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Before installation, please read this manual first. Please keep it in case of reference later.

Instruction Manual of COB LED 5w Bivolt Spotlight Series I. Application For Commercial or residential lightings, such as: hotel, restaurant, supermarket, shopping mall display, museum display, or as dining room, drawing room, bedroom and corridor etc. II. Some Notices before Use  Considering the safety, please ask the professional electric people for installation, maintenance and check the lamps  The lamp is only used for ceiling installation, please ensure ceiling is steady.  No connection with dimmer and sensor.  No use under such adverse environment as stove, gas or exhaust tunnel etc high temperature places or damp, dusty places.  In no matter case, the lamp cannot be covered by insulation blanket or similar materials.  Ensure there is a least 75mm ventilation opening near the lamp installation location  Switch off power supply when installation or change accessories.  Strong recommends the lamp to connect with SUNFOR LED driver to get a more stable use.  If lamp not normal working, please switch off power supply and contact with dealers III.

Specification Model No.

Voltage and Current


SD-211 5w-3000k/60

18V DC210mA



Cutting hole Diameter


∮ 90*65



IV. Maintenance In order to get a long term use, please clean the lamp regularly ( 6 months once). Only dry and soft Cloth will be ok for clean. V. Standards GB 7000.1-2007 GB 7000.201-2008 GB 7000.202-2008 IEC 60598-1:2008 IEC 60598-2-1:1979+A1:1987 IEC60598-2-2:1996+A1:1997 Installation Instruction Please switch off the power supply before installation!  Cut a proper hole in the ceiling( referring to the cutting hole diameter) Figure (1)  Connect the output terminal of LED DRIVER with input terminal of Lamp Figure(2); Total 2 pages

Lighting Makes Life Better

     

Insert the lamp body into the hole and make sure it is steady, Figure (3); Properly connect the lamp and accessories, Figure (4); Keep certain distances between lamp to lamp, lamp to electrical devices, and lamp to walls; The Distance of DRIVER TO HOLE must be over 200mm. Make sure the wires and plug is in proper connection; After check all is proper, switch on the power supply

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

Total 2 pages

Lighting Makes Life Better

(Figure 4)

Ficha de especificação tecnica de led mini downlight 5w 3000k bivolt premium i lumes  
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