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Business Commun ication

By Maalek Yaghoubi.

Operational Issue’s.

Business Communication P6. Explain the operational issues in relation to the use of business information. In this assignment I will be explaining the issues and constraints in relation to Nike using business information in their organisation. To make sure that information is managed appropriately, a number of policies and procedures have to be put in place such as Security of Information. This is the practice of protecting information from unauthorized access which includes such things as hacking, recording & modification. It is in place so that companies can keep their data and that of their customers secure the most common way of doing this is by using pin codes and passwords. When it comes to Nike Inc. they use a variety of different methods, including sophisticated encryption and authentication tools to maintain the safety of your personal information. Only a limited number of people have access to this data so your information stays secure. All credit card information you supply is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and then encrypted onto Nike’s database.

Back – Ups. When it comes to business information a back-up refers to the archiving and copying of the data an organisation has in the case any of it is lost it may be restored, in addition it is also to recover data that has been corrupted. It is in place so the business can continue without suffering major setbacks, back-ups are created of different software and server so that they cannot be affected.

Nike use back-ups to make sure that all customers data & their own can be recovered if anything was to happen to them, the way in which they do this is by having an internal server which encrypts and stores information, this server selects and extracts the key information that Nike need in order save lost or corrupt info. The back-up process is managed and organised so that it is easily understandable and can be recovered at any time if need be. Health & Safety. Health and safety is the practice that all employee’s working on the computers are doing so with their welfare being the top priority, it is the procedures which are in place from a company to prevent accident and injury through such things as scheduled breaks away from the computer to allow your eyes to rest. Nike have many health & safety procedures when it comes to the employees who use the computers, managers must make sure that adequate breaks are given so that your eyes are not looking at a screen for a prolonged period of time, furthermore they must make sure that the chairs are fixed and at the right eye level for all workers & so that they are comfortable whilst at work. Bad posture can lead to strains which will mean employees off work for longer periods so these policies are taken very seriously by Nike.

Organisational Policies. These policies are put in place by a business to make sure that all decisions affecting the staff are understandable and have clarity, and that it contributes to more efficient and productive working relationships amongst colleagues, they use these to meet legal requirements set and to give their staff guidance to help comply with legislation. In the case of Nike they use organisational policies such as the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and guide their staff as to how to stick to this piece of legislation they are taught that they cannot obtain information which is not

authorized for their personal viewing and that following these policies will mean a more productive workplace. Nike make sure that everything explained to staff is consistent and easy to learn and put into action. Business Continuance Plans. This sort of plan is made by a business so that they can survive the worst case situation which could be such things as making regular backups of its data, such things as hacking must be taken account for. Also in the case of natural disasters or human error a company will need to have a plan as how to get there company back up and running as quick as possible. Nike set up an infrastructure which is highly responsive in the case of bad situation in the future, there are special servers which allow the company to still communicate amongst each other and the public, and furthermore these plans are in place for 5 year periods and must be updated to keep up with changing times. Costs & Sophistication. Costs are the finances it takes to keep the software updated and able to deal with the changes in technology, In addition to this companies have costs when it comes to training their employees as how to use the technology so that they are aware of any situations that may arise. Nike spend millions of dollars keeping their software updated so that it can stay updated along with the changing market and changes in technology, this software is in place to protect Nike’s data and information from any external sources who don’t have permission to obtain them, also they spend money on training their many employees so that they are able to use the software to its full potential effectively and productively. Also if any additional resources are needed they by the company the purchasing of these will go under costs and developing these systems to be one step ahead of the competition. Increasing Nike’s sophistication means that they will be up to date with all technology and equipment.

By Maalek Yaghoubi.

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