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New staff spotlight!

By: Allison Murray, Graduate Assistant

Welcome Back Redbirds! While you were away for the summer vacationing across the world, working hard at a job or internship, or catching up on lost sleep from the school year...the Fraternity and Sorority Life office was preparing for some new faces that would be joining the staff in the Fall! The FSL office has grown by 3 staff members, and we are so excited to welcome them to the Redbird and ISU fraternal community!

Catlin Dobson Position: Senior Specialist. Caitlin’s Affiliation: Sigma Sigma Sigma

position consists of supervising the advising team, as well as serving as the primary advisor for the Multicultural Greek Council. She will also advise the Black Greek Leadership Council when they start in January! Hometown/Previous Institution: Caitlin is from Little Chute, WI and earned her Bachelor’s at the University of WisconsinWhitewater in 2010. In 2013, she completed her maters degree in Higher Education at Indiana State University. Affiliation: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Why Fraternity and Sorority Life? I chose to work in Fraternity & Sorority Life because of the experience I had as an undergraduate member. Joining a sorority my first semester of college, I never imagined the ways my leadership skills would grow. Joining Tri Sigma served as a stepping stone for me in becoming the woman and leader I always wanted to be. I decided to work in Fraternity & Sorority Life to ensure that all members are able to have a truly transformative experience!

Why Fraternity and Sorority Life? I chose to work Fraternity and Sorority Life because I wanted to see the other side of Position: Graduate Assistant and things when it comes to Greek Life. I had advisor for the College Panhellenic several experiences from the student aspect after joining my fraternity during Council. Mike work with the advising undergraduate, but I wanted to see the team to provide support and advocate for behind the scene work that is done by the the women involved with CPC. office who support the Greek community. Hometown/Undergraduate Institution: I also want to begin my professional career after receiving my Master’s in a Fraternity Mike is from Indianapolis, IN and got his and Sorority office role somewhere it is Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University cold. in West Lafayette, IN.

Lauren Neitzel

Affiliation: Alpha Gamma Delta Position: Graduate Assistant for programming. Lauren works with our specialist, Shantira Norris, to develop and put on programs for the FSL community. Hometown/Undergraduate Institution: Lauren is from Rockton, IL and got her Bachelor’s Degree from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI.

Michael Nave

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Contact Us Fraternity & Sorority Life (309)-438-2151 Alex Snowden Coordinator

Caitlin Dobson Senior Specialist: Advising

Shantira Norris

Why Fraternity and Sorority Life? Fraternity and Sorority Life was such a big part of my undergraduate career that I wanted it to be a part of my graduate career. Greek life gave me so much that I wanted to give back as much as I could and help members of every chapter have the positive experience that I had.

Specialist: Programming

Allison Murray Graduate Assistant: IFC Advisor

Mike Nave Graduate Assistant: CPC Advisor

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September 2016



Lauren Neitzel Graduate Assistant: Programming

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By: Allison Murray, Graduate Assistant

This Semester, Delta Upsilon Fraternity is currently undergoing their expansion process to join the Illinois State University. Delta Upsilon is one of the many fraternities that are currently a part of the Interfraternity Council Expansion calendar, with a new organization beginning on campus every semester until fall of 2022!

The expansion consultants for Delta Upsilon have been present on campus since September 11th, and have been recruiting and introducing students to the experience they can have during their collegiate career and beyond as a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity. The expansion team plans to recruit until mid-October, and will officially colonize the founding members of the fraternity on Sunday, October 22nd! Already, Delta Upsilon has integrated themselves in the community through attending IFC General Body Meetings, visiting Panhellenic chapter meetings, and participating in the multitude of events the Multicultural Greek Council members have been hosting. The Fraternity and Sorority Life Community is excited to welcome Delta Upsilon to campus, and is looking forward to the great things these men will accomplish!

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By: Allison Murray, Graduate Assistant


t the end of the Spring 2016 semester, the women of the College Panhellenic Council (CPC), along with the support of the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office, voted to open for extension. Extension is a process that allows the Fraternity and Sorority Life community to bring a new Panhellenic sorority to campus. The hope for this extension process is to bring a new sorority to campus during the 2018-2019 school year. Over the summer, three national organizations accepted an offer to travel to ISU and present about their organization, as well as how they will be a positive addition to the campus. During the week of September 25-29th, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Phi, and Alpha Sigma Tau each presented to the Panhellenic extension committee about the values and ideals of their national organization. The women of CPC were able to gain a better understanding of which chapter will be the best fit for the fraternal community at Illinois State. The extension selection committee voted to make their decision on which chapter will be offered the opportunity to join the Illinois State Panhellenic Community on September 25th. Stay tuned for next month’s issue of The Columns to find out which National Organization will be joining Fraternity and Sorority Life at ISU!

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By: John Geary, IFC Vice President of Public Affairs


he Interfraternity Council just finished its fall rush week and it was a success. We started the week with a meet and greet that took part on the quad after festival ISU. It was a great time, the weather held up so we were able to be outside, and potential new members came out to meet brothers of all the fraternities on campus. Throughout the week these pnm’s were able to attend multiple recruitment events that were at the fraternity’s house. After the week was over, we had around 300 potential new members (PNMs) sign bids to join fraternities here on Illinois State’s campus. That blew away the estimates that the IFC exec board had to in mind. Overall Fall 2017 recruitment week was a success and we would like to wish the best to all the PNMs that signed bids.

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Gives Back to Local Community

By: Jack Whitsitt, member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity

At least 10 brothers from our chapter volunteer at Home Sweet Homes Ministries every Friday. We cook food for those in need, clean the dining areas and kitchen, and do whatever else is needed. Our chapter is very fortunate to be involved with such a great organization.

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By: Peyton Taylor, CPC Vice President of Public Relations

The College Panhellenic Council was so excited to have over 500 women join the Panhellenic Community during Formal Recruitment 2017. This year the Formal Recruitment theme was “Add Another Chapter to Your Story� so each table was decorated as a different book. The Formal Recruitment process consisted of seven days of events that women interested in joining a sorority attended to learn more about each chapter on the Illinois State University campus. Some of the topics that were discussed during recruitment were philanthropy, sisterhood, and values.

Recruitment was broken down into five different rounds: welcome, philanthropy, sisterhood, preference, and Bid Day! During welcome rounds the potential new members traveled to each chapter and got to know them a little bit on an introductory level. For philanthropy rounds each chapter showed a video about what philanthropy their chapter supports and discussed community service with the potential new members. They were able to see what each chapter is passionate about and donates to. Sisterhood rounds were a very fun day because the women were taken on a tour of each chapter home and learned about all the fun things that each chapter does together. Preference was more of a serious day because the chapters share a ritual with the potential new members to really show them what their chapter values and stands for. Finally it was Bid Day! Bid Day was the best day throughout all of recruitment! The potential new members finally got to find out which chapters would be their new homes in Greek life. They were all so excited and the energy in the Braden Auditorium was like nothing you have ever seen. All of the active members in the chapters attended Bid Day and were dressed up in their Bid Day themes. They brought their letters with them and cheered as their new members crossed the stage. We also did a Rho Gamma reveal to finally send our disaffiliated Rho Gammas home to their chapters and so the new members could see what chapters they were all in. Formal Recruitment was a long and emotional experience for so many, but also one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences that anyone could have asked for.

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By: Rachel Deemon, Public Relations Chair for Phi Sigma Sigma

This year so far our chapter has completed formal recruitment and welcomed 54 new members into our home. We also put together our first Pie-A-Penguin Philanthropy this year on the quad! We helped raise money for kids in need and the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation. We help less privileged kids in schools around the area. Students got to pie members of our chapter as well as Alex Snowden, the Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life at ISU, in the face. We are now working on our Mr. Phi-Significant Philanthropy that will take place on November 15th.

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By: Emily Quirarte, Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc.

At the beginning of the school year Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. held a school supply drive and donated the items to Western Avenue Community Center in Bloomington! Everything that this Center has come from donations and so every bit helped.

Also, check out this awesome video about Alpha Psi Lambda Week happening September 25-29th!

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By: Arielle Steward, Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

To kick off the semester, the ISU Collective of Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated has had an exciting start. As their second year on campus as the newest multicultural organization, Omega Phi Beta brought the radiance to campus at events such as Festival ISU and Quad Jam. Treasurer of the Collective, Diana Diaz says, “Tabling at the beginning of the semester is one of our favorite things to do. We get to meet so many people on campus and tell them about the programming our collective does and what Omega Phi Beta stands for.”

Continuing into a radiant month, OPB kicked off their first health and wellness series titled, “Body By Beta.” Created to start a conversation about how women can focus on their health and wellness in a positive way, the series began with a Hard Core fitness class at the recreational center and ended with smoothie social off-campus. The series will continue throughout fall semester with a variety of classes and educational opportunities. Everyone is welcome to join Body by Beta! Exploring new organizations and community efforts throughout Bloomington-Normal, the sisters of Omega Phi Beta spent one of the first Saturdays of September volunteering at the West Bloomington Gardens. Researching and venturing into unexplored territory of Bloomington-Normal was exciting and rewarding and the collective cannot wait to volunteer again.


By: Ivon Mantano, Gamma Phi Omega Sorority Inc.

Our Week of Events this semester went fantastic! Monday, September 11, was our Informational where we talked to ladies interested in joining our sorority. We were very informative on who we were and gave them insiders of the things we did as a sisterhood. Tuesday, was our community service event where we made cards for children in hospitals. We had many people join us for this event and many beautiful cards were made. The cards will be sent to a variety of hospitals like Advocate Bromenn, Sugar Creek, and a nursing home. We also had a Women Empowerment Event where we talked to ladies about self-motivation, self-confidence, and visualizing their goals. Along with that, Gamma Phi Omega provided art supplies so the ladies can create their own vision boards. It was a very motivating event and great experience for everyone. Thursday was our Corn hole Tournament. We had about 10 teams sign up and everyone had a great time. The winning team went home with half of the proceeds, a couple of free things, and a certificate. Overall, we had a great Week of Events and we were happy to have had many support from other organizations and other individuals join us. We look forward to a great year and many more events we will be hosting this year!

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October 1&2

Need your resume reviewed after Career Center hours? Prepare for the Fall Career Fair by attending the Late-night Resume Reviews.

October 3

Looking for a career? Meet with potential employers looking to hire Redbirds at the Fall Career Fair on October 3rd.

October 6

Thinking about graduate school? Learn more about how to finance graduate school at the Graduate School Series on October 6th.

October 24

Not sure what to do with your arts and sciences degree? Learn about what you can do with your degree after you graduate at What to Do With THAT Degree on October 24th.

October 27

Are you an international student? Learn etiquette tips on how to interact with American employers during a meal at the International Student Career Series Networking and Etiquette Luncheon on October 27th.

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September 2017 Columns  

The September Issue of the ISU Greek Newsletter

September 2017 Columns  

The September Issue of the ISU Greek Newsletter