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we are paloma jewelry. We are 4 sisters c r e a t i n g , p r o d u c i n g a n d m a r keti n g ou r j e we l ry d e s i g n s . W e l i ve a n d wor k i n Ca mb r i dg e a n d T oron t o, On t a ri o. Our favourite th i n g s a r e n a t u r a l m a t e r i a l s , su n sh i n e a n d worl d c u l t u re s , a n d t h e s e a re r efl ected i n ou r i m a g i n a t i ve c re a t i on s ! Thank you for c h e c k i n g o u t o u r L o o k b o o k ! A l l of ou r con ta c t i n f o c a n b e f ou n d b e l ow a n d on ou r webs i t e - ke e p c h e c ki n g b a c k for new styles, a n d s e n d a l l y o u r f a v o u r i t e people to www.i l o v e p a l o m a . c o m !

get in touch: web: email: mobile: 519 575 8992 twitter: @ilove_paloma pinterest: facebook: tumblr:


urban tigress stone necklace mixed semi-precious stones, sterling-plated beads and crimps, glass beads, sterlingplated chain, silver tone clasp.

wild west steer's head necklace agate stone, steer's head charm, sterling-plated chain and hardware, glass beads.

fiesta necklace aka 'sun petals' orange, green or yellow glass beads, gold or silver plated crimps, gold or silver plated chain and clasp.

moonbeam geode necklace agate geode slice (various colours), D-ring, monochrome or contrasting colour woven beading, silver tone hardware and chain.

dakota stone necklace oval agate stones in 'sunrise' or 'dusk' colour shades, hand knotted waxed cotton, sterlingplated or gold-plated hardware.


arizona goddess geode earrings asymmetrical agate geode slices (available in various colours), glass or metal topper bead (also various colours), silver tone hardware and chain.

dusky landscape amethyst earrings amethyst slices, silver tone hardware and chain.

lady of the lake stone earrings glossy agate stones (other colours available), gold tone hardware, tribal gold tone beads.

desert sun geode earrings asymmetrical rough-edged agate geode slices (various colours), silver tone chain and hardware, glass beads (yellow, orange or green).

fierce geometric earrings silver or gold tone long earring wires, glass or stone beads in various shapes and colours.


double diamond wide chain&large bead tarnish resistant gold tone glossy finish aluminium chain, gold plated hardware, semi precious stone or faceted glass beads.

WOVEN bead&cotton bracelet coated glass beads in choice of 3 sizes and a rainbow of colours, cotton thread, gold plated hardware, gold tone chain in choice of wide or narrow.

diamond woven bead&cotton bracelet coated glass beads in a rainbow of colours with 2 size combinations, cotton thread, gold plated hardware, tarnish resistant gold tone aluminium chain in wide or narrow width.

triple strand seed bead bracelets glass seed bead strands, braided or unbraided, in mixed or un-mixed colours. narrow gold tone chain in tarnish resistant aluminium, gold-plated hardware.

lucky dip a myriad of others glass or stone beads, gold or silver plated hardware, gold or silver tone chain.

we want to make your buying experience amazing!


please get in touch with any & all questions & we will be very pleased to chat with you!



hello@ilovepalom m obile: 519 575 8992

Paloma Jewelry Lookbook Fall 2012  

Designed and handmade in Toronto, this is Paloma Jewelry's first collection.