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Wedding Dress Sleeves Trends for 2014

Last week the wedding website Style Me Pretty featured an interview with bridal gown designer Claire Pettibone. When asked about wedding dress trends going forward, she said, “I am loving sleeves…whether short or long, I think strapless may have finally had its day.”

This thought has been echoed in several other places recently, with industry experts seeing more and more of what Wedding Bells magazine called “sophisticated coverage.�

F or the record,I don’ thave a problem w ith strapless dresses.I’ ve seen m any gorgeous ones and w hen I gotm arried they w ere vary m uch en vogue. B ut I do know of brides w ho have tried in vain to find som ething w ith sleeves, only to find either a $ 1 0 ,0 0 0 price tag or sleeves accom panied by an extrem ely deep v- neckline.M y dress w as actually a designer knock- off,m ade by a local seam stress for a fraction of the cost. I w anted sleeves, but couldn’ t find a dress w ith them for less than several thousand dollars.

So I w as encouraged by this new s and w anted to pass it along. It’ s only a m atter of tim e before this trend finds its w ay throughoutthe bridalindustry.I think itallow s for m ore creativity and diversity in dress selections,and frankly,m ore peace of m ind.A strapless dress has to be fitted so perfectly to give the bride assurance she w on’ tlose itin the m iddle ofthe cerem ony.

What do you think? Would you prefer sleeves or strapless, or somewhere in between?

Wedding dress sleeves trends for 2014