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Growing through change

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Indulge Magazine is part of the iluvthoseshoes Project which seeks to empower women in their journey through life by resourcing them, spirit, soul and body. Empower = make more confident; to give authority Resource = source of help; solutions to problems.

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The end of the year is almost here, and with only a few weeks of school left to go the classrooms are buzzing as students prepare to sit their final exams.

from the


This is the time when their growth is tested. What have they learnt? How have they matured, in the stretch of a new year? As their papers are marked, the teacher will see how each student has invested into their future by thriving in the now. If you asked the students, “Was the year easy?” they would reply “NO!” and that is how we often feel too. Each year is full of challenges, whether they occur in the classroom of school or the classroom of life. It is not the test itself that is important but how we respond to it. To me, success is not about perfect answers. It arrives when we embrace the everyday and learn from it. We stand amongst the dark clouds and look up to find the sunshine. We take on the hurdle and land on the other side. We only grow strong by overcoming. This year we have followed a series of themes that came to me on 1st January 2013. With each theme I have learnt something new. Here is what God has taught me this year: Dream Big – Our dreams are important and God given, don’t stop dreaming! Laugh Long – The power of Joy! Joy adds another dimension to our lives; seek it out. Love Much – Stop for the One. Heidi & Rolland Baker taught me so much about loving those right in front of you.

Chatting with Rolland & Heidi Baker earlier this year.

Heal Well – God is the best physician of all. He knows what we need and when. Live Strong – Don’t be discouraged, stand strong and trust in God’s promises. If you were to take a moment and list what you had learnt this year, what would that list look like? What has God taught you in 2013? With that in mind, enjoy our last issue of Indulge for 2013. My hope is that it will strengthen you to finish the year powerfully. Don’t forget that from 2014 Indulge will be in print! We have had many of you tell us that you would love to have Indulge in your hands to enjoy, so make sure you hop online at and order your subscription today. Many blessings to you and your family for the Christmas season.


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“For me living strong is a daily

“Living strong for many of us will mean living

process of dying and laying my

brave. Bravely facing battles that we never

life before God at the cross. My

imagined would be part of our lives: cancer,

life is not my own and unless

depression, marriage break-downs, rebellious

a grain of wheat falls into the

children, financial crises. But our God knows

ground and dies it does not bear

what we face and in His awesomeness He

fruit. This is not easy, but God

uses it for His glory – we only need to be

has His way of leading us by the

willing to place our lives in His hands. In 2

cross, that life may come.”

Corinthians 4:7 it says we are like cracked

Letitia Shelton City Women CEO

pots containing great treasure. So for all the brave crack(ed!) pots out there – remember you contain great treasure and value so keep living strong and living brave today!”

“Fear not! My anchor is knowing my value is founded in a God who knows and loves me, rather than in

Sue Peters National President, Baptist Women.

the changing tides of public opinion. You can challenge the world, and aim for the stars, if you have a quiet refuge of renewal where refreshment occurs.” Hon Fiona Simpson MP, Speaker of the Queensland Parliament and Member for Maroochydore “The only way I know how to live strong for God is to diligently fill my heart and mouth with God’s Word. What is in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth and create your tomorrows. We must build inner capacity to fight the good fight of faith.”


Indulge m a g a z i n e

Joanne Hobbs, Executive Director of Teen Challenge QLD


“Strength comes from not giving up. Keep doing what you know is right in the good times and in the tough times. Always remember why you do what you “For me, living strong is trusting God ALL the time and I have found that this takes radical obedience. It means standing up on the inside (when I am anxious, when I am offended, when I least feel like it) and REFUSING to let the circumstances of life rule me.” Jane Averill Senior Pastor, Nexus Church

do when you’re having a bad day. And think about those that you influence. Every one of us influence someone, what we say we believe and how we live that out will have an effect on those we influence.” Ps Francine Hunt State Leader QLD&NT ACC Women


“My secret to living strong is the secret place, staying full of oil from the Father, offering my life to Jesus, being filled with Holy Spirit every day. Stopping for the One who is the One, then stopping for the one in front of me--that’s how I stay strong.”

Heidi Baker Pastor, Missionary and International Author and Speaker.

“I seek God’s help to look up and allow the Holy Spirit to empower

“Choosing is the key for me

me! I find that when I look down

to live strong. I choose not

at the things I can’t control, I get

to stress – it wastes so much

dangerously discouraged! 

energy. I choose to enjoy fully

when I STOP and truly turn my eyes

the good things in life – they

on Jesus? That’s when I find clarity,

revitalise me. And when I feel

hope and strength!”

weak, the Lord my God is the strength of my life – but even this demands choice.” Wendy Francis QLD State Director, ACL

Karen Hunt Media Presenter Producer, Vision Radio


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The Power in

10 Indulge m a g a z i n e

PRAISE Catherine Mackay

In January 2012 we were celebrating to the coming new addition to our family, only to lose that dream by the end of the first week, as I suffered an early miscarriage. God was merciful to us and come February, I was pregnant again. However, upon my first obstetrician appointment, the doctor was concerned that I had a black shadow on my scan indicating bleeding, and he was not sure if the pregnancy would be successful. I reached the end of my first trimester and was ‘out of the woods’. Shortly after this, around 13 or 14 weeks gestation, whilst at work, I unknowingly nursed a patient who was on a chemotherapy medication; this can cause gene mutations and deformities to an unborn baby if exposed to the patient’s bodily fluids (which I was up to my earlobes in!). My obstetrician reassured me that the risk was small, but it was still such a comfort when I reached my twenty-week scan and I could see a beautiful healthy girl.

Life seemed to settle down again, then in April, life as I knew it changed forever. My husband Mark had gone to a pastor’s retreat not feeling well. Not long after the retreat had commenced, our Youth Pastor called me and informed me that Mark had passed out and was unable to communicate, so he was taking him to hospital. I rushed to the hospital only to sit and wait for nearly an hour before a doctor came and saw me. He informed me Mark had been having a constant seizure that had taken them well over half an hour to control. He went on to explain that they had placed him in an induced coma and he was probably having a cerebral hemorrhage. Mark was sent for scans to investigate if this was in fact what was happening. The doctor returned and informed me that it was not a cerebral hemorrhage, but they had discovered two masses on the brain, which looked like tumors; an MRI would be needed to confirm this.

The following day Mark went to have his MRI. Being 16 weeks pregnant and not having had any sleep, I went to a friend’s house five minutes from the hospital to lie down and try to rest whilst the scan occurred. It was while I was resting and praying continually that I had a wonderful moment with my heavenly Father. He gave me a song that I just kept singing the first three lines of, over and over again; a peace swept over me and I felt my Father’s arms embrace me. “Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down Oh Comforter and Friend

How we need Your touch again

Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down Let Your power fall

Let Your voice be heard

Come and change our hearts As we stand on Your word Holy Spirit, rain down”

Through my sobs I found myself smiling as my Heavenly Father was comforting me through song. No bible passages jumped out at me at that time, just the ability to recite song. I felt complete peace and heard a God whisper . . . “It’s going to be okay”. I returned to the hospital and waited with Mark who was now awake but not comprehending much of what was happening as he still had a lot of swelling in the brain. Our friends and family had started to gather at the hospital, when not one but three

We were in shock. I went to break the news to my daughters, parents and friends and all I could manage was to shake my head and whisper, “it’s not good news”. We all began to walk back to Mark’s room and again a song of praise came to

doctors arrived to give us the result of the MRI.

me . . .

I squeezed Mark’s hand nearly as hard as when I

“When peace, like a river, attendeth

was in labour when I saw their solemn faces. The news was broken to us that they were in fact brain tumors. The doctor explained that as there were two in different locations of the brain they would be secondary tumours, and that they would start

my way,
when sorrows like sea

billows roll;
whatever my lot, thou

has taught me to say,
it is well, it is well, with my soul.”

scanning to determine where the primary cancer

I thanked God quietly for comforting me and


surrounding me with His peace.

12 Indulge m a g a z i n e

Our church family had called an emergency prayer meeting that night and prayed fervently. Our prayer coordinator later told us it was one of the most profound prayer meetings he had ever attended – grown men were crying. My best and oldest friend had jumped on a plane from Melbourne and arrived close to midnight. We sat together and she shared with me that a woman from her church had a call to pray that Mark’s lesions would just shrivel up. We then began to pray and she prayed in agreement with this woman that the lesions would just shrivel up. It was a powerful prayer time and I went to bed that night taking comfort from these prayers. Indulge m a g a z i n e


The next morning, Anzac Day, a neurosurgeon visited Mark early in the morning and informed him that he did not know why the three neurologists had said the lesions were brain tumours as he would not jump to that conclusion without first doing a biopsy; he thought there was a good chance that they were in fact brain abscesses. By that afternoon we were transferred to another hospital and Mark underwent a biopsy on the largest lesion. The surgeon returned to inform me that they were abscesses and not tumours and

disease that caused the brain abscesses to occur, Mark was

with drainage and long-term antibiotics

discharged from hospital with intravenous antibiotics, and

they would eventually shrivel up! There

the abscesses had started to shrivel up.

were his words; shrivel up! Just as my friend had been prompted to pray. How good is our God?!

I was leading worship in church a month or so after Mark was out of hospital and shared how God had given me the song ‘Holy Spirit Rain Down’ whilst Mark was undertaking

After close to one month in hospital and

his MRI. Throughout the entire ordeal God had comforted

a diagnosis of an underlying hereditary

me through song and it had surprised me that I didn’t recall


Indulge m a g a z i n e

scripture verses but instead songs of praise. As I

Mark’s illness she was praying regularly that my

was explaining this to the congregation a faithful

spirit would sing God’s praises!

prayer warrior in our church was smiling knowingly at me. After the service she approached me and explained that God had given her a word before Mark fell ill, at the beginning of my pregnancy, when she was asking God how to pray for me. He had answered her saying: “Catherine’s spirit needs to sing My praises.” And so from the time I became pregnant and throughout

What an encouragement that I was never alone. God cares for me greatly and when the going got tough He lifted me up through the faithful prayers of my church family. My spirit found peace and comfort by singing God’s praises throughout 2012 and continues to do so today. + Hair & Make up: Erina Merriweather Photography: Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography

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The Deciding Vote

If you were to choose one woman in Australia who embodies strength, who would it be? Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton is at the top of my

to remain calm when everything goes wrong. We

list. Lindy has walked a road that many could not

need to know when we are knocked down that it is

imagine, let alone survive.

important not to stay down. When someone does

In August 1980 Lindy’s newborn daughter, Azaria, was taken by a dingo at Ayers Rock (Uluru) and killed. In the midst of the shock and devastation of this loss, Lindy found herself accused of Azaria’s

something nasty to us or makes a mistake, we need to rub it out, put it behind us, and carry on; not rub it in until it is a permanent stain on everything we do, think, and are.

death and caught up in a catastrophic media storm.

Mother Theresa is reported to have had this on her

She was labelled a liar, convicted of her daughter’s

wall: ´People are often unreasonable, illogical, and

murder, and imprisoned for nearly three years before

self-centred: forgive them anyway.´

being released and exonerated.

in God and in ourselves, nothing can permanently

Since then, Lindy has fought with determination, beyond most people’s comprehension, to change Australia’s justice system. She speaks regularly about the power of forgiveness and the faith that made her time in prison, separated from her husband and children, bearable. At the recent Designing Women Conference, Lindy spoke about her choices during this overwhelmingly difficult time of her life; amidst raw tears she shared how close God had been to her and how He had allowed her to feel free despite the bars that surrounded her. In her darkest times, she would remember that God was for her, evil was against her, but it was she who carried the deciding vote as to what she would do with her circumstances. Here Lindy shares her thoughts on forgiveness, faith, and choosing to be happy. Charissa


affect us. Resentment, hatred, anger, and emotional hurt can all be justified at times. However, the cost of not forgiving is far too high. Bemoaning what we don’t have, or what we want to change, means we can’t enjoy fully what we do have. No matter how much we read, or are told, that we need to forgive, it is simply academic, and is of little use unless we know how to go about it and are ready to do so. We hold on to the past unless we can see something better in the future. When we are still hurt and angry over what has happened to us, we tend to use anger as a suit of armour to shield ourselves from the possibility of any further real or imagined hurt. Eleanor Roosevelt wrote: “Anger is only one letter short of Danger.” We want rectification, which is often impossible, so we channel our frustration into anger. Until we see another way to move ahead we at least feel like we have some control while we make angry plans for revenge or restitution. We are not really in control. It is the anger

I am often asked why I am not angry and bitter about what has happened in my life. This is the way I look at it. We will be betrayed in life and it is not always intentional or personal. Sometimes it is even

16 Indulge m a g a z i n e

If we have faith

that controls us. We cannot move forward in this state, but we can make everything worse. Anything we cannot face holds power over us. Subconsciously it affects our decision making process and filters the way we see everything in our lives from then on. If you are consumed by revenge and

because our expectations are

regret, you have started the blame game and are

unreasonable. It isn’t easy

willingly making others responsible for your misery.

The only power in painful things, hurt, and criticism is the power you give it. If we have a clear conscience, no-one can hold any power over us unless we let them. Anyone can imprison your body by using greater force or authority, but you are the only one who can hand over control of your mind by refusing to consider forgiveness. This really means we are refusing to consider taking back the ownership of our own mind again, so you leave it in the control of the person or circumstance that you believe wronged you. We do not invite the person or thing that wronged us to come and live permanently in our home! Even the thought of that is horrifying. Why then are we not horrified about letting that very same person or circumstance reside in our mind, often to the exclusion of all else? That takes over our mind as we stew on how to make the other person, or event, conform to the way we want them, or the situation, to be. When you refuse to forgive, it doesn’t hurt the offender, just you. It is like drinking the poison you meant to kill the other person with. If they know you are upset and stewing over it they really have reached their ultimate goal in making you feel bad; and Jesus we should forgive them! I didn’t really understand that until one day it hit me like a brick. Forgiveness is not for the benefit of others – they must answer for themselves. It is for us. It is saying to myself “I can move forward, open to new experiences. I am not being disloyal to the past. I can use what I have learnt from it and move on. I can forgive myself for letting it occupy my

´People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centred: forgive them anyway.´ Mother Theresa

mind and hurt me. I will be in control of my own mind. The hurt will not control me.” I can hand that hurt back over to the perpetrator and let them take the full responsibility for it, whether that is the evil of bad circumstances or

demand, an apology it is not sincere anyway. Forget the past and move on. The possibility of doing this is determined by our will and mindset. It is never easy.

events, or a person who has made bad or nasty

I have found that if I can ask God to help me with

choices. What they do with their responsibility is

the pain and the longing for wrong to be made

up to them. It is not for me to point out or correct. That is something they have to work out and answer for to the God of the universe themselves. God is their ultimate judge.

right, and I can learn to pray for the person who has done me wrong, be that a fellow human or a circumstance the powers of evil have caused, then I can forgive. I can take control of my mind back and

Forgiveness means to cancel a debt someone owes

move on with my life. You and God are always a

you. This is a bad debt. If you have to ask for, or

majority no matter what the situation is. Indulge m a g a z i n e


By forgiving you are not saying what happened was ok.

´ Happiness is not a reward, it is a consequence. If we want to be happy, we need to forgive.´ Lindy

Nor are you saying it is now ok to do it again. Pain in life is inevitable - misery is optional. John Cozack says 90 percent of the way you feel is determined by how you want to feel and how you expect to feel. It is not what happens to you that determines how far you go in life; it is what you do with what happens to you. So - If you are going through Hell – DON’T STOP THERE. I find forgiveness does not always happen immediately, because sometimes I hold on to my hurt with a bit of a death grip. Sometimes I move on, then go back for a visit and have to start all over again. But I get there. Grief, strife, and obstacles on the road of life are normal in this imperfect world in which we live. When we encounter difficulty, don’t change your decision to continue, just change the direction to get there. We may not wish for the trouble the dark powers in this world throw us, or ask for it. If we let God deal with the problems and the hurt and help us face it, we can come out the other side having learned some of the greatest lessons we can ever learn; even though the way we learned them was not the way we would have chosen. “Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Right is right even if no-one is doing it,” William Penn said. You are responsible for you, no-one else. If you think an apology is going to make it all ok again, well, think again. The coach in the film “Cool Runnings” advised one of his athletes, that if he wasn’t a winner without a medal, he still wouldn’t be a winner with one. The same applies to apologies. So many of us live in the tomorrow and place all our hopes on it. It is always in the future. It always promises something that it cannot guarantee because it never becomes today. We cannot live on intangibles. We have to exist on what is. Happiness is not a reward, it is a consequence. If we want to be happy, we need to forgive.

18 Indulge m a g a z i n e

World vision emergency appeal

Situation RepoRt: typhoon haiyan in the philippineS Situation overview One of the strongest storms on record slammed into the central Philippines on 8 November. Thousands of people have died and this toll may rise as communications and access are restored to hard-hit areas cut off by the storm. The Philippines Government has declared it a “national state of calamity”.

The wellbeing of children, who are often extremely vulnerable in emergencies, is a grave concern. Many will have lost one or both of their parents and others will be separated from them. They may also be unable to access urgently needed food, supplies and healthcare.

World vision “I’ve been everywhere to look for my two children, wife and my mother but I can’t find them.” emergency appeal my – Patrick, aged 27

“Nothing really prepared us for this catastrophe. All of our preparation[s] were just overpowered by the force of Typhoon Haiyan … We are really racing against time to establish a safe travel route to reach those who are in the most need.” – Aaron Aspi, World Vision Emergency Communications Officer More than 9.5 million people are now confirmed to have been affected. Over 600,000 people have been displaced, with the typhoon inflicting immense damage on homes, infrastructure and telecommunications.

Survivors now face the immediate challenge of finding food, safe drinking water and shelter. “We survived the typhoon but we don’t know until when are we going to survive here. We lost our house and we don’t have food anymore,” said one survivor.

Many families in the Philippines were already facing extremely difficult living conditions due to a string of recent emergencies. With the possibility of more major storms before the end of the typhoon season, they require urgent assistance as they deal with further heartbreak and hardship. One of the areas hit by the typhoon is Bohol, where a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on 15 October killed 222 people. World Vision was already distributing relief supplies to 7,000 families, many who were living in makeshift shelters when the typhoon struck. Living in cramped conditions and exposed to extreme weather, their health is at risk. In the wake of the disaster, people will need assistance to recover their livelihoods. Much farmland has been ruined, buildings have blown away and businesses have been destroyed.

People salvage belongings from their ruined houses in Tacloban city in central Philippines, which was battered by Typhoon Haiyan on 8 November. Photo: REUTERS/Erik De Castro

Your help iS needed urgentlY pleaSe praY and give to the tYphoon haiYan appeal. Complete and return the attached coupon, call 13 32 48 or visit © 2013 World Vision Australia. World Vision Australia ABN 28 004 778 081 is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice Ref #7286

Indulge m a g a z i n e


! e g a r Cou R E T H G DAU urage! Co

Charissa Steffens


eleven years of age Mary Slessor started work. She

quickly became the sole breadwinner to provide for her alcoholic father, mother, and six siblings. The long hours stole her childhood and education, but not her passion for

to be better, do better and live stronger. I am fascinated to discover what kept Mary moving forward when times were at their most desperate. I search for the truth of how this girl, of no status, education or power, transformed her world.

reading. Her favourite book was the Bible. It was there, in

I suspect that it was amongst the pages of her well-worn

those intimate moments with God, that He planted a seed

bible that Mary found the truths that set her course and

for Africa in the fertile soil of her Scottish heart.

changed her life. It was there that she discovered the

Years would pass before Mary set sail to quench this

treasure of other’s stories; stories that inspired her and gave her strength.

supernatural desire. Her journey would take time, trust, and determination. Even when she arrived in Africa, Mary did not feel she had found her place until she was allowed to live amongst the tribes, away from the mission. During this time, she discovered that the local tribes believed twins were evil; it was common practice to murder the twin babes and shun the mother from their society. Feeling shocked and overwhelmed, Mary knelt before God and prayed “Lord, the task is impossible for me but not for Thee. Lead the way and I will follow.” Mary arose and with God at her side, she stood firm against the tribal killings. This courageous daughter of God walked straight into a miracle as He gave

The Bible is one big book of biographies, full of the incredible exploits of ordinary people and an extraordinary God. People like Esther, Paul, Moses and Joshua. Joshua is one of the best biographies we can read. He was a man of courage and intimacy, with an eternal perspective; he knew how to walk strong with God.

Strength! Courage! Can you imagine having to fill Moses sandals? Big ask, God!

her favour with the tribesmen. She became a respected

No wonder God gave Joshua a pep talk upfront. “In the

and much loved woman, who saved hundreds of lives and

same way I was with Moses, I’ll be with you, I won’t give

influenced a nation.

up on you; I won’t leave you. Strength! Courage! Don’t get

I love reading biographies like Mary’s. I wonder if I could

discouraged.” (Joshua 1:1-9 MSG)

be so brave. To be honest, I get frustrated when I can’t find

The first thoughts we often have when God calls us forward

my car keys in five seconds flat! People like Mary inspire me

are of inadequacy and doubt. Have you experienced this?

20 Indulge m a g a z i n e

You are not alone! Last year I was asked to speak at a

going.”(Joshua 1:1-9) Joshua was always focused; he was

women’s meeting at church; I was excited, until I realised

known for his fierce determination. He stood strong amongst

that I was to follow a string of international speakers that

many challenges. The only way to thrive in the desert, or

had recently visited. I began to feel nervous thinking about

the mission field, or amongst a secular world, is to maintain

who had gone before me. Big shoes had stood behind that

an eternal perspective. The Apostle Paul, in Hebrews 12:1-

pulpit; I needed a Joshua pep talk fast to keep me going!

3, reminds us that our journey is a long distance race that

Often our biggest challenge is believing that we too are

requires vision to see the finish line. “Do you see what this

called to be influencers. We are the Joshua’s and Mary’s of

means – all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these

our day and we need courage to stand strong.

veterans cheering us on? Strip down, start running – and never quit! Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and

In the Hebrew, the words ‘Strength and Courage’ carry

finished this race we’re in.”

with them the sense of growing into strength. Strength is developed as we face our adversities and overcome them.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, and get rid of the excess baggage!

Joshua and Mary both learnt that staying the course means

When we focus on Him, we have all we need to run our race

choosing who we will listen to. Which voice gets the most

like champions, just like Joshua and just like Mary.

attention in your life? Is it God’s or another? The enemy

Upon her death, Mary’s love-worn Bible was found. In

loves to deliver discouragement as quickly as God brings

a margin were the words: “God and one are always a


majority.” Mary’s strength came from knowing this truth: we

God’s promises are solid and He does not give up on us. He

are not alone and if He is for us then who can be against us!

sees our potential and calls us forth. Joshua and Mary learnt quickly to focus on His ability not their inabilities.

Intimacy Joshua was known for hanging around in God’s presence.

Courage! DAUGuHrTaERge! Co

(Exodus 33:11) Once he was in charge, God reminded him where his strength would come from… “The Revelation given to Moses”. His Word, which carries His presence, was to be in Joshua’s mind every minute. To live strong, we need to keep His word in our mind and build an intimate relationship with God. His Word and Spirit fill us with hope, joy, peace, and strength. Speaking the Word of God over our circumstances ensures that we will overcome any challenge. He promises, “I’m giving you every square inch of the land you set your foot on.” (Joshua 1) When God leads us, He has already prepared the way; we just need to stay close to him to see the path.

Eternal Perspective God reminded Joshua “Don’t get off track, either left or right, so as to make sure you get to where you’re

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f r o m t h e r o a d ; a t r av e l l i n g

musician shares her journey‌

FLYING FREE why faith trumps fear

Bel Thomson is an award-winning Australian singer, songwriter and speaker whose ministry takes her to conferences, schools, camps, outreach events, and Christian churches of all denominations. To listen to her music or enquire about


Indulge m a g a z i n e

bookings visit To connect with Bel’s ministry: and

I recently had the adventure of travelling to America with my husband to begin recording a new music CD. As a singer and speaker in full time ministry in Australia, this had been a dream for many years, and as we landed on American soil I felt the excitement coursing through my body. I had worked extremely hard leading up to the recording, pouring my heart into crafting the music, and praying that God would use these songs to draw people to Him. Now I was here really living the dream, heading to Nashville to work with an acclaimed music producer. I was blown away to have the opportunity, having seen God provide everything we needed to get there. As we were walking to our connecting


has a

plan for

flight in LA, we were stopped by a

me, and my

TV reporter who asked us if we were

life is

concerned about the Terror Alert announced by the US government the

His concern!

previous day. Terror alert?! We had no idea that there was a terror alert announced, warning people to be wary of travel! Our connecting flight was leaving soon, so we excused ourselves and hurried on to find our gate. As we walked I found myself thinking about the situation and her question. I thought, “This doesn’t make me wary to travel, because I believe my life is actually in God’s hands! I am not

abundant life and do what God has called us to do in the midst of the uncertainties. For me, that means to sing and to share songs of hope, as He gives them. To stop travelling, taking opportunities, and moving forward due to fear would be to stop fully living. No way!

at the mercy of a terrorist! God has a plan

One thing is sure: this world is often

for me, and my life is His concern!”

uncertain, scary and dark. One thing is

I really believe nothing can take my life until God allows it. And when my time comes, as it must for all of us, I believe I

more certain: God is always with us, so we can live an abundant and joyful life in spite of the uncertainties.

will go to be with Him! I’m not suggesting

Now safely back in Australia, with new

we should throw wisdom to the wind

songs recorded, dreams achieved, and a

and run into the arms of danger, rather

new season of ministry ahead, I am so

that we accept His invitation to live an

glad that faith trumps fear!

Indulge m a g a z i n e


Sout 24 Indulge m a g a z i n e

Candice Long Singer Indulge m a g a z i n e


to gouge out your own eye with a rusty guitar string (being a muso can still be a boring job at times you know!) and how to deflect a drunk person from stumbling into your PA gear. Eventually my dad lost his voice and I ventured out all on my own with his ceiling as my floor and a solid foundation to build upon. About two years into it, I remember saying to God one night as I was packing up my gear, that I was ready to leave this covers pub life behind and become a star. It was time. I was ready. I was wrong. There are some lessons to be learnt that only the hands of time can complete. I have been getting paid to sing other people’s songs for nine years now. Of course this is just my bread and butter, along the way I have done lots of things that have been exciting and encouraging, like singing twice on ‘The Today Show’, performing in

Candice Long

I was born a curly haired, freckle faced little brat. Strong - willed, loud - mouthed and defiant are probably some good words you could use to describe how I came out of the womb. God makes all things beautiful in its time thankfully. I am a daughter of two musicians, sister to one of my most favourite people in the world and wife of a man that looks and acts like Jesus most of the time. Tumultuous is how I would describe my childhood. I came from a broken family and lived with my Dad, brother and step-family, visiting my gypsy- like mother on weekends and holidays.

Nashville and recording two EPs. For some reason I spend half my time not facing up to the biggest dreams in my heart and the other half impatiently trying to make them happen by myself for fickle and selfish reasons. And then I try and figure out what kind of good and pure motives Brooke Fraser had that got her to where she is today and I then I try and trick God by saying I have those motives too and then I realise he is smarter than me and then I sulk and then I say sorry. The truth is, I am always going to have mixed motives but it’s not about me anyway. All it takes is a moment in God’s presence to realise I don’t really deep down want people to worship me and give me glory, because it would be like putting a pug dog on ‘Sale of the Century’ and telling it to solve the puzzle and

I had a praying extended family that interceded for

really, I don’t think it knows what to do with that.

me through the dark days of my childhood and I

I still want to sing on big stages and do amazing scary

don’t know how, but I know it made a difference and I am grateful to God for his protection of my soul throughout my life. My Yoda-Like dad took me under his wing when I finished school and showed this young Luke Skywalker the tricks of the trade, the ticket out of a nine till five job, the family business– Pub Singing.

things because I know that when I push myself out of my comfort zone, that’s when I really fly. The difference these days is that I have learnt the difference between my identity and my expression. I have done thousands of gruelling gigs, singing “Brown Eyed Girl” in the corner, nestled behind the plants, under giant TV screens with people cheering loudly

I learnt many things, like how to be a good raffle girl,

half way through my song – not at me mind you – the

what songs to pick when you felt like you wanted

sporting event on TV, feeling like my soul was slipping

out of my body and that I was becoming numb, empty and hopeless. Over the past nine years while in those situations, I have heard the whisper of the Great Teacher, the Holy Spirit telling me that the principles of singing are a lot like the kingdom of God. His wisdom is all through it. He told me that singing was my expression and being his daughter was my identity and that if I got the two mixed up I would never be singing at my best. For me to try and create my identity out of what I do and how I sing, sets me up for a massive handicap. He told me that my best voice springs out of my true identity, knowing that regardless of the outcome, I am approved of already, that I don’t need to win anyone over or earn anything because that work has already been done for me through Jesus. My worth has already been determined. This isn’t a “sticking it to the Man” kind of attitude or anything; I’m just kinda learning how to love people through what I do without putting my worth in their reaction. Jesus was good at that on earth. I have gained so much freedom and joy in my music since learning these things, though I do often fall into my old ways of thinking. I am learning to let go of control more and more. I spent years pushing elephants up stairs trying to make an album that never quite made it to the final stages for various reasons. Then one day God dropped an opportunity into my lap. I was at a café talking to my husband about how I felt like I should contact another artist named Jake Nauta and see about doing some recording in his studio. I live in Brisbane. He lives in Sydney. He walked through that café door 15 minutes later and I nearly died of shock. Long story short, I made my second EP “Birds of the Air” with him down in the Blue Mountains last November and I am so proud of the result. Mostly because I felt it was seasoned with His grace and timing. I have realised He could change my circumstances in an instant if he wanted to but that He is more interested in changing my heart over a lifetime. Miley Cyrus was right about one thing; it’s the climb.

Indulge m a g a z i n e


True Power

This year marks my 23rd year within the interior design industry. I have been through many valleys as well as moments of standing at the top of the mountain with my full vision in focus. What I have come to learn is I live my strongest life when I am focused on the faithfulness of God. When I take my thoughts into captivity and stand on the promises of God, he releases

me to outwork my purpose. My purpose is fuelled by my passion. But passion alone doesn’t produce an action. Passion is the energy that fills the vehicle. For me the vehicle is ‘Interior Design’ and it is via this gift that I produce a tangible outcome. Consistency, within my daily routine and my business model is what makes ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round’. Having a pattern in my life, centred around the goodness of God is what gives me the strength to get up, when the going gets tough, and keep going when I can see the vision, but I am weary. Consistency is doing the smalls things really well. A scripture I recite often is found in Philippians 4:13: ‘I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me’. Strength on its own, gives us the power to resist strain and stress in our lives; however, I know without the ‘God factor’, I do not have the discipline to stay in this frame of mind. I know if I can see the good and action this I can do much. Knowing that, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” reminds me that even when I am weak, He is strong and I can walk in strength because I am not reliant on myself keeping myself afloat, but His almighty, powerful, unwavering strength…This is true power. Power that is not reliant on my feelings or my circumstance. Each morning I commit my day to God, allowing Him to change and renew my mind and handing over my will that His will may be done. (Mark 14:36) This is not a prayer I take lightly. When we surrender our will we are placing our complete trust in our Heavenly Father, allowing Him to intercede where He sees fit. I am learning that this means, on a practical level, that I have to surrender my lists. Yes, I am a list girl and can get caught up on task…Who doesn’t love to tick items off! But, and yes there is a but, if I am truly handing over my will I must too surrender the list. Accepting that Gods plans may take me down a new path that will require me to be available for his works.

28 Indulge m a g a z i n e

Most days begin with a daily reading and a time of thanksgiving. On a full day this may happen via a CD in the car on my way to a meeting. The key is to not get caught up on the ‘how’ this should look, but rather just understanding that it is this time, set apart from the daily routine, committed to God, that will ignite the passion and it is this very passion that fuels my purpose. Being equipped with the tools outlined in Gods word, the bible, I can soar when the economist in this world say things are looking grim. I can choose to live a victorious life, even when my feelings think otherwise. Being able to refresh my mind by daily focussing on the goodness and faithfulness of my Heavenly Father allows me to bring my thought life in line with my spirit life and get back to fulfilling and outworking my God given purpose. And when I activate this supernatural strength in my daily life it gives value to even the mundane. I believe that those that seek accountability desire to grow. My prayer is that God would use me mightily for His works, but in order for this to happen I need to be accountable to those areas of my life that require growth. I need to genuinely desire to up-skill and never grow weary of doing good, remembering I do what I do for an audience of one. Stepping out of your comfort zone, in any capacity takes strength. It takes resilience and lots of God influence. But the alternative ‘sitting around wishing things would change’ is not victorious. It chews up the same amount of energy, but is equivalent of a car sitting on the side of a busy highway with no fuel. I encourage each of us, yes me included, to reflect on His word today and every day. “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Not, some things, not most things, but ALL THINGS. Just getting my head around this some mornings can be a challenge in itself. However once I press into His word and stand on his promises I step out of my self-built walls of comfort and into a new room

of possibilities. But what I truly love about our heavenly Father is His bigness. You see, it’s in this time of stepping out God can use us to inspire and influence others to new heights too. Take action today to live purposely tomorrow.


indulge m a g a z i n e


Growing through change... Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

cope with performing in a job on top of all that I was currently doing. While most people couldn’t see it on the outside, looking back I was inwardly quite depressed. Here I was, stuck in the middle of a big change in our family life and I was hating

When I found myself in the middle of a change in

the change. I was happy my husband had found

my life I had two choices; stay in the same place

a career that he loved, but it was the impact this

struggling with the same things, or rise above it

change had on our family routine and my ability

and move through the change.

to even get out of the house without the kidlets

It was the due date of my much awaited third

sometimes, that left me exhausted.

child and I was celebrating my husband’s Police

Change is a constant in all of our lives and it is

Academy graduation (that I was relieved to be

likely that many of you reading this may be going

able to attend). Little did I realise how drastically

through some big changes of your own. This model

my organised life was about to change!

of change by Kurt Lewin outlines three major steps

Samuel was finally born nearly two weeks late on

in the process of going through change:

the second day of my husband’s new career. My husband was straight into general duties and I can remember coming home from the hospital into a seven day stint of night shifts. We lived in a small post war house where you could hear everything

UNFREEZE create right environment


support change to desired state


reinforce to anchor change

so while I was up at night feeding, I was also up first thing in the morning trying to keep three children under five quiet so my husband could sleep. The first few months were a challenging time adapting, but I enjoyed the time with the kids and tried to make the most of our ever-changing routine.

Some changes we go through have a known outcome, like maybe you’re moving house. You have to pack up the house, maybe sell a house too, and move to your new abode. Having moved home late last year, I know how much work is

Time passed, as it does, and the end of my

involved. But because you can see the end state,

maternity leave was looming. We were also

and the benefits of getting there, it’s easier to

coming up to my eldest child’s first year at school

move through the process of change.

and to be honest, I didn’t know how I would

30 Indulge m a g a z i n e

There are changes that we go through where we

If you really want to transition through a change

don’t know how long the process is going to take

well, you need to get a vision for the change. Go

and we might not even know the outcome. This

straight to God. Find a word that resonates in

is where it takes our faith to trust in Him, as He

your being. When you have His perspective on the

always knows the outcome.

things you are going through, it is so much easier

At that time in my life, I was already in a state

to move to the final state of the change.

of change, new baby and shift-working husband,

To me these scriptures align nicely with the final

with another change about to be thrust upon me -

stage of change, the refreeze stage of the change

returning to work. My flesh felt things were about

process. It’s also known as the reinforcement or

to get really, really hard.

the embedding. In many cases of change, this is

My son started school, I returned to work, and I was smack-bang in the middle of change. It took all my strength to hold the seemingly simple things together and I was exhausted. But God was faithful to keep working on me! When you’re going through a big change, it matters how you respond. I didn’t want to be an exhausted woman always chasing my tail with no time to look after my children. I had dreams and plans that had not yet been fulfilled and I couldn’t stay in that place. God is so faithful. Through a

often where the ball is dropped. The change is introduced, but as it is not fully embedded, the benefit of the change is never actually realised. It would be comparable to packing up and moving to a new house but never unpacking your things or setting up your new home. He doesn’t want us to keep circling our circumstances. He’s always intended that we grow from the change or trial and we get to the other side, the side where the benefit of the change is realised.

number of people he ministered to me with words

After the change, He (The Lord) rebuilds us. There

that spoke right into my situation. I felt the Lord

have been many amazing answers to prayer in my

speaking to me through his word about trusting

life over the past two years. I can now see that it


was His plan for us to go through these changes

Here are some of the scriptures that I clung to tightly: • Matthew 11:28-30 • Isaiah 40:31 • Deuteronomy 31:6

and to come out thriving. Things that used to be a struggle are not anymore. He has enlarged my capacity and He has blessed my family. My husband loves his job, I love my job, and our children are blessed.

• Nehemiah 8:10

If you will trust Him to lead you through the

• Romans 8:28

process of change in whatever circumstance you

• Ecclesiastes 3:11

are facing, you will be amazed at what He will do.

• Isaiah 61:3

Kelly Barnes

Some of these scriptures were my faith statements

Photography by: Jessie Lea Photography

as I wasn’t there yet, but I wanted to be. As I meditated on the word of God, I began to see like He sees and this perspective changed my reality. It matters what you believe and it matters how you respond to change. When something is unexpectedly thrust upon you, do you trust that God already knows about it, and he already knows the outcome too?

Indulge m a g a z i n e


The problem with perfect... Proverbs 23:4 says “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. Healthy thinking leads to healthy living. There is however a subtle but powerful threat to our heart and mind. It is a subliminal message that pursues our



thoughts, relentlessly questioning if we are good enough and promoting that we have to change, be better, or be different to be accepted. We seem to have an internal radar that scans our world, noting those who are successful and popular and comparing ourselves to them. We are surrounded with edited images of “perfection”, models and celebrities who seem to have it all. This is particularly noticeable in teens, the idea that if they project the perfect image they will have the perfect outcome - popularity, status, relationships and happiness. We also feel pressure to conform to the image of who others think we should be. Even little kids at school are looking, comparing, noticing differences and seeing what it takes to be popular with friends or liked by the teacher. We find ourselves starting to conform to what others value.

Out of all their perfect features they would notice one perceived flaw – “my nose is too small, my hips too curvy, my boobs too big, my eyes too narrow”…. Every strength or asset we have can be viewed as a negative

When we start to conform and morph into an image

through another pair of eyes. Perfection may last for a

we are not called to be, we have a problem. Internal

season but not a lifetime.

pressure and anxiety build where we see that gap between who we really are and who we think we should be. The reality of our imperfections gets hidden behind a projected image. We can try to wear the right clothes, have the best body, drive the right car, live in the right neighbourhood and hang around the right people. Unfortunately in the challenges of life, it can be harder to maintain the image and the lifestyle - depression, fear of failure or rejection, anxiety, control, powerlessness, insecurity, addictions and money problems threaten to derail and disconnect us. So much energy can go into the maintenance of the image that we can lose touch with who we really are. Relationships can be stressful and unhealthy as we try to live according to our image and perceived expectations and we can end up engaging superficially and saying what we think others want to hear, with our true self hidden. Often the goal posts just keep moving. I did modelling in my youth and met a lot of beautiful girls. Interestingly these girls had low self-esteem.

32 Indulge m a g a z i n e

Pursuing perfection is exhausting and interestingly, if you do well, others may feel inferior and not like you. Jealousy, envy, bullying, criticizing, dividing friendships and loyalties, judgement, lies and gossip are the usual diet that wannabe perfect people feed on. Look at the celebrities with perfect hair, bodies, success, fame, money, image, popularity - it costs them a lot - depression, broken marriages, drugs and alcohol to cope. Are they liked for who they really are or for the image they project?

The solution...

Romans 12:2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. God’s ways are not the world’s way. Jesus picked 12 rather unlikely, imperfect disciples. Most were uneducated fisherman; they argued, they doubted, even had rivalry for “who is the greatest” with Jesus.

What authenticity looks like: In Psalm 139 God says I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that He is with me and thinks about me all the time.

God uses me in spite of my imperfections and

graces me with what I need to fulfill what He has called


me to. That same love and acceptance I receive I can give to others. I know how I live now determines how I spend eternity. It is not about my perfection but my direction. If I stumble and fall I get up again, receiving and giving mercy and grace. I know my heart matters so

authenticity By Candice Schmidt

I can be real with God sharing my thoughts and feelings. I love heart to heart conversations with others and don’t care for dialogue that is superficial. I have faith God is taking care of me and I have greater capacity to love and care for others. My authenticity makes me a vessel God can use to pour himself through to others. I am human but God supernaturally enables me to accomplish things I

After living life together and encountering supernatural miracles, Judas betrayed Jesus who then died on the cross (not their perfect plan!). They all scattered, and

never dreamed of.

I dare to dream with God who makes

the impossible possible. Go on, be yourself. Everybody else is taken! Invite God

Peter and the others denied any association with Jesus. They

to meet you where you are and transform you as you

certainly were not a perfect bunch and yet were the people

journey through life happy to be who He created you to

whom God entrusted the great commission. The bible says

be. There is power, peace and joy in being authentic.

in James 1 that God gives us all things for life and godliness. Salvation is a free gift. It is not earned through perfection. Nothing we can do can make Him love us more. And nothing

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

we can do can make Him love us less. He is calling us to

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,

live authentically. There is only one of us. Uniquely made

talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You

in His image, made perfect through the blood of Jesus and

are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the

empowered through the Holy Spirit. Free to be who He created

world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so

us to be. No facade but a unique creation to manifest God’s

that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make

nature to the world around us. We may meet the expectations

manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in

of others at the cost of our dreams and purpose. We have a

some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light

unique call and an eternal future. We are irreplaceable. Who

shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to

are you called to be? Who does God say that you are? What

do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our

has He called you to do? Be that! We need to carry what God has written on our heart and live that.

presence automatically liberates others.”

Nelson Mandela

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?! ~ Dr Seuss

Indulge m a g a z i n e


RANDOM acts of

Sarah had been greatly impacted by

unexpected, and it had no strings

a woman who, for her 38th birthday,


decided to do 38 random acts of kindness. Sarah felt this would be a fabulous way of celebrating the 12 days leading up to Christmas and Random Acts of Christmas (RAC) was born. Some of Sarah’s Random Acts included delivering chocolates to her local police station, cooking brownies for volunteers, giving out gift cards in grocery and


book stores, taking Christmas treats to neighbours she had never met, and a number of free coffees for people lined up behind her in queues. By sharing her experiences Sarah inspired others to start doing their own RAC’s.

Anita Henderson

All we had to do was receive. What a wonderful opportunity we have, especially at Christmas time, to extend grace and love to those in our community. I’m sure if you have ever extended unexpected kindness to another you could testify what a joy it is. We have started our RAC’s early this year. Our family took part in Samaritan’s Purse; “Operation Christmas Child”. It was so much fun shopping with my daughter and filling a shoe box with goodies for a child we will never meet here on earth. Initially my daughter was a little confused as to who we were giving these gifts to and

One of Sarah’s favourite examples is of

she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t

a seven year old girl in Western Australia

keep the presents for herself.

The countdown to Christmas

who, after hearing about RAC, decided

has certainly begun. In my

to use her pocket money to buy some

However, after much explaining she

household it has been a very

presents which she gave out to strangers

started to understand. When the day

long countdown. My three year

at the local shopping centre.

came for her to hand in her box, it was

olds favourite song is “Jingle Bells”. She has been singing this song daily for the last year and regularly asking, “Is it Christmas today Mummy”? There is certainly something incredibly special about Christmas and for Christians, we personally and intimately know the true meaning of this season. Even with this revelation

I personally know what it’s like to receive amazing and unexpected generosity. In 2011 one of my loved ones was in hospital over the Christmas period. A group of beautiful people put together the most amazing Christmas hamper for my family. It was filled with Christmas treats, decorations, and even individually wrapped Christmas presents for everyone.

of truth, it is still easy to become

I still get teary when I think of this

overwhelmed with the busyness

act of kindness. However it really was

of the season as we party, buy,

more than kindness that these people

and cook our way through the 101

extended to us. This precious group

things that seek our attention.

practically ministered grace and love to

Sarah Starrenburg took a

us at a time when we really needed it.

an absolute delight to watch her face as she beamed with pride. I learnt an important lesson through being part of “Operation Christmas Child” and that is that we have to teach our children the act of giving. As parents we need to model to our children a generous lifestyle and help them understand that it is more blessed to give than receive. So hopefully by now you are starting to think, “How can I be random act giver”? Well I’m glad you asked that question as the options are limitless. I’m personally looking forward to sitting with my family and brainstorming ideas of what we can do this Christmas season. For it to happen

different approach in the lead

I’ve heard grace described as, “the

in our family unit I know we will have to

up to Christmas last year. She

undeserved and often unexpected

be intentional and possibly plan a little

documented her journey on her

outpouring of kindness”. We did

ahead. We may not even do 12 “Acts of


not deserve their generosity, it was

Christmas” but maybe just one or two.

“Ideas Change Everything” w

34 Indulge m a g a z i n e

ideas d TO GET YOU

STARTED We are blessed to be a blessing so let’s

intentionally bring joy to our community this holiday season. Need more inspiration, check out the website Random Acts of Kindness which lists 332 kindness ideas:

Here at Indulge we would love to hear about your RAC’s this year. Please keep us up to date via email ( or through our facebook page.

Make or buy Christmas goodies for the neighbours. Tape coins to random vending machines. Send a Christmas email to our soldiers serving overseas Buy a Christmas gift for a child in need. Help someone for free, i.e.: offer free baby sitting, car wash, gardening. Is there is a garden in your neighbourhood you have always admired? Why not write an anonymous letter to the house owners thanking them for making the street more beautiful. Send a Christmas card of appreciation to those who serve the community, for example police officers, ambulance officers, fire departments, lifesavers. Donate blood. Support The Smith Family’s Toy & Book Appeal for disadvantaged children. get-involved/give-toys-or-books. Contact a local nursing home to see if you can read a book or play an instrument for the elderly. Buy coffees or gift cards or flowers for strangers.

Indulge m a g a z i n e


Loving Your Kids on Purpose

book reviews

Danny Silk’s book triggers a real awakening towards establishing and maintaining a heart connection with our children. Through the parenting techniques he advocates, Silk encourages an outcome of mutual respect to exist between parent and child because the emotions and heart of both equally matter. As parents, our role is to offer our children choices and enforce consequences (ones that will benefit us) so that they are being guided to take responsibility and ownership of the decisions they make in their lives. Family Life Pastor of Bethel Church and parent educator, Danny Silk writes his book with enjoyable humour, a gamut of common sense and with the assertion that parenting should be a joy and privilege. Loving our Kids on Purpose is bound to change the attitude of you as a parent so that peace may be created in your household rather than exhausting power struggles with your children which just cultivates disrespect. Silk demonstrates how trust, through loving and open communication with our children rather than aggressive (or passive) control, can be developed in our relationships by giving examples of some conversational interactions he’s had with his own children during their years of growing up. These examples show very deliberately to readers that the parent, while being supportive and disciplining, is not the answer to or accountable for their child’s problems. Evidently, he states, “Discipline is all about me reaching into your life and pulling the best of me to the surface of you.”

The Lightkeeper’s Wife As the second novel for reasonably new Australian author Karen Viggers, The Lightkeeper’s Wife has been delightfully written against the backdrop of Hobart and the landscape enriched settings of Antarctica and Bruny Island. Against her family’s will, elderly and fatally ill widow Mary ventures back to Bruny Island, her home of 26 years spent raising a family and being the wife of the lighthouse keeper, and her past to live out her final days. While there she visits all her old haunts as she prepares to join with her husband Jack through her expectant death. Meanwhile, Mary’s youngest son Tom is also grappling with his past as he looks for a way forward from his stunted, simple life. A victim of the isolation that comes from overwintering in the Antarctic and his failed faithless marriage, Tom seeks new opportunities to head south again to overcome his personal challenges of disconnectedness and distrust. His attraction to marine biologist Emma gives him a renewed passion to work as her assistant on the next expedition, but his enthusiasm is short-lived when he realises that she doesn’t intend to maintain an exclusive relationship with him.

36 Indulge m a g a z i n e

As Mary’s time draws to a close, she is forced to come to terms with how best to deal with a secret that, if revealed, will significantly affect Tom’s already shaky foundations. The Lightkeeper’s Wife is an empathetic tale of family dynamics and how one must confront a life filled with regret, love and loss in order to gain a sense of resurrection and release.

citywomen BRISBANE

unity action change

Together we can make our city a better place for women and girls. Find out more at


PARTNERS Australian Christian Lobby • Bella Magazine • Cherish Life Queensland • Churches of Christ Care City Women Toowoomba • Daughters of Promise • Emily’s Voice • Hope Foundation Indulge Magazine • Priceless Life Centre • Teen Challenge Queensland

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38 Indulge m a g a z i n e

Summer Sirens Glamour, 50’s Icons and Hollywood Vintage Styles, are brought to life in Sirens Swimwear’s 2013 signature range. These beautiful suits not only look amazing, they are luxuriously comfortable, using innovative fabrics, and will make any woman feel graceful.

Indulge m a g a z i n e


40 Indulge m a g a z i n e

Indulge m a g a z i n e


42 Indulge m a g a z i n e

The designs channel ’50s glamour personified by fashion icons Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Rita Hayworth. With colours of 2013 including Beautiful Barbados Blues and Crisp White Stripes, Luscious Hot Lips Red, Wild Leopard print, Rich Exotic Cuban Brown and Midnight Black & White Spot like you’ve never seen before.

The final outcome? Beautiful, quality made swimwear ready to be worn this Summer! For more information on the 2013 collection please visit or call Bettina and the team on 1300 306 977.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER!! Just enter the VIP Codeword

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STRONG It’s one thing to want to live a long time and yet it can be quite a different thing to want to live to be healthy and strong regardless of how many years we live. Living in this latter manner requires a fair amount of effort. But efforts may be in vain if you don’t know what it actually takes to be healthy and strong. If you have this knowledge and apply it you can avoid many of the

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sicknesses and ailments plaguing our society today. So what are some tips to living healthy and strong?


Wherever possible fuel your body with the food God made for human consumption. This food resembles its original form ie not processed. This type of food is nourishing to the body and ensures the body receives what it needs to heal, repair and stay healthy.


Don’t overdo it with stimulants. We already live in an overstimulated society with all the stress we need to endure so we don’t need to add fuel to the fire so to speak. By artificial stimulants I mean food sources such as caffeine, artificial additives, and excessive sugar; and environmental sources such as excessive screen time (computers, Ipads etc). Giving your body a chance to wind down and regenerate both mentally and physically can do wonders for our health.


Sleep like a baby. Many of us don’t sleep well because we can’t switch off. Practicing a consistent wind down routine before bed can help get the mind and body ready for a good night’s sleep. Suggestions might be to switch off the TV or computer one hour before bed, have a nice warm bath or shower, have a cup of herbal tea, and read a few pages of a good book. Our body works best with a consistent routine.


Move more. Our bodies were made to move and we need to use energy to create


Practice a positive attitude until it becomes habit. When centenarians have


Cultivate a sense of community. By contributing to society we establish a sense

more energy. One of the best forms of activity is walking. As Hippocrates once put it, “walking is man’s best friend”.

been surveyed one of the key factors they attribute to their longevity is their ability to keep things in a positive perspective.

of belonging as well as purpose. One of the best ways to do this is to join a church. By serving in a local church not only are lifelong relationships formed but life’s burdens can be shared. Loads are not nearly as heavy when carried by more than one person.


Remember that you don’t have to hit the mark perfectly all the time. Our body is remarkably forgiving and can cope with our occasional off focus times when we are not as healthy as we should be. The key really is to practice consistently moving forward toward a picture of good health.




Table Settings for you... Rebecca McLean

Signature Homewares

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The family gathering around the Christmas table is such

a memorable and anticipated moment. Decorating needn’t cost a fortune and isn’t essential for wonderful family moments, but it can be a beautiful backdrop; delighting the senses of your guests with a visual, festive feast. The Christmas table setting doesn’t have to be all glitz and glitter. Think of it as an extension of your decorating style that you are naturally drawn to all year round. When setting the table, I keep a few ideas in mind... less is more, layer, repeat and enhance your overall theme. Firstly, get inspired! Flick through magazines, take a wander through the shops and also ‘shop’ at home; or in my case, in the backyard.

I was drawn to a huge gum tree branch,

which anchored the table and made a big visual impact. Opt for one centerpiece that gives you maximum ‘wow’ factor, rather than several as they then compete and can look clumsy and cluttered. Having selected the branch, my overall objective was established; to create an elegant, casual table that encapsulates our relaxed Christmas Down Under. This year I have been attracted to gold and metallic colours and have used them to add pops of glamour to my home. Shades of gold was an obvious choice for my Christmas table and it complimented the branch, twine and other natural materials. Hanging coloured baubles, whether it be off a light fitting, directly from the ceiling or a branch, is a simple way of drawing the eye upwards and unifies your colour theme on another visual level. I have used my colour choice on several levels: from the glittery baubles and table runner, to the muted shades of the place mats, to the shiny sequins of the pear ornaments. Don’t be frightened of mixing patterns. This is very much a matter of instinct. If the patterns feel too busy, it probably is. If the patterns compliment each other, go for it! The effect can look fabulous. Layering and repetition are the keys to creating those looks that we admire in the glossy brochures and department stores. The sequined pear is an eye catching tree ornament I came across at Myer this year. Find one that is self supporting, cut off the hanging cord and experiment with scrap booking card and ornate fonts to create unique, individual place cards. Then invite your guests to take their ornament home as a little memento. A simple hessian bow on each chair, paired with another fragrant sprig is an easy and impacting way to bring the overall look together. I love the look of glass votives, hurricanes and vases on a table. They don’t dominate and make the setting look heavy, but create a soft, beautiful ambience when flickering with candlelight. Stand back to examine the overall look and then unleash your creative side on the details. Have fun and bless your loved ones with the gift of hospitality this Christmas.

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Summer days Angela Frost


SERVES 8-10 • Prep 30 minutes • No cooking

100gms rice vermicelli noodles 1 iceberg lettuce - finley sliced 1 large carrot - grated 1/2 tsp sugar 1 cup torn mint leaves 4 tbsp corriander leaves - chopped 250g cooked prawn meat- chopped 2 pkts round rice paper 5 tbsp roasted peanuts chopped for garnish 1 red chilli - sliced for garnish

DIPPING SAUCE 2 tbsp peanut butter 1/2 cup sweet chilli sauce 3 tbsp fish sauce 3 tbsp fresh lime juice 2 tbsp soy sauce

Place noodles in a bowl, pour boiling water over and soak for 10 minutes. Drain Place lettuce, carrot , sugar ,herbs and prawn meat in a large bowl and combine. Cut noodles in several places with scissors and add to lettuce mixture. combine. Dunk a sheets of rice paper into warm water then transfer to a bench covered with a clean damp cloth. Wait for the paper to soften and become flexible. Place a small amount of mixture on to the centre of each wrapper. Roll up , tucking the sides in as you go. Place on you serving platter and continue with remaining wrappers. refridgerate - serve with dipping sauce and garnish To make dipping sauce mix all ingredients together in a small bowl and mix well.

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100gs butter - softened zest of 1 lemon plus a small squeeze of lemon 2 tbsp Italian parsely - chopped finely 1 tbsp capers - chopped finely 3 anchovy fillets -chopped finely 2 tbsp parmesan cheese - grated 12 cleaned scallops in shell

Place butter in a small bowl. Add zest, juice, parsely , capers, anchovies and parmesan cheese. Mix well. Heat BBQ - Top each scallop with a large tbsp of butter. Season with salt and pepper. Place scallops onto the BBQ and cook until butter bubbles. Cook scallops just until opaque and just heated through. Serve.

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SERVES 10-12 scoops • Prep 10 minutes • Freeze overnight

300mls pouring/whipping cream 150mls Greek yoghurt - plain 300gms lemon curd - store bought or homemade 50gms mini meringues crushed - store bought or homemade Juice and zest of 1 lemon Ice cream cones Pour cream into a bowl and whip unit soft peaks form. Add the yoghurt, lemon zest, crushed meringues and 2/3 of the lemon curd and mix carefully. Spoon into a plastic container and swirl the rest of the lemon curd through to give a rippled effect. Freeze overnight. Serve in bowls or cones.

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An Invitation to Love... Dear Reader, Our prayer is that you would know how much you are loved by our Heavenly Father. So much so that He would send His only Son, Jesus, who would choose to die on a cross for you. It is through Jesus Christ that we can know and come into a full relationship with God. You do not have to be perfect, you just have to believe and ask Jesus to meet you where you are at in life. He will come and set you free and bring you into a peace and love that only God can offer. If you are unsure that you have a personal relationship with Jesus then we would love you to say this simple prayer.

Dear Jesus, I believe in you. I believe that you died on the cross for me. Thank you for your love. I confess that I have sinned and I wish to turn away from sin, please forgive me. Please come into my heart and change me from the inside out. Make me a new creation and let me know that I am your child. Help me to live my life for you from this day forward. amen "This is real love: not that we loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins." 1 John 4:10 If you have prayed this prayer, we would encourage you to find a local church and speak to a pastor. We would also love to hear from you here at Indulge Magazine by emailing us at

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Indulge Magazine - Live Strong  

Oct-Dec 2013 Issue. For christian women who desire become whole – spirit, soul and body.

Indulge Magazine - Live Strong  

Oct-Dec 2013 Issue. For christian women who desire become whole – spirit, soul and body.