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A shrub is distinct from a tree because it tends to have multiple stems and generally be much shorter, not exceeding 20 feet in height. Some low shrubs such as lavender are frequently called subshrubs, but what they all have in common is their woody stems giving them various degrees of frost hardiness.

Camellia Japonica “Dr Burnside”

Slow growing, upright to spreading shrub. Oval, glossy, leaves and profuse winter to spring blooming flowers. HP10-S5$15.99

Bougainvillea Spectabilis

Thorny woody vine scrambles over other plants with their hooked thorns. Pest free. HP10-S6$10.99

Azalea “California Snow”

The story of hansel&petal Kirk Hansel and I started out with humble beginnings – caring for other people’s houseplants and gardens while working our day jobs. Best friends from the age of eight, we grew up in rural New England, appreciating the abundance of nature all around us. Parting ways after college, we started separate careers and families, but were reunited when we bumped into each other nearly a decade later at a native plants conference in Southern California. We fell quickly into friendship again and realized we shared a love of flowers and gardening that went largely ignored working our lackluster jobs. In a matter of weeks we started hansel&petal Plant Care and Gardening, and worked our tails off evenings and weekends while building clientele. We jumped into the deep end, opening our shop in downtown Los Angeles, specializing in floral design for large events with an environmentally friendly slant.


hansel&petal Spring 2010

Our designs became the talk of the town and we won awards for aesthetics, customer service, and our green practices. In fact, our earth-friendly fertilization and watering techniques became so popular that we began teaching green gardening workshops, first in California, and then nationwide – including our native New England. Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of our wonderful customers, who share our values. It is with our loyal customers in mind that we bring you our first hansel&petal mail order catalog. We hope you enjoy our offerings – as always, if you have any questions about the selection and care of your plants, call us or send an email, and we’ll in touch. Peace and beauty to all of you, Petal Jones ( Kirk Hansel (

Large double. Good grower, heavy bloomer. Early to mid-season, acid loving plants. Plant in moist well drained soil with pH of 4.0–5.5. HP10-S1  $15.99

Tibouchina Semidecandra

Beautiful large royal purple flowers adorn attractive satiny green leaves that turn orange/red in cold weather. Grows to up to 18 feet, or prune annually to shorten. HP10-S2$33.99

Rosa “Burgundy”

Deep purple colored flowers bushy rounded growth habit to 3 feet tall. Plant in full sun. Water regularly. HP10-S7$22.99

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Hibiscus “Haight Ashbury”

HP10-Blooms in summer, 20–35 inches high. Fertilize regularly for best results. Full sun, drough tolerant. HP10-S3$12.99

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Plectranthus “Mona Lavender”

Quick-growing, herbaceous, shrub reaching up to 30 inches in height, forming a rounded, dense bush. HP10-S4  $5.99

Rosa “Iceberg”

Pure white blooms, bushy rounded growth habit to 3 feet tall. Plant in full sun. Water regularly. HP10-S8$22.99 hansel&petal Spring 2010 


Container Plants

They do not thrive indoors, where the light is too dim, and humidity too low, for them to grow properly. HP10-CP1$45.99

Plants are grown in containers for a variety of reasons. In many cases it allows people to grow plants where they have no garden or where space is limited. Many plants cannot compete well in a border, so their own pot provides them with a unique environment where the soil type, watering and care can be tailored to that species. However in an exposed situation, container plants can dry out very quickly, especially when it is hot.

Calibrachoa Noa “Blue Legend”

Cymbidium Aestivum

Bonsai Tree

Blooms continuously from early spring to first frost. Full sun or part shade, moist well-drained soil. HP10-CP2$12.99

The flowers last about ten weeks. They have a waxy texture and reach a height of more than 20 inches. HP10-CP3$14.99

Herbaceous Perennials

Unlike a shrub, an herbaceous plant has a soft stem which will not typically survive the winter and the flowering parts tend to die back during this period. A perennial means the plant will come back year after year as opposed to an annual which only has a one season lifespan.

These plants are very hardy, easy to grow, and increase readily. Average flower size is 3-4 inches in diameter HP10-HP6$5.99

Creamy-white centers, medium green outer foliage with flattened outer foliage. HP10-CP4$4.99


Compact mounds of colorful dainty flowers, good for window boxes. Fertile well drained soil. HP10-CP5$4.99

Pansy Blue Shades

Compact mounds of colorful dainty flowers, good for window boxes. Fertile well drained soil. HP10-CP8$3.99


hansel&petal Spring 2010

Cotula “Pincushion plant”

Cotula have very fragrant orange flowers that bloom in the middle of summer. Best in full sun on well-drained soil. HP10-CP6$5.99

Pansy Yellow with Blotch

Compact mounds of colorful dainty flowers, good for window boxes. Fertile well drained soil. HP10-CP9$3.99

Chrysanthemum “Bronze Mums”

Chrysanthemums respond to plenty of food and moisture, and prefer full sun. HP10-HP2$9.99

Chrysanthemum “White Wedding”

Pelargonium Peltatum

Well drained neutral to slightly acid soil, bright light. Do not over-fertilize or these flowers will lose scent. HP10-CP7$4.99

Phalaenopsis Purple

Choose the brightest windows in your house for your orchids, place on an humidity tray and spray regularly. HP10-CP10$25.99 www.hansel&

Easily grown, tolerant of drought and poor soil, flower and foliage improves with feeding. Full sun HP10-HP5$8.99

Iris Sibirica

Brassica Oleracea “Flowering Kale”

They thrive in fertile, fast draining, slightly alkaline (pH 6.75) soil. Avoid over-watering. HP10-HP1$5.99

Viola Penny Orange Jump Up

Agapanthus “Headbourne”

Chrysanthemums grow best and produce the most flowers if they are planted in full sunshine. HP10-HP7$9.99

Armeria Alliacea

Summer flowering, 12–18” high, likes full sun and well drained soil. Drought tolerant. HP10-HP3$7.99

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Salvia Splendens

Grows to 15 inches. The species is easy to grow from seeds or cuttings. This species prefers full sun. HP10-HP4$6.99

Senecio Cineraria “Dusty Miller”

Grown primarily for its attractive silver-gray foliage rather than its yellow flowers. Drought tolerant. HP10-HP8$10.99

hansel&petal Spring 2010 


Cacti & Succulents

Most cacti and succulents hail from semi-deserts and therefore need as much light as can be provided. This means they will need siting on a window sill or in a greenhouse. Good air circulation is needed to prevent mealy bugs and red spider mite which thrive in hot unventilated conditions. They are often cultivated together because of their water storing capabilities.


These plants blend in among the stones as a means of protection. Grazing animals would otherwise eat them HP10-CS5$12.99

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Pachycereus Marginatus “Mexican Fencepost Cactus”

The Mexican Fence Post will eventually reach 20 feet tall. Protect the growing tips with Styrofoam cups on the tops. HP10-CS6$55.99

Red Cactus

Add water until there is half inch of dry soil on the surface. Do not water again until the soil is completely dry. HP10-CS1$18.99

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Aloe Vera

Drought tolerant, well drained soil. Prefers full sun, sparse watering. Good as an accent plant in a border or patio. HP10-CS2$30.99

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Echinocactus Grusonii “Mexican Golden Barrel”

Growing as a large roughly spherical globe, it may eventually reach over a meter in height after many years. HP10-CS7$25.99

Schlumbergera “Exotic Dancer”

Easy to care for, requiring watering only when they’re dry. They like bright but indirect light. HP10-CS3$20.99


hansel&petal Spring 2010

Senecio Rowleyanus “String of Pearls”

Locate it in a place where it is exposed to at least a few hours of direct sunlight. HP10-CS4$18.50

Opuntia Falcata “Bunny Ears”

The plants should be kept almost completely dry during the winter months, once a month should be fine. HP10-CS8$16.99


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After nearly two decades of award-winning floral design and eco-friendly gardening, Kirk Hansel & Petal Jones have created a catalog as beautiful and practical as the floral designs that have become synonymous with the name


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