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May 2013

Alumni Spotlight: Ian De La Rosa We appreciate our alumni and rely on you as role models and mentors! We also truly value your continued support of and intrest in the Chapter. We hope that you enjoy our newsletter, which should keep you up-to-date on all of our current activies and possibly bring back great memories of your own days in the ISU Chapter of PRSSA.


May 2013


By Kaylin Smith

PRSSA alumnus, Ian De La Rosa, graduated from Illinois State University in May 2012. After serving on the executive board of PRSSA for two years as national liaison and secretary he has now taken his talents to the marketing side of PR. De La Rosa shows how tools from ISU classroom are some of your great assets when you are breaking into the job force.

What experiences have you completed in the past bringing you to where you are today? The biggest experience I had was being involved in more than just the aspect of the School of Communication. I served on Illinois State University Public Relations Student Society of America e-board for two years, I volunteered for any other positions I could in the years before, and did this while having a full load of classes, a part time internship within the School of Communication and a job. Doing all of that taught me how to prioritize, set goals and execute them without losing focus. Every day I am reminded that all of the hard work I put in while at ISU put me at an awesome advantage in my marketing position at the firm because I know I’m prepared to handle any task they give me.

How has your past involvement with PRSSA helped you after graduation? Being involved with PRSSA helped me after graduation because I always have a strong network of friends and colleagues I can reach out to for help, guidance or just to talk about any public relation related issue. Having PRSSA on the resume helps you when it comes time to apply for jobs, people see that and know you were not only involved beyond classes, but you got the chance to practice those skills as you learned them!


Ian De La Rosa (cont’d) Currently you are working as a marketing assistant, how are you using your past public relations experiences in this position?

Senior to wa t c h Jennifer Novoseletsky By Lisa Crocco

The biggest thing I use in my marketing positions from my public relations experience is my writing. I have a much better understanding of how to compose a message to an individual audience who the firm might be trying to reach. Another big social media/public relations experience was learning to use more shareable content when you work with social media. People react more positively to a picture or a video then they do a written message. The reason social media is still so popular is because we can create a message that people can interact with and are more likely to share with their friends, making our jobs just a little bit easier.

The work you are currently doing entails a lot of research. How did Illinois State University prepare you for this and do you think it is important for current students to have a wide range of knowledge in research? Illinois State and more specifically the SOC prepared me for this by having me take at least two classes that you learned the essentials of solid research. There was COM 297, communication research methods, and COM 356, speech writing. Com 297 got you in depth into research in general but also the correct ways and places to get actual information from. It broke the habit of just using Google and going with what it found. COM 356 had me use the skills from COM 297 to actually research specific subjects and make myself as close to an expert on any subject that I chose, after all if I was writing a speech for someone I had to know just as much, if not more about the subject. It is important for students to have a good range of knowledge in research because you will stumble upon different things that you’ve only briefly heard of. For example for the marketing position at the law firm, the marketing team I work with would often reference Google Analytics data that I had only briefly heard of. I was able to use the methods and experience from COM 297 and COM 356 to not only learn about Google Analytics but I was able to recite it back and teach certain aspects of analytics reports to the partners at the firm.

MAJOR: Journalism News Editorial MINOR: Writing with a focus in rhetoric and composition EXPERIENCE: The Vidette

- February 2012 – May 2013 - Senior Staff, Supplement Editor and intern


- February 2012 – May 2013 - Director of Relations Continued on page 4


Ian De La Rosa (cont’d) One of your passions is auto motives; do you plan on incorporating your love of cars into your current or future career?

How do you recommend for PR majors break into fields outside of PR like you have done with marketing?

Currently I do incorporate my love of cars into my career; they serve as my motivation every day. We all have to start somewhere; I know that these positions are only the first step of my career and that as long as I keep my eye on the automotive industry, I will get there.

Look at every position, not just PR. You will find a lot of the skills that you’ve learned in PR classes and PRSSA experiences translate over to other positions quite well. I initially started only looking at PR jobs that were listed, but with an open mind, I was able to look at marketing and digital marketing and apply the experiences I had to the position. For example, most of the marketing positions required solid writing and research skills, both are things that I knew I was well versed in from my classes at ISU. I would say that is what helps PR majors be able to break out into other fields is because we are well rounded with different experiences from ISU. ❖ Would you like to be featured in our next Alumni Newsletter? Contact the PRSSA account


Alumni Experiences By Shelby Ray

ISU PRSSA believes in its members gaining experience as well

as helping others which is why the Chapter is so proud of two of its alumni who share those same values. Former PRSSA Secretary Chris Orris, taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in South Korea upon graduating in 2011, and Allyson Corona is getting ready to move to Florida to work for Teach for America (TFA). Each job is unique in responsibilities, yet each is something of invaluable experience. Though Orris was working on others things, the thought always popped in his head to teach English in South Korea, which is why it was one of the easiest decisions for him to make. One of the best feelings Orris had from teaching the children was seeing them begin to learn. “The other thing is kids. They can be really awesome. Not always, not even usually, but when you go out of your way to help one of them learn something, and you see the light bulb go off on their face when they finally get it, it’s a really amazing feeling.” Something else Orris enjoyed is getting to know people of a different culture. He says, “When you’re in a totally different culture, there’s a sort of flavor that gets added to everything you do. The noise of each city Chris Orris with two of his students in is different and it’s an South Korea. adventure to do even the simple things, like ordering food. But that comes off the most in all the people you meet who have totally new personalities and stories to tell. It’s really awesome to get to know people of a different culture who know little about yours. Conversations about culture, and how we’re all feeling. Something else Orris enjoyed is getting to know people of a different culture. He says, “When you’re in a totally different culture, there’s a sort of flavor that gets added to everything you do. The noise of each city is different and it’s an adventure to do even the simple things, like ordering food. But that comes off the most in all the people you meet who have totally new personalities and stories to tell. It’s really awesome to get to know people of a different culture who know little about yours. Conversations about culture, and how we’re all different but really the same, never get old.” When asked what advice he would give to someone considering this

Senior to Watch (cont’d) Fashion Chicago Magazine

- May 2012 – September 2012 - Social media and journalism intern and freelance writer

FUTURE PLANS? My plan is to study abroad in Florence, Italy for one month and return home to a full time job in either Chicago or a northern suburb of Chicago near where I live. Since I am a journalism major within PRSSA, I have an open mind in what I want to do. I am currently talking to employers seeking a journalism specialist, tying in PR with the job.

FAVORITE PART OF PR? I like public relations because thinking on my feet with different styles of communication and working on different PR related features brings something new to the table everyday. Aside from the creativity within the PR field, my favorite aspect is writing and promoting through social media. Being able to do something I love is important to me and even though I am a journalism major, PR is special because it relates to my field of study as well.

Jennifer Novoseletsky 224-436-0463


Alumni Experiences (cont’d) alternative he says, “It’s not right for everybody, and everyone who does it does it for different reasons. The best thing you can do is find someone who has done it and talk to them about it. Ask lots of questions, and figure out together if it’s right for you. You have to give up a lot to leave the country for a year, but it has the potential to be totally worth it.” Now that the contract is over for Orris, he is working part-time for a startup PR agency and making a computer game with a few friends. However, his passion for his time in Korea was obvious, and he enoucrages others who are considering it to reach out. “I’m really happy I went, and I would love to help anyone else make the decision to go, especially someone from PRSSA. Anyone who is considering going should feel free to get ahold of me and ask me questions about it, because it’s something I think more people should consider. My email is ckorris@gmail. com,” he said. Allyson Corona who graduated this spring in May 2013 is getting ready to depart to Florida to teach English to kids in low income school districts and to motivate them for higher education. Corona chose this path because she knows the importance of receiving excellent education. Her minor has played a role in this journey also as Allyson Corona in cap and she minored in human gown after graduation.

resources and family development. She chose TFA because of the values it stands for. “A friend of mine told me about TFA and I was immediately drawn to it. I love everything they have taught me thus far and what they stand for. TFA helps support and stand up for the children that need it most.” Many of the children she will be teaching are three to four grade levels behind. She says “It kills me to know that those children are not even getting enough support to know how to read at the level they could.” She will be teaching on a two year time commitment, but since she has a certification she can teach longer which she plans on doing. She says that the application process was quite time consuming being a three tiered process with tests, essays, multiple interviews and lesson plans, however she knows it’s all worth it. She is one of 149 people to be chosen to work in this school district. She advises others to, “find that thing that drives you, what makes you tick? What do you get really fired up about?” She also adds, “the opportunities for anyone that graduates college are endless…When you graduate from college you are one of the 17% of the population with a college degree, you are one of the elite.” A quote she keeps with her is, “Think in life do you want to be successful or significant?” ISU PRSSA wishes Corona the best of luck and success in her new journey to Florida as she teaches. We’re so proud to have Orris and Corona as ISU PRSSA alumni because of all the great work they are doing throughout communities outside of their own.❖


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