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Issue 4, February

PREMIER Regional Conference: The Entertainment Industry By Kim Nowlan

A monthly publication of Illinois State University’s PRSSA Chapter. Issue 4, FebRuary In This Issue: Road Trip Through America Social

2 Advice For New Members Chapter members pose for a photo after the day’s activities.

This year’s PRSSA’s fighting through the fog on our Regional Conference was held on journey to Chicago I became February 3 at DePaul University more and more anxious. Once we in Chicago. The theme of the arrived I was surprised by the conference was, “The large crowd of eager-to-learn Entertainment Industry: It’s Not students that were attending the Just an LA Thing.” I was so event. We first heard from the excited when I first heard about keynote speaker, Tricia Murphy the conference. This is my first from MATTER, Edelman’s year in PRSSA, so it was also my Sports and Entertainment group. first chance to experience Although I am fairly familiar Regional Conference. I was ready with Edelman, learning about to see what benefits it could offer, MATTER was an appealing and and I was motivated by the theme, interesting department of the which I thought was a new and agency that, up until now, I had interesting twist on Chicago’s PR never heard of. I am always abilities. I quickly signed up for interested in learning about new the seminars that interested me agencies, and hearing real the most and couldn’t wait to hear examples of what they have what the speakers had to say. done. After hearing Murphy Bright and early on Friday speak, we broke up into our morning, we were off and on our selected seminars. way to the conference. While My first seminar was with

3 Advice from a PRSSA Alumnus

4 Letter from the Executive Board


Allison Cooke of Modern Luxury Media. She spoke about her life experiences and really connected with the audience. Personally, I enjoyed her seminar because she made me believe that I have the abilities to make it in the same prestigious position she is in, even at such a young age. The advice she gave was relatable and relevant.

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Road Trip Through America Social By Melissa Fortes

ISU PRSSA held its first social for the 2012 spring semester on Friday, February 17. The event was titled “Road Trip through America,” and it was definitely an adventure around our country. This was the first PRSSA social I attended and I am very happy I decided to go, as it offered me an opportunity to get to know so many great people in our Chapter. The night started off at director of development, Allyson Corona’s, apartment, decorated to reflect the city of New Orleans. Everyone experienced a Mardi Gras of their own, with purple, green and gold covering the room. Attendees dressed up in the theme’s colors, wearing beads and masks. Who needs to travel down to Louisiana when we have our own Mardi Gras right here at Illinois State? Following New Orleans, members traveled to Chapter president, Michelle Ketcham’s, apartment, which was transformed to a Hollywood premiere party. As attendees entered the apartment, they got their pictures taken on the red carpet by paparazzi of course. In Hollywood, we played games and also pulled names for a raffle. Members dressed up with glitz and glam, mirroring the high fashion lifestyle of Hollywood. The popcorn machine was a great addition, making it really feel like a big movie premiere and treating members to a delicious snack!

Lauren Trentadue, Kevin Kostyk, Kaylin Smuth, Kaitie Ries, Jennifer Novoseletsky, Allyson Corona and Michelle Ketcham

After visiting Hollywood we traveled to Las Vegas at historian, Lauren Trentadue’s, apartment. Cards decorated everything. Some might have mistaken her apartment for a Vegas casino. With red and black colors everywhere, music playing and dancing the night away, it seemed as if we were in Sin City itself. Sophomore Kari Lawrence said, “I had the most fun at Vegas because the dancing and music was the best there! It really felt like a Las Vegas night club!” To end the night, the group went to secretary, Ian De La Rosa’s, apartment, which was decked out to represent good ol’ Austin, Texas. Members dressed up in flannel, cowboy hats and bandanas. What a great way to

end the night! Corona said, “It really means a lot to Emma and me that so many members came to the social. A lot of time and planning went into it, and we never could have done it without the help from all the development committee members. I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone.” Well, development committee, it was a great night, and all your hard work definitely paid off! Members of PRSSA are so lucky to be able to attend socials throughout the year, as another way to meet new people and have fun. In one night we traveled to New Orleans, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Texas. I am so happy I got to be a part of this night with my fellow ISU PRSSA friends.

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Regional Conference: The Entertainment Industry (cont’d) Not only did she offer words of encouragement about what we should do, such as networking, being persistent and working hard, but she also explained the results that can come from these actions in a relatable situation. I found it informative to learn and fully understand why it is important to make contacts--you never really know when you might use them later in life. The next seminar I went to was Jenny Topolosky of Carol Fox and Associates. Listening to her was incredibly rewarding because she wanted us to ask her questions and be a part of the conversation. She involved the audience and made us feel like we belonged there. She taught me that you do not have to work at a PR agency right away, and you should work in different positions to see what you like best. Her example was that she loved theatre and worked at a theatre for a while. She learned new things there that she would not have been able to at a PR company. This made me start thinking that because I love sports, I

could work with a sports team to truly understand the industry better. This would make me a better PR agent for a sports team in the future. Last but not least we heard from Gordon Kane of Victory Sports. His presentation really left an impact on me. Before his presentation, I never thought about how sports connected people and brands. He walked us through several different case studies and showed us how many brands improved their reputation by simply sponsoring a sports team or the Olympics. He was so enthusiastic about his job that it made me want to work for him on the spot. Overall, my experience at the conference was incredible. I was not expecting to learn as much as I did. On top of the advice and experiences I heard, it was also great to get to know members of our Chapter on a more personal level. I have seen their faces every Tuesday night, but having an event like this really brought everyone closer together. I am excited to participate in more conferences and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested.

Advice for New Members

In January this year, however, with only three semesters left until graduation, I was feeling directionless with my future in public Public Relations Student Society of relations. I decided it was time to step up my America may seem intimidating to outsiders game, swallow my fear and make the most of at first, but after becoming acquainted with joining PRSSA. I honestly could not be happier the group, those feelings quickly subside. that I decided to give it another shot. As it turns Being new to PRSSA was not nearly as out, it is not just a room of pretty girls and cute daunting as I made it seem in my mind. The boys, but a room full of both welcoming and first PRSSA meeting I attended was one year intelligent college students! ago for my COM 178 Introduction to Public My advice for future students considering Relations class. As I first walked in, I was PRSSA would be to throw yourself at every hesitant. Walking into a room full of pretty opportunity that comes your way. This way you girls and cute boys may sound dreamy to will not only be gaining experience relevant for some, but for me it was pretty scary. When it your future, but you also will be building became time for the group to break into relationships with some of the most driven committees, I swiftly made my way out the students on campus. There is so much you can door. I was not quite ready to make PRSSA learn not only from the opportunities PRSSA work for me. provides, but also the members around you! By Joey White


PRSSA and Journalism By Jennifer Novoseletsky

This year I officially declared myself as a journalism major. I wanted to get involved on campus but was not sure where to begin. I heard about the Illinois State University, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and was immediately interested. At the same time, I was unsure if I should join because I am not a public relations major. However, I soon learned that PRSSA is beneficial to all majors throughout campus! Sure PRSSA has “PR” in the name, but this registered student organization is honestly very beneficial to every student. Being a new journalism major and also a new member of PRSSA, there are plenty of opportunities to go around. PRSSA is beneficial to students for networking, learning experience, internships, resume building, opportunities to become successful, friendships and much more. Those in the journalism major receive countless benefits through joining PRSSA. For instance, the relations committee has many opportunities for writing, such as blogging, writing articles for the Chapter’s newsletter or writing for the alumni newsletter and giving campaign. The newsletter is a huge plus for those who wish to gain more professional writing experience. Journalists are required to write in AP style, and the PRSSA newsletter offers members a chance to prefect their skills using AP. Once an article is written, it goes through a six-person editing 4

process that includes the faculty advisor, Dr. Smudde. After the approval process has been completed, the article is published and the author has the opportunity to use this work as a portfolio piece. Another reason PRSSA is so beneficial to journalism majors is because of the multiple career opportunities. PRSSA is a remarkable resume builder for more reasons than one can count on his or her two hands! Aside from all the fun activities and the friends members make, they are able to attend agency tours, workshops, philanthropic events and networking dinners. Members engage in national affiliation, national conference, regional conference, real-world client experience, writing opportunities, mentorship, leadership positions and event planning. It doesn’t stop there! There are even more reasons public relations experience is beneficial to journalism majors. Journalism is similar to public relations in terms of communicating, engaging, and working with others in order to achieve the desired results. Dating back to the early 20th century, journalism and public relations have advanced by improving relationships between organizations and the public. PRSSA teaches students fellowship, leadership, bonding, and how to professionally communicate with professionals in the industry, as well as our peers on campus.

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Member of the Month This member of the month is hard to define Mainly because he’s such a good friend of mine You’ll see him on Facebook bragging about fitness He claims he’s a great cook, but I have yet to witness He wrote for the newsletter all last semester He makes fun of everything, he’s really quite the jester He has a passion for PR, you can tell at first glance He spends his free time doing work for City Dance I know you’re all excited, so I’ll finally share You may know him as Bruce, but he’s my Brucey Bear!

Congratulations to Bruce Kennedy!

Letter from the Executive Board By Ian DeLaRosa, Chapter secretary

Wow, I can’t believe it is already March! I also can’t believe how quickly time has gone by during my second year on executive board. Each year has provided a new set of opportunities and challenges. We all are now more experienced and prepared for the real world after graduation. As secretary, I have a few key responsibilities during the year. I am responsible for creating and managing the sign in sheet for each meeting, which means making sure that dues-paying members or interested members have their attendance recorded. I also Continued from page 4…. These advantageous skills are a positive characteristic for anyone to experience and carry into our careers. Everyone must begin

work with Brian De Pasqua to count membership incentive points (MIPS) so that he can determine the member of the month and member of the year. One of my other responsibilities as secretary is to organize and manage the chapter e-mail account. This is no easy task, as at any moment the account can receive 15 to 20 e-mails. It is my responsibility to respond to as many as I can or forward them to the proper eboard member. One of the benefits of this position is that it has allowed me to find better ways to not only organize the chapter, but my own personal work as well. I am also responsible for creating the weekly PowerPoint file for chapter meetings and recording the minutes from the chapter and executive board meetings. Each week, after I am given the information from the rest of the e-board, I create the PowerPoint file that is shown every Tuesday. I pick out a specific theme and set of colors that are easy on the eyes. One of my favorite things that we doing during chapter

announcements is congratulating members on internships and accomplishments outside of the chapter. I am quite proud to see how well our members have done this past year! One of the chapter’s biggest accomplishments this year was when we reached 104 duespaying members. Our objective was 90, as stated in the strategic plan. As far as I can remember in my four years in PRSSA, we have never had such high member enrollment. I have always been proud to say I am from ISU PRSSA, but now I am even more proud when I can brag about being involved with over 100 others who share my passion for the industry. Last but not least, this year has given me the opportunity to work with a new e-board, and I cannot be any more impressed with all of them. The fact that I get to work with people in this chapter that are as passionate and sometimes crazy as I am makes me smile when I go to e-board meetings and PRSSA events!

somewhere, so why not begin with PRSSA? College is the time of one’s life, and PRSSA helps balance success in a college student’s future. Whether majoring in journalism, mass media, communication studies,

international studies, public relations or any others major, anyone willing to put in a little effort and hard work is always acknowledged! The first step is getting involved. 5

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PRemier Newsletter: February 2012  

This issue of PRemier includes Road Trip Through America Social, Advice for New Members, Advice from a PRSSA Alumnus, Letter from the Execut...

PRemier Newsletter: February 2012  

This issue of PRemier includes Road Trip Through America Social, Advice for New Members, Advice from a PRSSA Alumnus, Letter from the Execut...