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‘Love Much’

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Special Interview with Rolland & Heidi Baker

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From the Editor... 1 John 4:19 says “We, though, are going to love— love and be loved. First we were loved, now we love. He loved us first.” (MSG). This sums up what this ‘Love Much’ issue of Indulge is about. The pages are filled with stories that show this scripture in action. Journeys that reveal the power of God’s love. It was a highlight of my year… probably my life to interview Rolland and Heidi Baker. This extraordinary couple that have spent their lives living out the gospel in a way we only dream possible have shared some of their journey with us in this issue. One of the profound moments I had from our time together was the importance of really stopping for ‘the one’. It is not important how much I achieve in life, it is important how much I love in life. To do that well, I have to learn to stop for the one, to not just hear a person but to listen to them and love them as best I can. I am forever changed.

There are many other great stories and features within this special ‘Love Much’ edition of Indulge including the return of our wonderful recipe competition. We know how many amazing cooks there are out there and we can’t wait to see what culinary delights you share with us, plus you can win a Myer giftcard. I hope your love tank is filled to overflowing as you enjoy this wonderful issue.

Love Charissa xx

Another story that fills my heart with joy is the wonderful and heart warming journey of the Campbell family from Albury. Nicole and Richard are people who have chosen to reach out into their community and offer a safe and loving home for children in need. Fostering is their mission field and their capacity to love beyond themselves has indeed changed a generation. The talented illustrator and author Kayleen West shares her story of finding purpose and freedom in the Father’s love. Kayleen has created a beautiful book called Adoptive Father that would be a great present for a young one in your world. Kayleen has given away many of her books to children living in poverty in order to share God’s love for them. She is an amazing woman.

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Spirit 8 |

L OV E looks like something An interview with Rolland & Heidi Baker

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 9

10 |

Rolland and Heidi Baker in Australia recently


looks like something... Article: Charissa Steffens Images: Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography & Rolland Baker

The first people who came to mind when I decided to focus on love for this issue of Indulge were Rolland and Heidi Baker, missionaries and founders of Iris Ministries. This couple knows what love is. They have spent their lives imparting love amongst the poorest on the planet; from the jungles of Indonesia, to the walled city of Hong Kong and the arid terrain of Africa. As a young married couple they gave up all western comforts and set out to see the gospel come alive. Some thirty years later they have witnessed a myriad of miracles, seen tens of thousands saved and they now travel the world for a third of the year teaching. The rest of the year they spend in their adopted country of Mozambique where their legacy of love continues to flourish.

A young boy listening at a meeting

At home in Mozambique

Rolland, you have a long heritage of Missionaries in your lineage. Your grandparents: HA & Josephine Baker working in China; your parents, James & Marjorie, also worked in Asia establishing Bible colleges, and history records that they all worked in the miraculous. Tell us about your forefathers.

to go to the least of these; people that nobody else wanted, cared about, or knew existed. That was the love of God‌ to give up everything to find that last lost sheep‌ and for decades he itinerated in the mountains of China. He had cotton shoes and rough clothes and he went to different villages each day: just gone for a whole month at a time.

Rolland: I was probably shaped more by my grandfather than anybody else. He was a really radical, very dedicated missionary. There was never a time when I did not believe in God. Ever since I was able to understand. I was listening to stories about God and power encounters and the revival in China. So he was my prime example of the Good Shepherd that leaves the ninety-nine and goes and finds that last sheep out in the darkness. He read the great commission and then went out and just did it. He decided to go to the outermost parts of the earth and ended up in Tibet, 10 000 feet up, three days yak journey from the nearest white man. He just read the book and did what it said. He literally gave his life away; suffering and enduring and putting up with anything, to reach the lost sheep in the far corners of the earth. And his aim was

I went back in 2005 to visit the mountain valley where he lived and no white man had been there in the years since he left because of the Communist revolution. Fifty years later his grandson shows up and, though they had not seen a white man in so long, the tears just poured down their faces recounting and remembering his dedication. They just could not believe a westerner had so much love that he would leave his country, culture and everything and bury himself in the far corner of China, way up in the mountains among minority tribes, having sacrificed everything. He decided to live on less than $40 a month and give everything else away. He lived like a poor Chinese peasant in the rice paddies. And that was my picture of Christianity. I just thought that was normal. That’s just what the book says.

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 11

Did you always know that you would follow in those footsteps? Rolland: I understood that was the ideal. I had real trouble thinking I could ever come close to matching that ideal. I went for second best, third best, whatever, because I never thought I could be like that. It’s not just seeing how blessed you can be or how much you can prosper. It’s literally laying your life down so you can keep it, because if you try to keep it, you lose it. He was my living model of what that looks like. Heidi comes from a well-to-do Californian culture. The total opposite to mine, and for her to get that DNA too, by the Spirit, is just the most miraculous thing. God combined our history and that is just extraordinary. I read, Heidi, that Rolland’s mother had been your schoolteacher and had planted within you a desire for missionary work. Is that right? Heidi: Yes, before I was even born again! Rolland: Heidi got her first picture of missions from my mother, and much later after we’d been in Asia for 12 years, and Hong Kong for four years, we finally realised that as good as it was, Hong Kong was not the poorest country in the world. It’s actually the fourth richest. We were thinking, “Where can we go that is really poor?” Heidi: And I heard an audible voice “Africa.” Rolland: God just told her Africa. We were thinking where and how and why? Part of our DNA is my grandfather’s desire to go lower instead of higher. It is the trickle up theory. You don’t hit the pastors, leaders and business people first off. You go first to the people that nobody wants and nobody thinks will amount to anything. That was a very big part of my willingness to go along with Heidi to Africa and go to orphans and abandoned children because to me that was the most

likely place to see revival. If you are hungry for revival where is the most likely place to see it? That was my heritage. Missionary work is one of the toughest jobs you can do. How do you stay passionate and strong? Heidi: It’s the easiest job for us because you do what you are called to do and then it’s fun. I wouldn’t call it tough. I’d call it a joy. Rolland: Without the Holy Spirit it is the toughest occupation there could possibly be. But if the Holy Spirit fills you enough it becomes the easiest because He’s the power. You have to have the sheer, raw power of the Holy Spirit to love people enough when you are super challenged. Heidi: And you know Daddy God loves you so you just feel happy because of that. So it’s not some big effort to work among the poor; it isn’t like we really hate it but we do it anyway (laughing). No we love it. I love where we are. And now I love travelling too, which I didn’t before. Wherever God puts you, that is joy. What are two important keys to living a fruitful kingdom life? Heidi: Time is your greatest commodity. The most expensive thing you can give up in Australia is your time. We are all busy people and to be intimate with God takes time. It’s just living in a place where there is no compartmentalisation, where God is so much in your mind, in your heart, in your spirit. When you walk around, when you talk to people, when you are working, He is just there and you love Him with your mind, emotions and thoughts. Just being in love with God and then letting Him flow out of you to other people. Whatever you are doing, whether you are writing an article or you’re an engineer or you’re a receptionist, whatever you are doing, just say, “Lord shine out of me, inhabit me.”

Wherever God puts you, that is joy.

12 |

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 13

Then there is a grateful heart. Always thanking Him for what He is doing, and staying in the word. The more I spend time with Him and love Him and watch what He does, the more intimate I get with Him. Why would I want to be anywhere but in the middle of His heart? Part of being in love is really watching what He does and thanking Him for it. You both had a powerful encounter with God in Toronto many years ago. How did that experience impact you? Rolland: It’s one thing to understand the gospel and believe the creeds and confess your faith in Jesus, and it’s another thing to be extremely overwhelmed by the greatness of all that. You can say you believe in heaven but to be super excited that you are going there is another thing. It’s one thing to say you believe in Jesus. It’s another thing to be totally and incredibly thrilled with Him. In Toronto I was extremely convicted about how much I was actually missing out. Most Christians miss out on a lot because they just don’t appreciate Jesus and they are not totally in love with God or thrilled by their salvation. I just got thrilled with the whole package. 14 |

Were you witnessing the miraculous in your work before Toronto? Heidi: Yes, but not to the same degree. We’d never seen blind eyes see, deaf ears open. But we had seen God heal cancer and crippled people. We had always prayed for the sick. Rolland is from an Assemblies of God background and when I got born again, it was Baptist for one day then Pentecostal. So we were taught that God healed the sick. We always believed that, always praying. We were forever on the edge and longing for more of God. Toronto for me was a ‘die-to-self ’ and be fully possessed by God; more than I knew was possible. I really fell in love with the Father. We were really, really strict missionaries. We wouldn’t give our kids hot water for baths because the poor couldn’t have hot water. We didn’t eat cheese because the poor couldn’t eat cheese. We lived in the worst slums we could find. We didn’t believe you could own anything ever. Anything. Which was really good and I think that was a great journey for us, because we learned how to give away everything, over and over again. We learned how to trust God for our food and for everything.

There are no back-up plans in a country that poor... God has to heal them or they die

In Toronto I was undone. The first thing that Daddy God said to me was, “eat cheese, and take a hot bath”. I bawled like a baby. I really did. It’s hard to understand how strict we were. I discovered that Daddy God loves us and, He doesn’t just love us, He likes us. He likes our personalities because we are covered in the blood of Jesus. Daddy God loves His kids. Then at one meeting Randy Clark prayed, “God wants to know. Do you want the nation of Mozambique?” Obviously we could not do that all ourselves, we are like little pebbles in the dirt, little people in a big picture. We now have over 1 000 people on our staff working with us to create change. We all work together in Mozambique, many pastors of many denominations. We really know that we are just a little piece. But if God says, “Do you want a nation?” then He’s asking you to be a catalyst. A catalyst is small but it needs to be there and that is what God is doing with us. After that powerful encounter at Toronto, you went through a series of difficult challenges, even life threatening times. How did you hold onto that prophetic word about Mozambique when you faced such adversity?

Heidi: I heard Randy say, “Do you want the nation of Mozambique? The poor will receive the good news, the deaf will hear, the blind will see, the dead will be raised”. Well I believed that word even when Rolland got cerebral malaria and then the government took away the children’s centre that they had given us and made us homeless with 320 kids. After that word we were being shot at, at night, machine guns in the air trying to terrorise us; we lost everything. Then I got super sick. It was as if everything got harder after that word. Nothing got easier it got harder but I just believed God for his word. After a year of praying for the blind they just started to see and the deaf began to hear. Currently every deaf person that is prayed for in Northern Mozambique gets healed and it’s not just us, it is anybody, foreigners, children, anybody can pray for the deaf and they are healed. God is opening the tribes’ ears and we’ve planted over 2 500 churches in ten years, because their ears are opening.

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 15

Is there a miracle that you have seen that has particularly touched your heart? Heidi: Yes. When a child, who you’ve picked up on the street, who was raped by policemen night after night, finds out they are a real son, and they stop wanting to sabotage their life. They stop wanting to steal and cheat and they find out who they are in Daddy’s arms. They start caring about other kids. That’s got to be right on up there. Rolland: When you see happy, dancing, children who are healthy, and guys that realise that if it hadn’t been for God they would be rummaging in garbage dumps, eating out of gutters, eating dead cats. Heidi: Once they had bloated bellies, were dying and now they are worshipping Jesus and nine of them are in medical school. We have a girl that was abandoned who has now become an architect. We’ve got kids that are becoming engineers, scientists, teachers, ministers, and missionaries. We have a guy that was a crazy alcoholic; we just kept loving him and forgiving him and now he’s a missionary in Kenya working with street kids in Mombasa. Those are the kinds of miracles that rock my world. Rolland: God creates love in people…where does that love come from? It comes from Jesus. Yes we have physical miracles and we need them. We need moneyy and physical healing more than anybody, but when God changes a heart and fills it with love, peace and joy there is nothing better. What changes have taken place since you arrived in Mozambique? Heidi: It has been almost 20 years and much has happened, but it’s not transformed yet. Rolland: It is very different from 15 years ago. Heidi: From 1995 to now it went from the poorest nation on the earth where we couldn’t even get food in the capital city, to the fastest growing economy in Africa. It was the poorest nation, that’s hard for people to get their minds around. Nobody understands what that means. People would walk for 8 hours with a little broken plastic or clay pot they dug out of the ground to gather some water. We are talking extraordinary poverty. So we’ve started to see transformation on every level. They have discovered oil and gas in the nation, so we are now seeing promises that God spoke to us about many years ago coming to pass. 16 |

Rolland: 70% of people when we got there lived in the bush, like in the Stone Age. 90% of houses didn’t have a pit latrine, not even a hole in the ground. Nobody has had a toothbrush, seen a doctor, had a teacher, had a television, or made a phone call. There are no stores for them to go to, to buy anything. Heidi: Some had never seen money. Rolland: They eat the corn meal scratched out of the ground in their backyard with a stick. They don’t even have a metal hoe or anything to cultivate. Heidi: There are no back-up plans in a country that poor. They go to the witch doctor. Our teams, and obviously there are thousands of us in Mozambique ministering in this way, go into the villages and miracles for them are normal; God’s got to heal them or they die. There are no hearing aids in the bush. God just opens their ears. There are no cataract surgeries; God opens their eyes. Cripples get up and run. There’s no back up plans. Rolland: In our first year the number one request from the poor in Mopoodo was coffins. Half the children died before age five. Rolland: Now it’s like less than 20%. So much has changed. Heidi: Our greatest desire in the beginning was to see the children with food. They would have meals and they wouldn’t die of hunger and we would share about Jesus with them. But now many of our kids are ready to go to university and God has asked us to build a university and that is exciting. So I think we’ll be in Mozambique for the rest of our lives. Transformation is a long-term vision. We will be there for a long time. *

Rolland and Heidi’s work incorporates child sponsorship, ministry training and missions. To find out more about Iris Ministries visit their website at

Women come hungry to know Jesus

Children come to hear about God.

An Iris Bush Church Pictures courtsey of Rolland Baker

Students pray for the children

Heidi praying for a man’s ears to be healed

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 17

Lives He Article: Charissa Steffens Images: Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography 18 |



he asked me if she could base her assignment on suicide. I paused, desperately trying to avoid the physical recoil that I felt in the darkness of the moment. “Why do you want to focus on suicide?” I asked in a calm voice that masked my racing mind. “Because it is my life… I have never thought I would live to be old. I deal with depression every day and I often think that one day I will end it this way.” With every word that followed I pieced together a story of heartbreak that had left this teenage life desperately wanting to be loved. She explained how many a time she has tried to articulate her feelings to those in her world, yet her extended heart has been met by man’s selfconstructed solutions that have left her feeling numb. Words that have not healed and pills that cannot help. While she feels alone, she is sadly not; she is one of many. Too many. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a teacher. I recall many a childhood afternoon playing with my toys; every doll I owned lined up as I taught on my makeshift chalkboard. I didn’t realise then why I wanted to be a teacher, I just knew I did. As I grew to adulthood my life took another road, a detour that led me away from this calling. It was years before I found my way back. I often wondered during those years “Why the detour?” as the flame remained lit but the opportunity never seemed to come. God in His supreme wisdom knew why. He knew that during those years He would shape me, He would pour out my brokenness, and make room for the love that would be needed. My thirties had well and truly arrived by the time I entered Education. I often thought, “What am I doing? Changing professions, going back to the start again… Crazy Girl!” Then one day, as I was researching an assignment, a line jumped off the page and struck my heart so strongly that it still lingers. It said, “one teacher can make all the difference; one teacher who cares and works with the student has been shown to stop their disengagement.” The light bulb switched on and I realised that I could be that one teacher, that one person who could alter a life. Not because of who I was but because of whose I am.

Left alone to my own desires and mistaken ideas I would be in no better shape than my student. But I had not been left alone; someone with love in their heart had extended their hand to me, and God took me in and began to transform me into His beloved daughter. It is now my turn to extend that hand. I am not perfect, but love is not about perfection, it is about acceptance and that just takes a smile, a moment, a word. Love within a human being is like a house shining brightly on a dark night. As people pass by in the cold, black streets they see the light and hear the joy that resides within. It can’t be overlooked; it is enticingly desirable to the lost, cold and lonely. This love is not of man’s making but God’s. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave…” He is the author of love, it is His very nature and when He becomes our father, which Galatians 3:26 teaches us He is, “…you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus”, then it becomes the impetus of our being. Our every thought, word, and action should flow from our new identity as children who bear their Father’s likeness. This is what will make a difference in a world filled with man’s failing knowledge and empty answers. Only real, powerful, and transforming love that flows out of overflowing vessels can touch those who are thirsty and in need of a drink. When people experience this love they do not leave empty handed. The beauty of this gift is that it only requires two things. Firstly that we live in close communion with our Father. If we forsake this our relationship becomes our religion and love is quickly replaced by law. Secondly, we must be ready to share when the lost come knocking. Better still, let’s open the door and tread outside into the darkness and see whom we can find. It is not as scary as we think it will be. It was not difficult to speak life into this young one’s dying heart. She shared her thoughts and I shared mine, I gave her a book about eternity and she gave me a hug. I will uphold her in prayer as God’s grace works its miracle. It is not difficult to simply love. It rests within us and longs to be shared. Reach out and make the Father smile as you bring someone to life again. *

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 19

The Father’s Heart of Adoption

Author & Illustrator Kayleen West

Article & Images: Kayleen West

Only inches from where I collapsed with exhaustion a little Indian girl lay sleeping; an apparition of a bronze angel wrapped in a shimmering yellow dress–but this was real. Barely a sound could be heard from the sleeping princess but outside the night air amplified the sounds of the enthusiastic crowd gathered near the small hut. “My journey has been amazing; so this is what a mission trip is like-incredible!” The speaker witnessed to the crowd of men, women and children gathered to hear the westerners speak. “I would never had travelled to India if not for God!” Still staring at my tiny, angelic companion my eyelids began to feel the weight of much needed rest. She was one of the lucky ones; her family believed in the same God who saved and restored me–her journey has already begun. I only knew this little girl as the village host’s daughter and the beautiful image before me, but I knew our paths crossed for a reason. Resting where her mother would later lie, on a mattress that was a long way from the concrete and dirt floor beds of some of the children I had seen, I could barely take in all that had happened in the past few months. India had taken hold of my heart; I had experienced the people and the children God had broken

20 |

my heart for in my kitchen only a few months previously; He had told me “I don’t want you to feel guilt; but I do want you to do something about what I just showed you!’” That something was not what I expected–it was simply to write a book for people far away who he loved and who needed to know his heart. I was beginning to see the Lord’s vision. Fortunately this little girl’s parents valued her but there were many children in India who suffered unmentionable treatment. I sighed; partly through exhaustion but mostly through gratitude, knowing the little picture book he had shown me would light up little faces like the precious one resting beside me. This would be a wonderful blessing and an incredible privilege in my life. This child would be one of many that would live knowing the love of Father God from the beginning. I wonder what my life would have looked like if I had known about Jesus as a child…thankfully I do now. God willing, the whole village would hear and accept the testimonies of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus and the message tonight would reverberate in their lives forever. Father God, I couldn’t have imagined this experience and I am sorry I

was so scared at the start; I should have trusted you more. I now understood why he showed me the children in my vision and why my assignment was so important. Before fatigue pulled down the blinds on my eyelids and the adorable silhouette in front of me was replaced with darkness, I couldn’t help but reflect back on the sequence of events that had led me here. I had wanted to create books for children as a teenager and abandoned the idea with the first rejection. I wasn’t ready then but God knew now it was time. His assignment for me was so simple yet he would make it an extraordinary and very eventful journey. I knew I was now living the truth of Ephesians 3:30, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.1” My life had become infinitely more, but surprisingly unpredictable because of my faith in Jesus and I was realising how incredible life could be. My Heavenly Father obviously had plans well beyond my imagination and this had imbued me with the curiosity of a child ever since. I had tremendous challenges in my life, but at the same time God seemed to be exploding into action and ministering to me powerfully. A mission trip wasn’t something I aspired to as a relatively new Christian; in fact when the Lord showed me India I panicked! He kept putting people involved in missions across my path for one reason or another, suggesting maybe I had a part to play. I didn’t understand (or was too scared to) until one night I saw a clear vision during an extended prayer time seeking to hear the voice of God and direction for my new life now submitted to Him. I saw the back of a picture. It turned around and there, clear as a real photograph, was a group of dark-skinned children facing me, smiling. They had great excitement and joy on their faces. I suspected in an instant that it had something to do with India and possibly a mission trip on the horizon. Inside I wanted to believe I was misinterpreting what I saw. Hey, I was happy with the vision of multiple paintings a few minutes ago–and what about that great idea for women’s ministry? “You have the wrong girl Lord!” I retorted, projecting my hand to motion STOP as I tried to shake myself from the vision “and besides–I’m no preacher!” (in case God didn’t know that). My heart was pounding because my limited understanding of missions all related to danger and martyrs–Eek! 1

Ephesians 3:30 (NLT)

“I had wanted to create books for children as a teenager and abandoned the idea with the first rejection.” Indulge | June/July 2013 | 21

Like Moses at the burning bush, I didn’t feel worthy or capable or courageous enough and I hadn’t learnt how strong and able I could be “IN” Christ. A missionary– what was the Lord thinking? No, I liked the idea of sipping cups of coffee with ladies in some kind of women’s ministry – Yes please; I would be good at that! But Jesus had a different direction in mind. For his glory he would recruit some of my obvious strengths (a passion and gifting in art) but also use the weakness in my skill repertoire -an enthusiastic but unskilled passion to write. 1 Corinthians 1:27 says he uses the weak to confound the wise. All my life I have loved reading and writing inspirational work. I have had a fire within me to help and encourage others with my writing. BUT school, with reports that say “Sorry no way—she falls short in this area–she’s a bit of a day-dreamer,” told me that no matter how much I yearned to write, I didn’t have it within me to be good enough. I didn’t believe in me, but then there was God! I was going to step into the world of writing and illustrating as an overcomer through Christ who can do anything. I cannot boast in what I know came supernaturally through God’s grace, and any success in this area is ALL due to him. India terrified me and the Holy Spirit needed to write for me because hey–I’m not a writer remember–the teachers said so!

22 |

Joseph Prince (a well-recognised TV preacher) once shared that he was in fact a chronic stutterer. He was told he would never be able to talk—now look at him! I love that God intentionally uses and anoints the ordinary and weak to point to him. I went to India knowing the Lord wanted me to create a children’s book written with the image and message he dictated to me, in visions, about the Father’s heart of adoption. This was the inspiration: No matter what your situation, we all have a living Father who adores us. If your parents are dead; he is not. If they are not perfect; he is. If they hurt you; he won’t. The only focus he wanted communicated in the book was love; for one another and relationship with him. In my vision I saw children intentionally illustrated with big hearts and the impression that all he really wants to see in us is a BIG heart; this is his measure and intent. Big people were no more important; it was their big heart of adoption for others that counted. What did I need apart from help with writing and illustrating? I needed the heart of adoption. God planted that seed in my heart for children and it has manifested in many forms in my personal life. As you can see I was glad I was obedient to India. I have shared only a tiny portion of the incredible things I experienced there. As I moved in more and more obedience my God networked everything around me to ensure I overcame all obstacles and that special book reached completion–it was miraculous to see.

“This book was created in a way only God could have orchestrated.” This book was created in a way only God could have orchestrated. He gave me not only the heart understanding, but both the manuscript and images were delivered in a mixed up order; the book was not planned, but copied as I leaned into prophetic creativity. Toward the end all the pieces fitted; even surprising me–bringing tears of reverential awe! So now I write and illustrate full time. I may not be wealthy–but I feel my life and efforts matter now – they make a difference to others and that is fulfilling to me. In the short time after publishing, Adoptive Father has already blessed many. By mid-2013 an estimated 2000 copies will have been distributed in India, Africa, Fiji and Australia predominately to orphans, to remote and underprivileged schools and to the very poor internationally. I know there is so much more to come in the future. My mission is to multiply (by the Lord’s instruction) and in time approach ministries for distribution opportunities. You cannot out give God and as soon as the book was completed he blessed me with contracts as well as many other opportunities and I have been balancing new work with distribution. We all can live an extraordinary life. Ephesians 3:30 is true; God has incredible purposes for all of us if we are prepared to trust his unpredictable ways. He is safe, dependable and absolutely incredible to do life with. He can use the smallest offering to do the most amazing things in other people’s lives; ensuring joy within your own. There is no better satisfaction than to see your efforts glorify God. Ask Jesus to show you clearly how to access an abundant life, live with purpose, and for the obedience to have faith when you sometimes don’t understand. I pray your journey is incredible and fruitful–our God deserves it. Adoptive Father can be purchased or donations made on the website:

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 23

Pray for children fleeing Syria World Vision Sprcial Report For most children a park bench is a place for picnics, sunshine and fun. But for Yasmin, 4, it’s home. She’s been living there with her mum, dad and three older brothers since they fled fighting in Syria for Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley with just the clothes on their backs. They stay by the bench all day and at night they sleep in a local mosque or an open train carriage in the town centre. 24 |

Yasmin’s mum Layla* says they had no choice but to leave Syria as fighting intensified in recent months. They fled when their neighbour’s home was attacked. They were terrified theirs would be next. Yasmin and her family are among the more than 1.5 million Syrians who have fled to neighbouring countries - including Lebanon and Jordan - since fighting started two years ago. A further 4.25 million have been forced out of their homes by conflict, and are now displaced within Syria.

In Lebanon, some refugees have been able to find accommodation with friends, and some have built makeshift shelters on rented land. Yasmin’s family hasn’t been able to find shelter anywhere.

World Vision is working in Jordan and Lebanon to provide refugee families like Yasmin’s with hygiene kits, blankets, stoves and food vouchers. Child Friendly Spaces are also being created so refugee children have somewhere safe to play and learn. “All I want is shelter for my children,” says Layla. “I In Matthew 25:35 Jesus says, “For I was hungry and don’t care about anything else.” you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and Like all parents fleeing Syria for nearby countries, all you invited me in.” Children like Yasmin need urgent Layla and her husband Ahmed want is somewhere support. safe for their children to live. But they couldn’t even afford an empty garage. Instead, they call the park, World Vision is calling on Christians to pray for the train and mosque home, and scrape together their children of Syria, and to donate to the Syrian Refugee meagre funds to buy bread for Yasmin and her Crisis Appeal. God hears the cries of the suffering brothers. It’s hard to imagine how they will cope ones. We hear their cries too. Will you join us in when winter arrives and brings the snow. praying and consider giving to the appeal today? “My children are always by my side,” says Layla. “They ask me, ‘When are we going to have a home?’” Children hold a special place in the heart of God. Throughout the Bible we see God’s passion for justice for the poor and oppressed peoples of the world. It is a sad fact that children are paying the price for conflict in the world. Children make up the bulk of those who are oppressed and living in poverty. *Names have been changed to protect the identities of people in this story. Photo: World Vision

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 25

la vie est belle life is beautiful

26 |


Indulge | June/July 2013 | 27

28 |

Releasing Bella Article: Tanya Epis Images: Natasha Smith NSP Studio Photography

For as long as l can remember, l knew my daughter Bella was destined to be a nurse. When she was only four or five years old, I had visions of her tending to and loving children in war torn countries. l guess that’s why it came as no surprise when she sat my husband and I down recently to tell us that she feels that the calling on her life is to join the army and become a nurse. That evening l felt like I’d given her back to God. The tangible presence of God was incredible that night and it was an extremely emotional moment for us as a family. All of a sudden, all of those visions I had seen when she was a little girl were going to become a reality. I know my daughter is about to embark on a journey that will take her far away, even at such a young age. I am beyond excited and grateful for God’s plans for her; for breathing this vision into her life. My own mother died of breast cancer when she was only 50, at the time I was only 24. Soon after l became pregnant with my first child, Bella. I knew that Bella was going to be a girl, like a gift from God to fix my broken heart after my mother had passed away. Our bond was irreplaceable. I knew the awesome plans God had for her life, and felt such a peace about it. This gift and blessing to me wouldn’t be mine forever - I would someday have to give her back to God so he could release her into the world to be a blessing unto others. Indulge | June/July 2013 | 29

These visions made me parent Bella with “intention” and purpose... because I knew all along that I was there to prepare her for what God had planned from the very beginning. My husband’s mother was dying of cancer when Bella was 13 years old, and Bella and her beloved “Nanny” had an incredible bond. During the last week of Nanny’s life, Bella spent 12 hours each day in the hospital feeding her, nursing her, and loving her. Bella constantly reminded her grandmother that heaven was the most amazing place, that she mustn’t be scared, and that she would see her there one day. It was in those heartbreaking moments that God placed the desire in her heart to become a nurse. Instead of fleeing from hospitals, wishing to never step foot in one again, or being angry and resentful toward God for her grandmother’s death, she felt empowered to change the lives of others. During the worst time of Bella’s life, a time of sorrow and heartache, we experienced joy as we watched God create such a strong vision in our daughter right before our eyes. 

30 |

I now know the power this has over lives and have started to do the same with my sons. I continually speak God’s plans over my eldest son’s life, encouraging him to pursue these dreams and visions. I have noticed an amazing change in him since doing this; he now takes pride in whatever he does and attempts everything with a resilient attitude. I notice that my children have a joy in their spirits when we talk about their futures and the plans God has prepared for them. As a parent, this is the most fulfilling and greatest gift of all time. There is something in your child’s eyes that ignites your heart when they fully understand that they are destined for great things, and something so motivating about raising Godly children.

When the day to day grind gets on top of us, we can remind each other of God’s plans for our futures, and not take it to heart. Today is just a “bad day”, and some of the best days of our lives are to come. Suddenly, when we put this into perspective life seems a whole lot better. We sow into God’s vision for Bella’s future on a day to day basis, constantly reminding her of the exciting things that God has planned for her life. It is so thrilling for us as a family, and myself as a mother, to see God’s reassuring hand on her life and watch as the journey unfolds.... Watch out world; here comes a WORLD CHANGER! *

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 31

Fostering Love Article: Catherine Johnsen Images: Courtesy of the Campbell Family

The Campbell’s Story

The federal government’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare states that 12,240 children were put into foster care during 2011/12, resulting in a record 39,621 foster children. And while the number of children requiring foster care is rising, the number of willing foster parents is dwindling. 1 Fostering is no easy task. Foster families need to provide sophisticated care for children with complex needs, including the need to retain connections with natural family, kin and culture. 32 |

Jennifer McIntosh, a child clinical psychologist in Melbourne, says there are countless reasons for children being in foster care, and no two children’s stories are the same. “Journeys in care may span a few days or weeks and be relatively uncomplicated. Conversely, they may be long, arduous and lonely journeys, spanning years, with no fixed address,” she says.2 “Along the way, some children manage well to carry their own emotional baggage, despite its bulk. For other

children, their baggage is too heavy, and the weight of the load wreaks havoc with their development. Sometimes, by the time they meet with good enough care, it can take a while before these children can relax and make use of it. How can a child recover from a journey like that? Jennifer says the good news is that they can and do: through the right type of foster care relationships. It was one such story of a boy’s successful recovery in a foster home that led Albury mum, Nicole Campbell, to take on the challenge and blessing of foster caring. “When I went back to work after having three children, at lunch times I would always take a book to read. One book that changed our lives was A Child Called “It”, which is an autobiography by Dave Pelzer,” Nicole shares. ‘It is a horrific story of a boy who escaped from an abusive mother and weak father whom allowed this boy’s life to be a living hell. After reading this book I knew exactly what we needed to do to make a difference in some innocent children’s lives.”

In addition to her own three children, Nicole and her husband Richard now lovingly care for five foster children between the ages of nine years and seven months. “Oh my goodness, we love it,” Nicole enthuses. “Fostering has changed our whole life for the better. It helps you to appreciate the life you have and the many blessings as a Christian we have. We see what we do as our mission field to bring people to know Christ. With our five younger boys we have changed a generation.”

Nicole shares that while her three children have found it difficult at times, they have always welcomed the foster children into their family as equals. “The kids that come into your care are broken and suffering, so we think they have to be included into your family as your own, with no distinction between biological and foster children. They have to experience the love and acceptance of a family to be able to move on from the past and move forward to living a life of being able to love other people and themselves.” With eight children to care for, including some with special needs, Nicole admits that life can become a juggling act; but her faith in God and the support of her husband Richard gets her through. “I know without a doubt that we could not do what we are doing if we weren’t Christians,” Nicole says. “Of our eight children, two are vision impaired, three have behavioral issues, one has a nut allergy, Richard has type 1 diabetes and I have fibromyalgia. We have lots of specialist appointments so life can be very busy and challenging in our home but we know God has put us where we are today, so he will see us through.” “Richard and I have a great relationship where we always work together as a team. We also have a very good group of friends who are always there to support us. Our church is also very supportive and so too is the Christian school that our children attend.”

“With our five young boys we have changed a generation.” Indulge | June/July 2013 | 33

For anyone thinking of becoming a foster carer, Nicole offers this encouragement: “God has told each one of us to go out into the world to save the lost; He has also commissioned each one of us to look after the poor, the widows and the orphans. I think that fostering is the perfect way to do all these things. There are hurting people all around us but we often don’t know because of where we choose to live and the people we surround ourselves with.” “The foster care system often lets the children down, but that is where we come in to be their advocates and fight for them to make sure they are safe and loved.” Nicole says the first step to becoming a foster carer is to ring the relevant state office and request further information which is obligation free. Next, there are assessments and training to ensure that everyone understands the level of commitment required.

there is a huge need for families to get involved. You could decide to only do respite for other carers that may need a break or you could do short term placements or, like us, take on children as a long term commitment.” For her own brood of children, Nicole’s desire is simple: “Our hope for each one of our children is that they grow in their relationship with Christ and commit to living their life for Him. We hope that as they do that that they will be an inspiration to the people around them.” * 1. 2.

For more information, contact the Australian Foster Care Association. More information can be found at

“It is a life-changing decision that should not be taken lightly, but if you have a heart for kids and family and fostering is something that you think you could do, then Below: (Back) Josh, Brendan, Nicole, Dyllan, Richard, Rachel (Front) David, Justin, William Opposite Page: Nicole, Richard and all their children including baby Tyson (bottom photo)

34 |

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 35

Book Reviews Spiritual Warfare for Women : winning the battle for your home, family, and friends

by Gina Hamilton The Secret Keeper Kate Morton

Leighann McCoy

Amidst a series of her own spiritual battles, McCoy writes with raw honesty about how women should confront the destructive forces that Satan uses to bring us from the glory of God. McCoy’s primary purpose in her book is to encourage women to habitually strategise ways in which they can use their spiritual weaponry to defeat the enemy in any crisis. As the prayer and women’s minister of a large U.S. Southern Baptist Church, McCoy employs her spiritual wisdom to give women a realisation of Satan’s actual role and function, their identity in Christ and an empowerment to take Satan on when he next strikes. God is greater than the enemy! Many books on spiritual warfare can be a little tedious and heavy reading but I found McCoy’s approach refreshing with many teachable and reflective moments that have left me wanting to discover more about enacting the power that comes from God to fight spiritual battles. A section of the book centres on major targets in women’s lives that Satan likes to destroy; such as our marriages, children, the friendships we have with other women, our health and our church. Although she uses relevant examples of spiritual battles from her own life, and this is in no way an overt focus of her book, I also felt that McCoy eloquently pays respect to her readers who are overcoming the seemingly impossible challenges while reading her book.

36 |

A story of time-honoured secrets and enduring love, The Secret Keeper is a novel destined to enthral all readers who love to be hooked to solving a mystery right to the end. Kate Morton is an exceptional story-teller who succeeds in exciting her readers with cleverly devised plots, well-rounded characters and expertly researched historical settings. Published in 2012, The Secret Keeper is her fourth novel. Characteristic of her other novels, Morton has consistently penned a masterpiece rich in imagery and which filters seamlessly between the three timeframes she discriminates; 1941, 1961 and 2011. The novel begins with a shocking crime witnessed by 16-year-old Laurel that will change her outlook on life, and that of her family, forever. Now much later on in life and spurred on by the impending death of her mother, Laurel is determined to piece together the mysteries surrounding that fateful day and so unearth a secret family history that will shake her world. Amongst her discoveries she is thrown into wartime London and the lives of Dorothy, Vivien and Jimmy who are each crucially responsible for the destinies of the others. A captivating novel with a series of thrilling twists and unexpected events, The Secret Keeper will leave you wanting more and anticipating Morton’s next great novel to be released.

#19 · WINTER 2013 $6.00 AUS INC. GST $7.50 NZ INC. GST PP 42402212378

Bella Magazine Bella – beautiful girl – is the latest girls’ magazine for 13 to 19 year olds. It was launched in Australia early 2009. Bella aims to provide young women with an alternative to the sexed-up modern day magazines. Bella encourages young women to be who they are – not what mainstream media wants them to be. Bella’s latest issue is now available. For details go to


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38 |

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 39

Mode Voyage

40 |

Love Tanya xx A little boutique store in West Burleigh was our fabulous find for this fashion shoot. An all Australian made label that produces quality designer clothing, with prices between $139-$185. Their wonderful, unique and diverse range will ensure that there is a special outfit for every body. They also provide a styling service and custom pattern making. Carla and her team make shopping at Mode Voyage a pleasure. l sashayed around in one of her designs at a wedding recently and it was lovely knowing l wouldn’t run into anyone with the same outfit on! Her lines are limited, her fabrics are unique and beautiful, it is well worth a visit. Contact Carla on: 07 55358824

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 41

42 |

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 43

44 |

Hair, Makeup and Stylist: Tanya Epis Photography: Natasha Smith Assistant Stylist: Tess Belford Model: Imogen Gray Model: Lauryn Cribb Outfits courtesy of Mode Voyage Indulge | June/July 2013 | 45

Cut Yourself Some Slack

46 |

Article: Dr Cris Beer Image: istock

We all have a tendency to be hard on ourselves. No more so than in the area of eating habits, food choices, and body weight. Whether it is lamenting over the fact that we no longer fit in to those pre-pregnancy jeans, that we now have areas of our bodies that we are certain wobble more than they did last year, or that we should have the willpower of Michelle Bridges, there appears to be a consistent theme emerging when it comes to how women relate to ourselves. We are our toughest critics.

Interestingly, this pattern of thinking creates more harm than good. It can actually work against us to reinforce not only our negative self-view and worsen confidence but in continuing to recreate the very thing we are trying to avoid. Take a patient of mine named Sarah. She came to see me stating that she was unable to lose weight following the birth of her son 5 years ago. She proceeded with a look of great disgust to point to areas of her body that she disliked most. Sarah mentioned that her low view of her body meant that she felt uncomfortable in social situations and refused to be touched by her husband. This was predictably affecting their relationship. To try to lose the weight, Sarah had tried ‘everything’ including expensive weight loss pills, personal trainers, various diets, and had even resorted to dangerously taking too much of her thyroid medication in an attempt to shed these unwanted kilos. Although I empathised with Sarah, I suggested that possibly there was another way to help get her ‘unstuck’. I suggested to her that her constant self-denigration had created a state of anxiety and stress in her body. This state in turn had increased stress hormone levels. Stress hormones act as a diabetic agent – they increase blood sugar levels, prevent weight loss, cause abdominal weight gain in particular, and lower metabolism. Her body was fighting her best efforts. Her body was doing what it was programmed to do, survive. To reverse this process Sarah would have to learn to live in a state of reduced stress hormone levels. This process was going to take time but the first key was to extend to herself a little self-compassion. Self-compassion is a relatively new term in psychology circles and essentially refers to offering grace to yourself. In essence, cutting yourself some slack. As Dr. Kristin Neff, Associate Professor in Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas, Austin, put it in her latest Tedx talk, “Instead of mercilessly judging and criticising yourself for various inadequacies or shortcomings, self-compassion means you are kind and understanding when confronted with personal failings – after all, who ever said you were supposed to be perfect? You may try to change in ways that allow you to be more healthy and happy, but this is done because you care about yourself, not because you are worthless or unacceptable as you are.”1 Keeping this attitude of recognising that as humans there will be situations in our lives that we dislike and even frustrate us. This is the common human experience. But by extending a little grace to ourselves we can learn to

continue to move forward without getting stuck in a vicious cycle of shame and self-defeating behaviour. When I mentioned this to Sarah, she seemed opposed initially to the idea. She was afraid that if she loosened the reigns on herself she would “get even fatter”. But after a little convincing she was courageous, and perhaps frustrated, enough to give it a try. By reducing her need to strive for perfection with regards to her eating habits, Sarah noticed that she was no longer succumbing to binge eating. She was able to make better choices with regards to her eating without getting stuck in the cycle of deprivation. By reducing her need to strive for perfection with regards to exercise she no longer felt the need to train for two hours everyday. This reduction in excessive activity not only reduced the stress levels in her body but she found that she had extra time to spend with her husband and son. Overall, after just a few short months, Sarah was a much happier and healthier person. She had stopped focussing on her body weight as a measure of selfworth and had started to focus on other much more important aspects of her life. Namely, her relationship with herself and her significant others. Perhaps we can all learn from Sarah’s experience. As women we excel at expressing grace and compassion to others but maybe it’s time for the focus to be turned toward ourselves. Perhaps it’s time to cut ourselves a little slack. * 1

Dr Cris MBBS (hons), BBMedSci, ACNEM Primary Course, P.T. As an expert in nutritional medicine Dr Cris specialises not just in the prevention and treatment of illnesses, but in the attaining of optimum health. She believes that this state is achievable for anyone and passionately shares this message as a media personality. Dr Cris believes a person can develop resistance to illnesses by employing simple strategies. Dr Cris has compiled these simple strategies from her broad studies in medicine, biomedical science, integrative and nutritional medicine, health coaching, as well as personal fitness training. She holds recognised qualifications in all these areas. For more information visit

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 47

Tip Top Holiday Shape Words: Kirsten Cooke Photo:

48 |

Holidays are a time to get away from the grind of everyday life – to indulge mind and body in relaxation and enjoyment. Virtually every hotel these days has some type of workout room equipped with cardio machines, dumbbells and a universal machine, so make good use of it. Unfortunately all that indulgence typically leads to a pound gained for each day that you’re away. To help you combat these unwanted extras, I’ve identified the 5 main reasons that people gain weight on holiday, as well as your strategic plan of avoidance.

Reason #1: Not Having A Plan. 
Let’s face it, the holiday mindset is a set-up for gaining kilos. Your priority is to relax, and for most that means eating, resting and forgetting the gym. Your best line of defence is to keep your fitness goals at the forefront of your mind. Your Plan: Before you leave for your trip sit down and set a goal. A realistic goal is to maintain your current weight. The simple act of bringing your fitness goal to mind before leaving on your trip will greatly reduce your chances of coming home heavier.

Reason #2: Indulgent Snacking
There’s nothing like a holiday to cause you to throw all caution to the wind with indulgent snacking. Ice cream in the middle of the day, frozen coffee drinks topped with whipped cream, salty bags of chips, a few glasses of wine with dinner, and even a visit through a fast food drive thru. While these snacks may be fun, the damage will quickly catch up to you. Your Plan: Approach your trip with the strategy of indulging with control. If you really must have a sweet treat, then make it small and follow it up with a balanced, protein-filled meal. Another way to reduce indulgent snacking is to bring along your own healthy options. Dried or fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, good quality health bars, and cut vegies are a good start. By filling up on these healthy snacks you will end up eating less when presented with a sweet or salty treat. Reason #3: Forgetting Portion Control
Sometimes you have no choice but to dine out while on holidays and whether you’re visiting 5 star restaurants or fast food diners, you’re going to face the same problem: large portions. While the easiest thing to do with a big plate of food is to simply eat it all—you are on vacation after all… right?—that isn’t the best for your waist. Your Plan: Decide here and now that you will not indulge in large portions. When you order your meal ask the waiter or waitress to bring you a take-home box. Take half of your meal and place it safely into the box before you even begin to eat. This gives you no choice but to eat a healthy portion. Or simply ask for a smaller portion like an Entree size meal. Reason #4: Eating Too Late
Who really wants to go to bed early while on holiday? The days stretch long and undoubtedly end with a nice big dinner. All these calories, eaten right before bed, will quickly land around your waist. Your Plan: Simply stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed. This easy trick is especially effective while on vacation. So skip that late night indulgence and wake up looking and feeling great. Reason #5: Not Exercising Enough (Or At All)
Oh, groan, do I really have to exercise while on holidays? Yes, you do! That is if you want to look and feel younger and more alive. Too often exercise is looked at as work, but vacations are the perfect time to really enjoy a good

workout. You won’t be rushing home, trying to squeeze in a few minutes at the gym, but rather the holiday workout can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Your Plan: Look at holiday workouts as a treat, and make it a priority. Here are some ideas: Holidays are also a great time to take your workout outdoors; take a run on the beach or do sprints, pushups and crunches on a grassy field. Make a conscious effort to be active everyday. Go on a brisk walk after your day’s activities. This is a great way to see a new city, and also a great way to burn off extra calories. Take the stairs instead of the elevator in your hotel and any other buildings you visit. Go on a short jog in the mornings or evenings of your stay. If your hotel has a pool, swim a few laps each morning or evening. Enjoy your vacation! *

Kirsten is the owner of Brisbane based Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching Business, Kirsten Cooke Fitness. With over fifteen years experience in the industry, Kirsten has developed an expert level of knowledge in the fields of Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, and Productivity. As a wife and mother of two beautiful (and full on) boys under 6, Kirsten understands first-hand how difficult it can be to find the time and motivation to exercise, eat well, and take care of yourself.   Kirsten’s main focus in her business is to inspire people to get the most out of life, by helping them to make gradual and easy changes to their lifestyle.  By empowering them with the necessary skills and knowledge to change their life, her clients are able to improve their health, vitality, selfesteem, energy levels and overall quality of life.  Kirsten can be contacted on, or 0420 302 494. Indulge | June/July 2013 | 49

Sensational Slices Cooking with Angela

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50 |

prep 25 ins | cook 45 mins | serves 20 pieces BASE 150g butter, softened 2 tbsp caster sugar 1 egg 1 1/2 cup of plain flour 1tsp baking powder   FILLING 395g can sweented condensed milk 1 tbsp butter 3 tbsp golden syrup 1/2 cup brown sugar 3 egg yolks 2 1/2 tbsp plain flour   MERINGUE 3 egg whites 6 tbsp castor sugar METHOD Preheat oven to 180ºc Line a 20 x 30 cm slice tin with baking paper. To make base, cream butter and sugar until pale, then beat in the egg. Sift in flour and baking powder. Mix well. Press into tin. Bake for 20 minutes then set aside to cool in tin. To make filling, combine the condensed milk, butter, golden syrup, sugar and yolks in a saucepan, stirring over a low heat until smooth. Add the flour and mix in. Cool then spoon over base. To make the meringue, beat the egg whites until stiff. Gradually add the sugar until glossy. Spoon this over the filling. Bake for 20-25 minutes until  meringue is golden. Leave to cool before slicing.

Caramel Meringue Slice

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 51

Delicious Lemon Slice

prep 15 mins | cook 50 mins Makes approx- 28 squares BASE 225g butter, softened 70g icing sugar 275g plain flour TOPPING 400g caster sugar 4 eggs 4 tbsp plain flour 1tsp baking powder 120mls lemon juice zest of 2 lemons icing sugar to dust METHOD Preheat Oven to 170ยบc Line the base of a 20 x 30 slice tin with baking paper. To make base, put the butter into a food processor and process until whipped. Then add icing sugar and process until the mixture starts to form a ball. Tip into the prepared tin and press flat. Bake for 15 minutes, then remove from the oven and cool. To make topping place sugar and eggs into food processor and process for a minute. Transfer to a bowl, then sprinkle the flour and baking powder over the top. Add the lemon juice and zest, mixing together. Pour the mixture over the base. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until golden and firm to touch. Cool in the tin, then dust with icing sugar. Cut into squares.

52 |

prep 10 mins | cook 30 mins | makes about 8 slices 2 cups plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 3 tbsp caster sugar 155g butter , cubed 1 x 395 can sliced apples or 400g stewed fruit milk and sugar for top

Easy Apple Slice

METHOD Preheat oven to 180ยบc Put flour, baking powder, sugar and butter into a food processor. Process until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs, then add just enough cold water to bring the dough together. Line the base of a 27cm x 13 cm slice tin with baking paper. Roll out half the dough about the size of the tin and place in base. Push dough to the sides. Put the apple into the tin and roll out other half of the dough, placing on top of the apple. Brush with milk and sprinkle with sugar. Bake for 30 mins or until golden. Leave to cool in tin then cut into squares.

Indulge | June/July 2013 | 53

Ind u


Rec ipe

54 |

Co mp etit ion

Hi Girls! We know many of you are fabulous chefs and we would love to give you the opportunity to show off your culinary talents!

By entering you could


a $100 Myer Voucher & have your recipe published in Indulge eMagazine!

To enter simply send your recipe and a picture of yourself with your creation to us at by 5pm (AEST) 26th July 2013. Make sure you are subscribed to Indulge eMagazine online at & you have ‘liked’ our Facebook page. See further conditions below.

Terms & Conditions of Competition More than one recipe per person is permitted, with a maximum of three per person being accepted. Entrants must be a online subscriber to Indulge eMagazine and must “like” the Indulge eMagazine page on Facebook. All entries must be received by email before 5pm (AEST) 26th July 2013. The winning email entrant will be notified by email in August 2013. The winning entry will be chosen by members of the Indulge Team based upon the criteria set by the magazine. The winner will be awarded the prize based on skill not chance. Indulge | June/July 2013 | 55

An Invitation to Love... Dear Reader, Our prayer is that you would know how much you are loved by our Heavenly Father. So much so that He would send His only Son, Jesus, who would choose to die on a cross for you. It is through Jesus Christ that we can know and come into a full relationship with God. You do not have to be perfect, you just have to believe and ask Jesus to meet you where you are at in life. He will come and set you free and bring you into a peace and love that only God can offer. If you are unsure that you have a personal relationship with Jesus then we would love you to say this simple prayer.

Dear Jesus, I believe in you. I believe that you died on the cross for me. Thank you for your love. I confess that I have sinned and I wish to turn away from sin, please forgive me. Please come into my heart and change me from the inside out. Make me a new creation and let me know that I am your child. Help me to live my life for you from this day forward. amen

"This is real love: not that we loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins." 1 John 4:10 If you have prayed this prayer, we would encourage you to find a local church and speak to a pastor. We would also love to hear from you here at Indulge eMagazine by emailing us at 56 |

Profile for Indulge Magazine

Indulge Magazine - Love Much  

June/July 2013 Issue. For christian women who desire become whole – spirit, soul and body.

Indulge Magazine - Love Much  

June/July 2013 Issue. For christian women who desire become whole – spirit, soul and body.