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P u b l ic R e l a t i o n s S t u d e n t S o ci e t y

Alumni Newsletter The Reason for the Season By Sydney Velez During the season of savings, it is easy to forget the real reason for the season. This time of year is all about giving. When a student thinks of giving, it usually includes thoughts of giving to family, friends, and significant others. Illinois State University is encouraging alumni and current students to expand their definition of giving to include ISU with the Giving Tuesday event. During the event, the university aims for a high volume of gifts of any dollar amount to be gifted to ISU in 24 hour. The spirit of the occasion is to give as much as you can for one special day of giving during the holiday season to improve the school that has made such a big impact on many lives. This semester, the students of the Introduction to Public Relations (COM 178) class took it upon themselves to use their newly learned public relations skills and come up with ways to improve Giving Tuesday at ISU. Professor Tom Lamonica, thought this would be a beneficial handson experience for the class to strategize for a large event. He was right; the class took off with ideas. Many students had fresh perspectives that had not been brought up by the creators of the event. Out of a few intense brainstorming sessions, students of COM 178 came up with a few key ways to heighten awareness for this day. One of those ideas was to spend an entire class period focused on the Giving Tuesday initiative. The objective was to get two-thirds of the students in COM 178 to give, then, to continue giving, Tom Lamonica would match how much the amount the class gave with his own donation. Continued on page 4


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