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What is Zibbet & Why Use It?

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Pretty Finds

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I Love Handmade Stuff

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Got Game? Tick-Tac-Toe

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Your Drink’s Too Hot? “Owl-ouch”

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Active Fingers

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How To Get Featured….. “iLoveHandmadeStuff ?” Ahhh.. so I see you are interested in knowing the secret of getting featured on the next issue. Well, I’ll let you in on the secret but be sure to read the rules and guidelines clearly. If you are to be featured, I will contact you via your Zibbet Shop. ☺ Rules/Guidelines: 1. Have a Zibbet Shop (You do not need to be a premium member) 2. You have to link last month’s “I LOVE HANDMADE STUFF” e-Magazine to a social media (blog, facebook, twitter or etc) & tell me about it. Link for last months e-Mag can be found on 3. Have awesome pictures! They are worth 1000 words & attract readers to your shop. 4. Leave your shop name ONCE each month on the 9th for an additional chance to catch my attention on my fan page. 5. Go to to like and fulfill #4. (Optional, but it’s preferred – Show me you support me and appreciate my work ☺)


What is Zibbet & why use it…..? “Experience The Difference” is a place to Sell and Buy Handmade, Fine Art, Vintage and Crafting Supplies. What’s so great about Zibbet and why do I only feature Zibbet Sellers? Well…..long story short here is why I like Zibbet. Benefits for Buyers: 1. Your seller doesn’t have to charge an arm and a leg since there’s no commission fee being paid to zibbet. 2. There are a lot of sellers that are responsive & Zibbet does a good job at filtering and removing people who try to sell mass produced products from a catalog Benefits for Sellers: 3. There is three user option, free membership, monthly, yearly 4. Free membership entitles you to 50 listing unlike other selling sites that charges per   listing     5. Zibbet does not take commitment off your sales   6. There is an interactive community where other artist help each other   7. The CEO is very down to earth and the Zibbet team responses back in a timely manner       Interested? Well, check it out yourself!           Disclaimer: and is not  affiliated with in anyway. All information is for  entertainment, observation, and inspirations only. Please obtain approve before using content  in this e‐Magazine.   


Pretty Finds….. “From Feature Seller’s Shop”


Pretty Finds….. “From Feature Seller’s Shop”


I Love Handdmadee Stufff‌.. w www.zibb m/iloveh handmad destuff

Angela a is the e editor and crreative crafterr behind d iLoveH Handmad deStuff on Zib m. Her passion started s with jewelry making g and then m diffferent venturred outt to many things from scrapbookking to se ewing. a works full time e and run ns this Angela shop to t sell he er creativve offerin ngs. Curren ntly Ange ela is wo orking wiith her Babylo ock emb broidery machine and is learning on how to digitalizze fine ewing prrojects. art forr small se ww handmadeFA AN


Got Game? Tick- Tac- Toe….. GAME TIME! Up for a classical challenge? Here’s a game we all played & loved…The best part is, it’s compact so you don’t have to worry about losing it, but yet washable so you don’t have to worry about dirtying it! Check out this shop to see what other cool finds you’d get. ☺

Behind The Shop  The  creative  force  behind  Zibbet  shop  MiniandColette  is  a  mother  named  Alice  who  started  basic  crocheting  and  sewing  when  she  was  six  years  old  influenced  by  her  mother  and  aunt.  As  Alice  continued  to  adulthood,  she  taught  herself  new  stitches  and  developed  new  patterns  and  ideas.  Alice enjoys nature walks, bicycle rides,  knitting, reading, games, gardening, and  spending  time  with  family  &  friends  plus  much  more.  Alice  finds  her  inspirations  through  family  and  the  world  around  her.  Since  Alice’s  family  practice  “Green,”  everything  in  her  shop  is  based  on  an  item  used  in  her  home.  Gift  in  Alice’s  shop  varies  from  practical to just plain fun. A gift can be  found  for  everyone  so  remember  to  check it out.  9

Your Drink’s Too Hot? “Owl-Ouch”….. Brrrrr…. the cold weather started to appear! How many of you buy a delicious cup of hot CoCo or coffee to keep warm? Do you think the safety slips provided are not fashionable enough or not eco-friendly since it’s not re-useable? Well, you can make a difference if you like the idea of going “GREEN.” Check out these Owl-ouch safety slip and rock in style!

Behind the Shop Sabrina the owner of KnitsYoursKnotMine always loved crafting, but



particularly to


design. She learned how to knit and crochet by ten years old from her maternal grandmother and since then barely put down her needles or hooks. Sabrina’s passion is driven by the love of having unique clothes. After all what is a better way to make a fashion statement than by creating a completely unique set of knit clothing? Surely— Soon enough Sabrina’s friends started requesting customized knitwear and from there she joined a few online crafting forums, which led to selling her creations online. Sabrina gets her inspiration from great color of yarn, street art, nature, & taking a trip on the subway... Inspirations are just everywhere! As far as what she likes to make? Let’s hear it from the artist herself -– “I tend to lean towards accessories like scarves, hats, mittens, socks etc., but I love the big sweater and afghan projects as well.” To learn more visit: Facebook: 10

Active Fingers ~ …..

Do you hate wearing gloves? I DO.  Remember those fingerless gloves  that weren’t fashionable? Well fear  no more because RaigeCreation is  here! Check out these cool  handmade gloves in various colors.

Raige creation is run by Rebecca who loves making  fun items that fit into today’s lifestyles, with a  touch of retro and vintage thrown in. Rebecca's  parents were creative people who shared their  ideas. It wasn’t until adulthood and between  careers that Rebecca realized she wanted to  create a business of out of her creations.  Rebecca's whole family lends a helping hand, with  her talented mother‐in‐law Bridget adding her  handmade jewelry to the shop.  Rebecca's family offers continual support in Raige Creations  from the conception of ideas to photography and marketing.  Inspiration comes in many forms‐ from fog in the mountains  to the Caribbean Sea. Rebecca:  "I love to create fun things &  try to change people’s ideas of crochet. It’s not just old  fashioned stuff ‐ it can be cool & fun. Raige’s Toekini’s brings  the party to your feet with fun and colorful barefoot sandals;  Cozies of all kinds; Cold Weather Gear keeps you warm when  the weather is not; and new to Raige Creations, Jewelry by  Raige which so far consists of cool crocheted bracelets."  11

I Deserve It ! ….. Headbands are currently a fashion trend and every girl deserves one they love.  They bring attraction and attention  while making a statement for everyone  who it comes in contact with. The  Beautiful Swag Store is loaded with  different creations by Sam.   How did Sam discover and find inspirations  for these hot items?   Sam discovered her creative side in junior high  when she started illustrating certain concepts  with objects that was discovered by her  teacher. Generally it’s a family need or want  that inspires this shop owner to create  something unique. A simple custom order for  cheer, dance, pep, or spirit squads keeps it the  creative spirit going. Currently the media used  for these beautiful headbands consist of silk  flowers, satin or cotton material, acrylic  rhinestones, hot glue thread and ribbon.   Where did the BeautifulSwagStore name  come from?  Sam: “I wanted to use the letters  for character traits I read about in a fiction  fantasy book. These traits are:  authenticity,  empathy, faithfulness, sincerity, and wisdom. I  believe the character trait used above does a  fine job as describing my shop. 


Upcycle Purses ….. Like Upcycle products?  Have you’ve tried  recreating a shirt or jeans to something useful?  Deni (Denise) from BreitWerk does. She makes  wonderful upcycle products, which is worth  checking out if you like GREEN products. Deni was  born and raised in Kansas where Deni's mom did all  the sewing and alterations for the town and several  nearby towns. Deni started sewing when she was in  elementary school and learned mostly by watching.  The name BreitWerk came from her last name and  love for craft ‐ which is German Breit = Broadly &  Werk = Work or Craft. 

Always aware of her creative side, Deni has always used color (crayons, paint, pieces of  paper and glue, fabric, anything) to create. Her  outgoing, creative, frugal, innovate and  compassionate personality brings her  inspirations. Finding the time to make all of her  ideas to life is a story for another time. 

A message from Deni: I love to sew and especially  enjoy making something new and useful from  something else: i.e. aprons from men's shirts,  Purses, mittens, etc. from sweaters. I enjoy  making items that people WANT ‐ so custom  requests are a joy! 


Buyer’s Corner ….. “Tips & things you need to know” Purchasing products or services online at sites like Zibbet can be fun, but aggravating. Fun when we find products that are unique and cool; aggravating when we do not get the service or product we expect.

How do you make your experience more enjoyable? Follow these steps prior to making your purchases! • Check Seller’s ratings! • Contact the Seller if there is no ratings; usually this would help the Buyer get a better comfort level with dealing with the Seller and see their response time. Usually this is a sign the Seller is responsive and willing to work with you if a problem does occurs. • Read the Seller’s policies and make sure you understand it before making your purchase. Since these shops are owned by a lot of different artists, the policies are most likely not the same.

Seller’s Corner ….. “Tips & things you need to know” I’m new to selling, does picture really matter? A picture is worth a million words. A blurry picture provides potential Customer(s) a negative impression. Often times a Customer would see this blurry picture and move to another shop right away because they will guess that your other listings are the same and will lose the attraction to navigate further. Would you purchase this item if you saw the top picture instead of the bottom? I wouldn’t! Let’s be realistic – the clarity of the second picture definitely brings out the beauty and outline of the purse rather than the first picture. Not the best photographer? Don’t worry, I am learning myself so be sure to come back and check out some great reference sites! 14

On The Next Issue ….. “What’s coming next?” • Cool Finds From Zibbet Sellers • DIY Project • Buyer’s / Seller’s Corner • Q & A – (If any) • Suggestions • Reference Sites For Great Photography Tips


I Love Handmade Stuff Vol 1  
I Love Handmade Stuff Vol 1  

I created this to share unique finds I find on a cool selling site called Zibbet.