut at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse in June 2014, she initially won over 1,100 metres and later that month, in her second race of the season she won over 1,400 metres at Warwick Farm. As a three year old, Winx recorded her first major success when she won the Group 2 Furious Stakes over 1,200 metres at Royal Randwick in September 2014. After being given a Summer break, she won the Group 2 Phar Lap Stakes over 1,500 metres at Rosehill Gardens in March 2015 and on her final appearance of the season she started as an odds-on favourite in the Group 1 Queensland Oaks on May 30th, 2015, which she won impressively by three and a half lengths.

Winx began her third season by starting Favourite for the Group 2 Theo Marks Handicap over 1,300 metres at Rosehill Gardens on September 12th and won by a head. Three weeks later she overcame serious interference on the final turn during the running of the Group 1 Epsom Handicap, recovering to win by two and a half lengths. Her weight of 57kg was the highest ever carried to a win by a female. Her trainer Chris Waller called her “pretty special” after the race. At that time, nobody realised how truly special she was to become. On October 24th 2015, Winx again started favourite for Australia’s most prestigious Weight- for-Age race, the Cox Plate at Moonee Valley. The field included International Thoroughbreds from throughout Europe. Entering the straight, she raced on the inside rail and broke clear of the field to win by four and three quarter lengths in race record time. Patty Tighe concurs with Chris Waller’s comment after the race, “She is such an athlete. I never thought when she was a young horse, this was where she would get to.” After this major win, Winx earned a Rating of 123, which placed her in a tie for eighth in the 2015 World’s Best Thoroughbred Rankings.

bring her winnings to $ 9,348,175 to be third on the all-time list of leading prizemoney earners, with her number of successive wins now thirteen. Winx is now expected to be officially rated one of the world’s best racehorses when the latest Thoroughbred rankings are released. Patty and Peter Tighe were thrilled when Winx was named Australian Horse of the Year and Middle Distance Horse of the Year for 2016. They were both present to accept the Awards presentation evening to receive the trophies on behalf of their magnificent Mare. An added excitement was when another of their stable, Preferment, won Stayer of the Year. Whilst Winx may be a Champion Thoroughbred, she is more than that to Patty. Whenever the family flies south to watch her race, their first step is to the stables for a visit. Patty said, “She’s a beautiful girl with a lovely nature. She never bites and loves a pat. When you rub her head, she closes her eyes in contentment. However, she does enjoy her own company as well.”

After the Christmas break, Winx returned to Royal Randwick in February 2016 and won the Group 2 Apollo Stakes and then the Group 1 Chipping Norton Stakes two weeks later. At Rosehill Gardens on March 19th she won again at short odds and on April 2nd she again started an odds-on favourite for the Doncaster Mile. Despite carrying top weight on soft ground, she managed to break through the pack in the closing stages to win by two lengths.

Patty loves a day at the races. As well as the excitement of watching their horses run, she loves the glamour of a big meet: the champagne lunches and the fashion. A tall, stylish woman, she exudes elegance. With more than 50 hats in her wardrobe, her race wear is impeccable, containing many designer labels. Her favourite racing season is the Spring Carnival with Flemington her favourite course. “Nobody does it better”, she remarked “From the track to the presentation of the course, the roses, the catering, the whole experience is perfect.”

That amazing win in the Doncaster Mile increased her Rating to 126 in the World’s Best Thoroughbred Rankings, an extraordinary high figure for a Mare.

After a successful day at the races, the entire Tighe family and their co-owners like to celebrate at a dinner in one of the city’s celebrated restaurants, with the day’s trophy in prime position on the table.

Winx commenced her five-year old season in the Warwick Stakes at Royal Randwick in August 2016, winning by three and a half lengths. In September, she won the Group 1 George Main Stakes and October saw her winning the Group 1 Caulfield Stakes and a fortnight later, she won the Cox Plate at Moonee Valley again, giving her successive wins in two years.

‘Owning racehorses has been such a pleasure and I would recommend any woman looking to buy, to consider joining a Syndicate with other women. It’s a wonderful interest and a lot of fun.” said Patty.

The Cox Plate win saw her post the biggest winning margin in the history of the race, a remarkable eight lengths. Her incredible achievements

Patty herself has joined an all-female Syndicate with Star Thoroughbreds. “There are more lady racehorse owners these days and the Magic Millions Racing Women initiative established by Katie Page-Harvey, is promoting ownership amongst females and actually increasing it and I congratulate her for that”, she said.



The Tighes are now living the dream of every man and woman who has ever owned a racehorse.

As for Winx, thirteen has proven to be a lucky number for her but the sky’s the limit and who knows how far “the people’s horse” will go. Koroibete

Caulfield: Robert Smerdon 0418 376 596 | John Sadler 0400 946 328 | Stuart Webb 0418 593 459 | Nick Ryan 0423 274 413 | Perth: Simon Miller 0418 128 791

PO Box 199 Glenhuntly VIC 3163 P: 03 9573 3700 E: W: Twitter: @Aquanita.Racing


& Sti Drone s from ge packa le as as litt $500


Sharon Lee Chapman

PHOTOGRAPHY Contact Sharon 0431 120 579 e:


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170 Scarborough Q 4020





Girls ‘glammed’ up at Royal Randwick Story by Greg Tobin • Images from Bronwen Healy

Eliza Stoyles would be the first to admit that she’s no expert on horse racing, and ownership wasn’t on her radar when she was approached last year by an old friend from her University days.


liza didn’t have the first idea about breeding, but was intrigued when offered a share in a Star Witness filly. She liked the fact the entire ownership group consisted of ladies from all corners of the globe, plus the fact the filly was going to be trained by Gai Waterhouse.

She also knew a few of the other ladies in the Syndicate and thought ‘who knows, this racing thing might be a bit of fun’. Last month that filly – which has since been so appropriately named Global Glamour – won the Group 1 Sydney Airport Flight Stakes at Royal Randwick. Much of the media attention focused on Gai as this was her ninth Flight victory (now just four shy of her famous father, TJ Smith) and the first Group 1 success with her new training partner, a beaming Adrian Bott. But you could hardly miss the ‘misses’ in the background who were celebrating in style. “It was simply amazing,” an elated Eliza enthused. “It was the craziest day in my entire life. We just couldn’t believe it. “It’s a terrific mix of people – some of the owners have been involved in racing for a long time and other ladies are fairly new to the game. “I had a joke with some of them and asked after the race, ’what’s all the fuss about … this is easy!’. “I know it’s often a case of being in the right place at the right time, but being right in the middle of it all, at Royal Randwick on Saturday for a big meeting like that, was really something special. It was an indescribable feeling.”

Inspired by Katie Page-Harvey, who had initiated a $500,000 Magic Millions Racing Women bonus for horses owned or leased entirely by women that finished in the first four in the Magic Millions 2YO Classic, Global Glamour’s co-owner, Anna Seitz, suggested to a few friends attending the 2015 Magic Millions Yearling Sale on the Gold Coast that they should get on board and buy a horse. The idea soon snowballed and eventually 40 women from seven countries joined the ‘It’s All About The Girls Syndicate’ with Anna sending renowned Bloodstock Agent, James Bester, on a mission to secure them a star. top: Members of the ‘It’s All About The Girls Syndicate’ at Royal Randwick (Eliza Stoyles is in the middle dressed in white) above: Jockey Tim Clark returns to scale on Global Glamour sporting the lime silks featuring a ‘purple woman’



Chelsea is Beginning to Roar Story by Mark Brassel • Images by Bradley Photographers

Chelsea MacFarlane epitomises the lyrics of Aussie-born singer, Helen Reddy, in her monster hit, “I am woman: hear me roar… if i have to, I can do anything”


any female jockeys in New South Wales (NSW) have travelled on the well-worn path created 33 years ago when Jane Spence became the first lady rider to win a Sydney metropolitan race at Canterbury in 1983. Kathy O’Hara was the first to win the NSW Apprentices’ Premiership in 2004-05 and that was repeated a decade later when Winona Costin kicked home 41 metro winners. After speaking with up and coming rider Chelsea MacFarlane – and those around her – it’s easy to believe the 20-year-old will soon have her name up in lights alongside the aforementioned. “You have to be hard-working and possess that mongrel to be a top jockey and Chelsea certainly has it,” said her master, Darren Bailey. “She is small, light and extremely committed. Chelsea grew up with horses; she’s fearless and is a natural.

“When I headed up to Bathurst to ride trackwork for Peter Stanley, I was chasing a dream – I still am! “Then Jamie Whitney, (Racing NSW Training Officer) transferred me to Queanbeyan where I rode for Neville Layt. “I rode in a few trials and learnt quite a bit from Neville, then went to another trainer there in Mick Smith. Mick was excellent also and his wife Jo was great, helping me out with my diet.”

“I’m backing that riding in the country is a mere stepping stone for her as I’m sure Chelsea will get to be a regular in Sydney.

After a slow start to her racing career – taking 33 rides to crack it for her first winner – Chelsea was then off and running. The hoop scored her first win during Snake Gully Cup Day at Gundagai on Darren Bailey’s galloper Bone Idle and then proceeded to win races aboard her next four mounts, quickly outriding her 4kg claim.

“She’s the first Apprentice I’ve taken on – if I didn’t it was likely she would have been lost to the area as she was headed to Victoria. She’s a good kid and has really taken it all with the bit between her teeth.

In the ensuring 12 months Chelsea has won 29 races, including seven at Wagga Wagga and five at Canberra, incredibly riding winners at 14 different NSW and ACT racecourses.

“She has now put her foot in the door with the big Brett Cavanough stable. She won a race at her first ride for him on Esceebee. Obviously, Brett watched Chelsea ride and liked what he saw.” Chelsea’s grit was on display when she won a race for Brett on Corsica Lad at Wagga Wagga last month; it was a day after being involved in a car accident. “I had ridden at Hawkesbury and was on my way back when a car hit me and put me into some traffic lights,” Chelsea recalled. “My car was written off but at least everyone was OK. I was a bit sore but there was no way was I going to miss the ride on Corsica Lad.”


Chelsea grew up in the Murray River town of Swan Hill in Victoria and was always mad-keen on horses when with her first boss, Con Kelly.


Chelsea had her first metropolitan ride on Opoho who was down the track at Canterbury Park in October: “Nothing went right for him. “He helped kick start my career and I also have a soft spot for Siandra, Hercegovka and For Me Dad, whom I’ve won three races on.” Chelsea wanted to heap praise on fellow riders Mathew Cahill, Grant Buckley and Jeff Penza who have been showing her the ropes: “They’re great guys as well as top jockeys. They are always willing to listen and explain how I can improve my riding. This is what I was born to do.”


‘Royal’ background NSW Veterinarian, Meg Brownlow, wrote to Racing NSW requesting exposure for many of the hard-working Strappers in this state.


eg said: “I am a veterinarian working for Racing NSW. From time to time in my work duties I am in a position to take some great raceday shots, especially of Strappers. I think they are a very un-appreciated and yet most important in the Thoroughbred industry. If I could send in a photo each month could you please publish it somewhere in your magazine? I think this might be of considerable public interest and help promote how these horses are loved and cared for by the racing community.” Following is Meg’s first subject, Abbie Murphy, originally from the United Kingdom and now at Peter and Paul Snowden’s stable. Abbie said, “At age of three my Mum told me I was given a rocking horse for Christmas. My reply to Mum on Christmas Day was ‘Santa has made a terrible mistake, I need a real horse’. I guess from that day onwards, I’ve always loved horses. “I was luckily enough to be surrounded by horses from a young age, always at the family farm riding the ponies bareback in the paddocks. At seven I began to compete most weekends in Mounted Games. “I was selected to ride for my country when I was just 14 at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Wales. I won the competition and was awarded a Medal and Cup by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. “I used to exercise horses on the mountains in Wales at the age of 15 and did most of the gallops there; every hour of the day I’d want nothing more than to be around horses.

Bounce Back® Horse Fence 100% Australian Owned and Manufactured servicing the Australian market since the 1980’s Think of Bounce Back® Horse Fence as a safety belt for your horse • Reduce potential injuries to livestock.

“Although still involved with horses, buying, selling and breaking in, I knew in my heart there was an empty space, so off I went and booked a one-way flight to Australia – and the rest is history!

• Bounce Back® Horse Fence will flex and return against low to medium level collision; stretch & cushion against impact, where severe collision occurs. • Made from quality Polyethylene. Beware cheaper materials.

• No wind sucking. No cribbing.

“I’ve been in Australia for just over three years and worked alongside Greg Bennett in Scone. He’s a champion man and I learnt so much from his horsemanship skills.

Bounce Back® Horse Fence is the only fencing option if you are serious about protecting the well-being and value of your livestock

“I took a full-time job in an office for six years and during this completed an Apprenticeship in Business Administration. I also did a 12-month teaching degree, as well as being a volunteer in my spare time with disabled adults and young youth offenders.

“I also worked for Gai Waterhouse in Sydney as a Junior Foreman and Track Rider, and currently I’m with Snowden Racing and I love it there. “I am very thankful to be a part of this amazing family-like team and such talented beautiful horses.”.

• No exposed wire. No rust! Reduced risk of entanglement. • Unpalatable to livestock.

02 9756 6077


• Bounce Back® Horse Fence is strong, UV & weather resistant. • Easy, fast installation. • No painting - ever! • Long life - Proven in the Australian environment.

Bounce Back® is manufactured by Acacia Products Pty Ltd ABN: 45 070 921 569



Autumn Racing Carnival Images from Sharon Lee Chapman, Fast Track Photography

The Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival in March & April each year is highlighted by the Golden Slipper Festival at Rosehill in March and the two-day 'The Championships' at Randwick in April

Libran and Brenton Avdulla at Royal Randwick

Winx and Hugh Bowman winning The Star Doncaster Mile at Royal Randwick

Chad Mathews & Lucy Yeomans

Broadcasting to Australia’s Racing Heartland

RSN 927am 68


Lucia Valentina with Damien Oliver winning 2016 Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Randwick

Tommy Berry on Chautauqua at Royal Randwick



n o i h ATC Fas Moet and Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day 8th of October 2016



Images by Wes Nel and Getty Images









1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Elizabeth Kijnan Jessica Song Georgia Fowler Julieanne Horsman Natalie Roser Nathan Jolliffe & Yan Yan Chan 7. Crystal Kimber 8. Michelle Dougan 9. Kellie Odell 10. Lisa Wellings









9 7


12 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.


Tayla Johnson & Karyn Johnson Guest & Bri McDougall Angela Menz Lovely line-up of fashionable ladies Erin Holland & Donny Galella Chris Turner & Helen Chick Christine Speilmann Anna Heinrich & Timothy Robards Nerida Winter & Roy Billing Courtney Busby Katie Flett Jimmy Niggles



La Fleur D’Alyse L

Cosmetic Laser and Medispa

a Fleur D'Alyse Cosmetic Laser and Medispa is situated at Suite 203, 64-76 Kippax Street, Surry Hills, Sydney NSW and 296 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW. Dr John Wenman and Barbara Wenman have over 20 years experience in cosmetic medicine. A revolution in skin care rejuvenation has given them the ability to produce natural treatments with softer more natural looking results, focussing on skin care and it is possible to look years younger. La Fleur D'Alyse has introduced the revolutionary pH formula, Nimue and Vitry Skin Care ranges. These treatments prevent premature ageing by prolonging cellular life and successfully treat: ageing, hyper-pigmentation, chronic redness and acne, rejuvenate, lift and tighten the skin and can eliminate the need for Microdermabrasion and Fraxel Laser. These peels can be a standalone treatment or can also be combined with Dermapen Medical Grade Needling, Mesotherapy and Regen platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment to regenerate, rejuvenate, lift and tighten the skin producing a non surgical facelift. New techniques in Injectable Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Removing Injections allow for a softer more natural effect without a frozen puffy look. Full face and neck lift using Absorbable Threads creates


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There is an emphasis on personalised service with after hours styling appointments available with experienced stylists available at all times. Along with the exquisite designer and everyday jewellery, there is casual, formal and race wear along with a wide selection of millinery. Milliners who design for the store are Meredith McMaster, Carol Watson from ‘The Hat Room’, Jo-Anne Rolfe from ‘Vintage Designs’ and Carmel Butler Millinery. Having adorned Racing Royalty such as the Waterhouse Ladies, Carole and her staff are confident that they can assist in ladies look their best. DIARY DATE: Exciting new race day called the Le Dain Designs Summer Cup. 30th December 2016 Coffs Harbour Racing Club. House of Le Dain Designs is passionate about dressing ladies of all ages and sizes for any occasion.



Paula Duncan

Saturday 10th September, 2016

Raceday Charity Event 2




1 4




1. Adelaide Zietsh & Ivan Beros 2. Carol Beros, Paula Duncan & Tanya Watts 3. Julie Steele & Angela Belle McSweeny 4. Jess Orcsik, Adam Atkin & Paula Duncan 5. Matt & Viv Kwong 6. Sue Harris & Brian Barton 7. Stephanie Dale & Gerard Monroe



The Longines Irish Champions Story and images by Caitrin O'Rourke

In 2016, it was my good fortune to attend many race meetings in Australia and Overseas.


ne of the highlights for me, was when I went home to Ireland and attended the Longines Irish Champions Weekend in September. The weekend incorporates two iconic Irish Racing fixtures and Racecourses, the QIPCO Irish Champion Stakes at Leopardstown and the Palmerstown House Estate Irish St. Leger at the Curragh. 2016 marked the 4th year of this exciting initiative. It is one of the richest weekends on the European racing calendar with over €4.25 million prize money distributed across 16 races including 10 Group Races, of which five races have Group 1 status, raced over the two fantastic days at Leopardstown and the Curragh.

a great chance to catch up with my cousins in the newly renovated Owners and Trainers Bar and Restaurant. Unfortunately the horse didn’t win, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. Irish people always end to really enjoy their day at the races and there was a great atmosphere as while enjoying themselves, they still managed to keep a keen focus on the racing. Racegoers partied on after the races with live music, before heading onto organised events in Dublin City. Making the most of my quickly fading ‘young’ status, I headed to a great after party hosted by the Young Thoroughbred Breeders Association in Ryan’s Bar on Camden Street.

Leopardstown, located in South County Dublin, is one of Ireland’s premier racecourses, it hosts many big race meetings throughout the season including the Christmas Festival, a highlight of the National Hunt Jumps Calendar. Saturday’s Leopardstown fixture saw a record attendance of 14,550. Racing was preluded by the Goff’s Champion Sale, held in the parade ring on track. Dual Melbourne Cup winning Trainer Dermot Weld and Tony Martin, the Trainer of 2016 Emirates Melbourne Cup runner-up Heartbreak City, had winners on the day. The Aidan O’Brien trained Alice Springs took the honours in the Coolmore Matron Stakes, but there was no luck for the Irish in the main event, with victory in the QIPCO Irish Champion Stakes going to the French-trained Alamanzor, ridden by top jockey Christophe Soumillon. Socially the day allowed me to catch up with many old friends and former colleagues alike. My family had a runner which also provided



Sunday morning saw many of the Curragh stables and facilities open to the public as part of the Thoroughbred Trail. This gave patrons a behind the scenes glimpse into the work involved in getting a horse to the races. Windy conditions at the Curragh saw Sunday’s attendance dip by over a thousand to 9,255 while its signature race, the ₏400,000 Palmerstown House Stud Irish St Leger, resulted in just a four-runner field. The 1/7 favourite Order Of St George was upset by the Willie Mullins trained Wicklow Brave, who later went on to run in the Emirates Melbourne Cup.



Current Marcus Oldham students, Chelsea Gay, Hamilton Qld and Eliza Babazogli, Glossodia NSW on Study Tour.

Sunday morning saw many of the Curragh stables and facilities open to the public as part of the Thoroughbred Trail. This gave patrons a behind the scenes glimpse into the work involved in getting a horse to the races. Windy conditions at the Curragh saw Sunday’s attendance dip by over a thousand to 9,255 while its signature race, the €400,000 Palmerstown House Stud Irish St Leger, resulted in just a four-runner field. The 1/7 favourite Order Of St George was upset by the Willie Mullins trained Wicklow Brave, who later went on to run in the Emirates Melbourne Cup. Fashion was to the fore on both days, with many racegoers vying to be selected for the Longines Elegance Award. Each day, a most stylish gentleman and lady were selected as well as the ‘Champion Hat’ for the best millinery. The changing weather proved difficult to dress for, but despite the windy weather at the Curragh, elegance was definitely the theme of the day with many stylish ladies and gentleman in attendance. The Longines Prize for Elegance combined shopping experiences from Ireland’s elite fashion houses including Louise Kennedy, Kildare Village,  Louis Copeland, David Marshall Hair Salon and a 5-star Penthouse Suite stay at the  Merrion Hotel.   Longines gifted the male and female winners each day with elegant timepieces from their latest collection. The Curragh is currently undergoing a major renovation. Work commenced after the weekend and I will be looking forward to seeing the fruition of this labour when we return to for the 2017 Irish Derby.

The action packed weekend showcased Ireland as a world centre of excellence for horse racing and breeding. The competitiveness of the racing action was highlighted by 14 individual Trainers having winners. I would highly recommend a trip to Irish Champions weekend and with reciprocal rights offered from certain Australian Racecourse Membership’s, there’s no better time than to start planning your trip! For more information please see the Longines Irish Champions Weekend website or contact Irish Thoroughbred Marketing

“I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going . And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sig ht, that we force our wings to unravel and alas begin our flig ht … And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you're going , but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you.”



Ladies in RACING Tour - destination

2017 Royal Ascot Carnival There are few sporting venues that can match the rich heritage and history of the Royal Ascot Racing Carnival, which is one of the greatest race meetings in the world. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join me on this great race meet and one of the most celebrated social events in England.


s Managing Editor of the Ladies in RACING and Ladies GOLF Magazines, I am excited as we combine two of London’s sporting attractions, Horse Racing and Golf, to create an extraordinary experience. My co-host for the tour will be popular racing identity, Brian Martin OAM, who has visited London many times and brings a wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge of London and its myriad of attractions and world famous landmarks. For over 300 years Royal Ascot has established itself as a national institution as well as being the ultimate stage for the best racehorses in the world, as it attracts competitors from across the globe including far away Hong Kong, the United States of America, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Australia, as well as many European Countries. The tour includes a visit to Newmarket, the headquarters of the British Racing Board and the first and final day of the prestigious Royal Ascot race week, highlighted by the King’s Stand and Diamond Jubilee Stakes.

We continue on to Ireland for the Irish Derby meeting, which is run at the iconic Curragh Racetrack, as well as visits to two of the world’s most famous Stud Farms, Coolmore and the Darley-owned Kildangan. As with all Ambassador Travel tours, you will have a good balance of other activities and leisure time. Why not take the opportunity to extend your tour with a relaxing Greek Islands cruise or perhaps take in some



Grand Slam tennis action at the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon. You are of course welcome to extend your travels to anywhere in Europe with the help of Ambassador Travel’s experienced consultants. As this will be a popular tour and due to limited seating availability, we recommend you make your reservation at your earliest possible convenience. Join us and take part in a truly special experience that you will be treasure for years to come. We can also arrange for you to play golf at many of the local courses. I will personally ensure we all have a ton of fun, singles, couples all welcome. For further information on this tour please call me on 1300 783 112 or email: or call Peter Harney 1800 777 989 and identify yourself as a Ladies in RACING or a Ladies GOLF Magazines reader To register your interest please contact and mention you wish to travel with Cathryn Meredith.




Day 1, Thursday 15 June 2017 AUSTRALIA – LONDON Make your way to your respective airport to join your flight to London. accommodation: in flight

Day 2, Friday 16 June 2017 LONDON – NEWMARKET On arrival in London, you will be met and transferred to Newmarket for check-in to your centrally located accommodation. Located north of London in Suffolk county, Newmarket is famous for its horse racing heritage dating as far back as 1174, and the town wears its love of horses proudly with special horse routes throughout as well as a wealth of stables right in the centre of town.

Ladies in RACING Tour

- destination 2017 Dubai World


accommodation: newmarket

Day 3, Saturday 17 June 2017 NEWMARKET | Race Day Enjoy an early start with a visit to the legendary trainer Ed Dunlop’s stables, located within a short distance to your hotel and then watch the horses exercising on the heath. Tour Newmarket, visit the National Thoroughbred Racing Museum and then enjoy a casual afternoon at the races* at one of Newmarket’s historical racecourses. This evening you will attend our Royal Ascot Welcome Dinner at the Bedford Hotel. accommodation: newmarket

Day 4, Sunday 18 June 2017 NEWMARKET After breakfast travel by coach to Sandringham estate, which is the country retreat for Her Majesty The Queen. The house is set on 24 hectares of stunning gardens. There is plenty to see and do at this estate before returning back to Newmarket in the afternoon. accommodation: newmarket

Day 5, Monday 19 June 2017 NEWMARKET – LONDON | Stud Farm This morning you have another opportunity to watch the horses have their last workout before they head to Royal Ascot. This will be followed by a visit to Dalham Hall, the operational headquarters of Darley Stud, the global thoroughbred breeding operation owned by the Sheikh of Dubai, then continue on to London arriving mid-afternoon. accommodation: london

Day 6, Tuesday 20 June 2017

LONDON | Race Day Transfer to the race track for opening day of Royal Ascot with three group one races run today. No doubt the highlight will be the King’s Stand Stakes which is the first leg of the British global sprint. Australian horses have a great record in this event with Choisir in 2003, Take Over Target 2006, Miss Andretti 2007 and Scenic Blast 2010 being successful. accommodation: london Day 7, Wednesday 21 June 2017 LONDON After breakfast, join a half day sightseeing tour of London taking in all of London’s most renowned landmarks and major attractions which may include the Tower of London, Big Ben, St. Pauls Cathedral and many others. The remainder of the day is at leisure. accommodation: london

Day 8, Thursday 22 June 2017 LONDON You have the day at leisure to explore London’s wealth of attractions at your own pace. You might want to join an optional tour to Windsor Castle, home to the Royal Family for 900 years, followed by a visit to Stonehenge and the Georgian city of Bath. Alternatively return to Ascot racecourse for the popular Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot for the running of the Ascot Gold Cup, a Group 1 race that celebrated its 200th running in 2007 with a second consecutive win by Yeats accommodation: london


Day 9, Friday 23 June 2017

LONDON With no scheduled program today, you may attend racing at Ascot again. Having at least one Group 1 race every day and a prize pool of over £3 million, there is never a dull moment during Royal Ascot. Alternatively, join an optional tour to the medieval Warwick Castle, followed by Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, and walk through the cobbled streets of Oxford. accommodation: london Day 10, Saturday 24 June 2017 LONDON | Race Day The exciting racing action comes to a close today and you will attend the final day of Royal Ascot. Today’s highlights include the group one Diamond Jubilee Stakes which was won by the Australian horse Choisir in 2003, again by his son Star Spangled Banner in 2010 and of course by Black Caviar in 2012. At the conclusion of the race you will be transferred back to your hotel. accommodation: london

Day 11, Sunday 25 June 2017 LONDON – AUSTRALIA Later this afternoon transfer to the airport for your flight bound for Australia. Alternatively you may extend your stay to anywhere in Europe or further explore London and all that this fascinating city has to offer its visitors. As the famous English 17th century author and poet Samuel Johnson once said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” accommodation: in flight

Day 12 Monday 26 June 2017 You have the option of staying on, and extending your tour to Ireland, for the Irish Derby or taking a Mediterranean Cruise, visit Paris or design your own extension as we cater for whatever you require. The options are endless. Day 13 Tuesday 27 June 2017 AUSTRALIA Your arrival in Australia concludes your tour with Ambassador Travel.

NEWMARKET - Headquarters of British Racing: Newmarket is the headquarters of the British Racing Board and has a history dating as far back as 1174 making it the earliest known racing venue of post classical times. It is also the European base of the largest racing and breeding conglomerate in the world – Darley. Your accommodation is centrally located and is in walking distance to some of the leading English trainer’s stables which house many of the contenders for Royal Ascot including the Australian contingency. During your stay in Newmarket you will visit stables, watch horses train on the heath, take in the National Thoroughbred Museum, and mix with racing’s elite in this quaint English town as everything gears towards Royal Ascot. As well you will visit Dalham Hall, the renowned stud farm owned by Sheik Mohammed Maktoum of Dubai. TOUR HIGHLIGHTS:

• Experience the excitement of one of the world’s premier race meetings • Visit Newmarket the headquarters of British racing and tour some of the world’s most famous stables • Attend both Kings Stand Stakes Day and the Diamond Jubilee Stakes Day at Royal Ascot • Enjoy all the racing action from the comfort of the elegant Furlong Club and the Queen Anne Enclosure • Extend your stay and take in the stud farms of Ireland and the Irish Derby at The Curragh • Enjoy a sightseeing tour of London to take in all of the major landmarks & attractions • Travel in the company of like-minded people and fellow racing enthusiasts • Options to extend your stay to anywhere in the UK or Europe or perhaps a stopover in Dubai or Asia - the choice is yours!

For a brochure on this event email or visit or call me on 1300 783 112.



Brooke Strahan’s

Unique Sense of Style Brooke tells her story.


have always had a love for fashion. From a young age I displayed my own unique sense of style and oddly enough found I was quite good at fashion forecasting, by that I mean predicting trends. My family couldn’t afford to buy me all the latest name brand clothing, but I didn’t mind as I enjoyed rummaging through the opportunity shops, back before it was a trendy thing to do. I was brought up with a love for all animals, including of course, horses. I learnt to ride at the Dudeney stables on the New South Wales south coast in the small country village of Cambewarra. As an adult, I worked for the Government including the AFP and AQIS. I lived all around Australia until finding myself in Melbourne. It was in Melbourne that I started to attend the horse races. Initially I never entered the fashion on the field competitions, despite my love for fashion it had just never really crossed my mind. In Melbourne my local race track was the picturesque Yarra Valley Racecourse. It was spring 2012 and I attended a spring carnival race day that year. I decided to enter the highly advertised fashions on the field competition at the track and I won third place. I won over one thousand dollars in prizes and I remember thinking that was pretty good just for getting dressed up and going to the races. The following year I didn’t enter any fashions on the field competitions until spring 2013 where once again I attended Yarra Valley Racecourse and entered the fashions on the filed competitions on Cox Plate Day. That day I won second place and over two thousand dollars in prizes. From there I was hooked.



Brooke's drawing of Cathi Meredith at 2016 Cairns Amateurs

In December 2013 I moved from Melbourne back to my hometown of Nowra on the south coast of NSW to help my mother set up a bed and breakfast business. A friend from Melbourne and I decided to meet up in Hobart to have a girly weekend. We timed it so we could attend the Hobart Cup. The Hobart Cup hosted the VRC Melbourne Cup Carnival MYER Fashions on the Field competition Tasmanian State Final with the winner representing the state of Tasmania at the National Competition held on Crown Oaks Day at Flemington. I entered the competition and I won. Since partaking in the VRC Melbourne Cup Carnival MYER Fashions on the Field competition, I have turned my attention to other areas of racing fashion and the fashions on the field competition. If however, I’m not internally involved with a race day, I do still compete as I still get enjoyment out of it. My non-competition involvement includes helping to organise fashion on the field events, sponsoring prizes, judging and on site fashion and winning horse illustrations. I also have created race day posters for race clubs. The book “Fashions on the Field from the Horse’s Mouth” is an upfront and honest look at the world of race wear and fashions on the field competition. It is a combination of my own experience and also the experiences and opinions of others involved in this growing area of interest. My motivation for the book was that I really wanted to give the horse racing fraternity and those involved with Australian fashion, a behind the scenes look at this part of the horseracing and fashion industry. I also wanted to write the book so other fashion on the field fanatics had something to relate to, so they knew they were not the only freaks with over one hundred hats! I recognised the gap in the market. There are plenty of social media sites and blogs about racing fashion and how to win Fashions on the Field competitions, but none actually speak honestly about the psychology behind those involved in the competition, or asks the questions that I did to those I interviewed for the book. The book is also humorous in parts, it encourages those involved in fashions on the field (including myself) not to take it all too seriously and just have a fun day out. This is evident in the last chapter, which is actually a poem titled #FOTF where I make fun of myself during a race day.

The book was the start of my fashion illustrations, which I have now turned into a business. I was originally just going to have photos of racegoers in the book, but then I realised that I could illustrate the book myself as I had always been good at art, however I truthfully had not picked up a pencil to draw since high school! Since the release of the book, I have been booked to attend a number of race days to conduct both on site fashion illustrations and also winning horse illustrations. At these race days I also conduct book sales and signings. The book is an easy read coffee-table style book that is available online through Blurb Publishing.



Photo: SWNS

Breeze and Buttons A Lifelong Friendship

The orphan foal that launched an iconic photo as he slept in the company of a giant stuffed Teddy Bear is all grown up and much bigger than his old friend.


ittle Breeze, who sadly was rejected by his mother, came in to The Mare and Foal Sanctuary when only a few hours old in 2013 and needed around the clock care. To keep him company, he was given a teddy bear called Buttons, who was welcomed by the foal and became his constant companion.



Fast forward to today and Breeze, now three years old, is a handsome and grown-up looking pony. He’s starring in our new 2017 Calendar, but don’t be fooled by his sweet little face – like any youngster he’s been known to be cheeky and a little bit naughty. Breeze himself no longer needs the soft toy he cuddled into when he arrived, but they have been passed on to other orphan foals who have since been brought into the Sanctuary. He is certainly a character and continues to warm hearts at the Sanctuary and beyond. Buttons the Bear is still at the Sanctuary and has been helping other orphaned foals since Breeze by providing comfort and companionship. The two were recently reunited and Breeze had a fantastic time carrying the bear around his stable, then settling down for a snooze with his old friend snuggled up by his side. Tracey Dixon, Yard Manager at Upcott Park, North Devon in the United Kingdom, explained, “Consistent handling and regular training has helped to control Breeze, but our staff still have to keep an eye on him. He’s really thriving in the open spaces of North Devon, he’s also settled into a large herd and spends hours playing with the other youngsters. Eventually, when he’s ready, we’ll look for a new home for him. We couldn’t be prouder of how far he’s come.” To purchase Christmas Cards visit http://shop.

The core business of RSN 927 is and always has been racing. For well over 50 years, the dedicated team have committed to delivering to our listeners the information they want. In January 2017 RSN 927 will continue this tradition, and with the launch of a selection of new programs, giving a fresh sound that will deliver all that our listeners love and more. Listen Live on our network across Victoria.. or via the RSN App anywhere in the World..


Catch racing live Anywhere … Anytime … on RSN 927


Racing NSW

establishes paid parental leave scheme Racing NSW has created its own paid parental leave scheme to support female jockeys through their pregnancy. do not qualify for the Australian Government’s Paid Parental Jockeys Scheme that requires recipients to have worked at least 10 of the last

13 months before giving birth.

Under the Rules of Racing (AR81G) jockeys cannot ride following the end of the first trimester, i.e. Three months. “This loophole in the legislation is grossly unfair to female jockeys,” said Mr Peter V’landys AM, Racing NSW’s Chief Executive. “Accordingly,

we will pay them until the legislation is rectified. “Our jockeys will receive eight weeks’ pay based on their average weekly earnings for the previous year, up to how much they would have received in total from the Government’s scheme. “The Racing NSW scheme will continue as long as it is required,” Mr V’landys added. For further information please contact Mr Peter V’landys by phone on (02) 9551 7556.

Catch racing live Anywhere.... Anytime... on RSN 927 The core business of RSN 927 is and always has been racing. For well over 50 years, the dedicated team have committed to delivering to our listeners the information they want.

In January 2017 RSN 927 will continue this tradition, and with the launch of a selection of new programs, giving a fresh sound that will deliver all that our listeners love and more.

is a premium magazine. It connects the Thermomix community— a passionate group of people who love to cook with, talk about and engage with their Thermomix on a daily basis—through warm, honest and inspiring content.


A quarterly magazine, it is a collectible product that has equal pride of place on bookshelves and kitchen benches.


*(RRP for four issues $79.80)

‘Thermomix’ is a registered trade mark of Vorwerk International AG (Vorwerk) in Australia and New Zealand and Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd is its sole authorised distributor in Australia and New Zealand of Thermomix products. Neither Vorwerk nor Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd sponsors, approves or endorses the magazine TMIX+ or related websites or is affiliated in any way with or approved by Vorwerk or Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd. Neither Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd nor Vorwerk has granted a licence to The Slattery Media Group Pty Ltd to use the Thermomix trade marks.

—Launching a new community of cooks—subscribe online at 86


Welcome To Thoroughbred Racing In The Alice! Welcome to the Alice Springs Turf Club and Pioneer Park Racecourse - the home of Thoroughbred Racing in the Alice!


he Chairman, Committee, CEO and Staff of the Alice Springs Turf Club would like to thank all their guests who came out to Pioneer Park and supported us during our 2016 XXXX GOLD Alice Springs Cup Carnival, which culminated t The 2017 XXXX GOLD Cup Carnival showcases the best that Red Centre racing has to offer ... and for those of you who have thought about coming to the Alice for our Cup Carnival but haven’t yet made it, then this is your time! Our friendly team are happy to help you with any information that will assist you in planning that trip to the Carnival. Thoroughbred Racing In The Alice looks forward to welcoming new friends to Pioneer Park in 2017, and we can’t wait to see all you regulars back! We can guarantee you 5 days of spectacular thoroughbred racing intermingled with fashion, fun, luncheons, yearling sales and just an all round amazing time! • Racing in the Red Centre of Australia at Pioneer Park Racecourse this APRIL • The Alice Springs Cup Carnival from 8th April until 1st May 2017 has a full card of quality racing and events to keep everybody happy and is a great warm up to Warnnambool. • Day 1 of Carnival on the 8th April is Ladies Day and the prestigious Ladies Day Luncheon will once again be a draw card for all of our fancy dressed local ladies.

• Day 2 on the 15th April is Young Guns Day where our young eager race goers come out to enjoy a “Party at the Park”. • Day 3 on the 22nd April is Family Day with a full day of family activities onsite in our Periduki Marquee. • Day 4 on the 29th April is Pioneer Park Sprint Day and a warm up for Cup Day • Day 5 on the 1st May XXXX Gold Alice Springs Cup Day with an 8 race card and a 3 course Cup Day Luncheon. • But that’s not all there is, other events that are all absolute high lights of the cup weekend include the XXXX Gold Cup Luncheon, Calcutta and Yearling Sales which are held on Friday the 28th April and the Prestigious Cup Ball which is held after the Pioneer Park Sprint Day on Saturday the 29th. Sunday the 30th May play a round of golf with the Jockeys and Trainers and on Monday 1st May start your Cup day with a huge buffet luncheon in the Periduki Marquee. Its and event jam packed with things to do and its certainly one not to be missed. Tour Operators and guests alike who would like more information on packages available over the cup carnival please email or call 08 8952 4977 or visit www.alicespringsturfclub. Like Us on Facebook or follow us on Intstagram or twitter.



Gannon’s Ladies Cup Day Northam Race Club Sunday October 6th Images by Western Racepix







7 88








Cheri Joy, Jasmine Hodgkinson, Heather Sands, Rebecca Gordon 2. Hannah Hibbert 3. Natti Wootton, Silvana De Zotti, Kim Drowley, Rebecca Gordon, Heather Sands, Sarah Anderson 4. Elicia Anders, Elizabeth Winlow, Stacey Reynolds, Hayley Scott 5. Nikki Gogan, Elizabeth Winlow 6. Christine Dunkerton, Stacey Hunter, Jayde deBlecourt, Nikki Gogan 7. Jess Reidy, Ashleigh Ridgeway, Elizabeth Winlow 8. Todd Harvey, Hopetoun (NZ), Valerie Gannon 9. NRC Committee members Lou Dimasi, Ray Smith, Nikki Gogan & Ken Thomas behind sponsor Valerie Gannon 10. Hopetoun (NZ) ridden by Jason Brown, Trained by Robert and Todd Harvey in front of Bayella, Ridden by Brad Parnham, Trained Gary Hitchcock 11. Ladies enjoying the day 12. Nicole Bell, Tod Johnston, Willy Regan



Ascot Hats is a Brisbane millinery label specializing in bespoke racing hats and fascinators, bridal headpieces, and custom-made headwear for gentlemen. Leading milliner; Pamela Cameron has a fashion-forward focus with all hats, fascinators, and headpieces created as one-off designs. Ascot Hats beautiful creations have been worn at Buckingham Palace, Royal Ascot, Flemington, Royal Randwick, Eagle Farm and many other racing carnivals. You can purchase your own Ascot Hat from the ready to wear range in our online shop, or place an order online for a custom-made piece designed to match your outfit. Ascot Hats will work with you to create the bridal headpiece of your dreams. We can design an exquisite headpiece and veil to complement you and your gown and custom make headwear for the entire bridal party. Select 'Shop' to see the collections available now.


eorgia’s passion for millinery is a natural extension of her fashion and theatrical background. Once a dancer with The Australian Ballet Company, she infuses much of her work with a sense of drama and confidence. Georgia loves to create one-of-a-kind headpieces, flattering her clients for the races, wedding, or any special occasion. Whether you have strong ideas of what you desire and are looking for a headpiece to compliment your garment, or you don’t know where to start and need advice putting an outfit together, Georgia will help you bring your look to life. She also has a number of unique headpieces available for purchase at her studio. Call Georgia Skelton for a free consultation.


Contact Georgia Skelton

0432 406 369



errie Stanley is one of Australia’s most recognized and awarded milliners. Her sculptural and minimalistic designs managing to be both whimsical and elegant at the same time have adorned the heads of racegoers, brides, actors, models and lovers of style for over a decade. With a brand that’s perhaps best associated with racing, Kerrie’s headwear has been worn by over two dozen ‘Fashions-on-theField’ winners nationally. She has won the Oaks Day’s coveted Professional Millinery Award, and is highly sought after as both a judge and MC for Australia’s racing fashion events. Known as an innovative designer, Kerrie has a flair for utilizing unusual fabrications and materials and her pieces though fashion forward, still retain a sense of timelessness and versatility. As well as offering a bespoke service and ready to wear pieces, Kerrie is the director of Designer Hat Hire, a national online millinery hire business.


0412 670 865 AUTUMN/WINTER #24

y name is Kate, the creator, designer and stylist of J.A.R. M Millinery. J.A.R. Millinery offers personalised service for ladies and gents. Combining millinery experience within excess of forty years’ experience in the hairdressing/teaching profession enables me to give my clients great styling tips on all there is to know about how your hairstyle can compliment your headwear of choice for any occasion. J.A.R. Millinery designs and sculpts every headpiece on an individual basis. There are no two pieces the same. Pieces are available from the ‘Ready to Wear’ collection or you may choose to collaborate with myself to design a custom piece for your special occasion. From the simplest of headbands to a more elaborate headwear, the choice is yours and the sky the limit. These complimentary styling tips incorporate your overall look from head to toe for all of my clients wearying a J.A.R.Millinery creation.

0417 647 366


Hats Off to Adelaide Millinery Convention 9th - 15th July, 2017


y addiction and love affair with millinery has allowed me to create individual hats, which are designed with elegance to compliment your face shape and outfit selected to be worn. Your face is what people connect to. so your hat must also be memorable, I believe that our hat is just as important as a smile. Don’t hide behind it, show it off as it is part of who you are. During my short time as a milliner I have been very fortunate to have accomplished many awards which I have never taken for granted as I believe we leave a part of ourselves in our work in which we take pride.

Location: TAFE SA Adelaide City Campus Contact:

If you are interested in viewing any of my previous works there are quite a lot of images on the internet if you google Kerry Hayes Millinery, or you may contact me on my mobile number 043 426 5140 Melbourne, Australia. Kerry Hayes


ove Bonnie Jean is a boutique collection of bespoke millinery and beautiful accessories. Shopping is made seamlessly easy with a wide range of colours and styles !

Award Award Winning Winning Milliner

2015 Winner of FOTF Melbourne Cup & National Winner FOTF 2015, wore Lisa Schaefer Millinery. Bespoke orders welcome.

The last couple of years have been exciting having my millinery and accessories adorning the beautiful models in parades and photo shoots in Cairns. In 2014 Stacie Kidner (now Galeano), wore Love Bonnie Jean millinery for the Cairns Amateurs and the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Stacie won both days of fashions in Cairns and was sashed second runner up in Melbourne on Derby and Oaks Days, and was a top 10 finalist on Cup Day. My work has also won Best Millinery twice in Innisfail. I have some stunning clutch bags coming for Spring with Millinery to pair them with for a total look.

Debbie Fry

Specialising in unique millinery with a modern edge and timeless classic pieces.

e: love bonnie jean

debbie fry_lovebonniejean


BonnieJean Quarter page advert.indd 1

19/08/2016 1:17:36 PM


n o i t i t e p Melbourne International m o C Millinery I

n February 2017 The Essential Hat will be presenting the first Melbourne International Millinery Competition. Milliners from around the world are already registering to participate in this inaugral event. With almost $4,500 in prizes to win, we expect many more. The local hat buyers and fashionistas are excited to see what the competing milliners will be showcasing. During February the best of the entries will be privately exhibited to exclusively invited audiences within the hat wearing community. Register your interest in receiving a VIP invitation by emailing Later in February we will be holding our Grand Finale catwalk event at the National Trust’s Labassa Mansion in Melbourne when the winners of the competition will be announced. The Essential Hat wants to promote Australia and in particular Melbourne as the place to turn to for fashion headwear. We want to bring the international milliners to Melbourne as well as promote Australian millinery overseas. There is currently no “open to all” millinery competition in Australia and this would further help promote the fashion and millinery industry in Melbourne.

The 2017 Melbourne International Millinery Finale would give all participating milliners, both locally and internationally, to chance to present their work to a key audiwnce and help promote all our sponsors. Watch our Facebook page for further details. ynthia Jones-Bryson has been C designing and making amazing award winning millinery for the past 15 years. Studying Fashion Design at Canberra Institute of Technology followed by living in London for several years where she undertook a number of courses in Theatrical Millinery was the catalyst for her passion and addiction to all things headwear. Cynthia has a growing reputation with the racing elite and can boost making many pieces for the former Governor General Dame Quentin Bryce, a growing number of Fashion on the Field winners, as well as being a finalist in the 2014 Melbourne Cynthia had created an Cup Carnival Myer Millinery Award and inspirational Spring collection the winner of the same award in 2015. ‘Making a Statement’ Visit website for details:


hen considering your millinery choices this Spring Racing Carnival you will no doubt be looking for variety, style and elegance as well as fun, a bit of frivolity and most importantly, comfort. The Essential Hat, for 20 years now, has been providing all this and more. You can feel secure in the knowledge that we will be here on High Street all year round for bespoke hats, maintenance and alterations. This is our privilege and your peace of mind. Come to The Essential Hat this Spring and together we’ll design and make your essential hat.

The Essential Hat, where restrained elegance meets creative extravagance. 507 High Street, Prahran East – 03 9530 2266 – Photography by Fred Simon at Prix de Diane Longines 2016, Chantilly, France





ith summer drawing closer and the warmer weather setting in, there is no doubt that many Australians will be cracking open a cool beverage to escape the scorching heat. What better way to enjoy those summer days than with fresh fruit and alcohol? The answer is to combine those two wonderful items into one fun drink dispenser:

WineX is tapping into the potential of the watermelon by introducing an innovative product that turns ordinary fruit into a drink dispenser. The kit enables various fruits (watermelons, pumpkins, pineapples, rockmelons etc) to be easily transformed into a one-of-a-kind drink-dispensing keg. The simple-to-use shank and faucet combination is installed into a standard, hollowedout watermelon to provide effortless serving of all types of beverage creations.

hile many Aussies look at sunglasses as a way to block W the sun or reduce glare for better driving or playing sport, the benefits go much further. Director of Marketing

APAC & Middle East for Maui Jim, Nathan Fisher shares the top reasons why your eyes will suffer this summer if you don’t protect them! The right sunglasses help prevent skin cancer -The one place you can’t apply sunscreen is your eyes, leaving the thin, delicate skin around them, and your eyes themselves, unprotected. 5 to 10% of all skin cancer occurs around the eyes so look for the Skin Cancer Foundation seal the next time you shop for sunglasses. Wearing “non-protective” sunglasses is worse than going without - If sunglasses offer shade but not UVA and UVB protection, they’ll cause your eyes to dilate allowing more of those harmful rays in. Protecting the eye area keeps us younger for longer - Leaving your eyes exposed can cause premature ageing as you are faced by the potential damage of UV rays including sunburns on the eye’s surface, cataracts and macular degeneration. Allow you to see better in the dark - No, not by wearing your sunglasses at night. It’s about the time it takes your eyes to adjust from light to dark. Bright sunlight bleaches the photoreceptors and lengthens the time it takes your eyes to adjust but normally, your eyes should adapt fully to the dark within 30 minutes. Being in bright sunlight 2-3hrs can delay the adaptation by hours though so by protecting our eyes, we shorten that adaptation period making us better night drivers, skiers and dog walkers!

Available at leading kitchen and homeware retailers, wineries, liquor stores or online at:






recently launched eyewear brand has set its sights on protecting people’s eyes and purse strings, as well as removing their blindfold when it comes to luxury designer sunglasses, proving that a label doesn’t always mean maximum quality and protection. “At SoLEURS, we design all frames in-house, manufacture overseas and deliver straight to the customer and limited high quality retailers, therefore simplifying the process and cutting out the middle man, meaning a lower cost to the customer.” Inspired by the harsh yet beautiful Australian climate and landscape, all SoLEURS sunglasses come with polarised lenses and have been created with comfort and versatility in mind. The frames cut a timeless and elegant aesthetic, fitting for any occasion, from a leisurely bike ride, a round of golf, brisk jog or an outdoor business meeting, each design reflects the need for everyday wearability. Prices start at $149 including free shipping in Australia.

For more information visit:


or over 1000 years people have been using typical wine glasses to drink their favourite beverage. However, Winex has a revolutionary new invention - the Wine Sipper. This great conversation starter is the new fun way to enjoy a beverage disrupting the traditional way of drinking wine. The Wine Sipper, with its three steady legs and inbuilt straw, is the perfect way to sit back and enjoy your favourite glass of wine. The wine glass not only stands steadily on three legs to prevent toppling over but has an inbuilt straw to safely guide the wine straight to the lips so as to not miss a single drop of the delicious beverage. The hand blown sipper fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and sits firmly on a table. Available at leading kitchen and homeware retailers, wineries and liquor stores or online at





THE ESSENTIAL EDIBLE PHARMACY Sophie Manolas RRP $34.99 Available from Sophie Manolas, a clinical nutritionist, is passionate about showing people how they can eat their way to being the greatest and healthiest version of themselves. In this book she takes over 60 of the most commonly available nutrient-dense foods and explains exactly why each of these foods is so good for you. This is followed with a simple and delicious recipe for each ingredient that will entice even the fussiest tastebuds. Fully illustrated with gorgeous photographs, this practical reference book will supercharge your health and tingle your taste buds into life!

SLIM BUSINEZ Mark Cupples RRP $29.95 Available from RRP $8.95 Kindle version from For the cost of just two coffees, Mark Cupples’ new book called Slim Businez can change lives forever by showing people they can become their own diet and exercise expert to achieve their weight loss goal. Mark says “Perfect eating and perfect exercise programs are for perfect people and no-one is perfect. What we need is a perfect result that’s both practical and easy for people,” he said. “Hardly anyone likes starving, hard exercise or hiding from social events. Any diet that heads in that direction will have a high failure rate.”

HEARTFULNESS Dr Stephen McKenzie RRP $ 29.99 Available from: Mindfulness is a buzzword that is everywhere these days. But is there more to it than you might think? This book pushes through the boundaries so often imposed by a misinterpreted idea of mindfulness and dives into the vast, deep waters of heartfulness to help you live a fuller, more rewarding life.

Every chapter in Slim Businez provides practical tips that guide the reader to make a difference to the way they look and feel. Food suggestions are the old fashioned foods of meat, butter, traditional oils, cheese, fruit and vegetables. There was no epidemic of obesity, cancer, heart attack and stroke when people ate these foods pre 1900.


RRP $29.99 RRP $13.02

Available from Kindle version from

Our liver plays a crucial role in our overall wellbeing, affecting everything from our energy levels, our ability to fight diseases through to our metabolism. So, how can we keep it in good shape? Dry July ambassador Dr Cris Beer has written a research-based guide to keeping your liver healthy and fatty free. Dr Cris provides an abundance of tips, methods and delicious healthy recipes that all promote liver health, including a 7-day detox.


HARMONY IS SUCCESS Ken McLean RRP $29.99 Available from: Human life is based on the harmonious balance between four interconnected relationships, which, when practiced consciously, result in greater personal fulfilment, success and the powerful and free expression of our deepest Self. This is the premise behind. In the book, Ken, founder of the popular Shin Sen Dojo, draws upon decades of experience and studies, and outlines the importance of balancing the four relationships so you can live your greatest life through their expression.

Nicole T Harcourt RRP $97.00 Free for a limited time at Everyone has felt unhappy at times of struggle and stress, but many people have felt a lack of fulfilment or a sense of unhappiness in their lives even when achieving their deepest dreams and desires. In fact, according to a Stanford Study 86% of people never find fulfilment. This leads people to question why they are still not satisfied, further enhancing feelings of guilt and even depression. Nicole T Harcourt, has experienced this feeling of dread and actively made changes to her life to overcome these negative feelings. She created Evolved Life Visions, a life coaching program, in order to help others get past their own barriers and find their true life path. Over the past 15 years Nicole has helped A-list movie stars and celebrities, royalty, major corporations, elite athletes and overall high performers find fulfilment in their lives again.

Filled with practical exercises, meditations, charts, and examples, Harmony is Success shows readers how to live a life of deeper meaning and happiness.



MINDFULNESS ON THE RUN Dr Chantal Hofstee RRP $24.99


Packed full of practical exercises that can be done in minutes, this is mindfulness that can be done anywhere, anytime without the need for formal meditation practice. We all know how good mindfulness practice is for us, but how do you implement it in your life if you’re so busy that you simply don’t have time for anything else? This is precisely where Mindfulness on the Run can help. As a busy psychologist, wife and mother, Dr Chantal Hofstee has developed a quick, effective program that enables you to slot mindfulness into your life without the need for formal meditation practice.

BOOK REVIEWS THE SHAPE OF WATER By Anne Blythe-Cooper RRP $ 29.95 Available from Written by Anne Blythe-Cooper, The Shape of Water is a story which uses real facts and events to paint the story of what it was like to be a prominent woman in the 1800’s.

This catalogue says nothing of the hardships and aspirations of an invisible colonial woman who built in flesh and blood what the men around her built with water and stone.

Married to Peter Degraves, the famous businessman, entrepreneur and founder of Cascade Brewery, Sophia Degraves lived, like most women from her time, in the shadow of her husband. Nothing is known of her beyond the children she bore and the death she died.

The Shape of Water (RRP: $29.95, Forty South Publishing) sets about righting this injustice. Using history and brute fact, BlytheCooper has created a work that is no longer purely historical, but also not purely fictional. It is a gripping and informative narrative from an era when men were respected and women forgotten.



Scott Pape RRP $29.95 Available from

By Mark A White RRP $ 29.95 Available from The Real Estate Coach on 1300 288 665

A few years ago author Scott Pape lost everything he owned to a bushfire; years of memories, wedding photos, a flock of sheep, his son’s toys — all in ashes and broadcast on the nightly news. In that moment, Scott turned to his wife and baby son and made them a promise: ‘I got this’ — and over the next two years, he rebuilt everything they had lost.

The ‘How to’ Guide for preparing your property for Sold.

Losing everything inspired Scott to write The Barefoot Investor, – to show readers how they can become financially fireproof and have their own ‘I got this’ moment, no matter what they might face in life (losing a job, starting a family, getting sick, retirement). Practical, inspiring, even laugh-out-loud funny, The Barefoot Investor is a finance book readers will actually enjoy. Author Scott Pape has been voted “Australia’s most trusted finance expert.”

Selling a property can be such a daunting experience, but Mark’s book will assist you in understanding what any home owner can do to enhance their chance of selling for the best price and in the shortest amount of time regardless of the market conditions.

RACING IN AUSTRALIA - GUIDE TO SEASON 2016/2017 Edited by Danny Power RRP $49.95 Available from It’s been eight years since the last edition of Racing In Australia, and now the Slattery Media Group is offering a revised edition on a print on demand basis. Racing In Australia remains the ideal reference point for participants—owners, trainers, jockeys, administrators, punters and the media—providing an in depth account of the history of Australia’s major races. The punting public will find the race analysis a welcome tool to finding a feature-race winner. The updated and upgraded guide features an extensive analysis of Australia’s Group 1 & 2 races— an extended coverage that studies the history of each race, its significance as part of Australia’s racing calendar, which lead-up races have provided the best

guide to future winners and how each Group race has influenced other feature races. Some of our leading trainers and owners have used the Racing In Australia’s Group race analysis to help plot the right path for their spring and autumn campaigns. All the past winning jockeys and trainers of Australia’s Group 1 and 2 races have been listed and the quirky facts behind each of these races make for fascinating reading, with each race including a list of jockeys and trainers who have won each race. Every year, since we last published, media hacks have been asking us when the next edition is coming— well, here it is!

MICK AND THE CLEANER Peter Staples RRP $24.95

Available from

It was in Launceston in February 2011 that battling horse trainer Mick Burles and a gelding called The Cleaner began their racetrack journey that was to make its mark on the landscape of the Australian turf. The Cleaner, bought two years earlier at a yearling sale for just $10,000 by three of Burles’ golfing mates when the trainer didn’t have the money himself, finished 13th in a field of 14 maidens. The first-up flop went on to win 19 of his 54 races for Burles and earn more than $1.3 million in prize money. Much loved as battlers in a world of bluebloods, Mick and The Cleaner would garner a cult-like following, with fanfare at a frenzy in 2014 when

the horse Mick called Bill became the first Tasmanian-trained runner in the Cox Plate. By the time their partnership ended just over a year (and another run in the Cox Plate) later, the two underdogs were national identities, with some likening the partnership to that of Tommy Woodcock and the legend Phar Lap. In December 2015, Mick’s world was torn apart when the same friends who stepped in to buy the horse when Burles didn’t have “10 grand”, sacked him and removed The Cleaner from the stables he had called home for close to seven years. In Mick and The Cleaner, the remarkable rise of the two unlikely heroes, and all the facts of how and why this pair were split, is exclusively revealed.



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Ladies in RACING Summer/Autumn 2016/16 Issue 26  
Ladies in RACING Summer/Autumn 2016/16 Issue 26