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Joanne Hobbs Taking Up The Challenge

Kelly Burstow Be A Fun Mum

Deborah Candler A Fascination With Forward

Vanessa Gibson The Girl Next Door

Jodene Watling Creating A Swell

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Pastel Passion

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Editor’s Letter


started the year with high expectations; it was, after all, the year I would turn 40! Childbearing was behind me (thank goodness for that!) and for the most part, sleepless nights too; my family and I were beginning to settle into our new city and we loved the church God had placed us in. So when the word was gently whispered as I was praying one day, I promptly assumed a full and romantic understanding of what God was going to do. ‘Flourish’, the Spirit said to me and my mind leapt in agreement, “Yes! It is time to flourish, that is just how I feel”. I was full of excitement and hope for all the amazing and success-filled experiences God was going to give me this year. Within two weeks I headed off to the Colour Conference in Sydney with my mum and sister. I was away having girly time; lots of coffee and a bit of chocolate (ok, maybe a lot of chocolate) and interviewing remarkable people like Helen Burns… Yep, this flourishing thing is awesome God! Life is good.

I was even more astounded when Bobbie Houston stood on stage and declared that the word God had given her was to see women ‘Flourish’… knock me over with a feather duster! Standing in line with the zillion other women at the Colour merchandise section later that day, I found a t-shirt that had the word ‘Flourish’ emblazoned across the front. I snapped it up faster than a pair of heels at a Myer stocktake sale! This was going to help that conference buzz last throughout the year. I could have flown home from Sydney to Brisbane without the help of the airline, I was on such a high, but as I walked through the front door bubbling with enthusiasm and love, I was met by the sight of my unwell, precious daughter. During the following months we battled through illness week in and week out as a family. 4 |

Feeling down one day, I sat on my bed wanting to cry from a tiredness that reached beyond the physical. I felt overwhelmed and said, “God what happened to that word flourish? This is not flourishing!” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the t-shirt I had bought at the Colour Conference, with the word “Flourish” shining like a beacon and I suddenly knew what I had to do. Job 22:28 says “Decree a thing, and it shall be established”. Right then I knew I had to get up and put on that t-shirt and proclaim the word that God had placed on my life months ago. It was liberating to don it in a tangible form. It not only clothed me physically, but spiritually. I went from wearing rags to wearing riches in a moment. When we journey through a season of challenge, it is easy to begin to rely on our feelings and the circumstances for our ‘truth’. However, it not about what we feel, it is about what we believe. The absolute truth is what God says in His word – this is the favourable environment that will lead to us flourishing. We often look at the beautiful end result of someone who has flourished and what we forget, or I do, is that the word ‘flourish’ is a verb that means to ‘grow or develop’ – this takes work. A true flourish occurs in the midst of our challenges. Women who have been through a flourish time and are shining because they trusted in God’s goodness, love and faithfulness have inspired this issue of Indulge. Be encouraged in your journey, girls, to allow the ‘flourish’ to do its work and plant yourself firmly in that favourable environment of God’s word.

Love Charissa



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Taking Up The Challenge {08} Joanne Hobbs - Teen Challenge Qld

Flourish - What does it mean? {16} Nicky Hurle


Be A Fun Mum {20} Kelly Burstow

A Fascination With Forward {28} Deborah Candler

Forgiveness - Freedom 2 Flourish {30} Candice Schmidt


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The Girl Next Door {34} Vanessa Gibson

Creating A Swell {44} Jodene Watling

Pastel Passion {48}

Spring Fashion Special

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Taking Up The Challenge

Joanne Hobbs Indulge | October/November 2012 | 9

Taking Up The Challenge Words: Joanne Hobbs - Executive Director Teen Challenge Qld Photography: Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography


ur lives take so many unexpected turns; some you’re prepared for and some you feel totally out of your depth with. How do you respond when something comes from left field and totally takes your breath away? The answer is you dig deep and you hold on to God.

For many years I was in senior management on the Pastoral team at Northside Christian Church (now Nexus). I loved what God had called me to, but after being on staff for a number of years I sensed the season was changing and that God was asking me to move on. John Lewis was the Senior Pastor at that time and after talking things through with him I knew without a doubt that the season was about to

10 |

change. I was sad, yet in my heart I felt God had been preparing me so the decision wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. I planned to have some time out and then to work on a business idea I had. I was excited thinking that this was the next door God was opening for me, but I could not have imagined what was just around the corner. It wasn’t until I finished at Northside and found myself at home that I realised I felt so incredibly tired. I didn’t take much notice of this at the time as I just assumed it was because of the crazy lifestyle I had just stepped out of. I was working on my business idea, but everything just seemed too hard; nothing seemed to be working. Then a number of very disappointing and personally

challenging things happened in quick succession; I remember feeling so discouraged and wondering what on earth was happening. I had hardly taken a breath from a particularly heartbreaking situation that was happening in our family when we were devastated by the terribly wrenching news that our much loved son had a serious drug problem. We were in shock; our precious son whom we had fought for all his life was now addicted to drugs. Our son was born with a serious illness so we had fought the fight of faith for him all of his life and now we were facing another intense battle. The first thing you do as a parent is to blame yourself. You feel responsible and totally inadequate to deal with the situation; we didn’t know where to start. I remember our son crying in our lounge room

“The first thing you do as a parent is to blame yourself...” saying ‘I’ve tried so many times to stop but I can’t.’ We took him to a Christian doctor who specialised in this area and he prepared us for the worst, saying that he would have terrible withdrawal symptoms and that we would have to keep a close eye on him. After the appointment, we were crossing the road to the car and he stopped me in the middle of the street and looked into my eyes and said, “Mum I never want you and Dad to blame yourselves.” I was grateful to him for saying that, but the truth was I did blame myself. I wondered what we could have done differently. We took him home, prayed over him and braced ourselves for what was ahead. The first night he slept, had one cold sweat and no withdrawal symptom. It was a miracle! We were so thankful to the Lord, but many challenges lay ahead of us. He had been arrested and his trial was looming; his barrister was

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 11

quite definite that he would go to jail. This news was beyond devastating. I wasn’t coping well and my family was very concerned as this was so out of character for me. There were so many pressures mounting from all sides and our financial situation was deteriorating, so I reluctantly went back to work. A very dear friend of mine offered me a job and I returned to fulltime work. I felt like I was in a deep black hole and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t claw my way out. I’ve never been a person that suffers from depression, but I was starting to wonder if that’s what was happening to me. My thoughts were dark, I had no motivation, I was chronically tired, I would continually have to hold back tears and I couldn’t concentrate; I felt like I was going crazy. During my lunch break at work one day when I was in a coffee shop, my son rang and told me he had just spoken with his lawyer and that the trial date had been set and that he was advised to prepare himself for a jail sentence. I ended the call and then I just fell apart right in the middle of the coffee shop. I managed to get myself outside and I rang my friend at work who rushed down and then called my family to collect me.

12 |

Anyone who knows me would realise that this was so out of character for me. Not long after that a dear friend told me that she had a dream and in this dream she saw me fading away; she urged me to go and see a doctor. I eventually gave in and made an appointment. After blood tests the doctor phoned and asked to see me immediately. I knew that didn’t sound good, so I left work and walked to the doctor’s surgery which was close by. He told me that my iron levels where virtually non-existent and was

“I refuse to have any other agenda except for His.” adamant about putting me in hospital immediately, but I refused. He said, “I don’t think you know how serious this is,” and wouldn’t let me leave until he phoned a specialist to discuss my case. They finally allowed me to go home if I promised to make an appointment immediately to see a specialist. After a battery of tests and a number of iron infusions they finally diagnosed me with Pernicious Anaemia. My specialist said in all his years he had never had anyone with a reading as low as mine. He also said it was a miracle that I was still standing, let alone working full time and running a home; however I

understood that it was because of God’s mercy and sustaining power. I was relieved because now it explained why I wasn’t coping. Of course this didn’t make what was happening with our son any easier, but at least I knew I wasn’t going crazy. The day of the court case was one of the longest days of my life. I remember saying, “Lord you promised You wouldn’t give us any more than we could bear and Lord I’m at my limit; please have mercy.” My husband and I wrote letters to the Judge prior to the court case and another miracle took place; our son was given two years parole and no jail sentence. Our barrister couldn’t believe what happened in the courtroom; the judge stopped proceedings in the middle of our defence and said I’m going to read the letters his parents sent to me, which she did. The judge then looked up and said, “now I will tell you what I think should happen to this young man.” We all dissolved into tears and gave much thanks to our miracle working God. God worked many more miracles over the next few months and now our son has completed a mechanical apprenticeship and has just been promoted to assistant manager. Our God is an awesome God. Not long after this I went to work for the State Government on a two week contract. I’d never worked for Government before and within nine months I was working for one of the Deputy Director Generals. This is unheard of in Government, but I believe so much in the favour of God and I pray this often. I was very grateful for the job, but I must admit there were times when I would ask the question, “What am I doing here? There is nothing in this job that breathes life into me.” It was a very busy position and I worked long hours. It was during this time that a mutual friend told me about the position at Teen Challenge. My first response was absolutely not. In fact that was my response three further times when it was bought to my attention. However on the fourth time I said to Indulge | October/November 2012 | 13

my husband, “I think I owe it to God and myself to see if there is anything in this.” Of course the rest is history. Now I look back (hindsight is invaluable), and I can see how God has used every part of my journey to prepare me for this next season. Not that God is the author of all the devastating things that happened to our family, but He will use what the devil meant for destruction and turn it around for our good. This is one of those “suddenlys” that the Bible talks about. I have now been the Executive Director of Teen Challenge Qld for 18 months and I am so in love with what God has called me to do. I remember reading the Cross and Switchblade written by Rev David Wilkinson, the founder of Teen Challenge, when I was a new Christian. That book so impacted my life and now years later I am working for this amazing organisation. Luke 4:18 has always been very special to me because it describes the passion of my heart. I love to see the broken hearted healed and the captives set free and every day in Teen Challenge I get to work with the most amazing people who all have the same heart beat, which is to see young people’s lives transformed. Last November we opened the doors of our Women’s Centre in Toowoomba and welcomed our first young women. This was such a milestone for Teen

14 |

Challenge as it meant we no longer had to turn parents away who were desperate to find help for their young daughters. We are one of the only organisations that offer residential help to men and women as young as 16 who are struggling with addictions and other life controlling issues. I travel to our centres in Toowoomba very regularly, and for me one of the highlights is the time I spend interacting with the young men and women in our care. I quite often choose to do overnight shifts with our girls, as it gives me an opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level. Just recently I was talking with one of our girls who said, through tears, “Coming to Teen Challenge was the best decision of my life”. She also said, “You know Jo, I made up my mind that if this didn’t work that I was going home to do something drastic.” My heart broke. I said, “Lord, how many more young people are feeling just like she is?” I am so aware that I could not fulfil my position without the Lord. I live by the principle of John 15:5, “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” I refuse to have any other agenda except for His. I realise what an extraordinary privilege it is to lead Teen Challenge Qld and I am committed to doing all we can to see more young lives transformed. Teen Challenge has been established in Queensland

for over 40 years and God has been so amazingly faithful over that time. Most people don’t realise that our core business of rehab is not government funded, so that means that we have to generate funds to run both facilities in Toowoomba through donations, fundraising events and sponsorships. As you can imagine, a lot of my time is spent in this space, but I have been blessed with some amazing people that God has divinely connected me with over the last 18 months. You truly learn to live in a deeper level of faith and trust.

men aged 16 – 29 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. New Hope House is designed to be more than just a roof over a young person’s head; it provides an opportunity for young people to make positive lifestyle choices and receive individual case management.

At Teen Challenge we are passionate about giving young men and women, suffering from life controlling problems such as addictions, depression, self-harm, eating disorders etc., a second chance at life. Some of the young people that come through our doors are so broken that it is only God who can reach into their heart to bring healing and provide hope.

I am so aware that without God I can do absolutely nothing and I am dependent upon Him for everything. I am blessed and it is my deep desire to be a blessing to all those God brings into my life. #

God loves each one of us unconditionally; therefore we are compelled to demonstrate that same love to those whom God brings into our path. His love reaches into the brokenness of the human heart bringing healing and restoration. Our New Life Centres are located in a beautiful rural setting in Toowoomba and we offer help to young men and women between the ages of 16 and 29. We also have Crisis Accommodation on the north side of Brisbane that offers assistance to young

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 15

Fully Live Our Unique Role In Serving Him! Words: Nicky Hurle Image: Dryicons

16 |


hat does it mean to flourish? According to it means to “be in a vigorous state; thrive: to be in its or in one’s prime; be at the height of fame, excellence, influence: to be successful; prosper: to grow luxuriantly, or thrive in growth, as a plant.” In the Bible there are a few references to flourishing and thriving in Psalms and Proverbs and it seems to me that it is something that happens to those who are righteous. Walking in prosperity comes down to obedience, observing what God requires and following his statutes. The oft quoted Jeremiah 29:11 is rarely followed up by the following two verses which contain the proviso for prosperity: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” To know the prosperity of the Lord, to thrive and to flourish, we must call on Him, and seek Him with our whole heart, walking in obedience and maintaining a righteous life. How many of us can say that this is truly how we walk with Christ? Surprisingly, many Christians put more effort into their garden than they do their relationship with God. Spring arrives and out we go into the heady sunshine armed with spade, fork and hoe; secateurs in hand, we clear away the dead heads of the winter past, clipping and pruning, shaping and paring so that the new growth can emerge. We prepare the soil for the fledgling plants, digging, turning over, breaking up the clods of earth, removing weeds and rocks; then we add fertiliser, compost, potting mix; we bed down the seeds, bulbs and sprouting plants, patting down the surface and smoothing the dirt, pour over the water, sprinkle the snail bait, perhaps include a stake for extra strength or a net cover for protection; and we stand back and survey our work and declare everything ‘good’.

As the garden begins to take shape and burgeoning blossoms, flowers and fruits appear, we tend their delicate lives with care, weeding out the foreign and gently feeding and nurturing the tender shoots. The colours, the aromas, the buds and blooms are sculpted by nature as we stand back and watch the fulfilment of promise take form. The time and effort that we put in sees its reward as we delight in the fruits of our labours... brought to maturity by the sun and the rain, our tending and cultivation, we harvest the greens for our table, the fruit for our lips and flowers to bring into our homes a bright bouquet of life and colour which lightens our day. There is no dwelling on the previous death of the garden, the miserable weather and the forlorn plants... there is no straining forward to what will be in the seasons to come... there is the now and the enjoyment of what is, the fruits of our labours. When you think about the analogy, that is what the

“Walking in prosperity comes down to obedience, observing what God requires and following His statutes.” Christian life should be! But how much time do we spend on tending our growth in God? In fertilising our minds with the Word and allowing His living water to pour out upon our upturned souls? Do we place our trust in him and bloom where he has planted us or are we always looking back or forward and missing the now? Maybe as spring becomes summer, it is time for a little gardening of the soul, a clearing of the mind and a cutting away of the detritus in our lives? Ask the Almighty Gardener to get digging deep in the dirt of your life... what resentments will be unearthed? Which rocks of unforgiveness need exhuming into the light? How many temptations and anxieties of this world need to be exposed and turned over? What can He cut away? Bad habits, lack of selfIndulge | October/November 2012 | 17

control, intolerance, materialism, independence and unrighteousness? Cry out to him with the words of the Newsboys song ‘Thrive’: “Will You lift me up with tender care? Will You wash me clean in the palm of Your hand? Will You hold me close so I can thrive? When You touch me, that’s when I know I’m alive.” Read the word with renewed focus, allowing it to take root deep in your heart, let the blood of the lamb wash you whiter than snow and look to where your help comes from. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful ... Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:1-5) To truly flourish though, we must bloom where we are planted... stop looking back to what once was... it has gone, it is a memory; stop looking for a means of escape or somewhere else to be... we are never tested beyond what we can bear. Instead we must live for the now; live each moment as if it were our last, lift up our head, stand tall, not giving the devil a foothold and remaining firmly rooted in Him. He will guide our path and give us the strength for what each day brings. His life giving presence will be with us and in us and we will reach greater heights than we ever thought possible. We will FLOURISH; Fully Live Our Unique Role In Serving Him! V

18 |

Nicky is a talented and passionate educator who has taught in both Primary and Secondary school in a career that is a vocational calling. She has a Biblical Diploma and a recently completed Masters in Gifted Education. Her involvement with young people spans more than twenty years in various roles including youth leader and mentor. Nicky is currently a House Parent at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra where, with her husband David, she is responsible for looking after the welfare of residential athletes. She is presently writing her first novel and loves reading, movies and music.

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Indulge | October/November 2012 | 19

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Kelly Burstow

Be a Fun Mum

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 21

22 |

Words: Charissa Steffens Photography: Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography


eing a mum is a tough gig! Parents the world over know that some days can be harder than others. Life with children is a constant balancing act between the flurry of every day commitments and simply stopping long enough to enjoy the precious moments with our children. It is for this reason that Kelly Burstow decided to start blogging about her escapades with her four children Adelaide, Mackenzie, Jamie and Harrison. Before she even knew what was happening, she found her “Be A Fun Mum” blog and Facebook site flourishing as thousands of people visited her regularly to be inspired. As a mum I really enjoyed the opportunity to sit down and chat with Kelly about her love for family and writing, and I found myself stirred by our conversation to truly learn to live in the moment with my children.

Can you share with us your journey to life as “Be A Fun Mum”? I grew up in Brisbane – Enoggera actually. We went to PNG when I was nine for two years; my parents were missionaries. I look back and see that time as a very important part of my growing up. I draw on some of those experiences, because we didn’t have many toys as we were in a very remote village. It was the best childhood! We did three hours of schoolwork a day. We had cats we loved to play with, rode our bikes, climbed trees – it was really free and it was a special time of growing up. I like to tap into that time and try to create those kinds of memories with my kids. After that my husband and I married quite young… we were only twenty. We met at church; we were both in the band and started dating when we were 16. We moved around quite a bit as my husband is training to be a surgeon and that has meant several shifts due to his career path over the years. In terms of starting “Be A Fun Mum”, I actually went to do some courses at university when I was pregnant with my third child and the lecturer there really took an interest in my writing. She was very encouraging and helped me a lot. That sparked an interest in writing for me. Growing up I felt like I had to work extra hard at English, so I thought I wasn’t very good at it and I never really felt confident in that area, but

this lecturer gave me a passion for writing. I started the blog because I needed a voice when I was coming out of post-natal depression. So I married writing and that need for a voice and that is how it started. Eleven years ago Post-Natal wasn’t well recognised and I was undiagnosed for quite awhile. You talk about growing up with missionary parents,what does faith mean to you? Everything. It is interesting, it defines me and it is who I am. God has done everything for me; He has given me opportunities and uses everything. He has given me such a joy and passion for living. When you went through that period in your life of post-natal depression, what did your faith mean to you then? Was it an anchor or did you struggle with it? It was a very dark time and looking back I can really see how God used that. Like anything, if you allow Him to, He can really bring good out of anything and I am a testament to that. He used that time to change me in ways that I didn’t think were possible. He used it to break down some of the barriers I had put up in myself and build me back up. It is a continuing process to be the person He wants me to be. I am so grateful because that point was instrumental for my growth and I feel grateful for that. Indulge | October/November 2012 | 23

My faith was an anchor during that time because it does feel like you need to just hang on and my faith held me fast. It was a difficult time and the depression became a new sort of normal for me. It wasn’t until much later when I broke out of it and I looked back that I thought “wow that was bad.” God just had his hand on me and I ended up seeing a doctor who was very quick to realise what was happening and I got some help, which was the beginning of my journey back. Be A Fun Mum has become a safe place for me and I have a spring in my step and renewed passion for life since I started blogging. Where did the title “Be A Fun Mum” come from? I always had that title in mind. I wanted it to be active, alive, inspiring! I didn’t want to teach anyone, I just wanted to share my own experiences and let those inspire other mums. I never intended or thought it would grow to the extent it has. Mums are obviously loving what you do with almost 25000 Facebook followers. How did that happen? Honestly (shakes her head), I’m not sure! I haven’t asked for one thing to do with that. My blog has taken me overseas and interstate and I have picked up many freelance writing jobs too. I also do some consulting on social media for individuals, brands and small businesses. My online presence has grown very organically, and I like that. It is like anything; if you invest in it and you are passionate about it, it grows and people catch on and it just develops a momentum as you become better known. How do you decide what content to post on Facebook and your blog? I run my Facebook like a microblog. It assists my blog, but it has its own identity. I put inspiring things, like a beautiful butterfly picture, to inspire you to paint. I try to engage my audience through interaction. 24 |

I talk much more personally on my blog than I do on Facebook. I do a variety of posts; there are the useful posts like “105 ways to enjoy nature with kids” which was tweeted about 70 times. Then, when I talk about more personal issues and events, I find I receive a lot more feedback in the form of comments from readers with posts of this nature. I find the interaction with readers very rewarding. A lot of my readers have become very good friends and we have met through my blog. For a novice writer, how would you recommend they build a successful presence in social media as you have done? I have a lot of people ask that type of question because I’ve never paid for advertising. The answer is to be passionate about what you are talking about and engage your readers. The key to working with social media is that it’s not about you; to reach people, you have to make it about them. Choose your readership, know your niche market and give them something of value. Other ways to build your presence are to look for opportunities to speak, share, guest post on other blogs and pitch relevant brands and businesses. When you are first starting out, commenting on other people’s blogs is one of the best things you can do. You build networks that way and that is how relationships are built in the online world. You also facilitate a Working From Home group for parents. Can you tell us about that group? It is a monthly gathering that just looks to pool resources and connections as it can be isolating when you work from home and this gives some contact for parents. We have guest speakers at times and sometimes it is just a get together. Through my blog I met a friend, Renee, and she actually started the group, but she has now headed overseas, so I run it with another friend, Ngaire from Brisbane Kids.

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 25


“I love imaginative play scenes... and being present and aware of the things around us... feeling the breeze on our faces.�

26 |

As you said previously, you have to invest into anything How do your kids feel about being a part of your blog? to make it grow. How do you balance between the obviously growing demands of your blog and your They really love it. I didn’t plan it this way but it has family? actually become a bit of a heritage for my family; for example my daughter will go on there and look for It is hard. Finding the balance is difficult because a recipe to cook. It is a resource that is there for our the line is always moving. For me, it is always about family now. being open to re-assess. There are a few things that I do to assure that I am giving enough time to both I do ask my eldest child if I can post anything about things. There are red flags that I put up to help me. her because she is old enough to be more self-aware, For example if the kids say to me “Mum can you look but she loves it and is always happy. at this?” and they have to ask a few times, then that is a red flag for me that I am too engrossed in what I Can you share a couple of your favourite ideas with am doing and I need to stop. Or if my personal life is our mums? very busy, then I will just pull back from the blog and that is not too difficult as I have lots of content so I I love imaginative play scenes at the moment. We just pull something from an old post and rehash. have just had a fun time making toy boats out of paper plates and using food dye to colour the water. If I have a really important article to write, or I The kids had a ball doing that this morning. am doing freelance, I have worked out the time of day that I work best is the morning, so I will plan Another idea that I am practicing with the kids is an activity for Harrison so that I can focus on my being present and aware of the things around us. writing. I can do social media at night, but I can’t That has been one of the most enriching things we write well at night because I am too tired. I do make have been doing as a family… going outside standing my personal life my priority and my husband is very still and feeling the breeze on our face, watching the supportive of what I do. ants for one minute. Taking the time to slow down a bit has made being at home with the kids more How structured is your week? Are you a strictly routine enjoyable and it is a skill that we often forget to use girl or more go with the flow? these days. Learning to enjoy what is around you. V I like the idea of a routine, but I am quite a creative person so I get caught up with that. I can get carried away but routine is really important with the kids, so I put external factors in my life to keep me to a routine. That way I can still be creative but the outside activities give structure to the week. So it’s not my strongest point (laughing) but I try.

To find out more about Kelly and “Be A Fun Mum” visit her at or on Facebook at www.facebook. com/Be.A.Fun.Mum

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 27

“Somewhere between the destination (where we want to be) and the journey (where we are) is a place called ‘stuck’. Disappointments, tragedies, heartache, crises, mistakes and failures (those of ourselves and of others) can consume us with negative patterns… Life is reduced to focusing on getting by rather than on really living.” This is the introduction to Deborah Candler’s insightful book A Fascination with Forward, a book that was birthed out of her own traumatic crisis when her husband, and the father of their two sons, left the family. Deborah found herself alone in her thoughts of “why bad things happen to good people” and bankrupted financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Words: Charssa Steffens and Deborah Candler Photography: Bella Amante

A Fascination with Forward {Checking out of Stuckville} 28 |

Shocked and confused and sorting through her true/false beliefs about God, she began a journey discovering how the organic acts of forgiveness can shape life’s decisions and choices. She began to pick up the pieces of her life by taking two jobs and continuing her studies. Her church family and friends became a lifeline as she spent the next few years navigating through a devastating separation and inevitable divorce. It was during this time that Deborah realised she had been living in ‘Stuckville’, a place we all find easy to arrive in and difficult to exit from. With God’s love and grace, Deborah discovered the route out of this notorious town – forgiveness. Within five years she was employed on staff at a large Gold Coast church

as a Bible College lecturer, Women’s Pastor, New Christian Course leader and wrote several short courses and booklets. Life had turned around and was flourishing for Deborah. It was now seven years since her devastating marriage loss and she began to pray specifically for ‘God to find her a husband like He had found Isaac a wife’. She had a list of things she desired in a partner, but she also prayed that God would be ‘honing’ her to be a ‘divine fit’. Deborah was then introduced to Philip Candler, a company executive with a passion for mentoring and missions, by a trusted friend, Pastor Ian Aitchison (the founder of Effective Aid International). This meeting was her answer to specific prayer and they were married nine months later! Deborah and Philip have developed a love affair with Thailand where they partner with Effective Aid International (a Gold Coast birthed organization ). They provide humanitarian aid and education to the Karen (among other projects), who have been displaced into refugee camps since the 60 year civil war with Burma, and the exciting work within Burma due to the current political changes. Deborah’s desire to steer other people out of ‘Stuckville’ lead to the publishing of A Fascination With Forward. Its two main themes, which invite consistent feedback – ‘learning to live beyond Plan B’ and ‘moving out of Stuckville’, seem to strike a chord with all readers. Deborah was surprised to receive an email reading “WE NEED YOUR BOOK!” one day. Deborah had sent a copy of A Fascination With Forward to Russia after a friend requested she gift a book to an acquaintance whose life was in crisis. A month later the man responded with overwhelming accolades for the book’s unique capacity to move people forward from stuck places in their life and then proceeded to explain how it had impacted and motivated him through his circumstances. He insisted “Russia needs this book”. With escalating social issues including the statistic of

seven in every ten marriages failing, the book has now been translated into Russian and was released in Belarus and the Russian Federation in April following the interest it caused when it went front cover of the only Christian Women’s Magazine in January this year. Deborah is grateful for the remarkable doors that God has opened to enable her to share her story. Her life is a true testament to the faithfulness of a loving heavenely Father and the power of forgiveness. *

We have two copies of A Fascination with Forward to give away to readers.

To enter email us at: info@indulgemagazine. and tell us what language Deborah’s book has been translated into. Entries close 5pm (AEST)


Deborah Candler

Deborah lives on the Gold Coast with her husband Philip, lectures for Harvest Bible College where she is undertaking her Masters in Ministry and fulfills local and interstate speaking engagements. She is also a registered Marriage Celebrant and enjoys taking couples through the most important day of their lives ( )

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“Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” Nelson Mandela Everyday we are presented with opportunities to be offended. The driver who cut us off, our boss who doesn’t appreciate us, a friend who let us down, the person who insulted us, our husband who was angry and vented his frustration toward us. We all have had needs that weren’t met. Some of us have been abused, mistreated, neglected and badly hurt. Most have faced major life challenges or loss that leave us angry with others, God or ourselves.

Words: Candice Schmidt Photography: istock





30 |

Some wounds cut deep especially when they have come though family, friends or those in authority. So what do we do with these offences? We have heard we need to forgive but it can feel so unfair, the hurt feels so intense, the injustice screams for revenge or justice to be done. Maybe you encounter torment or anger in your soul as you relive the memories of a painful past. It is, however, like being bitten by a venomous snake. We need to go and get the poison out before it kills or harms us but instead we want to chase after the snake! An offense does not necessarily lead to unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is a combination of negative thoughts and emotions (resentment, bitterness, hostility, hatred, anger and fear) toward a person, a group or organisation that are ongoing. Unforgiveness can lead to bitterness, which is a poison that pollutes our whole system - our thoughts, speech,

actions, attitudes and health and it pollutes others. Hebrews 12:15 “See to it … that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many”. Medical research links unforgiveness to short-term physiological changes in stress levels and blood pressure as well as long-term effects on health and disease. The stress, anger and negative thoughts and emotions affect our spirit, soul and body. It hinders us from enjoying life and walking in the freedom and purposes God has for us. In Matthew 18:21-35 Peter asks Jesus how many times he should forgive someone who sins against him. Jesus then shares a parable about a king and his servant who owed him a lot of gold. He forgives the servant of his debt. That same servant then goes out and demands payment from a fellow servant who owed him a small amount of silver. When that servant asks for mercy he refuses and throws him in prison till he can repay. The King finds out and calls the servant in and says, ‘You wicked servant, I cancelled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?’ In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed. This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive a brother or sister from your heart.”

Forgiveness is setting a prisoner free and then discovering the prisoner was you.” Freedom and Forgiveness: *The one who carries hurt is bound to the past. *You are bound spiritually to a person as long as you

carry the hurts and bitterness of that relationship. *An offended person builds walls around the soul that keep the bad out but also the good. We try to protect ourselves from further hurt and struggle to trust. *Our hearts harden and we struggle to give and receive love. We become tuned to the negative and can be selfish, jealous, and critical. Proverbs 17:9 He

who covers and forgives an offence seeks love, but he who repeats or harps on a matter separates even close friends *In the Lord’s Prayer, deliverance comes after forgiveness. Matthew 6:9-13 *Forgiveness releases God’s forgiveness and healing for you. Matthew 6:14 For if you forgive people their trespasses (their reckless and willful sins, leaving them, letting them go, and giving up resentment), your heavenly Father also will forgive you. *God wants us to forgive and release people and hurts to Him: Proverbs 20:22 Don’t ever say, “I’ll get you for that!” Wait for God; he’ll settle the score. Romans12:19 Vengeance is God’s. Let him repay. Msg version says - Don’t hit back; discover beauty in everyone. If you’ve got it in you, get along with everybody. Don’t insist on getting even; that’s not for you to do. “I’ll do the judging,” says God. “I’ll take care of it.” *Offense is a bait, a trap. 2 Timothy 2:24-26 Those in quarrels or opposition fall into a trap and are held prisoner to do the devil’s bidding. They are unaware of their captivity and spew out bitter water. *Unforgiveness blocks our ability to connect, see or hear God. *Jesus knows how it feels when those we care about hurt us. He was betrayed by Judas and Peter, was rejected, abused, mistreated, misunderstood, despised, tortured and yet he said on the cross “Father Forgive them for they know not what they do”.

Forgiveness is not: *Denying what happened or excusing the wrong

done to you. *Forgetting - It is taking the venom out so we can heal and move on to focus on other things. *Necessarily removing consequences - a murderer still faces their prison time. *Allowing abuse to continue or requiring you to stay in relationship with the abuser. *Forgiveness does not make them right - it makes you free!

Forgiveness is: *A choice, not a feeling - we exercise the will and the

emotions will follow.

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 31

*Letting go, releasing the past - you let yourself out

of prison and torment! As you release the person, God brings healing. *A lifestyle - when we feel the twinge we again choose to forgive and release as God forgives us. *Trusting God for justice and healing and restoration. *Choosing to no longer keep thinking about the person or issue but moving on to enjoy life.

We choose to Forgive and become like God or retain the hurt and become like the one who hurt us. Luke 6:37 Judge not [neither pronouncing judgment nor subjecting to censure], and you will not be judged; do not condemn and pronounce guilty, and you will not be condemned and pronounced guilty; acquit and forgive and release (give up resentment, let it drop), and you will be acquitted and forgiven and released.

6. Don’t reopen old wounds discussing past hurts. 7. Don’t receive further hurts – forgive immediately a thought or offence comes your way. 8. Receive God’s love, forgiveness and step forward into the future He has for you. Isaiah 61 says God will restore us and what was lost. Start now, it will change your life. I have seen profound shifts in my counseling as people courageously choose to forgive - incredible healing from physical pain and symptoms as well as freedom from depression and anxiety. I have seen people’s relationships and marriages restored. They look better! Research shows forgiving people are happier and healthier - Flourishing! *

Steps to Forgivness: 1. Make a list or ask God who you need to forgive. 2. Verbally say “I choose to forgive... The person/s who offended, hurt or abused us. Ourselves for wrong things we did and what we feel we should have done. God (We don’t understand why the bad stuff happened). 3. Say what you forgive them for. Be Specific! 4. You can start with those easy to forgive and ask God to help you forgive the hard cases. 5. Say... “I release the person and the effect (emotions, thoughts, behaviours) to God.” “I choose to Bless them” Luke 6:28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

32 |

Candice desires to see people thrive in every area of life. She has been married for 17 years to a Paediatrician and they have lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Canada but have called the Gold Coast, Australia home for the past five years. They have four children between the ages of five and 13. Her passion is to “Live well, laugh often, love much”. She has a Degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Counselling. She loves to help people live to their full God-given potential spirit, soul and body. She enjoys counselling and watching God bring healing and restoration. She is a trained facilitator of 'Toolbox Parenting' which offers families hot tips on parenting well.

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Vanessa Gibson

The Girl Next D

34 |


Indulge | October/November 2012 | 35

36 |

Words: Charissa Steffens & Vanessa Gibson Photography: Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography


anessa Gibson is the quintessential “girl next door’. She is beautiful, kind, unassuming and honest. She adores her two kids and husband. She has a strong commitment to her local church; a passion for food, which she blogs about and she organises community events in her beloved local suburb of Sandgate, Queensland. Plus (yes there is more!) Vanessa has a flourishing career as a radio journalist… Yep, this girl next door has her cake and is eating it too! Vanessa or ‘Ness’, as the listeners of Brisbane’s community radio station 96.5 know her, greets many half-awake Brisbanites everyday as she read the news for the Family Show with Liam, Robbie & Ness. Vanessa loves life and is passionate about encouraging other mums to reach for the stars.  I caught up with Vanessa at her home where we chatted about life as a working mum and had a little taste of her yummy fresh strawberry jam! You love cooking and have started a food blog, “Mums in the kitchen”. Why did you start blogging? I have always loved cooking. Mum brought us up that way and all my sisters and I love cooking and we make fun and exciting things… it gets a bit competitive (laughs). We love to share recipes and experiment with food. Mum cooked from scratch

and was very hospitable and we just grew up in that environment. About a year or so ago I decided to start a blog as I have had people asking me for recipes and I also thought it would be good to create a little hub for busy mums to be able to come to and find recipes and tips for cooking. So I do a weekly segment on air now and I take something in for the boys (co-hosts Liam and Robbie) to taste and they review it and give it a rating. I have more and more mums enjoying the blog now and I get lots of feedback about it, which is great. I love it; it keeps me trying new recipes all the time. Hope (Ness’ two year old) pulls up a chair and gets involved too so it is great.

You have recently discovered a love for running; can you share about this new passion?

After my second child, Jed, I found I wasn’t really loosing my baby weight easily so after a few months I went on the Michelle Bridges (The Biggest Loser) 12 week Body Transformation. I wanted something that I could follow; I needed a plan to stick to and I did Indulge | October/November 2012 | 37

the 12 weeks and loved it. I found some great family friendly healthy recipes, which I then incorporated into the blog. I used to do a little bit of running every now and then... I didn’t really enjoy it, it was more of a compulsion to relieve guilt. So I thought I would get back into running and do a couple of events. I really had to start back at square one, I could only run for about 30 seconds. Then gradually as the 12 week challenge progressed I went for a run one day and it was like as if something just clicked and I thought, “I am actually enjoying this run”. I didn’t know you could. It was probably partly because it was the only time I had to myself during the day (this was prior to returning to work) and I just began to enjoy the time and exercise.  I got into a good routine of getting up early and going running and by week 12 I ran a half marathon. I was really blown away with how well I did and I lost 14 kilograms, which was fantastic. I just felt fresh and energetic and I think that made me a better mum too. I had more to give to the kids and was getting more out of life.  I would set goals and schedule the time to do it and it was great to be able to push those boundaries and achieve something that a few months earlier I had never thought I would do. It was very satisfying.  So I try to keep it up, it isn’t always easy, there are weeks when I don’t get to run due to life but I try and do it at least twice a week. We are also starting a Park Run group at our local suburb (Sandgate, Brisbane). Dean and I are event directors and we are looking forward to facilitating that. 

Tell us about your career as a journalist. Did you always want to be a journalist? I only changed to Journalism at the last minute, I had gone down a different path at school. I had done all science subjects like physics and biology and I was looking to go down a science path, which now I look back and think, “what was I thinking?” (Laughs and shakes her head). At the last minute I just felt this change about where I was headed and I stepped back 38 |

and thought, “what do I really love?” and it was between nursing and journalism. In the end I just found this clarity that journalism was what I wanted to do. So I did that and then did a PostGrad in Public Relations to broaden my options.

How did you end up in radio at 96.5? In my second year I started doing work experience at 96.5. I just approached them and asked if they had anything I could do and I started out doing Saturday news bulletins. For a year I would get up on a Saturday morning and go in at five am and do three news bulletins. Then just as I was finishing my studies the journalist who was at 96.5 decided to leave and I got the job. That was six years ago and the time has just flown.

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 39

40 |

How do you cope with those early mornings that come with Breakfast Radio? I have to say that since having kids it has become easier. I think I am just used to operating without as much sleep and I don’t find the 4.15am alarm too difficult to cope with. On the weekends my kids are up at 5.30am anyway so it’s not that much different.  I usually head to bed by 9.30pm but I do like to have a bit of time to myself between when the kids go to bed and I do.  

How has it been returning to work after having your second child? We really tossed up if I should go back to work after having, my second child, Jed. There are a lot of good things about the job. The hours work well for us. Dean, my husband, has the kids in the morning and gets them organised and brings them in to me at nine am and then goes off to work. It is a long day between us as he starts his day at 9.30am, which is quite late, and means he doesn’t get home until late. It is a juggle but I like that we can do it ourselves and not use daycare. Our mums do help out at times which does help.  We have been together as a show (Liam, Robbie & Ness – 96.5 Family show) for six years so we are in a good rhythm with things and we work well together as a team. We have built up good relationships and see each other outside of work and know each other’s families. I love the news and being on top of that. During my stints of maternity leave I really missed not knowing what was happening in the world. You become a bit of a news junkie, (laughs). I love it!

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 41

“Don’t underestimate your value and don’t sell yourself short.”

42 |

How do you decide what you report for the news? We have the news come through on the news wires (Australian Associated Press) and then I sift through all the information and decide what I want to report on and I re-write it, get sound bites and do phone interviews. Then I just update between bulletins to make sure any new information is incorporated. 

What advice could you offer mums thinking about going back to work? We have always said we would just give it a go and if it is not working, or the family is suffering we will change it. It is not worth it if everyone is miserable and you are always stressed or unhappy. So both times I have gone back after having each child I have just had that attitude that I will do it if it works and if not then we will look at our options. That has helped when I have had difficult days but overall it has been fine and I get everyday with my kids. I get to experience the best of both worlds. For each mum, you just have to do what is best for your family. No family is the same and no situation is the same so you just need to do what you have to do. I think it is possible to put your family first and still be a working mum. I don’t think you ever feel totally

guilt free if you are working. When you are at work you do still think about home and visa versa. I think though you just need to accept that is the way it is, especially with young kids, and find your balance with your life. Parenthood comes with all sorts of negative warnings – you’re going to be so tired, you won’t get any time for yourself, basically – your life is over!  And while it’s all true to a degree, it’s important we don’t hide under that mindset and let it hold us back from being the best partner, mother and person we can be. Embrace life.  Prioritise.  You’ll be amazed by how much you can fit in your day when you plan it out, marking in your non-negotiables.  Don’t live under the cloud of self-doubt that gets planted in your mind – there’s so much more to life! You are an inspiration.  You can achieve great things.  Hold your head high and celebrate what you’ve done, what you can do.  Don’t underestimate your value and don’t sell yourself short. 9 You can visit Vanessa’s blog Mums In The Kitchen at Indulge | October/November 2012 | 43

In a church office in Cronulla, Sydney, Jodene Watling taps away at her laptop. She is editing the latest in a series of short surfing films - Rise Up - showcasing the inspiring stories of the Christian Surfers Australia (CSA) women’s community. Jodene is the National Women’s Coordinator for CSA, a keen surfer with a big personality and a missionary with an even bigger love for Jesus since becoming a Christian at age 19. “I swore I would never become a Christian, because in my mind it meant bad fashion and awkwardness,” Jodene jokes. “But it was the truth of the Bible that struck me.  Having a framework through which you could view the world and live your life was incredible.  It took a year for the penny to drop that you had to give your whole life to Jesus, but after working that out, I realise it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”


a Swell Words: Catherine Johnsen Photography: Courtsey of Jodene Watling

44 |

More than ever before, women of all ages are hitting the beach with their boardies and surfboards to ride the turquoise waves. And as Catherine Johnsen writes, a growing number of these gals are combining their love of the surf with their love of the wave-maker Himself...

For Jodene and the hundreds of CSA women, the beach is both a playground and a mission field. Providing a bridge between the beach and the church is the heart of the CSA mission. “I was 13 when I started surfing and was involved in an all girls surf club,” Jodene shares. “After becoming a Christian I heard about Christian Surfers and thought it might be a good group to get involved with as it combined my new faith of Christianity plus my love of surfing.

“... men and women of CSA... are working together to generate a culture of mutual respect, love and hope.”

“When I first joined it was mainly guys so I was surfing with the boys all the time, which was pretty standard as there weren’t that many girls around. I’d been involved for several years when I went to my first CSA National Conference over Easter 2007.  It was there God spoke to me about stepping into the pioneering role of the National Women’s Coordinator.  It was completely out of the blue.  It seemed like all the planets had aligned (so to speak!) for this to happen and after some discussions and prayer…it was game on!” As part of her full time, faith-based role, Jodene travels the coastline to connect with CSA leaders, attend CSA camps, speak at events, and film the Rise Up series. “I get the beautiful privilege of travelling around Australia and the world meeting wonderfully

inspiring girls. It is such a unique community which I felt needed to be showcased to encourage others in their faith.  A lot of Christian surf movies mainly involve guys, so it’s nice to tell stories through the eyes of a female and show that the ordinary girl is ‘extraordinary’ through Christ.” Jodene’s vision is simple: to “grow a flourishing girls mission with a heart for Jesus within Christian Surfers Australia.” What is not so simple is challenging the secular surfing culture’s tendency to view women in a demeaning, and sometimes discriminatory manner.  “Historically, surfing has been a male dominated pursuit, which has treated women poorly,” she explains. Indulge | October/November 2012 | 45

“Competitive female surfers only receive approximately one third of the prize money that their male counterparts earn. Women are also put out in the lesser surf first to ‘save the best for the boys’. “In surfing magazines, advertising and surf products, women are strongly sexualised and their worth is measured according to their ability to gratify men. “When you are a numerical minority as a female surfer, it can feel overwhelming to see outside of it, let alone stand against it.” Listening to Jodene speak, her passion to bring a Godly counter-culture message to the Australian surfing community is contagious.  “When I think of Galatians 3:28 ‘...there is neither male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus’, I realise we’ve got a long way to go in viewing and treating females with Godly equality. It’s a revolutionary message straight from the heart of Jesus that women are worthy, loved and deserve to be treated well and as an equal.  Women equally 46 |

bear the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and if we’re not reflecting this, we provide a restricted view of God to the world.” As a movement, Jodene says the men and women of CSA have responded to this call for equality and are working together to generate a culture of mutual respect, love and hope.  “In CSA, girls are celebrated and embraced for who they are; we have equal prize money at our CS surf comps and there are no gender limitations for involvement or leadership.” As a result, Jodene says CSA has benefited from increased female participation at events and in leadership, as well as a strong national community and sense of identity. “Our girls are intentionally engaging with mission as there are more female focused opportunities,” she enthuses. “And there’s also time for ‘girls to be girls’. There’s hugging, screaming, dancing, excitement, surfing to our ability and expressing an uninhibited love for life.”

Despite all the progress, Jodene acknowledges there is still work to be done. “I sometimes shudder and am afraid of the things that God wants me to stand for and need convincing myself! However, my brothers and sisters in Christ stand with me… I thank God for them and their encouragement.  

“We’re not looking for a disproportionate response at the expense of men, but a passionate response from men and women at the command of our God. I feel there’s so much power yet to be unleashed by adopting Jesus’ radical loving view towards women;  one that brings soul nourishment for women and freedom for men too.  In pursuing that, it will not only release women to be all God created them to be, but we will flourish as a vibrant community of men and women who look towards God…. good times!” V

You can see more about Jodene’s ministry at: www.allyourheartcsgirls. Rise Up movie series: Christian Surfers Australia: Facebook: Chistian Surfers Girls Australia Twitter: csozgirls Catherine is a mother of three beautiful children aged 7, 4 and 1 years old. Her working background is in journalism and public relations, and she loves to take any opportunity to write. For many years, Catherine and her husband Grant were the mission coordinators of North Brisbane Christian Surfers. Today they still contribute to this ministry in a mentoring and support role. Catherine also loves to edit Indulge magazine. She says, "I love being a small part of Indulge magazine as I believe that the stories shared are a wonderful inspiration for women, and a testament to the love of Jesus."

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 47

Pastel Passion

Pink Lace Dress Ally $29.99 48 |

Spring fashion you will fall in love with for under $100

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 49

Green Lace Dress Ally $29.99 50 |

Vous etes belle ^

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 51

Models: Sarah Smith Rhiannon McCathie & Andrew Nicholson Photography and Styling by 52 | Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography

Beaucoup d’amour

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54 |

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 55

Key Lime Pie

with fresh strawberries and cream

Prep 20 mins | Cool and chill 3 1/2 hours | Cook 15-20 minutes 250g pkt Arnotts Shredded Wheatmeal Biscuits or any plain biscuits 125g butter, melted 1/4 cup desiccated coconut 395g can Nestle Sweetened Condensed Milk 2 tbsp finely grated lime rind 125ml fresh lime juice - 1/2 cup 4 eggs, separated 1 punnet strawberries, washed, hulled and halved Whipped cream to serve   1. Process biscuits in a food processor until finely crushed. Add butter and coconut, and process until combined. Press the mixture into a 23 cm pie dish, place in the fridge for 30 minutes. 2. Preheat oven to 1800C. Whisk the condensed milk, lime rind, lime juice and egg yolks in a bowl until combined. 3. Use an electric beater to whisk egg whites until soft peaks form. Fold the egg whites mixture into the lime mixture until just combined. Pour mixture into the pie dish and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until set. Set aside to cool then place in the fridge to chill for 3 hours. 4. When ready to serve, top pie with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. 56 |

DECADENT CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY TORTE Serve 12 prep 20 min cook 15 min

225g dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids 175g butter - chopped 5 eggs 140g caster sugar 100g almond meal 2 heaped tbsp plain flour 1/2 tsp salt 2 tsp vanilla extract 1/4 tsp instant coffee powder 2 pkts of fresh raspberries 4tbs raspberry jam For the icing 140g dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids 100 mls cream

Cooking with Angela

1. Preheat oven to 1600C. Line the bases of two 20cm cake tins with baking paper. Melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave. Leave to cool. 2. Whisk the eggs with an electric mixer for 6 minutes until doubled in volume. Slowly add sugar, mix for another 2 minutes. Fold in cooled chocolate, almond meal, flour, salt, vanilla and coffee. The mixture will be very runny. 3. Divide between the cake tins and bake for 15 minutes or until skewer comes out with a few crumbs attached. Cool in tins then turn out onto a wire rack. 4. Place one cake onto a serving plate - mash fifteen fresh raspberries with the jam. Spread on the base and then top with other cake. 5. Icing - bring the cream to the boil, pour it over the chocolate and stir until smooth. Leave until it starts to thicken, then spread over the top and let it drizzle down the sides of the cakes. Decorate with the remaining raspberries. Chill for at least 5-6 hours. Remove from the fridge 1hr before serving. Serve with lashings of whipped cream.

Indulge | October/November 2012 | 57


with strawberry jam, cream and strawberries

Serves 8 |Prep 10 mins | Cook 25 mins   175g butter at room temp 175g caster sugar 175g self-raising-flour, sifted 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp milk   Filling 5 tbsp strawberry jam whipped cream 1 punnet of strawberries icing for dusting  

58 |

1. Heat oven to 1800C. Line two 20cm cake tins with baking paper and butter. Beat all the cake ingredients in a large bowl. Divide mixture between the two tins and level.   2. Bake for 20-25 minutes until sponges are risen and cooked through. Leave in tins for 5 minutes then place on rack to cool completely.   3. Spread the jam on the base of one sponge. Spread the cream on top of the jam then place strawberries. Top with other cake then dust with icing.

Indulge eMagazine - Flourish  

October/November 2012 Issue. Indulge is a Magazine for Christian Women, that desires to see women become whole – spirit, soul and body.