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In-Kind Partnership Booklet

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AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

Kofi A. Annan Ex-General Secretary, The United Nation Alumni of AIESEC

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AIESEC in Brief What is AIESEC?

“AIESEC is a global, non – political, independent, not-for- profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national ethnic or social origin.”

What We Envision

“Peace and fulfillment of human kind’s potential.”

Our Impact

“Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact on society.”

The Way We Do It

“AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, International internships and participation in a global learning environment.”

In-Kind Partnership Booklet


In-Kind Partnership Booklet

AIESEC Programmes

AIESEC in Numbers Founded in 1948 +86,000 Members +1,000,000 Alumnis 10,000 Leadership Opportunities 10,000 Internships

4,000 Partners 1,600 Universities 470 Conferences 113 Countries 64 Years of Experiences

AIESEC Universitas Indonesia Founded in 1984, AIESEC UI was initially an UKF (Unit Kegiatan Fakultas) FEUI but in 2009 AIESEC UI became an UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) Universitas Indonesia. AIESEC UI has won ASIA PACIFIC REGIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2013 in Singapore

In-Kind Partnership Booklet

AIESEC UI in Words Rank in global

AIESEC UI is on the top 2 for Global Community Development Program in wide world Rank in national AIESEC UI has the highest number of exchange participants among all the local committees in Indonesia. (Source: AIESEC International report July 2012 on

AIESEC UI’s network

Since 2010 we have already made some cooperation with some top seed universities in many countries such as: - Ateneo De Manilla University, The Philippines - Shanghai International Studies University, Mainland of China - Taylor University, Malaysia - University of Kocaeli, Turkey - Lublin University of Technology, Poland - Miskolc University, Hungary

IT IS TIME TO SUPPORT US. QUESTION WHY? AIESEC’s activities run throughout the year on a local, national and global level. Activities in AIESEC can offer you targeted exposure and quality interaction with dynamic and professional AIESEC members and university students.

Media to Increase People Awareness of The Product

For the in-kind partnership, company can expose the company’s product. By partnering with AIESEC, company can also use it as a marketing communication platform through public relations to hundred participants.

Global Scope of Promotion

By partnership with AIESEC, company has more chances to expose the company’s brand in national and also global scope in order to strengthen the position of the company. Your company will be known and recognized by the world because your company will be in our system ( where AIESEC’er all over the world can see it

In-Kind Partnership Booklet


Mutual Cooperation and Social Responsibility

The partnership is a strategic cooperation that is beneficial for AIESEC and the company. Being partner with AIESEC is a good way to fulfill the company’s social responsibility through our projects. Position your company as a socially responsible company that is a prominent supporter of youth development and sustainability.

Access to the Youth over the World

AIESEC is a global youth organizations where the company may have direct interaction with youth in the world.

Company Alignment

Align your company with the consistent theme of leadership and sustainability built into AIESEC activities and events.

Community Networking Expansion

Help create stronger links in the community and increase the involvement of businesses in student education and development.

In-Kind Partnership Booklet

This is how you can contribute to

society while having a global network with youth..

IT IS TIME TO SUPPORT US. QUESTION HOW? In-kind partnership can be in the form of giving materials needed by AIESEC UI or the replacement of production cost for those materials.

Host Family Program

Providing some places to live, it can be houses or dorms, or host-family for the exchange participants while in Depok, Jakarta, and surrounding areas.

Publication Materials

Providing the materials needed for AIESEC UI publications, can be in the form of funds to purchase materials or directly providing materials such as printings, promotional tools (posters, billboards, flyers, booklets, banners, promenade), advertising space, AIESEC's TVC and running text, etc.

Project’s Materials

Providing high quality materials and/or merchandise needed for running a project.

Project’s Accommodation

Providing the rent of venue or directly providing the venue needed to held a project or AIESEC UI’s events.

In-Kind Partnership Booklet


Providing company’s product that can be used for AIESEC’s activities or events.

Project’s Consumption and Transportation

Providing the consumption and transportation needed for the projects or events committee and participants.

In-Kind Partnership Booklet


In-Kind Partnership Booklet


AIESEC Local Committee Universitas Indonesia B Building, 1st Floor Faculty of Economics Kampus Baru Universitas Indonesia Depok 16424 Jl. Juragan Sinda II No.53 Postal Code 16524 Depok CP : 08568020782 / (Cyntha)

In Kind Partnership  
In Kind Partnership