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INTRODUCTION Jubail Pioneers International – General Contracting was established under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2004. For the last 9 years, JPI has demonstrated a passionate approach in delivering quality services in the execution of its government and industrial contracts while also providing world class general contracting services in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering technologies. We provide talented and experienced human resource arrangements for all of our government and industrial projects, as well as heavy equipment rental services and quality safety materials. Today, JPI is ranked as one of the best operations and management companies in Jubail as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the passage of time this company has become one of the most diverse and innovative establishments in the Saudi market. JPI started its business activities in the areas of government contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but through time, it has expanded its services to involve other valuable additions including Heavy Equipment rental/provision services and Human Resource services for recruiting talented and experienced employees for all managerial, skilled, and non-skilled positions. We are expanding our services in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, and the Oil and Gas sector with an increasing market share in Saudi Arabia’s most essential and ongoing projects. Jubail Pioneers International is playing a vital role in the development of the Eastern Province by providing turn-key construction solutions at reasonable prices while conforming to all laws and regulations related to safety and has mastered the art of finishing a project on time. Our success has led us to grow annually with rapid pace and we see tremendous potential in years to come. As a highly developed and progressive organization, JPI is embracing each new era with the same passion and zest it had 9 years ago during the initial start-up stage.

VISION - MISSION Jubail Pioneers International - General Contracting is established with major goals to achieve including the following: o Achieving a premium position in the contracting business and related activities in Saudi Arabia and regional markets. o Overcoming challenges in all areas of business and creating opportunities to grow ourselves and for our clients all over the Kingdom. o Making solid contributions towards expanding the Saudi economy and fostering consistent growth. o Establishing long term business relationships with our active partners to develop value and maintaining continuity in working relationships for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in internal and external markets. o Accelerating the development of the region by providing cutting-edge technologies and providing its clients an easy approach to implement or upgrade.

SERVICES Jubail Pioneers International – General Contracting offers its services in the following areas to its respected clients: o Contracting services in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical technologies. o Talented and experienced Human Resources. (Manpower Staffing) o Heavy Equipment Rental Services. o Quality Safety Materials.

CONTRACTING SERVICES IN CIVIL JPI offers a complete range of civil contracting services in all areas ranging from commercial and residential to Industrial and petro-chemical sectors. We have worked hard to create and establish our reputation in this area and have become among the leaders of civil contracting services. Our skilled managerial and employment capabilities in the field of civil engineering and allows us to overcome all types of complexities in order to provide our valued clients and government agencies on-time services with consistently high quality standards. Since our inception in the regional markets of Saudi Arabia, our business has developed tremendously and we have gained specialized experience in the field of civil works. Our quality of work has led us to win numerous safety awards from Saudi governmental authorities. We have developed a world class safety management system that ensures Jubail Pioneers International as a forefront in safety measurement in the civil construction industry. We are capable of handling all types of civil construction works including office buildings, custom offices, retail interiors, and commercial construction spaces. We provide our clients with all types of building construction solutions with up to the mark services and have dominated the Saudi Arabian regional markets with the combination of civil expertise and financial backing with desired capital requirements. Our services involve the following important points: o Turn-Key Residential and Commercial Construction. o Specialized talent in design-build minarets for mosques. o Landscaping. o Economies of scale related to cost effective construction.

JPI has recruited and trained highly qualified and experienced civil professionals for ensuring world class contracting services in the civil construction sector. All of our operational activities involve proportioning, placing, mixing, transporting, compacting, finishing and curing concrete works according to the demands of our clients. We never compromise on quality and always ensure the satisfaction to the highest degree. We also provide our civil contracting services in the areas of water supply construction, collection and disposal of solid and liquid waste with sewage treatment works, along with supervising fabrication and erection of steel works according to our client needs

CONTRACTING SERVICES IN ELECTRICAL JPI has the ability to manage a wide range of electrical solutions for our clients in compliance to their specialized requirements. We are very confident in ensuring that our clients receive a quality service while not overlooking safety and reliability requirements on all types of industrial and commercial projects, regardless of size. Our managerial and electrical engineers and technicians are very competent, some have more than 20+ years experience in the field and our clients have always been satisfied with our services as we have been consistently exceeding QC expectations. Our services in electrical technology are developed with long-term value in mind, ensuring low levels of maintenance, while also dealing with expansion, upgradability, and optimization of life cycles in mind. JPI ensures quality services in construction management, vast experience in industrial and advanced technology which results in an ideal situation with which overall cost of projects can be minimized. We are focused on the efficient delivery of our services and have experience facing and overcoming challenges of projects by the application of cutting-edge research and techniques. JPI specializes in Electrical technology in the following categories: o Providing low cost solutions of low voltage systems including panel boards, switch boards, switchbacks of classified and non-classified installations, and AC/ DC distribution systems in all types of buildings. o Managing medium voltage systems with top quality switchgears of different functionality according to customer needs, compact and secondary substations, with mobile and portable power centers. o Our automation and control systems offer world class staging andinstrumentation,we provide installation of products ranging from controlboxes, protection and control relays, to programming and building software management systems. o We provide training and consulting services in engineering, system designs, andCAD management software. o JPI provides all types of industrial electrical project services, electrical cabling work, panel installation, and testing services at all levels.

CONTRACTING SERVICES IN MECHANICAL Jubail Pioneers International – General Contracting uses main principles of mechanical engineering in all its services including design, development, and utilization of machines, tools, materials, structures, instruments, processes in line with international standards. We take pride in providing advice, developing feasibility studies, preliminary and final plan preparations, consultation services, installation, inspection, and evaluation of engineering projects and all areas including commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. Through partnerships and talent from around the globe, we are able to provide a list of mechanical contracting services to our clients with confidence that our job done will pass any quality control test known in the industry. We specialize in the following areas for our mechanical services: o o o o o

Industrial Piping Instrumentation Pipe Fabrication Plumbing Boilers and Chillers

HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES OR MANPOWER SUPPLY Human resource services or manpower supply has become very important in the Saudi Arabian markets due to the rapid expansion of industries in the Eastern Province and Saudi Arabia as a whole. We have a highly developed and organized HR department striving to meet our challenging human resources needs. The professionals working with us are very experienced and dedicated to managing the manpower needs of all of our project operations. The success of every project largely depends on a very dedicated and professional team sought out by our human resources department. JPI strives to become one of the leading project-oriented services support companies in the Eastern Province, where its projects are operational. At Jubail Industrial city, we have very motivated and experienced team of professionals arranging engineers, skilled workers, and technicians according to different projects we bid. Wework on a rigid system and arrange manpower according to our customer’s needs in allareas of professionalism including engineering, sales, administrations, and accounts departments for our valued clients.

HEAVY EQUIPMENT RENTAL JPI has taken all the necessary provisions to provide heavy equipment machinery on rental basis. We have the availability of heavy equipment for projects of any scale. You can feel free to contact us at our company contact details to meet your heavy equipment needs. Our specialists in equipment services facilities are present for our valued clients for processing plants, civil projects, large office based buildings, commercial buildings, residential villas and multi-dwelling housing. We set the performance standard for complete industrial equipment solutions. Among the extensive sector of industry, we supply rental equipment to companies in the following sector: petrochemical, contracting, and facility management. Our range of Equipments Include: o o o o o o o o o

Cranes Bobcats Excavators Forklifts Generators Trucks & Trailers Man-lifts Compact Rollers Graders

HIGH QUALITY SAFETY MATERIALS JPI strongly believes in the safety of its work force and its clients. We do not compromise on safety of any kind on any given circumstance. We believe the work force behind any company is its backbone and JPI likes to stand strong among its competition. We make sure that our workers are adequately trained with fall protection systems, have the best supervisory services offered to our employees, and enforce that required safety precautions are taken in the protection of our workers. We have a highly developed safety and occupational health policy to ensure the safety of our technical staff and skilled workers on our different projects. We review of our safety policy once a year and setup all the necessary safety programs for their implementation. Supervisors at JPI ensure that the workers are working according to the rules and regulations of protective gear and necessary measures and precautions are taken according to designated regulations of the company.

CONCLUSION Jubail Pioneers International has a reputation not only for its engineering skills, but also for the professional competence of its project managers. Our managers are highly regarded for their ability to complete time bound projects in record time, without sacrificing quality in any way. In order to obtain the best possible materials at the most competitive prices, the company employs procurement specialists, engineers and market researchers. It is their responsibility to track, assess, schedule, and plan the purchasing of materials, and keep updated with the latest market trends and innovations. One of our major advantages as a company is our ability to work in operating facilities while not slowing down normal facility production. We have the capability of working with facility schedules and personnel to maximize construction productivity and reduce the cost of construction. We develop sequencing to minimize and frequently eliminate the need for shutdowns. We provide the manpower to complete projects in the required schedule. Through an extensive knowledge base as a company, we are able to incorporate creative means and methods to phase the work and come up with better solutions. What we bring to every job is better ways of doing things. On most projects we are a one-point-of-contact contractor that transforms plans or an idea into something that meets or exceeds your expectations.


Jubail Pioneers International  

Jubail Pioneers International

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