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I Like W h at Yo u ’ r e Wearing Fall 2011

Autum Color

It’s time for smarter shades.

Photography: David Cutts Hair/ Makeup: Dari Ada So Model: Olivia Gossett Styling: Olivia Gossett Director: Olivia Gossett Producer: Olivia Gossett

Dress: Kelly Nishimoto Necklace: Darrell Roach

Dress: Kelly Nishimoto

Mixing like-tones with contrasting shades makes for an interesting outfit dynamic. And a ribbon to cinch, doesn’t mean we need to pull all the way. So long as there’s some shape and thought, be a little fashion devil and don’t use clothing’s toold to the fullest.

Dress: Science and Numbers Gloves: Gaspar

Top: 8-Limbs Neck Piece: 8-Limbs Pants: Kelly Nishimoto

Bright doesn’t have to mean colorful.

And coloful doesn’t have to mean bright.

Top: Chelsea Flower Skirt: Kelly Nishimoto

Do wear red.

Dress: Mike Vensel Ring: Darrell Roach

We too often forget about red. How sad. Rejoice that this season we give rebirth to the dramatic, emotional color. But, none of this orangey-red BS, true reds please. Otherwise, I wouldn’t write red, I’d write orangey-red, Silly. And, while we’re on the topic, here’s to trying some new lip shades. Deep purples and other like-hues are popping up on lips all around town, where fashion savvy ones are found. British red lips are always classic and fun, but this fall 2011 really allows for some even deeper tones.

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