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DENMARK – THE WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE BIOTECH COMPANIES ARE HERE Looking to set-up in one of Europe’s strongest biotech clusters? Looking to set up facilities with access to some of the world’s best and most innovative talents? Looking for world-class R&D capabilities? Take a look at Denmark!

A longstanding agricultural tradition starting with beer, cheese and pork created a research industry in Denmark 150 years ago. Over time, research competences developed from beer to microbiology, from dairy products to enzymes, from pigs to insulin and so on. Today, the biotechnology cluster of Denmark is a story about development through an instilled culture of collaboration, and how Denmark has turned into a major world player in areas such as industrial enzymes, food ingredients, diabetes care and cancer research. The facts and numbers below verify this story. Unparalleled Business Value Proposition

• Most biotech venture capital investments in Europe (percentage of GDP) (OECD, 2006) • No. 1 in Europe in terms of biotech patents as percentage of total patents (OECD, 2006) • 2nd largest biotech country in Europe – measured in number of employees (OECD, 2006) • 3rd largest market capitalisation of biotech companies in Europe (Ernst & Young, 2008) • 3rd best overall ranked biotech sector in the world (fDi Magazine, 2008) • Among the four best overall performing EU countries in biotechnology (European Commission, 2007) • Highest worker motivation in the world (IMD, 2007) • The EU’s most flexible and liberal labour market in terms of rules for hiring and firing (IMD, 2007) • World's Best Business Environment seen from a five-year investment perspective (EIU, 2008)

Cluster highlights Novo Nordisk



The largest healthcare company in Denmark and a world leader in diabetes care with the broadest diabetes product portfolio in the industry. One of Europe’s largest biotechnology companies, creating and developing human antibodies for the treatment of life-threatening and debilitating diseases. Biotech world leader, focused on microbiology, biotechnology and gene technology.

DENMARK – the world's most innovative biotech companies are here

First-class research and education within biotechnology

One of the main reasons for Denmark’s stronghold within biotechnology today is the presence of world-class universities, university hospitals, research centres and private companies of various sizes, all working at the forefront of biotech research targeting medicine as well as environment-friendly products and solutions. Not only is the research at the forefront, the Danish educational system aims at teaching students to work together in an interdisciplinary context, resulting in efficient team work and innovative research and products. R&D collaboration

Another contributing factor to the Danish position within biotechnology is a very strong and unique interplay between the Danish universities and industry, both domestically and abroad. University students often work with the industry on their master thesis or PhD’s. In addition, it is not uncommon to see competitors joining forces to support or establish various university research centres. Furthermore, a number of spin-off companies have spurred from universities.

Areas of Biz Excellence Industrial Biotechnology

Denmark’s cluster for biotechnology is the absolute world leader in industrial enzymes with more than 70% of the global market, as industry giants such as Novozymes, Danisco (owner of Genencor) and Chr. Hansen are all headquartered in Denmark. Both private and public research is world class and the Danish collaborative research model ensures that new products are constantly launched. Drug Discovery & Development

Impressive commercial and academic research along with world-leading competences within areas such as: - metabolic diseases - cancer - inflammatory & infectious diseases - central nerve system - vaccines & immunotherapy

A unique business framework for biotech clustered in Denmark

Source: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, 2008 OECD, 2006

• Home to more than 190 dedicated biotech companies • 25,000 people employed in the industry • More than 5,000 dedicated R&D employees in the sector • More than 260 biotech service providers • 8 universities • 7 science parks • 3 university hospitals

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Genmab One of Europe’s largest biotechnology companies, creating and developing human antibodies for the treatment of life-threatening and d...