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Standarize Title Format

Teams AIESEC Univ_Name Term Teams_Name Ex: AIESEC UI 1314 Information Management For Sub-Functional AIESEC Univ_Name Term Functional – Sub Functional Ex: AIESEC UI 1314 Information Management and Branding – Intel For Expansion & SU AIESEC Univ_Name Term Official Expansion/Expansion/ Specialize Unit Ex: AIESEC PU 1314 Official Expansion For Projects AIESEC Univ_Name Term Project_Name Ex: AIESEC UI 1314 Ecotourism

Every supporter should be written like: 1.  Finance and Governance 2.  Information Management and Branding 3.  Marketing Communication 4.  Human Resource 5.  Program Delivery 6.  Member Development 7.  Expansion and Exchange Development 8.  External Relations 9.  Alumni and BoA 10.  Business Development

Exchangers format should be : OGX GCDP, OGX GIP, ICX GCDP, ICX GIP. If written ‘oGCDP, oGIP, iGCDP, iGIP’, considered to be wrong

Sub-Functional Name 1. 




5.  6. 

Information Management and Branding >> Intel >> Brand Marketing Communication >> Public Relation >> Media Relation >> Youth Event Program Delivery >> TMP/TLP Delivery >> GCDP Delivery >> GIP Delivery >> Recruitment Member Development >> Tracking and Assessment >> Mentorship and Discovery >> Educational and Motivational Expansion and Exchange Development >> Expansion Tracker Alumni and BoA >> Alumni Relation






Business Development >> Governance and Corporate Relation >> Non-Corporate Relation OGX GCDP >> Exchange Process >> Research and Relation OGX GIP >> Exchange Process >> Research and Relation ICX GCDP >> TN Process >> Quality and Service ICX GIP >> Current Market Corporate >> New Market Corporate >> Non-Corporate >> Quality and Delivery

Files AIESEC Univ_Name Term − File Name Ex: AIESEC UI 13/14 - CEM Task 3 : Current State

Wikis AIESEC Univ_Name – Project Name* Files Name Ex: AIESEC UI – Ecotourism Financial Report * Optional. If there is no project name write it like this: Example : AIESEC UI – Financial Report

REMEMBER •  Title Format:

First letter should always be in capital. You can’t use ALL CAPSLOCK nor all in small letter.

•  Everyone that needs IM promotes should create Wikis & Teams first in And after that, Virtual Manager will deal with the promotion. •  For Ebs, don’t forget to assign role for your Managers and Staffs to appropriate role in Deadline: July 7th 2013.

Standarize myaiesec net title format  
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