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How to Choose Perfect Graduation Dress Graduation is a very important date for each person,it is a very significant in one’s life.Because after that day,you will go to high school or going to work!It is important part memory in your rest of your life.So you have to dress up perfect at that day!How to choose graduation dresses? 1.

You shoulder order the dress few weeks ahead of your graduation!Because you have

to make sure the dress fit you perfect! 2.

Plan a budge.To think how much you will send on your graduation date (dress,make

up and hair) . 3.

Search on internet website or collect in magazine to get your favorite

styles. 4.

You could try on the similar style in local store .Then you can order the dress

online.Because it will help you save a lot of money. 5.

Bring your dress to find match accessories.


To wear which style should to be secret to other person .Because you have to

surprise to everybody .If you do not care ,then you could ask your friends give you some advice to choose dress style!

Pay attention:

Do not wear too tight dress .Because maybe you will be dance.

Don't dress too sexy or open .Because it is your graduation date.

Choose correct color and make sure the color fit you.

If you make you look modest,you could wear a jacket or shawl!

How to Choose Perfect Graduation Dress