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[Free Book] Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015

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Author : Jonathan Clements Pages : 300 pages Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014-12-16 Language : English ISBN-10 : 150246361X ISBN-13 : 9781502463616

Description The "Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015" is the must-have book for Americans concerned about their financial future. Written by the highly regarded columnist for "The Wall Street Journal Sunday," this annually updated guide delivers punchy, plain English answers to your most pressing financial questions. Here s what you ll find in this year s "Money Guide": Help with retirement, college, home buying, estate planning and more Indispensable information delivered in short, easy-to-understand sections Simple strategies to improve every aspect of your financial life Clements s

outspoken views on personal finance The latest facts and figures on the economy and markets Tax information for 2014 and 2015 Intriguing statistics on how the typical American is faring financially "It s hard to imagine a finer place to begin your search for financial peace of mind than with "Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015." Yes, it s long. But so is the list of financial challenges faced by American families. Don t be intimidated. He s made it easy to navigate through these challenges, identify those where you need help, and successfully deal with them. Don t just scan this fine, readable, and insightful guide. Keep it by your desk and return to it as your circumstances change, as financial markets change, and as the world turns."-John C. Bogle, founder, The Vanguard Group "A comprehensive financial guide ranging from navigating health insurance alternatives to forming sensible investment portfolios. Clements is a first-rate financial writer who is a genius at making sophisticated advice accessible to everyone and a delight to read."-Burton G. Malkiel, author, "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" "Since the early 1990s, Jonathan Clements s columns taught his readers, profited them, and made them smile. Trouble was, you needed to have read all his "Wall Street Journal" articles. Until now, that is. His "Money Guide" wraps this bounty, and then some, into a tidy package, destined to be enjoye

[Free Book] Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015  
[Free Book] Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015