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Chapter 1: As I was sitting on the freakishly ugly pink top bunk-bed, I realized today would be one to remember. It was July 17th, my 10th birthday and we were going to California to see our new house that we are moving into. I was so excited because I have never been there. Also, my mom said our house is near San Francisco.

We got to the airport around 5:00 am because my dad had accidentally booked our flight at 6:00 am, so we had to get there early. When we got there we had to wait in a humongous line to get onto the airplane. I had 4 suitcases with me (since we were moving to California…). My dog “Peaches” was licking my lap while he was sleeping (sometimes I wonder about that dog… he really is a spazz). I also had a pillow-pet and a snuggie, in case I fell asleep. But I wasn’t the only one with a billion things to carry. My older sister Payton brought 3 make-up cases, 6 suitcases, “the necessities bag”, all of her phones, and the “shoemergency bag”. My brother “Pickle”, well Patrick actually, only brought video games, spare underwear and cheese puffs. 10 years and I still don’t get that kid. Then again, nobody does. Off topic. Sorry just, just keep reading.

Chapter 2: As we were sitting in the airport’s Starbucks, I realized my family was walking out the door. I kind of started to panic, because I didn’t want them to leave without me. So I grabbed all of my stuff and ran out the door. I called their names but the airport was so loud they probably didn’t hear me. I ran to catch up with them when I saw the back of my mom’s head standing in a line to get on an airplane. So I got in line with her. I actually sighed in relief to see her. If I got lost all the way across the country from her, they might never find me again. The line was moving so slow, you would think a herd of turtles were sleep-walking in front of you. Finally when we got on the plane, I was about to sit next to my mom, but when she turned around, I realized it wasn’t my mom. It was an old lady with really long hair that looked like she was in about her 80’s. Ugh, old people. They disgust me with their wrinkly skin, fake teeth, and HORRIBLE SMELL! What I ride I was in for! I knew I was doomed. First getting lost and now having to sit next to a dry raisin! Would I ever see my mom and my family again? I would have to live in where ever this plane is going and become homeless? I try to hide my tears but they just keep spilling out like a leaky faucet.

Chapter 3: Just then, I felt a warm tap on my back. I looked up. I saw a blurry blue and red figure standing right next to me. I wiped my eyes and saw that it was a flight attendant. She smiled and asked if I was ok. I lied and said, “Um… yeah…I’m fine.” “Are you here with your parents?” she asked. “Well…..” “Come on, tell me the truth, it’s not like I will open the back door and kick you out or anything! Just kidding….just tell me the truth.” “Ok,” I say, “As long as you promise not to kick me out.” “I promise.” “Ok well, my family and I are, well actually were, moving to California, but as we were in the airport, my mom called everyone to follow her, and…” “You didn’t hear her?” “Well… yah. And then I was trying to catch up to them and I saw the lady next to me, who from the back looked a lot like my mom, so I followed her, until she sat down and turned around, and that’s when I realized it wasn’t her, and then I started to think about what would happen if I never saw my family again and…” I said that so fast I thought I was going to pass-out. Then the lady said, “Well it looks like you are in a bit of trouble, now aren’t you? I’ll do my best to help you. Oh yes, and my name is Adrianna, but everyone just calls me Anna.” “Oh, well then Hi Anna. And can I ask where this plane is going?”

“Actually we are going to France,” Anna said with a slight nervousness in her voice. “Alright, no more jokes. Where are we really going?” I asked nervously. “I just told you. Paris, France.” “WHAT?!?!” I was really getting worried now. France? France! That’s like 300,000 miles away! Ugh….. I will never see my family and friends ever again!! “Hon, do I really need to say it again?” Here come the tears again. What am I going to do? “This is the WORST day of my entire life!” I say. And I wasn’t lying. I’m going to be homeless. And in Paris. This is bad. Just really, amazingly, super, very, extremely BAD. “Is there anything I can do to help you?” Anna asked. “Well,” I mumbled, but then a little louder said, “You can start by calling my parents.” “I am afraid that will not be possible,” said a cold voice. “Oh,” Anna stuttered, “Hi Macnair.” “Who is this…..fine child? “This is Fuchsia,” Anna gulped. “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…….Fuchsia…… have splendid eyes! And your hair! Oh your hair! It is the most magnificent hair I’ve seen in well…..FOREVER!!!!!!” Macnair creepily shrieked. This guy was really starting to scare me now… “Ummmmmmm…thanks?” I said. I am really scared now… “I am very sorry, but Fuchsia, I need to be somewhere, so before I go I

was eaves…….er……..listening in on your conversation, and I heard that you are in need of a shelter and a job. So I am now your hero!!!!!!!!! Fuchsia dear, will you do the honors of becoming a model at RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrooootttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrakkkkissssssssss ssss??” “Yes!” I scream, “Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!!!!!!!” The whole plane started staring at me. While Macnair happily strutted away, I realized that everyone on the plane had blonde hair and blue eyes like me. They also all had “Rotrakis” shirts on. Before I had time to even think about this, the pilot announced that we had arrived. Anna helped me get off the plane, and into the airport. I asked her if she was staying. She said they were leaving right after the people coming back to America from France got on the plane. I had to admit, I was a little bummed, ok…..maybe a lot bummed…..but at least I will get to live the rest of my life as a model! Right?

Chapter 4: As I got into the airport I realized I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or where I should go. I decided I should just follow the people with the neon purple tee-shirts, and bright blond hair. I literally had to run to catch up with them. I went up to a girl to ask what we were doing once we got to “Rotrakis” or wherever these people were going. She responded with, “We are just going to the back of the studio so Macnair can…” her voice started to trail off. Macnair shot her a menacing glare and very robotically the girl said, “So Macnair can GET TO KNOW US BETTER.” “Oh umm…ok,” I stuttered. I really wanted to know why all of the sudden her voice got robotic. “Weird,” I thought. “Maybe he was hypnotizing her or something…… No, a generous man like Macnair would never do something like that.” But I soon came to figure out that I had been very, very, wrong.

Chapter 5: So we got to Rotrakis and I was still curious about the robot girl. I wanted to ask someone but I had no clue who anyone was. Plus everyone looked the same so if I made friends with someone it would be pretty hard to tell who it was. All of the sudden I saw this cage-like thing. I inched closer to see what was in it. Once I got closer, I realized there was a girl in there. She was the exact opposite of me. She had coal-black hair. Her eyes were deep green and she looked like a cheetah with all those freckles. She was very short and she looked sort of like Macnair, but without the freckles. She could have been his daughter! Wait…. Maybe she is! I slowly walked up to the cage to ask her why she was in there. I asked, “Um…Hi! My name is Fuchsia…What’s yours?” “Ella,” peeped the girl’s small voice. I was surprised she didn’t have a French accent considering we’re in France. Now it’s time to ask why she’s in there I thought to myself. “Hi Ella… Why are you in that cage?” I really hope that didn’t ruin our possible-soon-tobe-friendship… She motioned for me to come forward. Then she whispered, “I’ll tell you the whole thing… for some reason I trust you. Ok- my father is Macnair. He got married to my beautiful mother. She looked sort of like you. My father hoped I would look like her. But instead, I looked like him. He thinks he’s very ugly, so… he um… murdered my mom. I cried for days and days and called the police…” her voice trailed off. I couldn’t believe someone as sweet as Macnair would do something like that! So I pronounced, “He killed your mom just because you look like him?”

She responded, “Well…my dad will literally kill me if I tell you but um do you wanna know why he brought you here? Well, my dad brings people like you here and then,” her voice dropped down to an almost silent whisper, “hypnotizes them-” I interrupted, “Hypnotize? People like me? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!?!” “Well, ever since my mom was well dead, he got a little nutty. You know how blondes are supposed to be stupid? Macnair thinks they really are. And blue eyes are the weakest. Therefore, they are easier to hypnotize.” “Slow down, so Macnair is going to HYPNOTIZE ME! WHAT?!” The look on my face was probably the reason why she said, “Not necessarily… you could try to stop him.” Yeah, like that’s gonna to happen! So I say, “Well yeah…but I need your help! Psych! Sorry I just have to ask, why are you in a cage?” “Well my dad was afraid I would run away or tell everyone his secret, so he locked me in here. I’ll tell you what, you find a way to get me out of this cage, and I’ll help you destroy my dad. K?” “Okay. Hm...let me see…hey! You do know there are keys right next to your cage right?” “Well what are you waiting for? GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Open this thing and we can stop him!” “Alright, ok sorry! Gosh!” I darted over to the keys. I stuck one in the hole and…it worked! Ella jumped out and was about to scream, but I covered her mouth. I didn’t want Macnair to know she was out. Ella reminded me of someone but I couldn’t figure out who. Wait I know! My sister Moxie. She was always so kind and told me everything. Man I miss them… even Pickle. I almost

forgot about them with everything that’s going on. After we stop Macnair that will be our next project.

Chapter 6: So now you’re probably wondering how Macnair didn’t notice Ella wasn’t in the cage. Well, it’s kind of hard to explain but Ella had a life size doll with the same hair as her, so they looked identical from the back. We put the doll facing the back of the cage and ran to my room. We hid in the room for a couple of days planning; only getting out for food and water. After 4 days, we finally came up with a plan. I had to talk to every single person there about Macnair and see if their voice would be robotic. I would have a clipboard with every person’s name on it, and I would put a check next to their name if they were hypnotized. Then, I’ll ask everyone that wasn’t yet hypnotized to come and meet me in my room. Ella and I would then tell them what Macnair was up to, so they can watch out. Ella said Macnair uses a pendant to charm (hypnotize) people. So then, we would take the pendant from his dresser. She also said it has superb power, and if you knew how to use it, you could hypnotize anyone. Luckily for us, before Macnair turned all crazy, he taught Ella how to use it. So then, I would tell Macnair that Ella had escaped. She would run through a large cage with two openings, and when Macnair went to chase her, we would shut the doors. Next, Ella would hypnotize Macnair to be a normal person. If it didn’t work, we would call the police, and she would live with me. We already had warned all the people about what Macnair was up to, and ordered a large, so we were just getting ready to go into Macnair’s room. I saw Macnair in the elevator going to the 4th floor where his room was. So I quick stopped the elevator and asked him very idiotic questions like, ‘what is the weather today?’ while Ella ran past him and up the steps to get the pendant.

About 5 minutes later, Ella gives the signal, a whistle. I shout, “Never mind!� to Macnair and dart towards the elevator. When we both get back to my room, we started to prepare for the next action; Macnair chases Ella into a trap.

Chapter 7: While Ella set up the cage in the back of the mansion, I headed for the café where Macnair was eating lunch with one of the servants. As I was waiting for the right moment to go in, I realized how “Frenchy” Macnair sounded. LOL! Anyway, when the servant was getting up to leave, I jumped right next to Macnair and exclaimed, “So, Macnair, you may not believe me but….um…your daughter Ella? Yeah well…..she sort of um…..” Macnair cut me off and said softly, “Escaped?” Ella screamed, “Come and catch me!” Macnair rushed to the door and out onto the front lawn, chasing after Ella with such force that sweat was literally dripping off of him like a little girl’s tears when she doesn’t get a puppy for Christmas. Finally, the trap. Ella ran through and shut the door behind her, while I came right after her shutting the second door. Thank God Macnair isn’t that bright, or we would have been in big trouble. Ella took the pendant out of her back pocket and started to swing it in front of Macnair’s eyes. It looked like she was rubbing it after every sway. Finally after about 45 swings, she said “dormir” and Macnair was asleep. She muttered some words in French that I couldn’t understand, but when she snapped her bony fingers, Macnair awoke immediately. I whispered, “You’re good!” While Ella unlocked the cage and Macnair walked out. Macnair gave Ella a hug as big as Russia, picked her up, and left. “Wow,” I said, “All I can say is wow.”

Chapter 8: I know, I know you are probably thinking, “What about your family?” Well, I’m getting there, don’t worry! That night I was packing up my things to catch a plane to California the next morning. I had money from the ‘modeling’ thing, (Macnair paid us in the beginning of the month) so I was pretty much good to go. Macnair took our cellphones away when we go there, but he said when we leave we could have them back. The next morning I woke up at 5:00 and got ready to go to the airport. I went down to the café for breakfast and headed straight for the door when someone grabbed my arm. It was only Ella. She was just saying goodbye and thank you for helping her. I hugged her and gave her my number. She gave me hers, and we hugged one more time. Then I explained to her that I have to catch the plane by 6:30 am. When the plane landed in San Francisco, I was kind of nervous my family forgot about me, or I wouldn’t be able to find them. I got out of the airport at 7:00 pm, so I still had time to spare. I’ve seen pictures of our house on the internet before so if I do some major walking, I might be able to find it. Or I could just call them! Duh! So I dialed my mom’s number and she wasn’t picking up. Then suddenly when I was about to give up she answers, “Fuchsia?” So I say, “Mom?” “Oh honey! Randy! IT’S FUCHSIA! She’s ALIVE! Sweetie-pie, are you okay?”

“Yes mom, I’m fine!” “Hon’, where are you?” “I’m sitting on a bench outside of the San Francisco Airport.” “Fuchsia, we’ll be there in 5 minutes don’t move!” Typical mom; one minute she’s all ‘lovey-dovey’ the next minute she’s barking orders at you. When I saw a silver Honda rolling down the street, I knew that in that car was my gigantic family. They barely stopped the car but I didn’t care. I was already hugging and kissing everyone like a 10 year old kid that hasn’t seen their parents in 2 months. Wait, that’s me. Anyway, after we drove back home and got settled, Payton asked what I had been doing for the past 2 months. So I told them. Half of the things I said they didn’t believe, but I don’t care. No one really truly knows everything I’ve been through. Not even Ella. All that really matters is that I know what happened so that it NEVER happens again. Never; strong word. Let’s just say it won’t happen again any time soon.


You know you need to pay attention more when you think this old lady is your mom, this guy asks you to be a model, and you end up saving Fra...