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Issue 5, March/April

PREMIER To The Queen City and Back By Kyle Slamans, National Delegate

A monthly publication of Illinois State University’s PRSSA Chapter.


__________________ An Icy Hot Affair 2 LC Williams and Edelman Tour 3 Kyle and his roommates during year’sMembers PRSSA National Assembly. Advice Forthis New

Over Illinois State University’s Spring Break, I had the pleasure of representing our PRSSA Chapter at National Assembly in Charlotte, NC. While traveling to the “Queen City,” I made memorable relationships, developed public relations knowledge and enhanced my leadership skills. As I stepped foot into my room, I was greeted by the man who would later be elected as the 2012-13 vice president of chapter development, Brian Price from Northern Michigan University. Nathan Maul from Southern Illinois University, entered my room next, and finally Gerry James from Campbellsville University. The four of us quickly bonded as if we had known one another for years.

At the welcome reception, the National Committee introduced its team with speeches and great food. After the reception began, Adam Aisner, president of National Committee, encouraged everyone to “network” with all of the different chapters’ representatives. I learned a lot about each chapter and its members. One individual who really resonated with me was Rob Goates of Utah State University. Rob told me all about how he and his chapter raised over $20,000 from local businesses. I continued to mingle and stumbled upon Michael DeFilippis from Boston University. He introduced me to flavors.me, a website that combines your current social

To the Queen City and Back Cont’d 4 Letter from the Executive Board 5 Top MIPs Earners 6

__________________ networks in one place. The more people that I met, the more friendships I made. Thursday night we explored the city of Charlotte with a group of around 30 people. Friday morning we had three different sessions to go to: “Exploring Ethics,” “Communication across Campuses” and “Maximize Your Benefits.”

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An Icy Hot Affair By Jen Novosletsky

by the executive board and development committee. I would also like to thank John Gallagher, who led the semiformal committee and every PRSSA member and guest in attendance. It is the participation and hard work of all of you that made my first themed dance such a wonderful experience. This formal was absolutely icy-hot!      

Gen Prendergast, Bre Piecha, Kelsey Carey, Emma Newman, Kim Nowlan, Allyson Corona, Lisa Crocco and Heather Van Buskirk show off their themed apparel.

ISU PRSSA held its annual semiformal on Saturday, March 31. This year’s theme was “Fire & Ice,” which was the perfect theme for the experience members had by the end of the night. With everyone dressed in either red or white, the venue was transformed into an evening of extremes. PRSSA members gathered at Firehouse, and while it was the inspiration of the theme, you would never guess that it was not typically the classy, well-decorated location that it was that night. Though I have been to formals and a PRSSA social, I had never experienced a themed dance, and I certainly never thought my first experience would be with some of the greatest people on campus. Walking up the stairs, the theme was in full swing, with red and white streamers wrapped around the railing on either side. The entire second floor of Firehouse

was designated for our members and their guests. No matter what direction you looked, there was a sea of red and white attire, and what seemed to be endless decorations. Once members hit the second floor, aside from tables and a dancing crowd, there was a personal DJ just for our event. As everyone danced, snacked, took pictures and socialized, the DJ played a playlist created prior to the event by the development committee and the executive board. Some songs, such as “Call Me Maybe” and Justin Bieber’s new hit single, “Boyfriend,” were requested and played several times throughout the night. Classic Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls hits worked their way into rotation as well. Members loved what they heard and danced the night away until 2 a.m.! Thank you to all of the hard work and effort put into this social


Above: Michelle Ketcham and Kaitie Ries show off the extremes of the fire and ice theme.

Above: Brian DePasqua and Bruce Kennedy are all smiles at the semiformal.

Check out more pictures from the social on our Facebook page! 2

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L.C. Williams and Edelman By Kaitie Ries

Brian DePasqua, T.J. Syndram, Kaitie Ries, Michelle Ketcham, Ian De La Rosa, Bruce Kennedy and Lindsey Probst before touring Edelman and LCWA.

While planning tours for the 2011-12 academic year, the executive board knew for certain that we wanted to tour Edelman. With the agency’s sterling reputation, modern offices and a high number of Redbird employees, it was only a matter of finding a date that would work both for our chapter and Edelman’s busy schedule. After scheduling a day in March to tour the company, I heard about a mid-size agency, L.C. Williams & Associates, through an alumna. After researching the company, I was impressed with its well-known clientele and numerous awards. I was thrilled to find another company to tour that our members had yet to see. When I calculated the distance and it was only a five-minute walk from Edelman, I knew it would be the perfect way to incorporate seeing their office. Touring a large agency like Edelman and a mid-sized agency like LCWA back-to-back was a

great way to show members the various options that agency life can offer post graduation. The panelists at Edelman took numerous questions from the audience, and all provided brief histories of their college career and what helped them land the job at Edelman. Knowing everything about your dream company through research and social media and staying up to date on industry trends were strong themes throughout the panel. While LCWA has a smaller office and staff, the work its employees do on a day-to-day basis is filled with the same level of commitment and passion as a larger office offers. LCWA’s presentation was filled with examples of its work and a case study to show our members campaign ideas from start to finish. Hearing from multiple PRSSA alumni at both companies was inspirational. It showed me that the public relations curriculum at

Illinois State University and the work we do in PRSSA really prepares graduates for a career in public relations. While at Edelman, Jill Collins, an assistant account executive, and Bill Mrazek, an intern, gave us a private tour of Edelman’s large office and explained the benefits of staying up to date on technology, as noted in their video conference room. At LCWA, Kaitlin Nickrent, an intern, and Lauren Platt, an account executive, were both able to participate in the presentation and share examples of the work they both have done since graduating from Illinois State University. My key takeaway after the tour was simple: I want to see as many companies as possible before graduating next year. I can’t imagine being able to apply to companies without seeing their offices, learning about their company cultures and listening to their employees explain why their office operates differently than all of the others. Each time we tour an agency, I am reminded about how different they all are, and I weigh the pros and cons of each. I know these firsthand experiences will play a vital role in where I decide to apply next year, and for that I am extremely grateful to be a member of ISU PRSSA.


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To the Queen City and Back Cont’d.

conferences. Vice president of Member of the member services had eight month candidates. We listened to eight In each session I would mention five-minute speeches and then a our PRSSA chapter, and the Q&A session that lasted over an This member of the month is a conversation would flourish. On hour. Finally, all of the votes had Chicago sports lover this particular day, our 30-second been cast and we had our run off If you root against the Blackhawks, commercial workshop was the between two people. In the end you better take cover focus of discussion. We ended Kate Ryan, from the University of Friday with a panel on the “dos and Toledo, was elected the new vice Once you meet her and begin a don’ts” of agency, corporate and dialogue president of member services. nonprofit public relations. One thing’s for sure, she’ll tell you Vice president of regional about her dog Saturday we elected the new conferences was again a pretty full National Committee. Electing nine ballot with five candidates as well. She has a secret that many positions sounds a lot easier than it Karissa Urry, from Bringham don’t know actually is. With all the motions, Young University, won the votes of She’s fluent in Romanian, truly a pro speeches and elections the entire the delegates after her speech, Q&A process took nine hours overall! At the mentor mentee game night, and run off against Katie Siklosi.   she was quite a hit “This was by far the longest Sunday  concluded  with  a   She won Awkward Family Photos Assembly election I have ever been farewell  meeting  and  keynote   due to her wit to,” said Aisner. “That being said, speaker,  Mary  Tribble.    Tribble   the time I spent in that election hall has  been  involved  in  planning   Her MIPs keep adding up, she’s really paid off, and we elected a rockin’ and rollin’ and  executing  many  of  Charlotte’s   So let’s give a huge round of fabulous group of people for the events, including grand openings of applause to Miss Kim Nowlan! upcoming year.” facilities, such as the NBA All-Star Lauren Gray was elected the Game and the Final Four. Her new national president. My passion for the industry was clear roommate, Brian Price, became the during her address. Congratulations to new vice president of chapter I was sad to leave all the friends Kim Nowlan! development. Danielle Stewart, that I met. However, the greatest from Utah Valley University, thing about society today is how became the vice president of easy it is to connect with one professional development. Hillary another via text messages, Skype, Jurniak, from Columbia College Facebook and Twitter. This trip Chicago, became the new vice was a wonderful leadership president of internships/job experience and a networking services. Lauren Rosenbaum, from phenomenon. I encourage the University of Houston, was everyone to take that next step elected as vice president of public when given the opportunity to go relations. Zane Riley, from on a trip like National Assembly. Southeast Missouri State Even though I left some amazing University, was elected vice people and memories in Charlotte, I president of advocacy. came back with enough new It took over three hours for the knowledge to last me a lifetime last two elections to finish. The and, especially, help us in our first was for vice president of PRSSA chapter. member services, and the second was for vice president of regional


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Letter from the Executive Board By Michelle Ketcham, President § The chapter received the 2011 Star Chapter Award, 2012 Bateman Honorable Mention, 2012 Good to Go Commuter Challenge Award (second year in a row), Dr. Pete Smudde, received the 2012 RSO Faculty Advisor of the Year Award.

I feel like it was just yesterday that the 2011-12 executive board conducted our summer planning meeting and we decided on our goals for the upcoming school year. It is truly astonishing to see how far we have come and all of the advances we made. The chapter has exceeded many of our expectations, and I am so privileged to say that I was a part of it. Going over the 2011-12 accomplishments list there are several that stand out: § We increased membership from spring 2011 by 24% with 104 dues-paying members. § The development committee added socials to its responsibilities, and it organized six events for our members. § PRogressive Image helped organize record attendance of 450 at one ISU Hockey game. § The relations committee created the first chapter blog and published 30 blog posts. § The chapter hosted 10 workshops, panels and speakers focusing on professional development.

I would like to thank Dr. Smudde, the executive board and all of our leaders and members for their hard work and devotion this year. We could not have accomplished as much as we did if it were not for all of you. I have never seen as much commitment to PRSSA as I saw this year, and you should all be very proud of yourselves and our chapter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are family, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. It was an honor holding the position of 2011-12 president and being involved in all aspects of the chapter. I may not be a chapter member anymore, but ISU PRSSA will always be a part of my life. It is my experiences within our chapter that I will look most fondly upon for years to come. The friendships and connections made right here are ones that will last a lifetime. I could not possibly put into words just how big of an impact this chapter has made upon me over the years. ISU PRSSA is very dear to my heart, and I am incredibly sad to be leaving. That being said, I know that we are leaving the chapter in good hands and there are many triumphs to be coming our way. Congratulations to ISU PRSSA for undoubtedly the most successful year of its history! Here’s to more success in the chapter’s exceptionally bright future!    

MEMBER OF THE MONTH This member of the month loves doing PR This year as a member, he’s obviously quite a star He interns for the Cornbelter’s but if I had to guess Showing off his dance moves is what he does to impress In his free time he’s a t-shirt designa He just returned from National Assembly in North Carolina You always catch him smiling he’s really quite a ham Congrats to the member of the month, Kyle Slams!

Congratulations to Kyle Slamans!


Top Three Membership Incentive Points (MIPs) Earners

Above: Allyson Corona (first runner up), Kelsey Carey, (Member of the Year) and Hailey Lanier (second runner up)


Member of the Year!


Congratulations to Kelsey Carey! 6

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PRemier Newsletter: March/April 2012  

This issue of PRemier includes An Icy Hot Affair, LC Williams and Edelman Tour, To the Queen City and Back, Letter from the Executive Board,...

PRemier Newsletter: March/April 2012  

This issue of PRemier includes An Icy Hot Affair, LC Williams and Edelman Tour, To the Queen City and Back, Letter from the Executive Board,...