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Area of Biz Excellence... October 2008

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES IN DENMARK – MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Looking for a place to develop and produce high-quality assistive devices to meet the needs of people with disabilities? Looking for world-class capabilities within design, functionality and user-friendliness? Looking for a highly trained and innovative workforce? Have a look at Denmark!

Locating in Denmark offers excellent possibilities of creating some of the world’s best assistive devices. In the field of assistive technologies, design, innovation and individuality are key elements, and here Denmark excels. Denmark has a strong international reputation with the assistive technology industry, and the country’s producers have achieved a strong market position. Among the largest Danish companies are global hearing aid frontrunners Oticon, Widex, and GN Resound. The assistive technology industry also counts numerous other international companies, including ArjoHuntleigh, Anatomic SITT, Meyland Smith, R82, Tempur, U-B-Let, and Vermund Larsen (VELA). As a result of the intensified international interest in the high quality of the Danish assistive technology products and the export of 2/3 of the total production, the international cooperation has been strengthened considerably during recent years. The assistive technology industry is an active and export-oriented sector with a growing market potential in Denmark and, especially, abroad. (Source: Danish Rehabilitation Group & Medicoindustrien, 2008)

Danish capabilities

• Excellent location for creating some of the world’s best assistive devices • A strong focus on design, functionality, high quality and user-friendliness • Internationally recognised assistive technology industry • An ability to translate human sensation into technical specifications • A close cooperation and strong interplay between manufacturers and users • World-class universities with diverse specialties in the field of assistive technologies • A well functioning interplay between the universities, the public healthcare sector and the industry • No. 1 in the world measured on turnover per capita within medical technology products (Biotech Medical Online, 2006)


What makes Denmark a unique location The assistive technology industry in Denmark offers a wide variety of devices for all types of reduced ability. In this wide field, functionality, high-quality and user-friendliness characterise the devices designed and manufactured in Denmark. The strong position of the assistive technology industry is a result of Denmark’s pioneer position within the elderly and disabled sector, a position that has come about due to a socio-political will to ensure that all citizens are offered the possibility of obtaining a good life, and that equal opportunities for people with disabilities are provided. Adding to this is a close cooperation with the users - the disabled as well as the health care professionals - ensuring that the assistive devices meet the needs of the users. The focus of the industry is to develop the highest quality products from the design and production of wheelchairs, beds, inventory, and lifting equipment, to hearing aids and implantable devices which restore functionality to patients with central nerve damage. Industry collaboration – an example Holding 40% of the global market for hearing aids, the Danish companies Oticon, Widex and GN Resound act as true global frontrunners. The strong global position can be attributed to a clever mix of collaboration and competition to set new trends and standards. The advanced politics of the Danish welfare system plus the presence of world-class universities and acoustical engineers are also contributing factors, along with a proud tradition within design and an exceptional ability to translate human sensation into technical specifications. Company highlights Microsound Ropox Neurodan

In 2004 Microsound received the prestigious international design award ‘IF Design Award’ for their cosmetically appealing and high-tech designed hearing aid the Microsound Pilot. In 2008, the company was acquired by Swedish CellPoint to create a new Scandinavian audio-company. Renowned worldwide for their excellent quality, flexibility and user-orientation within the development, production and marketing of furniture and equipment for people with disabilities. According to the company, the Danish tradition within the assistive technology industry has provided a natural market and basis for Ropox to develop high-quality and sophisticated devices. In 2005 German medical technology company Otto Bock HealthCare took over the Danish company Neurodan that develops implantable devices which restore functionality to patients with central nerve damage through the application of Functional Electrical Stimulation and Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation. In 2006, Neurodan gained EU approval for sales of its ActiGait® product for foot drop.

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Locating in Denmark offers excellent possibilities of creating some of the world’s best assistive devices. In the field of assistive technol...