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September 19th Sorry about that. I’m Ginerva Penson. Weird name, right? A lot of people think that I’m weird too. That’s probably because I’m sometimes Goth, sometimes girly, and sometimes anywhere in between. Yeah, I guess you could say that my style changes every day. I wear my clothes like my mood.

September 20th I’m the new girl in school, and I‘ve only been in school for one day. Things are pretty hard for me. I don’t fit in at my high school. I have to go to school now. -Ginny

Chapter 1: Mean Girls Can’t Dance White brick. Large, oak doors. Einstein High school towered in front me. I took a deep breath, slowly reached for the handle of the door, and tripped. A large hole formed in my black fishnet leggings. Blood slowly poured out of my knee. My jet black hair – well today it was black- was now a mess. My hair was all messed from the fall. I looked up. Oh, great. That’s who tripped me, I thought. Above me stood the popular girls. Five girls dressed in pink clothes with rhinestones on them towered above me. In the center of the crowd, stood a girl with silky blond hair and perfect skin wearing a hot pink dress with a golden belt around her waist. Heather. The leader. Mean girl #1. “Look what the cat dragged in,” Heather laughed. “I don’t know what dragged you in, but it was something ugly,” I fired back. I knew I shouldn’t get into a fight, but no one could insult me. “UGH! I…I….. Let’s go,” Heather screamed. She strutted off, followed by her friends. I stood up with ease, as I was used to falling down.

I walked through the doors, confidence and hope gone. I heard murmurs of, “There’s the new girl. I heard she sleeps in a gothic clothes store.” I let the comments float away, ignoring them all. If I could just get through today! “So, Ginerva,” Heather began. “Please, Heather, call me Ginny,” I said. “Whatevs,” Heather snorted, “Jimmy….” “GINNY!” I shot back. “Fine. Ginny… are you going to the second day of school dance?” Heather asked. “What second day of school dance?” I questioned. “Silly, the 6th annual Einstein High School Second Day of School Dance,” Heather laughed. “Yes, I am!” I lied. “Well, see you then,” Heather smirked. I began to wonder if she was hiding something… A girl nearby who had heard it all said, “Ginny, don’t worry. She wasn’t lying. The dance is held in the gym.” “Thanks!” I said. “I’m Maria. I think I’m in your homeroom,” she said kindly.

When I realized that she wanted to be my friend, I said, “Hi. Yeah, we’re in Science together too.” We talked until the bell rang and met each other after school to prepare for the dance. Back at my house, Maria did her hair and I died my hair blonde. I found a beautiful pink dress and put it on. ·




We went to the dance, and as we walked through the halls, I saw posters.

Hmm… I thought, that’s a good idea, I’ll run. Then we walked through the open doors…

September 21st I’ve never been more sad in my life. At the dance, Heather saw me. After realizing it was me, she screamed. She yelled “You’ll never be popular or cool EVER!!” The only good part about the dance was that I learned that mean girls can’t dance.


Chapter 2: Mr. Macmillion Click. Click. I was stapling my posters to the walls of Einstein High. “Vote Ginny Penson!” Maria was shouting. She had volunteered to help me. We passed out pins and stuck stickers. After a few weeks, I had a social studies vocabulary quiz. We were still campaigning for president. Along the way, I made a few more friends, Danny, who loved hockey and was a good artist; and Lacey, who was very kind and an amazing author. Towards the end of the test, my teacher walked toward my desk. Ginny, I thought, you didn’t turn in your paper! “Sorry,” I began. “No. Just come with me,” Mr. Macmillion, my S.S. teacher walked me out into the hall. I followed him carefully, taking deep breaths as I walked. “Listen. Heather is growing stronger by the minute. We need you, princess. I need to help you be safe and defeat Heather,” Mr. M said. I was stunned. “You’ve got the wrong girl,” I hoped.

“I think I would know the princess of Whale Island,” he smirked. Believing what he said, I replied, “Well, hide me and tell me everything!” Mr. Macmillion led me to his car. “What about my friends?” I asked, remembering Maria, Danny and Lacey. There was no answer from my teacher. He was driving to a secret passage inside our school. He stopped the car and began talking. “Listen, please. You are the princess of Whale Island. I am Sojon, or you can call me So,” he stated. “I will protect you so we can defeat dark forces,” Sojon said. We got out of the car. “Listen, Mr. Macmillion,” I protested, “I’m not so sure that I can defeat dark forces.” Sojon smirked, “Hold out your hands,” he chuckled. I cautiously put out my hands. “Now cup them,” So instructed. I did as I was told. “Now un-cup them,” Sojon muttered. “Think of a place that you hate.”

“Ok,” this was easy. I said, “Greenland. It has such a deceiving name.” He smiled, “Focus on a type of windstorm, and think about Greenland. Then blow.” I shuddered as I thought about tornadoes. This would be the perfect type of storm to hit Greenland. I imagined a huge tornado hitting Greenland. I blew the cool air across my fingers, the air tickling my fingertips as it flew. I didn’t feel any different. What was supposed to have happened? Suddenly, Sojon opened his vibrating phone. He read his unusual text message aloud. “Another Agent has just informed me that ‘A freak tornado has just hit Greenland.’” Whoa. That can’t be possible. I couldn’t have done that. I just blew air across my hand. “Now, Ginerva, I need to take you to Montreal. There, in Canada can I tell you everything.” He had clearly moved on from the subject of the Tornado. October 4th Today I found out that I was a Princess. My teacher (at least I thought he was my social studies teacher) Mr. Macmillion (er-Sojon) told me that Heather is a Womner.

What the doughnut is a Womner?? Anyway, I can control air and wind storms. Yeah, I said control. So (So is Sojon’s nickname) is taking me to Canada to tell me everything. I’m hoping that this is all a dream. But if this is a dream, how am I writing this?? -Ginny

P.S. I’m not going crazy. I think….

Chapter 3: Practice Snort. “Beep!” I sighed. The whole flight to Montreal, Sojon had been snoring. I was watching the news on my iPod touch and there were reports of strange storms everywhere. My head was racing. I had been practicing all day, and I admit, some of my ‘little’ storms were quite destructive. There are a lot of places and people on this Earth that I dislike. Finally, So woke up. I told him about the storms. He was proud and disappointed. Let’s just say that there is no Dallas anymore. He told me that he would get an Agent to fix the towns. I didn’t know how well that would work. We were almost to Montreal, and Sojon and I were happy, but we wouldn’t have been as happy if we knew what would be waiting for us.

Chapter 4: The Monster in the Dark Darkness. The luminous white eyes shone in the bright moonlight. Long, low growls sounded from inside the dark cave. It stood on seven spidery legs. Six bright white eyes stared at its prey. The monster attacked with razor sharp claws. Two spikey teeth sunk into the meat. A figure in a dark cloak stepped into the cave. The creature stopped eating and stared at the figure. “Oh Womner… Sorry to take you from your meal, but you have failed to get the girl!” The figure raised its voice. “Master, I had no choice. The form of human I took did not intimidate the girl,” the Womner replied. “That was and still is a problem. Yet, I still agree that as Heather you were not effective. But you should have done better!” the figure shouted. “Please! I beg you! Master, I will serve the Foul like I should! Please!” the Womner pleaded. “Fine. One more chance. This time take the shape of Molin,” the figure added. The Womner was horrified. “No, please! I’m sorry, but Molin causes great destruction!!” Womner begged.

“For The Foul’s sake, Womner please do as I say or you will not survive the next millennium!” With that, the figure walked away into the dark night. The Womner sighed and chomped down on his meal angrily. Molin would mean the end of the world.

Chapter 5: Underground City Bon Magashn. Buy Produce! Magnifique Hotel Comfort! In the underground city full of shops and hotels, English and French collided. Sojon was looking for a hotel for us to stay in. “Magnifique Hotel Comfort. Wonderful Comfort Hotel,” he translated. “Let’s stay there.” We checked into the hotel and got magnificent rooms. They had the most comfortable beds, the cleanest bathrooms, and the most spectacular views. It was sad that we weren’t here on a vacation; we were here so that Sojon could explain it all. October 7th Sojon told me everything today. To sum up my thoughts: These things were utterly horrifying. I will not sleep for weeks. So I will leave out the bad parts. My brain is littered with terrible thoughts. Nothing good will come out of this. I know it. The Womner: A horrifying creature with seven spidery legs and a profile much like a spider. Shape shifter. The Foul: A large group of villains. Slimdor: A blob of creature normally eaten by Womners. The other details are too gory to explain. Best Wishes, Ginny

Chapter 6: Spotted I am afraid we must go back to the cave with the horrifying Womner eating slimdor. “WOMNER!” the Figure in the dark black cloak screamed. “Yesss… Master…” the Womner said. “We have spotted the princess of Whale Island. We shall attack them. But you must take the shape of Molin,” the figure demanded. “NO!” the Womner shouted. “The world will end if I take that shape.” “I do not care. The princess is going to rule the island, and soon she will learn of our plans to…. Recreate the underworld. We will not need this Earth.” “But,” the Womner began. “DO NOT QUESTION ME! I AM ALKEA HOLOPEZ, GOD OF THE SECOND UNDERWORLD!” Alkea bellowed. “I LET HADES QUESTION ME, AND THEN I LOST MY UNDERWORLD!” Alkea screamed. Alkea let down his hood in one sweeping motion of his hand to reveal a red fiery face. Rows of sharp teeth lined his mouth, angry eyes sat on his face. The Womner gasped, “Y..Yes.. M… M… Master.”

The Womner began the process of changing shape. He first was a human baby. Then he grew to the size of an adult. Alkea had a sick smile on his face. The Womner continued changing. His hair began to get spikey and his teeth sharp. A large weapon was strapped to his belt. Alkea began to cackle and sink into the ground. “Where are you going?!” Molin bellowed. Alkea laughed murderously. “To the underworld,” he hissed. “To tell them that this is the end of the world!!”

Chapter 7: The End…Is Only the Beginning “So, Sojon,” I said, “what do we do now?” “We,” he was cut off by a large rumble. The ground cracked. People fell through the holes. “SOJON!” I cried. “Ginny!” he screamed. We fell. Where, I do not know. After that, everything was black.

The Chronicles of Ginerva Penson: Notes from a Princess  
The Chronicles of Ginerva Penson: Notes from a Princess  

Ginny is the new girl in school. Little did she know that her life was about to change.